Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 11 Nominations

Big Brother 15 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re watching to see who has been nominated and how the house reacts. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

The HGs are down to the season’s Final Five and they are thoroughly enjoying themselves for having made it this far. Of course the punishments doled out after last night’s HoH competition is putting a little damper on that, but they’ll be free soon from those burdens. Check out pics from earlier today to see who was tethered together.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Nominations:

  • GinaMarie
  • McCrae

The Veto competition on Saturday will decide whether or not the Exterminators alliance makes it to the Final Four. If McCrae doesn’t win the PoV then he’s done and will be the special eviction’s victim early next week. If he does win, well then it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Spencer has promised GM that if McCrae comes down then Judd will go up in his place and the guys will keep her over Judd.

Big Brother Live Feeds

That Veto competition will be held very soon, probably on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.



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    • I know, it least when Amanda was there you had someone you for sure didn’t want to win. If Elissa would have stayed I would have pulled for her and McRae but he is so dumb he does not deserve to win either. That’s why he delivers pizzas for a living.(that’s all he is qualified to do) He ruined the last couple of weeks by being so stupid. I wonder what would happen if everyone on the jury abstained.

      • Get over it, so glad that arrogant air head Elissa is gone. McDumbo is toast now too, only a matter of time. This result is what you get with a house full of gutless, wishy washy wimps who wouldn’t do what was necessary early on in the game. Showmances are always the #1 target as they are two votes tied together. Target #2 should always be houseguests playing the game without going through the general public application / interview process. Target #3 should be the dominant players who are obvously controlling groups of other players. All three types of targets were ignored by these houseguests for the majority of the game….. somehow as the season draws to a close the laying low technique has worked for the members of the last alliance to be formed (extmntrs). These people , all season, have been unable to keep secrets, maintain alliances and all are poor liars and pigs and generally messy. There, glad i got that off my chest (38DD).

  1. Poor McC so sad he’ll probably be leaving. . . . Not!! He deserves it and it could of been different.

  2. Spencer is as dumb as McCrae. These people all seem to want to give the game to someone rather than win it themselves. Spencer should have put Andy up. Andy is the one Spencer cannot beat in a final 2 with the both of them.

      • True, but my point was he cannot win against Andy. He is dumb for not thinking of that. What I don’t get is he figured out keeping Judd was better than keeping GM because they could win against Judd. What he did not figure out is that Andy is not worried about that because he knows he can win against Spencer.
        I guess its frustrating because none of the people in this house think at all. They act like its not about winning at the end, its about winning a week. Amanda was the only one who thought out a plan a few weeks ahead.

  3. that was a dumb move….he shouldve backdoored McCre…now he’ll win the veto…stupid Spencer!! ijs:-)

    • He couldn’t have backdoored him because there’s only 5 people left… everyone plays in the veto now no matter what

      • Doubt if Spenser or Andy wins Veto. They never win anything. Mc Crey wins when he needs to. So does GM. Judd’s a toss up.

    • McCrey is the biggest floater ever. He was on Amanda’s shirt tails all the way through the whole game. He never made game plays, it was all Amanda. I do like McCrey though.

      • Andy’s not a floater; he just relied more on his social game than anything else.

        The fact that his social game worked at all is a testament to how stupid so many of the HGs were, but that’s another issue.

    • What would happen if everyone on the jury abstained.
      That won’t happen because if you listen to all these people talk they think they were the best cast ever. I mean ,listen to Amanda, She had the longest and the best showman e ever. Helen thinks she played a great game and listen to these morons that are left. These people will be like the jurors of the Casey Anthony trial. ( won’t want to show their faces once they find out what America really thinks about them. Amanda, America does not love you, wake up.

  4. They should backdoor andy, wait he would like that, scratch that-they should do that to gm so she can have a good bm!

  5. rig it cbs to where andy is backdoored which he is so most deserving!!! and mccrea win even though he made a dumb move nominating elissa this season is for the three stooges!!! i hate it!!

  6. I so wish we could get a message to Dumanda that McCrusty is “Doin” Gina Marie!

  7. Andy needs to give spencer a cleveland steamer, while judd shits on gm’s tits so mccrae can chili dog her then slap each other in the face for having a lame season while pissing in cereal bowls

  8. If McCrae does win the veto and hopefully he does so the Floating Four doesn’t get to the final four together it really doesn’t matter to Spencer’s game who gets evicted because he isn’t winning anyway.

