Big Brother 15’s Spencer Clawson Interview

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15

Spencer Clawson was a frequent lightning rod for controversy on Big Brother this season as an often unfiltered, outspoken houseguest. After 8 rounds of nominations he fell one step short of making to to the Final Two where I expected him to end up with a guaranteed fifty thousand dollars.

Following the finale I had the chance to speak with Spencer and ask him about the season, the moves he made, and even about the consequences he faced outside in the real world with his job, his employer, and more.

Big Brother Network (BBN): If you had made it to Round 3 and won, would you have taken Andy or GinaMarie to the F2?

Spencer Clawson: GinaMarie. Absolutely. I think I could have beat her in the F2. I believe I could have plead my case more eloquently than she had and I think I would have stood the best chance of beating her.

BBN: When Andy voted you out, did it catch you off guard or did you see it coming?

Spencer Clawson: No, I saw it coming. I knew Andy well enough to know when he was lying to me. I knew for two or three days that there was no way if he was final HoH that he was going to take me.

BBN: After Andy voted you out, was there any feeling of bitterness that made you consider not voting for him to win or had you already resolved that?

Spencer Clawson: There was a part of me that wanted to say, “Andy, you jerk. You voted me out and I’m not going to give you a vote.” But at the same time I’m a huge fan of the show and I think he played a phenomenal game and the fan in me could not be a bitter Juror. There’s nothing I dislike more than someone that’s mad that they got got. So I had to give credit where credit’s due and he deserved to win the game.

BBN: What was your best move all season?

Spencer Clawson: It wasn’t a solitary move, it was more like an evolution of my game. I realized I was going to be this pawn all the time. This was due to some of the weaker minded players they wouldn’t think for themselves. They were too afraid of Amanda and McCrae to go after them or Helen or Elissa. So they’d put me on the block because I didn’t have any allies or means to come after them the next week even if I wanted to and I could get their target out.

I wanted to come in and play a social game, but I was forced to get really good, really quick and being on the block. I wouldn’t say I mastered it or perfected it, but I’ve come as close as anybody. I certainly have had more practice than anybody at doing it. Just getting good at that was a huge game move.

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15 chicken

BBN: After being on the block for 8 rounds, did you ever lose your fear of the block or was it just as intimidating every time as the first?

Spencer Clawson: I kinda lost my fear of it because I knew what to do. That’s not to say I didn’t lose my Thursday jitters because of it. Once it’s eviction day I’d go around and ask if anything’s changed. Nothing changed each week. So I yeah, I did. I would wonder who I was going to give my shout out to when I had my turn to plea to the HGs who were going to vote.

Well, let me rephrase that a little bit. The fear that everyone else had, they were scared. When it was my sixth or seventh time I was just more aware, not scared. Their fear is what got them out of the house. When you’re on the block, there’s three things you don’t do: don’t talk any game, stay calm, and be likable, build your social game at that point.

Everybody who was on the block against me would break one of those cardinal rules. If you didn’t seem calm, if you seemed panicky they’d want you out of the house. If you were going around griping, causing trouble, then they’d want you out for that reason. If you talked a lot of game and said, “if you keep me inside the house then I’ll go after Amanda,” then Amanda would get her cronies and you’d be gone. That’s the thing not to do. So I learned that very quickly and none of the other HGs I was nominated against did.

BBN: When you were HoH, why was Andy seemingly never even a consideration for noms or the renom?

Spencer Clawson: You know, it was a consideration. In all honesty I did toss around the idea in my head, but I don’t know if I shared the thoughts with anyone. Here’s the thing. I didn’t trust Judd. At that point I was trying to be really gung-ho Exterminators. My fear was if I got Andy out then Judd would align with McCrae and get me out. Then Judd, McCrae, and GinaMarie would be Final 3 because they thought they could beat GinaMarie in the Final HoH. That was the fear of mine. Judd was sneaky. I didn’t think he could be trusted the entire game. I don’t think he had a grasp of what was really going on which made him dangerous. He’d make any move at any time that he thought it’d benefit him.

