Big Brother 15 Finale Recap: A Winner Is Crowned

Big Brother 15 Jury votes revealed 03

Big Brother 15 came to a dramatic conclusion Wednesday night as Andy Herren made history as the first openly-gay winner.

Also in the night, the jury members learned that the show was one of the most controversial in the history and that their antics made national headlines. Of course we were all left wanting more of that, but there was too much other show to get to.

The episode picked up with Part One of the final Head of Household in progress. And out course Spencer is the first one out. GinaMarie and Andy go at it for a while and then things get really slippery and Andy falls. GinaMarie wins part one. She moves on to part three.

It’s time for Spencer and Andy to face-off for Part Two of the final Head of Household. And it’s a rock wall-skill-luck-speed mash-up challenge. And to basically no one’s surprise, Spencer sucks at the game, so Andy wins. So it’s GinaMarie vs. Spencer in part three.

And so it’s time for Andy and GinaMarie to figure out who they’re going to take to the finals and how to get the other person to take them to the finals. GinaMarie doesn’t think she could beat Andy in jury votes. But she thinks Andy deserves it more than Spencer.

Let’s cut to the jury house so Dr. WIll can “grill” the jury members. And by grill, we mean letting the jury members continue talking about the same things they’ve talked about all season. It was actually quite disappointing. But that’s the theme of the season.

Final HoH Round 3 - 02

It’s time for the final HOH. Here’s how that played out.

  • Question 1: GinaMarie and Andy both get a point.
  • Question 2: Both miss it.
  • Question 3: Andy gets a point. GM doesn’t.
  • Question 4: Both get a point.
  • Question 5: Andy gets a point. GM doesn’t.
  • Question 6: GM gets a point. Andy doesn’t.
  • Question 7: Both miss it.
  • Question 8: Both get it right and Andy wins.

Andy now has to make his decision to evict either GinaMarie or Spencer. And he picks Spencer. Wow. Wow. Wow. I don’t know if I can even go on. Andy just handed GinaMarie the win. Spencer tells Julie that he kind of knew it was coming.

Julie brings out the jury to find the last person evicted and to ask the finalists questions. So let’s get to it.

  • Amanda: GM, what’s your biggest move prior to getting me out. And her answer: “Getting Amanda out.” Hahahaha.
  • Elissa to Andy: Biggest game move. His answer: aligning with McCrae and Amanda and playing all sides of the house.
  • Helen to GM: Biggest obstacle? Losing Nick. No, really.
  • McCrae to Andy: Why should the jury not be bitter? Andy says because he played the game that deserves to win.
  • Candice to GM: “Why should we give you the money?” All she can talk about is Nick. Still.
  • Jessie to Andy: “Why did you lie to so many jurors unnecessarily? “He said it would have broken his heart to be honest to them.
  • Spencer to Andy: “You cost me a lot of money. Why should I give you half a million dollars?” He says he promised GM on night one he’d have her back from night one all the way through the game. He said he kept his loyalty to her to prove to the jury that he could remain loyal to someone.

Andy definitely wins that round if you’re playing fair. I venture to say his are the best final two answers ever.

As for final pleas, GM’s made me want to burst my own eardrums. Andy’s was respectable, articulate and well-thought. Andy should win. And the jurors make their votes.

The pre-jury houseguests come back for some fun! And by fun I mean uncomfortable and icky stuff. ACK. And the best part was Amanda finally learning that America was MVP. The rest of it was actually pretty disappointing.

It’s time to learn the winner of Big Brother 15.

The Votes

  • Spencer voted for Andy.
  • McCrae voted for Andy.
  • Judd voted for GinaMarie.
  • Elissa voted for Andy.
  • Amanda voted for Andy.
  • Aaryn voted for GinaMarie.
  • Helen voted for Andy.

Andy wins Big Brother 15. And the $500,000. GinaMarie finishes as runner-up and takes home $50,000.

The other votes:

  • Jessie voted for Andy.
  • Candice voted for Andy.

And just before the credits roll, Julie let’s us know how America’s vote played out. The  Top 3 Favorite Houseguests: Elissa, Judd and Howard. Julie announces that Elissa wins the $25,000.


