Big Brother 15 Episode 28 Recap: The Eviction Interview We’ve All Been Waiting For


After weeks and weeks of America wondering what Julie Chen would say to Aaryn following her Big Brother 15 eviction, we finally found out Thursday night. And it was probably Julie’s toughest eviction interview to date. But she handled it very well.

The episode picks up right after Elissa named Andy as the replacement nominee. Aaryn reminds us that she and Andy being on the block together means the 3 AM alliance is over. But Andy isn’t worried. His newest plan does not include Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda continues her Elissa rampage and in turn continues making everyone uncomfortable. She basically insists that Andy stop talking to Elissa even though he’s on the block and needs to keep himself safe.

So thanks to all of Amanda’s shenanigans, Spencer, Judd, GinaMarie and Andy decide to team up and get McCrae and Amanda out. And it’s not just a random thought. It’s an actual alliance. The settle on The Exterminators as a name.

But those guys aren’t the only ones tired of Amanda. Aaryn is also really angry and sad that she did all of Amanda’s dirty work and she won’t be voting for her to stay. Amanda does tell her she tried everything she could to keep Andy off the block, but it didn’t work. For the first time this season, Amanda did not have some kind of control of the nominations and eviction.

Aaryn keeps up her campaign to stay, but it’s not working. Aaryn has too much blood on her hands and has won so many competitions that she’s made herself a huge threat and these people aren’t going to ignore a chance to get her out.

Filler alert: Julie checks in with Dan Gheesling and what he thinks of this season. We find out that he’s Team Judd and that Amanda is playing the game like a brat.

And Dan’s not all we get. We also got to see what Brencehl, JeJo and Dani and Dom think about the showmance of the season. And they’re very diplomatic. But it was nice to see those familiar faces.

It’s final plea time. Aaryn gives a typical canned speech. Andy gives a really stupid speech that I couldn’t even keep track of.

The Votes

  • Judd votes to evict Aaryn.
  • Spencer votes to evict Aaryn.
  • GinaMarie votes to evict Aaryn.
  • Amanda votes to evict Aaryn.
  • McCrae votes to evict Aaryn.

By a vote of 5-0, Aaryn is evicted from the Big Brother house.


And it’s the interview we’ve all be waiting for all summer. Julie sits down and talks to Aaryn about her game. But first, she got some audience boos when she walked out the audience. She again blamed her racism on being southern. And Julie doesn’t leave anything untouched. She even reads back some of the things she said in the house, including her comments about rice, not being able to see Candice in the dark and calling Andy a “queer.” Aaryn seemed floored and even acted like she did not remember saying those things.

Julie closed the interview by telling Aaryn she will surely watch the show back and have a new perspective on things.

With little time left, the HOH contest starts and it’s a skill/race game with the egg through the chicken wire. But the show ends before we find out what happens. If you can’t wait for Sunday, check out who won HoH tonight on Big Brother.



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      • I can’t imagine anyone thinking Andy’s a bigot. But his duplicitous ways – albeit game – may land him in Jury. People have been warned not to trust him and they can all smell the money now that they’re up from their long summer naps. Lol

      • Lol! I woke up in the middle of the night, around 3:15 am , and the first thing I thought about was getting up and turning on my computer to find out who won HOH!! While contemplating that idea, I fell back to sleep!!

      • Capt, I don’t think Asryn even gets it. I think she might be aware that some might be offended, but I don’t think she realizes that many people are not happy with her comments.

      • No BB party for her. Specially that someone will more than likely told her about being fired by then.

      • She’ll be very informed by then. I think she’ll be advised not to go..That’s a

      • I am sure the Public Relations “expert” that mommy and daddy hired for her will make that decision.

      • no if any of the jurors were to leave they would give the 9th juror spot to america like in season 11 when Chima was expelled. bc anyone evicted before Candice has not been sequestered

      • I think she might drop out. She was so uncomfortable and stuck on stupid when Julie confronted her – she didn’t know what to say out of her mouth.

      • Can you imagine what she’ll have to say (or do) when she comes face to face with Helen & Candice in the jury house? Oh my. That girl really is going to be tested in the next 48hrs. Will she give a sincere ”I was wrong, I’m sorry” or will she continue to go down the path of ”I didn’t mean anything by it, people from my community just talk that way, because it’s normal to them.”

