Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Big Brother 15 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re watching to see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

After an exciting day in the house thanks to the surprise luxury competition the noms were made official and after the behavior we witnessed earlier this week I think it’s safe to say things are about to get ugly inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Nominations:

McCrae on Big Brother

  • Amanda
  • McCrae

The Veto competition on Saturday could immediately decide which one of them goes at the next vote. The Exterminators generally dislike and distrust Amanda more than McCrae and I imagine none of them want to be in a house with her after having just evicted McCrae. Though there was plenty of talk since last night that they’d prefer to see McCrae go first.

Big Brother Live Feeds

That Veto competition will be held very soon, probably on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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  1. Yes!!!!!! Elissa grew some balls and it made the whole hide realize they can stand up against the devil don’t like GM but she made a wise choice

    • Elissa’s move to put up McCrae last week was the catalyst to ignite the fire to finally go after Amanda and McCrae. This is a long time coming but, good things come to those who wait! Good job Elissa and GM! Now, let us just finish the job and send Amanda to the jury house where Jessie, Candice, Aaryn and Helen are all waiting for her!

      • if amanda goes would it not be fun to watch the jury house with them all together. MEOW fights and all.

      • Actually, there could be more drama in the jury house. As long as Big Brother tapes it and let us see what happens—-it is all good! Amanda has this coming to her!

      • I wonder… I think part of Amanda’s game play is intimidation. There won’t be any need if she’s out.

  2. Yabba dabba dooooo, bye bye Amanda your stay was way to long, the most horrible house guest BB has ever had. Way to go GM

  3. LOL!! Amanda keeps telling GM “it doesn’t make sense”. Obviously it doesn’t make sense to Amanda. She’s the one on the block!! HAHA. It makes sense to literally everyone else in the house.

  4. In my opinion, GM has pretty much redeemed herself by having done this – Team Elissa and Team GM here, the two of them should form a very strong alliance, they are both probably the most competitive people left in the house.

  5. Yes…, about dayum time,, Now lets wait AmAmanDa is going to do her
    usual melt down evil-cry, evil then she crys.. She bullies then crys
    because she feels she has know-one in the house. Get this man beast out
    of here.. Great good GinaMarie, but its still alot of time until
    Thursday, so we will see.

  6. Someone finally did it!!!! Now i like to see her bully GM, while Gm is not my favorite person,, She more hood that she want to admit and I think GM WILL go ham on Amanda…

    • She has already started and of course.. Its all Elissa’s fault…..LMMAO…in truth it is Elissas fault and her power house HOH move…lol

      • WHAT??? I get my updates on my i pad and my son has it!!!!LAWDDDDDDDDDD Im missing it!!!!

  7. 5:30 pm BBT Amanda walks out of HOH followed by Judd and then GM. Amanda goes this is the person (Elissa) that put up Nick, that put up Aaryn, that wanted you up. Elissa says GM I never wanted to put you up. Amanda says you sat there and lied to all of us. GM says I never said who I was going to put up. She cant its a HOH rule.

  8. It’s chaotic in the house.. Amanda crying and screaming at everybody “I don’t even want to be in the house anymore” muaaaaaaaaahhhh !!!.. Then Judd yelled,..”I love you too” hahaha…LOSER !!!!

      • The feeds have been boring…drama for about an hour after nominations now nothing. Her and McCrae just laying in bed like usual and she wants him to stay and she wants to go. She’s accepted the fact that one of them are going. We need some drama. Maybe PB????

      • Veto should bring some fun tomorrow. Especially if McCrusty win.
        Wait a second, McCrusty, isn’t that a Sponge Bob character ?

  9. 5:35 pm BBT McCrae enters HNR, Amanda says she doesn’t even want to be here, they did so good, they made it farther then any other couple in the game. She asks McCrae if he thinks she distracted him. He just sits there. Amanda says she (GM) wants Amanda to go, that McCrae is safe. Amanda cries on McCrae’s shoulder.

  10. Yall can say what u wanna say but Elissas HOH changed the game.. Now we playing BB…

  11. 5:39 pm BBT In HOH, Elissa telling GM that the house wanted her to put up Nick. In HNR, Amanda doesnt want to wait to go, cant stand to look at her (Elissa) face any longer and GM!!! GM retelling what Amanda said to her.

  12. Elissa & GM have stood up for theirselves.. Maybe them whimpy ass men left in the house will grow some balls..

      • I have not forgotten what GM did or said and actually continues to say in the BB house…But for the sake OF THE GAME AND OUR SANITY AND VIEWING PLEASURE I am willing to put it aside and give her credit for doing something right…tuvm…

  13. love all the hypocrites out there. suddenly…Yay GM won HOH no one would cheer for Aaryn cause she’s racist but you’ll cheer GM who has made just as bad if not worse racist comments than Aaryn. how quick everyone forgets GM and her N***** Insurance

    • I think you will find, that people are cheering that McManda is on the block, more than hoping GM wins the game.

    • Amanda made racist remarks as well as Spencer. We would have gotten rid of the lot if Helen, Amanda and Judd did not coddle Aaryn so that, a lot of energies was wasted! Gina Marie and Spencer will be on the block in due time! If I had the power, I would put all three on the block at once! Of course, that is not happening so, we have to deal with the cards we are dealt! If you had to pit one bad person against another—-that would have been a win-win any way you look at it! But, simple minds cannot grasp that sometimes, you have to take the lesser of two evils because you cannot get rid of all of them all at once!