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  1. Just waiting for the backyard interviews when they tell Aaryn, GM and Amanda that they have been fired, it will probably better than the whole season all together.

  2. I had a good laugh over Will comparing himself to Spencer in regards to not getting blood on their hands. Everyone jury member paused to consider that maybe Spencer was utilizing Will’s strategy.

    Either I imagined the paused or misinterpreted it, I still laughed.

  3. Most disappointing ending to BB in a long time. I really have no respect for Andy and his lying about what he accomplished on BB. The guys is a liar outside the house so BB is a perfect contest for him. It would be like Spencer ins a pervert contest. I am sure he would win that one.

    In any case, I am waiting for the red headed little weasel to tell Elissa exactly how he feels about her. He’s been spouting off about that for weeks now.

  4. And, to top it off, Andy continued his lying ways, til the end of the show/season, as he did not slit his throat on the stage, when Julie announced that Elissa was voted as this year’s America’s Favourite Player …. :)

  5. I don’t think Andy should have won, if you have to win by back stabbing people to win I think that’s low and cheating. I would have seen Amanda when at least she was up front about everything! I think Andy’s game was lousy and he didn’t deserve the money! I think Gina Marie deserved it more then he did, anyone deserved it more then Andy he floated most of the game . And I don’t see how others didn’t see he floated! I was very disappointed at the ending of the show!

    • I think we have different opinions on what floating is. To me, floating is just going week to week with no real plan just hanging out and having fun. Andy did no do that.
      Andy knew he wasn’t going to be a comp beast, so he has to use his social game to get ahead. In the first few weeks he really didn’t so much, maybe felt ppl out, but as soon as McRranda started to choose who left each week he aligned with them and played loyaly, until he saw that he was going to get third, then he jumped ship, and duh who wouldn’t? He did a very good job befriending everyone in the house as well.
      Hell McCrae even knew Andy was lying and still went for Elissa, because Andy was that good with his words, why fault that?

    • Even zingbot called him out on being a floater. I don’t know if I want to watch BB any more and I think if they ever bring any member of this cast back I definitely won’t. This season was terrible.

  6. Hypocrites all over. Dan back stabs people, but doesn’t win. UPROAR because Dan played a better game.

    Andy back stabs people, AND wins. UPROAR because you shouldn’t back stab people.

    America embarrasses me more and more every day.

    • Dan was authentic at the very least, he wasn’t a kiss ass like Andy was this season, with all the “It breaks apart my heart to evict X”. I have to respect the fact Andy was putting people in bodybags, but with all the bullshiting he does and the things he says about people behind their backs, makes him a bitch.

    • Clearly you don’t understand everyone’s gripe…

      Andy and Dan both stabbed people in the back. Yes. But that’s not why most people don’t like Andy. They don’t like Andy because he’s a disgusting individual. He spent so much time bashing Elissa. Literally hours on end. His vile remarks is why people don’t like him.

      Dan on the other hand, is one of the nicest dudes around. He would stab you in the back, sure, but during the down time in the house, he was a genuinely nice guy. He never took part in “bashing sessions” and built honest relationships with his house guests. Huge difference.

  7. Reading some of these “INTERVIEW” comments. Did yall not see the last 5 minutes of Jeffs interview with Andy???? (unquoted) Jeff ask Andy about the vile and derogatory comments that were made by people in the house. Andy said..I HEARD SOME OF THOSE COMMENTS AND JUST WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT I WAS NEVER A PART OF THAT AND I DON’T CONDONE THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR. I KID U NOT…that is what Andy said…Jeffs interviews can be seen on CBS later today..

    • Like Spencer, he thinks they’re talking about someone else. Spencer asked if he said something offensive after a minute but he seemed to think it was the language rather than racist, homophobic, vile… Like he thought they cursed too much maybe. Just didnt seem to get it and neither did Andy. Reality is knocking at the door. Aaryn said she won’t read anything negative about her after the show.

    • Andy is such a liar. He obviously forgot that we were watching Live Feeds. What a jerk! He needs to remember karma is a biotch!

