Big Brother 15 – Last Minute Flip Attempt Ends Like You’d Expect

Andy asks GinaMarie about flipping

By the time things reach Thursdays the HGs have typically made up their minds about the upcoming eviction. Not so much this week. Earlier this afternoon a shocking discussion took place and made us think for a brief time that Helen might have ended up saving herself after all from a Big Brother 15 eviction.

Earlier in the day Helen spent a good bit of time talking to GM and coaching her on moves for the rest of the season. While it seemed like Helen was just being nice you can always assume Helen is working to influence the HGs. Whatever she said seems to have had an effect even if it was just a nudge to get GM thinking.

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Flashback to 2:13PM BBT and you’ll find Andy pulling up next to GM for a few whispers. Andy whispers that he’s worried they’re doing the wrong thing. “Do you think that we’re making the right decision?” asks Andy. “No,” replies GM. “I don’t either,” says Andy. They discuss that they might want to keep Helen instead. Andy heads off to corner Aaryn to talk about it. Aaryn has no vote, not even a tie-breaker, but whatever.

Jump to 2:20PM BBT and you’ve got Aaryn in the Lounge with Andy and GM. Andy asks Aaryn if they’re doing the right thing. Aaryn says yes. Andy is worried that Spencer is a wild card. Aaryn thinks Spencer will go after McCranda. I don’t think so. Andy says, “my gut is telling me we’re making the wrong call.” Aaryn argues that if Helen stays it only makes Helen stronger. They continue to debate the vote.

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A few minutes later Amanda busts in on the conversation. She wants to know if she needs to leave. Everyone feels obligated to start explaining themselves to Amanda like she’s their boss. Aaryn tells Amanda that she didn’t call this meeting. Again, they’re all terrified of Amanda who has had zero actual power this entire season.

After Amanda leaves Aaryn says, “That was bad. That was bad.” GM points out “how am I going to go home? She’s never been HoH.” So Aaryn is completely afraid of Amanda. How is GM the only one not scared of Amanda? It drives me nuts!

In the end Aaryn talks Andy and GM down from this idea. She wants Helen gone and they agree. Everyone falls in line and heads off to slaughter.

Tonight’s HoH comp and the returning HG will be huge. Everyone will be fighting to win this if it’s an endurance comp. We can’t wait to watch it all play out on the Live Feeds. Get your free trial now and be ready to watch the fallout. This should be good!

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  1. Once they leave the house, they’ll understand why this is probably the worst season ever and I mean even considering Season 9, it’s still the worse. It’s the season of THINKING about making a big move such as going against Am but too scared to do so. What do they think will happen in two weeks? THEY BOTH WILL BE ON THE BLOCK. Andy is clearly on the bottom of 3AM and GM is just on the bottom, besides Elissa. I’ve lost faith in the Big Brother humanity if that makes any sense.

    • Sadly season started off great with David + Nick blindside. Then getting huge threat in Jeremy out, but now its just bleh.

  2. I thought Aaryn was smarter than that. He is Amanda basically throwing Aaryn out of the 3 am alliance to take in Spencer. There is Aaryn protecting Spencer by evicting Helen! Why do these people trust Amanda so much. Why didn’t Andy tell Aaryn about Spencer joining the 3 am alliance at her expense? Surely that would have sealed the deal to save Helen, no?

    And why does Andy now think they are making a mistake? Perhaps he saw Amanda and McCrae turn on Aaryn and finally realized, that could be me!

    • Do you think Andy was really on board to keep Helen or just seeing what Aaryn would say or do so he could report back to Amanda. Don’t trust him one little bit.

      • I was actually thinking that maybe Aaryn just didn;t trust Andy. But what’s with Aaryn? She changes her mind every day. One day she is sick of Amanda, the next day she is solidly in her alliance. Aaryn has no plan of her own.

        GM needs to pull her aside and tell her “you need to get Amanda out to save me!”

      • I am very disappointed at Aaryn. I think she has no backbone and I would like to see her gone next week. Amanda and McRae have decided that she needs to go, so she may have nailed the coffin for herself.

    • Exactly what’s gonna happen near the the F4…They’re gonna get rid of Andy,GM,Aaryn & Elissa unless one of McCranda decides to take Aaryn becoz they think they can BEAT her…

    • You mean after they turned on Judd? It took two betrayals for Andy to wake up? What a dope.