BBN: What’s your favorite memory walking away from the game?

Spencer Clawson: Favorite memory is Day 77. The double eviction where the Exterminators got out Amanda and Elissa and I won Head of Household.

BBN: There was a LOT of talk about Elissa inside the house after she was evicted. What are your thoughts on her winning America’s Favorite and getting the $25K?

Spencer Clawson: That’s something we expected the entire season. She came in with an established fan base and that’s why we thought the MVP wasn’t fair. I know when you play Big Brother you are an uneven playing ground. Some players are going to have advantages that others just don’t have.

The fact that she got it, that’s fine. [sigh] I think that the way the system works with America voting I think she obviously has a very dedicated fan base and they were going to make sure she was going to win that money. We all knew it all season and we were kinda frustrated with it during the game.

Now that we’re out of the house, if America thought she was their favorite player then by all means she deserves that money and that’s good for her and I’m happy for her.

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15 regrets

BBN: There’s been a lot of real world fallout from the game this season. As for your job, have you actually lost your job or are you worried that you might?

Spencer Clawson: I’m worried that I might. I’m protected by union and so they can’t just fire me especially since I was on unpaid leave. I may have said things that were completely out of line with Union Pacific’s mission statement and their core beliefs as a company. The things I said were completely out of line and I’m ashamed of them. I would like to put them in the past and move on and hope the people that I did offend can forgive me. I do hope that my employer can forgive me. I know that when I was in the public eye I represented them as well as myself and I feel terrible that I gave them a black eye, so to speak.

I love my job. I love what I do. I want to get back at it as soon as possible. Hopefully the union will argue and find that I did no wrong as far as that would lead to my termination. I’m more than prepared to make a full apology to the company and to anybody that I may have offended with my thoughtless words. If it all works out I hope to have a job. As of right now I know I have not been fired. I do have an investigation coming up that will establish whether I did indeed do anything that would be worthwhile of termination and then go from there.

BBN: What’s next for Spencer?

Spencer Clawson: I’m going back home. I’m going to try and handle this fallout. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I fear. Hopefully I can put everything behind me and start back to work as soon as possible.

If any other opportunities come my way then I’d sure be interested to hear what they are. I’m not like a famehog or have any desire to be an actor or anything like that. Hopefully I’ll only be known within the Big Brother world and my town. Hopefully people will remember Spencer as a good social player and any of of the negative stuff will fall away and only the good stuff will be remembered.

BBN: There was certainly some ugly fallout from this season, but it was an entertaining one for us and you guys kept us watching. Thank you for that.

Spencer Clawson: Thank you. I certainly do regret some of that boneheaded stuff I said. I don’t have any excuse for it. I’m glad to hear that despite the negative stuff people enjoyed watching and I hope it doesn’t mar the season for next season. I hope that next season can be bigger and better than ever.

BBN: Thank you, Spencer.

Watch our preseason interview with Spencer and see how his plans and expectations turned out in the game.

Spencer Clawson Big Brother 15 interview:


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      • I seriously doubt he remembers what he said. It was weeks ago. A lot has gone on since then. I’m sure if he sees it he’ll remember (at least partially) and then he can make a better apology.

      • It isn’t wks ago. The lst 3 nts aft 11PM Andy told Sp he saw E in her rm naked w/a dildo & andy said E had sex w/him several times. Sp said E had sex with e contact with, EXCEPT

      • flyonthewall said he finally admitted that he said some stuff but little too late. I was referring to the fact that he couldn’t admit to what he actually said, I.e. The child porn.

    • I don’t really care anymore what any of them said, In another week i probably won’t even be able to tell you their names. Can’t wait for next season. Hopefully they’ll find next season’s cast by just dropping a large hoop over 16 strangers in a crowded mall. (i don’t like the idea of ever seeing any returning players EVER).