      • In a week no one will even remember this season, let alone the rudeness. All washed away. nothing to see here, move along. Get out the whitewash and earplugs. NOTE TO PRODUCTION : get off yer lazy asses and keep on top on the unacceptable behaviour and comments next season, stop and warm any HG immediately under threat of expulsion. I don’t blame the houseguests for the controversy, I blame the babysitter.

  8. The finale should have been two hrs like survivor is, would like to have heard more from the ousted house guests.

  9. The best part of a very disappointing season was reading the posts on this website, very entertaining!

  10. You will notice there wasn’t the usual “why did you vote this way” “oh we’re great friends now” BS. It was more like, “Here’s your money, bye now”.
    I agree worst season & players in the history of BB. Wonder why they didn’t use that tag line?

  11. Absolutely not happy about Andy winning, but I guess looking at it from a game playing prospective, he did play the best game. However the fact that he was so sneaky doing it and the polar opposite of Dr. Will who stabbed you in the back and more or less let you know he was doing it. I hate sneaks and liars!

  12. I am so disappointed with this years BB,, Andy should not have won…..he was not a loyal person…..he was aligned with Amanda and McCrae from the start, when they had to choose between Andy and Aaryn, they chose Andy cause they were loyal…..I knew then that they should have taken Aaryn with them…she was more loyal…..worse season ever

  13. I have watched BB since season 1. This was the worst season ever. Some of the last 11 house guests will awaken this morning to the knowledge that they made total complete fools of themselves on national television. Thanks to BB Network for the good times and great work on this site!!

    • Also have watched since the S. 1 and I agree. This group just doesn’t seem to get it and they need to get over themselves being BB stars.

      • Their 15 minutes of fame is over! No one wilI probably be hearing from them again. I can’t see many opportunities heading their way.

      • Could be interesting to hear what happens to them. Wonder if they’ve realized yet how the majority of fans hated this season and most of them.

  14. The nightmare is over for us, the viewers and the fans. For some of the HGs, the nightmares are just starting.

  15. Winning BB this season was not an accomplishment, but more an embarrassment! Andy won against racists, bigots, perverts and bullies…..nothing to write home about! His interview with Jeff Schroeder once again displayed his true self…….he denied responsibility that he was among the other house guests who insulted and ridiculed other house guests like Elissa! That very statement he made shows you his true character outside of the BB house….nothing has changed!

  16. I wasn’t disappointed nearly as much in this season as I was some of the people in there. I still didn’t see a lot of regret from Amanda, Aaryn or GM and that bothered me. Aaryn walks out with 2 publists and says she has other interviews like no big deal. No accountability at all. God help all of them. I hope they see the evil of their ways. I think Amanda is just so spoiled and used to getting her way til she doesn’t give a s__t! Run Macrae if you have any sense. GM..what do I say??? You act like a want to be gangster…NOT appealing. Andy played the game rather you like him or not and that’s why he won.
    Hope next season is better.

    • I agree with everything you said except about Aaryn. She did apologize and her and Candace ended up being the closest in jury. It didn’t happen right away, but they worked it out. As far as the other interviews they all had interviews with others before Jeff. Her publicists were hired by her mom ahead of time. The two I have the most hope for are Jeremy who gave a great interview and Aaryn. I can’t say the same for GM, Spencer or Andy.

      • Oh even Jeremie made my skin crawl with how he didn’t seem to care about what he’d said & done… But yes once again Jacee you & I are on the same page with acknowledging Aaryn’s wrong actions, but also acknowledging that she was the only one to apologize to Candice in person, and was the only one publicly called out on national television.

  17. I really do wish that Julie would have more interaction with them. Instead she lightly gives them and us some fluff about about how talked about this season was and the increase in fan reactions. That, to me, would have indictated WOW America loved us and we were great, YADA, YADA, YADA,. How about instead saying you guys were a total embarrassment and America hated you and boy did we screw up! I have an idea for the next season–go back to the beginning of BB and make the HGs live like those from the first couple of seasons. Can you imagine having to wash your own clothes in a crank washing machine, having to win to get a hot tub (not pool) unlocked, cots and not fancy rooms? I bet it would make the auditions a lot less “spoiled” brat like. Aww for the days of Chicken George…………………………

    • Good points but Julie has to remain PC and on script at all times (that’s the way CBS rules). I believe she couldn’t handle an argument with any of them.

