‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 10 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Big Brother 15 endurance comp Week 10

Another endurance comp?! Well, it’s more of a mini-endurance comp as six HGs must race to be the first to get a dozen eggs through the maze behind chicken wire mesh. The last place HG will have to wear a chicken suit for a few days.

Are you ready to find out who won tonight’s competition? It was a critical battle to decide if McCranda or Elissa would end up this week’s target. Read on for the spoilers!

Big Brother 15 Week 10 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:55PM BBT – As the show ended, GM & Andy led with 2 eggs each.
  • 7:00PM BBT – Waiting for the Feeds to return.
  • 7:05PM BBT – Still waiting. Feeds back soon.
  • 7:35PM BBT – Feeds are back. GineMarie won!

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Congratulations to GinaMarie! She is the new Head of Household! Poor Judd & Spencer. They came in last place and will have to wear a chicken suit for two days.

GinaMarie told Judd she will nominate McCranda. I believe her. In the meantime, Amanda is all over GinaMarie. She’s following GM around and staying close by.

When McCranda gets nominated Friday night the house is going to be flipped upside down. Possibly literally. You do not want to miss what’s coming up next so get your Live Feeds Free Trial right now and be ready to watch inside the house uncensored. It’s going to be exciting!

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother 15 HoH results?


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  1. I feel morally wrong for being somewhat happy that GM won. She is an AWFUL person, but at least there’s a chance she’ll be targeting the more awful person in the house… right?

    • I know! I was disgusted by her comments to Candice and I think she’s mentally unstable regarding Nick. But if she gets Amanda out of the house then I don’t care.

      • I agree with you & after her long talk last week with Ellisa she seemed to be more normal than we thought in the beginning of the show

      • There probably wouldn’t have been any racist remarks if the houseguests had just banded together in the first week and agreed to get out all the blacks, asians and homosexuals first. The rest of the season would have been a great success then, but instead , its turned out to be a very weak cast with this mixed grouping of peoples.

    • You shouldn’t feel morally wrong. One of the jerks had to win. I wanted Judd to win, though. I believe Judd and Candice worked out their differences while they were in the Jury House.

      • I wanted Judd to win too. I am officially team Judd for the rest of the season. I’ve flip flopped enough this season…but it’s been very difficult to pick a favorite. I’m just backing the least offensive hg…

      • This is for the best. GM won’t be able to play in HOH in the double eviction, but Judd will. I think we will see him play his hardest at the next HOH, because he will fear being sent out for a second time this season during a double eviction.

      • I am also so glad that Candice is gone. She did nothing but sleep and bitch about everything. No self respect.

    • GM has changed and you will notice when she talks to Elissa, she is a much better individual. Elissa is a good influence on her.

      • If she changed why was she making racist comments again yesterday? She makes rude/racist comments on a daily basis.

      • take that plank out of your own eye before trying to remove the sawdust out of anyone elses…

      • I was playing with some lumber the other day and it hit me in the face. Any suggestions ?

      • Elissa is an ass, I was hoping she would have been evicted by week two. Nobody that arrogant deserves to even be in the BB house.

    • At the end of the day, GM is just a dumbass. While that doesn’t excuse the horrid comments she has made, I still don’t detest her as I do Amanda who is intelligent enough to know that she is a vicious, racist, deplorable bitch.

      • I agree with you! Amanda has to go and hopefully GM has the guts to put them both up mccrae and Amanda at same time and hopefully they don’t win the veto, Elissa will and not use the veto on either of them!!! )))) GM better not break down after putting those 2 up because Amanda will bully her and not stop and don’t know if GM is strong enough to put up with it… she will have to stick close to Elissa

      • And a dbl eviction so they could both go, how amazing would that be, two turds shat outta da house in one flush

      • I kinda feel sorry for McCrae in all of this, he really hasn’t said/done anything that bad, He’s only guilty by association. :(

      • An accessory to murder does not absolve ones self… Ofcourse its more like redrum for that psycho. Sorry McRae, hit the bricks

      • I’ve seen him berate her a lot for her behavior…especially on bbad after the eviction show.