    • Yes! I’m typing up GM’s & Andy’s as well. They’ll be spaced out over the next few hours. These things take forever to type up and I was just too exhausted yesterday to do them well so it fell to today, but I’ll get them up there shortly for all to enjoy.

      • Thank You Matthew!!! I had a great time this year reading all your spoilers…Great Job! see you next year..

      • I would love to hear what the two worst players in the history of the game have to say about their disgusting behavior…Amanda’s treatment of Candace and especially Elissa, and stupid little ugly mouthed Aaryn… PLEASE interview them…altho they may not want to be interviewed.!!!!

      • yeah right…and pigs fly…all of them will WANT to talk just like they did in the house except when it was something bad then…I didn’t say that! ha ha…still disgusting people!

      • Can not wait to hear what GM, Aaryn , Amanda have to say about their racist and awful behavior as well as Kaitlan and David

      • What about Andy who was one of the worst or Judd when talking about women or McCrae on women. They were all equally bad including Elissa and Helen for things they said. Blame them all because there is enough blame to go around and NONE are innocent.

      • In no way were they all equally bad. Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jeremy, Spencer (not racist but otherwise disgusting), Andy, and Amanda were the worst. Even add Kaitlin in there. The others were annoying, but nowhere as low class as the people named above.

      • Yes, they were!!! All have their own share of the blame but have to say far and above I think Spencer and Andy were by far the worse. The comments they made about women were disgusting and Spencer’s comments were violent crimes if true.

      • Aaryn was by far the least offensive. Seriously, GM and Kaitlin used the N word and called Chen a GOOK, Spencer talked about raping women, driving a train high, loved Hitler’s treatment of the Jews, made comments about pedophile, talked about women like they were scum and you think Aaryn was one of the worst. You need serious help if you think that or you did not watch the feeds and only believe the crap that CBS, BB and JULIE CHEN in making the youngest the poster child for the hate when in reality she was the least offensive. The comments Andy made about Elissa along with GM and Spencer the last three days definitely elevates the three of them to the worst ever on BB, with Amanda a very close second to the three of them.

      • `wow. i didnt hear some of those things spencer said but i believe it. i did hear him say discusting things about women and sex. he is pathetic and obviously that is the real him

      • Will there be an interview with Aaryn? I’ve been back and forth about her, I feel like she really is mortified by what she said but I want to see her reaction about her return to real life and the consequences she’s dealing with.

      • She is a 22 year old ignorant kid and even CHen said that she does think that Aaryn was truly horrified by what she said, and in the same interview she said she does not think that GM and Spencer were. Also, I love that Candice and Aaryn became friends in the Jury because that say a lot more than the hate filled comments on here. Candice got it that she truly is only 22 and ignorant and just did not get it. Apparently, Amanda and Elissa were still fighting the the jury house and Aaryn and Candice just stayed by themselves and let the game go and became friends. KUDOS TO THEM!

      • I think it’s stretching it to say they became friends. Aaryn overplayed it, saying how close they had become. Candice said maybe they would be Facebook friends, but they wouldn’t be going to a movie together. NOT FRIENDS, but not enemies either.

      • WRONG or either you did not watch the interview Candice said in the house Aaryn and Candice were the only ones that let the game go and became friends. Aaryn did not say it so it would be hard for Aaryn to overplay it those were Candice’s own words, and Candice also said that Amanda and Elissa were still going at it in the Jury house (no surprise there) and that the others could not let go of the game.

      • Could you please do a little less chatting and a lot more typing? I’m anxious to read the interviews! By the way, you have done an exceptional job, as usual. Thanks!

  1. I hope the kid doesn’t lose his job. He wasn’t near as bad as some others.but if it takes a show to make him t
    he best man he can be sobeit! If I could tell him 1 thing it would be to have more respect for the females.that was my only gripe with him. Good Luck Spencer!

    • UHMMM…Actually he was worse. He was talking about molesting little 3 and 4 year old kids. There’s nothing funny about that and the fact that he thought it was a joke says a lot about his character.

