Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Thursday Night Highlights


Aaryn is gone and GinaMarie holds the Big Brother 15 Head of Household power, so it didn’t take long for Amanda to start telling GinaMarie what to do with her HOH this week. But GinaMarie isn’t having it. She seems pretty solid with her new alliance with Andy, Judd and Spencer.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013

7:33 PM BBT – Feeds finally return following the live episode. GinaMarie has won Head of  Household. We immediately get Amanda telling GinaMarie to put up Elissa. She tells GM to make Aaryn proud by being the one to evict Elissa.

7:36 PM BBT – Judd and Elissa talking about keeping GM in their pockets and not letting her be alone with McCrae and Amanda.

7:38 PM BBT – Andy is already worrying about Elissa next week. He’s not even focused on this week. He seems to be second-guessing targeting McCrae and Amanda.

7:43 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she will be “up her ass,” talking about GinaMarie. She plans to work GM until she’s sure she’s going to nominate Elissa.

7:44 PM BBT – GinaMarie, Judd, Spencer and Andy celebrating GM’s win in the storage room. GM is laughing to them telling them Amanda thinks she’s putting Elissa up but she’s really putting her and McCrae up.

7:48 PM BBT – Elissa congratulating GM on her win and told her she did not stop praying she’d win. Elissa has done a good job of getting GM on her side.

7:50 PM BBT – Sounds like Spencer and Judd did the worst in the competition so they have to wear chicken suits.

7:52 PM BBT – Amanda doesn’t seem happy with the question Julie asked her. She says she knows they’re portraying her like a villain now. She talks about this for awhile. She’s mad they’re making her look like a bully and Elissa look like an angel.

8:05 PM BBT – McCrae says he’s scared about this week.

8:10 PM BBT – Amanda tells Spencer she thinks GM will put up Judd and Elissa.

8:12 PM BBT – GinaMarie tells Elissa that she is 100 percent nominating McCrae and Amanda and contrary to what Amanda thinks, THAT is actually what Aaryn wanted her to do, not nominate Elissa.

8:20 PM BBT – Judd tells GM they have four votes against McCranda and that she won’t regret putting them up.

8:23 PM BBT – Amanda asks Andy if he knows who GM is putting up. He says Elissa is the only name he is heard. And then he tells McCrae he’s afraid one of them might go up. Andy will end up caving.

8:48 PM BBT – Amanda telling GM to put up Spencer or Judd next to Elissa. And she says do not put her or McCrae up as initial noms. She tells GM if she leaves a lot of people will be pissed. She then offers herself as a replacement pawn if Judd or Elissa wins veto.

9:00 PM BBT – Amanda is speculating there will be a double eviction next week. She tells GM they have to use that chance to get Elissa and Judd out.

9:01 PM BBT – When Amanda leaves the room GM laughs and looks at the camera and says “she’s going up.”

9:10 PM BBT – Amanda tells Judd that Aaryn said she really liked him. They talk about the possibility of them dating.

9:46 PM BBT – Spencer and Judd come out of the Diary Room in their chicken suits. They start doing the chicken dance and all the others are laughing.

10:10 PM BBT – HGs got alcohol. Judd tries to trade McCrae some beer for cigarettes. Everyone accuses Judd of hiding a beer for himself.

10:35 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae and Andy to not let GinaMarie talk to Judd or Elissa and to stay on her at all times.

10:50 PM BBT – Andy, Spencer, Amanda and Elissa are having a normal conversation and then Amanda has an instant mood swing and starts attacking Elissa and hitting below the belt.

10:55 PM BBT – Andy, Spencer, & Elissa all leave Amanda sitting there by herself. McCrae comes over and whispers that she needs to calm down. Amanda starts yelling that Elissa is a c-word. McCrae shouts back to Amanda, “will you chill out?!”

11:25 PM BBT – GinaMarie gets to reveal her HOH room.

12:00 AM BBT – Amanda trying to get in GM’s ear. Tells GM that Elissa made her cry. GM seems unimpressed.

12:30 AM BBT – Andy and Judd are excited that The Exterminators will be safe this week.

12:35 AM BBT – Amanda, taking a break from following GM, complains that Elissa is following GM.

12:40 AM BBT – Judd and Spencer say they feel totally confident with GM in power. Judd tells Spencer that he wants McCrae out before Amanda. Spencer wants Amanda gone.

1:00 AM BBT – Amanda goes after Elissa. Elissa keeps walking away and ignoring her.

1:10 AM BBT – Amanda complaining that Elissa was torturing Aaryn all season.

1:30 AM BBT – GM tells Judd that she isn’t buying Amanda’s complaining. She says she knows Amanda has been the one causing trouble. Andy comes in and reminds GM not to fall for “Amanda’s BS.”

2:00 AM BBT – GM says she wants McCrae gone this week.

