Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 11 Friday Daytime Highlights


After last night’s crazy Big Brother 15 Double Eviction, the houseguests were up late, so much of the day today has been spent resting. But there has been some important game talk going on between Andy and Spencer. They have to figure out what to do if McCrae wins veto. They have to pick between GinaMarie and Judd to go home instead.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Sept. 6, 2013

8:11 AM BBT – Judd’s bell goes off. He has to get out of bed to do push-ups as part of the punishment he landed in last night’s HOH competition.

9:13 AM BBT – Feed cut. Wake-up call.

9:37 AM BBT – Judd’s drill sergeant makes him get up again to do sit-ups.

10:25 AM BBT – Judd has to again do push-ups. The drill sergeant says “My grandmother did better push-ups than you and she died 10 years ago.”

10:48 AM BBT – More Elissa bashing going on.

11:05 AM BBT – Feeds cut to trivia for some reason.

12:27 PM BBT – Feeds return. Andy got to play for a chance to win $5,000. Spencer gave him the award based on last night’s HOH. Andy only won $94.

12:44 PM BBT – Andy talking about his paranoia and how he followed everyone around to find things out.

12:51 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy talking about how McCrae cried more when Judd was evicted than when Amanda was evicted.

12:56 PM BBT – Andy thinks Amanda will be the most hated houseguest of the season. He also thinks America was MVP.

1:09 PM BBT – Drill sergeant makes Judd do lunges.

1:30 PM BBT – Judd leaves the HOH room to take a nap.

1:34 PM BBT – Spencer asks Andy if he should put up Judd or GinaMarie. They keep going back and forth with who they’d keep between Judd and GinaMarie. They have to figure out who they’d want to go if McCrae wins Veto.

1:57 PM BBT – Andy thinks they can trust GM more than Judd but Spencer mentions that they could beat Judd in the game if it comes to that.

3:30 PM BBT – Spencer and McCrae are talking. GM has to be on the other side of the door since GM and McCrae are chained together. Spencer tells him he’s good. He’s acting like he wants GinaMarie out so it’ll be an all-guy final four.

3:35 PM BBT – Spencer tells Andy that McCrae doesn’t think Andy voted Amanda out. He thinks the vote came from Elissa.

The only think we know for sure that will happen tonight is that McCrae will go up. Who will go up next to him is still up in the air. Regardless of the nominations, we don’t anticipate any drama. That will only come after the veto competition tomorrow.

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  1. Yeah, McCrae, that’s it. The woman who gave your girlfriend her wedding ring as collateral, can’t lie convincingly to save her ass and reached out to you to formulate an alternative plan is the one who voted Amanda out. Couldn’t possibly have been the person Elissa was trying to warn you about, has leaked your plans and played every side of the house imaginable.

    Yeah, McCrae, that’s it. FFS!

      • Amanda Marie is correct :)

        Yes I am referring to Ian Terry. He did an impression of Lewis Black saying, ‘FFS’ in the backyard. The gif is hilarious if you haven’t seen it. Wish I could link it!

    • Not to mention the guy you’ve been warning Amanda not to trust all week!

      My guess is: Amanda took McCrae’s brain with her when she left the house.

    • Talk about oblivious. Seriously, McCrae is such a tool. He’d been skeptical ALL week about Andy and when he finally had the chance to get back at him, he puts up his only true ally in the house. What a dope. He deserves to go next.

    • Maybe he was trying to get in good graces with the remaining houseguests? No one really knows until we see DR confessionals…

      • I don’t even think he understands his rationale for evicting a solid potential ally and F2 deal.

        I’d like to go to MN and order a pizza for him to deliver just so I can ask him, ‘WHY?!’

  2. WOW!!!! McCrae REALLY IS Nothing without Amanda!! I guess he was right when he even said Amanda was the better player!!! DUMB ASS move MCCRAE getting out Elissa. She would have worked with you!!
    Hey Andy….Why NOT talk about even MORE of your “friends” behind their backs!?!? GEESH!!! You are such a COWARD, LIAR, FLOATER & you have NO BACKBONE!!! YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!! I cannot wait for your ass to be THROWN TO THE CURB!!! You deserve to be called out by Amanda. Why are you looking so scared Andy? You’re a BIG MAN….You’re so cool!! It’s takes a real man to call a woman a C**T – and constantly put down people who have NEVER said a negative word about you and your game. YOU ARE PURE CLASS ANDY!! PURE CLASS!!!…..PATHETIC!!!!