  9. You would think HGS would figure out that Andy should go. He did not get picked for a penalty nom by Spencer. Hmm So, pecking order is McCrae because he is not exterminator..GM why does she have to go? why Judd as the potential re nom Ugh.

  10. Oh man, what if Judd wins POV again and uses it on GM? He would have to put Andy up. He and GM would have to agree to vote Andy out and I don’t see that happening. Just a dream.

      • I wish Judd and McCrae would make a deal but they don’t trust each other. Come on DR do your thing. Make McCrae and Judd realize Andy is a snake. Then Judd wins POV and saves McCrae to the shock of Spandy and Andy goes up and they vote him out. Yep I live on Fantasy Island.

      • Spencer is the one who needs to make a deal with McCrae but its too late now. Spencer told McCrae Andy did vote to save Amanda which is a lie. but McCrae believes him.

    • That would be a great game play but these people don’t have the sense to pull something like that off.

  11. Is it just me or a hopeful wish that the vulgar Elissa bashing is /has been curtailed. I have heard some remarks but not vulgar & they are few & far between. Yall think??

  12. My wish in the Live Finale:
    Julie Chen: “A lot of the viewers want to know, You guys seemed to enjoy bashing Elissa when she’s not around, specially you Andy. Can you tell me why?”
    Audience:…boooooo….boooo..booooo lol

  13. They were bashing several Jury members just now but nothing vulgar was said. So I am in hopes that the vulgar/vile slamming/bashing is going to be squashed somewhat..

  14. why would anyone want McCrae to win POV? He blew this whole season with that big mouth g/f. He is nothing but a wimp, he has done nothing this year but be a puppy to Amanda…He used the wrong head all season…..YOU BLEW IT PIZZA BOY!!! Go Home…..

  15. Andy’s the best player of the season….. He may not be the “Amanda” of the cast. But, he’s got an amazing game going. A game that will win the whole thing for him

  16. So pizza boy chose p**** over 500 he could of gotten a woman back home if he played smart and tried to win he really is dumb

    • Yup. I’ve come to believe that the ONLY reason he stayed with Amanda is because she was putting out. I can’t think of any other earthly reason why he would want to be with her. Shouldn’t it alarm him that she was so willing to have sex with him and they barely met?

      Anyway, she clouded his judgement and he now has to win competitions from here on out to make Final 2.

      • come on,that kid is a pizza boy,makes 8k a year and lives at home. he has NEVER gotten some older sex like that. he was doomed from the start.kid got p-whooped

  17. What is it about Elissa that Andy cannot stop talking about her??? WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM??? Dam every other word out of his mouth is “Elissa”. Its not that its over the top vulgar its just annoying that he has to constantly slam/bash her in some way. Why?? I DO HOPE THAT SHE IS STANDING NEXT TO HIM ON FINALE NITE SO I CAN SEE HIS RATTY FACE WHEN SHE GETS THE $25 gs (if she does). Will be awesome.

  18. BB Joker’s update: ” Andy is worried about Elissa and Amanda “slandering his ass” in the jury house.”


    • I’m thinking someone goes to jury Monday and new HOH Monday, then someone else goes to jury Thursday.

  19. Since Spencer may not have a job when he gets home it would be a good thing for him to at least place second. I, for once, sincerely hope he DOES NOT win anything. At this point, I would rather have no one win anything. Their common hatred for Elissa except dummy McCrae who totally trusts Andy (now), is really not necessary now. She’s gone. They aren’t even talking about Amanda that way. Unless “production” cleans up this game on many levels I won’t be watching it next summer. Too bad because I usually love it. This year has not been fun at all.

  20. Well all those that wanted Amanda, Elissa and Aaryn gone I hope you’re happy because now all we have left are a bunch of boring rats and pigs. Yawn….

    • Hey, What do you think of GM to win? haha..I don’t know.what I’m thinking. I just hate Andy so much, but if the psycho GM wins, that would be funny. lol

  21. Here is why I think these house guests are the worst players, in addition to being the meanest, most vile and vulgar, in BB history. Just look at Andy how Andy lies right in front of them. Example: Last night he made a point of apologizing to GM for voting to save Amanda and he made sure it was in ear shot of McCrae. He winked to GM to make sure she got why he did it. Ok, nice touch Andy. But if you are GM, and you watch how easily and smoothly he pulled that off why would you not think to yourself. “holy crap! How do I know when this guy is telling me the truth and when he is lying?” Andy has lied like that in front of everyone and they all think he does it to everyone but them!
    In real life when you witness someone lie to someone else and you know they are lying, do you not think immediately that you cannot trust that person? Do you not think that person is dishonest?
    And if you are McCrae, wouldn’t you ask yourself, why is he apologizing to GM? Shouldn’t he be apologizing to me? and Spencer?

