Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Night Highlights


It was quite a day in the Big Brother 15 house. It might have actually been the most ridiculous day of wrongful paranoia and speculation in this show’s 15-season history. I’m not even kidding. Between Helen and Amanda thinking Judd is some super-human genius and MVP winner to GinaMarie thinking she’s crucial to the game, all one could really do is laugh at the end of the day.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 29/Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5:10 PM BBT – Helen warning Aaryn about Judd. Helen has been on a don’t trust Judd kick all day. She still thinks he made up the Kaitlin alliance to get her out last week.

5:20 PM BBT – Now Helen, Amanda and Aaryn think Judd is the MVP. They go as far to say he is a mastermind.

5:42 PM BBT – Helen tells Amanda she and Elissa are voting to evict Howard this week.

5:47 PM BBT – The Judd speculation is out of control now as Amanda says Judd will probably put up Jessie or Andy to throw people off.

5:50 PM – Amanda says Spencer and Candice need to go before Judd.

6:05 PM BBT – Helen basically telling Aaryn she is now solid in the house and that she trusts her and that Elissa is no longer gunning after her.

6:13 PM BBT – Helen says the first time she’s HOH after jury starts, she’s blandishing Judd and Jessie. Helen is seriously out of control with her paranoia.

6:30 PM BBT – Amanda explains the Judd as MVP theory to Andy. She says she thinks Judd nominated Amanda to pin MVP on Howard.

7:17 PM BBT – Spencer continues to work on getting people to flip and evict Amanda. He’s now working on Andy. Spencer tells Andy that GinaMarie is on board.

7:21 PM BBT – Andy tells Judd about his talk with Spencer. Judd says GinaMarie just told Spencer what he wanted to hear and that she’s really voting out Howard along with the rest of them.

7:45 PM BBT – Aaryn and GinaMarie trash-talking Amanda not long after she and Aaryn were in their little “circle of trust” with Helen.

8:25 PM BBT – Spencer tells GinaMarie that he cannot believe McCrae sacrificed his game to fall in love with “the biggest whore in Florida.”

8:36 PM BBT – Spencer tells Aaryn he’s prepared to go home next week unless he wins Head of Household.

9:38 PM BBT – After about a day’s rest, Aaryn and GinaMarie are back on their favorite topic: Elissa. They’re saying she’s in one of her moods where she’s making everyone feel stupid for kicks. And in typical fashion, talk also turns to Candice.

10:13 PM BBT – Helen has Amanda’s Judd paranoia on full blast so she tells Jessie to vote for Howard no matter what Judd comes to tell her.

10:55 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Jessie she thinks people are only being nice to her this week because she’s Head of Household.

12:00 AM BBT – Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, & McCrae talking about Judd. They discuss Judd making up an alliance to frame Kaitlin and get her evicted so he could protect Aaryn. They form a 4-person alliance as a Final Four deal.

12:35 AM BBT – Elissa and Jessie want GinaMarie and Spencer out before Jury.

1:00 AM BBT – Judd talks with Aaryn about Spencer’s plan to get enough votes for a tie-breaker and then give a speech to Aaryn during the live show to pressure her to evict Amanda.

1:40 AM BBT – Elissa and Aaryn discussing Aaryn’s racial remarks. Aaryn says she wouldn’t say anything like that because it could be damaging to her life outside the game.

2:00 AM BBT – Andy snags GM in the SR and confirms she’s still voting to evict Howard.

2:15 AM BBT – Spencer, Howard, and GM talking about voting out Amanda this week. They agree that once Howard goes it’ll be dominoes falling with them going next. GM wants to work on Andy and Judd.

2:50 AM BBT – Andy talking with McCranda in HoH room about votes. Andy is confident that Howard is going.

3:30 AM BBT – Aaryn tells Amanda she has been trying to hit on Judd but it isn’t work. Yesterday we heard Amanda tell McC Aaryn was trying to flirt with Judd. This may be something we see more of.

3:45 AM BBT – Amanda is still worried about the vote, but McCrae tries to assure her she’ll be safe.

Right now it looks like Howard is still toast unless Helen and Amanda’s paranoia ends up getting back to Judd and pissing him off enough to flip over to Howard’s side and take Jessie with him. The sloppy way the entire house is playing is likely to lead to anything this week.

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    • I just don’t understand how she thinks Candice twisted her words to make her seem racist. The words came out of HER (Aaryn’s) mouth!

      • I would like to see what she has to say when they “roll the tapes.” The sad thing about it is, I don’t think Candice has done anything to her to make her “hate” Candice. I’m not sure where all of this hate is coming from…..hmmm yes I do! Candice did not sit on her hat and she now knows this…….so, what exactly is the problem? The person she should hate is Elissa, but she is all up Elissa’s butt and she can’t seem to understand why Elissa hates her so much! The girl needs buy a clue with some of the money that she will receive.

      • I agree. I keep missing something. I keep reading that Aaryn is saying that she F’ing hates Candice and I am not sure why. Candice, I guess, has provided a temptation for her; a black woman to dislike and she can’t hide her true feelings??? I have no idea what is going on. Maybe she is frustrated that Candice has not taken the bait and truly retaliated with words or actions.

      • When they roll the tapes she is going to say “that not racial” then she will do that evil smirk. She is in such denial. Does she come from money? The only reason I ask is because I can picture her in high school sitting at the mean girls table. You know the type. The group of spoiled rich cheerleaders who have their noises stuck up in the air. The type that look down at people. Does anyone know if she is a fan of BB or one of the hand picked ones?