      It’s a good thing there are BB Blogs so we can learn the truth of what’s going on instead of the fluff they show.

      • So if somebody who did a few dumb things and said a few racist remarks gets called out… then why the heck wouldn’t somebody who did what Amanda, or Spencer, or GM, or even Andy did get called out? (Check out their you tube video compilations of their finest moments… Amanda’s in particular: ”Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior” (seriously go check it out then ask yourself why none of that footage went into the show or even got acknowledged)…

      • CBS would have to devote a show or two to go over “just” the uglyliness that was displayed this season. Yes I’ve seen some of the videos.

      • oh you really should see that Amanda one (it really does take the cake)! I can’t believe NONE of it made it to air and that they furthermore had the nerve to single out Aaryn as an example of the worst behaviours this season…

      • OK I’ll check it out!! Thanks! Also thanks for being civil with your comments as I love to discuss and hear other opinions about BB.

    • I didn’t necessarily want her to be vindictive, but when she decides to call out only Aaryn on 3 different national tv shows and gives everyone else a ”Wow, you tried really hard, and it didn’t work out.” type of interview… I’ve completely lost respect for Julie’s journalistic integrity (which I must say has been good up until this season, but what a HUGE mistake on her part)…

      • We have discussed this before and I totally agree. I still say Julie was wrong by doing that. If you are going to call out one then they all need to be called out or at least mentioned when she was doing those 3 national tv shows. Did you catch GM and her interview with Jeff? She was in her glory having a great time and Jeff almost had to pull something out of her in regards to the things that had happened this season. Then she went right back to acting like nothing had happened.

      • Hey if the show is going to pretend like it never happened, then I can’t see why GM, Spencer, Andy & Amanda would pretend any less…

      • Matt I sure hope you see this, but no I didn’t find it. Is there another place in Disgus for messages? I just see notifications. I will look again to see if I may have missed it. I was on my way out the door to get to a doctor’s appt. and my fob wouldn’t work. Must be the battery in the fob and of course I had no spare so had to cancel the appt. and luckily will get in tomorrow. I checked and saw nothing in the notifications. I figured I would come here and ask if I am looking in the wrong area.

      • Hi hi! I think Capt explained already, but yeah look about 2cm below where you post a new comment… you’ll see two tabs (most of the time the tab is set on ”newest” or ”oldest”, but you can also sort comments by those that ONLY involve you (it says ”My Disqus” and it’ll have a red number box beside it telling you how many people have responded to your comments specifically). I buried a message to you by commenting on one of your old old messages…

  18. Worst BB ever! I haven’t missed one but will certainly check out the cast for BB16 before I start watching. They need different ages in there. What went on in the house made me sick to my stomach. However CBS ate it up and what did Julie say? The voting was up 500%? So sad BB made history allowing racial/homophobic remarks and picking the worse cast ever, except for a few. Amazing what they do for ratings!

      • Truth!!! I wanted to start a campaign for everyone NOT to vote at all but knew Rachel’s followers would ruin that.

      • That was pretty much impossible to achieve. It was better to make sure the right person was voted in.

      • IKR but it made me laugh just thinking about if no one voted at all, just to show how we really thought of this season.

      • Right person? Was there a RIGHT person this season? Capt whatever you took please make your way to the nearest emergency room, I don’t want to lose ya brother! ;)

      • Matt I hoped I would run into you. I left a message on the end of the next post to you. As always I agree with you. I don’t think there was a right person this season either.

      • lol Matt I was just typing mine to Captain when your reply came in. I can bend as well and say Elissa was the less of all evil.