    • I was thinking the same thing. But just about everyone has made racist remarks except maybe Judd and Elissa. And I’m not even sure about them because they all join in on the trash talking. But agree GM, Spencer and Amanda are the worse.

  14. Yes Yes Yes. get Amanda 1ST then Mccrae 2nd…….yes
    the trash will go so she can set down now……yes yes yes….best move of the hold game….

  15. I want to see AMANDA go home first. If its double eviction then Mcrea can leave out right behind her… I don’t want to celebrate to much we still have veto comp and its a whole lot of time until Thursday…

    • I have no sympathy for him at all. He make his choices now he has to live with them. Did you hear him tell Demanda to stop when she was screaming at Elyssia? I didn’t.

    • I don’t feel bad for him. The only reason he’s with Amanda is because she puts up. That’s the only earthly reason that makes sense. He played this game with his emotions, and not his brains. Sucks to suck.

    • I agree. I think Mcrae would have played a much better game if he had not let himself get caught in Amanda’s web. For being such a super fan, one would have thought he would not have fallen into a trap. I think it will be interesting if he can pull it together and get his head in the game if Amanda does actually get evicted.

  16. amanda and macrae are on the block lets here it for gm im so freakin happy one of theme are going home yay i love big brother

  17. Its amazing that people forget about someone’s highly scrutinized past when they team up with Elissa… I’m starting to think people here dont actually care about the racism… They just hate people against Elissa.

    • It was that way with Rachel too. Why do you think Elissa won MVP the first 3 weeks? It certainly wasn’t for her gameplay.

    • Cut the crap.
      Stay on your cage and NEVER get into most of the African countries and some asians.
      There you will see what is racism… but there is a rule made by the anti-racism organizations:
      There is only racism when the remarks are made against black people.

      Since against asians, latinos and chinese, 99% of the claims gets killed right at the start.
      Everyone makes racist remarks. Th
      So people care about racism… but USA and Europe lost control of what racism is. And those pesky anti-racism associations made those rules that people like you are defending.

  18. dam now we gotta listen to the fake crying for a week…We can’t cut a break Can we??

    • For one week, we can put up with it as long as it is Amanda getting sent to the jury house! Imagine her reception in the jury house with Jessie, Candice, Aaryn and Helen! That should be fun!

      • they all gonna be rolling in the floor laughing… I go into hysterics just thinking about it.. lol… in truth I believe if either one of em goes to jury house there will be a huge celebration..

      • they won’t….lol..u think they are gonna care that she hears them laughing at her?? I don’t believe sooo…lol

      • Amanda apologized a to GM in the cockpit. GM was awesome, saying you are a power duo. A four deal alliance will not work for my game it’s like 50% 25% and 25%. Yeah math!

      • She tried to tell Amanda that earlier but Amanda was too busy bashing Elissa to hear what she was saying,,,,

      • If she is evicted production will probably put her in a different house where she can cry and claim that ppl are against her, and i don’t think production wants them together.

      • LOL.will that be her room in the jury house? I heard Haldol, strapped down, maybe a Hannibal Lector mask?

      • I want her in jury..but these dum dums are thinking McCrae first…Amanda and take the Amanda break down. After n
        he leaves. The thing is…she won’t be too sad..really. That narcissist Amanda will be so what. I did not like em anyway.

      • McCrea will win the veto. He see his chance to get rid of his … (fill in your favorite derogatory name)

      • You know, I may be in the minority here, but I think Andy has played a very strategic game. He has made alliances with most of the house guests, has not gotten any one really pissed off, has one HOH and VETO and has said he did not come to BB to come in third place. He is done with Mcranda and is hoping to take his chances with the Exterminators. He is a what some would call a floater, but keep in mind Porsche who everyone thought was a floater, went on to final two against Rachel. Andy just make to to F2.

      • What and miss all the drama? CBS wants ratings and Amanda being in the jury house with Jessie, Candice, Aaryn and Helen will be a huge ratings boost!
        They just need to tape it and let us see what happens! That would be awesome!

      • When Amanda gets evicted she will then try to control the jury house and tell everyone how to vote and tell them they all have to listen and do what she says.

      • The only bad thing is Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM want McCrae to go. They don’t think Amanda will win anything and think McCrae is more dangerous with Amanda gone. Go figure.

  19. I hope Elissa was laughing, like uncontrollably laughing, in front of Amanda right after the nominations!

    • She probably would because that self righteous, better than everyone in the house Elissa doesn’t hide her icky feelings. She does know that Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae will be in jury house, right? With all her flaunting of her special life and not really needing the money, that she was made to play cause she’s a Reilly is not winning her any votes if she gets to Final Two?

      • just stfu lets us have our nite without crappy comments from somebody that only watches the show once a month….

      • My oh my…that sorta sounded like you are bullying me for not agreeing with your opinion. shall I call you Amanda-lite? Lol

      • Did you mean “slug ass troll?” Dang, you would be a good BB player, you got this name calling down pat. PS..I haven’t missed a season of BB.

      • Troll =/= someone with different opinions. Name calling however = bullying. I thought you hated bullying?

      • Troll : One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument

      • I believe you should have said….” this is a hate Amanda forum only, we censor, mock and name calll anyone who disagrees with the majority”.

      • You are so right. Don’t dare say anything negative about Elissa or you’ll get the haters after you. Lol. I don’t care for anyone (well maybe Judd now) but whenever I said anything positive about Aaryn the haters were out. I do hate Amanda but if someone wants to comment about her I will agree or disagree but not attack.