      • I was just mentioning the other day, the 3 means girls were making think of the movies “Heathers”.
        Obviously her family has money. They hire a PR in L.A. That’s not cheap.

      • I read somewhere that she does come from money, but it could all be rumors. I have a feeling she was hand-picked/recruited.

      • GM has said Aaryn comes from money, and her parents give her everything she wants. It makes sense when thinking about her behavior cus she does act like a spoiled child when she doesn’t get her way and she tries to make everything about herself. Her pain, her injustice, her feelings…like stfu already. She’s in such denial. I think she hates Candice’s guts cus she’s under the impression it’s Candice’s fault if America hates her. GM hates Candice, too. TBH, Candice does have a condescending way about herself and she can be annoying…but not any more annoying than anyone else, so I don’t know what the problem is.

      • Aaryn is a racist deep down she forgot about the nail comment towards Helen as well as the rice, so how many times can we take her comments as jokes or out of context. Sorry princess you said it because deep down you suppress your dislike for others and when your being the mean girl you are you can’t help to let your ways come out! I can’t stand her and the house is full of followers playing for other people I don’t even want to watch anymore!

      • In Aaryn’s defense, and I will not come to her defense often, they did twist her words about the fish in the fish tank. Aaryn said something about the tank being segregated because the white fish stay at the top of the tank and the black fish stay at the bottom. Howard told everyone that she said the white fish tried to stay at the top and by inference kept the black fish at the bottom. A slight twist but what Aaryn said was her observation and what Howard said sounded more racist.

        I think after Aaryn’s first racist remarks the house got sensitive to anything she is saying.

      • Hello McFly. Who the hell in his right mind would get the word segregation in his tought looking at fish in a tank ???? Come on.

      • Understood, but Howard said that Aaryn said the white fish were fighting to stay on top. That does add considerably more racism to her statement. I am not condoning anything Aaryn is doing but Howard and Candice did embellish on her comments. That was my point and it is a statement of fact.

      • Only Sunday’s show edited to say Candice was one got Aaryn saying ax instead of Asked. She actually said it was both GM and Candice. But other than that, she spewed forth on her own! Amanda said as much. And Spencer is a total gutter mouth.

      • I will give her the benefit of the doubt, for making that statement. However, who would even think to say that. I think I would have said “I find it strange that all the white fish stay at the top and the black fish stay at the bottom.” I think the word “segregated” is why it was viewed as racial.

      • There should have never been a “first racist joke” if she wasn’t prepared to take the backlash.

      • Aaryn is a racist….no question about it. She seems to dwell in the fact that Candice brings it up. If you are not a racist, you wouldn’t be talking about it so frequently. Aaryn….wake up and smell the coffee! You will have a rude awakening when Amanda or Helen kicks you to the curb, which they will do soon enough and you have to face America!

    • Poor Aaryn? Nothing poor about her…..she is playing well and would be a good person to take to the end because nobody will vote for her.

      • Not everything in life is about money. She’s a poor individual for a human beeing.

      • They can always take Candice or Jessie to the end and still win it assuming they played the game! Lots of game play left with 12 people still in the house.

    • shes so disgusting.. cant wait til she gets evicted & finds out what her actions have cost her.. And.. I hope she goes before Jury

  1. So, we have Spencer and GM possibly on board to evict Amanda. We have 2 days left to flip the vote. What I don’t understand, however, is this–certain HGs know that they will be next on the line to go after Sp and How, so are they essentially settling for jury or 3rd place? With McCranda in the house, that’s essentially what’s going to happen. These HGs frustrate the heck out of me.

    • That’s what Ginamarie said the other night on BBAD. She doesn’t care about winning. That’s what she said.

      • I get the whole stipend thing, but come on, you go on BB to win, damn it! UGH! Who goes on BB just for jury? I think I recall Spencer saying something similar as well. I just don’t get it. If I’m lucky enough to get on BB, I’m playing for the half mil, not just for jury. Jury money is still a lot of money, but I just don’t believe in settling.

      • Because for many of the houseguests who go to Big Brother, just being able to play and get the most out of the experience are two primary reasons for them to join the game, and the half million dollar prize is a nice bonus for whoever makes it to the end.

        Only those who are very desperate to get that much money will have their sights set on there and most if not all the time, they never really make it to the end.

      • Come on, it is really is the first season full of people ready to settle for jury.

      • Well, they all must have been desperate. Haven’t seen one hg yet, that didn’t have their eyes on the big prize.

      • sorry but the mvp twist has gotten all the strategic/competitive players out

        Cbs should have said beware of the floaters

      • Only Nick showed sign of been able to become a good player. I guess we will never really know. I didn’t see anything good about the other 3. I wouldn’t blame the MVP twist for that. It’s just bad casting.

      • Unfortunately first out, he didn’t get a real chance to show what he could do. But he didn’t sounded too promising. In his interview, he said he was coming in to find a romance. He didn’t came to play BB really.

      • Nonsense. Lots of game play left. Nick was over rated as a very good player. The fact that he got booted out proves he was not that good! The same goes for Kaitlyn, David and Jeremy! MVP in the hands of the viewing public is the best twist they did this year! This year the house guests was the worst bunch so, not reasonable to expect much from them! However, the viewing public can steer it in the right direction!

