BB15 MVP Voting Open For Week 3 – Poll Closes Today

Big Brother 15 MVP

Voting has opened for this week’s BB15 MVP and you better hurry because the polls close at 6PM PT (9PM ET) tonight (Thursday).

So far we’ve seen two straight weeks of Elissa holding the power and while I’d like to hope it’d be time for a new face in control I’m guessing we’ll see that continue this week. There are lots of great alternatives with Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Candice, etc. but really all those HGs are on the same team. So if we see Elissa get the power again but you really wanted someone else on her side then keep in mind that they’re all working together and it’s an important tool for the team, not just the individual.

As a reminder, the winner of CBS’ official poll will be given the choice of this week’s third nominee to face off against the two noms picked by the current HoH.

Of course we welcome you to vote at however you best see fit and invite you to share your vote using our unofficial MVP poll below as well.

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    • So agree with you, but I am not surprised at all that Elissa will win yet again. Wish people would vote for what MVP stands for which is Most Valuable Player.

      • Helen or Amanda. They both were instrumental in Nicks eviction. I would just like to see what someone OTHER than Elissa would do.

      • They won’t, people have made this show all about RR. People love to live in the past.

  1. Doesn’t matter who deserves it, it’s just RR fans voting because she’s her sister. All other fans are mixed between others. So, why bother. Really was a stupid twist for this season.

    • You are so right about this being the most stupid twist ever and geared for Elissa. Made it unfair for all other house guests and imo was the reason she was targeted from the start. Even some that are on Elissa’s side said they know she will get it so are using it for their own advantage to get out who they want.

      • It would have been a great twist if everyone was truly new to the game. But even then, America would pick favorites based on who’s nice or is being picked on unfairly rather than who’s playing the best game.

      • Not true. If 30% like RR they’ll vote for Elissa, if 70% don’t, they don’t have a single person to vote for. So, winner is the person who gets 100% of the 30%, instead of the split of 70%. If they had Jordan’s, Brendan’s or other former player relatives in the house, it would be different. MVP doesn’t work with only 1 former player’s relative.

      • I get what you are saying but i used dedicated for a reason. VOTING IS NOT FREE. It cost money to vote.

        Ive been a fan of BB for years but not so much so that i want to waste money voting…

    • I think it’s a shame that Elissa keeps winning, but I don’t think the twist is bad. It was just designed poorly. I think they should have made so the same person couldn’t win twice in a row. That would have been better.

      • So very true Jesse but like I said before, think BB has their little hands in it. Really, how do we know for sure who voted for who.

      • I don’t doubt it. Either way, the twist probably won’t be around for much longer, as they usually drop the twist about half-way.


  2. Everyone in the house who is not a racist deserves it more than Elissa.

    But Elissa has her fans, and even the people who like that side but prefer another player will split their vote between amanda, candice, helen, and howard. Its what is so messed up about the twist in the first place. If someone else does not start winning it soon, they need to just end the twist.

  3. Wow – Elissa again? This really is not fair. She really has not done anything to deserve it up to this point. I will say that she has never really had a chance to show us what she’s got since she has been a target from day 1 but… she does not deserve MVP again!

    • Can you say FLOATER? Others are forced to play, she gets the power every week and thanks America. I’d have more respect for her if she said that’s sis, cause she’s the only reason she gets it. Other that being the sister of RR, what has she done in this game?

      • exactly! I asked that on this blog yesterday didn’t get one answer. what has elissa done to deserve mvp twice. so far shes a FLOATER. wake up people.

    • Elissa’s sister Rachel was a target a lot but as much as I couldn’t stand her I do have to say she did play the game. Can’t say that for Elissa, she is a dumb ass.

