Big Brother 15 – Nomination Anticipation Heading For A Blindside In Week 10

Amanda isn't happy

Thursday’s HoH competition held a lot in its balance. On one side you had Elissa, in the middle there were The Exterminators, and on the other side you’ll find McCranda. Unfortunately for McCranda they don’t quite yet realize the house is against them.

Now that we have the Head of Household comp results from after the live eviction show we can confidently predict who will be going up on the block. Read on for the spoilers.

GinaMarie is the new HoH and as a member of the newly formed Exterminators alliance along with Andy, Judd, and Spencer we know where she’s setting her sights.

Shortly after the Feeds returned on Thursday night we heard GM promise Judd she was sticking to the plan and will be nominating Amanda and McCrae. Soon after that we saw GinaMarie, Spencer, and Judd secretly celebrating in the Storage room.

Amanda expressed her plan to stick to GinaMarie and be in her ear until the nominations were finalized. She even pulled GinaMarie in to the back bedroom and offered a final four deal with Andy and McCranda. Amanda doesn’t realize that Andy already has a final four deal of his own with GinaMarie. Instead she pushed GinaMarie to nominate Judd and Elissa while even offering herself as a renom volunteer. GM gave her a lot of “ahum, ahum, ahum” in response.

By the end of the night we learned that McCranda fully anticipate Elissa and Spencer to go up on the block. They have no idea what’s about to happen and when it does, oh boy oh boy, this house is going to be on fire.

Unless GinaMarie gets browbeat by Amanda to change her plans we can expect to see McCranda up on the block together. One of them should go home unless something crazy happens. And if Amanda wins the Veto and GM’s only renom option is Elissa then the Exterminator guys could possibly decide they like McCrae better and keep him.

It could happen, but it’s another long shot and honestly I do not see that happening. In fact, Judd and GinaMarie both want McCrae gone this week over Amanda. We’ll have to wait and see who makes up the final nominations before we can predict the eviction.

Who do you want to see up on the block? The official results will be revealed on Friday night so keep your Live Feeds running and see what happens next!


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  1. GM is saying that McCranda are going up on the block. Let’s hope that she doesn’t chicken out on that like every other HOH has done this season.

    • GM seems pretty determined to get one of them out. I don’t think Amanda can brow beat her into anything, especially since the rest of the house will back GM up.

      • I don’t think Elissa was afraid to. Aaryn was too afraid to go after McCranda. Elissa just really wanted Aaryn out.

      • I agree with you! Aaryn didn’t get a very cordial welcome either at her eviction! LOL

      • that was Elissas mistake she had trusted mcray when she should have put oth up but she did make a major move and got out the racist

      • Elissa was not afraid!!!!! Amanda just “so called “win a challenge finally. Haven’t you heard already that this game is already predetermined and rigged for Amanda to win… sucks and its cheating!


      • No they wouldn’t vote for her because of all her nastinest she has done to everyone. They would probably vote for Macrae but not her her!

      • How do you know this? Related to Allison? And if this is so and is so unpredictable.why in the world are you watching? Curious minds want to know *S*

      • Elissa was clearly NOT afraid to put Amanda up. Had Amanda not won VETO she would have been put up and would be GONE right now. Elissa is the ONLY one who has acted on her own accord. She is alone in the house right now and has been since the beginning.

      • I think what everyone means is if she would of put Amanda/McCrae up together one of them would of been gone. Even Elissa herself admitted she made a mistake and didn’t have enough time to think before nominations.

      • She had plenty of time. Reality is she had faulty thinking and DR changed her mind. She wanted Aaryn out above all others and then changed her mind to want Amanda out. But it was too late to nominate both her and McCrae since she had already nominated Aaryn.

      • Elissa wasn’t afraid to do that, she just also wanted Aaryn out for a long time

    • Elissa would’ve done it. For sure. Amanda winning pov was the worst luck in BB history.

    • not every other hoh followed Mcranda lol remember Elissa is the only one she was not ale to get to do exactly or anything she wanted her to Elissa stood her ground even after Bitchandra tortured her for two days

    • I think Gina is a strong enough person not to worry about what Amanda is going to fabulous would it be if they both went home…worth all the boredom we have been put through….

    • I would not call Elissa putting up Aaryn as chickening out…I think she really put up Andy just so Aaryn would go home..Great Job Elissa..

  2. I feel bad for Amanda’s family, and Macrae’s also. First Amanda is the spawn of Satan, so I’m pretty sure she may have been adopted, who knows, maybe her dad is satan! 2nd, Poor pussy whipped Macrae, he is in for it if he takes her on in the real world, hell maybe they can open a pizza place and call it Macranda’s!!

    • Amanda’s father and sister support her 100 percent and have been on their local news stating this so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree she’s just like her father this is how they behave in there home its was disgusting to see him on national TV him defending his daughter this low life racist

      • I guess i missed that news air.i live by that area and haven’t seen that. I hate her n want her to go so bad just wish she doesn’t come back here to south fl

      • Oh, but she fits perfectly in Florida, don’t you think? One of the most racist states in the country, along with Texas.

