Big Brother 15 – Returning HG Twist Hits Tonight

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Tonight on Big Brother 15 an evicted HG will return to the game thanks to the latest twist this season. We don’t know exactly how this will take place, but let’s not let that stop us from speculating! Here are my thoughts on what could be ahead.

This should be an awesome live show tonight. The HGs have been making surprisingly accurate predictions about a returning HG so they must be hearing hints in the DR. The other day McCrae said he thought the four Jury members would compete this week to come back in the game. So they won’t be caught completely off-guard when it happens, but it should still be shocking to them that it’s actually happening.

I don’t expect the twist to be revealed until after tonight’s evicted HG is confirmed. Otherwise there might be a last minute panic about the voting, but it’d probably still end up being the same target. I do expect the announcement to come before the HGs compete for HoH so the returning HG can be involved in that competition.

As for the competition itself, I don’t think it could be anything endurance based since they’ll want to have the returning HG confirmed during the live show and then be able to hold the next HoH competition. I think it’s reasonable to expect a physical based competition as those are more intense than a “True/False” or “A/B” style quiz comp.

The HGs think the next HoH competition could be an endurance comp as they’ve been on lockdown for awhile. If you think back to BB6, the infamous “Pressure Cooker” endurance comp followed Kaysar’s returning to the game the very same night. What better why to challenge the existing BB15 HGs and the returning HG by seeing who really wanted it the most than with an endurance battle. Fingers crossed!

Since there’s no viewer voting for the returning player it’s really up in the air on who will be back. Candice, Judd, Jessie, and probably Helen as the fourth will face off. Any of them could win, but I’ll be here with my grizzly bear shirt rooting for no one in particular.

Who do you want to see back in the competition tonight on Big Brother 15?



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  1. Go Jessie! Win the competition, Win HOH and put up Amanda and McCrae on the block! Make this an awesome week!

    • I’d like to see any of them come back, but preferably in this order: Candice, Judd, Jessie, Helen. I’m somewhat sad that it’s a safe prediction that whomever comes back will be heading right out the door again next week (they may be granted immunity for one week, but unless they ally with McCramdy, they’ll be out the door).

      • I would like to see Helen (I think she is the only person who might be able to change things, that’s if she is given a special power), Jessie (I think she is knows what is going on and might be able to change things), Judd (I have never liked him and I don’t think he will do anything, because he is clueless. Please don’t let him return) and Candice (Everybody hates her and I don’t think she will be able to change the game. I am not up to see her being mistreated anymore. I feel she has been through enough. This girl has my heart and my heart just can’t take her being abused anymore. Please don’t let her re-enter).

  2. for game purposes, I hope it is Helen. Candice or Jessie would be right back at the door next Thursday. Judd may last a bit longer but I don’t think would cause any drama.

  3. Helen would be the best, however, any of them would more than likely comeback with a vengence against Amanda I think do to her goodbye messages. LOL

  4. I want Helen to come back get HOH and take Amanda down! Go Ellisa..hang in there!

    • I’m not crazy about Helen,but she would put some pazazz back in2 a dull predictable game!!

  5. Same as I have been saying all week, my heart says Judd, but for sheer enjoyment and Amanda hate I would go with Helen.
    But honestly, at this point, I just want the pain of BB15 to end so that we can put this long, BORING summer behind us.

    • I see your point but only Helen can bring Aaryn and GM into an alliance with her and Elissa. This alliance is the only hope we have of getting McCranda out of the game. As much as I cannot stand watching Helen pull at strands of her hair anymore, and I can’t stand her silly games of hot potato, I would be willing to tolerate her a little longer for the chance to McCrae and Amanda on the block for a week with Andy waiting to replace one of them if they should win the POV. I would love to see Andy going to Helen and beg for a deal. Hopefully Helen (Elissa would be even better) would tell him, sorry but his lying sniveling trickery fooled them once and its not going to happen again!