2:00 AM BBT – Downstairs, Amanda warns McCrae that he’s going to go up. He agrees.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs find a giant cockroach in the backyard.

2:35 AM BBT – McCranda talking to GM about Elissa. GM playing it up and telling them what they want to hear.

2:40 AM BBT – Now McCranda expect Spencer and Elissa to be the nominees. Oh, this is going to be good. They wish GM would put up Judd.

3:20 AM BBT – Amanda confident that GM would break a tie to keep her over Spencer. McCranda excitedly looking forward to Elissa being gone next week.

3:30 AM BBT – McCrae goes off on Elissa. They’re very focused on Elissa in their discussion.

4:00 AM BBT – HGs all in bed and resting up for a very exciting Friday ahead of them.

It sounds like GM will put up McCrae and Amanda which will mean some explosive live feeds. So get rested up, things are about to get even more crazy than they have been.

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  1. This might be a very good week if both McCrae and Amanda get put on the block and do not get off by winning POV! That would be the best scenario because then, Amanda would have a hissy fit! She would be totally helpless and not able to do anything about it!

      • He mentioned last night that he would throw the veto if he played… Idk I he will but he said it.

      • He absolutely will throw the veto comp this week…. no doubt….. he has 100% kept his options open to ensure his safety no matter who HOH is. Love him or hate him he by far has played the best social floater game this season.

      • I can’t even imagine Andy winning a veto.
        I want Amanduh out sooo bad, but would
        like to see Amanduh stressing out, wondering who McC is hooking up with in the jury house

      • He will throw it, that way be doesn’t look like he is bailing on GM, Judd & Spencer if he would use it if he won and he still looks like he is with McCranda by not winning.

      • Andy doesn’t have to throw the competition, he never wins anyway. Useless wishy washy human being.

      • Another thought that entered my mind She is sooo ignorant…Playing the victim last nite & telling the cameras what a mean vile person Elissa was. “See America I hope ur watching” (no quote) or something to that effect..

      • Elissa is no angel. Her goodbye video to Aaryn was a perfect example of how patronizing she is.

      • That was not patronizing. It was very simple and clear and direct, telling Aryan that she doesn’t care – at all.

      • Elissa needs to win POV to make sure she does not get backdoored this week.
        Andy I think wants to get rid of Elissa and he is certainly has some loyalty to Amanda and McCrae so, do not trust him fully!

      • correct…Elissa knows Andys game and she watches him like a hawk. She keeps him close by “pretending” to trust him but she knows he is just like Aaryn always running back to the enemy.

      • That right there should proof to the exterminators that he is still loyal to McCranda!!

      • me too, the thought of Amanda having to beg Elissa to use the veto on either her or McCrae is wonderful.

      • After Amanda’s speech, Elissa can tell her to “Sit down, trash.” But she won’t. Lol.

    • Yes, Amanda and McCrea on the block at the same time would be wonderful. I would love to see how they choose to campaign.

    • Amanda will start campaigning against McCrae before her ass hits the nominees seat!

      • If both remain on the hot seat, as long as Amanda remains her old, nasty self—-McCrae would be safe! Amanda would not get a single vote!

    • If McCrae or Amanda wins POV it might be interesting to see. If McCrae wins, she will expect him to use the veto to save her. If she wins, Elissa will probably go up as the replacement nominee. Then the Elissa, Amanda thing will get even worse.

      • Amanda is going to yell at people regardless but, I want to really see her livid and out of her mind! Then, Amanda would have a reason for her hissy fits! Now, she just shouts at people for no good reason! Enjoy the show! LOL

  2. McC and Amanda’s convo last night was so disgusting. It amazes me how delusional they are about CBS edits. CBS is making them look so much better than they actually are! Amanda is so vile and what McC said last night made me sick! And btw I am so happy for GM. She was so happy.

      • Ugh I don’t even want to repeat it. It wa basically bashing Elissa and talking about how they wanted to tell her that they had sex in her bed and hoped she would have gotten a rash from it. And telling McC to cum on her bed. So gross…

      • Amanda is very immature for her age….that’s all I have to say. I’m for sure Elissa will get a rash if they left anything behind. Those two are very nasty people.

      • What is wrong with McCrae? Does he not know Amanda is destroying his game, does he now want to win? He better get as far away from that woman as he can.

      • That’s exactly how I feel too! He could have been great. He knows this game! I don’t understand why he is letting someone like her bring him down. I’ve lost hope in him after last night.

      • McCrae knows but he doesn’t want to give up her talents at night … Most people have to pay hookers he gets his for free…

      • no doubt they will take over hoh room like they usually do, they are too disgusting individules, they deserve each other, I hope this time gm doesn’t let them on her bed

      • And yet it doesn’t surprise me Demanda is a walking STD….McStinky is just gross. They are both filthy pigs ..I bet her parents are so proud of the SLUT they raised …..

    • I agree. CBS let out a lot of the most vile and disgusting things Amanda said and did to Elissa.