      • Everyone kept saying when Amanda left…McCrae could FINALLY start playing his game. He’s been playing his game all along…..does nothing, takes what he can from who he can and gives nothing back. THAT IS MCCRAE

      • Agree with you Sheila….I don’t like to comment on people’s looks but I do find it ironic Andy is constantly putting Elissa and the other woman down for their looks but he is NO model himself. I guess that really does show his true, UGLY Character. I would NOT be his friend inside OR outside the house. I live in Chicago too but I hope I NEVER run into him – mind you if I did, he would probably just kiss my butt and tell me a whole much of lies to try to get me to like him. He needs to GO….In my opinion, he is one of the cruelest players there ever was on BB (easy to see on the live feeds but also on the after hour shows). but he is also a coward who is constantly riding on others coat tails while he stabs them in the backs as he attempts to take the credit!!! NOT A FAN…That’s for sure!!! ANDY NEEDS FLOAT HIS WAY OUTTA THAT HOUSE A.S.A.P!!!

      • I use to be one of Andy’s friend outside the house but after seeing how he’s treated people not only to their faces but worse….BEHIND THEIR BACKS, I feel sick! Seeing his terrible behavior and just how immature and shallow he is, has REALLY made me re-evaluate my friendship with him. I hope after the show is done, he will watch his horrible behavior and re-evaluate his own life and maybe even GROW UP!!! You are all right…He IS a FLOATER. He IS MEAN. He IS a COWARD and He DEFINATELY NEEDS TO GO….NOW!!!

      • i truely hope several of these players watch the live feeds and realize how horrible they have been. its gone far beyond the game…waaaaay to far.

      • i agree 100%..and i dont like to call ppl ugly either,..but he is…inside and out…he makes me sick saying he is such a STRATEGIC PLAYER…BS…he is exactly what zinbot said…a ghost who has lied to everyone…he has not played a good game unless you consider backstabbing and badmouthing all of the GH names…cruel comments that i am shocked and angry about…i love BB…but this yr has been horrible…and he is the ABSOLUTE WORSE PLAYER EVER….I LOATHE HIM….AND that goes beyond the game

      • AGREE…..AGREE…..AGREE!!!! Andy is a CRUEL, HEARTLESS, PATHETIC Little Man with NO GAME!!! He is the FLOATER of the decade!!! I’m so MAD McCrae sees this but does NOTHING about it!!! ANDY NEEDS TO GO!!! He is way too proud of himself for being nothing but a Liar, Coward, Mean Spirited Person Who NEVER did deserve to be on Big Brother in the First place!!! The best part?? Andy actually thinks HE might get America’s Favourite Player – YEAH RIGHT ANDY….Maybe when PIGS FLY!!!!! America doesn’t reward Cruel, Shallow, FLOATERS!!! I agree Sheila!!! Andy is ANYTHING BUT a STRATEGIC PLAYER!!! Just like Aaryn…He should feel extremely ASHAME of himself!!! I know I sure am!!!

      • he said last night…IF ELISSA GETS AFP, ILL DIE…i started screaming at the tv….DIE BITCH DIE…cuz it wont ever be YOU

    • I had to turn off my feeds today because all Andy is doing now is ‘patting himself on the back’ for being a great player….I hate them all but Andy really takes the cake…His voice goes through me like fingernails on a black board….Hope he survives socially when he get out of the house…lolol….

      • OMG Auda!!! I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!! He is way too proud of himself for basically NOTHING!!! He defines the word FLOATER and I can’t believe how cruel he is!!! All he does is make fun and put down his so call “friends” in the house but then he’ll turn around and say he :LOVES everyone in the HOUSE!!! REALLY ANDY??? The best is seeing him cry after HE voted out the person. He is PATHETIC!!! I can’t stand him either and REALLY hope the others open their eyes and vote him out this week!!! I hope McCrae wins the HOH next week. Maybe he’ll realize what a jerk Andy really is and kick him to the curb.

    • I so agree with you Andy talked so badly about every friend he had in the house when the cast watch everything back they are going to hate Andy Andy do not deserve to win this game being a floater does not count as good game play I think Andy has to be the biggest floater in Big Brother history

    • i can’t believe people agree with this. honestly. Andy’s playing a deadly game, and he’s set up to be in the finale.

      • But the way he goes about it is…insufferable. Unless something absolutely crazy happens, they really should just print out the big check with his name on it already.

