Big Brother 15 Brings MVP Twist To An End

Big Brother 15 MVP

Big Brother 15 has brought the BBMVP twist to an end. America will no longer be voting for a MVP HG or the 3rd nominee nor will there be a 3rd nominee at all. The MVP twist is done and gone.

Julie made the announcement to HGs last night as part of the live double eviction show. Readers here were alerted to the upcoming change earlier in the day after Julie Chen tweeted a message showing the return of last season’s “Reset” button.

HGs were relieved to see it go, but the paranoia outlasted the twist as they still speculated over who was the mysterious MVP. Several HGs, including Amanda, remain convinced it was Judd which was a major driver in his blindside eviction last night.

Ultimately the MVP Twist was a bit of a flop in its execution though it still managed to stir up the game. For all those who prefer to believe Big Brother is scripted must be overlooking the way these carefully crafted twists rarely go the way production intended.

After three straight weeks of seeing Elissa crowned MVP by the viewers the rules were changed to allow viewers to directly nominate the third HG instead. We were finally getting the drama we wanted as Amanda consistently flipped out over her nomination while refusing to believe it could have been America at the helm of that decision. But the fears of an in-house MVP persisted and created even more drama on top of it.

A few simple rules could have better protected the twist from the start had production paused to consider the possibilities. First, no HG should have been eligible for the MVP role two weeks in a role. That would have at least kept the power shifting each week.

Second, HGs should have been banned from revealing their MVP status. This has been done in the past with special powers and could have worked again with the fear of losing the ability to pick a nominee. How hard would those two little rules have been?

Ah well, it was a fun ride while it was lasted. Mostly. What did you think of the MVP twist? Did it add to the game or take away from it for you? And are you glad to see it gone?


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  1. It’s not gone because Julie said the game is not over for the jury members and that means that they will pick the 3rd nominee

    • Doubtful. She said there would only be two nominees for now on. I’m sure that means one of them will rejoin the game.

    • That is not what she meant. What she is implying is one of those in the jury will be given a chance to go back into the Big Brother House and play again! Still that person coming back will have a huge target on their back from the get go! More likely like Brendon, he or she will be evicted again a 2nd time in short order!

      • You are right Richie because last night that was the first thing Helen said. Whoever it turns out to be the first thing they needed to do was get them out after working so hard to get them out the first time. She also thought Jeremy lol might be in the running, but thought Judd would ultimately be the one. Again, just like Brendon whoever comes back will be targeted unless some of these buffoons wake up and realize that if they want to have a chance to win then they need to get away from both Amanda and Helen who are running their game and actually team up with whoever comes back. I just don’t know if any of them are smart enough to wake up.

  2. It is difficult even rooting for anyone left to win. Jessie or McCrae are the only tolerable people and McCrae being with Amanda makes me question him. However he is tired of her bulling now too. They had 2 chances to get her out and didn’t . I guess they are scared of her. I just don’t get it…it will be interesting when they all turn on each other in the end. What a train wreck!

    • I agree. I am rooting for Jessie or Elissa, but McCrae is clearly not tired enough of Amanda’s bullying, because he is still following her around like a lost puppy. What I don’t get is that everyone believes that Amanda and Helen are running the house, so why would they be scared if Amanda left? She would no longer be there to cause the fear that they keep referencing. They are all sheep and I can barely stand to hear Helen even speak any more. What was with the Judd vote and the “jazz hands” last night when she cast her vote? Once they all start dropping like flies, the jury house will be waaaaay more interesting than the BB house!!

      • I guess I didnt mention Elissa I because I honestly forgot she was there. She is barely involved. Maybe she’s laying low to not b a target until later. Also shes rich..her husband is and she doesn’t really need the money. So go Jessie!!

      • check out how many past winners had money ( were “RICH” as you put it) Having things does not necessarily mean you are rich-it most likely means you are debt up to your boo-goos and are drowning it it !!! This is America BB, after all !!!!

      • Yep. I stand corrected. However all other things equal I still prefer someone without things to win $$. Just my humble opinion.

      • Elissa may be sympathetic to all the nasty things said, but I see no game coming from her. All these people are afraid to make moves and get that so called blood on their hands. I have never seen such followers and without them acting like sheep Amanda and Helen would never be running everything. Amanda decides who she wants out and spreads lies because of her insecurities and Helen doesn’t take time to think and blabs and gets everyone to vote out that person. Doesn’t anyone want to win? Until someone wakes up and realizes they have no chance at their own game it will just continue. With this crew I don’t see it happening. I thought McCrae might turn on Amanda for a bit, but then she gets him right back where she wants him because he thinks with his wrong head.