  6. I think it really doesn’t matter who comes back. because even though alot of you want to see Amanda go out the door. I think it is going take miracle to do so. Because right now there is only one maybe two options that being McCrae is on the block when it comes to vote or possibly Andy. Anyone else she basically has two votes to stay (Andy and McCrae) and can most likely convince atleast one person to keep her.

    • It only takes the returning House guest to side with Aaryn, GM, and Elissa with one of them winning HOH. I think he returning guest has to be Helen for this to work because Aaryn is not going to work with Elissa unless Helen is there to make peace.

      So Let’s say Helen comes back and GM wins the HOH. They put up Amanda and McCrae with Andy as the replacement nom. Then Amanda’s allaince has only two votes to 3 from the Helen alliance. One of Amanda’s alliance definitely goes home and if Amanda is on the block, she goes. If not McCrae goes. Either way, this would be step one in the neutering of McCranda.

      • Prince, I think McCrea and Andy should be placed on the block. This will cause Amanda to oust Andy. This will also drive Amanda nuts. I don’t think Amanda will win the POV. So, if possible after the POV, take Andy off the block and put Amanda on the block. I think this is the only way to flip the house.

      • I think conventional wisdom is put up Amanda and McCrae so that both cannot be saved should Amanda actually win something like the POV. I am all for putting Andy and McCrae up as long as Amanda doesn’t win POV and save McCrae. But I get the joy of seeing Andy and McCrae on the block together. It would be pretty awesome to see the two weasels squirm for a week.

      • I am not saying amanda’s allies are hard to get out.. I just think Amanda herself is more safe than most on the block at this point of time. Unless it is really McCrae. Even on the block against Andy. She could easily tell Helen (if she came back) or Elissa. The reason I voted out your girl was because Andy told me. Helen was constantly coming after me.

  7. People want Judd back due to his popularity but it will not change the game. Helen should be returning as she is the only one who will get revenge. Judd has no clue as to what has happened in the last two weeks and will only latch on to McManda.

    • That is true. However, Helen is not that smart either! She still until now up to the point of her eviction cannot believe that Andy betrayed her! Even after seeing Andy’s sorry ass performance at the POV, Aaryn telling Helen that Andy is very close to Amanda! Helen still has no clue! I do not see Helen or Judd lasting in this game even if they come back! Jessie atleast, will try hard and she knows the alliances and does not need to be told who is in an alliance with whom because she already knows it! If Jessie can win HOH and POV the following week—-she can wreak havoc in the Big Brother House and evict Amanda and Aaryn!

      • I think Judd is the only one who can break up McRanda. McCrea was very upset about getting him out and maybe Judd can get all the guys together and flip house to get Amanda out. He has had time in jury to think things over and talk to Jesse to find out why he was blindsided and betrayed by gooftroop.

      • Amanda is way to smart for that. If Judd does come back, she will be all over McCrae to prove his loyalty again. McCrae is so afraid of what Amanda might do if he dumps her he will never break free until after BB is over. McCrae is a huge wuss and that is not going to change if Judd comes back into the house.

      • But McCrae knows Amanda is a target, but he isn’t. So he could sit back and let it happen without any involvement.

      • I don’t think they have talked to each other.. In other episodes where this scenario took place the HGs were placed at different locations until time for their comp/return.

      • But I think that was because they weren’t in the jury. When they brought them back in previous seasons, I believe it was before jury.

      • I’m kinda hoping that after Jessie and Judd were evicted, they were not sequestered separately and have managed to to talk to each other and discuss things re: the game. Then Judd, if he’s smart, would have figured out Amanda took him out.

      • Judd has no clue. Cannot figure out who evicted him although, Aaryn put him on the block and the vote was 7-0 meaning his whole alliance voted him out! Yet, he blames both Jessie who was on the block and Elissa of all people! This is the same Judd too who with Helen passed on evicting Amanda not once, but, twice! Do you think he will suddenly have some cojones to do what he failed to do twice already or wimp out a 3rd time?

