Big Brother 15: Spencer Works To Flip The House Vote Ahead of Thursday’s Eviction

Spencer Clawson

The “Big Brother 15” houseguests face an important decision on Thursday. They have the opportunity to break up one of two showmances, but only one of them is a true powerhouse in the game right now. Spencer is using his new found safety to work the house in hopes of securing his ally’s spot in the game for at least another week, but he’s got an uphill battle and running out of time to do it.

We’ve seen a lot of action on the Live Feed from inside the house and things are moving quickly this week. Sign-up now for the live feeds and watch it all for yourself.

Read on for spoiler discussion about the upcoming BB15 eviction.

Ever since Amanda was nominated by America’s MVP Vote on Saturday she has been in a panic while other HGs have tried to calm her fears. For the most part I’d say they’re right that she’s safe, but there have been recent cracks in that armor that are making her vulnerable. Just how vulnerable she becomes between now and Thursday night is the question.

On Monday afternoon when the Feeds returned from the Veto Ceremony we found Helen and Spencer talking in the Lounge (Flashback 10:57AM BBT). Spencer was pushing to keep Howard safe and seemed to miss an obvious opening from Helen that “if she was the 5th vote…” openly hinting about a consideration of evicting Amanda. Oblivous, Spencer continued on saying he’d rather lose Candice than Howard. Yes, Spencer, but would you rather get rid of Amanda or lose Candice? Sheesh.

Around 5:50PM BBT on Monday, Spencer has Judd alone in the backyard and is talking votes for the eviction. Judd doesn’t seem too interested, but Spencer keeps going over their chance to flip the house. Later, around 7:15PM BBT, Spencer talks with Andy about the same plan. Andy gives plenty of smiles and nods, but I doubt he’s seriously considering the idea.

Shortly after Spencer spoke with Andy we find Andy comparing notes with Judd about what Spencer has been proposing. There is no mention of considering what Spencer is offering which does not bode well for Howard. If there had been some mention of “maybe we should think about it” sort of response then this whole house-flip idea would be more likely.

Much later in the night GM tells Aaryn she’d be on board with evicting Amanda, but she doesn’t know that Aaryn is now much closer with McCranda.

As it stands, with Candice on the block and out of the voting lineup, Spencer has just his vote to start with. He’ll need five total to skip over Aaryn’s potential for a tie-breaker. GinaMarie could possibly be on board to evict Amanda. Judd is a possibility, but still a tough sell. If Spencer can get Judd then he could probably get Jessie by extension. That would put him at four, one short of a guaranteed eviction for Amanda. Now who could be the fifth? That’s right, Helen.

Now Helen has flirted with betraying just about every alliance she has (and she even already did with Kaitlin), so it’s hard to be sure how serious she was in that moment. But Spencer has nothing to lose and he should work hard on this over the next two days.

Spencer’s biggest obstacle is knowing who to talk to. Pursuing Andy’s vote is a waste of time, but Andy hides that well and could become a tar-baby situation if Spencer keeps sinking time in to that well. He needs to forget Andy and go after Judd, Jessie, GM, and Helen.

If the Big Brother 15 HGs don’t take this opportunity then they’re all hurting their chances to win. Do any of them possibly think if they’re sitting next to either McCrae or Amanda in the Final Two that they could get the other to vote for them over their showmance? It wouldn’t happen. Each HG would be starting off at -1 votes with that scenario. Horrible planning.

Let’s see if they see the light before Thursday night.


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  1. I could see getting ellisa’s vote relativley easy as well with her aaryn hate + amanda fued

  2. I would also have to say Helen is the key here, get here vote and you may get a few more on board. The magic question, if they have four votes including Helen, would Aaryn be willing to break the tie and evict Amanda? I Aaryn’s deal with Helen or Amanda?

