Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 8

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the live eviction show where we’ll also find out who will become the next Head of Household.

We’ve been tracking discussions on the Live Feeds and things look certain for how tonight’s vote will go and that’s reflected in the predictions below.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Eviction Predictions – Helen or Spencer?:

Helen Kim
Big Brother Junkies Helen Kim
Big Brother Live Helen Kim
Helen Kim
Zap2It Helen Kim
Helen Kim
Big Brother Fix Helen Kim
Big Brother Access Helen Kim
Big Brother Source Helen Kim

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother?


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  1. If returning HG doesn’t win HOH or have a veto they will be out next week. If Jessie or Helen returns they may be able to get Aaryn or GM vote. Lot of if’s at this point. I’m rooting for Judd to win, entry back to house and HOH.

    • Judd??? for what?
      For Amanda-Mcrae get the control of the HOH room until the last night on the house?
      Judd was so stupid that he didn´t even saw that “his friends” where the ones that kicked him out of the house…
      If he gets back into the house, it will be Amanda-Mcrae-Andy-Judd until the end, even that they just need to win this week hoh for doing that.

  2. I am curious. 9% think Spencer will be evicted? I’d like to hear how they think this will happen. At this point there is no way Andy is going to vote to keep Helen. The poor little weasel thinks that Helen and Elissa threatened him. In fact he was so upset about it, he said he can’t wait until after the next HOH and POV comps so he can tell her exactly what he thinks about her! Of course that plan is off should she win either competition. His bravery is something to behold, isn’t it?

    On my weekly dislike chart, Andy has climbed into second place behind Amanda and slightly ahead of McCrae and Spencer. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to knock Aaryn out of first place, but these 4 disgusting people have managed it easily.

    • Totally agree. I see a bunch of privileged kids who grew up getting everything they wanted. Never had to eat what they didn’t like because that’s all there was. I think McRae came from a hard working family but he’s just lazy. There need to go back to getting middle class people in there.

      • In this economy, I don’t know that middle class even exists anymore. And if it does, most people have jobs they can’t sacrifice to be on a show for 3 months. I think the only options for contestants are the unemployed, student supported by family, or married and comfortable enough that you can afford to leave for that long.

      • financial class has nothing to do with it. Having money or not having money has nothing to do with have class in terms of character. Donald Trumps kids are well adjusted, hard working, respectful classy adults. McCrae comes from a middle class or poorer family and he is a waste of human flesh. Its obvious he is jealous of people who have money but he doesn’t seem to be able to connect his own sloth with his lack of wealth. There is nothing worse than a person who is jealous of someone elses discipline and hard work.

      • I’m sorry, BUT Donald Trump is a joke!!!! And I hope and pray his kids don’t take after him!!!! He had no money, He used other peoples money!!! lieing, cheating, and stealing…. And if the kids are well adjusted, it’s because there mother raised them while he is out with the teeney boppers!!!!!

      • Regardless, the point is having money does not make you a bad person. There are bad people in the BB house who apparently have no money.

      • I don’t care for McCrae either I think he’s lazy and hides behind Amanda but what has he done that makes him a waste of human flesh? I must have missed it.

    • Totally agree. Whoever comes back and whoever wins HOH as long as it’s not Andy, McManda and Spencer should all team up together even if they don’t like each other suck it up and get Amanda out with Andy following behind next week.

  3. I am not sure if a hg coming back is going to help this show. It’s going to take a miracle, not sure what that would be. But I would like who ever comes back to be HOH and when they have the nomination ceremony not to have any keys, and tell them that American voted to evict everyone. Yes I know that won’t happen, but I can dream

  4. Been dreaming for weeks that after eviction on Thursday Julie would say “Sorry HG no HOH comp this week, we’ve been cancelled for the rest of this season”. I keep watching thinking it’s going to get better. There have been other seasons I didn’t like at first but they all got better. Not happening this year.

  5. Did anybody notice on BBAD that Andy was really quite. He gat called to DR 2 times during the show. That was 7 times after the big fight yesterday afternoon. Something’s up. I wonder if production is telling him to vote Spencer out.

    • Andy was pissed off that Helen and Elissa confronted him about his lies and disloyalty. He says they threatened him but I think it was more about him feeling cornered by his lies. No one in the house loved Andy more than Helen and Elissa and he not only stabs them in the back, but he twists the knife by lying to Helen about her getting his vote. I think he is really worried now that he will have no votes in the jury house because Helen and Elissa will campaign against him to everyone. Andy is also most concerned about someone coming back into the house because he will no longer be able to play his game of playing buddy to everyone while aligning with Amanda.

      • Almost every one in the house got their share of being called out in front of other HG, and a few of them even got humiliated. I can’t wait for Andy to experience the same thing…it will be my pleasure to see that happen!!

      • Andy was discovered on the HOH room.
        Helen and Elissa destroyed is “friendly to everyone” game.
        He wanted to talk with Aaryn and she escaped telling him “for you to go and say everything to Amanda? No. Go talk with her”
        After that, Andy was like a lost cat on a farm…
        So he is very angry that is entire game was lost and he needs to win the HOH tonight for not getting into the bench. Even Amanda is thinking that he must have told her lies about the various situations…

    • I don;t think Elissa cares anymore. If Helen doesn’t come back, I think Elissa would be just as happy to join her in the jury house and get away from the people in the BB house.

  6. Can’t believe some people want Judd to come back, I am certain if he did come back he would rejoin McAmdy again!
    If Helen comes back and she or Elissa win HOH watch out heads will roll! That’s the only way this season can be saved.

    • I agree if he comes back he will rejoin amanda. Some people seem to think he’ll realize amanda back-stabbed him and rally mc, andy and spencer against her. In theory this is good but I think he to stupid to realize amanda is the one that got him out.

  7. This season has to be the worse (boring). It might be do to the fact its not on sho2 anymore. It helped me connect to the hamsters better. Live feeds are not in my budget. Anyone else feeling my pain.

  8. BIGGEST thing would be for Helen to come back that would shake up the house BIG time and would keep us on the edge of our seat and if she wins hoh amanda will go home at last !! action adventure that is what we need !!

  9. Hey Big Brother When Are You Going To Step In And Take Care Of Psycho Amanda. Terrorizing Other Players Because They Are Afraid To Piss You Off Because You Might Go Into One Of Your Rages Is Ridiculous. Go Back To Letting The Public Put Her Up Because None Of These Joke’s Have A Spine. Just Hand Her The Game And Move On. Can’t Even Watch They Are So Dumb. Tell Amanda To Quit Bullying And To Take Her Adderall.

  10. Amanda would never of lasted with the Brigade they were and likly will always be the best alliance EVER..

  11. Glad to see Helen go………..”you know” in her every sentence is maddening ………next Amanda goes!

  12. I would love to see Candice come back just for the sole purpose of seeing the look on Amanda’s face.

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