Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 11 Monday Highlights


It was a long, slow day in the Big Brother 15 house. Much of the talk was whether or not Spencer and Andy are going to keep Judd and GinaMarie. They know their answer, but they keep rehashing it over and over and then every few hours wonder if they should go in the other direction.

Meanwhile, Judd is super paranoid and won’t let up on asking if he’s safe. It sounds like Spencer and Andy were asked not to tell Judd he’s going home.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, September 9, 2013

8:33 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:37 AM BBT – Houseguests are getting ready for the veto meeting. Judd makes his final pitch to Spencer. He tells Judd he is going to put him up but he won’t go home (lie). Judd thinks GinaMarie is going home.

10:28 AM BBT – Feeds cut for veto ceremony.

11:03 AM BBT – Feeds return. McCrae used the veto on himself and Spencer put up Judd in his place.

11:12 AM BBT – And so starts a conversation that wills seriously go in circles ALL day and ALL night. Spencer and Andy tell GM she’s safe, then tell Judd he’s safe. It goes on and on and on and basically it makes no sense for me to update it to you any further than this time. Just know that it happens about every 15 minutes.

11:28 AM BBT – Judd talks about making nice with McCrae. During veto ceremony Judd staged a fight with McCrae hoping Andy and Spencer will see that he wants to go after McCrae more than GinaMarie does. Andy sort of thinks Judd was faking it.

11:35 AM BBT – Judd and GinaMarie already have their suitcases. They suspect the eviction will be sooner than Thursday.

1:50 PM BBT – The HGs are on a lockdown and Spencer is locked in the HOH. They’re freaking out over it, but Spencer is just writing his HOH blog.

2:02 PM BBT – Spencer got the HOH camera too. HGs start taking pictures.

2:24 PM BBT – GinaMarie is packing her suitcase.

2:35 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown is over. Nothing appears to be going on outside.

3:14 PM BBT – Once again Andy and Spencer are back to not knowing what to do about GinaMarie or Judd.

3:48 PM BBT – Spencer makes a BrenchelArmy jab that sets Twitter in an uproar. He asks them to commit a mass suicide.

4:28 PM BBT – McCrae and GinaMarie make a final two deal. They talk about getting Andy out before final three.

5:30 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy are back to definitely voting out Judd. They talk about how and when to tell him.

6:45 PM BBT – The group is back to talking about Elissa AGAIN.

7:52 PM BBT – McCrae knows if he doesn’t win the next HOH he’s in trouble.

8:30 PM BBT – GinaMarie has made dinner for everyone.

9:20 PM BBT – McCrae says he’s avoiding Judd because Judd is acting so nervous.

10:30 PM BBT – Judd apologizes to Spencer for being so annoying about being on the block and fearing he’ll be evicted again.

11:00 PM BBT – Backyard chit-chat going on. Nothing too exciting to talk about.

11:50 PM BBT – Andy studying with GinaMarie for what events took place in what order.

12:20 AM BBT – Spencer with Andy and GM discussing letting Judd down easy when they evict him.

12:45 AM BBT – Judd and Spencer still awake in HoH room chatting about things back home.

1:30 AM BBT – Everyone off to sleep to get ready for the big day on Tuesday.

So Judd will be evicted for a second time on Tuesday but we won’t see it until Wednesday’s special eviction episode. The Feeds are expected to go dark between sometime on Tuesday until after Wednesday’s show. We’ll keep you posted because when they come back we should know who the F4 HoH is for Thursday’s eviction show.

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    • Yes, I know… CBS owes America a Big Brother winter season to make up for this train wreck of a season and CBS can blame the trash bags they cast for BB15

      • I would LOVE a winter BB! It is very difficult to watch these last players knowing one of them will win the money. None of them deserve it…I guess the lesser of all of the evils is McCrae, but I still don’t want him to win it either, lol

      • I would prefer they take their time and find a better cast of people. If this is what they found with a year of searching, could you imagine how horrible the people would be if they just took a month or two to screen them.

      • I think they were focusing on finding a younger group of HG (probably for ratings) thinking if they had a whole house of mildly attractive people it might bring in more viewers…I think the majority of real fans would rather see REAL players, all different ages and backgrounds…not a bunch of 20 somethings with the same viewpoints. I think next year CBS will do a complete turn around and have a much more diverse (at least in age) group of HG.

