Big Brother 15 Results: Episode 33 Fast Forward Eviction

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

Tonight on Big Brother the Final Five Houseguests will face another vote as part of a surprise eviction. This elimination will be followed by a new Head of Household competition and a round of nominations. By the end of the night we’ll have fast forwarded through nearly an entire week as we close in on the Big Brother 15 finale!

Also part of tonight’s show will be the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. The comp was held on Saturday and the meeting on Monday so we’ve already got all of those Veto spoilers for you here. Tonight will be a busy episode!

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I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction, HoH, and nomination results as they are revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! Not signed up yet? Get the 2-day Free Trial now!

Big Brother Live Feeds

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Big Brother 15 Week 11 Veto Competition:

  • McCrae won the Veto. The Exterminators failed.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Veto Ceremony:

  • McCrae saved himself. Judd was renom’d.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Eviction voting:

  • Andy: evict Judd
  • McCrae: evict Judd

By a vote of 2-0, Judd has been evicted. Again. He heads back to Jury.

Judd talks to Julie again

CBS announces it is now time to vote for America’s Favorite Player. Vote for your favorite HG to win $25K at

Big Brother 15 Week 11.5 HoH Competition – ‘Before or After’:

  • Round 1: Before – Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 2: Before – GinaMarie gets it right.
  • Round 3: Before – Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 4: After – Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 5: After – Everyone gets it right.
  • Round 6: After – McCrae gets it right.
  • Round 7: Before – Andy gets it right.
  • Tie-breaker: Andy wins!

Andy is the new HoH! Congratulations to Andy. He’s guaranteed Final 3 now.

Big Brother 15 Week 11.5 Nominations Ceremony:

  • The nominations will be discovered on the Live Feeds…

The Feeds will be back tonight and the HGs will be preparing for the next eviction vote. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds you can watch them prepare with the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the surprise eviction? The Veto competition has likely already played out in the house so we’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who won and becomes the sole vote on Thursday night.

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  1. Matt, remember we still have to see the Veto comp from Saturday.. They don’t usually show the nominations in this special episode, since there isn’t time.

  2. Okay so maybe I’m late with this but I just watched the “recorded earlier” BBAD and I’m thoroughly confused by McCrae saying that Amanda will never work for CBS again after this and that she’s threatening to file a defamation of character lawsuit because of how she was portrayed on the show….. WTF… someone explain!!!!

      • That was stated last night on BBAD, they were playing to the feeds, because they used the feeds from yesterday morning. It was all BS!!!

      • It’s 17 minutes into the show and they are all sitting around the table talking about it. Judd says “did amanda really hate Aaryn?” McCrae responds with “huh? Oh yeah… yeah yeah yeah of course, I don’t think they’ll be friends after this, Amanda will never work for CBS again that’s for sure”…… I relistened like a dozen times to make sure I was hearing it properly.

      • They are joking and making up absurd scenarios. Did you not hear the part a minute before where they talk about the huge fight between GM & Julie? Then they say Amanda won’t work there again after what Julie said to her.

        The whole thing was a joke. None of those things actually happened. They weren’t lying about everything and then suddenly spoke a truth and then went back to making things up.

        Listen to the entire conversation/context and not one line pulled from the bigger discussion.

  3. Andy makes me puke! Watch his mouth when he talks….ugh! Can just imagine how his personal life is….ewwwwe!!

    • His constant crying is getting beyond ridiculous and fake…he is only looking for jury votes, so he puts on this big weep fest…he annoys the hell out of me, hate that he won HOH.

  4. Amanda should dislike Andy, sap, coaster, user, liar….HAD NO GAME!! Lying is not a game, u have to twist or avoid the truth, he told flat out, sometimes malicious lies!! Go home 90 pound piece of dog poop! Lmbo! I love Elissa!!! I love Helen?!! They played game….

    • Dr. Will, the man regarded as the best ever, claimed that he told 300+ blatant lies every day. While this is surely an exaggeration and I don’t like Andy either, purely lying is a common and acceptable strategy.