    Andy has done stuff like this all season. He has also slipped up on his lies a number of times that I have seen. Only the people in this house are dumb enough not to see through him.

    • It’s a heck of a lot easier for use to see Andy’s lies from our perspective, but you gotta give him credit at some point. He’s manipulating everyone. Lying is part of the game. Some people are good at it, some aren’t.

      Andy is a master liar.

      • Yes he is, but again, he is not hiding his lies. When he lies to McCrae in front of GM she doesn’t think that he may lie to her too? Even after Aaryn and Elissa told her not to trust him?
        My point is, these people are all stupid but think they are smart. You can see them tell themselves, “he won’t lie to me because I will see it.” But they are not looking!

  22. I crunched the numbers. There is no shot that Andy wins the season. Amanda, McCrae (assuming he goes next), Elissa, Helen, will all in no way vote for him; Jessie is very unlikely to. That’s 5 right there. I just don’t see Andy winning. He thinks he has friends in the jury house…in reality he just doesn’t.

    • It depends on who he goes up against. If he is against GM he loses, I think. But he beats Spencer, Judd and maybe even McCrae although that might be a surprise.
      GM has won more comps and got Amanda out of the house.
      Spencer has done nothing. He won this HOH and one POV but as far as game play he has done nothing obvious to anyone. His alliance with Howard was about as clumsy as it gets.
      McCrae was under Amanda’s wing for the entire season so no one will give him credit for Anything.
      Judd has already been evicted once and when he returned he completely mucked up his game again. The way he turned on Elissa after she save him the first week he was back was really sloppy play and pretty stupid too.
      We don’t like Andy, but I think the house guests are blind to his talking behind people’s backs, I don’t think jurors see Andy the way we do.

    • For now yes. A lot of the Juries maybe upset, but when it’s time for them to deliberate, for the most part they will award the better player. Although I hate everything about Andy and I’m never a fan of that kind of strategy. I will give it to Andy if he’s sitting with Spencer in F2….also Andy is a better speaker than Spencer I think.

      • I wish they would go back to the old way when everyone got to the jury house and they would sit in the yard and everyone got to ask whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted to. The way they do it now live where they agree on a few questions is not letting the jury members speak their mind.

      • This is what drive me crazy about Spencer. If he makes it to final 2, what case is he going to make? I outlasted everyone else? I got out McCrae when everyone in the house but McCrae were in an alliance? Being a pawn 7 times is not a reason to win BB. Its not like he did anything to avoid being evicted.

      • Yes, Usually, at this stage of the game, you would hear a player strategizing who would I beat in the F2 in terms of arguing his/her case to the Jury. But what do you expect from players where the goal is only to get to the Jury house. They were aiming low, to begin with.

      • I think the social aspect of Big Brother isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. Spencer’s social game (whether you like him or not, or think he’s vile or not) has been pretty dang impressive. He’s so close w/ everyone that he VOLUNTEERED to go on the block. You don’t do that unless you have awesome relationships with everyone. You can call it floating, but the house guests, for whatever reason, like Spencer. I for one haven’t seen a “Spencer bashing” session.

        Sometimes you gotta play the hand your dealt. He’s obviously not a strong competitor, he’s realized that, and did his best to build a rapport with the other house guests. It’s worked. Judd wants to take him to Final 2, as does Andy. He has won two comps by the way, and he’s played a pretty big role in deciding who goes home.

      • I can see your point. If he can articulate his case well in front of the Jury, and he has couple of bitter Jury against Andy, he may have a chance.

      • I’ve always said that playing a huge social game will get you far in the house. Sometimes you just can’t get yourself into an alliance. Spencer tried right off the bat but others stupidly blew it up right away. You’re right, you have to play the hand you’re dealt. I think Spencer’s done a good job of such a shitty hand.

    • Andy is a rat but anyone would vote for GM, Judd or Spencer to win over Andy would do so out of spite and not game play.
      He has totally outplayed all three of them and but if he is up against McCrae, McCrae should beat Andy because McCrae would have to do so much to get there.

  23. Andy can go F himself. He is the reason for Elissa leaving because he convinced McCrae who is a naive idiot. I could care less who wins, but he is the one who I don’t want to win.