      • He didn’t say he wanted to molest children, he said he liked to masterbait to child porn films. Get your story right. He is a pig but right is right.

      • Yes he did Gellie and his exact words were, “I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that?” he said.

        “I love it. Beating off to child porn is my favorite thing there is.”

        “I love it when they’re around 3 or 4 years old,” he continued. “My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.” Yeah…that’s mocking someone…OK

      • Well obviously you dont know what mocking is. He was pretending to be McCrae when he said that. In the same vein as me saying “My name’s LeaArmstrong! I take things waaay out of context”

      • as in he didnt say it speaking as himself. It was a clear dirty joke that you people are taking waaaay too far.

      • yeah because it’s funny. .. jacking off to kid porn. clearly your morals are along the same line as his. Until you have a child it’s happenef to them I guess you can chalk it up as a joke and no big deal to be taken seriously. Disturbing!

      • you are so overly sensitive. You must be angry at everything all the time. I mean… you could probably find something insulting in everything.

      • Actually no Gellie…I’m not overly sensitive about things EXCEPT when it comes to children…abuse, molestation, neglect. If you have children I feel sorry for them because apparently you’re not the type of protective mother many of us are. If you were you would have found NOTHING funny about joking about child porn. It’s a serious issue and should be treated as such. If you don’t have children I suggest you never do for their sake. Maybe you’re related to this nasty man and are just trying to defend him. Either way, he’s sorry! As in pathetic! If your moral compass was set correctly you would understand what the rest of us find so distasteful and not funny about the whole thing.

      • You’re what’s known as “crazy”. I agreed with everyone that it was distasteful. One thing that you’re missing is he wasnt talking about child porn in a positive light. He was using it as an insult towards McRae. As in “Child porn is bad, therefore im going to use watching it as an insult towards McRae”. Also, dont judge my ability to parent. Makes you look ignorant too.

    • He sounded like he supported Kiddie porn and really instigated a lot of the negative talk about women!! Where were you…not watching bb15 appearently!

      • I watched every episode and read about the feed updates on this site. It wasn’t possible for me to pay for the live feeds to see for myself.

        So people “not watching” isn’t the case. They really didn’t show him saying much of anything offensive on the actual broadcast show.

      • It was not shown on the regular cbs episodes, it was on the live feeds. You can find some of the video clips on You Tube, the backyard interviews are on cbs big brother website, and google big brother 15 and different sites come up. Joker updates has some information and clips also. Hope this helps.

      • yeah like the guys all over the universe do not think these thought pleeeeze about woman..ya know the butterscotch shot fromo Spence… that is come on give the man break

    • then you wouldnt mind if all the discusting things he said about women was said about your sister or mother

  2. At least his apology is sincere, and he is genuinely sorry for what he has said, unlike Aaryn, who is still a very selfish and ignorant person. The difference between the two apologies is that Aaryn immediately attacked her former employee, saying that they(the modeling agency) wasn’t a very good modeling agency and blamed everyone from her upbringing to the whole state of Texas for the sh!t that came out of her mouth. Spencer at least had the balls to own up to his mouth and didn’t try to blame anyone or anything for it. Good for Spencer!!!

    • As bad as I hate to admit it you are right. He’s the only one that had bls to stand up to what he said and apologize. Even Andy said he wasn’t part of any of that. Did he really forget about the live feeds. Still can’t stand him though.

      • Oh yeah some of the things that Andy had to say about Elissa was disgusting. When he was talking about how much he loved everyone and he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Well, Elissa had already been evicted so there was no reason for him to say anything about her but he did. As for Spencer…yeah, he did have the balls to admit it but I think it was just to save himself.

      • He’s still trying to save his job…later will tell the tale if he looses his job instering to see what he says!

      • I kept reading that everyone was bashing Elissa but I never got to see anything specific that was said. Is that talked about somewhere so I can see for myself?

