Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The very first Big Brother 15 Power of Veto ceremony has been held and the results are in on the Live Feeds. With three nominations this season there are even more combinations of what could go down during this ceremony Read on to find out if the Veto was used and who are the latest nominations.

Just as we expected, McCrae used the Veto. He saved Candice and removed her from the chopping block. Since McCrae is also this week’s HoH he had to name a replacement nominee. Elissa was named as the renom.

Everything went just as we described earlier. The plan has been for awhile now that McCrae would have to renom Elissa to hide his agreement with her. It’s a risky move for Elissa as nearly half the house wants her gone, but lucky for her, the other half wants David gone.

Since David, the MVP’s nomination, was not removed there won’t be an MVP renom. That’ll be interesting to see play out if/when it happens later on BB15

Later this week we’ll see which side wins, but right now it does look like David is in serious danger. He does suspect it a little, but not to the level that he should.

Jump on your Live Feeds now to watch the house react. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Get your Free Trial right now and see what other fans are watching right now.



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  1. David suspects it a little? That’s because only one brain cell at a time can get through that immense head of hair. Seems like a nice enough guy but he has been shackled with a ball and chain (Aaryn) since day 1. She will be his downfall and he will never know what hit him (the eviction door).

  2. Very disappointed with BB this year. They have picked immature young people and there is definite age discrimination in the selection of participants. No interest in this show this year.

    • Everyone (including me last season) says the same thing every year. “This season sucks”, “worst season ever”, “I’m not interested”, you waited months for BB and than you start to complain. Just watch the show :/

      • I wonder what you think of the group now that some of them have come out with immature racist remarks! Can we say ignorance?

      • Actually I wont say that this is the worst season when the season just started last week BUT this is by far the most unlikable group of houseguest. The only hgs I like are Elissa, Howard, Helen, Amanda, and Judd
        Candice, Andy, McCrae and Nick are okay
        I dont like the rest. I especially have a strong dislike for Aaryn’s racist ass and Jeremy’s douchebag ass, I seriously want to punch Jeremy.

    • I have to disagree with you, the ages seem to match up with what they usually have (a bunch of young kids and then the two token “older” male and female to round them out). In fact I’m kind of impressed with the age range…they seem to have a lot more late 20-somethings/early 30-somethings than usual this time. Oh well maybe it’s just me.

      • It maybe just you……If you look at the past BB seasons, there is more diversity of age groups. This group all happen to be mostly in their 20″s and early 30’s!

      • I have to agree with you dani700. The youngest to ever be a HG was Michelle of season 4 (she was 19) and the oldest Jerry of season 10 (he was 75). You would think that each year they could mix it up a bit. How hard can it be to find 16 people between 19 and 75? That gives you at least 5 generations to choose from. And i’m sure they could find at least ONE interesting person in each.

    • Most of them don’t really know how to play the game, From what I can tell from watching the feeds, some of the girls are only on to flip their hair around and start showmances (Kaitlin, who I think looks alot like Kristen Stewart and Jeremy) and Aaryn and David, neither one of them have a clue. Not crazy about this cast. They all seem very immature, except for a few of the older ones, Helen and Spencer. Maybe it will get better as time goes by. We shall see.

  3. I don’t think that the person who is MVP for the week should have to go on the block. That should give them safety.

    • Two reasons I don’t like this: 1. America will pick a favorite and let them glide through the entire game without even having to play. 2. The MVP needs to remain anonymous to make the game interesting (whether to help or hurt the HOH or his/her sub-alliance, etc.). If the MVP is kept off the block, he/she can’t be anonymous. And that person shouldn’t have to worry that the rest of the HGs are out to get her because of America’s support.

      • I agree that the MVP shouldn’t have safety. If you think about it all of the rewards (veto, saboteur, America’s player, etc.) come with a certain degree of risk, even HOH. If not at the time it is used then in the following weeks. You use the veto to save this person now, you upset others who would want to seek revenge later. The only reason the veto holder is safe is that no one would want to have it otherwise.

      • That is true. I am not sure how I am going to like this MVP thing. See how it plays out, maybe it will go away later, like Amanda was saying earlier on the feeds.

  4. Thanks for the updates- just curious about the MVP… If they choose to keep their identity secret (haha I know impossible right) but the POV takes down the MVP’s nominee, then how will the MVP renominate? In secret in the DR? Or will it “out” the MVP?

  5. If David gets evicted, he will soon see himself all over the internet. His junk was seen today on cam 3. Full frontal…he’s so stupid !

    • LOL…Cyril, i missed it. Is the size of his junk any relation to the size of his hair?….nevermind…that’s the kind of question nightmares are made of.