      • It will be they same as with Judd, too little too late. Next double evict he will be the one blindsided.

  3. this is the last time I watch this show & once Elissa go home im done because there noone there who should get one red cent there a bunch of trash

  4. I was really hoping Aaryn was going to put up Amanda. I hope GM wins HOH or one of the returning house guests do Amanda has to go why are they all so scared she is just a bitch have they all not met a bitch before.

  5. Normally when people say they will never watch again, I just think to myself, ‘yeah right”. There is no way to make everyone happy and someone has to go home. But I have to say that this is the worst season ever of BB and I sure hope they do something. I regret getting the live feeds…

    • We cancelled live feeds when it was obvious that BB didn’t do anything to Aaryn, GM, Amanda or spencer when they cut loose with their racist and sexist remarks. and then it became clear that Amanda was picked to win the whole thing, I read that she had a connection with the producer, and there is to much stuff going on that she knows about ahead of time. I don’t watch bbad either, just the reg show, and read the comments and blogs.

  6. No one has any guts this season.. THis would be perfect to get Amanda out..especially since they are all afraid of the big bully..but no they will just get Helen out.. I dont like Helen but Amanda is calling the shots! She needs out!

  7. I have mixed feelings about tonight, I really want Helen evicted and not come back. But if they voted Spencer out, Amanda would totally lose it! I would love to see that.

    • I would love to see it too. I think Andy’s guilt was getting to him and Helen has made good points. Also Amanda is going after Aaryn next so he may see her taking him out after that. I think he is waking the problem is he’s too slow in doing it.

  8. The sad part is this season’s contestants had the makings for a great season. All of them showed strengths in competitions and social game. It was obvious by how often the power shifted early on that they all are more than capable of playing this game. However, they choose to fall in line behind someone who hasn’t won anything. Why do you fear Amanda coming after you? Because she slept with McCrae when he won HoH and everyone knows McCrae is a competitor show as long as they are tied together people will fear her. The sad part is that I expect all of the actual players to take themselves out and we’ll end up with GM and Andy at the end when all they’ve done is ride the wave. Honestly, Amanda has an exceptional social game, she’s running the house without doing anything because they let her. I really hope the returning houseguest flips everything upside down, but history shows it won’t

  9. I watched it this afternoon (on trivia now) and was amazed at how fast Amanda brought them all back in line. I knew something was up last night because Andy was too quiet. They are all stupid.

    • No one can do the math!!! They don’t need Aaryn. Elyssa/GM/Andy and Spencer goes. And Aaryn was all for it when they didn’t have the votes and backed down. Geesh.

  10. I don’t understand their rationale; if you are scared of someone, VOTE them out! then you would not have to put up with their bullying and “stanking up the sheets”! Especially someone who has not won ANYTHING all season!!!

  11. I can’t stand Gina Marie, but she is the only hg that has realized Amanda can’t actually DO anything to anyone. She isn’t hoh. Hasn’t won hoh and doesn’t appear to likely she will ever do so. What is there to be afraid of?

  12. I think they need to make which ever houseguest that returns the HOH! Wouldn’t that take the wind out of Amanda’s sail!

  13. I’ll be pulling for GM or returning HG to win HOH. I think they would be the only ones to shake things up.

  14. A lot of people don’t like Amanda but I have to give her credit . She is running that house without winning any comps. It’s a game and she’s playing her way.

  15. I find it fishy that Aaryn out of all the HGS is afraid of Amanda? Please. Something just stinks. Aaryn choosing to go personal cause she can not stop drinking her hateraide toward Elissa. Aaryn, would have Helen in her pocket, which would be ammo in her pocket with GM and Elissa on board to put up Amanda and McCrea…Also, both Aaryn and Helen know Andy is with McCrandass, so he could be backdoor’d.

    • I agree. Maybe they haven’t been giving Aaryn her correct dosage of Adderall. I think production is up to something too. Andy was called to FR 7 times inabout 6 hrs last night. Also Aaryn made a comment on BBAD about they were not playing a game she was reminded of that in DR. So maybe all the conspiracy people are right and Amanda is pre-determined to win.

