Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Nomination Anticipation In Week 3

GinaMarie loses it

It’s time for a little payback on Big Brother 15. The underdogs are in control of the Head of Household and likely the upcoming MVP power as well. Later tonight we’ll have the official nominations revealed on the Live Feeds.

If you thought last night was action-packed on the Feeds then just wait until the Mean Girls alliance and company go from feeling the heat to feeling the fire.

Big Brother Live Feeds

We’ve been watching the Feeds and know where Helen, the new HoH, is heading with her nominations. Find out what she’s planning and how she wants to make it happen.

Flashback to 9:31AM BBT to listen in as Helen and Elissa plot the nominations. Helen trusts Andy, Judd, McC, Amanda, and Candice. Spencer and Howard are in her danger zone. She knows they are lying to her about their votes last night.

As for her opposition, she wants to talk with Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn to find out what deals any of them might have made with HGs on her side of the house. She thinks she can use the pressure of the pending nominations to uncover any hidden alliances.

Helen says Jeremy can’t be put on the block right away since he’d have a chance to play for the Veto. She says he needs to be a backdoor plan if they’re going to get him evicted. As a backup, if Jeremy magically gets to play and wins Veto, then Aaryn goes home. “It’s just the way it’s gotta be,” explains Helen.

Helen says she “almost would have kept Aaryn in the game” to broker a deal and use her to eliminate Jeremy and Kaitlin, but after last night’s “fiasco” she’s too much trouble. Helen said, “she should have been on her best behavior last night.” Elissa replies, “I think that was her best behavior.”

Sounds like Helen is planning a Kaitlin and Aaryn nomination pair with Jeremy on the backburner. We’ll have to wait and see who gets the MVP nom when that’s revealed early on Saturday. It’d be tempting to include GM to cover all the bases and that would probably work best since any of them would use it to save themselves except possibly Kaitlin who said last week she wouldn’t save herself since it’d put Jeremy at risk.

Hmm, in that case it’d probably be better for Helen to nom GM & Aaryn, but she doesn’t know everything we get to hear and see on the Live Feeds. Yet another reason why you should be signing up and watching the uncensored, in-house cameras with other fans.

What do you think of Helen’s nomination plans? Would you take a different approach? Possibly nominate Jeremy from the very beginning like they tried last week?


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  1. Hm i’m not so sure Jeremy is leaving even if he is on the block eviction day
    A lot of house guests hate Aaryn and would prob vote for her over Jeremy such as Candice and Howard. Spencer and Mcrae could use old MC ties to keep him. Jessie also strongly dislikes her and Mcrae could convice Amanda to keep Jeremy as a target.

    As for who to nominate just pick Aaryn and GM/Kaitlyn and let MVP (Ellisa) pick the other. Then try to backdoor Jeremy, but as I previously mentioned it may not go so well. Also even if he is not evicted and Aaryn goes instead will anyone really be that upset?

    • Nope, Jeremy is out if they can get him past the veto comp. They may hate Aaryn more (and there is still plenty of hate for Jeremy), but more importantly he’s just tougher to take out. The further you get in the game the more likely each person is to play in Veto. Plus the MVP twist probably goes away at some point . You don’t want a Jeremy HoH with no Elissa MVP to protect you.

      • I dunno I just feel Aaryn will continue to dig her own grave and pretty much get herself evicted. At the moment Jeremy is acting decent/not making anyone mad. Besides guys may realize they are being slowly picked off and realize Moving company V2 is necessary to stop the girls. Also they don’t realize mvp is going away

      • I think they do realize the mvp is going away., I heard them mention it on the feeds. Maybe Elissa got that from Production.

    • If they vote with their heads and not their emotions, Jeremy should go home. They can take our Aaryn, Kaitlyn or later with the MVP vote no matter who wins the next HOH because you know those 3 will never get the MVP vote, nor will Jeremy.

      • True but they can use it to get out Jeremy also. So may as well get rid of most annoying person.