      • LOL! Not even close. Some of these house guests have not even watched BB so blame it on the recruiting.

      • Are you kidding me? In that case, BB recruited a bunch of idiots. If you walk into that house, it should be to win the 500k and not win 13k to go to the jury! What an unmotivated group of people.

      • It’s never always about the “money, money, money” as that Jessie J song goes. Like last season, Ian the superfan was happy enough to be in the house for the experience and be able to play and eventually got himself in the lucky side of things when he was able to build momentum into potentially winning the grand prize, and that’s the bonus part. :D

      • They are just being practical. What are the chances of Howard for instance winning Big Brother when he has been playing horribly? Most of the house guests will not win that $500,000. There is just one $500,000 prize, a $50,000 prize for 2nd and I believe a $20,000 prize as America’s Favorite Player. More than likely, these house guests know they have a very slim chance at that $500,000. So, getting their weekly allowance would still be a lot of money for each one that lasts deep in the game. Take note they get paid an allowance each week. Probably much smaller than those on Dancing With The Stars which I believe starts at $50,000 a week and going up to a couple of hundreds of thousands each week if you wind up near the Finals. If they somehow wind up deep in the game and get lucky to win that $500,000—-they will take it. There are 12 people left, 3 major prizes to win so, each person has a 1 in 4 or 25% chance of winning any of the major prizes. Remember though, they all don’t have the same chance to win it! Those who end up playing better has a chance at the $500,000. The other house guests floating and not having a clue—-will most likely not win it!

      • Are you trying to get on BB? I’ll vote for you for America’s player. Lol

      • I think GM is the biggest phony in the house. She brags about how great she and criticizes others for the same thing. GM is getting to much of a pass for her racial remarks too.

      • GM lost her job, too. She’s gonna be living with her mom well into her 40s. LOL. She’s just a bitter bitch. They are all hypocrites.

      • Yes, GutterMouth has gotten a pass for her racial remarks and it’s not fair. GM is crazy as hell, though. I love when she tries to use words “big words” that are unfamiliar to her. I couldn’t stop laughing when she said “medically phorically speaking” instead of metaphorically speaking. She is a real nutcase.

      • When she says “aks” instead of “ask” it sounds so contrived. For Aaryn to make that remark to Candice about it when GM is the one who says that, was a joke.

      • And, if the mispronunciation of words is so important to her, why is she thinking about hooking up with Judd? Judd would drive me nuts. I wouldn’t be able to have long conversations with him. Candice might have said axed, instead of asked one time and now she has picked up Candice’s bad habit. Please, she said that to embarrass Candice.

      • Of course she pronounced it “aksed” to embarrass Candice. Aaryn’s motives are evident! She is a racist and she has a warped way of denying it.

      • She was talking to GM but once again someone gets it twisted and that’s all everyone talks about.

      • Seems like you are the only odd one in here. Aaryn’s “catty” remarks are not appreciated by non-racists! Thank you!

      • Just speaking the truth not twisting things. And I didn’t appreciate her racist remarks either. Thank you!!!!!!! But there is a difference between making catty remarks and making racist remarks!!

      • Aaryn made the remark to GM. They made it look like it was to Candice but she was talking to GM.

    • They may indeed be settling for jury. The stipend for a jury member is probably more money than the average annual income of most of these youngsters.

      • The pizza boy came to the show leaving behind $25.00 so go figure! McCrae is my biggest disappointed in the show. He came in with a great attitude, won HOH and then went downhill.

      • A flip is possible. Spencer, since he has nothing to lose, needs to make up one big believable lie and stand firm when he is confronted about it.

      • I am against a flip at this point. There is still plenty of time to break up McCrae and Amanda. Even Amanda said she knows its coming at some point, but she want a few more people to go before that happens. I agree. If the house flips now, Aaryn will wind up on top with GM. I really hope that does not happen.

      • Aaryn only has GM for sure, and neither of them are competition powerhouses. They wouldn’t be able to last on the top.

      • Aaryn thinks she’s a strong competitor. She swears she’s a force to be reckoned with lmao.

      • If the p*ssies would just go along with Spencer and Howard this one time…it’d bring Helen and MC down a notch back to reality. They are too comfortable with their passive aggressive bullying bs. I want the pizza boy to go back to being a pizza boy. He’s such a wuss, it’s so pathetic.

    • McCranda is running the show. I hate when HG’s just sit back and dictate to the house what to do, and somehow, they always get to the end. Helen needs to break away from these two, stop the paranoia going on in her head and play smart. I am disappointed in Andy, knowing now that he is just using Helen as his side alliance, I thought him and Helen had a F2 deal. The way Helen is heaping praise on Aaryn right now is discouraging. I want someone to make a big move this week, but these weenies are too afraid!!

      • I don’t understand why everyone feels that they need to break up couples, but they aren’t recognizing the danger of McCranda????

      • Cus they’re stupid. They’re letting shaggy and scooby doo run their BB lives.

      • Helen’s just as bad as Amanda/Mc. All they do is talk about who is lying to them and they need to go…yet how many people are they lying to? Who tf died and made them kings? Helen’s proven herself be one of the biggest rats in that house. The old hag has the nerve telling people if they don’t vote her way, they’re getting put up the following week…as if all of the HoH’s are her’s. F*ck Helen. F*ck Amanda and that broke a** pizzaboy pig-fcker she rode in on, too.

