Big Brother 15 Premiere Night Live Feeds Highlights

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are kicking off tonight immediately following the conclusion west coast season premiere of BB15 at 9PM PT (12AM ET). That means we’ll get both the Feeds and BBAD on its new home with TVGN all at the same time.

Since tonight’s show was prerecorded days again we expect a lot could have changed since where CBS left off. Have-Nots are likely to determined along with the opening of the mysterious Have-Not room. We should also get a good idea of who is in danger of going up on the block at the hands of the new HoH.

Want to watch along with us? Grab the free trial of the BB Live Feeds right now and watch on your computer, tablet (iPad, Android, etc.), and even your smart phone (watch or listen while you’re at work tomorrow – we won’t tell!).

We’ll be following along to see what’s going on and what those new sixteen houseguests are up to in the Big Brother 15. Share your thoughts and comments below as we post updates and highlights right here.

If you are having trouble accessing your Live Feeds (as many users are), login then click the calendar button. Select Wed (6/26), set the time to 9PM, and pick Cam 1. Then hit “Go.” Once it starts playing click “Go Live.” That’s how you can get your Feeds working through Flashback and then catch up.

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9:00PM BBT – BBAD launches smoothly while the Feeds are slow to start. The guys are upstairs in the HoH room while the girls are doing hair and makeup in the bathroom.

9:20PM BBT – HGs head to Have-Not room and explore to show it off to viewers. There are no beds. They have to sleep on airplane chairs.

9:30PM BBT – Howard and Nick are working in an alliance and talking plans to dominate the game in the HoH room.

9:45PM BBT – Jeremy talking to Helen about her being a Have-Not. She must be one along w/ Elissa, Andy, & Howard (possibly).

9:50PM BBT – Judd gives us (Big Brother Network) a shout out in the HoH room. Oh yeah, I like this guy for sure. Meanwhile downstairs David and Aaryn are heavily flirting. She pushes him down on to a bed and he tries to pull her down on top of him but then comments about the cameras watching.

9:55PM BBT – Girls are getting ready for a fashion show. David is wearing a pink dress. Yes, a dress. Girls are squealing because he can’t keep everything inside the dress. Hilarity ensues.

10:20PM BBT – We spot the Memory Wall and two keys are missing. Find out who was nominated.

10:40PM BBT – Drama breaking out among the girls. Big surprise, right? Kaitlin thinks Jessie is mad at her and is talking to Aaryn about it. Lots of whispering until Jessie comes in and breaks up the talk. Yep, cattiness will overflow the house again this year.



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  1. Well, it’s the first night of BBAD on the TV Guide Network… and SURPRISE, it’s CENSORED! Can’t understand a word they’re saying.

      • They aren’t even doing a good job censoring it. They will bleep out something, then let a bi** or a bullsh** slip through. Pardon my language.

  2. That whole article about bbad being exactly the same as sho2 was bs its exactly what we were all worried about!!! That lady just straight lied!!!

  3. BBAD on TVCN sucks so far. everything is censored making it extremely difficult to follow. If this is how it is going to be, I can go to bed early this year. Bring back Showtime

  4. @matt I’m in Michigan, not only are they censoring, the “guide” is scrolling at the bottom of the screen another thing “the exec” directly commented on saying it would air “full screen”!!! Is this happening everywhere or does it vary depending on carrier???

  5. so disappointed with BBAD on TVGN not even worth watching. they definitely lied about not censoring it

  6. This is the firs time I have live feeds. Only problem is I have no feeds. I’m so ticked off right now. On my computer it’s just a black screen that says camera 1, 2, 3, 4 or quad view. On my I-phone there are four big brother squares with camera 1, 2, 3 and 4 but when I touch on them it says active camera but no picture. Can anyone help me. I feel like I just threw money away. I am really disappointed.

    • click on the calendar thingy…that’s the flashback feature. Put in 9:30 and make sure it’s PM and then hit go…

      • I tried that and it still is a blank screen. I’ve tried about everything. Think I’m going to give up for tonight and hopefully they work tomorrow. Hey Matt if I can’t get the feeds to work how do I get a refund???

      • I had to click at the top whee it says June and then do everything Matt said and it worked. : )

      • What else did Matt say to do…I can’t find where he commented. Any other help I can get I appreciate it.

  7. i always watched BBAD but this is really not worth staying up for. it is the first night live so will see if they work out the stuff, but i doubt we will get them to

  8. And we have a named alliance: “The Moving Company”, consisting of Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, Nick and McCrae.

    • Can you help me. Mine says all the cameras but when I click on one my screen is still blank and the camera I clicked on says camera active. Same thing on my I-phone. Theres four big brother boxes with camera 1, 2, 3 and 4 and when I touch one of them it says the same thing active camera but no picture.

    • Yes, I got them to work by using the flashback feature. I followed the instructions from another site and posted them above. However, when feeds are working, chat disconnects…

  9. These fashion shows are always SO annoying! Come on, let’s get some fights going! Make this worth watching.

    • It will take less than 24 hours and the claws will be out. Be patient Jillith :).

  10. Don’t like it… Huge disappointment !! Have paid and watched on show time also !!! Hate it on tvgn!!! Prolly won’t watch at night or live feeds… It’s too chopped up!!! Sound is cheap.. Go back to show time !! Don u messed up… No good!!!

  11. It could be worse, my cable provider doesn’t have TVGN, so no After Dark for me.

  12. Whenever I try to click on the sign in link on CBS’ website to view the live feeds, my computer says “This page can’t be displayed.” Has anyone else had this issue? It isn’t my Internet connection. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  13. Can someone help me out? The CBS site says BB15 is Sun/Tue/Wed, the live feeds say Tue/Wed/Thur, and this site had said Sun/Tue/Thu. What the heck is the real schedule?

  14. Well I finally have my live feeds. Probably never would of had them but on my I-phone when I went to help on the live feeds and clicked on blank screen a message scrolled at the top that told me to change my time on my computer and phone to Pacific time and it worked. I’m in Michigan on Eastern time so if anyone is having this problem try switching the time on your computer.

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