      • He has not had time to talk to Jesse because each evicted houseguest is kept in a different place so they can’t talk until one goes back in. After one goes back in then they all go to the jury house together. The 4 evicted guests have no way of talking until after tonight.

      • If Helen gets voted out tonight, she has said she will know Andy is definitely working with McCranda. In fact, she told Elissa that last night. I think Helen is on to Andy for the moment. But there is another point to make. With Amanda now bringing Spencer into her final 4 alliance, Aaryn will tell Helen everything in full detail to ensure she does not fall for Andy’s BS anymore. She will tell Helen how Andy and Amanda did not want Helen to know she was being evicted and how Andy deliberately lied to her about Elissa or Spencer being the real target. Helen’s ego has taken a big hit so I think if she comes back she will have a very different perspective on what is going on around her.

      • Richie, I disagree…Helen has gotten wise to Andy and dont forget, she THOUGHT she had a final three with he and Crae…when she gets evicted, she will realize that was not true and not trust them again if she comes back…But come on…she is onto Andy…heck, if i was in that house, id believe him too! Dont forget we get to see all of his lies and know he is lying… no one has exposed him til as of late…. My ideal situation..helen returns, Elissa wins hoh and puts Crae and Demanda on the block with andy as replacement if one comes off….a girl can only dream…. lol

      • If you are watching the Live Feeds, you will know that Helen knows that Andy is a traitor. Helen suspected Andy’s sorry ass performance in the POV and that triggered betrayal. Andy and GM were going to flip the house at 5 p.m. today, but Aaryn refuted it. My question is why do they have to consult Amanda at all? GM and Andy could have voted for Helen to stay and with Elissa’s vote, it would have all worked out. But what totally baffles me is that they drag in Amanda all the time like she is some dictator who needs to be consulted.

  8. Whoever comes back should automatically become hoh. That would protect them for at least a week.

  9. Whoever comes back they should automatically become hoh so at least they’ll be safe for at least a week

  10. Why Judd? He’s really not that great at the game and the minute he walks back into the house McCrae and Andy would start crying all over him apologizing for their treachery. In a few minutes, Judd would be back in Amanda’s fold ready to do her bidding for her. Nothing would change and the season would be predictable until the end.

    Helen is the better choice by far because she can bring the alliance of Aaryn and GM along with Elissa to complete with the alliance of Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer. It would be even for the first time in a long time.

    • I can see it but her judgement is not that good…She still thinks she is in an alliance with Mc & Andy how stupid can u continue to be??

      • Helen until now still trusts Andy! Whatever plans she has, even if she comes back will be reported to Amanda! She will be evicted for good this time out and not a tad smarter either!

    • The way I look at it, Judd is the least likely to be targeted by everyone in the house. Jessie, Candice and now Helen, are disliked or not trusted amongst enough of the houseguests, that they have very little chance to make a new alliance. Candice can’t make an alliance with Aaryn or GM, Jessie and Helen are too much on Amanda’s radar for them to get any sort of leverage against her. Judd could potentially make an all male alliance and let the women target each other. Aaryn and Amanda will go after each other and once a couple women leave, the men should have this locked up.

      • Judd is the least likely to be targeted……huh? Judd was evicted because no one trusted him, so I don’t know why you think he is the least likely to be targeted.

      • Least likely to be targeted by everyone. Candice has at most 1 person in her alliance, Elissa. Jessie has no one. Helen has Elissa, but no one else. Judd could potentially have Aaryn, Spencer, Andy and/or McCrae. I’m not saying he isn’t a target, but he isn’t the biggest target or the easiest.

      • I agree. Judd will immediately fall into an alliance with Andy and McCrae. That’s why bringing him back would just make the game worse. Although, what if McCrae forced Amanda to do something he wants for a change? How about them making the final 4 deal with Judd again letting Spencer go out on his own? That’s another possibility. The only problem for us is Spencer will not align with anyone for real. So there is a good chance he would not vote to get Amanda out is the other side wins HOH.