      • I know! She’s not going to give a sincere apology because she doesn’t feel she said anything wrong. Before she gave the excuse from being from Texas she tried to deny that she ever said those words – this girl is truly a sad case.

      • I would think the first thing she’d do is tell them what happened in the interview and ask them if it’s true.

      • I can only guess, but basing this on her past behavior, I bet she’ll go to jury and tell Helen and Candice what Julie said to her in a “can you believe it” tone. If she is smart, she won’t mention the rice comment to Helen because Helen doesn’t know about it. But because she doesn’t remember saying that, I bet she will mention it right in front of her. And then Helen will realize that the person who told her that Aaryn said that abouy her was telling the truth. There might be some strife between all of them unless Aaryn starts to do some apologizing and making amends.

      • Good question Captain! As uncomfortable as she looked when people were laughing at her, and when Julie pointed out that she got a cool reception, she actually looked shocked! She just may drop out to go home and do some damage control. After tonight, she may get the clue that something may be very wrong back home.

      • The most telling thing for me was when Julie read back the “rice” comment she made about Helen. Aaryn seemed unaware that Julie is Asian-American herself. She was in complete backpedalling mode and didn’t even realize what just happened.

      • Well, Julie did her job and did it very well. Julie was nice to Asryn during the reveal, though.

      • I wish both Julie and Assryn had a blood pressure cuff on last night that we could watch on a “virtual-fantasy monitor” to see whose numbers were the highest as the chat progressed! Lol!

    • Yes, she almost went for that line which had my heart sinking even more. But then again, when people are attacked they’ll say anything instinctive on the spot. One person noted earlier that she is probably used to batting an eye and smiling at the nearest boy who instantly gives her whatever she wants. We really need to question WHY Aaryn has gained the belief that this is ”ok” behaviour in Texas (let alone ANYWHERE), what has her family, her friends, her peers done to make this ”normal” in her mind?

  1. Aaryn should have just apologized and let it go instead of trying to justify her behavior. Blaming being southern and from Texas shows that she’s still in denial. As much as I don’t like her, I felt bad for her. The audience was booing and laughing at her. She’s in for a rude awakening when she gets home. Hopefully she will learn and grow from this experience. Great job for Julie calling her out on it.

    • She is brain dead…….she probably thought the were booing, because they were mad she got evicted. Also, I agree that she should have just said she went too far and that she was sorry for offending people.

      • I would love to see Aaryn’s reaction when she reaches the jury house. I bet she expects them to console her for the way Julie talked to her. I bet she decides to leave the show…especially she when she reviews the points made to her. My biggest issue with Aaryn is that she really does not see that anything that she has said is wrong…alls fair if it is said like it is a joke…NOT

      • I’m not so sure. CBS would probably have said ‘stay silent’…this seemed like an actual audience. dunno though.

      • It sounded too controlled, you know, applause but not too loud, boo, but not too loud either.

      • I just watched the West Coast feed and it looked like there were quite a few cheers for the first few seconds. Then they were obviously told to ”be silent” (which one person took the opportunity to boo)… then several people booed. But for me when it got to the point of people laughing at Aaryn’s responses, I wish Julie or the production crew asked for those people to show the same class that Julie was showing.

      • I think she got the point though. She obviously looked uncomfortable at the cool reception. She wanted to bolt out of there.

      • I’d be interested in knowing what the HGs thought of Aaryns cool reception. They remark sometimes if someone gets a loud reception.

    • She couldn’t apologize because she meant every word she said and is a racist and a bigot. It was evident in her response.

    • She could not apologize because she doesn’t think what she said was wrong. She believes everything she said. She is probably shocked she is getting called out on it – scrambling for an answer b/c don’t you know…”in texas…that’s just how we joke” (obvious sarcasm) –> just the last part!

  2. Just watched the episode and while I don’t agree with what Aaryn did in the house, I don’t think it was fair for Julie to jump on her like that. Too harsh…they must have sent in the Chen Bot

    • Absolutely not! I felt Julie was completely controlled, professional and kept to the point that we all wanted to see. She can’t just be all Mary Sunshine to one of the biggest racists that television has seen. I thought Aaryn was going to say something like, “that was early on not now” and Julie could mention her remarks about her anal bleaching just last night (I do realize that would not really be primetime conversation about anal bleaching). What did you want the interview to be about? How she was a leader and how pretty she looks tonight? She needed to give examples because it was clear Aaryn was once again going to deny or blameshift to someone/thing/area/dialect else. Aaryn clearly has no self awareness. Aaryn believes that her pretty face, sad pouting eyes are going to find her forgiveness as it likely has in her past. However, as her true form was exposed while she was in the house, the public only sees a bitter, ugly, beast that hides behind some blonde hair and makeup.