      • About Aaryn, I want to watch her exit interview again tomorrow, and we’ll talk about it again. Last night was too hectic.

      • I have read this site and Jokers for years….never posted cause dont want twitter or facebook, but glad it has disqus that i use in sports sites, So reluctantly started to post here this week, cause I knew not liking Elissa would draw the ire of people here. Hard to root for anyone after Howard left, but I think that was for his own good…he was getting intense and might have exploded physically on someone in there. So i flipped between Helen and Amanda cause they were actually playing the game.

      • Sounds like you are jealous of Elissa nice life where she does not need money and can play a game because it a game I am is happy that she has a nice life good for her jealousy is an ugly monster why begrudge someone a nice happy life?? I say god bless Elissa and your happy wealthy life

      • No Molly, the point is she rubs it in the faces of the houseguests that The $500k will change their lives. Spencer and Andy in fact just had a conversation on the feeds about this very thing. She rubs them the wrong way with that talk…i am not the only one that sees this. This look down her nose attitude is as vile as Amanda’s personal attacks IMHO.

      • I think Elissa looks down on them, because they are scum. I don’t think it has anything to do with how much money she has.

      • I don’t see how telling somebody the ways that $ 500,000.00 can change ur life is an insult. She is saying that they could benefit by winning. Spencer & Andy are always making Elissas comments into something other than what she means and they twist her comments..

      • There is a lot of freedom of self in knowing that playing this game is not just to win the money. The outcome does not matter. It is fun. The poor people are jealous, and will never know that freedom, so they twist things. People are gullible.

      • I have not heard her rub her money in anyone’s face yes she does talk about her money but if life in general I have found that some people don’t like to see others with money I personally don’t have 2 nickels to rub together but I am not going to dislike someone who does when Elissa was talking last night on BBAD about her owning a hockey statium all I could think of was wow how nice is that but I don’t think she was rubbing it I think she was just talking about it to some it may seem like she is bragging about it I did not take it that way

      • One minute they are complaining about how Elissa doesn’t talk about her personal life and the next minute they are complaining about how Elissa is talking about her personal life. Seems like jealousy to me.

      • Unfortunately for her game Molly….Andy, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn have all commented during their time with her that they interpret her being snobbish about her life being so much better than theirs. They will probably all be in the jury and will probably give whomever would be next to her in Final Two if she got there, the money.

      • Funny because Amanda and Aaryn both have money how about Amanda talking about her million dollar commission on just one of the houses she sold

      • Aha! Now I know why she coddled up to the sloth McCrae…she needs that boy as a tax write off! : )

      • To earn a million dollars on one house, it would have to be a $33 million house. I think you must have misheard.

      • The housing market in Florida isn’t so good that $33 million houses are falling into every Realtor’s lap. Especially relatively new Realtors.

      • The houses in that area are millions of dollar houses I know the housing markets are bad now everywhere and I don’t think she is all that new to being a realtor it’s her family’s business

      • Either way I don’t think she needs money either I really think the only ones who really need it would be GM Judd MCcrae and Spencer But I don’t really know anyone’s finances or really care but I think the winner should be who plays the best not who has or has not any money

      • I just looked on Zillow. There’s currently 1 house in Boca greater than $15 million. I can’t imagine she’s getting the listing on the one or two $30+ million houses that comes up a year. I realize it’s her family business, but she’s been out in L.A. acting until the last few years.

        As for your second point, I agree she doesn’t need the money as much as the guys, but I’m sure she’s not rolling in dough. The average Realtor closes one deal a year, and that’s usually a few thousand dollars. Most real estate offices have a few Realtors who control most of the business. Everyone else gets scraps.

      • She said she sold a house for 900 thousand and that was the most expensive house she sold. So what do they get maybe 6%? so 54,000. Still not bad.

      • That’s reasonable. 6% if she covered both sides of the deal. More likely 3% split with the other Realtor.

  20. whats with amanda last night on afterdark with that boohooing about america thinking shes a bully wwhen it was all elissas fault shes the evil one always edging her on and pushing her buttons i was like really amanda elissa’s the evil one wow

  21. Boo. Pulling for McCrae to win. Don’t like Amanda’s bullying tactics, but some of the other houseguests(especially GM) has been pretty awful with her words this year too. And I just Don’t want McCrae punished for Amands’s actions.

  22. Why is everyone acting like GM did this amazing “big move” and has the balls/guts to do this? She simply did what she has done all season, which is to do what the house tells her to do. it’s a simple numbers game, it is 4 vs 2 vs 1 and she is in the majority now. It should be 3 vs 3 vs 1, but “pop up Andy” did what he does best and shifts to whomever is HOH. : )

    • the point is that “somebody” did it and it just so happens to be GM…Please don’t rain on our parade.. We are a happy group (for the most part) right now and we want to savor the victory…

    • Not an amazing ‘big move’, but Honestly, she was aware of what was going on all on her own. I think she just happened to feel the same as the rest of the house, then fell into the position of doing something about it. They are all onto Andy as well, so his ‘pop up’ days are numbered. Yea E and GM.

  23. funny on feeds Judd says if he gets in a fight he will defend himself…but he don’t wanna be wearing the chicken suit if it happens….

  24. I hope big brother has security and the medics on alert cause Amanda is unstable probably the most unstable ever in BB someone is gonna get hurt before the week is up

    • yep…right now she has a little string of some kind working with it…maybe trying to make a noose..??? I don’t know…shess sooo off the wall

    • Amanda already attacked a door and punched it, because she heard Elissa’s voice on the other side. The HGS were worried. Elissa is avoiding Amanda like the plague. Elissa in not fight picking either. She said she do not like that. If Amanda wants to fight she will walk away.