        As Dan Gheesling said if they are afraid to get blood on their hands they need to wear latex gloves.

  3. I likedit,and thought if america picked the MVP Then it didn’t matter how many times someone was picked… I actually hate that it’s gone… What i do think is, anyone who puts out racist remarks should have to leave the BBH for good.

    • Does that included spencer and his child molesting comment or Elisa and Helen’s comments about people with disabilities (saying it isn’t “fair” for aaryn to have her meds). Hm I think that leave Jesse and Andy. That would make a boring summer

  4. I think the way Judd was blindsided was so unfair. He was a good player and because of that nasty mouthed Amanda spreading lies about him being the MVP, they all believed her. They need to bring him back somehow!!! He deserves another chance……just saying!!!!

    • Judd was not a good player. He was given 2 chances to evict Amanda and he refused it both times! He was warned by Jessie about Amanda and then, at the POV was warned by Candice again but, Judd just ignored the warnings about Amanda so, Judd got evicted because he did not use his head! If Judd evicted Amanda when he had the chance, it would be him inside the Big Brother House and Amanda in jury!

      • Not sure if there were enough votes each time because wasn’t Andy the other guy involved and of course blabbed right back to Amanda? Also, Elissa was a possible consideration, but Helen worked on her. I may be remembering the votes wrong those times, but Judd turning without the needed votes would not have done him any good.

    • I agree with you Gale!!! At least BB should tell houseguests that America was mvp and not someone in house…If it was someone in house, then kkep it quiet.. After All, they are the ones getting paid to play game…America wasn’t….

  5. I liked the MVP. It was the only thing that kept the game a little interesting each week. Think of how boring the game would be if Amanda didn’t get all paranoid over her MVP nomination.

    But I agree, the rules should have including not divulging who had the MVP power. Perhaps then the MVPs would have made some very bold choices.

    • I liked the MVP too. They should not have taken it away from the viewing public. We made good use of it when we had it to add some paranoia in the game! The game has been pretty boring lately and atleast, the MVP twist add to the mental torture of the house guests! Still, they targeted the non-threats for the most part until yesterday!

  6. BB Production added the twist of bringin back a evicted houseguest just in case Elissa gets voted out. This season sucks, everyone is spineless, everyone is scared of nominating who they really want evicted

    • No, it wasn’t for Elissa. Elissa isn’t going anywhere. I think more than likely it’s for Candice so that she can have some redemption in the game. However, if it’s America’s vote, I think Judd will be coming back.

      • I will vote for Candice or Jessie if she is evicted to come back because she has scores to settle with the other house guests. Judd will just follow as usual what Amanda tells him to do! That is what got him evicted in the first place!

      • I think they put it in just in case Amanda got or gets voted out… she is supposed to be a friend of production…

      • I hope you’re right Brad. Not saying Judd was the best player, but I liked him and thought what happened to him because of Amanda’s paranoia was very unjust. He was shocked, of course, and who could blame him? I really would love Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie to be eliminated, in that order!!! lol

    • I don’t know that they brought it in for one person or not, but I do agree that Elissa would have gone without it because at the time there were plenty of HGs who didn’t think it was fair for her to be brought back in. Because there were no rules to it I didn’t like it. I don’t think one person should be able to get it more than once and unless they gave them a penalty for telling with this crew the secret was out right away because Elissa decided to tell and then it was spread around within minutes. When we became the voters it still didn’t work because the target we wanted didn’t leave and again that was the fault of this horrible cast.

  7. The MVP made a mess of things. I agree with everyone, a few simple rules would have made it play better. I think one of the problems this season is that production manipulations are more blatantly obvious than before. We see every mechanization and know exactly how BB wants it played. Yes, a lot of times they don’t get intended results. I crack up every time everything goes awry. One of the biggest problems is this season’s cast. They don’t have it together.

  8. The race for America’s player should be real interesting this year. I’m voting for Amanda…… wait she’s a tyrannical horrible person……….maybe Helen……….no she voted Judd out with jazz hands and a cheerleader impression……maybe Gina Marie………no being around here would be torture on my ears and she is dumb as a brick. I could do more but you get the point.

