Big Brother 15’s GinaMarie Zimmerman Interview

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15 HG

GinaMarie Zimmerman left Big Brother without a job and a rough reputation but she also left with a great big check for $50,000 as the season’s runner-up. I spoke with GinaMarie her time in the house, that final night of surprises, and even about some of the vicious comments she made directed at the other HGs and beyond. Oh, and of course I asked her about Nick. Read on to see what she had to say.

Big Brother Network: Congratulations on your second place finish.

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Thank you so much. It’s surreal. I’ve gotta tell you, I’m happy. I’m so happy.

BBN: I thought that was great, watching that because we’ve seen people come out after getting beat and being so down, but you really were a great sport about it.

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Andy’s a really great guy. He’s awesome and when we made it to the third round of the HoH and we had a deal to take each other. I was guaranteed a check so even if I didn’t win the big prize I was getting fifty grand and it’s still money in my pocket and a big honor. So you know people can’t be greedy and I was super happy even though I got second.

BBN: Talking about that deal with Andy, are you saying that if you had won Round 3 you would have taken Andy as well?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Yeah, you know what, it was a big toss-up. I won part one, I want to see where part two lands. With Spencer I thought I’d be able to beat him and have more Jury votes but when the time came that me and Andy were in it together it was a win-win situation, “you take me, I’ll take you.” Obviously guaranteed money. He kept his word and took me to the end. So hey, I’m happy about that.

BBN: Before the Jury votes were revealed, did you think you might have it?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: You know what, I knew I might have some, but I was kinda thinking some. I really thought he had gotten over me. I probably could have spoke a little better, maybe, but when the Jury asks you questions you kinda get bombarded and you think of a good answer and your brain just goes blank for a second. Some of those Jury questions were pretty rough. You’ve gotta be on your toes and think as fast as you can. Hopefully I made my point. Obviously it wasn’t good enough and Andy won, but I’m happy.

BBN: Speaking of getting caught off guard on some questions. Amanda’s question. Take another shot at that now that you’ve had time to think about it. What was your biggest move before getting her out?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: The only moves I made before that was to get Candice out. It wasn’t such a big move, but at the time she was a target for many people. I wouldn’t say that was my huge move so that’s why I went back to the Amanda thing. I guess you were my huge move, Amanda. It was a twisted question because I guess I could say I didn’t make big moves if that’s what she wanted me to say. It was kinda like, Amanda, you know what my big move was. Any of my other moves were obviously something because you never got HoH!

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15

BBN: You were the first one to take a concrete step against McCranda. Why do you think that was?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: I think it was a couple of things. A) For others it wasn’t the right time. B) People didn’t have the power to get them out. C) No one else had the balls.

Obviously everyone else wanted her out. She got voted twice for MVP nomination by America. In the long run, me and her are friends. We talked and things happen in the house only for game reasons, but I still think she’s a great person. Like I said, only game moves.

It was the right time. I couldn’t do it without the Exterminators. I have to tell you. It takes one to nominate, but you also need a team to back you up with votes and to continue to win competitions. It was pretty much just good timing.

BBN: Were you surprised to find out America was voting as the MVP?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Ya know what, people think of crazy stories in the Big Brother house. Usually there was a little bit of a pattern and then it switched gears. Everyone thought it was America or evicted HGs. In the back of my mind I thought it might be America and that I was on America’s side since Amanda got voted and not me those two times.

BBN: With Elissa winning the America’s Favorite and you all clearly not being Elissa fans there in the last few weeks with all the rough talk at her, what are your feelings on that?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: You know what, I guess everyone was a little bitter saying she came in with a big fan base. Not to say she’s not deserving of it, but I really think she’s a great woman to be honest with you. I met her husband last night and really a straight up gentlemen.

I learned a lot with her. She did my hair, taught me about nutrition, but I think it’s because maybe the money could have helped out someone. I mean, we could all use money so don’t get me wrong, but I guess we kinda new it was going to her. But ya know what, she’s got a great fan base. I applaud her and if she won then I give props. I congratulate her. I’m actually happy for her.

