Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Wednesday Night Highlights


It might have been eviction eve in the Big Brother 15 house, but it didn’t really feel like it. Instead of working hard to flip the house, Helen spent most of the night fighting. The rest of the night was all about Amanda being crass and grumpy and Aaryn nearly poisoning herself.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013

4:55 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are having a cry. Helen has accepted that she’s going home. She just keeps telling Elissa to fight for herself and stay in the game.

5:10 PM BBT – McCrae says he’s bored with the game and there better be some twist announced tonight.

5:40 PM BBT – Helen is teary-eyed and packing her bags.

5:48 PM BBT – Amanda has ONCE again changed her mind on her alliance and loyalties. Now she and McCrae are telling Andy they’d rather go to the final four with Spencer instead of Aaryn.

6:10 PM BBT – Aaryn says it’s sad that Helen is crying. Amanda can’t understand why it’s sad. Is Amanda playing this game or is she really a sociopath?

6:22 PM BBT – Spencer is afraid Helen will get Andy and GinaMarie to flip and he’ll go home.

6:25 PM BBT – Amanda tells Spencer not to even pack his bags for eviction. He says he will just to not be a dick.

6:45 PM BBT – Amanda just compared herself to Dr. Will.

7:11 PM BBT – Now Helen says she isn’t done campaigning yet and will do so all the way up to the last minute tonight.

7:12 PM BBT – Amanda is seriously getting upset over a hypothetical situation. And yes, it’s about whether or not McCrae would sleep with Janelle if she were in the house. Amanda is insane.

7:55 PM BBT – Aaryn accidentally takes a drink of her nail polish remover. She thought it was her water.

7:57 PM BBT – Aaryn gagging and afraid she’s going to get sick. Feeds cut.

8:05 PM BBT – Feed return and Aaryn called to the Diary Room.

8:15 PM BBT – Aaryn is fine.

8:56 PM BBT – HGs are talking about what they’d do with the money if they won Big Brother.

9:45 PM BBT – Most of the HGs are talking about their favorite subject: Elissa.

10:10 PM BBT – McCrae says he thinks production tells Elissa what to say. Big Brother tells him to stop talking about production.

11:05 PM BBT – HGs worry about GM after the show is over and she can watch what Nick really thought. He very kind in post-eviction interviews, so I think that won’t be a problem.

11:20 PM BBT – HoH room discussing Elissa. Andy still going on about feeling threatened when she said he’d be a target. Oh come on, Andy. ‘I’m going to punch you if you vote out Helen,’ is a threat. ‘I’m going to come after you in this game,’ is not some horrendous, terrifying threat.

11:40 PM BBT – Helen sticking up for Elissa to Aaryn.

11:55 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GM that if she wins HoH then they can make their own choices this time.

12:00 AM BBT – It’s GM’s birthday. All the HGs, except Elissa, get together to celebrate.

1:55 AM BBT – HGs begin speculating about possible endurance comp on Thursday night.

2:05 AM BBT – Aaryn discussing drinking nail polish earlier. She says DR asked her how much she had and why she did it.

2:20 AM BBT – HGs worry about Elissa getting HoH. They don’t know who she’d target or who would go home.

2:45 AM BBT – Aaryn tells GM that she expects someone to come back and how they’ll need a double eviction as a result.

3:25 AM BBT – McCrae and Spencer having their late night check-in. Spencer says he wants to keep McCrae over Amanda if it comes down to that choice. McCrae wants Amanda to stay until at least F4 with him, Spencer, and Andy. McCrae says he’d pick Spencer over Amanda and thinks she’d understand. McCrae says he’ll shave his head in the Veto comp if it comes down to it.

3:45 AM BBT – Spencer’s fear is GM getting HoH, nominating him and Elissa, Elissa wins HoH, and Amanda gets renom’d beside him. McCrae tells Spencer he’d probably be the one to stay.

So Helen is leaving tonight. That’s a done deal. Amanda will have it no other way. And we already know no one is going to stab her in the back. So Helen will be joining Candice, Judd and Jessie in the battle to return to the game.