      But I just love the way Elissa is calmly pushing Amanda’s buttons to get her even more riled up. Amanda falls for it every time too. Elissa is a devious little devil sometimes.

      • As good as the edit is covering up for Amanda, it’s covering for Elissa much more. She’s getting the edit of the season.

      • I still think Spencer is. We haven’t seen any of the nasty stuff he has said about Jessie or the other women in the house.

      • I don’t think they can show it, wouldn’t pass the FCC rules. They would have to bleep it anyway.

      • That’s true. Maybe that’s the key on one of these shows. Be so trash mouthed that they can’t show the things you said.

      • Spencer is a vile, disgusting man. He throws the “c” word around like it is part of his everyday vocabulary, it must be, he is very comfortable saying it. He talks about f****** all the time. Dogs, people, Jessie, Aaryn whoever. He is just gross.

  3. There is going to all kinds of drama when Amanda and McCrae don’t have their keys pulled.
    Going to be a whole lot of fun.

    • I wish CBS would just once let us watch a nomination ceremony on the live feeds. Please CBS, we have suffered through this whole season, throw us a frickin bone here.

    • No man, Amanda is going to freak out… And you guys are going to come on here talking about how CBS is bad for letting it happen and you arent going to watch…

  4. than goodness that gm won hoh. now we will see without a doubt the faces of the mcasses on the hot seats!! Can’t wait to see when Julie question’s her. if you google amanda zuckerman she is best friends with the producer of the show. THey head honchos have her pegged to win, I think not;who wants a bully, racist,homophobic as a rep of the bb house

  5. After reading the messages people have been posting I realized the people in the house really aren’t as bad as I thought. Some of you take that prize by far. You talk just as bad or worse than the HG. Hypocrites!

  6. They drama has started Amanda on the feeds: I hate Elissa I want to kill her rant. Amanda did not like Julie’s question and said Elissa is being portrayed as an Angle and I am the Devil. She finally got a clue for a second that America sees her as a villain and blames Elissa. Amanda decides to pull the victim card to whoever will listen. Cry’s to McCrae and Andy. Basically, in the house it is a mad, mad, mad, delusional world for Amanda. When she is on the block with McCrae, get the popcorn popping. I hope GM gets loud and won’t have to hide in the HOH room from being harassed.

    • Why is she so mad at Elissa. She should be mad at herself or maybe even McCrea for not winning the HOH comp. Please, give her more medicine. Dan said it best last night when he said that she is playing the game like a brat.

    • Amanda will be amking a big mistake to go harass GM like she did Elissa, I will like to be in the front row seat to see Amanda’s ass whopped

    • On the feeds it appears the plan is in motion to put MCCranda up…The deal Amanda was trying to make with GM of going up as a pawn was hilarious.

      • Gina Marie can always tell Amanda and McCrae that Amanda is just a pawn. The good part comes when Amanda gets evicted instead of McCrae. Shocker! Sorry, Hun, dunno what happened but, you were supposed to be the pawn?

      • Yeah, I would just blindside her. I would send her to the jury house mad. Right now, no one in the jury house likes her, so she would not be able to sway the jury. And, since no one comes between Amanda and her man, I would send McCrea to the jury house via the double eviction. Love birds should never be separated.

      • Altought McCrea deserve to go, I rather see Spencer and GM exit in that order before McCrea.

      • The blindside didn’t work last week, it might not work this week since only one person sits out of veto. You put them both up and vote out either. I say vote out McCrae because Amanda might be too much of a mess to compete in a quick HOH or POV comp.

      • I’m sorry for not making myself clear. I would put both Amanda and McCrea on the block. I would tell Amanda that she is the pawn………then vote her out…….that’s the blindside. I would definitely put both of those losers on the block this time.

      • I agree; I think McCrae would have a better chance at winning those quick comps than Amanda, so he should get voted out first.

      • Her pawn move was if GM nominated whoever she dictate’s i.e. Elissa and Judd or Elissa and Spencer. In either scenarios,she said if one of then won veto she would be the pawn. She is confident she has the number to stay, Do not put her and McCrae up, and she is protecting Andy too.

      • Amanda and McCrea need to be placed on the block at the same time. To hell with that pawn scenario.

      • I think they have decided/hope to get McCrae out 1st. He has allies & could win comps is their train of thought

      • I agree. He could resurrect the all male alliance. I don’t want to see McCrae in the final. Can you imagine how Amanda would be in the jury house trying to get everyone to vote for him?

    • I think nomination ceremony is usually somewhere between 4 and 5pm (west coast time) I will be front and center when the feeds come back on to see Amanda in meltdown mode, I am really concerned as to what she might do to Elissa when she finds out she is on the block and Elissa is not. Seriously, I think she will lose it! She will torture Elissa even more.