      • When I first saw the cast I was commenting how young they all were and wondering where the old people were. I’m in the same age range as the contestants, but I like to see older or seasoned players with a bit of maturity. This season was DISGUSTING with all the hook ups going on in the house

      • I agree. I always liked that BB more than other reality shows, cast a wider range of people, economically, intellectually, race and age. But casting with a bunch of younger people, just created a gang mentality among the contestants.

      • That was my first thought – too many really young people and they mostly looked like actor/model wannabes. I prefer a more diverse group.

      • I don’t think they searched for these people at all. They just took the first ones that came or people they already knew.

    • Yes. They need to wrap it up in the next week. So we go to final 4 Wed show, then final 3 Thursday show. Finale next Wed.

      • Yes Sunday we will see the results of part one and part two of the final HOH. Supposedly then we see live part 3 of HOH and the winner is voted for on Wed Sept 18. I’m assuming after Survivor.

  1. I just don’t get the point of lying to Judd. All its going to do is make him bitter, mostly towards Andy and Spencer. It just seems smarter to let him know and tell him in a complimentary way. If McCrae were smart, he would let Judd know that he is going home, in hopes of securing a vote from Judd in jury.

    • McCrae should tell him that’s what Spencer and Andy want and McCrae has to go along because he is alone. Judd will know that is true.

      • It would be a smart move for McCrae. You need to start building jury votes and sending people out in a blindside is not the way to do it. I think that Andy is just too much of a wimp to deal with telling Judd to his face. And Spencer seems to playing for a second place finish.

      • That is exactly it! Andy is a coward and only wants to blindside people so he does not have to face them and tell them they are going home. Its mean they way the evict people in this house. Not only do they vote them out but they have to make it as punishing as possible.

    • Judd is the ultimate dummy. He will be bitter but, at the wrong persons. In Elissa’s case, Judd was still livid over his first eviction! Inspite, of Jessie telling him that it was Aaryn, Amanda and Helen who planned his eviction, he was still mad as hell toward Elissa! Go figure out that one! Judd will kiss Andy and Spencer’s butts even if they evict him! He will be mad at Gina Marie or even McCrae! That is how stupid Judd is and I am so ready for Judd to be evicted for good! Judd does not know how to play this game and he does not use some of his brain cells when making decisions!

      • God forbid he ever ally with another woman again, clearly they’re all terrible people and not to be trusted, unlike the guys in this season. >__>

        Judd’s about to get what he deserves here.

      • Yes, Judd is dumb. Judd was not Elissa’s target and I think Judd knew that. However, Judd decided not to use the veto to save her. The only reason why I am sad to see Judd go is because I would rather it be one of the other a-holes. Judd turned out to be really disappointing.

      • Judd should have never returned ,he possibly could have kept his popularity, but instead his flame has flicked out with me, he can join the band wagon with the rest of the idiots in the house.

  2. Judd needs to drop the bomb on the ……EXTERMINATORS. He is a whiny…kiss a** sucker. Hasn’t he learned anything about backdoor lying!!!

    • The only person he would be outing them to is McCrae. And this week McCrae’s vote means nothing. And I’m sure he suspects some sort of alliance between the remaining houseguests.

      • He does. He made a F2 deal w/GM last night (before BBAD) saying he knew Andy and Spencer have F2. GM shook on it.

    • This is an interesting point. If McCrae has a final 2 deal with GM, but GM hasn’t told him about the Exterminators, then McCrae may flip on GM if Judd exposes them first. On the other hand, will it matter?

      GM and McCrae are a strong pair together and I expect one of them to win the next HOH. Unfortunately, I think Andy is going to win the next POV and save himself. So the final 3 is GM, McCrae and Andy. At that point, I wonder if both GM and McCrae would rather go final 2 with Andy than each other.

  3. I’ve been watching BB since seasons 1 but cannot remember how this ‘surprise eviction’ will work on Wed. Will it be hosted live by Julie? Will it happen on the live feeds and we’ll watch it just ‘broadcasted’ I cannot remember! Anyone have any info?? Thanks!