      • Umm they’re joined at the groin. It’s way more than association. I didn’t see her pointing a gun to his head demanding he do her (although I could totally see her doing that.)

      • other than the fact that he is a pussy whipped wimp,just as nasty as that nasty bitch AMANDUH

      • would just love it.remember Amanda did all this stuff herself by acting like an ass in the house with Elisa

      • wouldn’t that be great, because then Judd or Elissa can win next hoh and put up the other one with a decoy like spencer or andy and which ever didn’t get evicted would then get evicted on the 2nd one! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!

    • Problem is Aaryn didn’t know how to be loyal to Elissa every time she had an opportunity to throw Elissa under the bus she did. Had she not told Amanda about the plan to backdoored her spot his week and kept her word about working with Elissa she’d probably still be in the house. Oh we’ll, I’m glad her racist ass is gone.

      • not true!! Candice didn’t say anything to Aaryn, Aaryn did all the racial talking! Candice acted like a lady

      • Candie absolutely was just as bad, that initial fight with Aaryn, She came in and was starting crap saying “Oh Girl, You don’t want to see ‘Shaneequa’ come out” to which Aaryn yelled back “oh and what are You gonna do to Me Shaneequa, I am not afraid of You” and that started the entire thing… Of course Jeremy egged it on, making matters worse… Amanda came in yelling at Jeremy and Crew, having overheard, and defending Candice, then Candice ran to Howard twisting it to make it like She had been attacked… Howard literally picked Candice up and removed Her from the room… I saw it all on the live feeds…

  2. Amanda has already told GM that “because of what she did last week, you will not piss anyone off. If you put her up, you will have no targets.”

  3. Amanda was all over GM last week for cozying up to Elissa. Let’s see how long it takes for Amanda to cozy up to GM. GM just told Judd and Andy that she is putting up McCrae and Amanda..Thank God one, maybe both, are leaving next week!

  4. Please let GM put up Amanda and McCrae. Amanda is such a horrible human being. She has to be the worst person to ever play BIg Brother. She is a racist bigoted bully and just all around an evil, evil person.

    • Amanda makes Evil Dick look like a saint,and i hated him too but Amanda is evil and ugly to the bone.

  5. YES!!!! she has got to put up both wack job and pizza wuss… if she only puts up one and they win veto, they will do the same and take the other off and both be safe…. Now is the time to do it…

  6. Perfect Double Eviction Scenario.
    GM puts up McCranda. Amanda gets the boot.
    Then GM follows out the door.

    (I don’t really have anything against McCrae.)

  7. come on don’t back out go for it and get those two out of the house that’s what we want

  8. Hopefully, Gina Marie makes the right decision and put both Amanda and McCrae up. If she does, it guarantees McCrae or Amanda goes home! I just hope they do not backdoor Elissa if Amanda or McCrae get POV. I hope Elissa wins POV to ensure she stays safe!

    • I would think that GM would put up Andy as a renom if necessary…I think she is about as annoyed with Amanda running the house as Elissa is, so I don’t see her trying to backdoor Elissa, at this point she is one of her allies, they both share a common enemy in McRanda.

  9. Watch out for production ppl, a Pandora’s box which has always been opened could eff things up to get amanduh out…I hope I’m wrong…

    • That is what I am afraid of Production using the Pandora’s box to save Amanda. Another concern is the Exterminators might backdoor Elissa if Amanda or McCrae get off by winning POV! I hope Elissa wins POV this week to ensure that does not happen!

      • she’ll be the replacement but she had the vote, exterminators target is to break the alliance

    • I haven’t been one to believe all of the rigging stuff, but if a Pandora’s Box does happen with Amanda on the block, I think I may start to believe the rumors.

    • Oh man, you had to go and ruin the elation I was feelin’! You could have mentioned that like…tomorrow…LMAO! Let’s hope for the best, even though the worst case scenario is bound to happen…again! Let’s hope that Amanduh’s “winning streak” is over. Amanduh and Andy need to go in the de. There is still hope for McCrae if the troll is gone. She’s done a bad number on him, although he was a willing participant. However, he did berate her for her behavior. Andy is really irritating me. He’s a whiny little b!tch…

  10. Amanda is going to get blindsided this week. She’s basically already celebrating with GM and thinks Elissa is going up. Yet the Exterminators were all together in the Storage Room talking about how Amanda is going up. This should be great. She won’t see it comin’!

