Big Brother 15 Results: Week 9 Live Eviction & HoH

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

It’s time for Big Brother! Tonight either Aaryn or Andy will be the next houseguest evicted while the remaining HGs compete for HoH. It all happens right now!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! This HoH competition will be critical for The Exterminators if they finally want to split up McCranda. Not yet signed up to watch? Get the 2-day Free Trial now and be ready!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show.

Time to find out if Aaryn kissing Judd last night will turn his vote.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Live Eviction voting:

  • Judd: evict Aaryn
  • Spencer: evict Aaryn
  • GinaMarie: evict Aaryn
  • That’s it. Aaryn has been evicted.
  • Amanda: evict Aaryn
  • McCrae: evict Aaryn

By a vote of 5-0, Aaryn has been evicted from Big Brother. She now heads to Jury as the 4th member. I guess that late-night make-out session didn’t work on Judd.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 HoH Competition – ‘BB Hopportunity’:

  • HGs must work eggs through chicken wire mesh. First to collect a dozen wins! This is gonna take a long time!
  • When the show ended we saw Andy, GM, & Judd w/ 2 eggs. McC, Amanda, & Spencer w/ 1 egg each.
  • Feeds are back! Find out who won HoH tonight – spoilers!

The Feeds will be back after the show is over tonight. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds right now you can watch the house react right now on the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the eviction & HoH comp? We’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who the new HoH will be nominating

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  1. I expect production is doing a mental HOH comp tonight as long as Elissa is not eligible.

  2. Ok, I’m ready Matthew to see Aaryn evicted and Judd become HOH. Will accept GM as HOH because both of them will go after McRanda. Wonder if Judd listened to Aaryn about not trusting Andy?

  3. Would love to hear Julie say “I won’t keep you since you hate Asians it must bother you to have to talk to me”. Unfortunately Julie is a professional and won’t stoop to her level.

  4. We should have at least 1 double eviction coming up. There are many people still in the game.

  5. They went thru what happens since veto. All stuff we already know, from reading here.
    They will have a vote on CBS website for us to choose what kind punisment for an upcoming comp.
    Next segment Julie will interview Dan G.

  6. Still just showing recaps. Vote for loser of HOH to wear bunny suit or chicken suit. Tweet #bbBunny or #bbChicken

  7. If Spencer finishes last, I’ll vote for “chicken suit. He will look ridiculous on chicken suit than the bunny suit.

  8. Oh please…vote for a bunny or chicken suit??? Really??? That’s the most exciting thing BB can think of??? Give me a break :(

  9. LOL..Dan thinks that, that’s who she is (Amanda)..she should be able to control her emotions, and why embarrass somebody? You don’t need to,,playing this game ……I totally agree

  10. I am about puke cause they comparing Amanda and McCrea to Rachel/Brenden, Dominic/Dani and Jeff and Jordan

  11. Julie said Aaryn and Andy have a lot of explaining to do. Maybe she will get down and dirty with them.

  12. Julie asked what Amanda’s thoughts on her recent behavior was; she responds that Elissa pushed her buttons so she got mad, but now they’re getting along and everyone now knows not to push her buttons.

  13. Oooooh.. Julie Chen’s question to Amanda about verbally assaulting Elissa, that tell’s you a lot. I think Amanda knows…that’s bad news about how she’s being portrayed….I say GOOD !

      • She says she doesn’t remember saying a bunch of homophobic and racist things but that she doesn’t mean them, and that she’s good friends with Andy, Candace, and Helen, and a handful people start flat-out laughing.

      • Exactly!!! I can’t believe she’s that stupid to even say it out of her mouth. What about the BS excuse she gave about why she didnt like Elissa? I would have respected her more if she said that she’s jealous of her than to come up w/some BS about her not telling her she was Rachel’s sister and how they were good friends. How can you be “good friend” when you just met her? She even said something nasty went she was on the hammic and talking to the others about Elissa looking like Rachel. She’s a liar and stupid little girl that’s going to have to grow up real fast once this game ends.

      • LOL. I know, it’s have the same dumb ass look she had on there when she was listening to Julie read back some of the things she said to her. Can you believe she tried to deny it at first?

  14. Julie read her some of her remark.
    Aaryn doesn’t remember saying those things.
    OMG clueless.

    • She’s a liar and you can tell she didnt know how to cover her ass. She’s so stupid. Now she’s worried – bah HAHAHAHA

    • Priceless Julie reading twitter comments…How about the mixed reaction from the audience that Julie Chen opened with????