BBN: Looking back over the season, other than Nick’s eviction, what’s something you would change?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: I think I played a great game. I kept my honesty. I kept my deals. I always tried to do great in competitions even if I got stitches and broken bones. The only thing I’d regret or take back are the words I said when I offended or hurt anyone’s feelings in any which way. If I did do that then I apologize and I’m sorry. I would probably take that back.

GinaMarie crying

BBN: We’ve got to touch on that because that’s a big thing this season. There was a lot of hate in there. You talked about being a very loving, heart of gold person, but then there were flip moments when you were a pretty cruel and vicious person. I was hoping to get your insight on that. What was going on there?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: I guess you could say someone pushes your buttons. The Candice fight where I nominated her, she was on the block, and pretty much knew she was going home. I figured she’d go out a little bit classier and just speak but not yell at Aaryn and myself. Then she was leaving and do low blows jabs at me living with my parents for financial reasons. So I guess if someone strikes at me then I just strike back. So nothing personal, it’s only game.

Ya know we’ve apologized about it. I’ve seen her mom and I’ve apologized about it. I want everybody to think positive and be friends. So ya know if that was the only thing that I flipped the script a little bit. If I got some low blows then I just kinda brought it back to them. I shouldn’t have done that. I probably should have just kept my mouth shut but I’m sometimes a little hot head Italian. I got a big mouth and I’m from New York. Sometimes I don’t like to sit down when people yell in my face. Hopefully in the future we can all kinda laugh at ourselves cause we were all kinda, I was kinda stupid I guess you could say.

BBN: Tell us about Nick. We’ve heard he’s already bought tickets to the monster truck rally in October. Are you planning to accept his inviation and what else is in store for you guys?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: We had planned that date because I’ve got the 90-day rule for if he’ll kiss me after the show cause we didn’t want to kiss or nothing crazy on camera. Ya know what, I’m excited. Nick’s a great guy and I don’t know what the future holds for us. If things work out and we date, fantastic. If they don’t then I’m really great to be friends with him. He’s super smart and amazing and if I get to be in his life by being friends then it’s all good. I wish him the best and I know he’s always had my back wishing me the best as well.

BBN: What’s your favorite memory from your time on Big Brother?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: There were so many. I think there were more happy memories than sad and angry memories. The one that sticks out for me was when I gave up my seat at Helen’s BBQ and we had the GinaMarie impersonation contest. I thought that was hilarious.

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I know people make fun of my accent, but I take it as a compliment. So if they could re-enact the way I act and people laugh and I can have a good time it’s all in good fun. I think that’s one of the brighter side memories. I like things that bring the house and groups together cause it takes you away from the game and makes you smile, laugh, and not think about it.

I generally do have a huge heart. I always try to be friends with everyone. I’ve got a of great friends and family back home and ya know, things that I might have said that were stupid that came out of my mouth, it was stupid of me and I’ve apologized several times. I hope people see the bright side of me and accept my apology and see the better things I do in life and the happy times.

BBN: What is next for GinaMarie?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Oh my goodness. So obviously I’m out of a job right now. I still love dealing with kids. Hopefully someone’s out there that wants a hard working girl. Maybe it’s Hollywood or New York, if you need a hard worker give GinaMaria a holler. I work hard and I’m loyal. As long as you pay me, I’m happy!

BBN: Despite all the ugliness in this season you were an entertaining Houseguest and I appreciate all the fun you made for us and kept everyone watching.

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Thank you so much.

BBN: Thank you and good luck out there.

Watch our preseason interview with GinaMarie and see how the season turned out compared to what she talked about before heading in to the house this season.

GinaMarie Zimmerman Big Brother 15 interview:


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    • I gave you a big fat thumbs down on this comment. You probably have too many thumbs up, anyway. I do wish her well, though.