    Bottom line, this is the best opportunity to evict Amanda, if they don’t take it, I don’t think they will get another shot at it of course unless America through the MVP nomination (if still active) votes for Amanda again next week providing Amanda doesn’t win HOH.

      • I wouldn’t want Amanda and McC on the jury together. I would rather have Howard and McC. What’s really surprising to me is if the house can’t get Amanda out, why not take out Candice, she’s a bigger threat…

      • Candice a threat? She has done bad in almost all comps and has very little social game

      • Hey Matt thanks for this wonderful picture of my favorite player. Yuck. LOL

    • Everything that Howard/spencer need to make obvious to these completely stupid hg is that Amanda and mcCrae are in it til the end break that up so one cannot vote for the other in jury! And the biggest thing is there are 4 people that are completely playing together u robots will b picked off by them why wouldn’t u want to control the game instead of being controlled. Duh! Man I wish I was in that house. This season is full of robots and its boring!

    • I could pull all my hair out – Howard or Amanda?! I wish it were a double eviction week.
      I agree, I think Amanda should go this week. No one likes Howard (except Candice). Therefore, he can go next week.

      • I think the smart move is to evict Amanda. The McCranda thing is in everyone’s face. Rule number one: is to break up the showmance. In the beginning of the game when given the opportunity the house guest jumped on it, and done. It is absurd that the HGS are not applying that principle game move. I am right, with you on I am pulling my hair out too.

      • What’s the difference between Amanda & McCrae and Howard & Spencer? Other than the biologically obvious, from a game standpoint, there are the same.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Aaryn has played some amazing game this week. Less then a week ago not only did all of America hate her but so did most of the house. This week she has basically replaced Judd in Goof Troop and seems to be solid with the Knockouts as well. Crazy.

    • Lots of stuff happens when other house guest have no choice but to kiss you a$$ to keep themselves off the block..

    • Majority of viewers still hate Aaryn. She was HOH this week was only the reason she was not on the nomination block. Nobody is fooled mind you. It does not hurt that Amanda, Helen and Judd coddling Aaryn and giving her a pass in hopes for Final 2 this early in the game! Dumb move all around because it only benefits Aaryn. Amanda, Helen and Judd just put huge targets on their backs from viewers who very much want Aaryn out! We will see next week if everyone is still solidly behind Aaryn.

      • The HG’s keeping Aryan (not a typo) is going to reflect so badly upon them at the end of the season. I think its absolutely disgusting how Helen, in particular, has been coddling her and even apologizing to Aryan for thinking she was a racist (when I heard about that on Jokers I nearly puked). What a great example to set for your kids about how to deal with racism, Helen. Am disliking nearly all of the cast now, except for Jessie, Andy, and castrated McCrae, who would have been in the Final two if he hadn’t gotten involved with Amanda.

    • i don’t think any of the HGs are fooled by Aaryn’s new found “humanity.” She’s a liar, bigot and a phoney! She’s also HOH which means people – like it or not – have deal with her this week.

    • No. I have not noticed that. Upon, entering the HOH room with all the guest the Asked/Acted remark to Candice who is a speech therapist was wrong. Did you see everyone becoming uncomfortable? Aaryn played Helen’s deal by putting up Howard and Spencer. In reality if she was playing her game Aaryn would have put up Elissa and Candice. She has had a combative relationship with both women. So, Aaryn is just being a puppet this week.

    • She is just trying to save her “life inside the house”.

      The most strange thing happened last night.
      I was watching and the camera follows Alissa that is going up to the hoh room. She knocks on the door and Aaryn was checking the things it had on the table and didn´t saw who was outside.
      Alissa get in and Aaryn face was totally blank. Couldn´t understand if she was afraid or surprised.
      Alissa says something, Aaryn answers and they hugged. Then stayed there for nearly half hour talking.
      That will be something so funny to see next Thursday.

  4. OMG lets hope Amanda gets evicted it will be awesome and us for MVP will keep the votes on to put up Amanda Aaron and MCNugget.