      • Not denying there’s plenty of reasons to dislike him. Just saying calling his lying gameplay not a strategy isn’t one of them

      • I agree with that but if your lies got you through u do not need to keep on going trashing people aqnd their kids in the process lie and be done with it leave the kids out of this

      • Right lying and backstabbing is part of the game. There are LOTS of reasons to dislike. Wanting to bash somebody’s face in and talking so disrespectful (will not repeat those words) about women when he wishes he was one.

    • I think Judd had way too much anit-anxiety medication the past couple of days…what in the heck was he saying, made no sense at all. But, that’s Judd for ya!

    • I liked Judd in the beginning but when he came back in the game, he acted as if he was starting all over with no alliances, and he just went down hill from there. The way he was working with the guys and bashing Elissa just because they didn’t like her was crazy. Talking about messing with her things when packing. None of them deserve to win.

      • He was right to start from scratch; he was wrong to think going with the flow was going to save him the second time around when it didn’t save him the first time.

    • Not me, she doesn’t need the money and although she was treated bad, she wasn’t treated the worst. Leaning toward Howard because he kept his values in the face of that racism and asked God to give him the strength to turn away.

      • How does anybody know that she does not need the money? Howard was such a non-player. Aside from the fact that he wasn’t there long enough to show what kind of player he could have been, after the moving company fell apart all he did was work out and lay around with Candice. He did not even campaign for himself when he was on the block. Just saying

      • She said she didn’t need it. She actually said she wished she hadn’t let Rachel talk her into playing the game. I think if she hadn’t been with such vile people she might have liked it. Howard didn’t get a chance to play and because of the racism just decided to wait it out. He knew his days were numbered.

      • Elissa is involved in a lot of charities. i could see her donating the money. i would much rather the money go to charity than 95% of the hgs

      • i agree she does not need it and most everyone voted for because of rachael i liked elissa but some others played a good game who could use it i think jesse or maybe helen

  5. Order of elimination….Judd, GM, Andy, Spencer and the winner is McCrae. Proving that you can just sit around and do much of nothing…….and accomplish your goals. LMAO. Honestly screw them all

  6. even if Andy makes it to final three or 2 he will not be choosen big winner whoevers against him will win

  7. voted for Elissa ALL 10 times … judd just confirmed for me he is as stupid as he looks LOL .. wtf was that!!??

  8. Haha exactly what Judd gets trusting them. So sad..not really if he hadn’t been the way he was with Elissa.

    • He’s a joke. Crying because he had to vote out his best friend. Why’d you vote him out then you weasel? And I seem to remember him voting out his other best friend Helen. He better not make it to final 2. McCrae needs to win veto and vote his ass out. then win HOH and send the “Pig” packing.

    • He made a statement recently about always being called to DR when he’s drunk. That could be a big reason for the tears.

    • I think thats his strategy and make ev1 feel sorry for him so they will vote fo him to win. Hes been bawling the whole season, and he cant do anything for himself!!!

    • Judd deserved what he got, he was a brain-dead idiot to think that Elissa had tried getting him out, why would she have, he was one of her few allies.

  9. well I can say I liked Judd better when I could not understand a word coming out of his mouth tonight I did and stupidity definition should have his picture

      • Not necessarily. If McC won veto to save himself & Spencer went up, then McC could vote out Spencer. Then, depending if McC won or GM won HOH they could choose to take each other (unless ofcourse GM chose to take Andy to final 2; very possible, because I wouldn’t trust her if I were McC). Other senario is GM could win veto, Spencer would take her place; and she’d still vote out McC. As anyone knows, the only way to really be sure you’re safe is to win that veto. Here’s hoping that McC wins it!

    • Not to worry, GM or McCrae will win the final HOH. Andy and spencer are both too much of whimps to withstand any endurance comps.

  10. Andy is going to put up MC and GM. Then if either of them win Veto they will have the only vote for the eviction

  11. Before and after was tailor made for Andy to win it. He has been practicing for it since day 1

    • Yet it came down to a tie breaker question. Andy was actually behind going into the last question. It was that close to being a tiebreaker between McCrae and GM. GM would have won because McCrae’s answer was as dumb as his strategy.

