Big Brother 15 Premiere Episode Recap

Big Brother 15 Premiere

Big Brother 15 has arrived. The new series is kicking off tonight on CBS at 8/7c and we’re here with you offering up a recap of the show as we enjoy the premiere.

During tonight’s show expect to see all sixteen houseguests introduced as the new season’s casts. They’ll get a clip show of their background along with their key discoveries. Once we meet them all they’ll gather in front of the house, be split in to four groups of four and head inside. Watch that scene in this sneak peek video.

First group: GinaMarie, Judd, Candice, & Andy
Second group: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Elissa, & McCrae
Third group: Helen, Nick, Howard, & Jessie
Four group: Spencer, David, Aaryn, & Amanda

Part of tonight’s show will be the reveal of the season’s twists, or at least what Julie is ready to reveal to them. As we saw in her leaked script she’s going to be holding back some details. They should learn about the 3 nominees in tonight’s show.

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From there the BB15 HGs will meet and greet before heading out to the backyard for their first Head of Household competition challenge. It’s an endurance battle again this season. Players have to hold on to giant popsicles as they hover over the backyard and get slapped by a giant tongue. Sexy time. Last HG holding on will be the first Head of Household for the summer and decide two of the first three nominees.

Tonight’s Head of Household competition is called “Popsicle Factory.” Each HG climbs on their popsicle, is lifted in the air, and the last to drop will be the winner.

Judd is the first to drop off after just over five minutes. Howard goes next after seven minutes, but says he threw it (I believe him). Candice drops third.

Amanda holds on awhile longer before dropping with Spencer not far behind. And now they just keep falling.

Oh, and in the middle of all of this, Judd figures out Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s sister.

Six are left with Kaitlin, Aaryn, David, Jeremy, Nick, and McCrae.

Kaitlin falls after more than five hours leaving Aaryn as the final girl hanging in there. She’s the next to go though which means a guy is going to win.

With four players left Julie breaks out some bribes. Wow! There are two lunchboxes in the kitchen, and one of them holds a “No Have-Not All Summer Pass.” The other one does not. Damn. I’d drop for that chance! David takes the bait, but will he choose wisely? No! David got the wrong one so the next guy to drop won’t be a Have-Not all summer. Jeremy takes the offer. Very smart move. Well, unless he gets nominated this week.

That leaves Nick and McCrae in the comp. McCrae offers Nick safety this week and it’s accepted. McCrae wins and is the first HoH of Big Brother 15!

Julie gathers the HGs and reveals the mysterious third nomination will come from a viewer-voted “MVP.” Julie confirms the MVP will be informed in secret and will make his or her nominations in secret. Just as we told you would be the case. The MVP’s secret nomination will be revealed just before the Power of Veto competition each week.

There weren’t any nominations during the show, but once the Big Brother Live Feeds turn on after tonight’s premiere we should be able to work on determining who is in the hot seat or nominated! The MVP will be later this week as MVP voting continues tonight.

If you want to watch along then sign-up right now for the Big Brother Live Feeds. You can login right now and start chatting with other fans as we await the in-house cameras to turn on just after 9PM PT (12AM ET). We can’t wait to start watching inside the house!

BBAD viewers can watch along on TVGN from 12AM to 2AM ET/PT. Check for the “Channel Finder” to check for availability in your area.


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  1. Soooooo disappointed that they are not in high definition… what is up with that…. there picture format is 10 years out of date…. there is no excuse for this !

  2. BBMVP seems like another way for the people who run the show to just pick a favorite. How can we know for sure if the voting is real ? Gawd, I cant stand Julie Chan. MOst annoying host of the year award goes to : you guessed it , Julie Chan !

  3. Each year I say I am not going to watch it, and always do. It is so dumb so much of the time.

  4. What happens if the bbmvp nominated hg wins veto and uses to take themself off the block

    • either that or the MVP will go to the player with the second-highest percentage of votes.

      I wonder if the MVP is immune from getting nominated though.

      • Immunity would out the MVP though, right?

        I think the OP question was what if the MVP’s pick for 3rd nom gets Veto and comes down. Does the MVP pick a new nom or do we fall back to just 2 noms?

      • It also got me thinking, how soon will the MVP make his/her choice for third nom? Before or right after the Veto ceremony?

      • If 3rd nom wins veto and HOH (instead of MVP) has to nominate someone else it would be awkward if he unknowingly nomd the MVP. It would defeat the purpose of having an MVP in the first place. Rather than take chances i suspect CBS will let the MVP choose another nom.

      • Is there any chance of HOH being MVP & nominating all three? Did I miss that in the rules of it somewhere?

  5. Lifeguard is worse than Jessie from previous season; and Jeremy is so full of himself that there is no room for anything of substance.

  6. I’m so glad McCrae won! Not only is one of my favorite houseguests, but he probably would have been nominated because he is a social outcast.

    I cannot stand David or Jessie right now though. David seems like a complete dumbass and Jessie seems pretty superficial.

    I also don’t know what to feel about this MVP thing. It seems like a way for production to pick favorites.

  7. Elissa is going to be busted sooner than I thought…loved the new twist, and to be anonymous…I think it’s awesome.

    • As soon as the word is out about Elissa being Rachel’s sister, the target on her back will be so large… the vote to evict will be unanimous for sure.