    • They’re all stupid acting like it’s okay that Helen/Amanda/MC can have it all as long as they keep the rest of them to share the scraps. They are all wasted spots if the most they want is to make jury. All that stress dealing with liars and fakes all that time, doesn’t sound like a fun “experience” to me. I’d want that moolah. I can make friends at home w/o the stress.

      • This is not the first time an alliance controlled the house and made all the moves. Amanda and Helen are definitely doing all the thinking, but is that a bad thing? What happens if the house flips and Howard and Spencer control the house? It would be the same thing except it would be different people in control. Amanda is playing the smartest game by far. She thinks ahead and adjusts her strategy as things in the house change. In other words, she is playing the game. Why is that a problem unless you are a fan of one of her targets?

      • I dont see Howard controlling the house…I see that more from Spencer if he can turn the house, but that’s a long shot. It’s just annoying how they hate liars, but they lie. They tell people dont take things personal…but they take things personal. They say not to have their names in ppls mouths…but they have everyones names in their mouths. They threaten ppl to vote their way or they’re being evicted. It isn’t even strategic…it’s intimidation through a mob. I was a Helen fan! I can’t stand her anymore or Amanda. I have no faves, the closest to a fave would be Andy, but I do like Howard. It’s the bullying and self entitled crap I see them do that pisses me off.

    • Just because the house doesnt get out Amanda this week. Gurantees Amanda and McCrae will make it to the final two. There is still alot of game left to be played, and I still think Howard at this point of the game is best move for the house.

    • Finally someone talking about the game and not dwelling on Aaryn. I think they will flip on McManda after a couple more evictions. Nobody wants to flip this early because of all the alliances. And nobody wants to flip and align with Howard and Spencer because they can’t trust them.

  2. I really hope Jessie tells Judd about Amanda and Helen’s little meltdowns.
    4 weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed that the house would need Judd so much.

  3. I have this horrible gut feeling that Aaryn is going be in this house for a long time. Long enough that her vote is going to count at the end. Just listening to Helen on BBAD saying basically how she misjudged her because she listen to other people. What was the big hug about between Elissa and Aaryn? Please tell me it is game play on Elissa’s side. I appreciated how she was offended by Aayran’s words and actions. Speaking of words, Aaryn for someone who wouldn’t listen to Amanda about her remarks, she sure is changing her tone. Why did she say ” it would be damaging to her life outside of the house”. Interference?

    • Damaging doesn’t even start to describe the hell she’s going to have to face when she get out.

    • Yes I believe her sisters letter warned her about her remarks and what it was doing to her cause she’s been a lil different since. Remember she never read the letter out loud.(just my thought)

      • She did read it out loud, We saw it BBAD. Just didn’t show it on the CBS show.

      • When she was on the block, she stopped the nonsense. However, when she won HOH, that changed.

      • She was shocked by the 9 to 0 vote, I think that changed her. And just in time for her to win HOH, she went straight to Helen to form an alliance with her side of the house

      • I think she’s acting the same as she has when she was on the block.The last several weeks she has been fine. Now Amanda, GM and Spencer have continued with their vile, racist remarks but nobody ever says anything about that. All everyone talks about is Aaryn.

      • I also have a feeling that CBS/producers have made some hints. Personally I cannot stand her and her “entitlement “. I swear she was being shown more on Sunday nights show. BTW I hit the mute button when. She speaks. Especially in her DR sessions.

    • If the house does not vote out Howard and it flips so that the whole house is against McCrae, Helen and Elissa, Aaryn will be in the house for a long time. Howard and Spencer are trying to pull that off, but so far people like Jessie and Andy are holding out.

      • Aaryn is going to be on the block next week. She will be 3rd nominee. Bet your life on that one. If Howard and Candice are still there, that’s 2 votes already against her. If they are not on the block obviously.

      • Exactly. I have Aaryn, Helen and Judd on my MVP nomination list next week. I think we need more paranoia in the house as well as conflict so that, Helen and Judd do not waste the game play on simply coddling Aaryn. Play the game or get evicted yourself! You can take any of the floaters in the end if you play the game and win it easily! That is not rocket science! It does not have to be Aaryn with you in Final 2. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!
        Actually, Aaryn has been HOH twice already and can claim she deserves to win that $500,000 because she played very well to reach Final 2 with her racist remarks and all (of course, she will not say she is a racist) but, you get the drift. Compared to Candice or Howard or Jessie who has done nothing—-who would you rather take?

      • Of course, I still hate Aaryn and I am sure majority of viewers. What has really changed? She is acting all nice like Jeremy was before his eviction? Did you see Jeremy’s interview with Julie? He did not show an ounce of remorse for all that he has said and was even more arrogant when he got out and saying, he never loses! Julie told him, the fact that you are here, proves that you lost? Add dumbass to that! LOL Aaryn is HOH this week which why she cannot be nominated. I will nominate her again including her coddlers Helen and Judd to give them incentive to get out Aaryn—-that you can take to the bank! 69% of the those polled on this site hated Aaryn in the week Elissa was the MVP nominee!

      • Howard is gone on Thursday. And if Helen doesn’t get hoh I’m voting for her if we get to vote again. She needs to get a reality check.

      • If Aaryn wins that money, it’ll serve them all right for being stupid and playing like babies.

      • Its a pain in the a** when Howard and Amanda both have to go, this ones a hard one for me, I think Howard would be easy to get rid of later, but he’s such a threat, Amanda on the other hand needs to pull up her pants and go home!