      • I don’t know if Judd would just fall back on the same alliance. He was booted in a vicious fashion, with a blindside and only minutes to grasp what was happening. So his feelings when he left that night, could be very different than how he feels now. He might hold the whole backdoor/blindside against Aaryn or he could have spent enough time talking with Jessie to realize that wasn’t what happened. Whether they have been sequestered apart or together really is key to how much info is being shared.

      • I just think when Andy and McCrae start crying in front of him claiming they made a huge mistake and it was all Helen and Aaryn that did him in, he will fall for it. Just my guess but that seems to be how the season has gone so far.

  11. Candice will only play a personal game…not strategic ..She does not need to return..
    Judd is not that bright about manipulation & control ..he will go with McCrae which means siding with Amanda
    Helen will fall into the “I am safe” mode with McCrae & Andys phony alliance.
    HELEN HAS BEEN WARNED REPEATEDLY ABOUT ANDY & McCRAE USING HER BUT SHE WILL NOT LISTEN. JUDD WAS WARNED BY CANDICE & ELISSA that he was in danger but he ignored them. Jessee is the only one that will not buy/bite into Amandas lies and be pulled into the fray.. Helen would be my 2nd choice as to the drama it would cause and to see people trying to cover their asses…

    • Jessie is so unpredictable. One minute she has a clue, the next minute she doesn’t. She tried to flipped the house, then she went back to kissing ass all in the same day…..ummmm no!

      • The returning house guest needs to win HOH or POV or else they will be evicted! Whether that is Jessie, Judd, Helen or Candice! Atleast, Jessie knows who is in an alliance with who! Judd and Helen have no clue at all! Judd will be Amanda’s follower if he comes back and Helen will continue to trust Andy and tell him her plans to evict Amanda! Candice does not know how to play this game. She will go after Aaryn and Gina Marie but, after that, who knows what she will do?

    • I am with you! Jessie was all alone in the Big Brother House and could have succeeded in flipping the house against Amanda if Helen did not out her to Aaryn and Gina Marie! Aaryn told Amanda about the plan then, Helen threw Jessie under the bus for good measure! She blamed Jessie for being the mastermind although the video shows Helen planned it and had Elissa’s vote and was asking Jessie to come on board! Helen is not to be trusted and will not be trusted because she has thrown everyone in her alliance under the bus!

  12. The only way to get Amanda out of the house is if McCrae says do it and he means it. She is still there because of McCrae. They think they will be going against him if she goes and that he will come after them. But that is stupid reasoning on their part as McCrae is “one ” without Amanda. Even Andy would look for a new final 2 buddy. He did discuss with Spencer as to when Amanda needs to go… So in that he does want her out.. He just needs to make it known to the house.

  13. I just hope the house gets some sense and all turn on McCranda! Amanda has to go people! I don’t think she’s won competitions, but yet she’s controlling the game. I can’t stand when she goes into the diary room and talks about herself. So demeaning!

  14. I hope Helen or Jessie return. Judd would just go along with whatever Amanda and McCrae want……boring. Besides he did nothing while he was in the house the first time.

  15. The way the house behaves after someone leaves, makes is pointless to bring anyone back. Every time they vote someone out, everyone bonds by sitting around and talking about how bad or how much of a threat that person was, or they just blame all their own lies on the person evicted. So anyone coming back has already been run through the mud after they were evicted and will have a hard time making any alliances.

  16. huh??? why Judd??? he is just another slave for amanda…. he’d go right back to them… i hope it’s jessie or helen, that way GM And aaryn can team up w/ helen and elissa and get rid of the REST … if judd or candice comes back they will team up w/ andy, and mcmanda and if they win hoh aaryn is next to go if helen or jessie comes back they will team up with aaryn, elissa and gm i think and if they win HOH mcmanda may be broken up.. spencer is a floater.. he will go with the numbers… … Judd would go right back to mcmanda… and no they aren’t going to get evicted right away..they want aaryn out.