    • It will be taped today sometime and shown tomorrow. That’s what Matthew was saying. Feeds will go down and not come back till after they show the episode Wed.

      • Thanks! I should have tried to read through everything on the page – but wanted the answer quick ;) You’re awesome, thank you!

    • Right now they’re pretending it’s BBAD time and the houseguests keep messing up. Nice to know when I watch it that they’re faking it.

      • That sucks….I knew the HG were all speculating saying they ‘think’ there will be an eviction before Thursday…gee, wonder why they think that…*cough* production…..

  4. I think Judd should tell McRae about the exterminators and that Andy voted to evict Amanda. It won’t help Judd since Andy is voting him out and GM & McRae have a F2 deal, but he might think it will help him.

    • Agree! That’s the reason Andy is targeting Judd , telling Spencer he needs to go – b/c Judd knows Andy’s dirty little secrets. I don’t know why Amanda did not expose Andy for the rat he is when she was walking out. Judd needs to wisen up if he wants to stick around.

      • Amanda didn’t know for sure that Andy was the rat until she saw the goodbye videos. And McCrae seemed to wise up to that even before Amanda, I don’t know why he didn’t just go against the house and nominate Andy instead of Elyssa That was his biggest mistake.

      • You’re right Lisa, I forgot that Amanda wasn’t 100% about Andy until she saw the video. When she walked out all she said was “I thought I could trust you…” If she had that inkling she probably knew she was right, I wish she would have blown him out of the water! You’re also right about McCrae wising up and trying to get into Amanda’s ear about not being able to trust Andy. If McCrae could have thought for himself it could have been an alliance b/ween McC, Elissa, and Judd – they could have dominated Spencer and Andy. Elissa is competitive and can win comps , so can McCrae…the only one winning for the exterminators is GM, and No I don’t count Spencers recent HOH win as a win, lol. He’s still a loser and the ultimate floater.

      • It drives me crazy how so many people are aware of Andy’s lying (even though Andy isn’t aware that they are aware) yet they just ignore it. If you know he is lying, then why not get rid of him?

      • Spencer isn’t just a loser, he is a vile and gross moron. Telling Brenchel fans to commit mass suicide…this dude is so disgusting..the horrible things that have come out of his dirty mouth this season have made me sick to my stomach. I seriously think he is a pedophile. You don’t talk the way he has and not be hiding something. Masturbating while watching child porn…who says that?

      • Mandi, its the same reason, why andy hated ellissa, he said from his own mouth,while in the diary room, that ellissa had to be evicted, because she could spill the beans about his other alliances. It amazes me,how andy has fooled everyone in the house, I don’t think any of the left houseguest deserve to win the end game, they spent much of their time,impressing themselves,instead of playing a mature game.

    • If Judd did tell and McCrae votes GM, a-hole Spencer willhave to breakthe tie! That means Judd will not vote for Spencer to win!! Yeah!!!! GM needs to go! She calls McCrae dirty! She is disgusting, GM=Snookie, except snookie was always drunk! GM is just disgusting.

  5. Do one of these HGs really have to win? I can’t stand any of them. They all make me sick. I didn’t like Amanda and McRae for the longest time, but now I’m rooting for McRae to win. I can’t stand Andy, Spencer or Judd. And what is with the Elyssa bashing? She was honestly the nicest houseguest there which of course isn’t saying much being that they’re all garbage, but Elyssa honestly was the best person there.

    • I heard production wants Amanda to win AFP. Personally I would never vote for her. Of those who actually tried to play the game (Amanda, Helen, Andy) I would have to vote for Helen. As much as we all despise Amanda and Andy they did play the game. BB is all about lying, blindsides and alliances. Helen was the least racial hate mongrel of those. Nobody really played the game but them.

      • Not by my vote for sure. No way would I vote for Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer or GM. Can’t condone their racial behavior.

      • Agreed!! You can add Andy to that list for me b/c I have been reading/listening to things he has been saying and he is just as bad!! (Not regarding race, but Andy makes some extremely cruel comments – that as a teacher – he should be penalized for – his mouth is awful!)

      • I have been saying this all season long. Andy should not be allowed to continue teaching. If anyone should lose their job, it should be Andy. I would never want my child to take a class with such a hateful person.