    • Elissa is an ass kisser just like the rest of them. She made all these speeches about being such a good person and as the perfect person she is…she would never associate with someone like Aaryn, but look…now she hugs her, compliments her, talks to her. She sold out just like the others…she’s just trying to make herself look good on tv by taking all those fake stands on stuff.

  4. The funny part about this situation is that there are enough votes to take Amanda out. Spencer, GM are on board all they need to do is work on Judd, Jessie, and maybe Elissa. Ughh I hope Amanda leaves this week

    • Judd could be a crucial swing vote. What Spencer needs to do assuming he knows about Helen and Amanda’s paranoia about Judd being MVP and setting up Howard is plant a seed in Judd’s mind. That seed being that Judd will be targeted next by Amanda and Helen. That, is not an outlandish ploy to put out there! Give Judd the choice to think he is about to be blindsided or even backdoored by Helen and Amanda and he will have no choice but, to move to evict Amanda! So, you have Gina Marie, Spencer, Judd, Andy (seems to be closer to Judd) and also get Jessie.
      Five votes is the majority vote this week for eviction!
      You need to get all of these five votes. I believe Helen will stick with Amanda and McCrae as well as Elissa! This will be a huge surprise if they pull it off! Nobody will see it coming including Helen and Amanda!

      • Amanda & Helen are already targeting Judd cause they think he is MVP and he is acting distant .

      • I hate Spencer, but I do wish he would pull this off.

        And then I hope he goes out the door next.

      • That’s what I say as well. Spencer needs to tell Judd that Amanda and Helen think he is the MVP and that last week he got Kaitlan out with his lie…therefore, they want him out sooner than the other floaters. In fact Amanda did say that she does not want Judd to go to the Jury.

        They all lie so why not add another to the pot and he may get away with it. Judd is the key to this whole flip. If he flips, he drags Jess and then they will have the votes to oust Amanda.

  5. Random-Did I overlook Kaitlin’s exit interview? I was curioius about her thoughts after reading boards and seeing some of the other footage. I wonder if she was kept from seeing the boards, etc and is being “held” somewhere for a future opp to get back into the house?

  6. Aaryn and GinaMarie were talking about Elissa again last night and it was really disgusting to watch. Jealousy? That conversation about Elissa trying to make people look stupid was ridiculous. The examples they provided didn’t make sense. These are just two obnoxious catty girls who are vain and superficial. Aaryn is trying to be on best behavior and she still can stop attacking people personally. I hope the house doesn’t flip because if it does Aaryn and GM will be on top again and I do not want to see that even if it mean Amanda stays a few more weeks.

    • Aaryn is digging her grave deeper and deeper every time she open her mouth. I just don’t understand why her family doesn’t get her out of there.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. Just her comment in DR last Sunday: “I can just flip a switch, and there, Candice is not my world anymore.”. Altought you could argue the level of racism in there, it does shows how narcistic she is. And that certainly doesn’t make her look good. Make her look pretty despicable.

    • The problem is Helen, Amanda and Judd are all coddling Aaryn. It becomes a cake walk for Aaryn if it continues. That is the reason I voted for Amanda and will also nominate Judd and Helen next! As long as Amanda, Helen and Judd feel safe—-they will coddle Aaryn thinking of taking her to Final 2. Elissa, Candice and the others will be evicted one by one and it will be even more boring if it happens! We need to light a fire under Helen, Judd and Amanda that coddling Aaryn is not a viable way to play this game. I am for sending that message!

      • When is double eviction night? And will they have three double eviction nights this year since they have 16 people this year?

      • Would certainly favor even a triple eviction because I certainly hate the way the house guests are playing! It makes no sense to target those who are no threats while, leaving the racists in the house!

    • Those two are disgusting and need to go… I can’t believe the others are being so blind…. if it were me I would have stuck up for Candace and Elissa and got Aaryn out last week…just makes me mad that Helen is trying to control everyone… talk about Amanda…. I think they should be wary of Helen!!

      • Helen is another one who is bound for a seriously rude awakening when she get out.

      • Yes, I wonder how she is going to feel when she finds out about the negative comments about rice and nail salons…..hahaha! Who knows, may be Helen has a master plan.

      • I’m sure she will be shock that she missed all of the clue. She not paying attention.

  7. Amanda needs to go this week and aaryn and mccrae put up next week with either one of them going.

    • If I had my way, I will send all of them home. Start with a fresh cast. This is easier to do! There are hundreds if not thousands who went to their casting call so, it should not be so hard to pull out 16 new people to play Big Brother but, we all know that is not happening! This is a sorry group of house guests.

    • Ha Ha Ha! I will be laughing when Aaryn gets evicted!
      I am already moving to get out her coddlers to increase the chances of Aaryn getting evicted! If it were not for Helen, Amanda and Judd coddling Aaryn—-she should have been the one evicted and not Kaitlyn! Not too late though—-first I will put Aaryn on the block next week when she cannot play for HOH then, add Helen and Judd as my 2nd and 3rd choice. Putting them on the block increases that chance that one of the Aaryn coddlers or Aaryn herself gets evicted next week! Helen and/or Judd would have the incentive then, to get Aaryn out or they could get blindsided themselves!
      That should be very sweet!

    • I hope someone smacks some sense into your head. You support the white supremacy movement you infidel. You need your head A-Town stomped in. Bankhead till I die y’all. Stupid people on here today.