    • Jeremy should be the target this week. None of those bimbo bigots are that big of a game threat, and can be dealt with later. They should put up all girls, then backdoor him.

  2. Jeremy did a surprisingly good job staying off the radar last night. Helen is doing well, playing the HoH role like she should. GM is hardly a threat at all. She’s not very smart, and she isn’t a physical threat. Kaitlin came very close to winning last night.

    • Kaitlin had correct answers in immediately last night. I say she is the biggest threat from the klans-women, at least in mental contests.

      • I agree with you, but Aaryn is just so awful.

        It will be really interesting to see how these players react when they are evicted and see just how hated they are, as well as the consequences of their racist comments.

      • I was freaking out that she would win, and I’d have to watch Aryan sucking up to her even though Aryan was telling people they needed to get Kaitlin out. That would have been hard to swallow.

      • it wouldnt have mattered if she won hoh tho. someone from that group would still go home from the MVP nom. MVP is a broken “twist”. Forget the racists, get the thing out thats ruining the gameplay: The MVP twist.

  3. They need to back door Jeremy so put Howard and Aaryn up and let the MVP put up Kaitlyn. Hopefully Jeremy doesn’t get picked to compete in the veto comp so he can’t save Kaitlyn. If Howard is as good as he says he is, then he should win the veto and take himself off leaving Jeremy exposed for a back door eviction.

    • I agree but there will be a certain satisfaction with the jerk squad going on the block.

  4. If it’s Helen, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and anyone besides Jeremy (possibly Amanda) playing veto, I think Aaryn has a damn good shot at winning. They’re underestimating her…

  5. I understand why Jeremy should leave first (threat and all) but Ireally want Aaryn gone. This is why I would suck at this game.

  6. I want that scum aaryn gone!! she is disgusting and just vile. After her I’d like kaitline, VaGinaMarie and jeremy to follow suit.

  7. Here’;s what I would like to see happen, and it’s strictly my b*tchy side coming through, put up Kaitlin, Aaryn and mvp GM, vote out Kaitlin, she goes home and watches the show for the rest of the season and sees her “darling” Jeremy hook-up with aaryn one she is gone…maybe then she will see how stupid she is for hooking up with him on day 2…he’s a dog….and she needs to see it…I would love to be a fly on her wall when she sees him go for aaryn and when she’s gone jessie or gm…but, even Jeremy wouldn’t want gm she’s too skanky….LOL

    • No. I’m from the South, and I can tell you people like Aryan and GM are all around me. I detest what their actions are doing to one of my favorite shows, but frankly, America needs to wake up. People like this do still exist–in numbers–, and they need to be exposed. Kudos to CBS for showing -some- of what’s being said on their airs. Change doesn’t come unless we face reality, and I love that people are finally taking notice.

      • Racism isn’t just in the south. I hate it when people say thing like that. I’m blonde and blue eyed like aaryn but you can bet my daddy would have whipped me with a willow switch if I so much as thought about judging someone by the color of their skin. GM is the biggest Yankee in the house, I’m not saying racism isn’t in the south, but to say that it’s all around you and imply that it would be different if you lived somewhere else isn’t fair. Racism is everywhere….

      • I’m not saying racism isn’t everywhere. Racism is everywhere, but the sad truth is almost every one of my neighbors currently is just like Aryan (or worse). My point is she represents many people around the country, and I hate that.

      • The big problem I have is people are acting like she is from texas. She moved to texas when she was 18. She wasn’t raised in the south but people keep acting like she was and implying that’s why she is racist.

      • where is she from? obviously, I’m from the south, so I don’t think everyone in the south is racist. However, racism is pretty common here. I’ve been witness to some pretty nasty stuff involving race in small-town Louisiana, stuff that just wouldn’t fly in other places I’ve lived.