  15. OOHHH. Julie went there. She called out Aaryn for her remarks! Aaryn denies and played a Southern Card…

      • Well, Julie gave her opportunity to redeem herself (to some degree) on national television and she blew it. Her PR people can’t complain.

      • “I’m sorry; I know what I did was wrong and there was no excuse for it. I just hope I can do something to make it up to the people I hurt.”

        I.e., she could have apologized by admitting that what she said was wrong, not lying about how she’s friends with everyone (including CANDICE), so obviously she loves them all and meant them no harm, and by not trying to blame “The South” for her problem, considering there are plenty of people in the south who wouldn’t say the stuff coming out of her mouth.

      • True that thats all she could but her denial did her in. Drew audible, negative reactions from the audience.. And she keeps talking about how she’s portrayed as a racist (joking or not) on AD so it isn’t as though she was oblivious. I think she’s been dreading it maybe; maybe expecting some blowback or to be questioned on it. She’s had time to mull it over. She was called out on it in the house. She brought it up again yesterday. So despite all that, she hasn’t really taken responsibility. She hasn’t owned it. The act of apologizing is a start but the denial just tanked the sincerity and undermined it.

      • She couldn’t think on her own, because she doesn’t think she said anything wrong, wait til the pr guy has her say something then you will hear a phony answer

      • Her tears were probably tears of anger while she was thinking of what she’d do to “black Candice” when she sees her in the jury house.


      • Wonder if the exit intervw will be included in Aaryns DVD she takes to share with the Jury? May actually give her the opportunity to apologize in private edification before finale night. And level headed Helen present to mediate…. Well, mitigate because I’m not sure Aaryn can pull off sincerity that soon with the Jury Members after them watching her on the dvd bearing no responsibility with Julie.

      • the next best interview will be when Julie interviews Amanda. I hope she is the next one evicted.

      • Only problem is Amanda is friends with AG and family works with CBS so Julie will play nice. The whole show makes me sick.

    • Just watched it online and oh man that girl has no clue what’s about to happen to her. And the excuse that she’s southern and that’s how it is. Oh honey no I’m white and southern and you do not make jokes like that. She gives Texas a bad name.

      • Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t have professional handlers, your answers can be so stupid.

    • Yeah..awesome a young kids life is ruined because of the leftist who cry race every chance they get. Educate her but do not destroy her like you leftist pigs want to.

      • She put HERSELF in that position Jack.
        NOBODY to blame by herself so just get over it already.

      • Her life isn’t ruined because someone dared point out how racist her comments were; her life is messed up now because she decided to show us all she thinks offensive racist behavior is funny, on national television.

        And yes, she deserves to be called out for that, and for the BS excuses she tries to use in order to justify her behavior.

      • Sorry, but her life is not ruined. Her life will go on perfectly fine and hopefully she will have learned something by her actions. She is only 22, and she will be just fine. Amanda on the other hand will have hell to pay when she is off the show.

      • She chose to go on the show. She knew they were being recorded 24/7. She has no one to blame but herself.
        PS – Do you need to see her Birth Certificate, Arsehole?

      • But did you know that chickens can’t? I learn so much important stuff watching these HG’s.

  16. Bunny hop for HoH comp. Moving eggs behind a chicken fence.
    Loser get to wear chicken suit for 48 hres.

    • GM was actually ahead of everyone when they cut the show. She was finishing up with her 3rd egg and Andy was just starting his 3rd egg.

  17. One with the least amount of eggs has to wear a chicken suit!! Andy and Spencer…so you want to throw the HOH?

  18. I miss aaryn. . . I hate to admit it because of all she said. But I want amanda gone. . . GM has to pull a win. To ensure Elissa safety. . Put amanda on the block and/or backdoor her and then she will be gone. . or if its a tie this week. . she can get rid of who she wants

    • I was thinking the same thing. This comp is suited for GM and before the show went off she already had two and was getting ready to get her third, so she’s definitely in the lead.

    • well i called it, although it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going to happen. they need to ditch this competition from future seasons. there’s nothing fair about it.