      • She has not seen everything she did yet. If you remember throughout the summer, I always said she would be the most remorseful of them. I think she will be.

      • You know I’m not so certain. GM seems like a gal who knows how to hold a grudge!
        Moreover, she also seemed to justify her vile behavior by suggesting she was “provoked.” I thought the comments she made about Candance and her real mother were the lowest thing she could have used against Candace. Moreover, they are not aspects of Candace’s background that she can change. Her parental history was given to her by her parents. However, GM can move out of her parents home and get an education so that she can master English.

  1. I hope she was sincere in her apologies talking to you. Seems like she was. I especially hope she was sincere in her apology to Candice and her mother. Maybe the more she sees about what she said and did in the house she will grow from it and do well. She always did seem to have fun and if she teaches kid to go for it like she did in comps and not be down for losing it might be a good thing. Good luck girl.

  2. With that mouth, I don’t want her working with my kids. I don’t know how anyone can keep referring to themselves as having a heart of gold when they know all the things they said were caught on camera. People with hearts of gold don’t talk like that.
    I can’t believe all of them are offering their apologies to those whom they have offended but aren’t taking a deep look into their own hearts and think maybe they need to change.
    Sure, I don’t know what it’s like to be in the BB house, but this is the 15th season and how many HG’s before this have been so ignorant?

    • They were just out of the house. Given time to watch (I think all of them had someone taping it) the replay of what they said and did I am praying the will learn and change. I did and said things I’m not proud of when I was that age (granted not that bad) so I believe that people can change.

      • I am quite sure everyone has said and/or done things in there past that were not the smartest decisions. It is all part of growing up and learning as we grow. Hopefully when they watch back they will see how ugly and disgusting that type of behavior is. I think GM will because I really don’t feel she is a hateful person. A little dumb and hot headed at times but not hateful. I don’t think Amanda or Aaryn eilther one think what they said or did was wrong. They just don’t seem like their apologies are from the heart.

      • What??? Are you serious? GM said some racist remark or hateful comment every single day and it’s okay. Aaryn made a couple of comments in the beginning and has apologized over and over and over but she’s worse then GM. Even Candice and Aaryn became friends. Don’t know what you’ve been watching but it wasn’t the live feeds.

      • Aaron was tipped off by Amanda about her racist comments so she layed low thur the middle of the show, but got nasty in the end again….now she has those big ol baby blue tears up and sad excuses for her remarks……I want to see her give a real I’m sorry, I’d like to see all of them on a reunion show being real about what was said……..hey CBS, give them a chance to be real with us!

      • Both women were stupid for making the racist comments. aaryn’s comments were in conjunction with her desire to divide the house and to stir up trouble as much as possible (The wine speech given by Jeremy is example).
        Moreover, aaryn took most of heat because BB15 made the national news right around the time she was HOH and was soon after evicted.

      • Aaryn and Candice are not friends. When Aaryn and Candice were in seclusion, Candice did not see or know how vile Aaryn and GM are.

      • You didn’t listen to Candice and Aaryn then. Their own words “we became good friends in the jury house”. Pay more attention.

      • At least Aaryn is still young (21) but Amanda and GinaMarie are in their 30s. They should no better.

      • “That age?” At 32, GinaMarie is a grown woman and has been for a while; her age is not an excuse for her character.

      • She just now said “it is because I am from NEW YORK..”.!!! Still insulting people…New Yorkers would be ashamed of her…

      • I agree ppl can change, but you can only change if you truly think you did something wrong…and GM thinks she was right in saying those insensitive thing about Candace. Also we’ve all said and did thing that was questionable when we were young, But GM is 33 years old and should know better. Being from NYC is not an excuse…I’m a proud New York and we do have some class out here…

    • I agree…however both GM & Aaryn said “IF I HURT ANYONE I AM SORRY”….IF YOU HURT SOMEONE .??…you are a fool, selfish,arrogant and downright NASTY…hope no one EVER employs you to be around children ever again….