      • I hope someday you realize you’re getting super fired up over big brother. get a life.

  8. How come for the first few weeks Amanda was able to convince everyone to vote out couples because they’re dangerous, yet now that McCranda is the only couple left, no one seems to recognize their danger? If the houseguests don’t flip on Amanda and vote her out, they’re going to seriously regret it when they rewatch the show and realize that they let Amanda completely run their game.

    • Amanda runs part of the game. Helen runs another part of it. The bigger danger to me is Helen, Amanda and Judd all coddling Aaryn. I certainly do not want Aaryn to get to Final 2 without even a sweat and to end up winning that $50,000 2nd place or even $500,000.

      Amanda is no more dangerous than Helen but, their coddling Aaryn is the bigger danger to me which is why I want Amanda evicted to send the message that coddling Aaryn has serious consequences!

  9. Mabye someone can help me out on this…I can’t understand why Helen is so desperate to get Aaryns attention and have an alliance with her.She has been trying for weeks now to get Aaryn to like her and work with her. Can’t she play her own game?

    • She wants Aaryn for Final 2. The same with Amanda and Judd. They are all thinking about Final 2 when there are 12 people left in the house? They all deserve to get evicted for coddling Aaryn!

      • If you have watched enough Big Brother and Survivor, all you need is a floater beside you if you played the game! If both of you are floaters then, it becomes a toss up! There is no good reason to take Aaryn to Final 2. Take note that Aaryn has won two HOH so far, and lasted this far! If Aaryn ends up in Final 2, she can plausibly win it because she can claim that she played the best game because she won competitions, and inspite of her (racism)/hurtful words made it to the very end! Who are you kidding? You want Aaryn to win. I want Aaryn to get evicted long before that! Majority of viewers see her for the racist she is and will vote accordingly! Aaryn has only lasted this long because Amanda, Helen and Judd has been coddling her which one huge incentive for us to evicted Amanda, Helen and Judd in addition to Aaryn! Now, they are all in my target list!

      • Its widely known that no one in the house respects her. She’ll only have 1 friend in the Jury, GM, and thats to say GM makes Jury.
        Taking Aaryn is the smart play, but you have your “she said something racist, and i hate her even though every white guy ever has said something racist at one point in their life” blinders on.

      • None of these racists and bullies including Jeremy and Kaitlin has shown even a tad remorse of the very hateful things they have said! Why should they get a pass? Just because Aaryn is acting nice does not change the fact that she is a racist. She has recently said other racist remarks so, in the end, not the best publicist can hide that fact!
        You are the one with blinders if you cannot see that Aaryn is in fact a racist!

      • You dont get it. You’re shocked and appauled by what aaryn said, yet i guarentee you have said some things too, whether in jest or not. Everyone has. To deny it is pure ignorance.All you are doing is giving the words power.

      • Nonsense. You are empowering the racists that is what you are doing. Whatever you say is A-Okay. Even if you throw racial slurs, it is okay. Aaryn is lucky she is in the Big Brother House, if she said what she did in a public place, something bad could have happened to her! Words have power because they can hurt to say otherwise, is pure nonsense! If words have no power as you claim, try throwing a racial slur in public and see if it in fact has no power as you claim. By your assertion, one can simply ignore the racial slurs and it would have no power!

    • It’s a ploy, it’s fake. She said she was gonna do this. Jessie is being too close to Aaryn, and Helen doesn’t like that. So she’s creating doubts to Jessie about Aaryn, so Jessie wont have a hard time nominating or voting out Aaryn. Jessie plays by emotion.

    • Its numbers, numbers, numbers Aaryn votes how Helen tells her to vote, am I the only one seeing this?

  10. This house needs to grow some balls. Letting an old lady and a tranny control their fates. LOSERS!!!

  11. I’m looking for a house shake up, that would make the game fun again. Its becoming more routine based on how the players are playing…. OK Howard this week then Spence next week therefore you can foresee the ending

  12. How is it that no one can see Helen gaming them going around trying to make nice then Amanda bullying for votes saying its too early to make a big move! Of course your going to say that Amanda because YOU would be the big move. These house guest are so dumb esp. Andy and Jessie , they are the biggest puppets I have ever seen. They are playing for other people what a joke ! And Helen actually liking Aaryn , what she made fun of you! I can’t wait til these idiots see the footage.. Until then this season is so wack! Sidenote: hope Judd finds out about the plan to get him out.

      • They are too focused on getting my nephew out and kissing up to that racist clique

      • This early in the game with 12 people in house, they are thinking of taking Aaryn to Final 2 which is why! A number of them will get evicted way before then!

  13. Strategically speaking, isn’t it smarter for most of the houseguests to keep Amanda & evict Howard?

    These people are so crazy paranoid that their target changes minute to minute, if they keep Howard he can easily fly under the radar and go the distance, whereas Amanda puts a bigger target on her back every week. These people are doing what she says now, but every person in the house has expressed their concern with keeping her much longer after this.

    Most of these people want to lay low for a while and they can’t do that for much longer if they keep evicting the bigger targets.

    I like Howard just as much as everyone else does, but he’s even more dangerous if he stays this week.

    • He couldn’t even win a POV to save himself, he’s not dangerous. He’s just likeable which all of them find threatening for some reason.

      • That’s the only threat that he is. They don’t like that he’s likable…i think it has something to do with them wanting to be portrayed a certain way on the show. None of them want to compete with the nice, quiet guy that reads the bible and prays.