  19. This is JMO so I don’t want to hear from the haters. I thought it was totally wrong for the audience to be opening their mouths during the eviction interview. Like I said numerous times I am a forgiving person and Aaryn apologized and even said she says things and does not mean it in a racist way. I don’t approve of her comments and would never talk that way but I have a lot of years on Aaryn and I think she is immature and speaks before she thinks. She even stated numerous times how much she loves Helen and Andy. So now Amanda was called out this time. What about GM and Spencer. Spencer gets such a friggin good edit every week making him look like this southern gentleman. I can’t wait to see his exit interview and if Julie doesn’t call him out then that’s pretty hypocritical.

    • I agree that Spencer shouldn’t be getting the good boy cut he’s been getting (although I don’t know how much of his comments can actually be broadcast or even discussed on television, so maybe that’s why). And I also agree GM needs to be called out for jumping on the Racist Train.

    • He doesn’t get edit on live feeds. Well not too much. They have got where they go to fish when they start getting too bad.

      • I know he doesn’t that’s why I hate him so much but I wish CBS would show just a little of it. Show what he’s really like. they beeped Amanda out tonight do the same for Spencer.

    • Audience were CBS employees and they did what was ask of them. I’m convinced of that. Look too manage to be otherwise.

    • I don’t like Aaryn. I think she has been a terrible person on this show and I know you have supported her from the beginning, Lav. . But I think in this case you are right. Aaryn is going to be punished enough. I am not one who enjoys public humiliation for stuff like this. I am by nature a compassionate person I guess and I feel for Aaryn. She did some terrible things in the house, but I cannot say that in my life I have never done anything when I was 22 that I regret now. Julie giving it to her is one thing, but the piling on is unnecessary – or at least it is not something I am comfortable watching. Let Aaryn figure out where she went wrong and hopefully she will emerge a better person. The world can use another good person.

      • Honestly, she got told in the house that people thought she was saying racist things, and she brushed it off. I think she needed the treatment she got from Julie to really understand Candice wasn’t just making this up to hurt her, and that her words are hurtful.

      • Doesn’t matter; if she cared about it then, she’d still have made sure Amanda was making it up and that she was cool with Candice, Helen, and everyone else she had said things about–she wouldn’t have just said “whatever” and continued the behavior.

        I think being confronted by someone in the real world at least forced her to have to realize that she can’t just ignore her comments.

      • I’m sorry but I don’t think Julie was nearly as harsh with her as she could’ve been. She’s a very mean spirit person and she was just nicely told to do a self check. Just like anyone…play with fire, expect to get burned. There is absolutely, positively no excuse or reason for anyone to endure what Candice & Howard did. Fortunately for Helen all the meanness was behind her back. I’m sorry….CBS/ BB got it wrong….this should’ve been addressed & stopped!!! There are so many people that wouldn’t let things roll off their backs like they did. She was wrong…..period-point-blank!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Agree. But I really have not supported her. I’ve wanted her, GM, Amanda and Spencer gone for a long time just not in this order. I just have compassion for people. I don’t approve of public humiliation. She’s going to have to face a lot more for her actions and maybe she will learn from it. She’s only 22 so I hope so.

    • Julie will call Spencer out. I think Julie is very aware of the politics of this season. She didn’t hold back tonight.

    • I would be all for forgiving Asyrn (glad I don’t have to type her name anymore), if her apology was sincere. She blamed her comments on being southern. She did not take ownership for what she said. Therefore, that apology means nothing.

      • You don’t know if it was sincere or not only she does. And I’m not a hateful person I am an understanding person. I’ve made lot’s of mistakes that I regret when I was that age and I’m glad I had forgiving people in my life.

      • She said she apologizes and feels horrible about it and regrets saying it. that’s not blaming someone else.

      • Lavendar, she said that she was sorry and feels horrible, but she said that is what people in the south do…….which isn’t the truth. Therefore, she made an excuse for her behavior. Sorry, not a sincere apology.

      • Her apology was basically “I’m from the South, that’s how we roll, sorry if you guys took it the wrong way.”

  20. Amanda should be kicked off show fir threatening Elisa……. she fucking crazy bitch!!!!! & mcrae just a dumb ass, who does whatever the dumb bitch says, they both need to go!!!!

  21. LOVED how Julie conducted that interview!!!! Hated how the trashy Aryan blamed her actions on being Southern. IDIOT! I live in rural Alabama and I am not like her at all!! OMG!

    • I loved how Demanda explained her out of control meltdown as being Elyssia fault. Elyssia FORCED her to act like a screaming maniac by pushing her buttons?
      Oy Vey!

      • IKR! I just don’t get how some people don’t hold themselves accountable for their own actions… no matter what!