      • I think Amanda will self evict (if she and McCrea remain on the block after pov). I hope the rat Andy is placed on the block if either is taken off.

      • I think the rat will be the replacement. He is putting words in Elissa, Judd, and GM’s mouth.

      • I don’t think that GM has caught onto Andy though. Andy is part of the exterminators, so I doubt that she will put him up.

      • Yes, I was gonna say the same thing. Alliance will be broken soon. There could be a GM/Elissa/Judd…who knows?

      • OH yeah…Amanda told her not once but twice today that Andy had been with her & McCrae since the beginning & he was one of the reasons they stayed in power was cause of his help.

      • It kills Amanda when she sees Elissa happy and smiling. She wants Elissa to be sad and miserable.What kind of a person is this? She’s the most selfish human being I’ve seen.

      • Right. And, why wouldn’t GM put her up? Amanda was doing everything that she could possible do to get Elissa to put GM on the block just a few short days ago. Can you say delusional?

  25. Anybody got a stream link to TV guide network? Comcast took that channel off for me earlier this week, It sucks. So many channels I could care less about too. Should be a good BBAD ton.


  26. Andy explaining to Elissa that he just wants to be a peace maker between her and Amanda. Well, that’s true, but he makes Elissa look bad in the process. So Elissa ask him, “How come you never tell her that your behavior is bad?” Andy said, “She will get mad at me”.lol …. that’s why I hate this RAT !!

      • He does it all the time. I can appreciate the lying and manipulation of the game, but he made it a lifestyle. lol..and it’s just a turn off !

    • Andy has made an art form of saying, “I told him/her what they wanted to hear”, and nobody has figured out that he doesn’t stand up to anybody. His game is invisibility…and he’s in the final 7..amazing that these people aren’t on to him. He has allegiances to all, but he really has allegiance to nobody.

      • Thats the game. None of them have allegiance to each other except temporarily. The idea is to be the last one standing.

      • Totally agree…and we have the advantage of seeing everything that the HG’s don’t. I get that. Like I said, he’s in the final 7, so something is working…

      • Andy is TOTALLY annoying, but he’s likeable and non threatening in comps. he’s playing the game the way he knew would advance himself as far as possible…I don’t begrudge him that….but it is freaking hard to watch

  27. Now make sure neither of two loonies wins the Veto. I’d vote for Amanda to go first for the sanity of the house.

  28. Good for GM! About time! CBS should have kicked amanda out last week for bullying elissa! bullying isnt acceptable! Bye bye, amanda!

  29. I hope Amanda goes but next I hope it’s Andy…omg I can’t stand him!!! Who is he or Spencer to say who deserves the money more. Spencer should start playing the game first and Andy well, he is mad because Elissa isn’t stupid unlike others to see how fake he has been and how he has lied to so many people.

  30. I think Elissa did a great job last week. Elissa cut the head off the snake. Aaron was a beast in competitions. Aaron gave her HOH’s to Amanda and McC. She was the reason why Amanda and McC ruled the house so long. Evicting Aaron was a smart move for Elissa. Amanda and McC can not win anything. I do not understand why people allowed them to rule the house without any power.

  31. If Macrae is voted out before Amanda she will tear the house apart. I think production wants to keep her as long as possible (horrible as she is) because of the “drama” she brings to the show.

  32. Can someone pinpoint when everyone (viewers) started hating Amanda? I feel like there was s a big “moment” when people were like “ok, she’s a bitch”.

    • It was when she started dictating to all HOH’s what they needed to do to fulfill her agenda, and camped out in the HOH room like it was hers. It had virtually nothing to do with Elissa, as others are trying to say…

      • Nope. She was doing that week 1, but because her dictating HOH helped Elissa out, people didnt mind. They also ignored the racist things she was saying. Then she turned on Elissa… and the rest is history.

      • Well, I saw it differently, and I was an Amanda supporter for the first few weeks. Her arrogance got to me. She wasn’t trying to get rid of Elissa then. Your memory appears to be fogged by your favoritism. I think all of these HG’s suck, compared to past seasons…but it is kind of fun to watch them fumble around week after week, spineless for the most part, watching while participants get bullied and doing nothing about it.

      • What? she was protecting Elissa at the beginning (to control MVP), conveniently, when you were a supporter of hers.

      • You’re right, and I couldn’t stand Elissa because I thought she was in outer space or on some great med’s…and what racist things did Elissa say? I’m answering the question as to when people started hating Amanda, not when she stopped supporting Elissa. That is my opinion of the events…is that ok with you?

      • Dude, you need reading comprehension classes. Im talking about how people stopped liking Amanda when she turned on Elissa, and how people ignored the racist things Amanda was saying while she was protecting Elissa.

      • I stopped liking Amanda when she decided to let her racist side show. I have liked Elissa from day one, because she was the underdog. It has nothing to do with Elissa being Rachel’s sister. I would never like or dislike a person based on who they are related to. That’s just dumb. I like Elissa, because she has been targeted since day one and she has somehow managed to remain in the house. Go Elissa!

      • That “somehow” was “being able to nom whoever she wanted because of a twist designed to drive her further in the game”.

      • Did Elissa create the twist! If she didn’t, why are you holding her accountable? Seems like your issue should be with production and not Elissa.