      • I think we will see one of two reactions from Amanda, total crying meltdown in her bed or become the crazy lunatic we saw the other night. McCrae will work the house to keep himself safe, showing his true feelings for Amanda.

      • It will be interesting if she continues to harass Elissa when it was GM and the other who put her up. I have a feeling she may turn on Andy at some point this week, calling him out for stabbing her in the back after saving him last night.

  7. I understand that America doesn’t like Amanda…but imo she’s been far, far more offensive than Aaryn this season and deserves even more backlash. Bullying is a legitimate issue in this day and age more than it ever has been before. It’s far more of a concern than some immature 20 something year old making a few distasteful comments about someone’s color/ethnicity in an attempt to be funny. I mean she’s not ACTUALLY racist, whereas Amanda is an ACTUAL bully. I’m sick of it. She is an awful, awful person.

      • …and a gay basher, as well as a sloth with disgusting personal hygiene. I thinks psycho and whore would also be accurate.

    • These bullying rants are just stupid. It’s a reality tv show. Every single person in the house is allowed to pack their things and leave any time they want to. Amanda might be hurting Elissa’s feelings or find her annoying, but she doesn’t feel physically threatened.

      Everyone in the house “bullies” at one point or another. Some just do it more often and more nastily than others. It’s a way to influence houseguests decisions and manipulate them. For example, when Helen was leaving, Helen, Ellissa, and GM all sat Andy down, and tried to bully him into getting her vote, saying they will all vote him out and he will be sorry for betraying them.

      And honestly, do peoplereally want a Big Brother with no arguing and where everyone gets along? Rainbows and unicorns sounds good in theory, but I guarantee it would make for extremely boring television.

      Not only that, look at the comments just on this website…the houseguests have been called every name in the book. You people are no different than any houseguest.

      • You’re wrong about that everyone has not bully. I haven’t seen Andy or Elissa or Judd yet

      • Well I guess you don’t watch the feeds then or you are incredibly biased. All 3 have bullied at one point or another.

      • Yes other HG’s have verbally attacked below the belt or tried to make deals by way of letting someone know the outcome of their actions. However expressing a desire to kill, rape, maim someone ifs verbal assault! That type of bullying happens all too often in schools these days. It happens in domestic violence cases as well. That is when we (parents of bullied children or by the police when a restraining order is ordered) that their hands are tied because nothing physical has happened “yet”. So basically what BB is showing us is that until Amanda does physically hurt someone that their hands are tied. Someone shouldn’t have to feel fearful of their physical safety. Her threats & her entertaining of ways to physically harm someone is what’s crossed the line!!!

      • There’s a huge difference between real life and the Big Brother House. I don’t get why people can’t separate the two. When people are bullied in real life, there is no protection. The threats are taken seriously because they no real harm is a possiblity.

        Amanda’s threats mean nothing because everything is being watched 24/7, and the moment Amanda were to physically put her hands on Elissa, she would be expelled immediately. Elissa does not feel physically threatened because she knows Amanda isn’t going to put her hands on her..

      • I kind of agree with you on this one. In real life situations of bullying at home, work or school, you a usually forced to be there and can’t escape the torment. I do think Amanda was out of line and I do think her motive was an attempt to badger someone until they did what she wanted. So I also see why people perceive her as a bully. But I think she failed. So if she is a bully, she is not a very effective one.

      • Because Elissa is a strong minded person. Had it been someone with more insecurities we may have seen a completely different reaction to Amanda’s taunting.

      • I don’t think she’s strong minded. She’s so wrapped up in herself that anything anyone says that differs from her own self-perception doesn’t compute and is laughable. She’s shown on many occasions to be narcissistic and delusional.

      • Part of me feels the same way about Elissa, but then another part of me thinks that she is better that people like Amanda, Aaryn and GM. She isn’t racist, she is nice most of the time, she doesn’t verbally threaten of assault people. So while its not good to act superior to people, sometimes its hard with such lowlifes in the house. And there’s nothing wrong with being proud of the life you have.

      • But you are telling us what Elissa thinks now. Elissa already told Judd she feels threatened.

        And bullying doesn’t have to mean physical harm. It can be verbal abuse, taunting and other dominant behavior. Things like sticking a condom over Elissa’s picture, throwing her stuff in the toilet (or on the toilet in this case), blowing the horns, banging on her HOH door, etc. are actions of a bully. In fact, many cases of suicide that have been attributed to bullying have been non-physical. Think about it, if it becomes physical then someone intervenes to stop it. Its when it is verbal, like what Amanda is doing, then a lot of people hem and haw about it instead of doing anything to stop it – kind of like what you are doing.