      • Now CBS will show more of Amandas rants & raving at Elissa..They held back a lot but I bet Wednesday nite they will air more…Especially if Amanda is on the block..

    • I am from Judd country…Tennessee. .u get ur ass beat for talking /slurring folks …If u do it it better be in private..

    • Nah, she’s still up there in that house, thinking she has a right to verbally harass anyone that dare suggest that she isn’t the most awesomest person on the planet.

      • LOL. I made up my mind this week that Amanda’s the Wicked Witch of the West and Aaryn’s the Wicked Witch of the East. So one down, one to go.

  22. Boy did Julie light up Aaryn.
    She put herself in that situation that she did, so that is all on Aaryn.

  23. If this interview with Aaryn was to the point Can yall imagine if /when Amanda gets evicted ?? Just imagine hmmm hmmmm

    • I can’t imagine Julie Chen asking Amanda that when she has sex, she likes it really hard!!!! I could not believe my ears when she said that on BBAD…to much information!!!

    • I am shocked and happy that Julie called her out.
      She could have said a lot more but at least she got her point out.

  24. Aaryn got a very cool reception when she came out..I think I even heard some boos and laughter, especially when Julie read off some of the horrible things she said earlier in the game, and Aaryn said that she did not remember saying those things..and that if she did, it was because she was from the south. This poor girl has no clue.

  25. Can’t believe people get enjoyment from watching a person get humiliated and eviscerated like that. I feel bad for Aaryn. Not everyone in this country comes from a place that embrace s all races and beliefs. Plus Spencer and GinaMarie are not gonna get slammed like that.

    • No one gets enjoyment, Aaryn went into a game knowing full well that she had cameras on her 24/7. Her sitting there tonight saying she did not remember saying any of the things she said, and Julie did not even bring up half of the stuff she said. Narcissist.

      • well pretty sure if you went on the show you’d say some things that you shouldn’t on live cameras. after a while they forget about the cameras and say things they shouldn’t. not saying what she said was right but that doesn’t make it any better for you to bash her.

      • And this is how racism survives. Don’t acknowledge the problem (well since she forgot about the cameras it’s not like she meant it), false equivalency (bashing her is just as bad), forget about the victims.

    • I can’t believe Asryn said those things about Candice, Helen, and Andy. And, I definitely can’t believe that people want to sweep everything under the rug now.

    • whoa! – I am okay with the first part of your comment, but the second part is way off. I already posted that I am not comfortable watching public displays of humiliation to another human being. But you cannot disparage everyone where Aaryn lives because of Aaryn’s behavior. I am sure there are a lot of very good people who live near Aaryn and are mortified by what she said.

      • Plus Asryn is a grown woman. Even if everyone in her world is a racist, she can CHOOSE not to be one. However, she made her choice, so now she has to live with it.

    • She brought it on herself.. she deserves every negative reaction she gets. (short of physical harm)

      • I thought blacks are supposed to be forgiving people? Dont you want us whites to learn about the trials and tribulations that people who you never knew or even knew existed went through? Isnt that why we have black history month, MLK birthday, you name it. Its thrown in our face every day. That being said, my brother in law is black and I love him like a brother and would do anything for him. The problem with all the whites crying racist is that they have never been confronted or lived around blacks. Racism goes both ways…I have lived it and seen it first hand. The whites that cry racist are the same whites who watch Oprah and thinks she speaks for all blacks. Pathetic souls.

    • We don’t like watching people being humiliated, hence why so many are angry with Aaryn in the first place. She humiliated a lot of people in and out of the house with her words. Julie was giving her the chance to defend her actions, explain herself. The quotes that were read to Aaryn were her own words, said to other people. If they humiliate Aaryn, maybe she needs to learn to think before she speaks. I really hope hearing the things she said and how people were disgusted by them changes her views on what is and isn’t okay to say. And I really hope you’re wrong on the rest not being called on what they said as well. They all need to know how hurtful and inappropriate they’ve been and should own up to their words and actions.

    • I don’t think she deserves to be harassed and/or called names, etc, for saying and doing what she did. I do think she deserves getting called out on doing what she did, though. And since she did it on national television, I think she also deserved to be called out on national television for it.

  26. Well, Julie had her “pound of flesh” in confronting Aaryn and her remarks. While I do not condone anything Aaryn said, Julie has now opened the door and had better confront every single houseguest that sits in that seat, because they have ALL been vile and hateful. But, it does drive me nuts when we live in such a PC society now where immoral behavior is tolerated and welcomed. Whatever happened to “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?”