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      • I hope that once BB producers saw that, they put it in a future competition. I don’t know if they could with the head shaving, because it clearly gives some preference to the men. A man walking around bald is a lot different that a women walking around bald.

      • I thought the same thing about the comp. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for – especially with BB production listening in at all times.

  1. >> 5:10 PM BBT – McCrae says he’s bored with the game and there better be some twist announced tonight <<

    So are we McCrae, so are we.

    • All Mccrae does is eat, sleep, smoke, go the bathroom, have sex and he is making it to then end…

      • You let out complains about Elissa and talks about all the big stuff he would do if this or if that – then he does nothing. When all of these people get out of the house and find out what they looked like in the house they will all be mortified.

        McCrae looks like the lazy, little wussie nerd living in his parents basement who got his first piece of a$$ from Amanda and thinks he is love.

        Andy looks like a cowardly little weasel whose lies and treachery come all to easy for him. Sure lying is part of the game, but Andy dos it then hides from it because he is afraid of what might happen. What a doosh!

        Amanda looks llke the domineering bitch who has to get her way or she runs off behind a garbage can to cry. And by the way, if McCrae and Aaryn did actually thorw the HOH comp so you could win, would that really be winning?

        They all come off looking bad, but only Elissa seems to be aware of it – though not her own faults.

    • On BBAD, a few night ago, heard her talk about Victoria. Not sure what she was saying about it.

    • They still live in the US right now. I saw an interview of Brent on Canadian TV. He said they are moving to Saskatchewan in a few months. But either way, BB is open to US CITIZENS. Even if Elissa was currently in Canada she’d still be eligible to be on the US production of BB because she hasn’t and, according to Brent, has no intention of, given up her American citizenship.

  2. 4:55 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are having a cry. Helen has accepted that
    she’s going home. She just keeps telling Elissa to fight for herself
    and stay in the game.

    Now, if only Elissa can gather her wits like her sister Rachel in the season she won and fight hard to win HOH and POV each and every week then, this season can still have surprises down the road! Elissa was awesome in the POV (Otev) when she blew by Helen and took out Andy—-nice sack Elissa! I was laughing the whole time!

    • Has anyone noticed that the onlyt wo times she won the pov is when you had to search for cards with either numbers on it or a name, I think production makes sure its’ an easy comp when Elissai s on the block,jus t think about,b otheti messh e was on the block she won thpe ov. Just seems a little shady to me.

      • That competition was not easy. Actually, it is pretty hard when you have to go thru obstacles and get mud in your eye like Gina Marie! The fact that Elissa won it shows she has potential in physical competitions! Your bias and hatred for Elissa prevents you from seeing things objectively and that is a fact! What is shady is we have not had a Pandora’s Box yet, which is probably to favor Amanda and not rock the boat so to speak! Also, taking the MVP from the viewing public is shady considering Amanda was put on the chopping block twice by the viewing public—-now, that is shady!

      • I agree. Elissa made it look easy…she passed everyone and made them look like they weren’t trying all that hard. She has some serious athletic ability. I hope we get to see more of that.

      • Elissa rocked in that challenge. I think she needs to be commended for beating Andy and Helen.

      • I am not bias, nor do I hate her but was pointing out aq fact that she has only won in the comps where you had to find somet ype of card.

      • So what are you implying then? I actually predicted before Otev that Elissa would do well in an Otev comp. She is not good at the quick thinking games but she is extremely physically fit and in any game where there is a physical aspect she is going to have a chance to win. Look at her body. I bet

      • I can’t stand Elissa and her I’m better then everyone attitude but I have to give her credit in that POV comp she kicked butt. She deserved the win.

      • That’s ridiculous. Elissa was almost eliminated except for the fact that she ran up the ramp, blowing by Helen to take the last spot in front of Otev. There is no way they could fix a comp so Elissa could win. Besides, why would CBS care who wins. They want entertainment and ratings. Elissa, aside from the fact that everyone talks about her on BBAD, is a pretty lame and boring house guest. If I were producing this show, I would want Candice in teh house because her rants are entertaining to watch and are good TV.

    • I don;t think Elissa deserves to win this game by the way she has played so far. But I too loved it when she shoved the little weasel Andy into the log in the Otev competition.