      • So no forgiveness from you eh?

        Seems you lack “self awareness” as well.

        She made some mistakes, who among us hasn’t.

      • You cannot compare her racist remarks to self awareness. She is a grown ass woman and needs to take responsiblity for her words. Period, point blank. She is a racist and no amount of back peddling will justify it.

      • Can’t both be achieved though? Can’t we extend forgiveness while demanding change? Does one action need to happen without the other? I am completely offended by Aaryn (because of my cultural background and my child’s cultural background). I want this woman to change, take responsibility, and become educated to the point where she realizes her wrongs. However, I also forgive her because ignorance and vengeance only breeds more hatred. If I seek vengeance against Aaryn, it only justifies the hatred of those who care about Aaryn who will look at my family and say ”See? They are a hate filled people!” Where does it end?

      • You don’t need to seek vengeance…it has already been bestowed. Via unemployment. That is good enough for me.

      • Fair enough. It sounded from your previous response you are still carrying anger towards Aaryn. Sadly I think Aaryn’s unemployment will be temporary (let’s just hope it’s long enough for her to have some good time of reflection and education).

      • Well, she has pretty much become a social pariah as well. People aren’t going to recognize her for her modeling. They will recognize her as the southern bigot on bb who was clueless to her own racism. I thought what Julie said to her was enough. It was classy but hit straight to the point. I’m glad she used that time as a teaching tool, and when Aaryn does watch herself she’ll understand just what Julie was talking about (well, let’s hope).

      • It ends when we see a person who is apologetic and who is asking for forgiveness. One who takes responsibility is always more believable…even when she did say she and Candace made amends, she always said it in a laughing way which made me feel like she did not mean her apology at all.
        She almost had the house on her side while she was “play acting” nice and being kinder toward the house…after she felt like it had done no good to get them to keep her in the house, she actually showed her true colors and made the comment about her dad probably saying that Andy was being kept because “he was the queer”. Sadly, some people only learn by example…being shown that the behavior is not tolerable by being booed and by being called on what you do and say!

      • Very true. Some people need to be put on the spot to emphasize what has happened. For example, I call my daughter over to look me in the face and tell me directly if she is lying when I suspect she is. However, if the emotion that comes across is spite & vengeance, then what would any sane person do as a reaction? They’d deny, they’d lie, they’d not take responsibility for their actions and they’d only further dig in their heels because they have been pushed into ”defensive battle” mode. It’s part of our social psychology to react that way. I personally want Aaryn to REALIZE her wrongs and CHANGE. But from what I see in many responses here, many people would rather have the satisfaction of Aaryn being humiliated and/or confronted which will not only reinforce Aaryn’s already warped views, it will also rally other people who are in Aaryn’s community and cause them to rise up… Again I ask, where will it end when we choose hate over educating people? I really liked Howard in the house because he was trying to tell Candice these same things. Hatred only breeds more hatred.

      • I don’t really think I want her humiliated, but confront the issues and move on from there when she acknowledges the wrong behavior YES…I also do not hate her. I think it is sad for her to have lost her job modeling when her ability to do that was to me not affected. She still is beautiful, fit and trim. Most models that I know of, do not, for the most part talk. They only pose, which she can still do, I would think.

    • Nowhere near as harsh or disgusting as what Aaryn has said. If Julie cursed her out she would have had every right because Aaryn has made some racist remarks towards Julie’s race. IMO she wasn’t harsh enough.

      • Oh I know, I’m just saying if she did she would have every right to because of Aaryn’s behavior. At the end of the day, Julie wasn’t harsh on Aaryn and whatever Aaryn gets from now on because of her actions she deserves. She’s not remorseful, she tried to deny it and she blamed it on her state – she’s a very ignorant girl

      • I think that was more ”instinctive reaction” to the boos Sah. That’s why I would’ve rather seen a more serious approach to Aaryn and not the mocking and laughing that came from the audience. I want Aaryn to understand why this view of other human beings is unacceptable and wrong.

      • I agree. If she doesn’t understand she’ll never get it. But I wonder if she cares to understand you? Because if she doesn’t its a moot point and a waste of time even trying to get her to understand.