  11. Wonderful! It is time for Elissa, Gina Marie, and Judd to form a super alliance and wipe out all the other houseguests! I say put McRanda up, should one of them win PoV, put Andy up, either away THAT alliance will be pretty much done for.

    • That alliance is already over, Andy said he was just going to use them now, but he can’t be loyal to them bc they are doing the downward spiral. (my words, not his)

    • I agree, put Amanda and McCrea on the block and if one wins the veto, put Andy on the block.

  12. I think McCrea needs to go first. He might actually start playing again like he did before Amanda messed him up. Amanda left alone would be an out of control granny and will leave right after him.. Just hope they figure it out.

    • Won’t be a week if she goes up next. Double eviction next Thursday. They don’t know.

    • What if McStinky wins the POV? No doubt she will expect him to use it on her ….. Now, even HE is NOT that stupid! LOL

      • It would be the ultimate test as to who is really using who. I have advocated that McCrae might’ve been smitten with Amanda initially, but I think he is actually the one using her (not the other way around). Least I’m hoping he is, and if he used the PoV on himself that would be a pretty accurate way of showing he’s in this game to win it!

    • Yes and worry about him being in the jury house with all the other girls she will have a breakdown

  13. GM would be a straight up fool not to put up the two people gunning for you to be put on the block last week.

  14. What are the chances GM nominates Elissa if either Amanda or Mccrae wins the POV.

    I mean she has an alliance exterminators that doesn’t include Elissa, so it’s entirely possible she goes up and the exterminators vote her out in favor of Mccranda.

    • She will probably put Judd up as a pawn. I don’t think she will put up Elissa, since Elissa didn’t put her up this week, even though Demanda fought like heck for GM to go up next to Aaryn. She told GM a little bit ago that she was pushing for Judd to go up next to Aaryn..what a liar.

  15. Hah! Now Spencer telling Amanda what to say in DR to make amends for what Julie said to her tonight.

  16. All I can say is I can’t wait till Amanda gets blindsided come tomorrow!!!!!! If she is this mad now then wow can’t wait till tomro.

    • That crazy thing probably requested a whole basket of pictures. I wouldn’t be shocked if her letter is from Nick……he is nuts, too.

  17. GM just told Elissa She just have to be nice to Amanda and they hug and kiss . I’m not worried. McCranda will be on the block. GM doesn’t do complicated strategy. McCranda is toast!.

  18. Anyone want to bet money that Pandora’s Box is at least PRESENTED to Gina Marie? She may or may not open it up, but I have a gut feeling she’ll be tempted with it.

    Production knows Amanda and McCrea are in trouble this week and the next. And say what you want about Amanda, but she draws attention and publicity to the show. You gotta believe that production wants to keep her around to cause more drama. I’m not saying they’re rigging it for her, but as the old cliche goes, keeping Amanda in the game would be “what’s best for business”.

    I definitely think we’ll get a Pandora’s Box this week.

  19. way to go GinaMarie I either wanted her or Judd to win tonight hopefully she’ll stick to putting p mcranda

  20. Amanda must be in DR because now McRae is up GM’s butt. He never goes in that room!

  21. This week is going to suck, rather Amanda or McCrae is going to be evicted. First Aaryn leaving now this? Give me a break here, I’m trying to like this show again. Once Mcranda is gone, I’m done with this season.

  22. Amanda out of DR and trying to make deals with GM. Little does she know. GM is getting good at lying

  23. This is great! GM won HOH and up goes McRae and Amanda. If Mc wins, he will pull himself off and Amanda goes home and if Amanda wins (doubt it!), she will go home. Happy Days are here to stay!

  24. Amanda has so many ridiculous suggestions to GM on who to nominate and GM’s response was going in circles. LOL It was hilarious ! I don’t think GM has been put on this kind of pressure. How is she gonna handle the crazy Amanda,..Watch out for some more drama this week. ..yeah baby !!!