    • First, it must have been the acetone-free version. More than likely, she didn’t drink that much and must have spit it out pretty quickly.
      Maybe she got the idea from Clownie with all of his suicide attemp. LOL

      • Well, another incident happened last night. She ate one of those small packet of “alcohol wipes”. She thought it was “after dinner mints” …lol…what is wrong with her?

      • Seriously……..hahahaha! She appears to be the “I’m going to take myself out” type. I guess I hope her Adderall kicks in or her dosage is increase. I’m not sure I care, though.

      • Lee, there’s so many materials about her and that incident. I’m censoring myself lol..I will get attack by her fans

      • You have not censored yourself all season long……now you want to start…….ummmm no! Spill the bean,,,,,lol.

      • LOL. Are you serious?
        This girl needs to open her eyes before she puts things in her mouth! ahaha

      • The acetone free version could be as deadly as the one with acetone because it most likely contain wood alcohol. But I don’t think she could drink more than a couple of gulps before realizing it wasn’t water.

        I wonder if she was off her adderall and simply lost focus grabbing for the polish remover instead of her water. I have had a theory that she takes her adderall about an hour before competitions to maximize its benefits during the comp. This doesn’t mean she is cheating. She may feel like she needs it just to be able to compete at all.

      • she actually didn’t spit it out. i watched it happen, and she said that she swallowed it and drank all of it that was in the container, so yeah it couldn’t have been that much if she was able to drink it all in one chug.

      • Was it a full bottle or some missing ?
        I didn’t think that this year wears worth the money I wait unit week 4 and decide If I want to pay

      • Please at least do a little research before you open your mouth and make yourself look stupid. Acetone is actually a natural byproduct of fat breakdown in the liver. A person has to ingest more then 200 ml before they start showing any effects. She thought she grabbed her water bottle and spit it out so there is no way she ingest 1/4 of a liter

  3. i love how the hoh crew all bitch about what the others do when they are pretty much bitching about what they are doing lol. also love how aaryn said she never hates or puts down anyone to make them feel lesser then. seriously? is she for real?

    • I actually enjoy it, because even if the alliance is on the final 3 they’re gonna still makin’ drama, but yeah, they’re just a horrible person.

      • i agree but find it hard to be for someone who is very comfortable with the comments she has made:( i do feel as a competitor she is strong

    • Totally agree. GM also says all the time she doesn’t talk bad about anyone. Yet, how many times have wee seen her up in the HOH room saying nasty things about people like Candice, Jessie, Elissa.

    • Aaryn lives in her own little world…clearly, her parents have spoiled her and sheltered her. Not only does she seem to believe that she has never made any kind of bigoted comments, she thinks that SHE is being picked on because she’s blonde and blue-eyed, and she thinks that OTHER people are so mean but she’s not! She should be getting a big reality check when she leaves the house, I hope the audience boos her. She needs to have it thrown in her face just how much the general viewing public does not care for her, right now I think she honestly believes that she is a very popular player.

  4. What a bunch of pussies in the house!!! Their all afraid of Amanda!! I see Amanda (barfing as i say this) winning because noone has the balls to take her out!! This is sad!! Grow some balls people!! Make the big move!!! Take that bitch out!! Quit letting her run the freaking house!!! AMANDAS GOT 2 GO!!!

    • That and the fact that production tells them to not go against her…conspiracy!

      • Glad someone else sees that, I have said that from the begining of the show.

    • In fifteen seasons of BB, I have never seen anything like it, where HG’s are scared to death of another HG. It is time for these cowards to start standing up to her and do what the heck they want and not what Amanda dictates. I really think that she thinks America loves her, she is in for a very rude awakening when this game is over! I don’t want Judd coming back in because I think McCranda will get to him and say it was ALL Helen who wanted him out, when it wasn’t, Jessie, Candice or Helen will be the only ones to do something about McCranda. I hope one of them comes back in..but, it is going to be tough to come back in the game and win HOH..I can only hope!