      • He teaches adults at a community college. Not that excuses his behavior, but he isn’t teaching little kids in elementary school.

      • Melbourne,
        Andy teaches, I believe, a core course in public speaking. Most times, students take this course their first year of college. Therefore, most of Andy’s students are 17-19. All students in college are considered to be adults. However, MOST people in the age range are very immature and still trying to find their way. They need positive people in their lives and not a person like Andy.

      • I’m sure he doesn’t yell obscenities at his class. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t backstab them during a reality show to win $500,000. This is just a game. I’m sure you work with a lot of people whose personal lives you don’t agree with, but it doesn’t affect their work. If he is a good teacher, then let him teach.

      • What people do in their spare time or their personal lives is none of my business. However, when they chose to make their personal lives public, then it becomes my business. Most times, what comes out of your mouth is what is in your heart. I never said anything about Andy backstabbing or playing the game. I said Andy was hateful and NO ONE here can disagree with that. So, I stand behind what I said about Andy and he should be fired.

      • I agree – his REAL personality is shining through! they can ALL try to blame their bad behavior/actions on the fact that “its just a game” but we all know that the lives they have in the house mirrors how they are in real life (obviously not to the extreme) but still… Andy bashes and brings up Elissa almost every MINUTE! Really… he is obsessed with talking about her…her husband…her stepson…her life… he needs to get over it. she’s already out of the house!

      • Last season when Dan was on BB, some people thought that he should be fired. Well, I didn’t . In my opinion, what Dan did was all in the scope of the game. Dan never made the game a personal one, unlike Andy. Dan was selling swamp land and the other house guests were stupid for buying it. I, honestly, would not have a problem with Andy’s game, if it was not a game based on personal attacks. Elissa children are not “fair game” and her children are not a part of the game. It is quite disturbing that Andy felt criticizing Elissa children was within the scope of the game.

      • I know some people hated Dan last year, too, but I agree with you on that. I think he kept it “game only” so I had no problem with it.

      • I am not going to campaign for Andy to lose his job but I do not think Andy’s lying and backstabbing is all an act. I find it hard to believe that a normally honest person can walk into the BB house and suddenly look people straight in the eye and lie to them like he does. As someone posted earlier, Andy indicated when he first entered the house he was good at that and my question is, how does he know that?

        Does that disqualify him from being a teacher? I don;t think so, unless he is as dishonest with his students as he is with the other house guests but that is for the school to judge.

        On the other hand, the terrible comments and name-calling are not exemplary behavior for a teacher of children either.

      • Andy has aspirations to be an actor. And in a certain way, acting is all about lying. I don’t think losing his job is appropriate. There is a difference between hateful speech about one person, and hate speech about a group of people.

      • I’m sure he doesn’t do all that when he was teaching. I wonder how they perceive him now after hearing him using a C word often to describe female players.(Elissa) and had an unfortunate racist moment in reference to Helen. I wonder if a school will want to affiliate themselves with Andy.

      • He’s a teacher who admitted to cheating in school on the live feeds. Should he continue to be able to teach? NOT in my opinion!

      • didn’t know that ;) makes me feel a little better then, haha. I really think Andy has some ‘real issues’ he needs to work on when he gets out of the house…threatening to kill yourself SO MANY times for such trivial reasons (it is a game!) is disturbing….

      • Spencer is descibed as a Railroad Conductor and I’m pretty sure he is just a rail yard worker. Even Amanda was only in real estate for a little over a year before the show started. I think Jeremy just started his boat store job.

      • Andy isn’t really a professor and I’m not sure why that is listed. Andy is an adjunct (part-time) instructor or lecturer. So, either he lied about being a professor or they (maybe production) SOMEHOW (yeah right) got it wrong.

      • To me America’s Favorite Player is just that. Who is our favorite, not who is the best because presumably the best is the winner. I would say Helen, Amanda and Andy were definitely playing the game more, but are they really people we liked? Helen as a bad player who evicted all of her allies or potential allies. She even through Elissa under the bus at times and Elissa stuck by her till the very end, even voting to save her when it was hopeless.

        I would save AFP is who were we rooting for to win. That rules out Amanda and Andy. Helen overdid the crying thing and was annoying with her stupid games of hot potato and Simon Says. Just my opinion.