  12. So the rat is HOH, and the winner of BB is out of an obsessed with Nick racist, a perverted walrus, a lying rat and a p-whipped stinky pizza boy…….What a season

    • There’s 0 point to that. He plays in the veto no matter what. Whether nominated pre-veto or not, if he wins he is safe.

  13. Best scenario? Andy leaving after final 3, Elissa wins Favorite Player! !! Can you imagine the anger inside him!

    • Andy would act like a petulant child in this scenario! He seems to have a sense of entitlement where this game is concerned…

  14. The only thing that matters is whoever wins the POV decides on who leaves, other than the HOH, of course … Such the case, from a strategic point-of-view, Andy should nominate both Spencer and GinaMarie, so that he earns some Jury points from McCrae should he happen to win the POV and then somehow make it to Final 2 and/or Andy makes it to the end and gets McCrae’s vote for the $$$ … not that Andy deserves/should win …

  15. Voting for AFP is open. So here’s a poll with relevance. It’s from BBLeak:

    Total votes: 20445

    Elissa …….13770 (67%)
    Howard …….1544 (7%)
    Judd ………..1469 (7%)
    Amanda……. 554 (2%)
    Helen…………511 (2%)
    Candice …….481 (2%)
    GinaMarie …461 (2%)
    Aaryn ……….414 (2%)
    McCrae …….386 (1%)
    Jessie ……….308 (1%)
    Nick ………….142 (0%)
    Spencer ……124 (0%)
    Andy ………….80 (0%)
    Kaitlin ………..77 (0%)
    Jeremy ………70 (0%)
    David …………54 (0%)

    OK, let get ready to see some Andy’ blood. LOL

  16. Still trivia for those wanting updates. I’m sure Andy will put up GM and McCrae since his F2 deal with Spencer is firm.

  17. Twitter feeds says Live Feeds will stay down for another 3 hours (after pacific broadcast I guess)

  18. Someone please put me out of my misery. The rat Andy HOH. Voting Elissa for AFP. I want America to call the rats bluff…he said slit his throat…fine…then we can give the winnings to charity.

  19. Judd said he could not work with Elissa, because she could not be trusted. Well, Ju double dumb, that’s the same reason why no one wanted to work with you!

    • And yet, Judd trusts the biggest liar in Andy despite, numerous warnings from Aaryn, Elissa, etc. You cannot really cure stupidity! Second time around and Judd has not learned anything and made stupid moves all around! Too bad Elissa did not nominate his ass when she was HOH! Atleast, Judd is gone for good and cannot win that $500,000!

  20. This is so bad I just created my first twitter account, so I could give Elissa 10 more AFP votes.

  21. Judd finally gone for good. Good riddance! I want McCrea evicted next because he is another dumbass! The only reason he is still in the game is he lucked out but, evicting Elissa was a dumb move! McCrea being evicted then, Andy being evicted in the final HOH and we have Gina Marie and Spencer in the Finals. Don’t really care at this point because one of these guys will win it whether we like it or not!

  22. Ok, I am going to make lemonade out of the lemon result. Elissa will get AFP. I can not wait to hear Elissa’s shut up, shut up, thank you America speech. Julie should say … Andy promised America to your slit thoat, Spencer you owe America poop on stage ( we will give you a pass on that due to time restraints). GM says Spencer get to steppin, you promised America suicide.

  23. Just got home. Missed the show. Anything good? I know Judd is gone. When do we find out the new HOH? I hope the rumor is BS. Come on ! Not that guy….please

  24. I didnt watch tonight episode and I’m so happy, Andy HOH whats a mess of a show? I hate it!!!!! this show is horrible this year, nobody worth voting for. Andy is the worse he wont win. I guess is all about Pizza boy and Ginamarie. I can’t think of anybody alse. grrrrrr

  25. I’ve been saying this for 2 weeks, but it’s Andy’s game to lose. Only 4 people have played this year: Jeremy, Helen, Amanda, and Andy. His strategy has kept him in the game. He absolutely deserves to win.