  25. Amanda is a prime example of the old adage: you can fool all of the people some of the time (the entire house up til now) and you can fool some of the people all of the time (McCrae). But you can’t fool all of the people all of the the time. She seems to have forgotten that. Sooner or later, the Emperor’s new clothes will show through.

  26. GM is Funny…having a long convo with Amanda (she telling GM who to put up) and when she walks out of the room…GM giving the cameras the “she’s crazy look and mouthing it too….ROTFLMBO!!!

  27. poor gm she going to get it worse than elissa probably and it would be funny when all the houseguests stick up 4 gm cause they didn’t back her up when she was rude to elissa i’ve begun to like gm a little i hope final 3 r gm,judd and elissa

  28. Please someone get rid of Amanda… she has ruined this season for me! What a demanding bully! I had hoped when Jeremy and his gang was eliminated that this crap was over. I hope Mcrae’s family get him away from her so she does not ruin his life! I also hope that the people that she wants to do business with see her for her true nature … childishly disgusting! I would not allow her to show me a brochure, let alone a property nor do business with her!

  29. hahaha…When Amanda left the room after talking with GM..GM faced the camera, motioned a crazy gesture with her fingers and said Amanda is crazy..,

  30. How long will it be before Andy buckle under Amanda pressure and flips??????????????

  31. Well, Aaryn got a taste of what America thinks of her behavior. She certainly worked hard to deserve it!

    • That was just a little taste, she has no idea whats to come. I don’t feel one bit bad for her. she has learned nothing.. Just today on live feed GM ask her dose Mexicans do her lawn? and Aaryn said “NO, gorillas do” I cant stand either of them!!!

      • Julie exercised a huge amount of restraint tonight in light of the. “Chink” remarks she made as recent as a couple of nights ago. I wonder about her parents. They refused to sign waivers for the show and when ever she spoke of them they would cut away to another camera. Kids generally get those type of things from the home. I guess they may be embarrassed by her exposing the family! What ever! I hope Candice does not let her kind heart get abused by her. I can see her now trying to be kind because of the reaction she received tonight. Ughhh… Disgusting!

      • Well it must be from her parents, she said herself that her Dad would say the only reason she is getting evicted is because “no one will vote to evict the queer.”

      • Of course this starts from home, and she knew somewhat how people felt about her and she knew she made racist remarks because long after Candice was gone she was still talking about Candice and at the same time worried about what America was thinking about her. then tried to cover it up by saying that Candice flipped her words around. Then last night she had to Blame all of Texas for her behavior. She is not sorry for what she said, she sorry to find out what people thinks of her. She was a racist before the show, a racist during the show, and will continue to be a racist one after the show.. I really have to give it to Julie for the way she addressed the situation, and i hope it don’t stop there because GM and Amanda need to addressed just as well.

  32. Is Amanda seriously thinking she can get away with claiming they didn’t have the votes to keep Aaryn when her, McCrae, and GM all could have voted against Andy and kept Aaryn in? GM’s not a genius but she’s not THAT dumb.

    • Well, they would have kept Aaryn….. If they been able to talk Elissa into putting up GM instead of Andy (or McCrae). Lol

  33. Andy’s nervousness is more noticeable now when Amanda confides to him. He will be tested and his cards is going to be exposed soon. I won’t be surprised if she gets tongue lashing from Amanda. He deserves it too.

  34. Do you people forget how hated Gina Marie was for being such a nasty, dumb racist??!! I know I haven’t foregiven or forgotten!!

    • It’s crazy how quickly people forget. Winning cures everything. That is a FACT. I for one would love to see Amanda go this week, then GM the next.

    • I’ve forgiven, but I do hope that she is not given any different treatment than Aaryn. She needs to be educated and counseled. The sooner she changes the better off society is.

  35. Not demeaning the accomplishments by the women and taking into consideration that sometimes it’s good strategy to not win a competition, but are these like the least competitive guys ever in BB history??