    • LOL MCNugget. Yes, that would be awesome. Let’s get the blabbing twins Andy and Jessie out too> The floater’s got to go.

  5. Look. I know Amanda isn’t popular, but that’s exactly why she should stay. Howard has lied, yes, but that’s part of the game. Everyone in the house lies. Amanda has been overtly manipulative; Howard has tried to stay low-key and has made very few enemies. In Final 2, Howard wins in a land-slide vs many HGs because he’s made so few enemies. Amanda would lose 6-1 because she’s made a lot of enemies.

    • It is the person who played the best game. Most players/house guests are fair people and will vote for the best player even if that player moved to backdoor and evict them. This after all a game and nothing is personal. In Survivor 24 which Kim Spradlin won very convincingly, she backdoored a number of players but, in the end won it 7-2 because she played a very good social game and played the best game of all! Do not tell me if Amanda and Howard were in Final 2 that Howard will win it? Howard will not win it because Amanda would have played the best game which is what counts. Last season, Dan Gheesling was responsible for evicting a lot of the good players, he came in 2nd not because of the other house guests voting to get back at him. He lost because he took Ian with him and Ian won competitions and played a very good game outside of Dan Gheesling himself. Ian played the better game because he outsmarted Dan himself which is why he won! If Dan Gheesling instead took Danielle to Final 2—-Dan Gheesling would have won hands down!

    • I think Amanda is playing a very smart game. She is just outsmarting the rest of the players, particularly Howard and Spencer. I have no idea why people want Howard to stay or win. What has he done to deserve it? He is aligning himself with some of the worst people in the house including GM and Aaryn. Plus, those little fits he throws every now and then when he buries his head in his hands and trembles make me nervous. What’s going on there? Is he stressed out?

      People who want Amanda out should think about what the house will look like when Howard and Spencer are in control. I think they will be the next bullies.

    • Huh? What BB show are you watching? No one likes Howard except for Candice! Everyone thinks he’s a shady liar who used religion to try and get on people’s good side. To me people who use religion as a tool in the game are the lowest form of pond scum.

    • Howard is boring. Can you imagine how boring it would be with Howard, Jessie, Judd and Andy in final 4.

      • It would be terribly boring!

        Once Amanda, Elissa and Helen go there will be no game play going on. Spencer will have no one to concoct schemes against. It will be who sucks the least at comps. Zzzz.

        I think double evictions will cast off at least one floater and I have a feeling Amanda or McCrae will be the victim of another one. Clown shoe part deux.

        Suppose it all depends on when they happen and if a Pandora’s Box shows up. If the house gets too boring production will definitely use a PB.

      • That’s another reason people should keep Amanda. because she makes the house interesting jusy by being. Whether it’s parading around topless or spanking McCrae on his birthday

      • If America gets MVP this time can we please go back to targeting Aaryn or a floater? Keep the house interesting to watch.

      • No – I mean Elissa. If Aaryn is evicted b4 Elissa, Elissa is still in play for MVP. As I’ve said numerous times, if MVP is up for grabs to house guests, america will give it to Elissa everytime, something CBS doesn’t want.

      • The MVP was bound to stop at some point. When you’re down to 9 peoples, it make less sense to have 3 peoples on the block. So it probably still going to exist for another 2 or 3 weeks max.
        Personnaly I think as soon as Aaryn is out they will drop it unless she makes it to jury.

      • I completely agree. Aaryn needs to go. And so does GM. When the two of them get together and start the personal comments about the others in the house it makes me want to puke.

      • I will keep targeting Aaryn but, you cannot ignore the fact that Aaryn coddlers have 3 votes to keep Aaryn from being evicted and that is Helen, Amanda and Judd. For that reason alone, I will put Helen and Judd with Aaryn up there to make sure that some of those votes are nullified as they cannot vote when on the block. I am rooting for all three to be on the block for maximum effect in case the HOH nominates two of them outright!