      • Quite frankly, I am glad the twist existed. If it didn’t Elissa would not have had a fair chance to compete. People hate Elissa, because she is Rachel’s sister. Now, how stupid is that?

      • Win veto then. She knew when she walked in that people would think that way. Also, she didnt sign up, she was approached just because she is Rachels sister. How fair is that to the other thousands of applicants?

      • The person with the money gets to make the decisions and most times those decision are not fair. Again, why are you holding Elissa accountable?

      • I slightly agree with you. What I don’t agree with is the special treatment she’s received. Letting her have extra luggage or she wouldn’t do the show. She was able to have a comforter when she was a have not. And also her comment to Aaryn saying you’re so stupid do you really think they are going to get rid of me? I’m Rachel’s sister. that’s what I don’t like. I was with you in the beginning. I really liked her and felt bad everyone was against her. Then as the weeks went on I don’t like how entitled she thinks she is. Almost spoiled. And everytime I try to like her again she opens her mouth and acts like she’s better than everyone.

      • Lavendar, you are entitled to your opinion, and I agree with you slightly, as well.

        Now you know I have to ask you this question….have you gotten over Asryn’s eviction yet?

      • But production went along with it. Elissa was smart for asking for safety. You can’t fault her for that. However, you can fault production for giving it to her.

      • We can fault Elissa. By her going into the house, she took away a spot form someone who really wanted to be there – no strings attached.

      • Prince, you dont watch the feeds. You think CBS would edit that in to the show? That came from Elissa’s mouth, not mine.

      • Evidently, Elissa wants to be in the house, she is still there. Elissa hates that she was placed in the house with the current group of houseguests. I’m sure, if you were in that house, you wouldn’t want to be there either. Then again, maybe you would.

      • How many people have we heard say that they can’t stand being in the same house with Elissa? Just as many as say that they can’t stand being there with Amanda. Except the only reason they’re upset with Amanda is because she went over the top saying to Elissa what they all wanted to say to her.

      • I am only speaking for myself, since no one has hired me to be their spokesperson. I do not like Amanda, because of the comments that she has made and her actions. When Amanda does not get what she wants, she takes the game to a personal level and that is very immature of her.

      • Some of the other house guests were picked like Aaryn, Kaitlyn among others. They did not even apply to play on Big Brother. If you are going to apply the same litmus test, a number of house guests would not even be on Big Brother 15! They took positions from others who applied and went thru the process, so there. Actually, you and I have no say on who goes on Big Brother. If it was me, I would just have a Big Brother All Stars with the previous winners of past seasons. If the winners decline then, take the 2nd place finisher! That would be a way better version of Big Brother as everyone knows how to play the game from the get go!

      • I didnt like the any of the ones approached. Seems like CBS is getting lazy… that being said, and its funny after what i just said, but i would like an All Stars 2 aswell. All Stars 1 was the best season yet…

      • and BB has done the exact same thing almost every seasoin. Just look at the big twist last season.

      • BEing Rachel’s sister made her a target. Getting MVP also made her a target. I am not sure how it helped her.

      • And who kept Elissa in the game? Amanda, when she realized that she could use the MVP to her advantage. If it weren’t for Amanda, Elissa would have been gone immediately. America didn’t turn on Amanda until she turned on Elissa, which she had to do for her game. But do the fans remember that Elissa is only here because of Amanda? Of course not.

      • I turned on Amanda when her and Helen turned on Judd. He was the only one there worth a damn.

      • Are you saying Elissa gave herself the MVP nomination power? I thought we all voted for her to get it.

      • OK deny it. Just makes you look ignorant. Why else would people vote for her… her stunning gameplay? get off it.

      • HAHAHA. First, you know who I voted for now. And then you know why? Is Gellie French for mind-reader?

      • Come on Prince, at least come up with an explanation… petty shots at me doesnt strengthen your stance.

      • As compared to Amanda’s “stunning gameplay”? She has won one competition, yet acts like she has won them all. She is getting exactly what she deserves. Maybe with her next opportunity she will act like a player, instead of like she owns it.

      • Tell me, why do you think that BB production switched the MVP twist to Americas vote, instead of giving the power to someone in the house(ie Elissa) ? Because they saw the flaw and fixed it. Face reality Amanda was just as awful as Aaryn, and the rest.

      • Did not even vote for Elissa as MVP the first week. I voted for Elissa the 2nd week as sympathy vote from the bullying she was getting from Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Jeremy. The following week, I gave the MVP vote to Helen who I liked at the start. Rachel’s so called army of voters is nonsense as we all saw when the viewing public got control of the votes. Amanda was put up twice by the viewing public! You have to have a lot of votes to put up Amanda when Aaryn was there!

      • How is it nonsense? Rachel’s army of voters targeted Amanda because she was no longer protecting Elissa.

        Also, this is when Aaryn started trying to work with Helen. Why would Elissa/Rachel’s fans target someone who was willing to work with Helen?

      • What I am saying is if it is Rachel’s army of voters targeting the house guests, it would be Aaryn getting the most votes. Yet, Amanda got the most votes from the viewing public! Even in the week that Rachel got put on the block because Rachel’s army did not read that the vote was for the nomination, she only got 2nd highest vote and Aaryn got the highest votes but, was already on the block. Per the poll 69% voted for Aaryn, so again the claim that Rachel’s army of voters affected the MVP is nonsense! Whatever effect it had was minimal at most! Majority of viewers voted for Amanda!