    • McCrae wanted to believe it was Elissa. He doesn’t like Elissa. Andy didn’t have to say or do anything. Amanda said as much when she was interviewed by Julie Chen. She thought it was Elissa who stabbed her in the back until Andy confessed in his good bye video.

  24. You guys are not kidding! I am getting ready for bed and I turn on BBAD. Instantly, they are all ripping into Elissa. McCrae saying that she is stupid and could not play the game. McCrae has done NOTHING all summer – how does he not understand that!

    • McCrae will go down as the dummy who nominated his only ally left in the house for eviction. Talk about clueless.

  25. Just turned on BBAD and what a surprise. Andy made a comment about Elissa! That started a round of Elissa bashing with McCrae and Spencer.
    When does voting for AFP begin? I want to make sure I don’t miss it!

    • I just don’t get how people can literally sit around for hours on end and just bash another person…

      I could maybe understand if they did it to Amanda like every ONCE in awhile, but these people just sit and have bashing sessions nonstop. Are they really that bored in the house? Who you are in real life comes out eventually in this game. These people are trash.

      That’s why I like Dan so much. Say what you want about his game play, but he was always a fun guy to be around during the down time. He was classy and built genuine relationships with people because THAT’S who he really is real life.

      • Dan was a great example of a person who could lie and play both sides of the house while remaining a decent person, for the most part. I do not recall him saying the kinds of vile things about others that Andy and Spencer have.

  26. Andy just proclaimed to the world that he HATES Elissa. McCrae seconded the hatred comment. Spencer said that he hopes that he never has to spend one more day with her.
    They just keep saying how horrible of a person Elissa was the entire time she was in the house.
    Don’t they realize that they are on TV and all of this Elissa bashing makes them look HORRIBLE?

    • Andy also said, is she getting the last laugh because all they do is talk about her! LOL. They started talking about her son insinuating there is something wrong with him because he is in 3rd grade and she had a painting he did that looked like a kindergartener did it.
      I am telling you this is all one of Andy’s stupid ideas to convince America not to vote Elissa as AFP. 25 minutes into BBAD and all they have talked about is Elissa.

    • If Elissa gets AFP it’s only due to who her relative is and not anything she did in that house. It’s pretty convenient to start out with large fan base when you’ve done absolutely NOTHING to earn it.

      • She also done nothing to loose it. I’ve said it before, AFP come out of F6. Elissa made it to F6. And out of the 6, she is the only one that is not like the others 5 disgusting POS. She derserve it more than any of the garbage left in the house. By a W I D E margin.

  27. I am Not liking how Big Brother is Ending I would of rather of saw Elissa at the end :( So sad .. Although I am not liking how Spencer is the way he is nor Andy but they are playing a good game … Spencer lasting this long being on the block that many times and still in game is very scary and probably hard to do .

    • Andy is surrounded by idiots. McCrae walking in on Andy, Spencer and Judd talking game a few minutes ago. A smart person would realize, uh-oh. But McCrae will zone out and think nothing of it.

  28. Okay. Tonight they were talking about Elissa up in the HOH room and saying all kinds of stupid stuff about her, like she runs a charity for old women where they suffocate them – stupid stuff like that. Someone, I think Andy asked, can she sue us for slander? McCrae said no. I don’t know what they signed but I have to believe it does not indemnify anyone in the house from harming, physically or financially, anyone else in the house. That’s neither here nor there. The point is, their discussion makes it pretty clear they are just trying to harm Elissa’s image. Not to beat a dead horse but this is about AFP.
    Everyone please, if you do not like the disgusting, vile, nasty behavior of these house guests, vote for Elissa for AFP. This is the only way we have of slapping these pigs in the face on finale night.

      • I agree, but what these idiots don’t understand is that it only makes people want to vote FOR Ellisa for MVP. Total morons.

    • Right now she’s the only one deserving of AFP. But let’s not forget that she has said some nasty things to others at times herself. Albeit much much less.

    • These people are all Losers and do not deserve to win nothing due to their personnel attacks and vile behavior and language. I would be ashamed to have any associating with them or would be horrified to be a family member (except Ellissa, think she is a sweetheart). I think BB should let them know that America does not like any of them and they are (CBS) is going to donate the $ to charities because none of them does not deserve to e rewarded for such behavior. Worst season ever with so many mean nasty people (except Ellissa).