  4. I hate how someone can be MVP back to back
    Elissa is going to get it almost every time
    CBS tries to pass this off as voting for “strategy” this is a popularity contest
    If anyone actually deserves it it’s Helen or Candice
    But I don’t see this happening looking at THESE results, ugh :/

  5. Amanda and Helen were really the strategists behind this week’s victory. They both sniffed out the MC and worked Jessie hard for her vote.
    I am not quite sure why Candice is getting so much love, other than her being attacked. I think that MVP should go to who is playing the best game and not have sympathy come into play with regards to the MVP.
    My #1 is Helen but since she is HOH… I will give my vote to Amanda

    • I like Howard… but the splitting of the vote. Then trying to pin it on Jessie. Then lying about it after everyone has figured it out. He ruined his game last night.
      Once H and S found out that Nick was done they should have just jumped ship and stayed good with the “good” side of the house. Now they are on the outs and they have no where to go.

      • Yeah Howard’s need to stay loyal to the side of the house that treats him and everyone else like crap is not winning him any votes from me.

      • Yes, but I’m guessing they weren’t sure if McCrae & Jessie were jumping yet, which kinda forces them to be loyal. Howard is a man of his word, he says what he’ll do, and he’ll do what he says.

  6. I voted Helen. But votes for Elissa are stirring up the pot and making it more fun to watch.

    • How is it fun when you know exactly who’s going to get it every week? Boring!!!

  7. I really think a lot of votes for Elissa are just to piss off the other house guests and not because she has that many fans.

  8. I split my 10 votes between Helen, Candice, and Amanda; but I don’t mind if Elissa gets it since she’s aligned with that side of the house. I’m frankly shocked she’s still in the lead here, though. She’s really not that interesting or the best player.

    • Voting her for is like voting for helen seeing that she will tell helen she won anyways.

      • Yup. And then Elissa will ask Helen and Candice who she should put on the block. I guess Elissa’s MVP is a team decision MVP.

  9. Does it REALLY matter who wins this week though? I mean… elissa/helen/candice/amanda. They are targeting the exact same people so it is really kind of pointless.

  10. What drives me nuts is that even though we all know Elissa is going to get MVP, the TV edit makes it appear as if her buddies Candice and Helen are pulling strings to keep her in. When it’s very clearly Amanda who is the puppetmaster who’s been working magic since day 1.

  11. I voted for Helen. so she can be the most powerful player in the house, but if this is the preview of the next MVP, then I can’t do anything about it. She might as well just announce it, just to piss them all off. haha !!

  12. Aaryn has been getting 0% consistently. That’s amazing ! So proud of her. Let’s see if she goes up to 1% by the end of the week.

  13. With America voting, the person who receives “MVP” isn’t actually the MVP. If they really wanted it to be about who was playing best, they should decide it by a vote from a panel of previous BB players, or something like that to make sure they’re actually voting based on strategy and gameplay.

  14. It does no good to vote – I did any way. But it is frustrating because Elissa is going to win every time. Then she can go in the diary room and say ” OMG , I am so obsessed” – what the H%^^ does that mean. Dumb!!!

    • No kidding…she also was talking the other night that if she doesn’t go home she will get it every week. She sure is getting full of herself. Her true colors are starting to show. If anyone watched Rachel’s wedding Elissa was a real bitch. She sure is a good actress in the house.

      • Yes, we all knew this time was coming. But until the mean girls & Jeremy are gone, people will still see Elissa as a ”heroine” to take them down… I think Helen should start thinking about whether she is wise to keep Elissa as her alliance beyond next week (assuming one more member of the spoiled brat clan leaves)…

      • I heard her comment as well and have seen her true colors starting to show. I think she has fooled a lot of people who will end up being sorry that they kept her in this game. Those in the game as well as those voting for her for MVP. Her sister came in guns blazing and I think she decided to try the opposite approach.

  15. Amanda or Candice should get these votes. Amanda rallied the troops and Candice figured out that Jeremy and Nick where working together… thus getting Elissa to put Nick on block. But ultimitely Elissa is staying because Elissa made a deal with Jessie to vote out Nick which give Mccrae the numbers(nerve) to vote out Nick. All three deservethe MVP this week!

