Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

It’s week two of Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers thanks to what we’ve seen on the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto.

This day in last season was when we had the Willie meltdown. That sort of drama seems like a refreshing change from this past week, but I’m guessing no one is going to hit the panic button or get yanked out this time around.

Read on for the spoilers to find out how is on the block.

Big Brother 15 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Elissa
  • Helen

The MVP should be discovered soon in the house and we’ll be watching out for that. The third nominee will be revealed tomorrow before the Veto competition.

That Veto competition will be held very soon, likely on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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      • I’d like to see Jeremy up there, but between the Moving Co. and the girls he has the votes to stay. His boys would have to turn on him. It might be a little too early in the game for that.

      • does the moving company want to work with somebody who threatens everybody i think he could go home

      • Well anything is possible but it’s kind of wishful thinking. Here is some possibilities:
        1.Moving Co. picks someone else to take Jeremy’s place. Exposing your secret alliance is never a good idea. In order for it to succeed you’d need the new person to feel extremely threatened and have no where else to go.
        2. One person in the Moving Co. votes against the group. This breaks the group’s trust. You would have to be pretty persuasive to get the group to forgive you.
        3. Kaitlin gets fed up with Jeremy enough to vote him out. OK no real odds of this happening. Look at how hard GM is trying to bag Nick, even though the only person he gives creepy sex talk to is Andy. LOL

      • when do you think the moving company will split up? because a girl without a showmance will win hoh at some point they are not all going to to be the final five

      • Moving Co. is going to figure out at some point that Jeremy’s not actually with them anymore, and I hope that happens sooner than later.

  1. I’m hoping that Elissa gets the veto or probably she will be evicted. Unless she pulls some crazy move with the help of McCrae and Amanda and the 3rd person gets evicted instead of her. I’m looking forward to see how she’s going to escape from this one.. Remember that when we thought that Rachel was going to be evicted, the game just turned upside down and she got that ‘power’ back on!

    • The Moving Company should try to draw Elissa in as an ally since it is obvious that she is going to always have the best chance in being voted MVP. Like Nick said, they could use that as a weapon against houseguests they want out. It is time for the majority of The Moving Company to get rid of the current and potential love interests of Jeremy to cement his loyalty to that alliance and not be distracted by his libido. Ideally, though, I would love to see Jeremy blind-sided, he gives those of us who do have a certain amount of Native American blood in us a bad name!

  2. Aaryn has nominated two of the least-threatening players in the house, it just shows how guided she is by her personal animosity towards these two who have done NOTHING to threaten her. She hates Elissa because of who her sister is, she hates Helen because she’s Asian – in other words, she has demonstrated that she is basically a bigot! Elissa shouldn’t be punished merely because of who her sister is and Helen seems rather mild and meek so far. If Aaryn succeeds in her obvious goal in getting rid of Elissa, CBS would deserve the ratings to further decline and continue to be the lowest in the HISTORY of BB!

    • Well I don’t know if she hates Helen, but she’s certainly given us reason to believe that Helen would be discriminated against by Aaryn, her friends, and her family…

      I do believe however that Aaryn (immoral as she may be) is actually targetting the right person in Elissa. I personally wanted Elissa to stay a bit longer, but the truth is so long as Elissa is there, Aaryn isn’t secure in the house.

    • She only put up Helen because she thinks Helen can beat Elissa in the POV. She doesn’t hate Helen.

      • have you been watching the same show? she is a bigot! she hates anyone who isn’t Caucasian like herself. This show is full of bigotry, racism and homophobia. Have you read or heard the things that come out of ugly mouth? I use that term loosely although she has some messed up teeth. anyone who defends her, jeremy, GM, Spencer or Nick for their bigotry is just like them. So where do you fall in the mix?

      • Get a life…all I stated was she didn’t hate Helen. Sounds like you have a lot of hatred though.

      • how can u hate someone you don’t know? u get a life. i just posted my opinion like you did. sounds like you have some insecurities. maybe you would be good on the show. u could join the rest of the bigots. :)

      • That’s ok…I think us BB viewers get a little passionate about this show Lol

      • you are so right. lol. it just gets me miffed to see so much bad game play and more so from bad people. i hope it shapes up soon but i think this season is going to be a wash. they should just start BB16 now instead. lol

      • @ Lavendargirl I agree and your statement is correct. Aaryn knows Helen is well liked by the house and figures they would not vote to send her home. She wants Elissa gone. I must watch the same show as you do and just shake my head at some of the comments being made over and over. If people hate the cast so much I don’t understand why they are still watching. When this game started the majority of the house wanted Elissa gone because imo they didn’t like the fact that she was Rachel’s sister and would have lots of fans behind her. The MVP was tailor made for Elissa and she herself said Rachel’s fans would protect her and they along with others certainly have. Game wise and leaving all the other stuff out Aaryn’s nominations were made because she thinks it is best for her game.

  3. Her nominations make no sense, strategically. She isn’t seeing the big picture at all.

  4. I really hope Elissa wins the POV and saves herself. She atleast deserves a chance to play the game.

  5. Even if Elissa is evicted the producers will bring her back into the house – the same as they did with her sister. They want her in the house because they think she increases the ratings.

    • Uhhh, Rachel was never brought back into the house. Ever. One time she was evicted and she never returned. The other, she won. Research much?