      • Jim, your theory is far from the truth unless you are Elissa and knows how she really feels, stop excussing Amanda for her behavior, nobody wants to wait to see if she Amanda will carry out her threat by hitting Elissa, Amanda is a nut case and needs to be caged (kicked out) before she hurt’s anyone. She is a control freak who just don’t like when people use their own mind to make their own decision by not bowing to her orders. Yes, it is a game but play the game with respect to one another and not bullying people because you have two fake boobs and no brain. If I was in the game and won an HOH game, I will ban Amanda from coming to the HOH room fro the duration of my time as HOH. She is not a good person, she is a nasty bitch and she needs a taste of her own medicine but in a more civilized way.

      • Your are mistaken. Elissa has said she feels threatened by Amanda’s behavior. Saying if you don;t vote this way to that way then you will be a target in the game is not bulling. Saying you want to murder someone in her sleep, punch or harpoon her in the face reveals a deep emotional reaction to someone and an aggressive attitude.

        Amanda’s problem is she has to be in control at all times and if she isn’t she loses control of herself. Wait until later today when she goes up on the block. I am curious to see if we get the fetal position Amanda or the threateningly aggressive Amanda.

    • A few distasteful comments? I think it was more than a few. I don’t disagree that Amanda is bad as well, but don’t go and try to make Aaryn look like just a stupid 20-something who is trying to be funny. She knows in “this day and age” that what she said, was wrong too.

    • Aaryn isn’t “actually” racist and just said a few distasteful comments…seriously?

      Aaryn was a bully as well; even if not racially-motivated (I suspect it was, but there’s no proof either way), she flipped two people’s mattress and clothing off their bed, she harassed a player over something she knew quite well the player didn’t do, and she had no remorse for the things she said, even after being warned she should tone her comments down because of how they’re perceived.

      Amanda is worse in a lot of ways, but let’s not act like Aaryn was some kind of angel.

  8. Amanda is a PIG whether she is playing the game or not. I would be so ashamed if she were my daughter. How can she sleep at night knowing the horrible things she has said. BITCH has got to go

  9. Amanda could simply implode this week when she and McCrae are nominated together and then we wouldn’t even have to worry about her any longer.
    Amanda is quite possibly the nastiest person to ever play this game. I thought the toothbrush in the toilet incident years ago was bad, but this is really some sick, below the belt, stuff that Amanda is doing. I cannot imagine how her life will ever be the same after this show.
    I was SO proud of Julie last night, she did exactly what she needed to do, what I expected her to do and what many said she wouldn’t do… BRAVO!
    If Andy caves this week, I want him gone next, he needs to balls up and quit playing such a wishy-washy game!
    The only reason I can see anyone wanting McCrae out before Amanda is for Final 2. McCrae at this point still doesn’t have so much blood on his hands that he can’t be rehabilitated, Amanda on the other hand has no chance of winning so why not make her your number 2. I don’t think the house will do that, at least I hope not, although it may be a smart game move.
    I can’t wait for Amanda to be out of that house, so that her 15 minutes will end and she can go back to being miserable and nasty off camera.

    • They may want McCrae out because he is a threat to make an alliance with someone else after Amanda is gone. At least that’s what I think they are thinking. If Amanda is alone, who is going to align with her?

      • They might also think she will be enough of an emotional wreck when he leaves to win an HOH or POV comp that same night.

  10. This entire cast was basically horrible they were all bullies at some point in the show there wasnt anyone innocent. Cbs should let them all vote for a Winner t and no matter who that person is make the biggest twist ever and day due to cbs’s stance against bullying your money as well as America’s players money has already been donated to an anti bullying charity to show that this ville behavior doesn’t pay off and being someone’s sister doesn’t get you a free payday. On a Side note everyone in that house should want to take Amanda to the final 2 since she would get a whopping 0 votes for her to win

    • I am not sure how you define bullying but I only saw two bullies in the house; Jeremy and Amanda. The other house guests may not be perfect for one reason or another, but they didn’t bully anyone.

      • You must not be watching the live feeds threatening people for not voting your way is bullying as well

      • That’s where I disagree. That is within the game and telling someone they will become a target is not being a bully just because its a threat. That’s how the game works.

      • Aaryn was a bully for flipping people’s beds over and harassing Candice about things she knew Candice didn’t do (including the hat episode; she harassed Candice about it even after Spencer admitted he sat on it).

        GM was a bully pretty much every time she spoke to Candice.

  11. I really don’t care if Amanda were to make it to the final 2 unlike Evil Dick I honestly doubt that she would get more than 2 jury votes I mean c’mon Elissa, Jessie, Candice, Aaryn would not vote for her. But I hope McC wins veto that way Amanda would def be leaving!! Oh please please!

    • I’m starting to think just like Evil Dick, Amanda will only win next to the person who rode her coattails to the finals. That would be McCrae. I don’t see them getting to final 2 without a special power.

      • You’re right. And she’s not going to get any special powers. Despite what the delusional fans who think the game is rigged for her say.

    • A woman villain has never been popular by fans or by those inside the game in either BB or Survivor. There is a double standard because people hate seeing a woman be unlady-like. There’s a double standard for sure.