  27. Keep your eye out for comments defending aaryn’s behavior. Her family hired a PR firm to do damage control. They will be out in full force doing just that.

    • There is nothing they can do if we give our opinions or state fact. The only thing they can get you for is saying something is fact when it is false and damaging.

      Saying Aaryn is racist would not be hard to prove since we have her comments on BB recorded.

      I am wondering if when she gets into the jury house she tells the others what Julie did to her. I think they will be honest with her about her comments. I am sure CAndice will school her a bit. It might be good for her.

    • How is the pr firm going to feel when they have to try and defend her offending all the Texans.Good luck.She is shamefull.

    • PR can’t do anything till Aaryns contract with CBS is up.. She is obligated to fulfill it no matter how she is portrayed or rather how she portrayed herself to be,

  28. aaryn got evicted and the hoh comp is in progress ,they have to get eggs up and over to a hole in chicken wire

  29. I can not stand Amanda tonight the way she treated Andy and he took it made me sick to my stomach Really????

    • Andy doesn’t react to that stuff. He lets it roll of his back. But a couple of days ago he said he was done with McCranda. Al Amanda is doing is adding more fuel to Andy’s fire.

    • I hope GM wins – or Judd. I really hope someone goes after Amanda this week. I want to see how she reacts when she really is the target and she is on the block.

  30. Great Show…So happy Aaryn is gone…Still waiting for the Live Feed to come back…this waiting is SO annoying.

    • The conspiracy theorists would say the don’t want us t see how they are rigging the comp so that Amanda wins!

  31. i don’t want mcranda to win or andy bc hes way to wishy washy and would probably float bck to amanda & mcrae

  32. I am from Texas and this is NOT how we act or Talk ,Aaron is classless…….GO JUDD AND ELISSA………

    • We don’t believe her. I know plenty of people from the southeast and Texas. and you’re right.

      • Thank you so much .I am so ashamed of her ,and 22 had nothing to do with her acting like this………….

  33. If Amanda goes up on the block with McCrae and she win the POV, will she say, “No one comes between me and my man…except me!”?

  34. Hopefully, Amanda will not lean on GM too hard. I have a feeling that she will fold and do what Amanda wants.

  35. Really? GM did win? Please confirm… Oh, I hope so…. really just anyone but Demanda or Craecrae.

  36. I was really surprised when Aaryn was like “oh that’s how we are in Texas”. That may or may not be true and I’m sure she was under stress, I’m not going to go into that. But Aaryn threw an entire state under the bus to excuse her behavior.

    However I have to say I did end up liking Aaryn (mostly). I think everyone in that house looks sane next to Amanda so that may mean nothing :P

  37. Elissa said in front of Amanda….”Oh GM !!! I feel soooo happy for you “.. Are you hungry GM? …hahahaha…Amanda is like….CRAP !!!!!

  38. Amanda stating to GM you won this for Aaryn trying to already campaign for Elissa to go up.

  39. GM won!!!! Girl stick to plan GM. Amanda is all up GM’s butt, filling her head with BS….Ugh!

  40. Amanda is saying that she can get GM to do what she wants. She thinks GM will put Judd and Elissa. Spencer is paranoid he will go up…

  41. Amanda is already telling Spencer..” She needs to put Judd up”..Spencer said “I don’t that’s not a good answer..Amandrax..You’re DONE !!

  42. LOL Now everyone loves GinaMarie, nobody cares about how she treated Candice anymore. Classic America.

  43. Stupid feed keeps coming in and out…annoying…just when Amanda was talking about Julie’s question…I think she had an idea that America doesn’t like her.

    • The feeds are cutting because Amanda won’t shut up and stop complaining and saying things about Elissa.

  44. Amanda is whining cause Julie called her out on harassing Elissa. Amanda just figured out America see her!

  45. Amanda telling pizza boy and Spencer she is planning on annoying GM until she tells her who she plans on putting up….or harassing to put up Elissa and Judd…

  46. Amanda is officially CRAZY!!!! stating she hates Elissa so much that she wants to Kill her…she just don’t know how to keep her mouth shut!

  47. I can not listen to Amanda saying over and over how she hates and wants to kill Elissa. Spenser is just as crazy!

  48. Andy saying GM plans to put Elissa up to McCranda?

    The rat is lying to the power couple? Did hell freeze over?

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