  36. I can’t wait to watch the feeds tomorrow after nominations. The only thing I wish even more is that if Amanda goes then since it’s a double eviction Spencer or Andy go next. But look Andy and Spencer are already playing all sides. And they are just going to use GM then get rid of her as soon as it’s convenient. I hope evictions go in this order Amanda, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, then Judd, GM and Elissa final 3. And I hope Judd wins. It’s the first time all season I want someone to win. Pretty sad only 7 left and I finally picked a favorite.

    • I hope evictions go in this order…McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, then Elissa, Judd and GM for final 3. I hope Elissa wins.

    • Ok this is a fun post. I want people gone in this order:
      1. Amanda
      2. Andy
      3. Elissa
      4. Spencer
      5. Gina Marie

      Leaving McCrae & Judd as final two.

    • At this point I guess Judd is about the only decent person to root for. I would be okay with Judd winning and Elissa or GM coming in second. It beat the rest of the people in the house winning.

    • I agree on wanting Judd to win, but here’s where I expect a ton of down-votes and possible backlash…

      Amanda is only about middle of the pack for me in terms of like/dislike. Actually, with seven left, she’s dead in the middle, with three HG’s I’d rather see win than her, and three HG’s I’d rather see Amanda win than them.

      I’d rather see Amanda win than Andy, Gina-Marie or Elissa, but I’d rather see Judd, McCrae, or Spencer win than Amanda.

      She’s easy to hate, but like Dan said tonight, she’s one of the few actually playing the game, and I want winners of this game to be ones who actually played it. We may not agree with her methods, I know I don’t agree with the process she’s choosing, but at the end of the day she’s doing more gameplay than almost anybody. Funny, Dan also wanted Judd to win, I guess there’s a reason Dan is an all-time favourite of mine, we agree a lot.

  37. I’m so excited to see McCranda on the block! But don’t forget about the “special competition” that the houseguests are going to be playing on Sunday… I assume that this may be for a special power that will allow both McCrea and Amanda to be saved from eviction this week. #AllisonGrodner

  38. So with all the racism coming from Aaryn, Amanda, and GM I’m laughing my a** off as GM started to sing the “Moving on Up” Theme Song as she packed her things to take to HOH room. (btw, it’s from the Jefferson’s, for those that are unaware)

  39. Nooooo gm. Clown face Elissa sent your bb bunny home. Get her out first and then we can get rid of mcranda

  40. Am I the only one who found Elisa’s good bye message to aaryn completely rude and uncalled for. “Have fun in jury house. Or don’t!” #1 it was completely immature and #2 not very smart considering in less than 3 weeks aaryn might decide whether Elissa deserves to win 500k

    • It’s so hard to rate immaturity with this year’s cast Jennifer. There have been so many examples of bad behaviour from most of the house guests this season. Having said that, yes, I would agree that this is another example of that.

    • I thought that was actually pretty nice considering their relationship. It’s doubtful anything Elissa said would have made Aaryn like her.

    • Its not what I would have said, but let’s not pretend Elissa is the only one to give a negative good bye message in BB history. What did Amanda say to Helen? Do you recall?

    • I agree. Elissa was very rude. She has most of the house players in the house fooled and a lot of America, but not Amanda and not me. She is a sly snake.

    • Her video message was a joke, I agree, but I expect no less from Elissa. She continues to prove herself as an unintelligible speaker, in general, with possible social issues.

  41. Amanda is a bitch whore and needs to tossed in front of the bus not under it preferably one that is traveling at 80mph

    • So you (assumingly) think she’s crossed lines (thus calling her a “bitch whore”) and then you go and say something that implies you want her dead? For actions during a game?

      Congratulations, you’re officially no better.

  42. Amanda just freaked out because Elissa was saying nice things about Jessie. LOL.

    Now she is crying because America doesn’t like her. Haha.

    Of course Andy is telling Elissa that if it upsets Amanda that Elissa is saying nice things about Jessie, she should stop. What a weasel.

    • Andy is such a POS. Really. ONe minute he is talking to Elissa telling her she can trust him and he has always like her from the beginning. Then 3 minutes later he is telling Amanda everything Elissa said about her. The rat is back.