      • No, you dont get it. Brenchel fans voted aaryn at first (while Amanda was protecting Elissa) because at that point she was the main point of hate. Amanda turned on her that week because she knew MVP wasnt Elissa’s every week anymore, so she became the new target.

      • You are delusional to believe a small portion of the voters can control the MVP vote. They cannot. This was proven the two times Amanda was nominated for MVP by overwhelming majorities! In the week that Elissa was MVP nominee, she got only the 2nd highest votes when majority, including me used all 10 votes on Aaryn who was already on the block. The poll on this site was 69% voting for Aaryn! The only reason Elissa was put in as MVP nominee is the mistake of the Rachel voters but, their votes did not matter as far as the top vote getter was still Aaryn! So, for the umpteenth time, to say the Rachel voters affected the MVP votes greatly is utter nonsense!

      • Ummm did you forget Aaryn was on the block the one week and she was HOH another week. LOL

      • S what are you saying? That Amanda isn’t a bad person and doesn’t deserve all the hate she is getting from BB fans?

      • Hey man, im just stating the facts. Fact is, once Amanda broke off from Elissa, that compilation video of her racism blew up.

      • LOL. Now you are just getting ridiculous. America put Amanda on the block twice with the MVP nomination and that was before she turned on Elissa.

      • That is absolutely not true. When McCrae said he wanted to get Elissa out, Amanda said no, she wanted to keep her. Your recollection of events is wrong.
        Amanda did not turn against Elissa until last week when she went after Helen.

      • Elissa was put up by america first week america was allowed to vote. Amanda saw this, and instantly Elissa had no use for her. That was when Amanda turned on Elissa, and in turn, america turned on Amanda. My recollection of events is correct.

      • Actually, Elissa being put up by the viewing public was a mistake on Rachel voters. They got 2nd place in the votes because majority still voted for Aaryn who was already nominated! She ended up being MVP nominee for that error.

      • When Elissa was put on the block by the MVP, Amanda realized someone else was MVP, and Elissa was no longer useful to her anymore. That’s when America turned on Amanda.

      • Not to me, it was just set to the side for the moment because of Aaryn, and the mean girls.

      • That did it for me too. I just got sick of seeing her take over the HOH room as if she won it. And I got sick of pushing McCrae around- although now I think its McCrae’s own fault.
        Elissa has nothing to do with it. In fact, Amanda saved Elissa from eviction the week Nick went home.

      • Be careful Prince…don’t agree with me or you’ll suffer the wrath of stating your opinion…

      • No problem Dan. I have dealt this this person before. There’s an agenda but he’s also easy pickings.

      • oh man you guys are such victims. I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to disagree with you!!

      • shush!! don’t tell andy that he said earlier that was elissa’s fault and demanda said “I know why doesn’t gm remember that” … smh they only remember what is in their best interest!

      • For me it was her diaries. That woman acted like the only possible winner was her, and everybody else better be playing for her to win, or they’re out. I swear I wanted to reach through my T.V. screen and slap the snot out of her.

    • Love Judd…would like to see him in finals with either Elissa (can’t believe I’m saying her) or GM. And I want Judd to win.

  33. Pure excellence!! Now we can witness the meltdown labeled Amanda. We will have so much fun on this roller coaster!

  34. This game is so obviously rigged to help Amanda win the game. It’s sickening how the producers are doing this because she’s friends with Grodner. If Elissa isn’t given a coup d’etat to ensure Amanda goes out, I’m going to stop watching the show. CBS, watch out!

  35. I hope McRae has given Amanda some tips on pizza delivery seeing as how she’ll be looking for a new job pretty soon. It’s been very hard to actually pull for anyone. Judd is the only decent person left and he’s currently in a chicken suit.

    • I agree Judd is the only decent guy left in the house and hope he wins. He may not have made any brilliant moves or won a lot of comps so far, but hope he is saving the best for last. He seems like a decent guy and in this season that counts for a lot. I am happy that GM put McCrae and Amanda up, but she still talked bad about Candace again today. Was hoping she left that behind and for that reason alone I would not want to see her win the game. Julie needs to have the same kind of talk with GM, Amanda and Spencer when they leave like she did with Aaryn. GM and Amanda have said plenty of racists things and Spencer has been vile and disgusting with his talk regarding women. Andy is a rat and has made comments as well. Team Judd this season for me.

  36. Wow, GM finally did it. I was scared she was going to back out and nominate Elissa and Spencer but she didn’t! That’s crazy! Amanda was yelling at GM telling her it was a “shitty” game move, yet it is one of the best game moves! Finally getting out the power duo. Since it’s a DE on Thursday let’s hope they both get evicted. :)

  37. I wonder if McCrae will do the “fall on your sword” routine if noms are kept the same. He’s Amanda’s puppy dog and if she told him, ‘McCrae I want you to get yourself evicted so I can stay’ he might do it.

    • Naw, I don’t think so. He has said things about her in the past. The more he gets to know the more I think he regrets the entire situation with Amanda. She is unstable emotionally and he is just now seeing this. I hope she can get the help she needs before someone gets hurt. McCrae is probably trying to figure out a way out without causing more damage. She’s a mess for sure.

      • at the same time, he’s like a puppy. He’s probably never gotten this kind of attention from a woman before so he doesn’t want to throw it away casually.

  38. LOL…. I hope wack job ans pizza wuss are crushed and she is flipping out and crying and crying-LOL

  39. Can you imagine being on the jury house with Amanda. She’s going to try to control their votes too! Hope those girls don’t fall for her BS. Scary….