    • Why do these shows always have relatives. Rachel Reilly was the worst winner in BB history. Now we have to spend a season watching her (probably) horrible sister. Ugh!

  8. When does it come on again? Sunday? And someone won’t leave until Thursday? Is that right?

  9. Jessie…UGH! I thought she would be my favorite based on her interview. Geeeezzzzz….i was soooo wrong! She reminds me of Jen of season 8…..only worse. Where is Evel Dick when you need him.

  10. I hate to say but it was the WORST BB premiere ever. Nothing felt organic at all. This “no floater twist” made everyone jump into the game way too fast. Very disappointing first episode. Also, how many times have we seen that competition before? A lot of freaking times, the creative team for the show sucks to be honest.

  11. The Pizza guy, first player to swear on his life… He might go far in this game.

    • I think he will keep his promise…this time. I like him and hope he goes far. But he needs to keep his swearing on things down to a minimum.

      • Hey Curious, Do we have our fav players yet? I’m still trying to figure them all out.

      • So far i’m liking the pizza guy (McCrae). He’s obviously the underdog. I think there’s more to this guy than meets the eye. A couple of them leave me grinding and nashing my teeth….mainly Jessie and Nick with Jeremy close behind.

      • Yeah, Pizza guy can make deal as fast as he can deliver Pizza. Seriously. I was impressed. I kinda like him….dont like Jessie and I hate Nick Uhass

  12. I’m rooting for the pizza guy he seems the most down to earth person in this season so far…kinda reminds me of Ian of last season I hope he makes it all the way to the end! :)

  13. I’d say it was a pretty average premiere, and premieres are rarely ever that exciting as it’s just the feeling out period to get to know the group.

  14. The Big Brother fan base=the whiniest fan base ever! Bioware be damned!

    Anyway, this was a good start!

  15. Surprised to see some saying it was a below avg. premiere. I couldn’t disagree more! This MVP thing throws many traditional strategies out the window! I think we have a sharp cast all the way around (though time will tell) and I’m psyched! That said, I like how pizza boy has started the game. I like how he didn’t shy down from taking the HoH crown instead of being afraid to be the first. I think he’s gonna do well!

  16. This looks to be a very good-looking bunch of people with very interesting personalities…:)

  17. I’m not liking this cast so far. They pretty much seem like shallow individuals, except a few, like Helen. I think this bunch has changed so much over the years, it’s getting kind of tiring to watch. Aaryn, obviously very pretty, is using that to her advantage. I think she might be the strongest between all the girls, but she’ll use her looks with the guys to get far. Just hearing her talk she sounded so shallow, especially from someone who has a psychology background, however, that might be the plan from her. Amanda, is very annoying and bossy from the feeds I’ve seen of her. Andy, is very low key, so I’m not sure about him yet. Candice, another pretty girl, seems pretty low key as well. David is so frickin’ dumb. Where do they find guys like this? He’s extremely obnoxious. For being Rachel’s sister, Elissa is very low key for me. So if they plan on kicking her out first, that’s ridiculous. I think she deserves a shot. GinaMarie, is so annoying. She seems so fake and wants to be your friend, but she’ll be the first to stab you in the back. Helen, obviously seems like the least threatening person in the house, but I wouldn’t doubt her out yet. Howard seems like a good person to align myself with, and I think he CAN be trusted. Jeremy is another dope in the house. Him and David should be great friends, two idiots can be friends. I think Jeremy talks too much and is full of himself. He only cares about himself in the end. I understand that’s the game, but by him taking that pass early on would be a great excuse to put him on the block. He’s such a meathead. Jessie, obviously pretty, however, is another self-absorbed girl that I cannot stand. If she thinks she’s the prettiest in the house, she’s wrong. Her opening of herself was of course by a narcissistic insecure girl. To claim girls are jealous of her, and she’ll be the first nominated because she’s obviously so pretty is in that self alone why her a** should be gone. Sorry, I have zero tolerance for that crap, and I liked her in her video and her strategy plan. Where the heck did they find Judd? They should give him the name ‘Mumble.’ Kaitlin, another pretty girl, needs to keep her mouth shut, because she loves to cause drama and be a whiney baby. Keep the alcohol away from this girl too. Seems to me she’s more interested in boys in the house than the real prize. I’d kick her out week 3. Let the real players play. McCrae is adorable. I have a soft spot for him because he just seems very social awkward with the pretty bunch. I hope he really goes far. I love the fact that he REALLY is a pizza guy and they don’t believe that at all, lol. Nick is another obnoxious guy in the house. His confessionals are so annoying, I can’t stand him. He doesn’t appear likeable to me. Wouldn’t mind him going week 2. Spencer seems pretty smart and if he can have a good social game, and work himself in with the right people, he can go far in the game. Out of them all I think Helen, Howard, McCrae, Spencer and possibly Candice have a chance at the game. Amanda could have a chance, but I think her bossy a** will get in the way. Little pretty drama girls can drop like flies. Where are the real girls? Also, what happened to having 13, and now we have 16? Little too much don’t you think? I loved Season 11 myself. Seemed like normal people, and was entertaining as heck with Ronnie “The Rat,” the beginning of love between Jordan and Jeff, the drama between Russ and Chima, and of course Chima being Miss Drama, Jesse being the meathead, Lydia and Nat fighting over the meathead, and lets not forget the ever so funny Kevin. Of course Will Kirby will always be my favorite, season 2 and All-Star all the way too.

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