      • Elissa is a snotty over the to kind of girl I disliked her right off
        why would anyone be proud to be Rachel’s sister is beyond me
        their parents need to be horse whipped raising these two nut jobs
        and that passive aggressive speak is so far off shut up Elissa and go enjoy your undeserved 25 grand

      • It happened all the time after she was evicted, but it was taken to a whole new level when only thew three of them were left in the house. I think the only way to understand it would be to watch the flashbacks on the live feeds. It was all beyond disgusting. I had to stop watching the feeds altogether.

    • There’s been an interview with Aaryn? Could you tell me where? Her and Amanda are the ones I most want to read about.

    • Pardon the expression of having balls, remember that’s how he got in trouble for saying that indecent comment against innocent children, he did not admit to getting off on porn just that he was sorry so he can get his job back, he needs to be investigated and if porn is in any of his pc he needs to start stepping into a jail cell so someone else an enjoy him and his balls like you said he has!, j/s!

    • ARE YOU HIGH LIKE SPENCER????? Do not compare any of the others to this pervert!! He said he drugs women for sex which is RAPE!!! WHat in the heck is wrong with you. All of the others are SAINTS COMPARED TO THIS PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sure and know his apology is sincere and hers isnt. thats some gift you have, reading peoples thoughts.

    • Sorry my fannY!!! THis man or should I say pig is over 30 and you compare his statements which if are true are punishable crimes by multiple years in prison to stupid comments made by a 22 year old ignorant college student. Sorry BigDaddyCree but they are not eve close. SPENCER IS A PIG AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE!! HE SHOULD BE FIRED ASAP!! I WOULD NOT WANT ANYONE I KNOW OR DO NOT KNOW TO BE ON A TRAIN WITH HIM!! THEY WOULD BE PUTTING THEIR LIVES IN DANGER!! THE MAN ADMITTED TO DRIVING TRAINS HIGH!!!!!!

  3. For Amanda, GM and Aaryn’s in their backyard interviews they didn’t seem at all sincere about any of the stuff that they said in the house. We as viewers (Live Feed) took everything they said out of content…What BS!!! these ppl are not sorry for anything they said and did in that house. I do give Candace credit for actually saying she forgave Aaryn…I hope they all survive the backlash this experience will bring them.

  4. I really want to know how his father, a very well known and highly respected judge in their county, says to Spencer. I’d love to be a fly on the wall. I hope his mother lays into him about how he OBVIOUSLY thinks of women. That many comments weren’t just slips or said in the heat of the moment. Spencer has embarrassed Arkansas, his family and Big Brother.

    • Right?! I thought the same thing…LOL. He thinks because he made it to the final 3 means he played a really good game. He can’t see the only reason he made it is because everyone knew they could beat him. LOL

      • Third place is the WORST place to finish. So close, and yet ending up with nothing. I wish it had been Andy in that positio9n.

  5. Thanks again Matthew for all the work you and Branden do for this site. It was an interesting site to follow and was the only enjoyable part of the season this year. Looking forward to reading your other final interviews.

  6. a disgusting Pig of a man a piece of Crap Mariyln Are you out of your mind why would you want this man after some of the stuff he said Like all the stuff he said he wanted to do to jessie & lets not forget Kiddie porm
    What a horrible person you are

    • You now you are being about as bad as he is.
      He calls people name you call him names. It is the same thing. Be the bigger person.

  7. The whole season was a disaster…but I not only blame the stupid, ugly mouthed,threatening,players…I blame the producers…they should have kicked Aaryn,Amanda and Spencer out long before the finale…… Better make new contracts for next season…”any bad language, racist,homophobic or threatening talk…and you are out.!!!!

  8. I didn’t watch the feeds so I can’t really say I know what Spencer said (I heard the C-word was used a lot but that’s all I know) but he seems like an overall decent guy. (If someone who watched the feeds wants to argue with me go ahead but I can’t honestly say I care).