      • I kinda want to vote for Candice just because of how horribly she was treated while she was in the house. Think she deserves something for that.

      • That’s why I’m voting for Candice. I believe Julie announces the person who came in second, as well. So, I hope Elissa is that person.

      • America’s favorite player s just that, for the favorite player. Gameplay should come into play a little bit, and Elyssa had all of that. Sh was independent and smart. and she was the nicest person there with the most morals. She did have her moments, but it was because she was pushed into it. Everyone was so mean to her from the beginning just because she was Rachels sister, and have bashed her ever since. They think she’s the one that lied and backstabbed, when it was Andy or other people. She got blamed for Helen getting Judd out, she got blamed for Andy voting Amanda out. She was too nice to argue with everyone, and I think she absolutely should be America’s favorite player. And I think she will be.

      • That was why I was going to vote for Candice, but that was before all the Elissa bashing. At this point, I think Elissa should get it so we can shove it in the faces of the creeps who continually talk about her and her son. I could also make a case for her on her own merits.

        Elissa actually changed the game when she stopped doing what the house wanted and did what she wanted. She was bold not only for putting up Aaryn and McCrae but also for trying to work with Aaryn to possibly back door Amanda. Elissa set the stage for Amanda’s departure. But then Elissa made an even bolder move by trying to save Amanda to forge an F3 alliance. Give Elissa credit, she did not play afraid once Helen left. The rest of the house, especially the F5 are all cowards to the end.

        CAndice was funny and nice for the most part. But the problem I have with Candice is she didn’t play the game at all. She through herself under the bus for Howie, even turning on her friends for him. She had a bad time in the house for sure. Didn’t Candice also win some money in one of the early competitions?

      • Candice started out playing the game, but once Howard latched on to her, that’s all she thought about. I want Elissa to win, just to see the faces of Amanda, Andy and Spencer. Well, Amanda mainly because Andy will be dead (he slit his throat) and Spencer will be running to the bathroom (he pooped his pants).

      • I give Candice some credit because she had to deal with direct bullying for a lot longer than Elissa did, and I think her later actions reflected that (I’d argue that she was trying to play the game at the beginning when she was trying to (rightly) convince the girls of a male alliance, trying to get them to ally together, trying to convince people not to listen to other people’s BS, etc; a lot of people’s racism/bigotry/idiocy shined through as far as that was concerned, though). Along with dealing with an alliance willing to think Candice made the whole thing up for sympathy.

        Don’t disagree that Elissa made some good game moves. I think she made an equal amount of bad ones too, though, and often even when she wasn’t under pressure to conform.

      • Elissa is what you would call a loose cannon, but in a good way for BB. Elissa had her own mind and most time, did what Elissa wanted to do. People knew this and that is why no one wanted to work with Elissa. This, of course, can be a good thing and a bad thing. Elissa’s downfall was trusting Andy after he proved himself to be untrustworthy.

      • LeeArmie – yes! The HG couldn’t ‘trust’ Elissa and didn’t want to work with her b/c she is independent! She doesn’t just follow the leader like everyone else. She thinks with her OWN brain and does what she wants. The other HG were angry b/c they couldn’t ‘control’ (manipulate) her like they could all the others. I was disappointed to see her go…I hope that when the other HG look back at this season and see their behavior and how she reacted to it – I hope they are all embarrassed!!! (But I know they won’t be b/c they are all so full of themselves – thinking they are all hot sh*t and very witty and smart) HA HA HA! Joke is on all of them b/c I read a lot of BB comment pages and I am pretty certain that a whole lot of America can’t stand almost all of them. The reality check will be coming soon!!!

      • No they won’t because some of their jokes have been about you couldn’t fart or belch in front of her. It doesn’t seem to bother them that they are disgusting.

      • That whole “working independently” thing really worked out for her, hey? Why does everyone here worship her game again?

  6. since one of these5 have to win would like to see cbs give like amount to charities supporting anti bullying woman, etc

  7. this season sucks the only reason
    why I even watched its cause of elissa I wish they never evicted her she made the show intresting an ya I guess amanda did to lol

    • If your sole reason for watching was because of Elissa, then yes, I imagine the season did suck for you. Elissa was incredibly boring, had no personality, was stuck up, had no gameplay, and often acted like and stated that she didn’t want to be there. She was decent at competitions, but that’s basically all she had going for her.