  43. i remember few weeks ago we hated GM so much because of her nasty words and now we are cheering for her winning HOH just because of demanda :D

  44. Amanda told Elissa she won’t be laughing when she goes up on the block tomorrow. I thought you guys said GM won HOH? LOL
    Elissa is back to being stupid Elissa not playing Big Brother. First she is telling GM and Spencer how her husband just bought a golf simulator and a 5000 seat hockey stadium. Does she not realize these people already want to evict her because they think she doesn’t need the money? Then she start baiting Amanda again and when Amanda jump on her she plays the victim and starts complaining to Andy and Spencer, neither of whom gives a damn.
    But worst of all of them is Andy. who had a conversation with Elissa about trusting him and keeping him safe, then she goes back to Amanda and tells her and McCrae what Elissa was saying about her in the back yard. He is such a snake.

      • now did you really think he would stop now??? and did you really believe him when he said he was not going to play with Mcranda anymore??? he was a rat and a snake from day one and will be til he is evicted or the end of the game

  45. That Andy is just an untrustworthy, backstabber for no particular reason or possible gain! I kinda wish he had left rather than Aaryn!

  46. Amanda is picking on Elissa again, but no matter how nasty she treats Elissa, Amanda ends up crying miserably. lol

    • Amanda crying is the best part! She’s so “tough” and ready to break someone down and then when she does it backfires on her. I love it.

      • Wait till she goes up on the block tomorrow, especially after telling Elissa she was going up. Amanda is going to b crying for a few days I think.

      • I know! I can’t wait, it’s going to be an epic day in the BB house! I can only imagine the drama she’s going to start tomorrow.

      • Did you see where Elissa said she misses Poopy (Aaryn) so much already? HAHA. Amanda is so snookered by Elissa she didn’t even get that Elissa was pushing her buttons again. Elissa is messing with Amanda’s head now constantly and I am loving it. Yet Amanda is still barking orders to everyone. She told Spencer to go sit on the hammock with GM and Elissa. She told Andy Elissa has to go this week. She is so out of control and Elissa just keeps making these subtle comments to drive her crazy. I cannot wait to see how Amanda reacts to going up with McCrae this week.

      • It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. I’ve been listening to all the BS on feeds. Amanda is scared & finally realizing she doesn’t run the house. Talk about reality. I wonder what the game will be like without her. What will McCrae do? Oh never mind, he will just be in bed anyways.

      • She can’t handle the way Elissa throw jabs on her.lol..It makes her angry lol . Wait till Amanda fights GM again…main event

      • GM already told Judd tonight that Amanda and McCrae are going up. No matter what Amanda says, she was pushing for GM to go up last week and Elissa made sure that didn’t happen. Amanda is going to have a total meltdown tomorrow and I cannot wait for her reaction.

  47. Elissa is a snake and she’s fooling everyone. She picks all the girls, talks behind all their backs, calls everyone disgusting and gross for 70 days now and everyone hates amanda for not taking it anymore. blows my mind. amanda may have mishandled it a bit, granted but to make Elissa an innocent victim is moronic. Elissa says things with a smile on her face and she’s totally insulting. I just think she has all the guys in her pocket ccause they want to date her. Elissa needs to go. Amanda is just dumb sometimes although a very smart player, Elissa is a dumb player and a sly evil snake. wake up america.

    • Hi! I am awake! Elissa calling Amanda gross is true. I even call Amanda gross. If you watch her actions and hear what she says you will know.

    • What effing game have you been watching? Amanda has been talking noise and bullying people all season.

    • Amanda made Elissa the victim with her ridiculous behavior and her comments about Elissa’s husband and family.

      • Elissa is not a victim. She’s worse than all of them, just nobody sees it because BB doesn’t edit it that way. Elissa started that war when she used personal information as an insult to Amanda on the live feeds… Amanda just thew it back in her face but BB didn’t show that part, they’re making Elissa look innocent and that’s not fair. Bums me out, wish BB would not play one sided. bugs me is all.