      • WHAT???!!! Am I the only one who sees those big muscles that he has been resting up till the end of the show??? This guy is a power house! Unlike David he didnt let them get him evicted at the beginig of the show, and when he saw what Davids game play got him he feel over with a bible and has been laying there ever since, Like a spider he’s been waiting!

      • Apparently, you have not been watching enough Big Brother and Survivor. Small and light house guests/players actually have the edge as one’s weight is a huge liability. The last Survivor winner was a geek yet, he outplayed and outlasted the muscled and very fit players! It is not all about brawn and muscles. Frank who was very fit with muscles last season lasted longer because he was a beast in competitions and yet, another geek won Big Brother over Dan Gheesling who is also a thin player. The geek who won, Ian was built very lean and thin too!

      • I don’t think they’re intimidated by his size, tho. He hasn’t won a thing. I think they don’t like that he’s portrayed as a good guy. I don’t think he’s a threat, but he does have lots of supporters viewer wise cus he’s been the least shady in the house. If that was his strategy, he’s been waiting too long. I want him to stay…but if he doesn’t go this week, they’re just going to nominate him next week again…unless him or Spencer win HoH. He hasn’t impressed me with his competitive side lol. I hope you’re right, tho, Sara.

  14. Let’s be honest. Howard’s and Candice’s fans are the ones who want to see Amanda go. They are not thinking about the rest of the game, they just want Howard to stay. I am not rooting for Amanda, but she is playing the game better than anyone. Just because she is out-thinking the rest of the house and especially Howard and Spencer, is not a reason for her to be evicted. She is playing the game and she is playing it really well. She thinks ahead and adjusts her strategy on the fly. People go along with her because they respect her intelligence in the game, not because she bullies them. Let’s face it, there are a lot of followers in this game. That’s not Amanda’s fault.

    If the house flips and she goes, the new controlling alliance will be Howard, Spencer, Candice, GM, Aaryn, Jessie and Judd. Who in this bunch has half a brain? Do we really want Aaryn and GM in power again?

    And once this group is in control what will they do differently? They will target Helen, Elissa and McCrae just like Amanda and Helen are targeting Howard, Spencer, GM and Aaryn. Howard and Spencer, the two of them together could assemble one human brain, will replace Helen and Amanda. You think Spencer won’t bully the women once he is in charge? or Howard and his passive aggressive tactic won’t continue to manipulate Candice?

    Frankly, without Amanda and Helen, all that are left are the morons, racists, and floaters. How is that better than the game we are seeing now?

    • I think that represent pretty much the feeling of almost everyboby. Bad cast all around, no matter how you look at it.

    • If Amanda, Helen and Judd remain in the game—Aaryn practically is safe without doing anything! How is that any better? Aaryn cannot play for HOH the coming week which is perfect time to target her. I am placing her on the block with Helen and Judd to remove two votes favoring Aaryn right off the bat if they get both get put on the block. Also, they would be campaigning against Aaryn whether they like it or not! You are over analyzing this game when the viewing public has MVP and can use that stick to shape this game any way we like it! Sure we do not vote but, we can put the odds heavily in our favor to get our desired result! Simply put, Amanda, Helen and Judd put this on their heads by coddling Aaryn thinking about Final 2 when there are 12 people left in the house? We need to rock the house and give them a wake up call! If Amanda, Helen and Judd refuse to evict Aaryn then, that alliance is worthless and they all deserve to lose! They made their bed—-let them sleep on it! If we keep the status quo, Elissa, Candice, Jessie will be picked off and the racists will still stay safe so, what good is that?

    • I think Amanda has a brain and could be a good player. I just don’t like how she plays the game (threats and such). Amanda likes to put people in very uncomfortable situations. She is too much of a bully for me. I only want her gone to shake up things. I hate to see Howard go, but I won’t be sad if he gets evicted.

  15. Wow, reading some of you dissing the jury house is amazing. Think of it, you’ve just played the game and then get to chill out in a mansion and they pay you on top of that. I’ve always said the biggest loser in the game is the one who places third. The first jury member is in a far better place to be then the third place loser.

  16. Who writes these article? I’m sorry, but the people who write these articles need to reread them BEFORE posting them. I saw a fragment.

  17. Wow is that all everyone is still talking about is Aaryn??? Let’s move on and talk about the game. I have read all the posts and 99% of them are about Aaryn being a racist, Aaryn coming from money and on and on and on. Get over it.

    • As soon as she’s out.
      But I know you’re right. It is just so hard to ignore the 3000 pounds pink elephant in the room.

    • We will all get over it when Aaryn is out of the game! As long as she is in the game—-she is fair game!

      • Not really. Would certainly make it more interesting when they get back to playing the game instead of merely floating and coddling Aaryn. Now, that is boring! Amanda and Helen are not too far off being evicted too so, not even close! It is only boring to you because you are obviously rooting for Aaryn!
        Tough luck. Majority of viewers still hate Aaryn and Gina Marie but, Amanda and Helen are getting up there with their coddling of Aaryn. I want them all gone then, let us see who can really play this game! I will give Helen and Judd their poison pills this coming week and let them choose between Aaryn or themselves on who should get evicted!