      • It has to be Helen. Candice is so polarizing that Aaryn and GM will focus on getting her out again instead of going after Amanda. Only Elissa would align with Candice and that isn’t enough. Judd would side with McCrae so he is not an option either. Jessie would be willing to go against McCranda, but how much help would she be? Aaryn seems to like Helen so Helen is the only one who I think can bring an allaince of Aaryn, GM, Elissa and Helen together.

  5. I lol’d about Aaryn drinking nail polish remover.
    Most entertainment I’ve seen in weeks.

    • The house guests who treated others badly and made racist remarks and bullied other house guests will get theirs in due time! Nobody escapes from their bad karma! The can run, they can hide but, karma will find them and they will pay the price!

  6. 11:55 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GM that if she wins HoH then they can make their own choices this time.

    Of Course…. Because Aaryn can not be HOH, NOW they can make their own decisions. She really is spineless. She could not make a big move but she wants GM to make one.

    • They have to because they will both be toast if they do not! Amanda is just about set to evict Aaryn. I guess things could still change with the house guest coming in but, if it is Judd who most likely will still link up with McCrae and Amanda then, Aaryn and Gina Marie could both be put on the nomination block and Aaryn evicted if she does not win POV! I agree that Aaryn should have tried to get Amanda out! Their best chance was when Amanda was on the block two times!
      Aaryn or Judd’s vote could have evicted Amanda. They had Jessie, Helen and Elissa on their side if they went for it!

      • And soon “everyone” will play for Veto so less chances to backdoor anyone (like Aaryn – or Amanda).

      • The deeper you are in the game—-the harder it is to take the strong players out! There are going to be less players and less votes to do so, that is why you take them out when you can! Worst, if they win HOH and POV, you will never be able to take them out!

      • I think we should just get over the fact that Amanda WAS on the block twice and nothing was done that is a fact yes I know but the HGs were stupid not getting her out but what’s done is done just my option again sorry if this insults anyone

  7. I’m saying something that prob needs to be said. Although not popular with America, Amanda is a damn good big brother player. You can call this cast dumb for falling for them but we can’t see things from their perspective.

    • So, what you are saying is that Amanda bullies people to their faces and yet, they are not aware that they are being bullied? If that is the case, they are utterly dumb and deserve to be evicted!

      • I’m not sure I can agree, by the definition you seem to be using even old Jerry from season 10 was a bully “your a judas” “your going home”. The same can be said for pretty much every house guest who ever actually played. It’s funny to base opinions on ones personality considering you only see them how they are portrayed. I don’t know any of these people and can only base upon their game play. Was Roger Clemons a nice person? No. Was he a good pitcher? Yes. Amanda is playing a strong game, period.

    • There are still 6 players in the house with her. In the same position as her. HG that had won comps and hasn’t pissed off Juries and potential Jury. Too early to call her a good player.

      • to call her a good player in an overall sense, like is Amanda an allstar? I concur it is to early to tell. Thou to be fair Nakomis was an allstar. It is impossible to deny however that to this point Amanda has played a strong game.

      • I can see your point and it’s validity. However, there are really two ways to go about playing, the jury concern, such as Jordan, Jun,and Maggie.Or the hell with the jury I played the best game, Dick, Dan, Rachel. Both styles have their advantages and playing either well makes you a good player. Would Amanda be as good if the other players were not as bad as they are? I’m not sure. By definition based on this season she is by far the best player.

    • Not a fan either but she is playing a great game everyone she wants out is out without any blood on her hands and never wining a comp at that

  8. Amanda is crazy. Can’t wait to see Andy’s face when Helen walks back in and wins HOH. Going to be an exciting night.

    • Helen is about to be evicted and she still only suspects that Andy betrayed her! See, it is not enough that she sees Andy not trying hard enough to win in POV. Aaryn also told her that Andy is way up Amanda’s side! Still, with all these not counting the numerous lies Helen could have caught Andy at if she took some effort at is and still, Helen does not have a clue! That is why Helen deserves to be evicted and hopefully, is not able to come back!

      • Agreed. Helen is a lousy strategist. She personally allowed Amanda to dominate the game by not booting her out when she had the chance (and numbers) to do it. Judd needs to come back!

