Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 1 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

It was Veto ceremony day in the Big Brother house which lead to some unsurprising results. The house is divided, only half of them seem to realize that, making the Veto results convincing to just a few HGs. The real surprise will come later this week, if things don’t change that is.

Later David managed to fully flash the camera and Aaryn & GinaMarie played the bigotry card. Yep, the list of undesirables in the house continues to grow.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, June 29, 2013:

8:30AM BBT – Elissa & Helen talking in HN room. Helen trying to encourage Elissa that she’ll get through this week.

11:35AM BBT – Jeremy shares a little insight to his life. “When I was 18 I slept with a 48 year old.” He also tells the HGs that he slept with one of his friend’s moms before he came on the show. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!

11:45AM BBT – Amanda tried talking to Elissa about using her MVP powers to target players. Elissa isn’t in to the conversation and wanders off leaving Amanda frustrated. Amanda expects Elissa to win MVP every week and wants to harness that power for her own.

12:10PM BBT – David makes a big mistake. He rubs sunscreen on Jessie’s back. Big mistake.

12:30PM BBT – Jessie is profusely apologizing to a furious Aaryn over the sunscreen incident. She promises it won’t happen again. Aaryn says she’s more upset at David because friends just go “wipe, wipe, wipe” when applying sunscreen, but he “spent like 30 seconds” doing it. Can’t make this stuff up.

1:30PM BBT – Veto ceremony is over. Candice was saved. Elissa was renom’d. David secretly remains the target. Or maybe not.

2:21PM BBT – David decides to go full-frontal. He drops his shorts, starts to cover himself up, then just gets changed instead. If you’d like to see his little dude, check it out, brah. Free Trial.

3:35PM BBT – Amanda offers up a Final Four deal of McCrae, Andy, and Spencer.

3:45PM BBT – Elissa confirms to Andy that she is MVP and Rachel’s sister.

6:15PM BBT – GinaMarie getting excited over the prospect of Nick liking her. He doesn’t.

8:00PM BBT – Elissa & Amanda having a heart-to-heart. Amanda is upset over McCrae telling her other HGs are out to get her. Psst, Amanda, all HGs are out to get all other HGs.

9:05PM BBT – McCrae, Andy, Amanda, & Judd are suspicious of Nick on many fronts. They think something is going on with him from too many DR sessions and they question his sexuality for the way he responds to the girls.

10:50PM BBT – Nick & GM talking game. GM is convinced only 10 HGs vote this week. Nick tries to explain 16-4 to her. GM still expecting Elissa to be evicted this week.

11:45PM BBT – McCrae & Jeremy have a quick meeting in the storage room to make sure Moving Company is still on track.

12:40AM BBT – Candice tries to squash a rumor that she bent Aaryn’s hat. Aaryn isn’t having any of it and acts like a brat in response.

1:11AM BBT – Cams flip back to Amanda & McCrae for a little post-sex pillow talk. Yep. That just happened.

1:15AM BBT – Aaryn, GinaMarie, & Kaitlin hold a Candice-bash session. They think everyone is fighting with Candice and Jessie would be better to get rid of first. Aaryn says they have the numbers and suggests Kaitlin is “retarded” for questioning that. Oh, it gets better. They’re discussing Howard & Candice sticking together based on skin color. We’re not done yet either. In regards to Helen, Aaryn says “shut up and go make some rice.” Yep, what a little sweetheart, huh? Not to be outdone, GinaMarie follows Aaryn’s comment with a suggestion for how to make Helen’s eyes straight. Something about hitting her (couldn’t hear that one part too well). Kaitlin says “that’s rude.” GinaMarie corrects her saying “that’s funny.”

2:15AM BBT – Jeremy tells Kaitlin about keeping Elissa. Could Jessie go instead? We’ll see.

The house was all over the place today. Maybe David will be safe and Jessie goes instead. If the vote were held now it’s safe to say Elissa would remain in the game. No matter what’s going on now, we’ve still got a long way to go until Wednesday’s vote.

Check Zap2It’s overview for all the horrible things being said in the house from Jeremy, Spencer, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and Aaryn.

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  1. I’m so pissed off when I saw Jeremy spilling the beans on Operation Evict David to Kaitlin, cutting short from revealing TMC. This could really bite him if he couldn’t keep her from sharing this info to the other girls.

    I’m like GAAAH!!!

    Meanwhile, did McCrae and Amanda really made the deed?

      • And yet here we are watching these people for the latest version of our fave reality show. Sadly we (society) create our own ”worst of humanity” entertainers. Of course we’ll disapprove, disdain, and be upset at their behaviour, but when it comes to the next wave of applicants for the show? Surprise, surprise, here’s another bunch of former (or current) models who want to show the worst of themselves for an extra few weeks of tv time… Round and round the circle goes. If I’m being honest with myself, I love to watch the good looking villains who are so out of touch with reality, with the hopeful ending that the ”good guys” will teach them a lesson.

