Big Brother 15 Episode 33 Recap: The Final Four Emerge Following Early Eviction


We learned who the Big Brother 15 Final Four are during Wednesday night’s special Wednesday eviction show and if you’re a Live Feeds watcher, then there should have been no surprises.

The episode picks up right after Spencer nominated McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction. GinaMarie is pretending to be the target to throw McCrae off.

And right away Judd figures out that if McCrae wins the veto and comes off the block, that he’ll probably be going home. And that’s true. Judd knows he can’t really trust Spencer or Andy. And in case McCrae does win, Spencer and Andy work on getting McCrae to trust them. So they tell him what Judd is fearing, that he’ll go up and go home.

Speaking of the Power of Veto, it’s time to play the game. And it’s hosted by Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry. In super hero spandex, nonetheless. And it ‘s one ridiculously intense competition. It’s actually the most ridiculous comp involving a puzzle that I’v ever seen. In the end, McCrae wins the Power of Veto.

And since McCrae won, the paranoia from Judd and GinaMarie sets in. Actually, it really just sets in with Judd. GinaMarie believes Spencer when he tells her he’s safe. Judd, can’t help but be suspicious. And after Judd throws a tantrum or two, Spencer does indeed put him up when McCrae uses the Power of Veto on himself.

We then get a bunch of editing that makes it seem that Judd screwed up his game, but Spencer and Andy knew who they were sending home all along, and it was Judd.

It’s time for the vote. GinaMarie rambles on in her speech as usual. Judd tries his best, but it won’t do any good.

The votes

  • Andy votes to evict Judd.
  • McCrae votes to evict Judd.

By a vote of 2-0, Judd is evicted from the Big Brother house. Again.

Big Brother 15 HoH comp

McCrae, GinaMarie and Andy head outside for the Head of Household competition and it’s the Before or After competition. GinaMarie took an early lead but then it turns into a three-way tie. So in the tie-breaker, Andy, guesses closet to the answer and wins the Head of Household.

So that leaves us with Spencer, GinaMarie, Andy and McCrae. And by the end of Thursday night, we’ll know who the final three will be. Who do you want to see heading to the finale next week?


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  1. Poor Judd, too stupid to even think of a move before actually doing it. Should have stuck with Elissa, not only is she a bigger target, she had your back. Elissa was going after Andy. Had Judd used it on Elissa, I am 85% sure that Andy would have been evicted instead of Elissa. Judd has a nice personality, I guess but his gameplay and strategy sucks. I wish either Helen or Jessie came back instead of Judd. At this point I don’t care who wins.

  2. Poor sweet stupid Judd. Evicted twice for trusting the wrong people.

    No sympathy for stupidity. I sympathized last time because he was blind sided but this time he brought it on himself by choosing his alliance with the exterminators over his alliance with Elissa.

    Now if Mccrae gets evicted by Andy and Andy gets evicted in F3, this bitter Elissa fan can be happy.

    • Yes, Judd was the best of the bunch left, but him and McCrae both screwed up by targeting (and not saving) Elissa. Thus, they are gone.

    • Can someone explain to me why Judd did not go to McCrae when Spencer told him he was going up? Why didn’t Judd rat out Andy and Spencer along with the Exterminators alliance? An alliance cannot win BB. Only 1 person can.

      • Because Mccrae’s vote didn’t really matter, if he had Andy and Spencer on his side he was golden and if he didn’t then he was out. Mccrae was irrelevant.

  3. This is the first season where there’s no good choice to win America’s favorite player. Have no idea who will win. Probably will be Elissa, I guess. Yuck.

      • That makes two of us! Why does anyone else deserve it. .she was targeted from day one and was treated like crap by most of the other houseguests including Amanda, Aaryn, Mcrae, Jeremy and even GM at times and let’s not forget the slimy floater Andy too!

      • I just voted for her to stick it to Andy and Spencer. I don’t think anyone deserves favorite player this year. They were all pretty dumb or pretty horrible most of the season.

    • thats exactly what I was thinking, I guess either elissa or Helen. I couldn’t stand Helen the last couple of weeks she was there, but she was the only one actually playing the game, oh and Amanda too.

    • Had McCrae not attached himself to that awful wench, he would have won hands down. Some of his geekiness came through last night(“wowsers”) and I found it very endearing. I’ve loved him since bitch left the building.

  4. I really do not want Andy or Spencer to win but Judd and McCrae are just so dumb in this game. I thought McCrae was dumb for evicting Elissa but Judd’s reasoning for turning against Elissa was even dumber.

    How about when Spencer was telling MCCrae if he wins veto Judd is going up and he would go home. Did McCrae think, hey, wait a minute! I thought GM was the target? If Judd was the target why didn’t you put him up to begin with. Nope!

    And GM, have you considered along with Judd why Spencer refused to put Andy up on the block?

    People say Andy has played such a great game. Andy has only been successful because the people in the house are too stupid to see what he is doing tr they see it and they are too stupid to do anything about it.

    I hope McCrae win POV or else he will go home and as much as I think he deserves it I cannot deal with Andy in the final 2 which is what those idiots Spencer and GM would do.

    • Well in McCrae’s defense, he knew he was the target the whole time. All season he’s been really good at making reads and telling when people are lying, he’s just been unable to act on it properly

      • Not really he didn’t catch that Andy lied to him about voting out Amanda. Andy said That Elissa had turn and voted her out not him. McCrae really hasn’t picked up on Andy’s lies and I don’t know why.

      • Actually, in the DR McCrae said he thought Andy voted to evict Elissa. He could tell Andy was lying, but everybody wanted Elissa out of the house, so he didn’t want to go against the house.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Jurors who saw McCrae in Amanda’s belly pouch all summer may think he got ahead because of her. I think McCrae beats Spencer but Andy could be a close vote.

      • REMEMBER THAT NO FEMALE HAS BEAT OUT A MALE FOR THE WIN. And as fan McCrae would keep that thought in mind…

      • He said if he had to guess he thought it was Andy, but had to do what the house wanted and take out Elissa. 1st part was right, 2nd part was wrong

    • Actually Monday night GM and McRae made a F2 deal and shook on it. As long as Spencer or Andy do not win final VETO we will see if they both meant it.

    • Amanda wasn’t stupid. Helen wasn’t stupid. They were both blind-sided by Andy’s betrayal. Amanda didn’t believe it until Andy’s farewell message.
      He has played a strong game. If he wins next week, he would be the most annoying, whiny schmuck to ever win the game, but your criticism of his game falls flat and empty.

  5. The show lost me last week. I been watching football and other things, and just come here to get a quick briefing. Thus ends BB15 Summer of the Stupid.

  6. This has to be one of the most worst big brothers the people were not so fun to watch and they had no real game play.

    • I expect a bigger and better BB16 next season. Allison Grodner won’t be back as producer. It has getting worse each year since she took over in BB8

  7. It would be funny to see McRae make it to final 2 and then watch Amanda bully the rest of the weak minded jury into giving him the win. Apropos.

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