      • You totally got what I was saying about fish. I do believe the game is rigged. When you have a personality like Aaryn she does not back down, especially when she is in power. She thought to backdoor Amanda, them boom oooo I am scared. Yet, I like Helen. Then as predicted the Elissa hate, as a cover up. Yes, I really want to know why Andy was in the DR soooo many times? What does he have to contribute? I stabbed Helen in the back, now pretend to cry…..Oh wait? Maybe, he will finally come out and tell America he is McCrass surrogate child That’s it. He does dress like a child.

    • Elissa drinks the hateraide also…all she talks about is getting Aaryn out. Like I said before they need to put their personal differences aside and ban together to get Amanda out. But even today after everything that’s happened Elissa is talking to McCrae about getting Aaryn out. What an idiot.

  16. Right then my mind would be made up if they have the vote who is gonna go up spencer out Andy and Aaryn are in there alliance they only have to make sure someone other then bitchface and McCrea don’t win hoh then put their asses up

    • She was reminded she signed a contract. I think if you buck production they get you out. Elissa has mentioned production too many times for this not to be the case. She runs to DR everytime she doesn’t get her way.

      • What do you mean by buck production do you mean f@&? With production ? and I think the contract is you have to play until the end if you go to jury but I don’t know this its just a guess

  17. At the end of the day, as much as i dislike her, it is inevitable that Amanda is DOMINATING this game and playing it better than anyone else. To have the whole house TERRIFIED of her, so scared of her that they don’t have the balls to go against her represents someone who knows how to play, and she is working it. This is coming from me, and i am not a huge Amanda fan myself, but let’s face facts here.

  18. I realized recently that I really don’t want anyone left in the house to win except maybe McCrae. Amanda is a pushy bitch, Andy is a weasel who reports everything, Elissa is related to Rachel, Ginamarie said unforgivable things to Candice, etc.
    Aaryn has grown on me for sure but if she won the money then it wouldn’t matter that she lost her modelling contracts.
    I don’t like any of them….

  19. These HG’s are driving me crazy!
    Why are they so afraid of Amanda? They’ve all been saying for weeks now that they have to get rid of her. Helen’s demise tonight is her own fault. She kept saying that they had to get rid of her when she was on the block … but, “Now isn’t the right time” … Well, when is the right time if it isn’t when they are up for eviction..

  20. Can these idiots count? Helen,Elissa,GM,Andy,Aaryn=5 Mcrae,Amanda=2. Amanda can’t when a comp when half of the people are trying to give it to her and Mcrae is too busy humping to know they are in a competition. What the hell is wrong with these people.

    • I don’t get why McCrae is popular with the ladies in the house. He’s so …how can I put this…unfortunate on a few different levels.

  21. Honestly, I don’t care who comes back tonight, all of them will stir things up in the house. Candice will make GM mad, Jessie will practically won’t get any attention. Judd will get hated by Amanda, and Helen will just make Amanda mad as well. I do not care who comes back, but I’m rooting for Judd.

  22. Now I want Helen to win tonight and return to the game. Amanda and Aaryn will both be having heart attacks!

  23. Amanda and McCrea are Floaters. Bonking is not exercise. Holding up and lighting a cigarette is not a weight, to do curls with. Swallowing each other juices is not a protein drink. Going to DR and requesting Monistat, that is all you have to contribute Amanda? Really? McCrea sniffing ripe clothes instead of doing laundry. Can McCrea shower by himself? Cause he rarely showers.

  24. So Aaryn thinks Spencer will go after McCranda even though this week instead of voting against Amanda he went on the block? Y’all sure she’s in college, because that’s a DUMB thought. Amanda must have some sort of blackmail on these idiots……or promised them a job in production once she wins.

  25. I hope that if they do evict helen tonight she wins and comes right back from jury and then her or Elissa wins the hoh comp and put Amanda and McCrae up on the block against each other, just what Amanda fears most. I cant beleive aaryn and GM doesnt see the best for their game is to team up with the momsquad and take out amanda and mccrae. its so obvious. its make the show worth watching again, if Amanda wins this season of bb without winning an hoh comp I wont watch ever again, I cant stand the way this season was played…

  26. i firmly agree with some of u that this season is rigged. i guess we will find out tonite with the returning HG and the HOH. amanda can’t win s*** so why r they so afraid of her? GET HER OUT!!!!! BB u r controlling it this year so u better get her out or u will lose your fan base and many, many followers. some of us plan our evenings around BB so get with it!!!

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