Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 3 MVP Nomination

Big Brother 15 MVP

The Live Feeds are back from the latest MVP nomination ceremony and we have the spoilers for you. This twist will come in to play every week with the MVP’s secret nomination being revealed to the house just before the Veto competition is held when the PoV players are picked.

Read on for the MVP nomination spoilers.

Big Brother 15 Week 3 MVP Nomination:

  • Spencer was nominated by the MVP

Elissa, this week’s MVP, secretly nominated Spencer for eviction. Her alliance was upset because they wanted to Howard up on the block instead.

Playing in today’s comp will be Aaryn & Kaitlin as HoH’s noms, Helen as HoH, and Spencer as MVP nom. Also playing will be GM & Candice who were either picked or drawn from the box. Judd is hosting and he’s very excited.

Kaitlin scared & crying

Helen has repeatedly confirmed Jeremy is their real target and want to backdoor him. Now that he can’t play they’ve got a real shot at this. The only possible issue would be if Kaitlin wins the Veto as she has said she wouldn’t use it and put Jeremy at risk of going up (which he would). Wait, that won’t be an issue. Kaitlin was told the plan was to BD Jeremy and if she didn’t use it they’d send her home. She’s crying & telling GM to keep it for herself to protect Jeremy.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The Veto competition is coming up soon and we’ll share the results as soon as we have them. Watch along on the Live Feeds with us to see the house react.

What do you think of Elissa’s MVP nomination?


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  1. Yeah I don’t see why Elissa should get all the blood on her hands, especially since Howard is a strong player and might have won POV if he played.

    • There would be a backlash against Elissa if Howard were to somehow get sent home over Jeremy or Aaryn. She would never get MVP again. That might be what it takes to get someone else into MVP power.

      • True but i don’t think America would take it kindly if Aaryn stayed over Howard. They wouldn’t bat an eyelash if Spencer got evicted.

      • I think the bigger concern was the backlash for CBS if Howard goes first.

        Production talked her out of it, this is not her move.

      • Production swayed her vote for Spencer, no doubt. Now it’s going to be hard to vote out Howard and Candice because it will turn into a race thing. Very sad.

    • Elissa would not get the blood, as McCrae and Amanda already told Howard McCrae had MVP to help cover for Elissa since she was nervous.

      McCrae had to backtrack on it when Elissa flip flopped, which is why they are so pissed off.

      Plus its not really blood when he’s the backup target. Nor when Elissa is the perma MVP with voters behind her and plenty of victims to get out.

  2. I am sorry but I would be like Elissa and put up Spencer for he was the one calling her the C word last week. Remember in the bathroom while Aaryn took a shower and all he could do was cuse her and pro claim his salvation.

  3. maybe Elissa is riding on Rachel’s popularity but putting up Spencer over Howard is a smart move, who has the better chance of winning the POV not Spencer. Hopefully they can back door Jeremy this week and put Arayn back on the block next week slowly but surely weed them out.

  4. YEESSSSSS!!!!! Jeremy will most likely be backdoored this week. I cant wait, its time for him to go. Aaryn can leave next week too.

    • Maybe there will be a double eviction this week so Jeremy AND Aaryn go home! (I can only hope!)

      • Well, they HAVE been on trivia a long time today.

        But the logistics of DE are tricky, especially since you’d need MVPs for both evictions to guarantee the right side of the house was nominated twice.

  5. Ellisa seems to have little game, but she sure as hell knows how to nominate the right peron

    • Its not the lack of game, its a total lack of game awareness or skills. Even her allies hate game talking with her because she tries it in the open and not that quietly. She gets names wrong. She is a terrible liar. If she did not get MVP each week, she’d be a major liability even to allies.

      As for picking the right person, a lot of stuff had to break right (including the extra day last week) for Nick to go, and the first week she was following orders. And this week she got it wrong, although I don’t think its her fault as Im pretty sure production talked her into it. She’s being a good little hg and covering but Helen let slip to Amanda the pushback she got.

  6. I’m glad Elissa put Spencer on the block, instead of Howard. Elissa did what was best for her and not her alliance (which really isn’t an alliance). Amanda, McCrea, and Judd are in a strong alliance and need to be watched carefully by Helen and her group. Amanda is trying to run the game. She befriended McCrea when he was hoh, Aryan when she was hoh, and Helen now that she is hoh. Don’t you think something is wrong with this picture? I think they need to get rid of Aryan, Jeremy, then Amanda (in that order). Kaitin, McCrea, and Gina Marie will be lost without their counterpart. As state, if Helen’s group does not watch Amanda, they will all pay the cost.

    • if the backdoor plan works they should get Jeremy out before Aaryan bc there is a good chance that next weeks HOH competition will be a physical/endurance one which Jeremy will likely win if they don’t get him out now.