  17. Judd was a horrible vile person when he was in the house. He did not get the mean edit from CBS though. If you watch the live feeds you will know that Judd was saying extremely horrible personl things about other houseguests. He was completely unlikable to me.
    Not to mention that he was running around the house making alliances with EVERYONE. Whether they were fake our not. He made that “fake” alliance and then he did not tell his “real” alliance about it. so how “fake” was it? He is a vile human being and a very poor game player at that. Hmm….. backdoored by Aaryn… Voted out by Amanda, McCrae and Andy. But he still blames Helen and Elissa. Just dumb!

  18. Judd might be the fan favorite, but I’m looking for someone to stir the pot. I think that Jessie or Helen could return and have a better chance.
    Judd has technically only won a Veto as the time he won HOH was a result of trying to throw it.
    Helen has won an HOH (an A/B or T/F)
    I think (not sure) that Jessie has generally done well in the T/F competitions too!

  19. Helen.. she would now have the knowledge needed to start playing tge game like its suppose to b played..

    • While I agree, I also understand why people think she will just fall for another ruse. She seems to be the most gullible person in the house.

  20. I am not too sure about wanting Helen back. Right now she is talking to GM and says there are 3 people whom she would NEVER vote out at thsi point…. GM…. Elissa…. and….. ANDY. She is just really clueless and a bad game player.
    Andy told her straight to her face yesterday, before Elissa and Helen “threatened” him…. I have been considering voting you out. He has lied to her all week and said that he has her vote 100%. Then before being “threatened”, he tells them that is is considering voting the other way. HOW MANY RED FLAGS DOES HELEN NEED ABOUT ANDY!!

    • Helen is a dumbass and I have said it repeatedly. She is as bad as Judd and both have no clue on the alliances or who voted them out! Up till now, Helen just suspects Andy of betraying her despite, the POV where Andy deliberately lost and Aaryn herself telling her that Andy is very close to Amanda! I just hope Judd or Helen do not win that competition to come back! Let them stay in the jury house!

  21. In all of the years I have been watching Big Brother when a houseguest is actually brought back (and there has been a few seasons), none of them have been given any special power or immunity. I don’t that changing this season. And chances are whoever returns to the house will be voted right back out unless they win HOH or POV.

    That said, I would like to see either Helen or Judd return. In Judd’s case, he might be able to win Big Brother.

  22. I love Judd but I dont want him to come back. He would just in my opinion run back to Amanda and McCrae. Jessie and Helen would definitely go after Mcmanda and Candice would go after the mean bitches and Amanda.

  23. Whoever comes back in better win HOH or they will be voted right out, it’s so stupid to even do this. Jessie will never win HOH

  24. In the history of Big Brother, I remember 2 times when an evicted HG was brought back. First was Kaysar who was brought back by overwhelming popular vote. Second was Brendon who won a competition. Both of those gentleman were re-evicted quickly, the next week actually.

  25. I’m hoping Jessie or Helen come back. I think they’re the only 2 that would put up Amanda/McCrae if they come back. All I know is I can’t wait to see what happens and am keeping my fingers crossed that whoever wins HOH stirs things up and gets rid of Amanda. GM might even put them up since Aaryn I think really wants Amanda gone. And the feeds tonight WOW. Guess I’m not sleeping tonight.

  26. I don’t care who gets back in the house. No matter what happens, the house will be twisted.

  27. Jessie coming back would be great! I think she’d up McCrae and Amanda up and maybe the house would finally vote that POS Amanda out the door. Amanda’s exit interview would be great!

  28. Why is everyone hating on Elissa because she has money maybe and I know it probably no but wants to donate it it a long shot I know but it can happen

  29. Why should Helen be able to get another shot. She has caused most of the things to happen,now that she is heading out the door she deserves another shot. She finally see things clearly now. Heart have we as viewers was doing for weeks putting Amanda and no one in the house was listening they had their chances do vote for Candice or Jessie. you people feels sorry for perpetrators.

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