      • lol.. our roles are now reversed. I try to be an optimist in this area. I believe that nobody is a waste of time when the outcome is so important.

      • lol what else would you have liked Julie to say? She took the high road while still asking Aaryn tough questions about the things she said in the house. “cursing her out” would be extremely unprofessional and make Julie Chen lose some serious respect points with many BB fans.

      • I’m not saying she should have cursed her out, I’m just saying that if she did she would have had every right. Julie has too much class and respect for herself than to do something like that on national TV. I just don’t like how so many people are saying that Julie was too harsh on Aaryn when she was nowhere near as harsh as Aaryn. Julie called Aaryn out on her behavior and actions and she didn’t talk about the bed flipping incident. Aaryn is an adult and needs to be held accountable for her actions and anything that is said to her at this point IMO is not harsh because she deserves it all.

    • Julie Chen’s interview with Aaryn was commendable! She did a great job and her subtle diplomacy was very good. She hit the nail on the head and was simultaneously diplomatic. Good Job JC!

    • Ok I’ll probably get jumped on here quite a bit (hopefully I’ll receive some grace based on past posts on this subject)… I personally felt that although Julie has every reason to be offended by Aaryn’s words & actions (I am also hurt & offended), I can’t shake the feeling that Julie’s approach towards Aaryn has been reserved only for Aaryn. If this is the precedent set, then I hope Julie will demonstrate integrity & consistency by talking to Gina Marie, Amanda, and Spencer in the exact same manner by quoting them directly. If she does, then I’d say all is fair and she has shown us (the audience) that the issue of racism really is something to be taken seriously because it is still rampant.

      • I totally agree – if she only does this type of interview with Aaryn, it’ll be a disgrace.

      • I totally agree. And in all honesty, I think Julie will do the same to the rest of the offenders. If she doesn’t, there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy people grumbling…including me.

      • Julie made it loud and clear on The Talk how much she was offended by Aaryn’s remarks. I’d say it’s a safe bet there have been several nights that Julie and Les have had long discussions about how to handle this situation. When the information went viral in the headlines CBS had a problem on their hands. They have to do what they can to save face.

      • but now I’ll be curious to see if there is a consistent treatment for all of those who committed acts of hate crimes in the house. If Spencer, Gina Marie, and Amanda aren’t directly quoted and asked about their own words, what would that tell us?

      • Matt S I agree, Spencer, GM, Amanda and Mcrea all should be approached in the same manner. I think Julie is high class and will treat them all fairly. To just let it go and not say anything would be condoning their behavior and that would be worse yet.

      • Even worse it would show that CBS is willing to demonstrate that the issue of racism isn’t a concern to them at all when compared to the ratings boost of nailing somebody to a cross… I really hope that’s not the case.

      • I think she will because right before the commercial break before they voted Julie said that which ever HG was evicted that night they would have “a lot of explaining to do.” So I do believe she’s going to come after them all because she started with Kaitlyn and she even called Kaityln out on her lies when K, tried to say she didn’t know that Aa and GM had said those things. Julie said to K, you were in the room when they were said. So, I’m pretty sure she’s going to go in on all of them that are guilty, but we have to wait until they have been evicted to see. Next up, McCrae – the exterminators have decided to get rid of him 1st.

    • I totally agree. It was fully unnecessary and just another CBS/BB point of pandering for ratings. If the show wanted to really do something, they would have addressed it directly to the violators when the events happened.
      This just looked like CBS/BB/Julie Chen bullying a little girl. They have no problem throwing her future under the bus for a couple of rating points.
      While Aaryn should learn from her behaviour, it was really lightweight and happened several weeks ago. CBS/BB’s sanctimonious BS is worthless having done nothing about that psycho Amanda.
      Crap happens, move on.

      • Little girl?? She is a grown woman who was drinking, wearing very little clothing to try to seduce men to get their vote, bleaching her butt hole on national TV…she deserves to be taken to task!

      • Well in truth, the brain doesn’t fully develop until about the age of 24yrs, so in some ways she is still just a child. But yes, she IS old enough to know better by this stage in life.

      • Her behavior was “really light weight”?! That is so absurd! Are you watching the same show as the rest of us? I was outraged by her behavior from the beginning, and continued to be. She only restrained herself a bit because she thought that she was being portrayed badly…not because of what she did. And I am equally upset with the other hgs who participated in a like manner.