  6. The temptation to vote out Amanda is great but is it smart game play for this particular house? Some possibly premature F4 deals would be shattered. The unstable alliances would be broken up again. Do you sacrifice safety and turn on your alliance now or do you coast with them until most of the non-alliance members are booted? The floaters especially risk their chance of making it to F5.

    McCrae is not a good enemy to have in the house. All he needs are a few floaters or the “remains” of a broken alliance to be a legitimate force in the house. He can win comps. He’s likeable and has plenty of strategic dirt on his mutinous alliance to threaten their individual game. Once he’s not laying in bed with Amanda he will have nothing but time to exact revenge and form a plan. Keep them distracted by each other a bit longer.

    Having them in Jury, as long as your hands are “clean” would probably be two votes in your favour.

    Keeping a “strong” player in front of you in the firing line and keeping you off the block is IMO a better strategy than getting them out now because they might not take you to F2. You might not get very far when you have no numbers to keep you and you’re floating along.

    There are not enough “strong” players this season to fire the first shot. Spencer has nothing to lose with his plan but the others do. Is Amanda worth the risk? I don’t think so.

    The temptation to vote out Amanda is great but is it smart game play for this particular house? Some possibly premature F4 deals would be shattered. The unstable alliances would be broken up again. Do you sacrifice safety and turn on your alliance now or do you coast with them until most of the non-alliance members are booted? The floaters especially risk their chance of making it to F5.

    McCrae is not a good enemy to have in the house. All he needs are a few floaters or the “remains” of a broken alliance to be a legitimate force in the house. He can win comps. He’s likeable and has plenty of strategic dirt on his mutinous alliance to threaten their individual game. Once he’s not laying in bed with Amanda he will have nothing but time to exact revenge and form a plan. Keep them distracted by each other a bit longer.

    Having them in Jury, as long as your hands are “clean” would probably be two votes in your favour.

    Keeping a “strong” player in front of you in the firing line and keeping you off the block is IMO a better strategy than getting them out now because they might not take you to F2. You might not get very far when you have no numbers to keep you and you’re floating along.

    There are not enough “strong” players this season to fire the first shot. Spencer has nothing to lose with his plan but the others do. Is Amanda worth the risk? I don’t think so.

    • This is a game for $500,000 and involves lying, manipulation, back stabbing, backdooring other players. When is the right time is always a question one should answer for one’s self. However, one thing is obviously apparent, if you are out of the house evicted—- you are done! If Amanda is evicted, that increases the odds on the remaining house guests to win this game and $500,000 or atleast, get $50,000 for 2nd place. If you have a viable plan, you leave the floaters in and take them out later and take the stronger players out first. If you are a decent player yourself, your odds go up because when you get to the latter rounds of the competitions, now you have a chance to dominate the game altogether. Watch Survivor 24 which Kim Spradlin dominated, she booted out all the men, leaving only all the women. She dominated the competition at the end to win Survivor 24 handily. She also, had a very good social game. If the stronger players are evicted then, all the other remaining house guests have a good shot at that $500,000. To say the floaters will not have a chance
      is rubbish. If you are targeting the stronger players then, by inference, you will have floaters left at the very end. So, why does that not suit the floaters?
      Actually, that would give the floaters the best chance at winning that $500,000 and not the other way around!

      • I agree this game is about lying, manipulation and out playing the rest of the house. I do not see many of the floaters really doing this. It’s always “voting with the house” to not draw fire on themselves. Once the floaters make a big move they are no longer floaters and put themselves in the line of fire. If Andy, Jessie, Candice (she can’t vote this week though), GM or even Judd actually went against the house and pulled a big move ESPECIALLY against their own alliance (J, J A) you can guarantee they will find themselves on the block. Even as a pawn. And if you watch BB you know that pawns go home sometimes.