      • 2:22 Cam 3 today. Chat rm going crazy about this today. He’s already got an offer from hahaha

  6. Ok…from my understanding…America picked David for MVP, and MVP put up the third nom for eviction…right? So, are you telling me the dumb dickhead put himself on the block???? If that is so, I can’t wait to see his ass go through the door!!!. That would be a great start for the season!!! too much hair weighing down the brain.

  7. What I really don’t understand is why everybody (or half of the house, at least) hates Elissa. Is it just because she’s Rachel’s sisters?

  8. What????? The MVP should be safe!!!!! I’ve watched every season – and am about to let BB go, the same way I did with Survivor!!!!!

    • Unfortunately, we’ve kind of had to figure out the MVP rules for ourselves this year, but I have to agree with the others. It makes sense for the MVP not to have safety. If that were part of the deal, then they would lose the option of keeping their status anonymous. Considering the power given to the MVPs, it’s safer for them to be in danger of eviction.

      • That would also give America the power to save one HG each week, and we as a nation suck with the america vote thing. Besides it would open up the ability for us to let someone float to the end.

  9. I either want to see beach boy go or Elissa just because she’s rachel’s sister and rachel was annoying.

  10. Hmm I do find it a little weird that they don’t want you showing screenshots of lewdness and are trying to stay away from obvious acts of nudity on the feeds, yet the advertising picture for the feeds is Aaryn taking a bubble bath. I haven’t subscribed to feeds this year because CBS seems to be so sanctimonious about it…and hypocritical…and primetime networks in general seem to excel at taking something that’s already working fine, and then f’ing it up.

    • They showed David changing into his swim trunks earlier, and everything showed.

  11. But if the viewers vote/player of the week isn’t safe ! Then how does that give the viewers voice/vote any power each week? It rather it seems to be a major target placed on the winner of the MVP. Because they win the title with no power included. Thus they become the target for an easy eviction ! The entire house can rally behind this eviction. The viewers like them. That’s sending a message. So they need to go !!! The honor should have power to stay!!

    • No one knows who the MVP is, but you have the option to reveal to anybody and use it as a bargaining chip. Keep in mind that some players are reluctant to evict Americas choice. Afraid of having a backlash, because they too want to be MVP, as McC

  12. Can someone tell me what happen between Helen and Elissa? One minute, after the veto comp, they are in the have not room and Helen is telling Elissa to lay low. She was bein all warm and fuzzy. Ten minutes later she is the room with Jeremy. Helen totally flips against Elissa and then again last night in the HOH room with Amanda and Mccrey I like Elissa I think she needs a chance to play the game

    • Elissadid tell them that she were Rachel sister so hen Jeremy asked he didn’t like her answer so everyone is thinking that she is being nasty. So he was trying to let her know to stay away. He needs to look at the person that he is with how you sleep with some one you know nothing about

      • Thanks for the answer. Can not stand Jeremy. Who says broads anymore? He thinks he’s God’s gift to women

  13. I don’t get why people think the MVP shouldn’t have to go on the block. It’s not like that person actually did anything to earn it. The MVP is just america’s favorite player at the moment. It would also mean that the favorite could make it to the end just because America voted for him/her every week and nothing else. I personally want Elissa to stay this week because the house hasn’t given her a chance to play but it is only fair that she can get put on the block. I actually think that their should be a rule that a person can’t win it 2 times in a row to make it more fair.

  14. How many majority votes out is needed to evict David this week? Five out of ten HG’s?

  15. I am so confused right many alliances are there in the house. I didn’t realize McCrae and Jeremy were working together, or are they. Thought McCrae was with Amanda and that side of the house, and what happened to all of the strategy that was happening with Nick and McCrae in the first few days they were in the house. I think this group came in and started playing from the second they walked in the door! If someone could clarify, I would appreciate it. BTW, Aaryn is a little shithead, telling Helen to go make some rice. That is a racist comment in my opinion. Can’t stand her or Kaitlin.

    • ..when I say alliances, I mean REAL alliances. Like the Brigade stuck together from the very beginning. Is that what Jeremy and McCrae are trying to do?

    • Sub-Alliance/formed Thursday(newer)
      Spencer, Howard, Andy, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa
      True Alliance??/formed day 1
      Spencer, Howard, Jeremy, Nick and McCrae.
      If the new alliance wins HOH, they will get them to go after Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie and keep Jeremy and Nick safe. If someone from the other side wins, then Jeremy and Nick will go after Amanda, Helen and Judd to keep Spencer and Howard safe. I don’t think these alliances are solid until a name is given. Info is from Live feeds and Jokers update.

  16. I think, Amanda and Dave they should go out, And they should get marry, should be more cat fating.

  17. I love to watch BB , but i’;m very upset that cbs felt the need to make more money from all of the fans of bb after dark. That is just a rip off, and I’m very disapponted that is not on showtime like it has always been. It was really good. PLEASE PLEASE PUT IT BACK ON SHOWTIME before you ruin a good show.

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