      • Sorry, Judd is another dumbass. He and Helen passed on evicting Amanda not once, but, twice! He also blamed Elissa and Jessie for his eviction when it was Aaryn who put him on the block and the vote was 7-0 and he embraced both Aaryn and Amanda when his whole alliance voted him out! This guy has no clue and utterly dumb like Helen! I say give the chance to Jessie! She stood up to both Helen and Amanda will do the most damage if she goes back in and wins HOH!

      • The only pass I will give Judd is for not realizing who was responsible for his exit. He went from thinking that Jessie was definitely going and he had a power alliance with McCranda and Andy, to being evicted in less than 30 minutes, that’s really not a lot of time to analyze what happened. But I will not give him a pass on not evicting Amanda before that happened, he was the reason Helen couldn’t get the numbers. Andy was/is never going to turn on Amanda, and he will be out the door on the next double eviction.

      • How can you not know that Aaryn put you on the block when she did it right in front of your face? A 7-0 eviction vote tells you that your alliance turned on you because if they did not, you would have had votes on your side! Again that is not excusable! Judd has to be an absolute dummy not see that!

      • Again that’s a lot to process in a half and hours time. We saw it coming, but he didn’t. I’m sure he realizes now, but in the moment I think it would be hard to put the pieces together as you are begging to stay in the game and everyone is lying to your face or crying about wanting you out. He knows Aaryn put him up, but remember in her previous HOH, Helen and Elissa blatantly controlled her every move, so its not far fetched to think Helen was still controlling Aaryn’s decisions.

      • In putting him up Aaryn said she had to do WHAT the house wanted or she would be voted out next week. She bluntly put it on everyone else. And for good measure she cried while doing it.

      • I think Helen is on to Amanda too. In fact, I think she is on to all three of them. If Helen comes back and Aaryn finds out she’s been booted from the 3 AM alliance, which by the way is one of the worst alliance names in BB history, she and Helen will form an alliance bringing GM and Elissa in too. Elissa has to put her personal animosity against Aaryn aside for a few weeks and work with her. If she does, she will be happy if Aaryn wins HOH next week and Elissa can vote someone else out instead of being on teh block again.

    • I am actually looking forward to tonight’s episode first time since before the game started I think who ever comes back in their faces would be priceless no one will be happy that one comes back Andy said last night on BBAD that if someone comes back in it’s not fair so yes I am looking forward to tonight’s episode

  9. “3:25 AM BBT – McCrae says he’ll shave his head in the Veto comp if it comes down to it.”

    Every time I see McCrea, I think of the George Thoroughgood’s song: “Get a haircut, and get a real job”

    • LOL. Does anyone in the house yawn more than MccCrae? For a guy who lays in bed 18 hours a day, he sure is tired. He reminds me of Prince Valium in Spaceballs.

      • Like…yawning like, I don’t like know what you are talking about…like…I would rather see yaening than listen to him talk, lol ;)

  10. It is becoming obvious that Spencer is beginning to make a play for the F3/4. The next HOH will determine his fate. Him having these late night chat with McRae is helping him secure his choice in the final play of the House.

    • The only way Spencer makes final 2 with McCrae is if McCrae throws final HOH to Spencer. Otherwise McCrae isn’t going to have the manhood to get rid of Amanda.

    • Judd, has no game, he was a follower when he was in the house, Jessie or Helen will be much better because they will have revenge in their mind and go after Amandutch, Pizza Boy and the weasel Andy

  11. Go Jessie! Win that competition and win HOH! Then, put McCrea and Amanda on the block with Aaryn as renom. That guarantees one big threat is evicted for sure! It would certainly make this week a very enjoyable one for me!

    • I don’t know about Aaryn. I really think that she showed that she is willing to at least consider breaking away from McCranda. We on the outside of the house know that is 100% acurate.
      I think that best move would be to put up Amanda/McCrae and re-nom Andy. He is their biggest ally and he is doing the most damage becuase, for what ever reason, people trust him.