    • She will probably convince him to use the veto on her and have him believe that is the smartest move.

      • I just don’t see him doing that. From watching the live feeds, he seems to realize that she is number for him in the game, but he has been bringing up his ex girlfriend more and more. I think he is done with Amanda romantically but is to much of a wuss to stop her from humping him.

  12. SO Happy Julie called Aaryn out. If GM puts up Amanda vs. McCrae basically one of them is going home no matter who wins POV. Great news! If McCrae goes home Amanda will self destruct – let’s hope :)

  13. I want GMs nomination speech to be “I nominated you Amanda and Mccrae for Aaryn. She did all your dirty work and you didn’t keep her. Good luck.”

    • Yeah right. More like “Yous guys voted Nick out week 2 and I’m doing this for Nick.” She turns to everyone else, “Do you think Nick liked that?”

  14. Did Julie say something last night about a special competition this week (special outside of HOH/POV)? If so, I think a power is coming, and Amanda and Mccrae still have a chance of both being saved.

    • It could be that double veto Rachel won in her second season. It kept both her and Jordan safe that week. But Julie did say a special competition. Who knows it could be one of their stupid movie promo tie ins.

      • nooo CBS is sooo underfire after Amandas ranting/raving on Elissa to pull as stunt to save either would just start their phones /emails blowing the lines again..

      • I think we should have learned from this season, that CBS doesn’t care how they get ratings as long as they get them. I can’t imagine a bigger ratings boost than thinking two people are doomed and then saving them. Even if they aren’t liked by the viewers.

      • But what would be the long term ramifications for BB fans if they did pull a stunt to give Amanda a special power like coup d’etat or double power of veto and she saves herself and McCrae? Would people still watch if they felt strongly that the show is fixed? I know some people think it is but I bet there is still enough doubt to keep them interested. But what if they became convinced its fixed? Would they bother to watch the next season of BB or would large numbers drop out?

      • I don’t know that people care about how “real” reality tv is anymore. So many shows are proven to be partially scripted or influenced by producers, that I think people are short sited about that stuff now. I’ve been disappointed many seasons with whats happening on BB or Survivor, but when that next season starts, I’m always excited to watch.

      • If you came back after seeing the Coup d’etat and then Brendan being brought back into the game to save Rachel, you’ll come back after this.

      • Last year when Brendan came back I DID NOT watch the rest of the show and I’ll do the same if anything strange happens this year.

      • they already did one of those with “Unforgettable” or whatever….plus the cbs shows don’t come out until the week of sept. 23.

        I am still thinking a power, although a trip outside of the house is possible (similar to shane and danielle’s last year to gymnastics meet..

  15. I don’t understand why this group of houseguests want to evict McCrae more than Amanda. She’s crazy, has insane mood swings, and is a huge bully. Why not get her out when they can? Do they think that things will be better if McC leaves first? I think they can prepare for an extra dose of crazy if that happens. This group of houseguests really confuses me. Logic – what’s that? Crazy.

    • McCrae has the ability and relationships to make an alliance, but Amanda doesn’t have the social skills to last long in the game. They see him as a bigger competition and social threat.

      • I think people like McCrea, but I have to agree with you that McCrea has no social skills. The only person that he really talks game with is Amanda. The only time that he comes out to pay is when he or Amanda are in jeopardy. He says he is a BB super fan and knows how to play the game. However, he is not playing a very good game. I, definitely, would not take him to the finals, though.

      • Even when he comes out to play, most of the time he is acting on Amanda’s orders, isn’t he?

    • You always want to be in a final two with a disgusting villain.

      McCre has a way better chance at jury votes than Amanda.

      • If anyone takes her to final 2, she’s the villain. But she also played the most strategic game of anyone in the house. If she were to lose in final 2 to anyone, it’s a bitter jury. That’s her fault for her jury management. But it’s still a bitter jury.

      • That was true once but her game was always doomed to fail at some point. First, she bullied everyone and we had to figure even this group of house guests would be sick of it after a while. Second, she has a Showmance and as Dan said, those usually make people a target.

        Amanda was playing a good strategic game but she never had the self-awareness to realize how the house perceived her. She still doesn’t. That’s the flaw in her game and it is going to get her evicted.

      • I agree that she’ll be evicted because of the way she played the game. But I was responding to the contention that someone should keep her as a final 2 villain. If that were the case, she’d lose because of a bitter jury. Again, a bitter jury that she embittered because of her actions. But still a bitter jury that isn’t awarding the victory based on strategic game play.

      • Oh, okay. I agree with that. But can anyone stand her being around until the final two?

        I also think if Amanda is kept in the house alone and without an alliance she will not be the same. She will be very difficult to live with and that will get her evicted. If she gets in another alliance, she will return to her normal way of doing things, like bossing around her alliance and telling them who to put up.