    • I guess we all have forgotten Danielle Donato and her pretty much daily nasty comments about folks with Down Syndrome. I have a young teen daughter with Down Syndrome and I was highly offended and emailed and called CBS and the Down Syndrome Society, etc. and NO ONE made any ‘noise’ about it at all! I was amazed but the really outrageous thing was that Danielle made no secret of her saying that she would go to college with the money and (get this!), she was taking up special education!!!!!!!!! I certainly hope she never did get into that field. I’d feel bad for the place she worked and the children she worked with, knowing how she felt about them being inferior so I personally feel that she was the worst houseguest EVER!

    • You really need tocalm down! GM is young and immature- give her a break – she freaking apologized several times- what do you want????

    • GM is a typical Staten Island dirt bag. All flash no brains. They hate being called out for their lack of education and class and will fight at the drop of hat if they feel they have been “disrespected.”

  3. Lesson learned. Think before you speak ESPECIALLY when you’re under the microscope 24/7. Hope she grows up and develops an exterior presentation that she claims is within.

  4. Best of luck GM….we have all had our buttons pushed and said things we maybe shouldn’t have…I.e. the Candace thing :-(….but if I could give you a high five for the Amanda smackdown….I sure would. You jus do you and forget what people think! They ain’t payin ur bills!

  5. You know what, that GinaMarie is a good egg, maybe not the brightest bulb in the shop and maybe not the most eloquent, but good egg none the less. I’m actually glad she came in 2nd place.

  6. These people are so darn delusional. GM mentioned the one thing that the viewing audience saw (confrontation during Candice’s eviction night). What about all the other times she was not provoked to say what she said and what about the other people that she offended, like Elissa’s son?

    • That was exactly my first thought reading this interview. She basically blamed Candice for starting “the” confrontation and her just reacting?? That was one incident. She continued to bash her relentlessly the entire game, long after Candice was gone. And no mention of the nasty vile things she said about Elissa?? Like the rest of them, she’s only sorry because there is backlash. I don’t believe for a minute that she’s genuinely sorry or that she will change. If she’d owned it, I’d say that maybe she has a chance, but since shes trying to justify and still focused on the single incident that upset “her”, I say B.S.

  7. I think she’s disgusting. Sorry she got a penny. Worst mouth I ever heard on a woman, if you can even call her that. I’m sure all New Yorkers are not like that piece of garbage!

    • I agree. The comment she made to Candace a few weeks back about Candice being a “degenerate” and that is why her birth mom gave her up. That really stuck out in my mind. and the “n***** insurance comment. She won’t change because she doesn’t care. I hate that she won 50 grand, she should march right into an adoption agency and hand it over.

      • She also referred to black people as n*****s in another conversation too. She trashed Elissa’s child for looking like a “dirty f***ing” Spanish Puerto Rican. And she said black people were a different species. Ignorant racist trash through and through. Also seems proud of her ignorance.

  8. I like GM. I hope she uses some money for etiquette classes and education. She is a smart girl but in need of some education. Go GM!

    • YES …GO GM…go as far away from the public as you can…you are an ignorant racist who the producers should have kicked out as soon as you used the “N” word…you are a disgusting excuse for a human being…

  9. These people don’t seem to get just how bad their actions and words were. Spencer gets it more than Gina Marie but not totally. These people are not teenagers they are not children they are adults and they need to understand how severe vile and nasty their comments were. Maybe making cruel insensitive and belittling remarks is something that GINA MARIE does in her everyday life so she just for the most part brushes it off. I DON’T GET THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR SO CALLED APOLOGIES BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKING EXCUSES AS WHAT TO THEY DID & SAID.

    • Yes I’m offended with all of their Sorry apologies…These HG’s can’t be that clueless to all the things they’ve said…I pray that production gives them the uncut version of everything they said.