      • I agree. There was no doubt that Elissa would win and Rachel immediately started a campaign to have her followers vote for Elissa. Much like the MVP that started the season. I think a bigger message would have been to have hardly any votes come in. To show that this season was horrible in every way. When Elissa gave her interview with Jeff she said the money was going to be used for her wellness program and when Jeff asked her more about it she said it was basically her yoga business and then even mentioned her and Rachel’s pet business. They travel around and find hotels that take pets. I had seen tweets saying Elissa was given the money to charity. I don’t consider her own business a charity, but that’s just me.

      • Yes that ALSO ticked me off about Elissa, and I find it ironic that all those who said she has been such a great person didn’t notice that her definition of a ”good cause” was her own company, and also the travelling her & her sister will do together… I know people in Western nations don’t seem to acknowledge it as much, but elitism and extreme greed is every bit a hate crime as racism.

      • Matt we are on the same page again. I think that is why I couldn’t jump on the Elissa train this season. Again, jmho of how I felt she came across as better than others or certainly had more than the rest of them did. She said she worked very hard to get it, but I know a lot of very hard working people who don’t end up getting close to what she has. I also know wealthy people who don’t talk about it to others.

      • Yes!! Agree and her idea of a charity would not be the same as mine. Rachel is probably so pumped that her sis won AFP – wish she’d understand how and why Elissa won. I know production paid Elissa more than the others and could have made some consession to keep her happy but whatever at this point. Just don’t want to see her on Amaz. Race. Don’t have to worry about Survivor as she couldn’t last w/o her hair extentsions, fake lashes, makeup, special creams, huge wardrobe and of course her yoga mat.

      • Elissa didn’t win just because of Rachael. I could not stand Rachel, but I liked and voted for Elissa.

      • Oh, please go get a life the season is over and stop the nonsense, you are no better than those idiot HGs who stoop so low by bashing other people. I take it you are so perfect, you have no flaws, please look in your closet before you come here and throw stones, shame on you

      • Easy there ”Guest”. Just as you feel the freedom to rant about those who rant, please give grace towards those that rant here on the site. I sometimes agree (as I do with Babson in this case), and sometimes I disagree (Philly & I are in total disagreement about Elissa), but for BOTH of them, I would defend their right to have an equal voice on this site… You also have an equal voice, so please be respectful to your fellow ranters… fair enough?

      • Matt, thank you for bringing me back home, I was just tired of reading of the continuous bashing and let it get the best of me, I apologize to whom ever I must have offended. Much love and no disrespect intended from my part.

  19. Disgusted – CBS wanted ratings over the racist views, disgusting behavior and more. I thought CBS had integrity and all they did was scam us. Never will watch this show again, EVER.

  20. Except for Elissa, the worst a big brother cast ever. So disgusted Andy won, don’t know if I want to watch anymore. Glad survivors on. You better do Alll Stars for the next time or people will stop watching all together. We need Evil Dick or Janelle.

      • I agree and she also gets the prize for the worst interview with Jeff. She still has no clue. I commented more about it on the next post, but Jeff practically had to apologize for her. She was having to good of a time just soaking in what she thought was the best night ever. I guess it was since Nick is taking her to the monster truck rally and already bought the tickets.

      • Nick was pretty gracious, but I think even he realizes the need to get out of that relationship as fast as possible.

      • He didn’t want to throw GM under the bus by doing it publicly. Plus he’s leaving for tour across America.

      • Yup, I must say I’m impressed. He’s a classy and intelligent guy… shame he was on the wrong alliance early in the game.

  21. I was not even going to watch the finale, but caved in since I have watched since S1. I was at least hoping to see the F3 booed, but didn’t even get that. Nothing surprised me at all and I called it a couple of weeks ago when I said the confetti would be surrounding the F2 and everything would be handled just like other seasons. It didn’t matter who was F1 to me since none of them deserved it imo. All CBS cares about is their ratings.

  22. More should have been made of all of the discomfort we had to endure regarding these HG’s – like Spencer’s disgusting personal habits – the racial remarks and the losses of outside-world jobs. Such controversy deserved more finale time than a mere mention. There were no thrilling moments (accept for Amanda who was the only one who didn’t put me to sleep -) and the Finale was as limp as was the season. The only highlight was the appearance of Dr. Will who remains stunning and charming.