      • Yeah, it’s the game where you lie, trick, manipulate, and win. Ask Dr. Will. He pretty much invented the game.

        I’m definitely watching Big Brother. Everyone else is watching The 700 Club.

      • He has played everyone since day 1. If you think he floated, you weren’t paying attention.

        Without his spy work and ability to play others off each other, McCranda wouldn’t have made it as far as it did. Without his work, the Exterminators would have been gone and Amanda would still be here.

        Andy kept those alliances together and used them for his own game. He single-handedly destroyed McCranda/Elissa and did it because it was time. He knew he was safer to get rid of them and play with the weaker side of the house, who he could beat.

        And no one in the house caught on to what he was doing before he got rid of them.

      • H single handedly destroyed McCranda/Elissa? That’s just a dumb statement. He only did that because he ad a 4 person alliance with him. And last I looked McCrae is still in the game.

      • I didn’t say he knocked out McCrae. I said he destroyed the alliance.

        That 4 person alliance would have been toothless without Andy. Andy is the one who knows all the secrets.

      • You have no idea how difficult the game he’s playing is. Jun is the only person who has won the game with a similar strategy. It’s that hard.

        An Andy win makes him top 5 best winner ever.

        Want to talk worst winners? Look no further than Jordan.

      • How difficult can it be to float to the power? And if you remember when Jun won and it was her and Allison in final 2 nobody cheered. Another bad player. In fact it was very awkward when she won.

      • First of all, he’s not floating to power. He is the necessary link to the alliances he’s been in. Without him, those alliances fall apart. Can you say the same about Spencer or GM? Even McCrae was just a vote for Amanda. Andy is the vital link that gets information necessary to keeping his alliances in power.

        If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it every season. It’s not easy at all. Everyone typically gets caught. Andy has a way of playing everyone against each other so that he’s not targeted.

      • His strategy worked in this particular season. I just didn’t like what he did ethically and strategically. To me he’s just unlikable, working an unlikable strategy.

      • You have to know the people you’re playing with and base your strategy around them.

        His is a much more elegant strategy than “win all the comps and say you’re a strong player.” That’s like someone on Survivor saying they deserve to win because they’re the best at building shelters and finding water, rather than playing the mental game.

      • I’ve said this before. If I’m one of the Jury, I will give it to Andy. I would throw everything out the window and based my decision on pure game play I wont base it on emotions. ….I just don’t cheer for his kind of player.. that’s all

      • I agree. The jury should vote based on gameplay. Often, it doesn’t, which is lame.

        I understand if you don’t like Andy’s type of gameplay. I don’t like players who only show up for comps and think that’s enough to win. But I understand why a jury might vote for that.

        What bugs me are fans that think that Andy isn’t playing the game or that he doesn’t have a strategy. He absolutely does have a strategy, and a very good one. And it’s not just “floating to power.” That’s what Spencer does. But not Andy.

        And because they don’t see it for what it is, they say Andy doesn’t deserve to be there, that he’d be the worst winner ever, etc. This drives me up a wall.

        Just because he doesn’t play the strategy the fans approve of, he’s “the rat”. All the fans want to talk about is loyalty. How many people can win the game? You’re loyal to yourself, and that’s it.

        Even the Brigade, which stayed together from start to finish, had to cut players at some point. They were loyal to each other, but does that excuse the way they dismissed Brittney? They lied to her the whole game, but does anyone care?

        There’s a huge double standard when it comes to Andy, and it’s annoying.

      • Don’t be let down too hard when you find out Andy gets forgotten about of the thousands of post on here I have seen like 10 tops in favor of andy. Its ok we see are are an andy homer good luck with that lmfao.

      • That doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It means you don’t respect good game play. Most BB fans don’t. Why else would they like Jeff/Jordan, Brenchel, etc? All terrible players.