    I know there have been times in my life when meeting new people I wanted to impress and I didn’t act like myself. I would curse more, try being edgier, and do anything I could so people wouldn’t see that I’m actually a pretty boring person. So I think I know why some HGs act out while in the game.

  9. this is what Andy twitted

    Andy Herren @AndyHerren

    I’m going to say it right now: I already feel terrible about my Elissa comments. To anyone I offended, especially Elissa, I am sorry.

    9:34 AM – 19 Sep 2013

      • Andy Herren ‏@AndyHerren15h

        Really, people. The minute I saw Elissa’s smiling face last night my heart sank and I felt awful about everything I said.

      • Andy Herren ‏@AndyHerren16h

        @RachelEReilly The pressures of the house got the best of me. My words were hurtful, and that’s not me. Disappointed in myself FO SHO.

    • I would accept Andy’s apology if and only if, he had talked about Elissa only once. But it became night after night. I think in the final week of BBAD I watched a total of 30 minutes. I just couldn’t handle the Elissa bashing. I may be wrong but the last time I watched BBAD they were painting ceramic dogs. But GM wasn’t saying anything. Was she as bad as Andy and spencer

      • GM had the worst mouth of anyone in the house. Not just her f-bombs, like every other word all season, but her racist comments were so over the top, they were truly horrific. She always laughed after she said one of them too. I’m not talking about when she was fighting, but when they were all just sitting around BSing. She said the most ugly things of anyone in the house IMO.

      • Thanks for the reply. I didn’t have live feeds so other than AD and this blog I missed a lot of things. I guess with GM she stayed true to whoever her alliance was.

    • Pls let Pee Wee Weasel Andy know that his tweet apology is not accepted if you can respond to his tweet, he is still a RAT

      • Exactly. Although he is distasteful he said in McRaes mic as if he was him not admitting some dark secret. After watching it I realized how dumb it became. Sure he shouldn’t have said it but it wasn’t literal

  10. omg ppl theres more hate on here than there almost was in the house everyone is diff ppl don’t like everybody ask yourself how many ppl did u not like or annoyed you or was weird to you.. so what did you and your friends do say nasty things behind there back and don’t say you haven’t we’ve all done it especially when we were younger . great interview

    • I though the same thing but she mentions it under the question what’s next for GM? Although I would have liked to have had more information on that.

  11. LOL I love that they still can’t accept that Elissa is more liked than them.
    Sorry guys, bigots and misogynists are not more liked than people standing up to them.

  12. What about Spencer saying that he got off in watching children’s porn, Now if he does not get fired he needs to be locked up and taken away from any children in his vicinity@

    • He was investigated by his local police department and nothing was found. He was playing a very distasteful joke on McCrae.

  13. Newsflash Spencer — Elissa didn’t win America’s favorite player because of any built in fan base. She got my vote along with millions of others because of your disgusting mouth and the horrible things you said about her, her family and women in general. Glad you got ZERO $$

  14. Has anyone read or heard what Elissa thinks about the hate directed at her. I know what Brendan and Rachel think. Just curious what she thinks.

    • Last was their big party in an LA club, so I think she was busy. Saw 5 tweets from her this morning, nothing about the game. Tonight I’ll check what she said today, I’ll report here I see something interresting.

      • Captain watched Elissa’s interview with Jeff. She was a class act. Then when she said she would hang out with Andy, I felt sick to my stomach. I know this was before she had a chance to read or hear about what went on. But it was tough to hear

  15. None of them are Sorry for what they said own it its the real them say ing what they Truly said bunch of low down dirty Trash

  16. The last few wks in the house all Spencer talked about was Marilyn but he says nothing about her in the interview when asked “What’s next for Spencer?”

  17. That was actually a great interview. So far Spencer has been the only person to fully own up to his comments. I still dislike him but good for him, I guess.

  18. Spencer you are an embarrassment to the Big Brother game. Go on and says all you want about Elissa, she is the one we liked. As far as I am concerned you are one of the biggest floaters of all time and never played the game. You are also hiding behind your Union to stay employed, you should be fired. You have a foul mouth, a hatred for women and you are not a nice person.