    • Dr. Will should’ve talked to the jury LAST season. Maybe if he did that, Dan would have won. All those jury members voted personally, and not off game play.

  23. Dont think Ginamarie gave a rats ass if she won all she cared about was running to Nick Can you say OBSESSIVENicks gonna need a restraining order soon if he seriously doesnt love her and he made it pretty clear while he was in the house in his diary chats he was using her

  24. I saw an interview on you tube by some local LA reporter. She told Aaryn about losing her modeling contract. Aaryn said she knew, but they weren’t a good agency to begin with. She also said she has SIX new agencies that she has meetings with, so better things are coming her way. Wow. I believe people can change, but not in a few weeks. She made racial slurs about blacks, Asians and homosexuals. That is who she really is. I don’t believe her views have changed, but she is just trying to spin herself in a positive light.

    • As I mentioned (and so many disagreed) at the beginning of this season… Infamy DOES get rewarded most times in our society I’m afraid. Everyone said ”Nobody will hire her again!” but look what we have here, not one, nor two, nor three, but SIX new agencies (and that’s only so far) wanting her face on their product… We are quick to forget the sins of the rich & beautiful, but for somebody like Gina Marie or Spencer, they are going to have a much harder time finding people that will give them grace.

      • Agency that are willing to represent her doesn’t mean she get employed.

        Plus she could be blowing smoke.

      • True it could be. But my observation of people says that a pretty blonde with blue eyes that knows when to apologize (sincere or not) is always going to end up on top unless something changes in society.

      • Aaryn doesn’t really have “IT”. She’s short (under 5f5in), her butts is large for her height, and she walk like a penguin. I would agree with you in most case, but not with Aaryn. This whole thing come from her spin doctor. They told her to say that, doesn’t mean it’s true. And even if an agency agree to meet her, doesn’t mean they will accept to represent her. And even if they agree to represent her, doesn’t she will get hired for paying gig. Lots of if and maybe.

      • I think we might have a different definition of success on this one my friend… I personally don’t think somebody has to be the next Kate Upton to be wealthy & successful. There are tons of models not earning millions of dollars per contract, but instead they’re earning hundreads of thousands of dollars. From my perspective, they may not be a household name, and maybe only one in every 100 people might know her, but if they are at the level of earning 10x what the avg American earns just because they are a recognizably (pretty) face, then they’ve accomplished more wealth & power than I have. ;)

  25. I knew weeks and weeks ago and even stated that the weasel would win it, and he did…. As for Elissa getting America’s vote, she deserved it… Did anyone else notice the cool congrats that the rest of the BB players gave her, talk about sore losers. That girl has more integrity than the other players all combined. She would not stoop to their level, and refused to play their vicious game. I can not wait for the Jury houseguests to watch some of the live feeds to actual hear what Andy said about them behind their backs, and then see if they are still h
    happy that he won it all….

  26. When Elissa won AFP, the look on both Andy and Spencer’s faces were priceless! However, Spencer did not drop his pants and poop on stage! (Thank God)! And, Andy neither barfed or killed himself! I can only hope that Elissa’s husband or Rachel punched both of them in the nose for their disgusting comments!!

  27. I wanted GM to win until I listened to her answer the jury questions. All she talked about was Nick, like are you serious?! Andy, on the other hand, is really smart and that last chance to evict Spencer solidified that. He even used GM as a tactic to win. So, out of a horrible cast and horrible season he did deserve to win.

  28. Good for you Andy I knew you would win and Elissa u loved your sis and I love you to I also knew you would win the 25, 000 have a good year guys.

  29. The sad part is that all the normal people were driven out of the house, Nick, Kaitlin, Ellissa, Helen, Howard … While all the monsters and liars remained. The people who said the racial slurs will get what they deserve. Saying “I’m Sorry” doesn’t matter. There is no joke when you say something racial. Howard, Gina Marie and Andy, I hope you are reading all these because you were the worst houseguests ever and gave this show a bad image. Worst ever. Ever.

    Andy, give the money to charity, you don’t deserve it.

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