  16. Since Elissa has been targeted from the beginning for being Rachel’s sister and the assumption that she doesn’t need the money, the MVP has evened the playing field a little. Interesting thing tho is that HER noms have been strategic, unlike the HOH noms.

  17. I vote Elissa again. She was wrongly judged from the very first just by association to her sister and she is so much nicer!. She needs it to stay in. Helen is safe. The girls and most of the houseguests will keep in Candice for being soooo wronged by Aaryn ( and she is still here because… WHY is that BB)??? Everybody loved Amanda telling off those nasty brats, especially Aaryn. I do not understand why Aaryn has been able to continue in this house. If BB lets her stay in, I really do not want to even watch.

  18. If Elissa gets it again then I guess America enjoys watching Elissa get a free ride to the end. Either that or they like boring TV.

  19. Most people thinks Hellen have the best game, but Candice and Amanda is the gamer come on pple, vote for Candice,
    Elisa is ok, but we need to see who is the gamer if the power is shifted.

    • Agreed. Candice & Amanda have probably more intuitive smarts than Helen. But all 3 of them are deserving of the MVP. What I’m curious about is WHY would people STILL vote for Elissa?!! We’ve given her the power 2x now (and rightly so), but she really doesn’t need or deserve it any longer. Let’s give credit where credit is due —> Helen, Amanda & Candice! I’m impressed by all 3 of you! :)

  20. You think you want someone else besides Elissa to win MVP this week. In order to squash that little fantasy CBS would like to remind you that it has an army of trained chimpanzees ready to vote for Elissa at every opportunity. So if you’re voting for Elissa again, please leave your name and mailing address. CBS likes to reward their monkeys.

  21. I voted for Howard..we need someone else one that side to win. Come on people shake it up a bit.. Just don’t vote for the racist.

  22. What a friggin joke…Elissa walking around saying who she is putting up with the MVP. Boy her attitude has sure changed. Now that Helen is HOH she’s acting like she’s better than everyone else. I sure hope she doesn’t get MVP. If her head gets any bigger she won’t fit in the house. And Helen telling everyone who she’s putting up but is naming three people. Wow talk about sure of yourself.

    • I was never impressed by Elissa from the beginning and she is proving me right. I just had this feeling she was fake and playing a part. The real her is coming out.

  23. if Elissa gets the MVP again, Helen is gonna tell her what to do anyway. Elissa always asks her for advice anyway which is great

  24. for all you complainers out there, go vote for the person you want to win and stop complaining

  25. I vot for elissa. I think its funny. Aryn and kaitlin and jeremy hate it. I think its funny. Go elissa

  26. All my votes will go to Elissa. Anyone one who votes for Aaryn just likes her for her looks, shallow, shallow people!!

  27. Nothing against Elyssa. I like her. However as M:V:P goes, I wish Big Brother would have done this the same way they do HOH. By that I meant you would not be eligible 2 weeks in a row. This way other people would have a chance. Unfortunately if they put that rule in play now, some people would cry foul play instead of what it would be… fair play.

  28. what get me about Elissa is she hasn’t done nothing to get mvp.
    give it to someone who has won somethi came close she hasn’t done either one. well they handed Rachel bb13 lets see what the do for Elissa.

  29. It’s so ridiculous that Elissa is getting MVP every single week. She doesn’t deserve it, by any means. She is not Rachel, and, to be honest, I hated Rachel. She was one of the most annoying people to play the game. It’s incredibly shocking to me that she has that many fans. The only reason Elissa is even still there is that Helen keeps saving her butt.

  30. The twist sucks because it gives that ELissa chick too much power over all the players, and she is really lame


  32. There needs to be another mvp!!!!! This is getting boring with the same mvp every week Elissa needs to start playing the game!!!!!

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