    • Don’t think they will. They are gone because they did not buy her crap before. Why start now.

    • I think the magical veil has been lifted, at this point.

      I would hope so, anyway. Most of the people in that jury hate her at this point.

  40. I hope the house follows through and evicts McCrae first this week and then Amanda. I hope Elissa is the HOH so she can say, I don’t want to get between you and your man so you are going home with him!

  41. PLEASE take out Amanda not mcrae first she is such bad news and if u don’t take her out while u have the chance…u may not get another one –HELL HATH NO FURY ,,,AMANDA HAS TO GO NOW surley she cant win 2 vetos in a row and this week is double eviction take out Amanda and andy the slimey snakes mcrae will change his toon when amandas gone… I think hes scared of her to hes not really a bad guy he just follows her lead.

    • Unlike when GM was on the phone it was production…heleft his mic on and you could hear production team…GM was talking to someone that had no idea that they(HG) had been playing beer pong….shady of CBS to play the audience like a fool

  42. Poor Amanda…
    just remember ur still see ur man when he goes next week.
    Oh since ur a queen u might want to know that kings and queens really have no powers or governing powers these days!!! Bye.

  43. watching BBAD. Wow, actually intelligent speak from GM. Still doesn’t change what I think of her, but she was actually right when she said that Amanda didn’t think about the sh*t she said and how that could blow back on her and McCrae.

      • Big Brother voice: “Ginamarie, please re-attach your microphone.”
        (Ginamarie does so)
        Big Brother voice: “Thank you for your cooperation”
        Ginamarie: “well, you’re welcome!”
        Big Brother voice: “…”

      • I know right!! she ALMOST sounded human tonight which if u watch live feeds or BBAD u know she is not she is EVERY bit as bad as aaryn was!!

  44. McCrea needs to get his depressed butt out of bed and start campaigning to stay. Okay, I have something nice to say about Amanda. Amanda is really supporting McCrea’s depressed butt tonight.

  45. Watching BBAD it looks like Amanda has gone through all the stages of grief already. Denial yesterday. Then Anger. Then Bargaining. Then Depression and now acceptance.

    • I thought the EXACT same thing but then that snake andy came in the room and she was right back to cray cray!! this sow was drawing on stuff like a lovesick child I wanted to puke and that wus of a boy laying there crying~~really he was soooo tough yesterday now he is clutching a bible!!! gtfoh!!

  46. Amanda may have been safe but when she made that threat during the last eviction of something like ,I want everyone to know what happens when you are on my wrong side. She is gone gone gone. only a fool would want her to stay. spencer will be next or the left over of mcramda, This season is not too bad but , they dont show as much as they use to. it is like they made this boring for a reason.
    I quess they think if they dont show the good stuff people will buy the after hour feed. didnt work
    They need more comps and more things for these people to do in game play.
    With the double eviction coming up I would not want to be one not competeing in the HOH after the last eviction. Thats bad. The best Hoh to win is the final four. that is the sweetest. Five no to good since the chance of going home is great , if you do not have an alliance. only three weeks left, it is going to be interesting. If mcy makes an alliance with Gm and Elissi. they may do good.

  47. If Amanda or McCrae wins POV Elissa will go up and they will vote out elissa and Mcreanda will be safe

    • Not gonna happen. They all seem committed to getting one of them out. Even if it’s 2-2 GM will break tie and send home one of her original persons.

    • That’s what I feel. Andy will vote out Elissa with the help of one half of Mccranda. Spencer will be convinced to vote for Elissa (won’t take much since he hates Elissa) and GM’s HOH will be a waste.

      I am a worst case scenario woman, so I totally see that happening.

      • Best case scenario. Lets hope Andy wins POV by some default (although he’s already said he will throw it). Then he will have to get his hands dirty and make a choice.

      • I heard Andy say he will throw it and I don’t now about you, but I hate this no blood on your hands game play. I have more respect for players who have game play and don’t mind winning comps and making the hard choices.

    • I hope they are smarter than that because with every eviction, the team of Amanda and McCrae becomes a larger percentage of house votes. If they take out Elissa, then that’s 1 less vote to get Amanda out and one less person to compete in the HOH. But I do think Andy is playing both sides telling GM he is totally solid with their plan but in the meantime I think he wants Elissa out more than McCranda. Andy knows Elissa is on to his to his game.

      • Yes he definitely wants Elissa out before them. He knows that he’s atleast final 3 with them, and he is not on Elissa’s preferred list of people to bring with her.

        Such is life. Elissa will be evicted if she is on the block.

        God I hate Andy, he and Amanda are the worst things left in this game, and Mcccrae is only slightly better because he is quieter.

      • worry not, this group will not miss the opportunity to evict either one of them. Amanda’s meltdown last week ended her game, permanently

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath, that house is ready to evict Mccrae instead of Amanda this week, Amanda can forget about any influence over Judd, and chances are that Andy would go up instead of Elissa. One of them is leaving this week

  48. I am so “Happy, happy, happy! Finally those 2 are on the block. Will it be the wicked with or the dudd. We will have to see as they are thinking the dudd. Either way I will like it.

    • Amanda said she doesn’t need the money tonight. She said she was just playing because she loves the game. I see nothing wrong with that.

    • Honestly it’s a game, so whoever plays the game the best deserves to get the money. It shouldn’t have anything to do with current net worth.

    • I wish the rest of them could just hear him talking to mcranda … he is sooo shifty!! and he has sooo much hate for elissa because she chose to play the game last week & bust up 3am!! he needs to goo!!