    • “Too harsh???” Are you kidding??? You must be related to Assyrn. Can’t imagine anyone else thinking along your lines.

      • I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if there was somebody like ”Dr.Drew” there to put the emphasis on teaching & counseling Aaryn. She would better understand the seriousness of this, plus it would be free from the vengeance that only reinforces the problem in people like Aaryn.

      • I’m sure the staff psychologist/psychiatrist was right there waiting for her backstage. I’m convince they made sure she was ok.

      • Perhaps. Like I said, I just hope that we see the same treatment being extended to the others where they are directly quoted. I’d love to see Spencer’s face when they have to bleep out (on tv) what he’s said about fellow house guests, ethnic minorities, and sex with children.

      • I’m sure they realized that Julie would be talking to her about that, so the psychiatrist would have been on hand to help her sort through things. It seems that this year there has been a lot of psychological intervention. I heard GM saying that the psychiatrist talked to her about her suicidal thoughts revolving around Nick, along with her eating disorder. I thought that the hgs would have been screened a lot better than they were. It bothers me to see GM so hung up on someone she knew for a couple of weeks (who truly wasn’t even interested in her), that she obsesses about him to the degree she has. It is extremely uncomfortable for me to hear her talking about him all the time. And she was clinging to his blue hat again during the show last night (well, it wasn’t really his hat…but he wore it once or twice). I hope she doesn’t have a complete meltdown after she goes home. Reality is going to be very hard on her it seems…

    • I could not believe that she said her words were taken out of context, and then acted like she didn’t remember even saying those things. I wish that nobody cheered for her. I know that sounds terrible, but the point would have hit fast, hard, and true. And even through the boos and the laughing at her, she couldn’t believe it. I think she was expecting to be adored when she walked out the door. Glad to disappoint and shock her….

  3. I loved when people boo’d i wish more had…. So she’s saying down in TX, it’s ok to be a racist it’s all in good fun? lol

  4. Aaryn: “oh I didn’t mean any of it like that. I’m from the South. Racism is okay there.” (close to her actual words)

    [Aaryn returns home after the show and visits her former agency thinking she has a contract still.]
    Zephyr agent: “Oh. Aaryn. Um. This is awkward. We dropped you.”
    Aaryn: “What?!”
    Zephyr Agent: “Yeah. What you said on that show was vile. We didn’t want to associate with you. So please remove yourself from our property or I’ll call security. Now. Please.”

    Just wish they gave the 9th jury vote to America and told Aaryn to VAMOOSE! Scram! Don’t come back on finale night!

    • I agree that what she did was both wrong and crossed the line into a ”hate crime” (no better way to describe it). But why on earth would we then give Aaryn this reception as if she was the only perpetrator? Spencer, Gina Marie & Amanda have committed offences (of racism, elitism, homophobia and sexism) with even greater intensity than Aaryn. So yes, let’s make Aaryn stand accountable (and help educate her) for her words and actions, but let’s be FAIR about this and not say it’s ok for the rest of the house guests to escape the same judgement.

      • I agree with you they all need to be punished and I think what BB and CBS is going to do is wait until that person is evicted to confront them about it because they don’t want to give away too much information in letting them know how America feels about them. Think about it, after Julie questioned Amanda, Amanda started complaining and felt like now everyone hates her, you would think that she would try to not get into confrontation anymore – NOPE, she starts in on Elissa again last night. She’s so stupid and disgusting and know nothing about accountability because she’s trying to say she’s getting a bad edit and has yet to take responsibility for her actions. Her excuse it, “I was taught to stand up for myself” – as if she’s being picked on – she’s a nut job.

      • Same type of excuses Aaryn was giving. People instinctively perceive themselves as the ”victim” if they only get booed or hated. I hope Amanda’s quotes are given to her during her exit interview (and not just the for tv quotes, I mean the ones where she joyfully says racist things about Puerto Ricans and Mexicans). Ultimately, I hope she gets counseling and educated.

      • It will have to be more than just the quotes on paper. They will need to actually be video and for her to actually see and hear or she could easily say that her words were twisted and that wasn’t what she said or meant or whatever. I do hope that she can learn from this and move on.