      • Aaryn has said she is afraid of Amanda so, her loyalties is suspect at this time! The HOH if it is Jessie and she uses it to full advantage can persuade Andy and Spencer to vote the way she wants them. The same goes for Elissa, Aaryn and Gina Marie. Renom is the big stick. If any of you win POV, you are not to use the renom or I will renom one of your alliance members so, if Aaryn wins POV and saves Amanda, Gina Marie goes on the block as renom and if Spencer wins POV then, Andy goes on the renom! That way, Amanda or McCrae have to win POV to get off the block!
        And here is one more big stick, Jessie can say, if any of you betray me and I will count the votes—-I will go after you if I am still in the Big Brother House!

      • Sadly enough you could probably just threaten to put Andy up as a replacement. They all think they have an alliance with him.

      • My fantasy is to see Elissa win HOH and she puts Andy and McCrae on the block together. I don’t care which of them goes home. Both have claimed they would kill themselves if they were sent home by Elissa and while I know it was just talk, I would still love to see them suffer the fate the fear the worst in the game. They are both cowardly, two face weasels.

    • Another option, is to put Pizza Boy and Aaryn on the block if one of them win the POV and remove themselves, then blind side Amandutch

  12. I haven’t bothered much with this season of BB. I haven’t bothered watching the feeds at all, because I agree with most everyone, that this is a dead boring season. But I am continually amazed and annoyed by the stupidity of one player in particular – Andy. What is wrong with this guy? Does he really think he has a hope in hell of making it to the end? I know, I know, it’s different when you’re in the house, but seriously? Andy, dude, WTF? How can you not see that you are at the bottom of the barrel in 3 A.M. and you aligned yourself with a group of people who are going to toss you out the door the minute they don’t need you. Plus, Andy, you wasted your HOH — old news, I know, but what a doorknob.

    • 5:48 PM BBT – Amanda has ONCE again changed her mind on her alliance and loyalties. Now she and McCrae are telling Andy they’d rather go to the final four with Spencer instead of Aaryn.

      Andy is not on the bottom of the 3 AM alliance. Aaryn is.

      • I agree. The fourth member of their alliance has gone from Judd, Aaryn and now Spencer. That’s why I think Spencer is the dumbest player. When given the opportunity to do something big, tell Aaryn he would vote out Amanda, he wussed out.

      • True, but at least Aaryn has some ability to reflect on her position in the alliance. Andy just seems completely gullible and trusting.

      • Andy is in a good position for the next week or two. But he is definitely in trouble when we get to another double eviction. He will be just like Judd, focused too hard on someone else leaving to realize he is the one in trouble.

      • I think the pointis, when Andy sees Amanda deciding who will be in her alliance and controlling who Andy has to work with, why does he not see that he is as expendable to her as the people she has kicked out? Does he really think he will make final two if he winds up in a final 3 with Amanda and MccRae? No matter what McCrae says, he is all talk and a big wussie. He will keep Amanda if he wins the last HOH.

    • I agree. The next HOH needs to nominate Andy and McCrea. Andy needs to be placed on the block as a pawn, but he does not need to be told this. This will drive Amanda nuts and will cause he to turn on Andy. Plus, I don’t think Amanda will win the POV. POV – take Andy off the block and put Amanda up. Let the games begin.

      • The will evict Andy as soon as he is not needed any more he is the sneaky one getting the UFO from the ” side ” any everyone trusts him

    • BBSH, well articulated, that little Weasel is as dumb as they come, I can’t wait to see the day his so called 3 A.M members throw his sorry ass out of the house when they don’t need his snitching anymore.
      This Weasel claims he is a professor, I wonder what subject does he teach, perhaps how to be a SNITCH, professor my ass.

  13. Interesting, GinaMarie mentioned seeing the psychiatrist 4 times already in the DR. She said it was BB who made forced her to because, in her words, they’re afraid she’ll kil herself after the show.

    • Well at least I’m not alone in thinking that. She won’t be able to handle the backlash from the derogatory comments, and from looking like a psycho/stalker over the Nick thing. I hope they offer her some real help after this is over, she’s going to need it.

      • Hahaha … no offense but she is NOT bulimic. I don’t need to share my personal story on here … so. Will keep it at that. People why “know” …know…

      • People in the house said she is bulimic and I believe she has admitted to it. Not sure why you think she is not. I hope you are okay, though.

    • If this is true she should never have been a HG. Another casting mistake by Allison Grodner. GM is obviously a very fragile person and cannot deal with this summer’s BB lunacy. One has to feel very sorry for her.