      • I blame them for their disgusting behavior…HOWEVER I ALSO HOLD ACCOUNTABLE THE PRODUCERS…they allowed them to continue in the show KNOWING all what they had said…it was just not acceptable. I would like someone to interview a producer and force them to give an explanation as to why their behavior was allowed to continue…Aaryn threatened Ellis’s life.!!!! Remember the guy who said something TO THE CAMERA…NOT TO ANYONE PERSON…His ass was outta there in minutes…so please explain why this little skank was allowed to stay…

  10. She was the most disgusting person on the show to me. Her comments about Candice mother made me want to slap her. I hope I never hear from or see this vile uneducated person again

  11. I wish there had been more about GM losing her job. Did she think she deserved it? Was she shocked? Upset at all? Apologetic? I’m just curious.

    Towards the end I really didn’t like anyone. Aaryn said horrible racist things, GM made unforgivable low blows about Candice being adopted, Andy was a snitch and mostly loyal to Amanda (my least favorite player), Elissa’s voice made me want to punch her, the list goes on and on. There were really not many likable people this year. I hope that changes next year.

    • Well, Aaryn said that she does not care about the job that she lost. She said the agency was not a good one and that she has job offers from several other agencies, anyway.

      • Not “job offers”, “interview”. Doesn’t mean they will represent her. And they represent her, doesn’t mean she will get paying job. I’m sure those interview were setup by the spin doctor that her mother hired.

        OTOH she might have been blowing smoke.

      • Yea…and we believe the lyin cow…The only job she could get now is one that involves sexy underwear and a POLE…!!!!

      • Please don’t use the word “we”. Not all of us are as unforgiving and judgmental as you appear to be. There are lots of people who want these houseguests to learn and grow from their mistakes.

      • Charity, but they dont see themselves as saying anything wrong. ONly sorry if it offended someone. Do you understand the difference?

      • I heard that too, I was like wow, a little conceited.
        The first time Aryan hears she has been fired is on omg yahoo com video big surprise big brother contestant 234420459.

    • she said it was like a stab in her heart but she understand they did what they did however she is oblivious as to why none of them have owned up on what they say they saying IF I offended anybody I am sorry it was a joke I did not really mean it ect ect ect

  12. usually the winner and runner up are invited on the talk none of these people have been that should tell u something

  13. BBN: What is next for GinaMarie?

    GinaMarie Zimmerman: Oh my goodness. So obviously I’m out of a job right now. I still love dealing with kids. Hopefully someone’s out there that wants a hard working girl. Maybe it’s Hollywood or New York, if you need a hard worker give GinaMaria a holler. I work hard and I’m loyal. As long as you pay me, I’m happy!

    So, is she saying that she is willing to be a hooker, as long as she gets paid? I think it is best for her to just stop talking and doing interviews.

    • Thats about all she will ever get…WORK WITH CHILDREN…would you trust her with your child….not a hope in hell….she is a piece of trash…give her and Aaryn poles…thats about all they will get as a job now….

      • How nice for the pot to call the kettle black. I suppose it is okay to call people mean names (i.e., trash, skank) and say they should be relegated to a life of degradation? You are casting the first stone, so you must be without sin.

      • With apologies to the several good people I know ion Texas, maybe GM should move there. She’d fit right in.

      • I’m not saying I would hand GM a toddler or anything but people can be good with kids and still be nasty around others. I have chronic pain and it’s taken all my patience, especially around children. But I can still smile and be sweet to kids and put on a show.

        As much as I’ve disliked GM and Aaryn I think it’s ridiculous you’re making such malicious and crude comments. People can change. Maybe in a few months when everything calms down then they will be able to look at things differently and learn from their mistakes.

      • Alison Mc, but here is the thing. She will say horrible things around those kids and kids emulate. Did you see the eaze of how GM said those things?

      • “I hate Ginamarie because she’s hateful!!!!”

        Hypocrisy at its finest. At least GM apologises, whereas cat ladies like you would never do such a thing.