  8. If anyone knows, please describe Gm’s injury. 8 stitches? Will that affect her in comps? Is that why the guys are keeping her?

  9. I am looking forward to the faces when Elissa takes the AF. Maybe some one should have medics standing by.

    • Can we do a 4 way split screen, with Amanda, Andy, Spencer and Elissa? That would be the best.

  10. I sooo wish they would have a 50+ season, I would be the first in line for a application…i may not wear a bikini but I look smashing in a one piece and we would have so much fun, especially since at our age we won’t act like kindergartners and backstabbing babies!!!!…

    • I wish they would do a season like when they had the 4 different social groups, but with ages. Have 4 people in their 20s, 4 in their 30’s, 4 in their 40’s and 4 in their 50’s. I think you would see some really interesting alliances with a more diverse age range.

  11. I have been thinking about this and I was uncertain, but lets says GM makes it the final 2 and wins the game. Won’t she be first ever female to win the game against a guy. I know I might be wrong but I can’t for the life of me. Remember this ever happening.

    • They won’t because they dont have the time. The only reason they did that one winter season was due to the writer strike. Survivor and Amazing race both have winter seasons which basically over ride Big brother.

  12. Please for next season Big Brother….screen your contestants better than this season!! HORRIBLE PEOPLE!! And the one that is deserving to win is Judd! Doubt I watch the rest of this season! If Judd goes to jury (which is the way it’s going), even though she has said bad things, GM is the one deserving of winning it by targeting Amanda and McCrae. So much for the all men alliance! LOL!!

    • Personally I would go for a complete all star cast next season. It has been enough seasons to do All Stars 2. And for CBS it might be more safer route for them

      • You might not like it but they will probably pick one or two from this season. Elissa being one. Rachel and Elissa in the same house would be something I could see CBS doing. I could possibly see them even pick McCrae.

  13. Andy’s already a winner! After Elissa picks up the $25K check as AF, Andy will be getting a “REALITY Check!”

      • Really?? Hmm, no capitalization and incompete sentences and hammering me over an alleged mispelled word (though it is correct)?? J/K – Had to get back atcha for that now.
        Regardless of where Elissa may live, won’t she still pick up her “check” in the US since this is BB USA (not BB Canada)?
        [Andy’s, of course, is a reality check as in “eye opener” (when Elissa wins AF) but then you got that it was a joke/play on words so no explanation there. Glad you got my humor, even if you don’t agree. That’s cool with me.] ;>

  14. Andy seems to be hated simply because he is actually playing the game. You have to lie and manipulate people, and he has played everyone. If he makes the final two he is winning. And I think he deserves to

    • Out of who is left, I think he should win too. I don’t like him because he is a wimp. I don’t care if you lie or backstab, but own it. Don’t cry every time someone that you wanted to vote out, leaves.

    • Yes, we have seen Andy’s game before. There have been other floater, back stabbing weasel who won in the past or get close. But what separates them from Andy is the constant whining, his cowardly actions, the unjustified hatred of Elissa and all of the comments he has made about her and he family. Dan G. never said anything like that about anyone so it is not necessary to be an assh*le as well as a liar.

      If I hear Andy say one more time that he hopes her gets the chance to tell Elissa exactly what he thinks of her, I am going to make a point to find Elissa after the show and take her to his home, knock on his door and tell him, “ok, she’s here. What was it you wanted to say?”

      Andy should have been gone a long time ago if not for the horrible BB players in the show this year. They all know Andy is a liar. Aaryn made that point many weeks ago, but no one targeted him. So Aaryn Helen, Elissa, McCrae, GM all know Andy is a liar but they all chose to fight with each other rather than get rid of the rat. In any other season Andy wouldn’t have made it into the second month.