    • The maxim, accept but, verify comes to mind. It is too soon for anyone to be thinking about breaking up the Rebel Alliance. For one thing, there are still 5 undesirables in the Big Brother House to evict. Anyone who breaks from the alliance could find themselves get evicted! The racists and bullies cannot be trusted and Amanda knows more than anything that Howard, Nick and Spencer in particular targeted her! The fastest way for her to get evicted is to allow any of the racists or bullies to stay in the game! If everyone in the Rebel Alliance uses their heads and stick to the plan to evict Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Spencer from the Big Brother House as it should be, the remaining house

      guests will have a 2 out of 9 chance of winning atleast, $50,000 with a chance at $500,000. Those are pretty good odds for this type of game. Also, you remove some of the unknown threats from the racists and bullies who can turn on you as fast as you turn your back! And you do not get rid of Amanda for no good reason. When it gets down to 9 people with the racists and bullies all voted out then, everyone can use gameplay, lying, strategy etc. without the nonsense bullying and racist rants we have got the past 3 weeks to try to win the game! Then, we will get the game play we deserve!

  7. Does anyone know details about a “Helen – Jeremy” new alliance? If true, it could be a game changer.

    • Helen is telling everyone she could maybe work with them down the line and Jeremy that he isn’t going up.

      Not true, just a lie that costs nothing if that person goes home.

      If Jeremy won veto, she was never going to put him up and already said he’s safe. Same with Aaryn. She’s ‘not the target’ but on the block, so if she stays, it must have been true. HoH’s always do this,

      The only ones who have been even flirting with the idea that Jeremy need not go home are Amanda and McCrae. And without Howard on the block they won’t be making waves to follow through on that.

  8. Matt… you know if Jeff will be interviewing the evicted hgs this year? I hope so. He is very good at interviewing and he is very hot (I know, too much info), as well.

  9. As much as Jeremy is a loathing putz, I’d rather see Aaryn and her racist views exit the house ASAP!!

    • If they get the chance to evict Jeremy they have to take it whichever week it arises. They can get Aaryn any time.

  10. Aaryn, Katlin. Jeremy or GM don’t care who go first. Just want the house to keep focused on getting hate and ignorance out of the game. I hope no one in the other side of house gets a dumb idea to keep one of them, by thinking they are hated, and I could win next to them. Jessie seems the likely to do that.

  11. Elissa would have put Howard up if she had KNOWN that he just voted to evict her in the last eviction ceremony. Spencer actually voted to send Nick home.
    That being said, I DO hope that they can backdoor Jeremy…that will be “cutting the head off of the snake” !

      • Did not know that…interesting.
        I wish I could get TVGN…they should stream it online….I had the “live feeds”, but they were a total ripoff, leaving you to stare at fish in the tank half of the time, so I cancelled it and they gave me a full refund (TY, CBS )

  12. By the way, Aryan now want to talk to Elissa. Not to apologize, but to smooth things over with her. Hahahaha….please. Elissa refused to talked to her last night.

    • And in her truly arrogant style she had Amanda summon Elissa to her “private” room rather than approaching Elissa herself. Aaryn is really a very dislikeable person. I wonder what her parents are thinking when they see her acting the way she is. I would be mortified if she was my child. I don’t think I could show my face in public.

      • They are probably sitting there and wondering why everybody is picking on their sweet little girl. Amanda had it right on the nose: SHELTERED.

      • Aaryn isn’t sheltered. Aaryn is a spoiled rotten little brat that was raised thinking she could do no wrong and that it was okay to make fun of other people.

  13. Wait a sec. So Kaitlin would rather go home than risk Jeremy going home?
    I’d catch a grenade for ya.
    Throw myself on a blade for ya.
    …I’d go through all this pain,
    ’cause I’m masochistic and insane,
    Yes, I would die for ya baby…but you won’t do the same.

    • Not only will I do that for you baby, but I will do it for you after only knowing you for three(four) weeks. I don’t really know you, but I’m willing to give you $500,000 and take nothing…..I love you baby even if you don’t really love me.

    • (Katlin) She’s up all night to the sun.
      (Jeremy) I’m up all night to get some.
      (Katlin) She’s up all night for good fun.
      (Jeremy) I’m up all night to get lucky.

  14. Dialogue between Aaryn and Katlin, Jeremy about Katlin saving him…in funny lyric style. About being on the block.
    Katlin: The present has no living.
    Jeremy: Your gifts keeps on giving. ahh
    Katlin: What is this I’m feeling?
    Jeremy: If you want to leave I’m ready. ahh
    Aaryn: We’ve come to far to give up who we are.
    Aaryn: So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars.
    We’re up all night too get lucky…

  15. I think Amanda might have made a mistake not putting Howard up. A number of people in her alliance are only keeping her around because they think they can control her MVP vote. She just proved to them they can’t so what is her value to them now? If this causes the Rebel Alliance to break up it would be a bad move on Elissa’s part even though I agree Spencer is more of the leader than Howard. Spencer is to Howard what Amanda is to McCrae which is probably why Spencer wants Amanda out of the house.