      • Wow…I guess some of us don’t have the connections that you do to find out what is really happening. All we have are the 24 hour feeds and the broadcasts, and this forum. Opinions will vary, but I don’t see how Elissa’s behavior is worse than Amanda’s…

    • Mishandled it A BIT? That’s an understatement.. She is so horrible. They all lie and backstab that’s the game but Amanda has crossed the line She is “gross”

    • Which guys want to date her? Andy? Don’t think so. McCrae…nope. Not the other two either. Are you talking about the public? Elissa is no angel, that’s true…she’s dismissive and arrogant, sometimes, but she hasn’t chased anyone through the house to torment them. I don’t think any of these HG’s are that great, and it’s hard to support any of them to a great degree. I hope they all lose.

  48. Lets just agree that Elissa is a snake like Andy and Amanda is a disgusting cheap whore and they bpth have a IQ of about 75

  49. Elissa is a ugly duck lip moron sith a IQ of 65 she repeats stuff 100 times. ok elissa we get it shut the hell up

    • Calling her ugly and a moron wasn’t really needed, but I do agree she has a duck quality like permanently burned into her face, and I agree she repeats herself a lot and generally isn’t a very eloquent or articulate speaker. I really think she can control the facial expressions, so I’m not sure why she doesn’t.

      Equally as surprising is that through all the harassment, I haven’t seen Amanda imitate/mock Elissa’s facial expressions or even really the way she speaks. I thought that would be a given.

      • If it doesn’t happen I might actually be disappointed lol. Amanda has touched on all bases in her torture except for that. It’s just incomplete without it. If she’s going to do it (torturing Elissa) at least go all out and do it right.

  50. I got it. IF Pandora’s box is this week or within the next 48 hrs Chicken George will be brought back for something.

  51. We are about 5 hrs into a new HOH and I’ve seen Amanda break down in tears at least 3 times because of Elissa & she isn’t even HOH! It might be more than that I was away for a little bit.

  52. OMG if Amanda or Mcdumb had won HOH she would bethreathing elissa right now blowing her party b

  53. I hope Elissa wins, she doesn’t need the money but instead will donate all of the winnings to her sisters charity, Lemon Party. Their slogan is, “When life gives you lemons, make it a party!”. If you’d like to show your support, go to twitter @RachelEReilly #Lemonparty.

    • I don’t believe Elissa would donate ALL of her winnings to the charity. I really don’t.

      By the way, what is this Canadian connection Elissa has that I keep hearing about? Does she live there? I even heard talk about her husband buying a small hockey arena.

    • lol. That’s hilarious. I think I’d still rather cheer for somebody who’s got a bit of a better focus in their charities they support.

  54. So GM is “moving on up” to the HOH room while Amanda is moving on up to the behavioral health unit at the local hospital.

    • Kind of off topic, but I know you’re a frequent poster and thus I might actually get an answer lol.

      Do you know about this supposed Canadian connection that Elissa has? I’ve heard about it, but not much, and I’m kind of curious. I have Canadian ties myself.

      • I’m not really sure about that. I remember hearing things here & there but not really paying attention. I have a hard time sitting & watching it all so I’m usually doing stuff and listening. Sorry I can’t help. I bet if you searched it online you’d find it. If I figure it out I’ll let you know. Not tonight though, it’s late got to get up early & need sleep now.

      • No problem, I appreciate the response and your interest in helping. Thank you and have a good night.

      • And a good night to you. Let us know if Amanda decides to go through with that slow painful death she’s been wanting all night long.

      • Hi RQ, as a Canadian I’ll give my response (to the best of my knowledge). Elissa married a fellow Cannuck and has lived here since her marriage. I’m not sure where in the country she’s located (I would assume West Coast either in BC or Alberta).

      • Ah, I see. Thanks Matt for your reply. I had been hearing her talk about Canada a bit and some mention that her husband bought a small hockey arena, so I was curious. I was being a bit ‘coy’ for lack of a better term in saying I “have Canadian ties”, I’m actually a Canadian myself so it’s more than just ties. Nice to see another Canadian on here!

      • lol. No need to hide your Canadian identity here my friend. The people on this site are well mannered (minus the occasional foul-mouthed adolescent who’s bored). Even better, the bloggers are well informed and have some good insights on the show, I’ve spent more time on this site than I have watching the shows this season because they’ve been keeping me up to date.