  14. I think that the way they have kept the jury members, sequestered from each other vs. all together in the jury house, will determine how powerful the returning houseguest could be. If they are kept apart it is very possible that a returning Judd would jump back on board with McCranda only to be evicted next. But if he has been exposed to the information that Jessie in particular has about who is aligned with who, then he might realized that McCranda is the biggest threat.

    • They should have put them together, Helen is the only one that knows what has went down. And she still doesn’t believe it.

      • I think Jessie would have some important info. I mean Aaryn did go to her and save her to put up Judd. I hope they have been together, in hopes they can pool their information to benefit who ever returns. I shouldn’t want that, but I can’t stand this season, it seems even more biased than usual.

      • I think they are together. When Julie talks to them after their evictions she tells them they are “off to the jury house”. She even asked Jessie about seeing Judd in the jury house after she was evicted. This leaves me to believe that are together and they are comparing notes.

        Frankly, I think this is the only fair way to do it. As you said, if they were sequestered then Candice would be the farthest behind in BB knowledge, followed by Judd and Jessie. Coming back into the house so much in the dark would be a huge disadvantage to them – although coming back into the house is in itself a huge advantage over the other players.

  15. Amanda is “powerful” only because the HGs let her. They let themselves become her victims. If they had any brains they would tell her to go to hell and vote her out.

  16. I don’t care if Helen is voted out tonight, but please let Amanda or Aaryn be voted out next week. How funny would it be to hear them complain about how unfair that they missed the opportunity to return. Either one of them would be convinced it was done on purpose. They are very egocentric.

  17. A lot of these people will have a rough time facing reality. Fans can be very harsh and unforgiving. Shelley Moore from Season 13 even had death threats. Elissa said, Rachel had her share of haters for a year and took it hard. The outrage in this season is unlike any other season I’ve seen.

    • I agree. I think that Aaryn will be fine, because she seems to live in a very sheltered environment and seems to have some cash in her family.
      Amanda will brush it off as people hating her because she is a woman, but if a man played the same game, he would be loved.
      Elissa and Helen seem to have stable family lives and more important things to worry about.
      Spencer would suffer if he loses his job, because it seems like his girlfriend’s family and friend hate him already. Plus he strikes me as someone who thinks a lot of himself intellectually.
      McCrae and Andy will just be happy just to be talked about in the BB context, so they will be ok.
      GM is the one I think is going to be in a bad way. Nick is not going to date her and while his post eviction interview was nice, he did say some harsh things about her while on the show. And then she will have lost her beloved pageant job and she already lives at home, so she will take it the hardest.

      • Don’t they do alot of post-show BB-related appearances, etc – not just interviews but like appearances in Vegas, etc? So they will be reunited to some extent and meet past contestants who may also offer some friendly advice, having had to adjust to harsh reality post-reality show.

      • Players in the past were hated for different reasons. None of them lost their jobs.These players were hated for being racists and making disgusting remarks..They’re all over the internet, Youtube. etc etc. They’re very recognizable. Rachel didn’t go online for a year. Unless they can afford their own PR like Aaryn, interviews and TV appearances can be scary. Hate will subside eventually.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the family of the 3 mean girls received death threat already. There a lots of crazy people out there.

  18. Kevin, about your Amanda comment, BINGO! and well said, just the ordercity of her talking to the HOH Aaryn the way she did before Aaryn had to renom some one to replace Elissa after Elissa had removed herself from the hot seat, personally should have earned Amandutch as the renom, again another chance to evict Amandutch missed because Aaryn was too chicken to renominate her and then she Aaryn has the mendacity to complain that she is doing Amanda’s dirty work, this dumb broad Aaryn made me almost threw something at my TV last night, I got so upset, I switched stations, where did they get these dry brains from, they all make me sick and want to scream, I can’t take it anymore – oh no, no, no, please some body please wake up in that house and get rid of Amandutch.

  19. Amanda is so paranoid lol
    Janelle sleeping with McCrae?
    Um, pretty sure Janelle wouldn’t give up her marriage to Jess for a pizza boy XD

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