  14. I think maybe being in this house changes you a little bit. You say things that you would normally not say in public, you basically start acting like you would with family, because thats what these people become after a while. While I do not agree with what she said, I do not think that is who she is as a person.I know when I fight with my sisters, I say some really REALLY fucked up things, but I dont mean them Thats what people who are close or in constant close quarters tend to do. Every woman on here should realize that in these arguments, or when she was being a catty bitch, it was all about winning. Its all about being on top and getting in the last word and saying the meanest thing. Candice was a mean cold hearted bitch to, so was Jessie, and Elissa,

    and at times even Helen. Woman will act like this, everyone get off her fucking back already. She lost her job, what more does anyone want from her? She played a great game, and she deserved the money, go her.

    • What we want and expect from ppl is for them to respect others…Candice shared something very personal about herself with the house and GM was the only person cruel enough to use it to hurt her. So no we won’t get off her back for being the Witch that she is…She lost her job because she a mean and evil person…and if she thinks for one second she will ever work with kid, she’s not only delusional, but CRAZY!!!

    • Are you’s ok to be a racist,a homophobe, ignorant and arrogant, threatening and mean as long as you just say it to family..?..MEGAN YOU ARE ONE SICK PUPPY…It is NEVER ok to say these things…there is no acceptable excuse here. No justification for their mean words… She called Elissa’s child a racist name, c’mon…where do you figure that is ok…?

    • “Candice was a mean cold hearted bitch”, uuh no, she wasn’t. When GM cried like a maniac over Nick, Candice comforted her. GM said the worst things about her, in addition to what we’ve seen about the adoption thing, she also said Candice’s white mom must’ve been a crackhead because she was strung out enough to have a child with a black man. GM is not sorry and has not owned up to her comments. Stop making excuses for her.

    • Megan Chestnut, I want her to never work again, unless she can figure out what she is. A racist. She still thinks she is not wrong. Screw that and good luck getting hired. I guess she is a pretty blond and a racist so she has a chance with fox?

  15. She still does not take responsibility for her terrible behavior and her racist comments. Her excuse was just like Aaryln’s – I’m from New York…(I’m, from Texas) – hate to burst your bubble honey, but not all people from Texas or New York racist or haters or bigots….until she takes some responsibility and acceptance of her bad behavior – she hasn’t learned a thing.

  16. This girl has NO idea how she really looks to people who watched her on this show. Shamefull! Don’t think we will EVER hear about her again…….bye

  17. any ya going try out for big brother 16 ???? i love see julie chen in there acting like someone else that be the stuff

  18. GM, you deserved the 50K for making the BIGGEST BB15 move this season: separating the power couple and EVICTING Amanda! Best move ever! And, you stood up the the bully! I hope you learn from your mistakes, make sincere apologies to those you hurt with your insensitive remarks, and that you receive the forgiveness you have asked for.

    • She said Candices mother must have been a crack whore because she had a baby with a black man. That is not a “mistake”, that is racism.

  19. I’ve been a superfan since season 1, live feeder and all, and I can say that I’m so happy this horrid, horrid season is finally over. I truly wouldn’t have cared if BB had been canceled after this train wreck of a season.
    I stopped watching the feeds almost entirely after Elissa was evicted, only reading about the horrible things the remaining hg’s constantly said about her. She and Candice were the only saving grace the entire time. And no, I was never a Brenchel fan!! I don’t care that Elissa didn’t need the money. She was my fave, always proving true beauty, class and tolerance, and that’s why I voted for her. MANY of her fans felt this way. Elissa has her own huge fanbase completely independent of Brenchel.
    I hope to never see or hear of GM, Spencer, Aryan or Andy again. I hope they fade into BB oblivion, just like Maggie and her entourage did. Vile human beings, they are. Good hearted, my rear end. Talk is cheap.
    I wonder, did GM ever find out that Candice was Ms. Louisiana? GM wasn’t even in the same league.