      • I agree with what you say about Andy. He is a coward. Also, nail on the head – he is not a WINNER at all. He is just playing all sides of the fence. The things he says are vile and cruel (about Elissa specifically). Talking about Elissa stepson will NOT help him in ‘the game’ AT ALL , yet he feels the need to say terrible things about him? He feels the need to CONSTANTLY bring up Elissa and how much he ‘hates her’… he uses the F word on the regular in regards to elissa (f her etc…) … WHY does he have so much hatred for her…and why does he keep beating a dead horse, she is GONE , out of the GAME. These players seem to be taking things to the extreme…Andy specifically has gone WAY beyond ‘game’ when he makes personal attacks like that. He is a coward, a floater, and he cannot think for himself. I am hoping Elissa wins AFP and I am hoping they show a screen shot of him when they announce it…and Amanda…lol. Andy is beyond lucky that he has made it so far…I just hope that IF he makes it to the final 2 , EVERYONE in the jury house will realize his ‘true colors’ and not choose him to win…I don’t want to hear any of that b.s. “well…he played the game the best…” that is SO far from the truth.

      • I really do not get the Elissa bashing from all of these idiots. Maybe CBS isn’t showing the stuff Elissa may have said/done to anger all of these HGs? I thought Elissa seemed like a really nice girl. Her only mistake was being Rachel’s sister. I hope Elissa does get the favorite player.. I mean, who else from this cast would get it besides her? Judd sucks at this game. Nice guy, but he sucks.

        Andy has manipulated all of them (except the only intelligent one, Elissa). I think the final two will be Andy and Spencer. Andy should win

  15. You know u have a bad show when the production guys don’t like the HGs. They have been very rude and hateful when talking to the HGs. Not a surprise really since casting screwed up the season with a group of degenerates. So we the viewers are in a class by ourselves as to our dislike of the HGs.

  16. The show is good so all of you shut up!
    Andy should win AFP, at least he is mine. I would not give Mac the big prize because he has Mandy and she is such a “Prize” (finger quotes). GM is funny and a character that keeps things lively and won’t back down to bullies, even those cry-baby bullies like Candice. Also Spencer is a mensch so I am pulling for the big lug.

    • GM is not funny – she is am embarrassment to herself and I would assume her family. She seems (or is making herself seem) uneducated. She of course doesn’t back down to bullies – b/c she is one, lol. Also, you must have not been watching when GM was making racial remarks and other cruel comments that were in no way ‘game’ related. Candice a bully, that is hysterical. Candice got on my nerve a couple of times but she was def. not the bully…she was the target. I think you might be the only one in the Andy fan club. If you get a hot minute maybe you can respond at some point and point out why exactly he is your fav. player? How many comps has he won? I can’t think of any shining moments on Andy’s behalf. Oh, maybe when Elissa confronted McCrae and asked if he voted out Amanda, McC said no, then andy came in an tried to throw it all on Elissa…. Your boy Andy doesn’t even have good acting skills. I think I read on here someone said that Andy wants to become an actor….LMAO. Okay!

  17. After they evict Judd, this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of Andy if McCrae and Gina Marie use their heads! It is a must win HOH for Andy because McCrae or Gina Marie if they are using their heads will put up Andy and Spencer side by side!
    That guarantees the eviction of one of them! Hopefully, that would be Andy! Then, it is Gina Marie, McCrae and Spencer for Final 3! If Andy wins HOH then, you know McCrae or Gina Marie is going home next!

    • Even if Andy wins HOH, the POV will determine who goes home. There will be only one person voting, presumably the POV winner. So Andy might not nominate Spencer initially, but if McCrae or GM win POV, Spencer could go home. I don’t think McCrae is solid with his GM deal, he will throw her under the bus if Andy wins HOH.

  18. GM wins hoh, puts up Andy and Spencer, McRae wins veto, Spencer backstabs Andy and tells McRae Andy voted out Amanda, and McRae gets to be the one to vote out Andy! Only scenario that would make me a little happier right now.

  19. Every season is the worst and so boring according to people on here. The simple fact is that everyone has their favorite houseguest at the start. Unfortunately, even though there’s 16 players, there can only be one winner, so most fans are always going to end up being disappointed. It also doesn’t help when a lot of people came into the game with a favorite who was a dud (Elissa) just because of her sister.

    With Survivor, they can portray the players who make it far in a more favorable light, so you end up cheering for them. Big Brother doesn’t have that luxury since the evictions are live, and they have no idea what will happen week-to-week.

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