  19. Someone should of asked him about saying he went to work high at Union Pacific, or his comment about giving roofies to women for sex (normally called Rape), or about his comments in regard to pedophile!!! The worse of the lot this season by a long shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His comments were actual crimes, the others mostly out of ignorance.

  20. I agree that they were terrible people BUT to those that actually called their jobs and sent hate mail to ruin their lives your just as disgusting. I understand they were wrong and have to deal with that but come on really

  21. Stupid Spencer still doesn’t get it about Elissa. The first week she got MVP was due to Brenchel fans. After that, Elissa got MVP because everyone in the house was a complete dick with how they treated her and the fans were voting for the underdog, not Rachel’s sister. Elissa was constantly abused by the rest of the house. By the end, Elissa had a huge fanbase of her own, completely independent of Brenchel. She was the only person in the house toward the end who showed class at all. The rest were pure trash.

    • and he seems to also forget that Elissa was on the block at least 3 times so he wasn’t the ONLY one who was put on the block multiple times and didn’t go home!! he just makes me sick … actually all three of the final HG are DISGUSTING! *in my Elissa voice* lol

  22. These people are a real joke why would Spencer be scared of going on the block he was never, never and I mean never a real target this season well not until he was finally evicted in the end and with that he was pissed(Blind sided) by Andy when it finally happened. I have no respect at all Big Brother wise for these clowns who call themselves the exterminators what a FN joke of a season. #FUProduction.

  23. Spencer made many comments about a certain segment of fans that he did not care for. These people were rooting for a contestant that he hated named Elissa Reilly-Slater. Literally 100s of times, Spencer begged the Big Brother fans to commit mass suicide. He also said They need to be sent to the Holocaust and gassed in a chamber “Hitler style.” He often spoke about Hitler in very positive terms. He said Hitler was a great public speaker and “took care of business.” He often said he wished Hitler would come into the Big Brother house and “clean things up.” This comment personally affected me (and 1,000’s of other Jewish fans, not to mention a Jewish contestant on the show, Amanda Zuckerman) because I have relatives who did not survive the Holocaust. For Spencer to use this horrific incident in history and wish the same atrocity on America and Big Brother fans is sick. He often exhibits antisemitic views and shockingly, seems proud of it. He would look directly into the camera and speak about it often.

    His other household fascination was rape. His famous quote that he repeated ad nauseum was, “blood and tears make the best lube.” He begged Judd to “finger bang” Jess and come stick his fingers up Spencer’s nose. And of course, we will never forget the “butterscotch” comment he made repeatedly when trying to imagine what Jessie’s vagina tastes like. He was fixated on describing ways he wanted to rape and torture the female contestants in the house. He spoke in graphic detail about anal rape scenarios for Elissa Reilly-Slater, Jessie Kowalski, among others. Although he claimed to be in a relationship outside the house, and knowing Marilyn AND HIS FAMILY subscribed to the live internet feeds, that did not dissuade him from DAILY rants about his sexual fetishes. As most of the female contestants confessed, they felt very uncomfortable around Spencer. “He gave us a weird vibe and was always perving on us.”

    Spencer also speaks very candidly about his drug use while on the job. He apparently has figured out how to trick the drug screening process. This is a big joke for him. He’s been to rehab twice but only to placate others who sent him there. I don’t care what drugs he does in the privacy of his home but it’s scary with some out of shape stoner being in control of a train. He boasted often about this on the live feeds and BBAD.

    I’m sure you’ve all heard multiple times about the crass language which is a regular part of his vernacular. On a daily basis, he referred to all the female contestants as “b*ches” and “c*nts.” His misogynistic values were one of the most depraved parts of his personality which, again, was captured on the live feeds whenever he was awake and speaking.

    One comment I caught the other day, when referring to Candice Stewart, a female contestant on the show, he said, “If that loud c*nt came back in the house and I had a gun, I’d blow her brains out.”