  20. Oh, GM… she means well. I truly believe that. I’ve gotten a lot of mean-tweets over defending her but my position remains: I don’t think she has the mental fortitude to understand the ramifications of her words. She obviously grew up in an area where racist, slang words are tossed around. If I had to guess, they aren’t said with hate behind them, they’re said out of ignorance. Perhaps i’m giving her way too easy of a pass, but sometimes i hear her speak and she does seem very kind-hearted. And then she calls a child who isn’t even playing the game “a puerto rican monkey.” She didn’t realize there was anything wrong with that until well after the fact when someone told her. Doesn’t that illustrate her ignorance and naivety?

    I hate GM’s language but IMO, it comes from a much different place than Andy & Spencer’s hate. Their hate is coming from educated minds who know PRECISELY what they’re saying. It’s far more insidious. I take that in a very different way.

    • Perhaps you are giving her way too easy of a pass. Lol. Are you kidding?
      No one is that stupid. Granted, she is ignorant but she is also a self-indulgent moron believing herself to be entitled because she finds herself attractive. She’s ugly to the core and no amount of makeup will fix that. She’s a vile, disgusting piece of trash, imo. No excuses for a 33 yr old grown woman. The thought of that foul-mouthed idiot being around children sickens me.

      • I agree about her being around kids. Very scary. I can’t see that being a problem in her future. She’s definitely going to be looking for a new career path. Her child pageant days are probably forever over…as they should be.

      • Robin: I don’t like Ginamarie because she constantly spews hate out about other people.

        *Next minute*

        No one is that stupid. Granted, she is ignorant but she is also a self-indulgent moron believing herself to be entitled because she finds herself attractive. She’s ugly to the core and no amount of makeup will fix that. She’s a vile, disgusting piece of trash, imo. No excuses for a 33 yr old grown woman. The thought of that foul-mouthed idiot being around children sickens me.

    • She said Candice’s mother was a crack whore for having a baby with a black man.

      How is this not racist?

  21. THREE times GinaMarie made that horrible comment about Candice’s mom “not wanting her”. That means GinaMarie MEANT it. GM said it twice TO Candice and once to other Houseguests who laughed with GM. THEN GM told Spencer that Candice’s mom was probably “whoring around” since she had a baby with a Black man. Absolutely reprehensible. That’s just the tip if the iceberg. Then the many, many racist comments GM made all season long were just additional confirmation of the type of person GM is.

  22. I really wanted to like you. Some of the things you said and did were so funny! But when you were a MEAN GIRL, you always hit below the belt & got way too personal. That’s not game, it’s just disgusting. I am not one of the Brenchel army, but I voted for Elissa to have fan favorite because of all she tolerated (with grace I might add) from you & your cohorts! Many viewers were so turned off by the final 3’s game that we couldn’t see your hearts or humaneness anymore. Too bad that you all squandered the chance of a lifetime & I hope next year’s BB houseguests learn from this.

  23. I loved GM I thought she was a great player. Although my first favorite was Elissa then GM grew on me. Great job GM

  24. Her nastiest comment had to have been when she spoke of Elissa’s 8 year old son. Why hasn’t anbyody asked her about that???

  25. GAG, she was one nasty cruel person and to be as old as she is she should of known better. Not buying her excuses at all!

  26. I kind of feel bad for her. Yes, she said some of the nastiest comments, particularly to Candice, but there is something about her that tells me she is not really a bad person inside. She is just ignorant. GM coming from Staten Island has that outer layer of toughness that some people feel they need to put on to combat their harsh environment. The “you hit me and it hit you harder” kind of exterior. Its ignorance. If she can shed that attitude I think she is a fun person with a big heart.

    When I read her comments about Elissa and her husband, it confirms for me that GM was not really comfortable with the bashing that was going on, and she went along with it to “get along”. GM needs to grow up ad become an adult.

    I hope she learns from what has happened and becomes a better person. I really do.

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