  55. I’d like to make it clear that by saying the following, I am not trying to defend or make excuses for Aaryn’s offensive comments this season;

    Can we please try to remember that Aaryn is 22 years old? Granted yes, that’s old enough to be able to have some form of a filter, but it’s also young enough that we should realize she still has some growing up to do and some perspective to gain. Life experience goes a long way, and more than anything she’s shown she may be lacking in that department. Several people in her age range and some even older than her make certain types of mistakes, that they regret, but that they hopefully learn from. Aaryn’s comments were mistakes, and I’m sure she’s going to realize that if she hasn’t already.

    I just feel like nobody is even slightly taking her age into consideration, and for that reason I feel like she’d get the same backlash even if she was 18 years old, fresh out of high school. Some 22-year olds already have a good grasp of how to conduct themselves, I’m aware of that, but some don’t or some are still learning and growing. Not everyone is wise beyond their years, and some are even behind their years, so-to-speak.

    • A mistake is made once or twice. She continued to exhibit the same behavior again and again. Granted, she is young but so are many others that have been in the BB house. As much as I blame her, I blame her parents. And as for making excuses for being ‘southern’? That just doesn’t cut it.

      • I agree that the excuses for being southern and claiming she ‘doesn’t remember saying those things’ like she did at first during the interview, were both weak defenses, but the latter was the weaker of the two for sure.

  56. I think it’s funny that people say so and so doesn’t need the money… Who the heck couldn’t use an extra 500,000 dollars?

      • Hopefully his family will get a hold of him and knock some sense into him. Hopefully he will watch back and see her true self. I think she has probably scarred him for life though.

    • I heard Elissa talking about her and her husband buying a hockey stadium. Hey, I’m having trouble just keeping a roof over our heads, the lights on, and food in the fridge. Sure, she could “use” the extra money. But it’s a far cry from needing it.

      • Hockey ARENA! Not stadium!…

        Just kidding, I’m not actually bugging you about that. I’m actually curious though, did Elissa refer to it as a ‘hockey stadium’ when she talked about it? If she’s been living in Canada, she should’ve learned by now…

      • She said that it could seat 5000. Obviously it wouldn’t be the size pros play in. I think she misspoke as well by calling it a stadium. But she did say that she didn’t know that much about it…only that she was building her wellness clinic in the lower level.

      • I believe that is what she said. My boys played hockey, and the oldest played on Team USA at 13 yrs old. I mentioned this because it sounds like you are a fan as well…

  57. Amanda on BBAD telling Elissa that she will be laughing when Elissa is nominated tomorrow. Please GM stick to nominating Amanda and McCrae. That would make for the best live feeds tomorrow night.

  58. Is Andy really a professor?…He says is going to quote the Emancipation Proclamation but quotes the Gettysburg address, shows a lot about our education system…what a moron. Hope GM sticks to her guns and puts up the unemployed realtor & pizza boy.

    • He pretty much left me scratching my head. Wth does the Gettysburg address have to do with his situation? Or Abe Lincoln? I think he realized that his delivery bombed because his face turned bright red. Hopefully he was embarrassed. And the Anderson Cooper comment? Yikes! I did notice that he seemed VERY confident though. It would have been funny if he were blind sided. The look on his face would have been priceless!

  59. You al seem to forget GM is no better than those two…..she already lost her job for her remarks early in the season. I would like to see Judd or Spencer win…..they really haven’t harmed anyone!!!!!

  60. Can’t wait for the Amanda on the block meltdown.

    With any luck, she’ll physically attack GM & be removed from the BB house.

    At the very least we’ll get to see Amanda & her bi-polar, manic activity at it’s finest.

    Could be the most fun all season.

  61. I am shocked and bewildered over Amanda’s behavior. McCrae should cut his losses, and walk away. She is a troubled, and cruel individual. It’s disturbing to see her act out in such a nasty manner, yet cry at the drop of a hat. I can only hope this show brings to light just how troubled she is. For the sake of her future victims, I can only hope her family encourages her to get some deep counseling.

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