      • He was probably thinking about the time Brendan was evicted and returned.

      • Thanks, Chad. That’s exactly it. I remember now how excited Rachel was when he returned.

      • Rachel never returned to the house to play the game, but, she did come back in for 24 hrs as a consequence of Pandora’s Box to annoy the hell out of Regan. Season 12. I did my research!

      • They sure did. Just when it looked like she didn’t have a chance of staying they had Pandora’s box which benefited Rachel or Jordan who were on the block. They were given an extra week in the house and in turn Rachel was given another chance and won HOH. That was the 2nd Pandora’s box and Porsche received money for both her and Kalia. When the first Pandora’s box was opened by Rachel earlier in the game all she got was a day with Jessie. Funny how Production works and they are doing their work this season as well. Bottom line is ratings for them imo.

      • Rachel did so return…on her first season that she was evicted and Brendon was still in house…Remember through Pandoras Box? And she spelled out a sign for Brendon who to evict next….She was brought back in briefly to make the houseguests nuts…again…haha..

      • Yes, I remember and Brendon went off thinking he would be spending the day with Rachel and instead Rachel spent the day in the house.

  6. I wish production would tell Aaryn and GinaMarie that they lost their jobs. Maybe they would get so upset that they
    would leave!

    • Lol, at least Aaryn is beautiful on the outside. I hope your cats love you!

  7. I hope Elissa stays, if she goes I probably won’t watch it, oh and Maria Flavo, your kinda outnumbered on this one, more people want Elissa to staaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    • You can have him, his nasty personality and his ring worm! Three in one!

  8. I know there are some truly awful people in the house, but I don’t understand this Elissa love. I know her sister won, but what am I missing? All she’s done on the show so far is tell a stupid lie about being related to Giselle and struggle to get out sentences. Her diary room interviews just make me uncomfortable because she’s such a slow talker.

    • It’s just context Scott. Most people would probably dislike Elissa (or Jessie, or maybe even Kaitlin) if it weren’t for the behaviours of Aaryn, GM, Jeremy & Spencer. Like I said before. Given this season’s cast, I would cheer even for Rachel if she were in there…and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say!

    • I agree, I don’t understand it, all these people saying they’ll stop watching if Elissa leaves, it doesn’t make sense to me because as far as i’m concerned Elissa is pretty boring to watch and hasn’t really got much of a strategy or good game play so far (though that is partly due to her circumstances). I’m really annoyed that she’s in the house actually, cos it creates all this annoying attention on her and like we’ve been seeing she’ll continue to win MVP each week, and this is one reason I won’t care if she leaves the house, if she’s gone then the bias and favouritism leaves with her. She seems like a nice enough person but that’s not a good enough reason to want her to win the show, she needs to prove her worth first imo. Sure I would love to see Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer or Gina-Marie go but I won’t shed a tear if Elissa walks out that door. The house will be at some sort of level of peace once she’s gone, like it or not.

      • It was wrong to bring her in to begin with. How is it fair to bring in somebody who has a huge fan base based on her sister and not on her own merit. I heard Elissa say she was begged to come in the house by BB to stir things up and she sure has. I think BB made a big mistake by bringing her in and also having the MVP which she would win each and every week because of that huge fan base. Whether you like these players or not it was not fair to any of them. I agree with you she may be a nice person, but I will not shed one tear to see Elissa leave.

    • Sadly her popularity (and yes even her infamy) will land her another job in the spotlight… It shouldn’t, but sadly it will.

    • Maybe BB should ask Donald Trump if he will deliver the news to her.

  9. Jeremy entered the house knowing that he had ring worm. That stuff is highly contagious.

    • maybe you can ask her for few bucks since you are hating on her so much lol

    • I agree so boring and predictable. Even if she is voted off they will make sure she comes back. I don’t get why people don’t realize that any of these other HGs whether you like them or don’t would be mad if a popular player’s sister with a built in fan base was brought into the game. If I was in there I know I would think it unfair and want her out asap. Has nothing to do with hate, but strictly game wise. People automatically think she is being hated on if you make a comment that actually has to do with the game.

  10. OK can somebody tell me..What happens if the MVP nomination wins POV who replaces that person during the Veto ceremony the HOH or MVP?? THe MVP was kinda meant to be secret

    • I believe the MVP pre-selects who they will want as a replacement candidate and it is shown on the living room screen just like the original nomination. Anonymity remains intact.

  11. Is Amanda genuinely working with Aaryn or pretending to work with her to garner information and save herself this week? Also anyone know who Jessie is aligning with or is she still floating around? Additionally, is the Moving Company targeting Elissa this week still?
    I’m trying to count the votes to see if Elissa will stay. As much as I want Jeremy to go, I simply don’t see a scenario in which the Moving Company will back that decision so Elissa will be evicted instead. I see a safer route with Kaitlin.

  12. I wanted Elissa to stay a bit longer but I don’t care anymore if she gets evicted. She’s a polarizing HG, and watching live feeds is not fun when you hear 24/7 of Elissa bashing. It’s just getting too old. However, I’m looking forward to see at least 3 HG’s to be on the block and watch them bleed.

  13. Best scenario? MS gets rid of Jeremy & allies itself with Elissa, Helen, Candace & Andy. Then they can roll over the rest of the house that has been renamed to Bigot Brother.

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