    I wish they had negative votes that counted against people then I might vote.

    • I am voting for Jessie. She is all alone in the Big Brother House and she is trying to stay in the game although, she is being targeted left and right by practically everyone! She has my vote for America’s Favorite Player! And I hope she gets it with the cash prize to boot!

  9. I’m pulling for Elissa so for me the MVP twist served it’s purpose of doing just enough to keep Elissa safe long enough for her to overcome being Rachel’s sister and start playing her own game.

  10. How about this, They can nominate 2 people but America picks who gets evicted! That would be the BEST twist yet.

  11. I will vote for Candice to get the $25 ,000.. that is bottom line & I will not change my mind…To endure the crap she endured for almost 50 days (I believe) she is most deserving…

  12. Well no set time but Mc & Helen have a plan to backdoor Amanda. Mc told Helen he did not have a problem in doing as long as he did not have to be directly involved. After last nite I wonder if it will be sooner than later??

  13. I think judd got robbed but then again it was his naive gameplay that made him truly believe he was in a final four deal with goof troop. I hate to see Amanda win it all. If she makes it to the end whoever she takes with her will win it all. I want helen or elissa win it all.

  14. This is one of the worst set of Houseguests ever. Bunch of bullying, whining, crying and dumbest people around. Great casting this year. LOL

  15. The MVP would have worked better if the “rules” for having the power were well-thought out. It could of had the same “not eligible to compete” like the HOH and also not be allowed to reveal to anyone.

  16. Knowing that majority of the players are half witted, I wished the MVP/America was still in placed. It was a stumbling block for some crafty players to just bulldoze their way to the end.

  17. AMerica will vote a juror back in after a few weeks. Hopefully the MVP twist comes back in a few weeks.

  18. Boyer sucks

    Judds blood is on your hands

    This twist had serious potential had elissa not been involved or those previous rules implemented

    Either way cbs and julie should have admitted america made the last 3 mvp noms.

  19. I think America should vote on evicted houseguest completely. after all, we all know whats going on with all the B>S> going on. the fact that the houseguest are afraid to vote for themselves spoils the outcome. it’s all about who is friends with who. one or two people should not rule the game.

  20. Did anyone else noticed that the evcited houseguests didnt get thier goodbye video

  21. Matt – You’re absolutely right. A few minor tweaks and the MVP would have been an effective twist. Elissa winning it week after week was such a buzz kill. They could have implemented the HOH rule like you mentioned or even alternate it between a guy and a guy every week.

    The twist had potential, but ultimately it was poor execution.

  22. The Big Brother Season finale will move to Sunday, September 22, 2013 after 60 Minutes

  23. I believe that the MVP twist could have been successful in a season where there are 16 Nobodies, not 15 Nobodies and a Nobody related to a somebody.

  24. I hated the MVP twist because no rules were put in. With BB Canada even Marcia the Moose got those players to keep her a secret, but with this horrible crew everyone blabs everything within a few seconds. IMO because of this crew even if the rule of not telling anyone was put in they still would have told. The only thing that might have worked was not letting the same person get it back to back.

  25. I liked the idea MVP twist. Would love to see it continue in future seasons; however, I believe the HG chosen as MVP should not know for sure that he/she is MVP. For example, during the week each HG should be asked in the DR who they would put up if they were the MVP. Then America selects the MVP and production nominates whoever the MVP selected. In this way, the MVP HG wouldn’t know if they were really MVP or not. Kind of similar to how nominations worked in BB1

  26. Didn’t Candice warn JUdd during the Veto comp about Amanda thinking he was the MVP? He should have done convincing after the comp to persuade her he wasn’t the MVP.

  27. When they ended it..when judd went out the door, why did they not tell them that it was America that voted them to be on the would have been nice to see Amanda..sit there with her jaw hanging open

  28. I think Aaryn put Judd up and out mainly because she found out he and Jessie made out and she felt she was being played by him. Doesn’t matter who HOH is, Amanda is running the show and nobody, except maybe Pizza Boy can see it. i was hoping when Aaryn mentioned “the whole house wants it except 2 people” that she was gonna put Amanda up herself.

  29. @Kelley – I absolutely agree with you – this is such a disappointing season – you have Helen and Amanda bullying the entire house – they just don’t seem to be able to stand on their own principles. as they say in the voting room – sad to say I am evicting Big Brother from my viewing.

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