    • I agree Red Sx and have wondered how he keeps it all straight. He is scared now because Elissa caught him and questioned him. It appears he talked his way out of it, but he’s not positive. Now he wants her to go just in case.

  49. All these players are floaters and losers. Not one of them deserve to win. Gina Marie has done shit..andy is wus..spencer is just plan creepy..Elissa is a joke..And mccrae is a pu**y….amanda is the only playing the game! sometimes not so nice. In all my years of watching BB this year sucks..Worst cast yet!

    • well apparently you didn’t watch after the writers strike during the only winter season. That was the worst season in BB history.

      • Would that have anything to do with the WRITERS being on strike…another red flag (rigged)…why do we watch these “reality” shows

      • Have you tried to find something else to watch, that pisses you off, or in any way worthy of even making a comment on the internet? That is why we watch BB even when it sucks it is still better then rerun of reruns, and its fun.

    • Not so sure about it sucking. It has been frustrating, but it certainly has everyone that watches talking.

      • Connie That is the truth about everyone talking, and I read the ratings are up. If that is true then I am sure CBS is happy.

  50. Are there not rules in the BB house?? How do Amanda and McCrae get to have sex repeatedly all over the entire house?? It is disgusting!!! It is also unfair to the other house guests. I have heard Elyssa mention how they leave their condoms all over the place, yuck!!! What has happened to this show? It has become a haven for racist, mean spirited people and bullies. CBS should have made an example of someone by evicting them and replaced them with another person that tried out. Letting the other guest know they will not stand for such things. I know they are all about a dollar and ratings but come on.

  51. Andy is a backstabbing ugly m…….f….er ! I can’t stand him and his foul mouth! Did you see Amanduh cry and apolpgize to everyone then go into the bedroom and trash talk everyone again with shitface Andy.

  52. It’s astounding to me what everyone is saying here about Amanda yes she’s had her times when she has been arrogant and rude but she’s the only one left here who has actually been playing the game. You’re calling her disgusting but she is the one who pretty much dragged each and every one of these remaining people along and now when they don’t need her they get rid of, and you call her disgusting. Yes Thank God we’ll have Spenser who’s done nothing but jump from one alliance to another, Andy who has done nothing but run around and say he’s you’re best friend while the whole time sticking the knife in your back and then crying when he evicts you, McCrae let Amanda do all the scheming and nothing else, Judd who does pretty much what Andy does and then there’s GM and Elissa who have both been, in GM’s case racist, but both have been disgusting, rude, laughed at people. And Amanda’s the disgusting one? At least she had the decency to apologize and ask that everyone not blame McCrae for everything she has said and done, it’s unfortunate they don’t have the balls to do the same.

    • IMO if Amanda had just played the game without going overboard with with all the other stuff I would agree with you. She has had the best game moves. Amanda has been a bully, said racist remarks herself, has been extremely rude and her behavior very disgusting. It could be argued that she wouldn’t have gotten what she got accomplished without the help of others – namely Andy the Rat for feeding all the info to her. For me the guy who has played the most decent clean game is Judd. He may not have made any brilliant moves yet, but hoping he is saving the best for last. jmho

    • What is unfortunate is the screening process for this show. Surface attitude can be bluffed. She was not just game playing. Yes, they have all done stupid things in the name of this game. This game brings out the worst that someone can be. However, Amanda did it with malice and by belittling everyone at every chance she got, taking it to a personal level. She acts like abuse is the norm. Dysfunction is not the norm. We are what we do and say. Accountability, here please. Personally, I think she is emotionally unstable.

      • I agree Connie and well said. I think all these players have crossed the lines this season in one way or another and you can’t let one slide and only punish one. I think Judd is the only one who has remained true to himself. Again, jmho

  53. Team Judd for me. He is the only decent guy in this house. Can’t understand why they want McCrae out first before Amanda. Please don’t let another chance go by to get her out. McCrae is her puppy dog and I would like to see her go first.

    • McCrae is a threat. Without Amanda slowing him down, he will probably go full force in competitions and he is more likeable and could possibly worm his way back to someone’s good graces. Without Amanda, he would not fall apart, without McCrae, Amanda will.

      • That could be true, but he sure hasn’t shown anything yet and even Judd who said he was his best friend from the first week said McCrae is not the same guy who came into the game. I don’t think McCrae has the likeability factor that he first had. imo I have a feeling that that same could be said for Amanda. Right now she wants McCrae to stay and has no idea she is being left in. She could get fired up just like she did when she won the veto. She is smart and knows how to figure out how to play certain comps in a way that makes it easy for a certain player to win. One week Spencer blew it or the person who was picked to win would have. It was the stay and fold one. She also talked about the stair one where you go up or down and how to beat that one. They haven’t had it yet this season. If she only has herself she could be just as dangerous. Guess we will have to wait and see.

      • Touche to her being dangerous. But IMHO she would fold because she would realize no one was on her side. McCraes support kept her going.

  54. good for ginamarie ..glad someone has finally put up amanda and mccrae ..then lets hope amanda goes to jury she has been telling the house what to do all season ..yay boot amanda to the curb peeps !!!

  55. I’m giddy that macranda is on the block. hopefully neither gets the veto! moreover, I hope macrae goes first. therefore, we will get to see a week of amanda spiral completely and utterly out of control. that should make for supreme reality TV!

  56. I agree but they all know how she is and may not listen 2 her I would love 2 be s fly on the wall when she and the others find out they lost their jobs.

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