        I don’t think risking their safety on a potentially good, potentially bad vote this early against their alliance is a smart move to get closer to the $500k prize.

        Keeping Amanda would serve nearly the same purpose as Aaryn. Keep the targets around so you don’t become one yourself. Except going after Amanda has potentially more damning consequences. Aaryn has no real allies. Amanda does.

      • The floaters are targets right now as we can see with Howard. Even if they go along with Helen, Amanda and Judd, the floaters will be the primary targets over and over again! Aaryn will not be a huge target in the house because even if you place her on the block—-you have 3 votes (Helen, Judd and Amanda) automatically voting somebody else! That is the very reason I will gladly put up Aaryn, Helen and Judd on the block next week to strip them of their voting rights to keep Aaryn safe. That would even things out and atleast, give a chance to the others to evict Aaryn or Amanda, Helen and Judd if that is the case. At this point in the game, I could care less if they all get evicted!
        They all deserve to be booted out!

      • Howard lied to Helen multiple times and got caught. He was in an all male alliance that was disbanded. He is Spencer’s greatest ally. He has thrown competitions (and failed at throwing one of them spectacularly) and has a perceived showmance/affiliation to Candy. He pissed off and got caught lying to the wrong people. He’s not a floater in the same vein as Candice, Andy or Jessie.

        And he’s not playing a good enough game that he deserves a lot of screen time to be frank. Boot em out!

        They need a season of nothing but super fans. Now that could get interesting!

      • Lying is part of this game as well as manipulation. So, I will not fault Howard for doing that. While, he might have done slightly more than Candice or Jessie—-Howard is still a floater in my book! Andy being a tattle tale, I will give him credit for that as his game play. Still, strategically you vote out the strongest players—-in this case, Helen and Amanda. Even in Survivor, the strongest players see an early exit because nobody wants to take a chance that they wind up deep in the game! Then, you might not be able to stop them from winning! And if you are smart enough to evict the strongest players in the game—-your chances just got much larger to winning it all! Watch Survivor Season 24 to see what I mean!

    • I agree. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. It’s a little too early to flip on your alliance. Very well stated.

    • I agree and frankly, there are plenty of weeks left to go and maybe even two double evictions. Keep the alliance together until jury then start picking each other off. At least then the house will be filled with people who were aligned with at one point.

  7. If Amanda goes, Howard and Spencer will go after Helen and Elissa next. They made that pretty clear I think. I think Helen sense this and is now strongly supporting Amanda.

    I don’t understand why all the support for Howard? He has terrible social skills and he is terrible at competitions. He follows Spencer’s lead and if they take charge of the house, I think they will be bigger bullies than Amanda.

    • A good portion of the hate directed at Amanda, Helen and now Judd is because they are coddling Aaryn! Aaryn should have been voted out of this game instead of Kaitlyn but, Amanda, Helen and Judd all stood in the way of that! I fail to see why keeping any of these 3 Aaryn coddlers is a plus to this game! It is only a plus to Aaryn’s safety! Helen deserves to be targeted for her stupidity! If Aaryn was evicted instead of Kaitlyn, we would probably be more than half way thru evicting all the racists in the house! As for Elissa, Amanda and Helen has already decided they will evict Elissa while, all the while, coddling Aaryn! So, why should we have any sympathies to Helen, Amanda and Judd when they are all coddling Aaryn and thinking of evicting Elissa who deserves to stay in the game more than Aaryn, Gina Marie or Spencer for that matter!

      • I agree with what you are saying, but Howard is targeting Elissa too. I think she is an easy target and frankly not much of a threat. But I am not sure either Amanda or Helen is really coddling Aaryn, at least I do not think it is sincere. Once Aaryn is no longer HOH, she could still go home. I just hope Maerica nominates her next week since she cannot be HOH again.