    So when I see people holding GM to such high standards while giving Spencer a big thumbs up, exuse me while I go puke in the bushes.

    PS: speaking of puking in the bushes, If Elissa won AFP, Spencer promised to drop trou and sh*t on stage. McCrae promised to puke on Julie and Andy said he would kill himself…”oh my gaaaaaaah”

    America is waiting.

  24. Spencer you are a Racist Pig, Your LIES regarding Candice and Aaryn’s Hat almost caused a Race Riot in the House, and you took delight in it stirring the Pot . You are a Coward, even when you saw the backlash you acted like a 12 Year old Bully, you didn’t stand up like a Man and Apologize, and tell the Truth, instead you waited till both Ladies were out of the House and in KKK Lynch Mob Mentality Announced Your Despicable Behavior and laughed. IMO you are a Sociopath and incapable of remorse, your Apologies are Empty and only a means to try to save your Ass. All your big Talk about wanting to slap Elissa’s Photo with your Dick and Defecate on it and Defecate on the Stage if she won AFP proves Your a Sick Pig. How would you feel if a Man talked about your Mom the way you talked about the Ladies in the House on National TV would she deserve it to? You are Vile and Disgusting, I hope Marylin’s Family gets her into Counseling and as far away from you as possible, you have all the warning signs of a Domestic Abuser, you genuinely hate Women. As for Howard I hope he sees you for who you really are and never talks to you again. There is no chance you will ever return to the BB House, the Majority of American and Canadian Viewers hate You for all the Evil, Sick, Twisted, Garbage that spewed non stop out of your Mouth. You showed all of us who you really are, and that’s one scary Individual. I would advise anyone with Children to keep them as far away from you as possible, for thinking there’s anything funny about Pedophile Humor.

  25. Lighten up, people. I like Spencer. I wish he would have won. Has his girlfriend stayed with him? Hope he keeps his job.

  26. don’t forget urinating in the Walmart coolers…. what a guy!!!!!! Simply salt of the earth! In many ways he was the most offensive. His comments about knocking out Jessie teeth, and using it as a lubricant, along with his graphic comments about children were like nothing I have ever heard before. Who even has those thoughts! And to blame it on a “stupid sense of humor” was surreal. What planet is this person from?

  27. The things spencer said about Elisa were not “boneheaded.” That’s the thing spencer seems not to understand. His comments about Elisa were vile and obscene. If his union decides not to support his employ, hopefully he will learn a lesson from it.

  28. He’s a jerk especially how he talked about Elissa when she wasn’t even the house anymore!
    I am glad he lost.

  29. Spencer played a lousy game. I thought he was one of the smarter guys in the house but instead of using his brain he just went along with the dumb bells.

    As for his comments. He certainly said a lot of things that were hurtful and inappropriate. It sounds like he loves his job so in order to keep it, he is apologizing to his company. But how about apologizing to the people you made those comments about? I don;t see a direct apology to Elissa, Candice, Jessie, etc.?

    Finally, I wish Andy and Spencer, who were obsessed with Elissa’s fan base would drop their denial of the facts. Rachel has Brenchel’s army. But a lot of people who voted for Elissa for AFP were never Rachel fans. I never liked Rachel on BB. I voted for Elissa to make a point to Andy and Spencer in particular. Prior to the constant Elissa bashing, i was going to vote for Candice. My vote for Elissa was really a vote against Andy and Spencer.I think there are a lot of other people out there just like me.

  30. He & Andy have ruined BB for me, I have never missed a season, but this will be my last. I was happy that I would be able to watch live feed’s, without paying. That didn’t last long, When the last 4 or 5 were left in the house, I got so disgusted with their vulgar, filthy mouth’s I would end up turning t.v. off. His family are supposed to be upstanding people, where in hell did this misfit come from. Is he adopted? He act’s as if he was raised with the PIG’S. Sorry Pig’s I have just done you an injustice. You are better than this FILTH.

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