  29. I did like Judd but he is proving to be just as bad . I know it’s a game but to personally attack eh tacky. Why bring up a child really? Have people forgotten what Spencer said about children?? He deserves the money don’t think so! Andy is just playing or thinks he isplaying America . I will love love to see his face I’d Elissa gets America’s vote. The people saying all she did and gets is because of family that BS I like her and I’m not a Rachel super fan. Am I missing something ? I never saw her being a horrible person. Even with rude people in her face or doing things to her stuff. I’d love to see her win 50000 and they get notta .

    • Elissa is not as awful as the bashing suggests. She has said some questionable things about Amanda’s weight and miscarriage. She isn’t innocent, but she doesn’t deserve the continual bashing and slander. She has beasted competitions and tried her best with the cards she was dealt. Some of her cards were stacked by Production, but Elissa isn’t a horrible person nor a poor BB player.

      Her game fell victim to the snitch.

      • I think Andy confessed why he hates Elissa so much tonight. She broke his perfect record of never being on the block. He’s been up once. I guess this was one of his goals for the season, not to get put on the block. But Andy, why do you think you are so special that you shouldn’t be put up even as a pawn? Remember when he cried like a baby when he suspected she would put him up? He is so unlikeable.

      • I want to like Andy. I do. Being able to play these people like a fiddle is impressive game play but dear god is it hard to watch. He’s just so insufferable.

        He was interesting to watch when Helen was around. But now he just seems… Smug isn’t the right word but so full of sh-t he’s hard to pallet.

        He’s 100% pissed Elissa put him on the block and carries that grudge. I hope he goes home 4th. Pray to the powers of Otev he is revealed!

    • what did spencer say about kids,ive heard little comments about it but not what he actualy said?

  30. and give you the biggest snake ever in the history of big brother and the spencerfantasizes about him

  31. Elissa didn’t ACT better then them which is why they hate her.. She is a better person than all of them really

    • I think GM is starting to suspect something. She has been more quiet than usual and she has refrained from most of the Elissa bashing tonight – not all, but most.

  32. So McCrae is complaining that Elissa didn’t say goodbye or hug anyone when she left the house. He says its because she felt they were beneath her. It never occurred to him that they way they talk about her behind her back – all the time – may have something to do with Elissa not saying goodbye?

  33. Ugh! That pretty much sums it up for me. Amanduh gone-good! But I had such high hopes for McCrae and Elissa. Why McC put up Elissa is beyond me. Amanduh told him that Andy was sketchy. It would have been great to see Spencer and GM up on the block together. It wouldn’t matter who left, although losing GM would have made my day. No more listening to her loud mouth, vile comments, and her screeching loud laugh. And Spencer is a pig with a vile and dirty mouth. I’m still backing Judd at this point. Plz God, do not let GM or Spencer win! This pissed me off enough…cya all tomorrow…

    Andy is still a dirty little rat who I can’t stand hearing or seeing. Ok, goodnight all!

  34. Don’t you think all of these bashing comments are going to find their way to the jury house, where the Exterminators will be outed for the despicable people they really are?

  35. Now it’s going to be boreing all the ones that made it interesting is gone. No need to watch any

  36. I have disliked BB this season very much. I will not say hate like Andy does 1milliion times a day, because that is a very strong word. The way that Spencer, Andy, Judd and McRae have been talking about the girls this season especially Ellissa on how much the “Hated her” to me it feels like they are bullying them. Thank goodness the season is almost over . I have also stopped watching the live feeds because of this. Production does not say anything to them not even when they went through Elissa’s things. Very disappointing BB15!!!!

  37. What happened to the “real live feeds” on the actual days? BB#15 is a real let down. The house is always messy, it looks like a Frat House and no one pick up or puts away their clothes. Even the laundry baskets are full of clean, unfolded clothes! I also miss that on Eviction nights, everyone dressed up, now its whatever is clean. Sweats, shorts, P.J.’s, slob tops that show bras…grow up! Let’s get back to fun, fair play, a little backstabbing, but leave out the racial slurs, the sleeping and showering together (ALL THE TIME!) and the meanies, the constant cursing and the cry babies who can’t take their own medicine.

    • On eviction night the producers tell them how to dress. Most times right after the show they have to play a physical HOH game. It’s not that they don’t want to dress up.

  38. All of my faves are gone. GM is the only one left with any kind of appealing personality. She seems to have the most integrity of this remaining bunch of losers.

  39. OMG Andy saying how easy the comps were that Aaryn won if they were so.easy why didnt he win any of the ones she won

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