Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Daytime Highlights


It’s nomination day in the Big Brother 15 and things are going to get crazy later when GinaMarie puts up Amanda and McCrae instead of Elissa and anybody else. GinaMarie spent the day holding her little HOH meetings and that seems to be what her plan is. Also today, the houseguests were treated to a luxury contest.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

9:00 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:15 AM BBT – Elissa and Judd talking about what GinaMarie is going to do with nominations. Judd said he thinks she’s still putting up McCrae and Amanda.

9:56 AM BBT – Amanda tells GinaMarie that she’s over emotionally exhausted and that she’s staying away from Elissa. Amanda starts crying.

9:59 AM BBT – When Amanda leaves the room GM makes fun of Amanda crying to the cameras.

10:35 AM BBT – Houseguests are called to the HOH room for a lockdown.

10:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut to trivia for a while.

12:05 PM BBT – Feeds return and there’s confetti and balloons all over the place. They’ve had a luxury competition.

12:09 PM BBT – HGs are being made to clean up the mess. Sounds like Spencer won the competition.

12:15 PM BBT – Spencer won $10,000.

12:45 PM BBT – Andy is being wishy-washy again and says he doesn’t want to try to win the POV because he knows McCrae or Amanda will want him to use it. Spencer considers throwing it too.

12:50 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae that he has to talk to GM before nominations. He says he doesn’t want to. Then he starts acting weird and saying weird stuff. He’s actually acting like someone who is trying to break up with their girlfriend.

1:26 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she’s sick of being there and is over the game and doesn’t care. McCrae tells her that’s a horrible attitude to have.

1:32 PMBBT – McCrae confirms to Judd that he’s annoyed with Amanda.

1:35 PM BBT – Amanda doing her favorite thing: bashing Elissa.

2:20 PM BBT – GinaMarie has started her HOH meetings just like last time. She starts with Elissa. She doesn’t tell Elissa that McCrae is the real target. Elissa wants Amanda gone, obviously.

2:28 PM BBT – Andy pops up as usual and Elissa tells him to leave. Andy gets mad and tells everyone that Elissa kicked him out of the room.

2:35 PM BBT – Andy returns for his turn with GinaMarie.

2:52 PM BBT – Amanda is bashing Elissa and Judd some more. She’s also pissed off that Spencer now has $10,000 and a trip to the Bahamas.

2:53 PM BBT – Spencer has talked with GinaMarie. The Judd comes in. Spencer leaves. Amanda keeps poking in because she hates the thought of Judd being alone with GM.

3:05 PM BBT – Amanda’s turn with GM. She tells GM she needs to put up Elissa and Judd and if one of them wins veto, she can go up as a pawn.

3:10 PM BBT – Now it’s McCrae’s turn. He basically repeats everything Amanda said.

Expect some fireworks tonight after the nomination ceremony. Amanda is sure to be on a rampage after GM blindsides her and McCrae with nominations.

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    • The silverware was taken away earlier today. Now, it has been returned. Amanda said she would kill herself today…

      • Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean that you should be saying theses things. This comment is worse than amanda’s…

      • I agree. The Exterminator’s have their target sights set on MCCrae. They have figured out Amanda will self destruct when he is gone. Also, she hates not being in control. The icing on the cake, if Elissa or Judd got HOH next. It is very possible.

      • I think that the upcoming HOH is the one McCrae said he wanted to win cause u have a lot of power during that reign,,, Could be the one the following week but am not sure…

      • I am too nervous for coffee right now…Please enjoy an iced coffee for me. It’s a blazing 97 degrees where I live.

      • Um…where are the updates???? Maybe Duhmanda took the whole cast and crew out after the nominations.

  1. It’s like a highway crash. It’s terrible to see, but you can’t stop yourself from looking.
    I am happy to think of McRandDuh going up, and when it happens batten down the hatches, cause Demanda is going to go nuclear!

    • They are in lock down now. The feeds are down. It appears what I am hearing blindside Amanda and McCrae are going up. GM is doing a great job being HOH everyone is covering to McCrae and Amanda. Even Andy” the rat” hasn’t snitched …Whoa.

    • Oh, I forgot, Amanda is still believes without a doubt, that Judd was MVP. She is still riding the paranoid express. She also said the can lie all he wants until he is blue in the face! Ha ha so production did not spill the beans that it was America. Amanda will get a Surprize from America!

      • She actually believes she’s America’s sweetheart. She thinks she’s going to be know as the best BB player ever. She also believes they have the best showmance in history of BB. That’s why they picked her, she is so full of herself. She’ in LA LA land. She escaped from the nuthouse.

  2. Been listening to the feeds. Amanda decides that after the comp and all HGS are cleaning…yep even McCrae, Amanda and Spencer cleaning. Spencer got 10,000 dollars. Amanda is complaining Spencer won and has 10,000 plus in jury 13,000 and a trip to Bahamas, she is mad. Amanda put confetti in Elisaa’s bag on purpose. Um messing with someones stuff on purpose? rule breaker! Elissa was why I there confetti in my bag? Finally, Amanda proud of herself tell McCrae she is sneaky and she did it on purpose. Snickering she said Elissa loves confetti at least I am not doing it too her face. Ugh! Amanda did so why pretending to clean next to Elissa bed Ugh!

    • Obviously, Demanda is not expected to follow the same rules as the rest. She’s getting ratings, so she is free to continue her reign of terror!

      • I dun know. I just got the feeds and wow…Amanda is going to go full on nuclear. She really at this point believes Elissa and now Spencer will be going up. Spencer because of his com win, or Judd because it is unfair that he got a second chance at the game. She whines, how come Judd gets to come back in with a clean slate.

    • That really should get her in trouble with production. She should be ineligible for veto and it can not be used on her.