  2. This group of people they got this year are a bunch of winners. From what I see, worst season yet.

  3. A guy named Aaryn is a racist.. Who woulda thunk it. XD Sadly he is the most interesting person on this season thus far.

  4. What’s wrong with people that they think they can make racists remarks and get away with it? I think this Aaryn chick is going to end up making even the most hated players look nice.

  5. If i were David i would be BEGGING to be evicted so i could get the hell away from Aaryn. He may be a few cards shy of a full deck but in reality he’s too good for her. In comparison…Rachel is like Snow White (and all 7 dwarfs) beside of Aaryn. GinaMarie is no better. I would NEVER vote for either of them for MVP. They only get my vote for “most hateful HGs of all time”. BB scoured the bottom of the barrel to find these 2.

  6. I am wondering why I don’t have to type in a password this time when I want to watch feeds, last year when I wanted to get on, I had to type my password in each and every time. What did I pay for this year? I go to BB network and just click “watch now” and it lets me get on.

  7. Aaryn is my favorite houseguest, but I can’t believe she said something so disgusting like that. She deserves to get nominated, and I really hope her showmance comes crashing down. Such a hateful thing to say, that’s ridiculous.

  8. The kicker is Elissa is the only one who voiced how racist Aaryn was when she mocked Helen’s voice. I’m curious to see how BB will edit everyone.

  9. Spoiler Alert: David will show is junk as much as he can before he gets evicted.

  10. I have been trying to get an answer to connection problems when watching BBAD on TVGN. The sound keeps on and

    off, which makes listening and understanding their comments

    impossible at times. Do you know what the problem is?

  11. After the first episode, I really found myself disliking Jesse (of course that could have just been editing) but now all the hate is being directed at Aaryn (for good reason) or Elissa. Has Jesse redeemed herself somehow in the live feeds or is she truly the narcissist-diva she was being portrayed as in Ep. 1?

    • I also disliked Jesse intensely from the way she portrayed herself in episode 1. But now her antics seem like childs play compared to Aaryns. Narcisism can be overlooked. Yes, it’s an ugly thing but not nearly as ugly as racisim.

      • Funny how they turned our attention from one potential villain to another… I’m with you in the mood shift.

  12. Okay this is ridiculous. Aaryn is not a racist or homophobic in any way. She made a racist comment and by calling Andy a queer, she made a homophobic comment. But we all have, and if any of you say that you’ve never called someone gay or a faggot or even just thought that, you’re lying. If you’ve never joked around with an opposite race friend and called them black or something stupid, you’re lying. She’s only 22. Grow up. She said one thing. So have I, but I’m neither racist or homophobic.

    • Aaryn is a racist. She had racist remarks to say about Asians, Blacks and homophobic remarks about gays, The only reason it was only about these three types of people is because there are no middle easterners or other races in the house., I’m surprised she hasn’t slammed Jeremy because he brags about being part Indian or GM because she is Italian.

      • No, she is not a racist. She made a racist comment. No she is not a homophobic. She said a homophobic term. People are WAY too sensitive nowadays and it’s pretty ridiculous.

      • Yes the word has been tossed around so much. She may not be a racist because there is no action in it, but she has the thought and feeling that bares the sense of superiority and animosity towards an individuals racial background. Racial slurs, homophobic comments are not good….period!

      • I find it interesting how some people are quick to infer racism & homophobia, whereas others are quick to deny it. In either case, it reveals a trait of foolish word choices which can’t lead to any good (unless others are like minded). And yes, racist traits/language are sadly accepted (and normal) for many people in North America. Does this make it right? Should ‘normality’ make these choices acceptable? Sadly it is (and will remain to be) in some cultures & circles, but I pray that we never let that be the case in society as a whole…

    • Sorry, but i don’t roll that way. You’re saying that because she’s young that we should cut her some slack because a lot of kids her age say things like that. Wrong. So what is the cut off age that one should be aware of so that they can stop using derogatory terms when they reach it? Racism…and homophobia….doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a learned behavior. And if no one is there to call her on it then she will think it’s acceptable. At the very least, it’s ignorant. I would love for her to make those same remarks to Helens, Howards, and Andys face. Joking around with a friend is a LOT different than saying it on national tv. You’re intent i’m sure is not to be mean. Plus…you say it to their face so obviously it’s a form of joking that’s acceptable to all of you. Intent is everything. And if you have to resort to comments like hers (behind their backs) in order to feel superior then SHE is the one that needs to grow up.

  13. I really like spencer right now, but all the females need to go soon, with the exception of maybe Elissa, only because she seems the most straight forward to me. These bitches are stupid as hell ugh. I wish there had been just a couple veterans this season. You people always complain, but at least then a couple house guests would actually be PLAYING the game, not slutting it up.

  14. I cant believe Aaryn said that and I used to like GinaMarie but eeewww. Aaryn is fucking annoying and disgusting she needs to good somewher with her ignorant ass.

  15. how do I get rid of the tv guide that scrolls under the show im with comcast

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