      • We agree with Hunter b/c it’s true!!! He is a FLOATER with NO GAME!!! All he does is stab people in the back while he cries like a little baby. Like Dan said…If you’re going to be a Villain BE A VILLAIN!!! I think the MOST annoying thing about Andy is his lack of a backbone…when ANYONE confronts him, he instantly looks upsets, and whines either how sorry he is or how it’s “NOT HIS FAULT”. People need to open their eyes and see him for the true insensitive SNAKE that he is!!!

    • That little tattle tale using the “C” word on someone who has never called him out, perhaps he has failed to look at the mirror io see who the “C” word should be appropraitely use for, that Jack Ass should be ashame of himself, I can’t wait to see the day he will be bounced out of that house and then face all the people in the jury house that he has betrayed. I will ship a town reservoire to the BB jury house for him to fill with his tears. Class less Bitch that he is.

    • AGREE!! I CANNOT STAND ANDY!!! He is such a liar and is really a terrible friend…in the game and if he acts like he acts like inside the house, on the outside…he would be an awful friend on the outside too. He is probably one of the WORSE players in BB history and he defines the word…FLOATER!!! Never have I wanted someone to loose as I do Andy….especially when I heard him call Elissa the “C” word and other VERY MEAN & AWFUL words!!! The sad thing is….Andy is a teacher!! I would NEVER want to be YOUR student Andy – that’s for dang sure!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING SUCH A CRUEL, LYING, INSENTIVE FLOATER!!!

      • the thing i cant stop wondering about is…IS HE THIS WAY IN REAL LIFE TOO ?….does he lie and make fun of his so called FRIENDS to their face….just to stab them in the back….im betting he does….and im hoping this opens THEIR eyes to this snake

      • Well, one of his friends DID comment and he/she said they saw another side of the Jerk!!! The thing that kills me is he is constantly trying to act so CUTE & Innocent!!! Too bad he is neither!! When the show 1st started, I almost liked him but now… I mute the t.v. or turn it just so I don’t have to hear or see him acting all innocent or watching him pat himself on his back. He is such a LOSER!!!! I CANNOT STAND HIM!!! And….you’re right Sheila….People need to open their eyes & see what a SNAKE this guy is inside AND outside the house!!

  3. Pizza wuss really has to go next, he needs to clean his room before his mom gets really mad and grounds him …

    • I don’t think Amanda is gonna ground him. Maybe she will spank him instead!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  4. It seems that most of this seasons game has been played in one bed or another. This seasons group is very lazy ! ( and sloppy!)

  5. Since I get the west coast delay and spent time on this site last night, I can’t convince myself that watching the episode will do anything more than irritate the hell out of me. Who is left in the pathetic fivesome that deserves to win this game, who made bold moves, showed integrity, and had even a small amount of class?

      • AGREE – ESPECIALLY If you’re tortured enough to have to watch Andy the SNAKE as he lies to EVERYONE, then pats himself on this back for doing so. He is such a FLOATER!!! Makes me SICK too. Big Brother really needs to do a better job picking people to play this game!!

    • If McNasty wins veto, I would rather have him win than any of the pathetic foursome. Sorry, used your good choice of a word. I know he played a terrible game, no game at all, but I don’t think he was as cruel as the rest of the house. With the name calling and uncalled for despicable actions of all the remaining players.

      • McCrae sat there and watched as his “soulmate” did what she did to attack others, and also did nothing to stop the best fight of the season with Amanda and GM. You can tell he knows that his situation is not a good one but he doesn’t have the balls to speak up for himself. I’m not arguing with you…I just see this guy with no sense of self, a somewhat unintelligent racist, a disgusting nose-picking pervert, a cowardly, sniveling rat, and a mumbling, relatively nice guy who has no idea how to play this game.

      • I totally agree with everything you say. I didn’t take into consideration that he never stepped up and put a stop to anything. My bad. I spoke without thinking first. Ignoring what was happening is just as bad as doing it yourself. Kudos to you for reminding me

  6. lol the remaining HGs are sooo boring that Jokers appears to updating the conversations some 30 minutes to 45 minutes

    • They don’t say anything new, they keep repeating the same crap over and over. They have no imagination to come up with something new.

      • Did anyone ever discuss that allisa thought mccrae voted against amanda. She never went and talked to him after the vote. This is why the snake andy was able to get away with it. She mentioned this in her exit interview

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