      • I will definitely put Aaryn up with Helen and Judd next week because I still feel they are coddling Aaryn and it becomes harder with 3 sure votes in favor of Aaryn. Putting them all in the block if they also get nominated by the HOH guarantees they lose those 3 votes to keep Aaryn in the game! Then, we might finally see Aaryn going home as it should be!

  8. Amanda’s the only one generating any kind of excitement in the freakin’ whole house.

  9. This is totally off topic but quick question to the people who watch the live feeds, what has candice done to make everyone in the house (for the most part, exculding howard andy) to make them hate her? Coming from a person who only watches the show when it airs on television, i’m completely confused. Another thing, if aryan is racist how come she never says anything bad about howard? howard is clearly the blackest person in the house.

    • 1. Candice while not a bad person, can still be a bit too forward for her own good and can come off as rather abrasive at times though not nearly as bad as amanda, the main reason why a lot of the house dislikes her though is that she has a habbit of using other peoples stuff without asking, might not seem like a big thing but when your in the house any little thing can set people off. 2. I dont really think she is racist, i think she’s ignorant, i dont think she realises the things she says are offensince because obviously no one told her when she was growing up that she shouldnt say it, i think the reason its not towards howard mostly is because she doesnt like candince on a personal level and so she makes comments that she probobly doesnt perceive as racist but others certanly do, so in short she doesnt dislike howard so she doesnt really do anything to him besides the matress but that was one he was sharing with candice.

  10. Where did the smart people go in this house? Oh yeah! There was and is none, gheesh!! Everyone knows that the chance to break up a power couple is the best move esp. McCrae and Amanda they are running the house right now. Wake up people! Worst BB to date…disappointed.

    • Amanda is a smart person. Maybe that is why she is running the house. A one eyed man in a kingdom of the blind is king.

      • Running the house from underneath McCrae? Seriously? If anyone IS running the entire House, it’s Helen! And, I actually DO like her!!!

      • Helen is running the house from a safety in numbers perspective. Helen will either be betrayed by one of her flock or she will fire the first shot at Amanda or Elissa and suffer the consequences. I think Helen is playing a great strategic game…and so does the rest of the house. Once Spencer and maybe McCrae or Amanda are out the door, Helen will be target numero uno. She won’t be able to save herself with her numbers once Jury begins. She will have to hope she gets a straight nomination instead of getting back doored.

        In an ideal game, only the stronger players would make F5 and duke it out in comps, but that’s not going to happen when the floaters get scared.

        Amanda is running the house through persuasion and strategic elimination of people who can win comps.

        Both are gonna have to fight and win comps to keep their alpha female postions. Otherwise they will end up like Janelle.

  11. Since the first day when Amanda jumped into McC’s bed, I though it was more of a joke. Now, hearing the “I Love You’s” while they shared a bath, I almost threw up! (as did Amanda’s parents, for sure!).
    So, i’d prefer to see Amanda GO! I haven’t really seen Howard as this “huge target”, that everyone speaks of. Even IF he had been throwing Comps, he still. Hasn’t, IMHO, done anything to warrant this “huge target” as a “Power Move”…
    Amanda? DUH! She’s a threat!
    As much as I hate to bring race into this; for Aaron, having both Howard and Candice on the block, does not help her, “I’m not a racist, that’s ridiculous” claim to an unusual observation.
    Amanda is, by far, along with her Delivery Boy, a much bigger threat…
    These people need to wake up and realize this is a GAME, not a Frat House!!!

  12. I am amazed that no one is using the opportunity available with 3 nominees. Anyone could suggest a vote (or 2 or 3) for the nominee considered safe in order to lessen the votes needed to evict their target. For example, Spencer could scheme something up with Judd and/or Andy and get them to vote with him to oust Amanda and plant seeds that some may not actually be voting as declared, then try to convince others to split votes amongst the other two (without their knowledge, of course). This strategy could possibly reduce the total votes required to evict anyone. It doesn’t always have to be just one or two targets. The 3-nominee twist has not been used to its full advantage.

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