      • Actually, I think she’d be much better. Rachel was intolerable with Brendan in the game. She’s much easier to deal with when she plays by herself.

      • Now more than ever her lack of self awareness is apparent. She has no clue she is in trouble this week. She only thinks she might be a renom.

      • I find parallels between Amanda’s “reign” in the BB house and Robespierre’s “reign” during the French Revolution.

        By making himself the embodiment of virtue and of total commitment, he took control of the Revolution in its most radical and bloody phase – the Jacobin republic. His goal in the Terror was to use the guillotine to create what he called a ‘republic of virtue’, wherein terror and virtue, his principles, would be imposed. He argued, “Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie.

        Amanda used the threat of eviction (the guillotine) to keep control of the house. Eventually the citizens turned on Robespierre and he lost his head.

        It appears that the same fate is about to befall Amanda.

      • LOL!

        I think Spencer is too tall to be Napoleon. It would have to be Gina Marie. In the end both Napoleon and Gina Marie will be banished to an island, right?

      • Was talking about the $50,000 prize for finishing 2nd in Big Brother but, if someone wants to buy a house from her—-that is their business!

      • I know. I prefer the way Judd put it to Elissa, “Who’s gonna buy a home from that.”

  16. Before bed Mc said he was hoping his ejaculate that he left in El’s bed would cause her skin to breakout!? Followed by Am telling Mc to ejaculate in her bed!?

    Call it a game all you want, but deliberately exposing another person to your potential/unknown STD’s seems like an offense serious enough to get tossed for…am I wrong for thinking this?

    • Wow. Just when you think this duo cannot get any more vile the introduce us to new levels of disgusting behavior we never imagined. At some point the producers need to step in an counsel these two to stop grossing out the fans of the show before we can no longer watch without vomiting.

    • Eewwww! And I thought they were gross before I found this out! Thanks for the, um, update…? LOL! Honestly, I don’t care if it is against the rules or not…production should tell them that they cannot do these grossly, piggish things…yikes!

      • I’m going to keep this as clean as possible. When Judd reentered the house and claimed his bed, he noticed something on the bed sheets. So, Judd asked what was on the bed sheets and Gina Marie answered “period blood.” I was like WTF. I would not be able to stay in that house. They are just too darn nasty for me. I swear I would sleep standing up, I would be constipated, because I would never sit down to use the toilet, I would drink my water directly from the faucet, I would only eat my own cooking, I wouldn’t even put my big toe in that Jacuzzi/pool, if I were HOH I would request a new mattress and linen, and I would never get in that hammock. I do have deep issues when it comes to cleanliness, though.

  17. I can’t wait until Amanda freaks out on other houseguests, and the people here saying “its gonna be a good week” come back saying “CBS SHOULD BAN HER FROM THE SHOW IM NEVER WATCHING AGAIN”. It’s going to happen… Im calling it now.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha! Yeah, we should miss Amanda imploding! Nah, way too much fun to see it! Then, her eviction would make it that much sweeter! LOL

    • I’m waiting patiently for Amanda to freak out on GM. I am dying to see how well that’s going to work out for Amanda. Don’t worry, I’ll come back here and let you know my thoughts.

  18. I thought McCrae was cool.. too bad he ruined everything by getting with Amanda. Judd ftw.

  19. This is exactly the kind of fun we wait all season for. McCranda see to be so clueless & still think they are in control.

    Now that’s some extreme narcissism. Should be a total crap hitting the fan fest.

    Just hope they have security sitting right outside when GM makes her noms.

    I can see Amanda going totally postal on GM & I’m so looking forward to that.

    • The one thing we have seen this season from GM, is that she doesn’t back down from confrontation. She started with Candice when she wasn’t even involved initially, she started with her best friend Aaryn without any real provocation. Something tells me Amanda would be the one backing down in this situation.

      • NY & especially Staten Island chicks don’t take crap from anyone. It’s mandatory to be tough. Almost like they put something in the water there.

        Amanda being Jewish & GM being Italian doesn’t help either.

        Could very well be we see some actual fists fly & I hope Amanda is the first one to go off & lose it.

      • That’s the thing about the type of person I think Amanda is, when faced with a real challenge to her idle threats, she will put her tail between her legs and cry in a corner.

      • Ya never know what a manic bi-polar will do. Let’s hope Amanda throws a punch & gets evicted.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head. She kept it up with Elissa because Elissa wouldn’t confront her. When she started in on GM and GM lashed out big time, Amanda walked away…talking, but walking away. I don’t think a confrontation with GM would end well for Amanda…and I think she is a typical bully who would back down when truly confronted…

  20. The comments about Amanda are pretty silimar to the ones made about Evil Dick. Both are horrible, vile people yet Dick won the game.

    • As you stated earlier, women who act this way are usually seen as more villainous than their male counterparts. And as we have seen, no woman has won BB sitting next to a man.