      • Excuse me…don’t put words in my mouth. I have NEVER EVER said I wanted Aaryn in the final 2. Just because I keep it real and tell it like it is about Aaryn changing the last couple weeks does not mean I excuse her behavior the first week. I am just a person that is willing to give someone a 2nd chance and forgive. BUT I still did not say I wanted her to be in the finals. My only comment about her making it to the end was if someone took her to the end then they would win. You need to read before you comment. In fact I have changed my mind about several people I want in the end but Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda never came out of my mouth that I want them in the end!!!!

      • What is keeping it real? Aaryn is a racist and all because she is acting nice to save her ass the last week or so, doesn’t change her spots. She even made a remark about turning things off which proves she was acting nice! Just because you say something doesn’t make it a fact! The majority of viewers can decide if Aaryn is in fact a racist! i say she is definitely a racist!

      • You obviously don’t get it so I’m not going to argue with you. I never put words in your mouth saying that you said she’s not a racist. But on the other hand you put words in my mouth saying I want her in final 2. And I also never said viewers can’t decide who they like, hate, think is a racist, think is a pig or whatever they want to think. Once again DON’T put words in my mouth. See ya, have a nice life.

      • Where did I say you wanted her in Final 2? What I said was you were rooting for Aaryn! Huge difference there! I did rebut the assertion that you need Aaryn to be in Final 2 to win it at the end which was mentioned by another poster also. However, never did I say what you claimed I put words in your mouth! Where is the post you are claiming I said that? Everyone here can look at all the posts and they can see that what you claim that I put in your mouth never happened! You are the one that needs to read what you write!

      • Maybe you need to be careful about your own words. You said I was rooting for her so duh what do you think I’m going to assume you mean? They are playing a game after all. No you did not say final 2 so I take that back but rooting for her for what to lose. Come on.

      • You are the prime example of what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. You seem to always start fights and tirades on here and we are not going to take it. Grow up and stop acting like your evil and sadistic blonde counterpart in the BB House. That’s real talk fo sure. Southside I got what you want. You need to get a life. I got Richie’s back on this. You are full of it, girl.

        Ey chick, you know the time I wet my pants season man
        But you know me, I came a long way in these streets
        Man, you know, I was born and raised in the A town
        I’m a greater baby, I got a tornado wrist
        I bake a vid four times
        My mama was on dough, my dad was as well
        My grandma raised me, she died when I was 17 from cancer
        So you know, it feels good to be here, Holiday
        Talk to these folks man
        Let these folk know what’s happenin.

        Real Talk. Holla at ya Bankhead boy.

      • So you changed your name so you can continue to stalk me. I’ll take care of it.

      • Aaryn is a piece of pure, unadultarated white trash. If she would have kept her mouth shut, she would not be in this predicament. I wish that BB would expel her immediately. I’m tired of her and the HGs coddling her. You must be a fan of her and inane antics.

  18. so according to Aaryn she has not said anything racist & has been the misunderstood, sweet, high morals, nice person. FB to this July 30, 3:10 am bbt cam 3 & as we all know nothing has changed but this is over the top. And if you don’t have the feeds it started with her talking about what she is going to tweet, things like #suckit #idontcare, then moved on to “should I tweet white power” “I wish I had a white hoodie I could wear” Also laid out some things she will say to Candice when she is evicted….you just think you were afraid of me, etc.

    • Hey Branden, why did you leave that out of your highlights ?
      I have a feeling that will show up on Youtube.

      • I hope it does. There are quite a few people out there that were upset with her when these comments first came up but some of my BB friends & I have noticed there is a pattern of people starting to give her a pass & excusing her because she has tried to play the nice role these past couple of weeks.

      • Exactly, that same I am nice so, don’t hate me crap. Jeremy did the same thing and when he got out, he never apologized for anything he said! Just proves it was all an act. Like what Aaryn is doing right now!

      • I just went to see if I could find it on Youtube, I typed “Aaryn Gries Racist”. There’s over 4000 videos.
        She’s cook. She will never outlive this one.
        I just watch an interview with David done by TMZ. He didn’t waste a second throwing her under the bus.

      • They all threw her under the bus….David, Jeremy, Nick, and especially Kaitlin (interviews with Jeff on CBS).

      • Captain, Jeff did not interview David (don’t know why). So, never really heard what he had to say.

    • do you honestly think she’s being serious? Or maybe shes saying “I’ve been labelled a racist, wouldnt it be funn if i played it up?”

      • In my opinion, it does not matter if she is being serious. I, honestly, think she should just stop talking about it and let it die. Obviously, she doesn’t have enough common sense to do so. It’s a duck!

      • Then everyone here should too. I for one am tired of reading these comments when 90% of them are about the same thing.

      • Gellie, if she did not create this kind of drama, then we would not talk about it. As long as she continues to talk, joke, or whatever the hell she is doing, people will continue to criticize her. Conversations will not die down until she stops her nonsense. Sorry to say, but her racism can not just be swept under a rug. I understand about your not wanting to read the comments, though.

      • You can judge it how you want. IMO, there are some deep seeded issues with her.

      • Fun to play up being “labeled” a racist? A normal person does not say things like white power and I wish I had a white hoodie nor do they think it is a joke to play up being a racist.

      • Well whats she supposed to do? curl up and die? She’s making fun of herself…

      • No, she wasn’t making fun of herself, she trying to deflect criticism. Which in the end just prove how narcistic she is.

    • Maybe she needs another letter from mom that goes…”Will you STFU.. you lost your job..goddammit ! “

  19. i said it before and ill say it again,amanda and helen both need to go.jessie and andy next.they are all ass kissers

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