      • I’m sure the other perpetrators will receive equal treatment. I know that Julie will want explanations for Spencer’s comments, etc. If they don’t, I agree with you that Aaryn alone should not be singled out. She was one of many. But honestly, do you think that Aaryn should have gotten a pass? I think that Julie was very restrained and diplomatic. And obviously Aaryn needed a reality check because either she was feigning ignorance, or she truly doesn’t believe she’s a bigot. Either way, she needed to be told that her actions have consequences. I don’t want people to be mean to her. I only want her to realize that her behavior is socially and morally unacceptable.

  5. I tell you what…I haven’t been this mad in a very long time. The first half of bb was preempted due to preseason football. Hey, I love football, but bb being preempted for a PRESEASON game? Ugh! I was pissed! If anyone knows how I could watch this episode again, please please let me know. Thank ya kindly!

    The perfect outcome for this week? Amanduh and Andy both gone in the de. I changed to Andy from McCrae because on bbad I saw McC coming down on Amanduh for the way she is acting. I just wish that McC hadn’t gotten involved with that troll. It has really hurt his game and his image. He used to be my favorite for quite a while. But if he got evicted it wouldn’t affect me one way or the other. He went from being a funny guy with a personality to someone who constantly picks at himself from stress, and never showers because he doesn’t want to have sex with the gross pig. I just hope that Andy the Rat goes home first.

    • Do you have TVGN ? They run all the week episodes on friday night starting at 8:00 pm. The thursday night episode start at 10:00 pm.

      • Thank you Captain! I got so mad last night that I completely forgot about tvgn. And I watch bbad every night! I even suggested this to someone on the east coast two weeks ago because he had the same thing happen. It goes to show that I was steamin’ last night…lol!

    • You can also watch the episode today on CBS’s website.

      McCrae wasn’t really coming down on Amanda, he was telling her to chill out but he was still siding with her and calling Elissa nasty names. He even told Amanda she needs to play the victim. It’s baffles me on how they are so damn delusional and feel like they (McCranda) and Elissa is wrong. Amanda is a nasty bully and I hope she gets a rude awakening when she leaves the house. I’m sure Julie will bring her nasty behavior to her attention when she does her exit interview like she did Aaryn.

      • I really hope you’re right Sah. I have this gut feeling that Aaryn has been singled out and that CBS will demonstrate they don’t care about the issue of hate crimes in the house.

      • I hope so too. I’m trying to be optimistic, and hope they will address this with all guilty parties because enough is enough and CBS has a obligation to it’s viewers (they people that make them money) so stand up to this nonsense. It’s very disgusting.

    • CudaDebbie: I agree with the McCrae evaluation… Amanda has truly trashed his reputation.

      Julie hit the nail on the head when she addressed that room! The clothes thrown on the floor and just plain nastiness is not mean, but just fact. If you want to really see these guys, watch TVGN which is Big Brother After Dark. You get to see all of them in real action which includes picking at their nose constantly, chewing food with their mouth open, passing gas and belching and not saying excuse me, clothes thrown everywhere etc., Judd not being allowed to use a certain drawer under the bed because it contains Amanda’/MCcrea’s condoms. It is no wonder that Elissa will not let them sit on her bed!!!

  6. Best part of Aaryn going is she will be in the jury house with Candace, Jesse & Helen. Helen & Jesse might give her a pass, but I’m pretty sure Candace will give her a really well deserved hard time.

    And poor little ‘ol Aaryn has nobody to protect her there.

    Jury house might be even more fun to watch than actual BB

  7. As a Texan, yes we are in the South, and yes, there is racism, but there is racism EVERYWHERE! That is a POOR excuse and that just shows her ignorance. I do not claim her and am not proud that she comes from Texas…as far as I am concerned, she is NOT a true Texan, she is a selfish, arrogant, spoiled brat that lost her job due to her MOUTH, and that has nothing to do with the south…we are warm and welcoming people that speak to everyone and try to make people feel at home…she, on the other hand, must not have been raised by parents that taught their children that this is a diverse world in which we live, and you have to get along with people of all colors, races, and religions…not beat each other down…probably wasn’t brought up in church either, or she would have known the song, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…RED and YELLOW, BLACK and WHITE, they are precious in his sight…”
    Poor girl, she is in for a RUDE AWAKENING!

  8. I don’t think Aaryn was “acting” like she didn’t remember what she said. Everything she said was so natural to her, why would she remember it? It was nothing out of the ordinary.

    What bothered me most was her blaming it on being southern and then, when given a second chance at the end, she blamed it on being from Texas. I live in Texas. Texas has the most undeserving stereotype in the nation for racism, and she helped perpetuate it.

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