    • There are two things that make a difference. First, Evel Dick had the look of a rocker or biker so his villainous behavior matched his appearance. Second, Evel Dick’s motives were to intimidate and chaos paranoia. I was not a fan of Evel Dick either but he did not have the underlying insecurities and immaturity of Amanda.

      Amanda is a control freak an when she feels she does not control everyone and everything she gets crazy and goes between crying in bed and acting belligerent. When you add the other disgusting behavior of Amanda you get a very unlikeable person, male or female.

    • I didn’t like dick either. From what I saw he never made this personal with comments on race, sexuality, etc. It was all game play and stragetic. He did horrible things like bang pots together but never said he wished someones was died or would punch there lights out.

  21. I think the telltale sign that McCranda knows they are in trouble, will be if they actually get out of bed today. They are usually the last ones up and then lounge in the bed between smoke breaks. If they get up early and start working GM, that would be a first.

  22. I couldn’t tell tell now the kind of game play or strategy Amanda is engaging. She’s been true to her character since week one.

  23. I think it’s very possible that Amanda may cross the line this week if her and McRae are put up. The last 2 weeks she has become more unstable. She may get physical if she cracks. That’s automatic eviction! Right then and there. It’s only happened once in BB history. Can we say 2.

    • The less control she has, the more unstable she becomes. This week, she will find out no one except McCrae is with her and that is going to be a shock to her psyche. Last night she still seemed to think Spencer and Andy were her loyal minions. Shoe ordered Spencer to go to the hammock to get in between GM and Elissa. Priceless!

      But I am not sure Amanda will get physical. For one thing, the nomination will confuse her. She thinks Elissa is everyone’s target. When she finds out she is everyone’s target she won’t know who to strike at. She may go after everyone this time.

    • I think she is too smart to actually strike someone, but that vicious mouth of hers will be unleashed on everyone. Which hopefully will guarantee her going out first.

  24. I miss Aaryn.. And JESUS THESE CUNT COULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF AMANDA WEEKS AGO. It bothers me how bad they all are in game.

  25. I hope to be celebrating on Thursday night that both McCranda’s are out of the house! Bada Boom, Bada Bang. Go stink up the jury house you disgusting slugs. Cannot wait to hear what comes out of GM’s mouth at nominations! Loving GM about now : )

  26. Amanda or Mccrae has got to go this week she makes me sick, mccrae’s the better performer in comps so I’d prefer getting him out 1st & watching that crazy hitch implode. I feel that some of Amanda’s hate towards Elissa stems from that incident last month when Elissa made her cry over talking trash to her when she was doing her “sexy” dance for mc crae’s birthday. At the time I thought it was mean spirited by Elissa but Amanda has taken it to a whole new level, this week should be fun.

    • That’s old news. Amanda’s recent bullying of Elissa is about Amanda not being able to control Elissa’s HOH.

  27. Why is Andy such a weasel? Why is he always trying to protect Mccranda.

    Also why is he so supportive of Amanda’s bullying toward Elissa. What is his damn problem? No Andy, Elissa is not equally at fault here, Amanda is a raging psycho. Go fudge yourself.

  28. McRanduh kina remind me of a couple of grub worms. If you’ve ever seen these worms they have fang like teeth . Lying around only to come out to bite or be bitten, ha. Repulsive in everyway. Glad my kids are old enough to know this behavior is repugnant. Amanda is overt with her attacks and McCrae is almost worse hiding behind her and leaving his STD infected sperm for other house guests to waddle in… I am not that impressed with Elissa either with her “better than thou” atttitude. Did you hear her Bbad say she owned a hockey rink? Than talk about how hard She worked for it? Yea, right, maybe her hubby, but last time I checked part time yoga, nutritionalist, whatever doesn’t bring in that kina salry. Even GM looks good next to this crew with the exception of Judd, she is obviously ignorant and isolated with “the staten island/ jersey shore” thing. Not that I condone her behavior towards poor Candice, but I truly believe we are a product of our enviornment, especially when we have not stepped out of it. Her Nick thing is completely delusional. Its sad that BB gave her a photo from they’re pics. It obviously was not from him. I am praying they stick to a McCranduh double evict. Judd seems worthy and possibly one of the only houseguests that could use $500,000

  29. I don’t get why Andy is crawling back to McCranda… such a weasel. He was back reporting to them last nite. He is sooo untrustworthy. hard to believe he could teach anyone or anything . He is so transparent physically and emotionally, he couldn’t even teach the art of deception, which I’m sure is what he’s aiming for.
    Thus far, I have just been reading… I am amazed CBS allows this to go on. I have been aquainted with some of these CEOS N Producers and unfortunately it seems to be another reflection of what has become of our world today. Ratings, ratings. The sick part is Amanda will become famous, maybe not favorably, but she doesn’t seem to notice or care, ugh!!!

  30. Amanda seems very unstable… She may need to be checked out by a psychiatrist and put on medication.

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