      • I dun know. Production obviously knows, and Elissa went to DR. Plus, Amanda continuing in baby talk to McCrae I am your little stinker. McCrae is not liking what she did. Amanda caught on. McCrae continues to the read bible. Amanda say to stop an pay attention to his girlfriend.

  3. I’m curious, if she puts up Mcranda, and one of them wins the veto, who will she put up as replacement nominee? If she puts up Elissa then their little girl alliance is over, is she puts up someone from the exterminators, that alliance is over.

      • Amanda told GM that Andy had been with them since the beginning and that is why they were able to stay in control…lol…poor Andy his days are 3 as well…lol

      • If GM puts up Andy, then Andy, Judd, and spencer are going to question her as to why she didn’t put up Elissa. Someone not in their alliance.

      • Well, then why ask the question if you already know the answer? Anyone who goes up after one of her two initial nominees wins veto, will be an obvious pawn. The alliance will make sure the remaining original nominee will go home.

      • Yes but at that point she will have to choose between Elissa or the exterminators. That is what I’ve been trying to figure out which side she will pick.

      • I think she is close to Elissa too…and, I believe it doesn’t matter if she has to put up a renom if she originally puts up McCranda…one will definitely go home, even if the other wins the veto…just my opinion…

      • Yes, but as some point GM is going to realize that she is number 4 in that alliance. She needs to work with Elissa to make it to the final.

    • If that happens which ever of the 2 is left gets voted out….done deal…They all realize that they may not get this opportunity again. Its now or never or hand one of the 2 slugs a BB win..

      • ss for the confusion
        It does not matter who she puts up as a replacement.. They will be safe … Amanda or McCrae will be evicted

      • Gina Marie can replace with Andy. Tell him Amanda told us your working with her and McCrea. Tell him he is a pawn and it will hide the exterminators.

      • If GM puts up spencer, then Andy, Judd, and spencer are going to question her as to why she didn’t put up Elissa. Someone not in their alliance.

      • She might just talk with all 3 of them and say look one has to go up as a pawn and Elissa did not put me up so I won’t put her up.

      • LOL I don’t know what she’s going to do I guess will just have to wait until POV tomorrow.

    • Don’t really know yet. Possible Spencer the pawn, and the cover being you won luxury comps, or Andy cause he is with McCranda, and trust is an issue. All that said neither look like they will go. Just pawns. If Elissa goes up the plan to blow up the brake up McCranda plan.

      • If the exterminators control the votes, then putting up Elissa as a pawn would be the obvious choice. And if GM doesn’t do that, they’ll question her loyality. But then again I’m assuming these houseguest have a brain.

    • She should just ask them. We all know who’s going home, who volunteers to be a pawn? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so help me out guys, someone probably would

  4. Wow people talking about murder, suicide and hoping Amanda kills herself. This site has really got some awful people on it. Who are 10 times worse then Amanda. Shame on you.

      • Don’t worry she nailed me there a couple days ago. I am banded to comment to her. Walla you just got a down vote. Welcome to my world.

      • Having read several of her posts, I have no respect for someone who plays the “do as I say, not as I do” game.
        Send me to hell! I’ll see you there, Ya Hypocrite!

      • I do see that there are a few people who just like to argue…whichever side you take you can be sure they’ll take the other. The trick is to change in the middle, agree, and see what happens…

      • Good point. Things change daily. No worries. Just a bump. Sorry, I had a dog in the fight. I just saw someone else getting skewered and I could not let it pass. The same person stung me.

      • I have reserved a spot next to the water cooler Emma, stop by for cocktails! We will discuss self righteous hypocrites. :)

      • Sorry, I am guilty for adding to the drama. Just tired of people deciding who’s post are good, and who’s are evil. Especially when they are guilty of the same sins they are condemning today.

      • Have I ever called out anyone for expressing who they like, don’t like or who they want gone or to win? NO. I’ve said before agree or disagree I like reading how everyone feels. I think most of them in the house are disgusting. Amanda included. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when you talk about enjoying someone killing themselves that takes it to a new level. And I don’t want respect from someone like you.

      • Hey, what’s going here, I go away for dinner and my friends start a fight. You know I don’t like fight.

      • Don’t worry Capt. It will pass. It is just am going to keep post :()))) )—- I am the armadillo :) just a bump in the road. I taking my penalty down votes.

      • Oh no big deal. Couple people talking about they hope Amanda kills herself and I voiced my opinion about how wrong it is so now I have a couple of besties as haters. Just going to ignore like I do the other trolls.

      • I’m not on the cross but when you talk like that it’s disgusting. Feeling a little guilty?

      • I never called her a bitch “you >sound< like a grade A b*tch". And I really don't care that she is 14, she old enough to know what she is talking about.

      • IMO you do not have a dog in this fight, You were just commenting on why no one is posting…ppl not getting over things.

      • okay somebody told Kim that she was acting like a 12 yr old…and she posted nope that she was 14….and I thought it was funny…still laughing

      • Thanks for letting me know…your posts are a bit too sophisticated for that age…what are you, like 16? :)

      • So you agreed that you’re a bitch and you lied about your age. Are you related to Amanda by any chance?

    • I agree. I don’t like Amanda, but wish her no harm. I’ m a better person than that.

  5. I heard Amanda is really happy today and a turn around compared to how she was yesterday. She is so sure that Elissa and Judd will be on the block. That’s exactly how I want her to be. Really happy, before the bomb explodes on her face…..still trivia…can’t wait !!!

  6. Amanda never disappoints. GO GIRL…..wait a sec, let me get my popcorn….even Judd has taken on Amanda.

  7. Now she wants to quit….Mandy, Mandy….what did you say about Elissa when she wanted to quit?

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