  8. I understand why people say Jeremy needs to go, and he IS a huge threat, for sure. BUT…the levels the Mean Girls are stooping to, particularly Aaryn, to be nasty and vindictive are pretty scary. If she stays in another week, and fuels fire with GM and Kaitlin, who knows who she’s going to set off? I don’t want to have to watch Howard and Candice have to hole up in rooms, trying their hardest not to stoop to her level. If one of them snaps, that’s it, and to me, it’s not worth it. Aaryn staying affects far more people (and their game play) than Jeremy.

    The only perfect solution is a double eviction. :-/

    • So better to keep Jeremy and listen to his cocky & homophobic comments aimed at Andy? Truth is they ALL need to go, which means Jeremy once again is the best FIRST target… Considering ”game” I think the best 3 targets (in order) this week for Helen are: Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie

  9. As mean and spiteful Aaryn is, they need to get rid of Jeremy at any chance they get or it could end up being impossible in the future, I think Helen’s pretty level headed and will figure that out, besides most people don’t like Aaryn in the house anyway and she’s way less likely to win HOH.

  10. Helen is very sophisticated. At the tail end of the eviction episode she sat down with GinaMarie and tried to comfort her. Explaining that she would go out of her way to help GM. That was good sportsmanship, and why I’d like to see Helen stay in the game.

  11. The best strategy is nominate Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn for eviction. If they get off via winning POV, or Helen or one of her allies win POV then, take off one of the girls on the block and put Jeremy in the hot seat. Nominate Jeremy and evict him from the game! On the flip side, leaving Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn in the house will result in more racist tirades and them picking fights because there is nothing good for them options wise! The other house guests of the rebel alliance might deem them too much trouble to leave in the house and vote to evict Aaryn or Gina Marie first if that is the case. Helen has her suspicions about Howard and Spencer not voting as they promised. Howard should have ditched the MC when he had the chance and voted to evict Nick. Now, the racists Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn will target him if they get power by winning HOH and Helen’s rebel group if they find out he lied about will vote will not protect him. He should have done what Spencer and McCrae did and switch sides.

    • I suspect Howard planned to blame Jessie for the stray vote all along. I would have done the same thing, honestly, though I don’t think anyone’s buying it.

      • I think the women know Jessie is good. Both Elissa and Helen talked to her. You just have to look a person in the eye when you talk to them and ask them the question. If they are lying, they cannot look straight at you. It probably will hurt his game down the line but, right now, Howard probably is not that big of a target.

  12. wow, anyone else totally surprised at how fast Kaitlin answered her questions in the HOH comp? seems shady to me!

  13. TMZ has used Aaryn’s racist rants twice this week. Should be next to impossible for her to get any kind of a real job when she gets booted.

    Unless there’s a KKK office that needs a receptionist? or maybe be the poster child for the Aryan Nation?

    Not much left for her in terms of job prospects.

    • First, ride the infamy, then appear with Barbara Walters to give a well rehearsed ”I’m so sorry for those I’ve injured with my wrongful attitudes I was taught from a young age…” Next thing you know she’s America’s Sweetheart once again… (I think I’ve seen this play before).

  14. Did Howard actually lie to Helen about his vote or was that a plan between him and Spencer to split the vote?

    • It took him a while to fess up. He started lying in the beginning, but when he realized he’s busted, he finally did. I still think it was half truth. Jeremy already spilled the beans about MC. It was funny in the house. Everybody was crapping in their pants. lol

  15. If Jeremy isn’t put up on the block, it should be Aaryn and Kaitlyn, and if he wins the pov, Jeremy will take off Kaitlyn and Eilissa will probably win MVP and put up GM and the replacement nominee could be Howard just as a pawn because I don’t think Howard won’t go home over GM or Aaryn. This will be a interesting nominations!!!

  16. I would like to see Aaryn go home this week, I can’t wait till she finds out that she lost her job and what America really thinks of her! Plus I don’t want her on the jury. As far as Elissa is concerned I will always use my 10 votes to vote her MVP.

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