        And I’m certainly not an Andy homer. Anyone who’s read my posts this summer knows that I didn’t come to promote his gameplay until he succeeded in getting Amanda and Elissa out.

    • Andy is just going along with the house. What has he done to change the direction of the game? And btw, even Andy says he is not a floater so if he is not a floater then where is he game play? Andy has gone along with the house just like Spencer so if Andy is one of the 5 best ever as you say, how come Spencer isn’t? There are 4 people left and at this point you cannot argue that Andy’s strategy is any better than anyone else’s. The best thing going for Andy this year is no one else in the house thinks he is a good player or else he would have been a target because they all know about his lying.

      • Or, Andy has made himself too valuable to target.

        Everyone else floated to power. Andy created the power by attaching himself to each alliance.

  26. All year I have hoped that this show was not rigged, but after tonight I am afraid that it is. I knew the outcome of tonights show yesterday. I also have it from a pretty good source that CBS is calling all the shots. I am glad I did not pay for the live feeds this year, and won’t have to worry about it next year, as I am finshed with this show.

  27. Andy is worst human being to play big brother. If he wasnt so “funny”, people would have seen right through his B.s.

  28. I want to propose a new rule for BB next year. No shoutouts. Spencer needs to shut up with his shoutouts. They should give out penalty noms for shoutouts and automatic evictions if they don’t shut up.

      • That’s interesting. GM will vote out Spencer, right? That works for me, but somehow I think she votes out McCrae.

      • So Andy put up Spencer and McCrae? I thought it would be McCrae and GM. Unless GM won veto and took herself off already?

      • I’m pretty sure it means that An put up GM and MC, and after GM won POV she took herself off the block, which means Sp took her place.

      • Nope, just speculating. After using GM as a pawn so often, I don’t know why An wouldn’t do it again now.

      • I don’t think so. Obviously Andy put GM and Mc up on the block before the POV. This, plus last week’s nom, should prove to her that the only ones that really matter in the Ext. alliance are Spencer and Andy. Also, she’s typically loyal, and has a F2 with Mc. Even if she has one with Sp, clearly she’s going to have to break one of them. It seems to me that the info that would decide for her is the Exterminators putting her up while constantly protecting Sp and An.

        She should vote Sp out and break the alliance once and for all (it’s already broken – hopefully she she’s that). Then GM and Mc together should be able to beat An in the final 3 HOH and send him steppin’.

    • Why would An trust GM to save Sp? After all the times they put GM up on the block as the pawn, why would they change now? I still think GM won the POV, took herself off, putting Sp up in her place.

      • If that’s true, she needs to bust up Sp and An before they get her, and that means voting Sp out. I think she’ll believe her F2 w/MC is worth more than whatever agreement she had with AN. and maybe she actually sees him for the rat he is, and doesn’t want to take any chances of leaving him and Sp together.

        Hope, hope, hope she votes out Sp!

      • I think that makes sense except that it doesn’t matter who he puts up. It only matters who wins POV. Maybe Andy put up Spencer to throw McCrae and GM off their track. He makes it look like he is not aligned with Spencer so whoever wins POV does not try to break them up? This is how these two think.

      • Well if GM left Sp and An intact, that would be a fatal error on her part, except perhaps she could beat both in the F3 HOH comps. I guess that’s likely, too, but I still hope she stays with Mc on this one, because it’s the only chance for both Sp and An to go out before the cash.

      • I agree with you. By now it should be obvious that Andy and Spencer are a pair so keeping both of them would be really dumb. But we have seen dumb before with this group.

      • Yup. She should say that she doesn’t have much of a chance to reach F2 with Sp and An in the game, so she needs to break them up. Get to steppin, spencer.

  29. do you think that they have played the pov? Because isn’t the necklace usually hanging all the wall by their picture?

  30. There is no one left in this house I would vote to win. I do know that since this was my first year watching live feeds, I will never buy live feeds again. As a side note I am enjoying Big Brother Australia though. Now that’s how the game should be played!!

    See ya CBS, hello youtube and BB of other countries!!

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