    • It’s all good now. Spencer is not a bad choice, since the main target is Jeremy. At this stage of the game, MVP is so valuable, especially if the MVP is on your side.

  16. From what I understand, from what I’ve seen and heard Amanda only jokingly made racial and homophobic comments. Such as her little song that she made up called “Stereotypes”. And she made that song up with the help of Andy! And Helen and I believe Howard and Candice were present!!

    • DO not make excuses for Amanda. If you say she only jokingly made comments; then I guess Aaryn was only joking too because all of her comments were made as jokes. Sorry, but Amanda is as guilty as Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin and if Helen and Howard and Candice and Andy were present then they all are guilty. Seriously, CBS show all of these people for who they are. Only one I can stand is Judd!

  17. I don’t know what I think of it, to be honest. I wouldn’t have put up Spencer or Howard. Unnecessary waves.

  18. Here’s a plan…there are 10 votes this week, right? Jeremy replaces either Kaitlyn or Spencer. What are the chances that BB adds a new twist…Should the votes be tied 5-5, there will be a double eviction, and BOTH JEREMY AND AARYN GO HOME!

  19. First of all with Elissa winning MVP all the time just shows me that like with Rachel (when she was up on the block and all of a sudden finds a way to get off) that production is giving it to her. Second of all some of the things that they are saying are racial slurs really are not and Aaryon didn’t flip Candice’s mattress because she was black like she told the people up in HOH she just did it because she was upset that everyone said they wanted Elissa out and everyone backed out, and the thing about the fish asking why the white ones stay at the top and the black ones staying at the bottom of the tank I didn’t see where it was a racial remark it was a question about wondering why they did that. Now I will have to admit there were a few remarks made that would fit into the racial remarks but not everything Candice and Howard were saying there were. I just hope production will STOP giving Elissa MVP giving her what she wants she is just as irritating as her sister was

    • Vegasgirl you stated it correctly!!! Don’t approve but at least say it like it happened and don’t make things up. Also, if going to bring up racial slurs lets bring up when GM used the n word. Now that is a racial slur and not anything but a racial slur. There is no other way in interpret that one.

    • All the fan site polls on MVP tend to show Elissa leading each week too. I have no doubt the vote is legit.

      The way they set it up, they knew it was likely to happen. But even my production paranoia doesn’t extend to them fixing polls.

      And the way Aaryn is behaving is not ok. No need to pick apart and analyze seperate slurs. She has shown a consistent pattern of prejudiced and hurtful behaviour and done it to Candace’s face.

  20. Surprise, Surprise Elissa is MVP AGAIN…Ugh. On top of an already disappointing season in regards to the disgusting comments of some of the hgs, now it looks like it is going to be a very predictable season of BB. The beauty of BB to me is the power shifts and unpredictability throughout the summer. I would be pissed if I was in that house. Because in reality, HOH noms are irrelevant now. As long as the MVP (Elissa) can get majority of the house to evict whomever she nominates, then it truly doesn’t matter who wins HOH or who the HOH nominates for eviction. (Proof of that is David and Nick being sent home)The only thing winning HOH or the Veto will do is secure is the safety of the one person who wins it. Thanks CBS for giving Elissa virtually all the power in the house EVERY week.
    I just don’t get CBS’s fascination with Rachel/Brendon. They’ve been on BB twice and Amazing Race. I would rather they just have an All-Star season and put them back in the house that way. Or a season with all new people with NO relation/connection to past hgs. No more bs seasons of vets vs. newbies, “mentor” season, or in this year’s case-all new hgs with one having a strong connection to a BB vet.

    • I am guessing MVP will only last a couple more weeks (depending how long it takes to get Aaryn out), and then they’ll be back to straight up.

      May come back once through PB later if production needs to bail someone out …

  21. Kaitlin won POV and I am happy about that. See you later Aryan (or Jeremy…..but please Aryan)

  22. I have stopped watching as long as Elissa is in the game, since she is the only one getting MVP. she doesn’t qualify for MVP.

    BB 15 has turned into a joke. “Beware Floaters” has become “Beware of the Floater, Elissa.”

  23. Jeremy, needs to go home! Aryan needs to go next. Katelyn doesn’t realize Jeremy is using her. He would jump to Aryan in a heart beat, if Katelyn goes home. This whole group of bb house mates have experienced racism and hatred. Maybe one week America should vote someone out.

  24. If people are playing with strategy Aaryn is one person you would want to keep around. What alliance she does have is getting voted out one by one and will not be in the jury. She is not a racist but rather ignorant, insensitive and someone who probably has gotten everything she has ever wanted in life. I don’t think she really hates people for there ethnic background. Would you say Seth McFarlane is a racist for his insensitive and racial story lines in Family Guy? Is any person that is a fan of the Washington Redskins a racist? There is a difference between racist hate and ignorance. In the end if Helen were to keep Aaryn from being voted out week after week and end up in the final two with her, the jury would definitely crown her the winner!

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