    • I have to defend McCrae. He is playing the game and that includes letting Amanda control their fauxmance. He is letting her be the villain so the target is off him.

      • THAT will not help him one bit…when someone is spewing hatred and the other says NOTHING to shut her up, and keeps “snogging” her…then HE is also a bully….WIMP…

    • I don,t think she is the spawn of Satan ,that,s an insult to Satan,,however i do believe that her parents threw away the baby and kept the after birth and named it Amanda.

  3. Does anyone think Amanda will TRY to bully GM like she has E? or do you think she will blame E and bully her even more.

    • inbetween crying and ranting, she will probably yell at everyone. Even Pizza Boy will be beaten to an inch of his life.

      • After noms, if the bullying and threatening from Amanda towards Elissa gets a little out of hand, production needs to step in. I am sure there will be a Pandora’s Box this week..if it is something for Amanda’s benefit, count me out as a viewer. I don’t want to believe all of the “rigged” stuff, but, if that does happen, how can you not think it’s true?

      • I think you’re right. To me, it’s fine to let some of it go on, but there gets a point where it’s too much. I’m hoping for no Pandora’s Box. Hopefully, the double eviction will be enough of a twist for this week.

      • But, then I was thinking about season 13 when Rachel and Jordan were in big trouble and there was a pandora’s box that helped them out..But, I liked Rachel and Jordan, I can’t stand Amanda, so that is my logic for the pandora’s box!

    • Not only will she bully E more she will attrack her & try to hurt her & be throw out of the game
      SHe is an animal how many more time does she have to say how she gonna pujch E in the face till BB does something about this
      Oh yea wait till she does hit her
      then watch what happen

      • THE producers should be held accountable for allowing this behavior…and if she does get violent …they wont have enough $$$ in the kitty to pay out on the law suit…!!!

    • What GM has that Elyssa didn’t….is an entire house behind her!! Elyssa went it all alone…while they wanted Elyssa to do the dirty work…they all sat outside and laughed and had a good time. Not a one opened their mouth and told Amanda to STFU.

  4. Again the show was not live. Never once was “live” shghown during the show. Taped earlier Thursday so that CBS could control the potential volatile situation of Aaryn’s ev.iction. The laughing by the audience was so staged it sounded like a laugh track.

  5. I can’t wait. GM won’t take that crap from Amanda. She will be right back in her face. Hopefully the guys can keep the two separated. It’s going to be fun to watch Amanda crash and burn. If one wins veto I think GM should put Andy up. She knows she can count on Elissa’s vote but Aaryn warned her not to trust Andy.

    • No kidding, Amanda is going to IMPLODE. Dan was right in his interview last night, this is how she is in real life. You can see how unstable she gets when she doesn’t get her way. You could see her anger rising when Elissa was answering Julie’s question. Elissa wouldn’t cave and say how Amanda acted was just good ole game play and Amanda couldn’t stand it.

      • Amanda showed great restraint while Elissa lied. Come on, you expected her to be like GM at Candace’s eviction, right?

      • While Elissa lied?? Are you kidding me!? Amanda DID everything she could think include talking about elissa son & family members. If you ask me Elissa has shown great restraint on the feeds and live. The only reason Amanda didn’t act up because Julie was right there! The thought that some Adults actually support such behavior shows that many of you are just as nuts as Amanda. Sad but true

      • Elissa was so classy when the witch was screaming in her face..One has class…the other is classless

      • Elissa said that what she’d said was all game related, implying that Amanda was not playing the game. Amanda, as we’ve seen in the DR over and over, is playing the game, knowing that Elissa plays the game personally. So she’s pushing those buttons. Moreover, Elissa has played the game personally on many occasions, whether it’s mocking Amanda’s weight or making fun of her miscarriage.

      • UPB13 – The issue Elissa referred to that was “playing the game” was when Amanda won POV and Elissa told her that she threw the competition. Yes, Elissa lied, she did not throw it, but she gave Amanda the well deserved jab. That is what Amanda meant when she said Elissa pushed her buttons. Oh, wait, now the entire house, says Amanda, knows not to mess with her. Amanda is obnoxious and has actually ruined this game for many as did Aaryn.
        Also, while everyone is screaming GinaMarie’s praises, let’s not forget she was as racist and bigoted as Aaryn. Those two spoke together and GM was always in Candace’s face not to mention the terrible remarks about her being adopted.
        GinaMarie is as rude and racist as Aaryn. She just wised up.

      • Elissa gave the most honest answer she could under the circumstances…SHE WANTED TO KEEP HER ANSWER TRUTHFULL BUT TRY & BE CIVIL AS WELL. And for the way AMANDA harassed her she answered as best she could. Did yall not pick up on that??

      • Ummm…that was my point. Elissa was being honest but Amanda clearly wanted Elissa to say it was all good.

        TAKE IT EASY!

      • Elissa was not being as “honest” as she wanted to be. I said she wanted to be truthfull but also civil. In that her answer could be best described as “evasive” . Does that make more sense?

      • It made sense to begin with…all I was pointing out in my initial post was that Amanda is easily angered when she doesn’t get her way. She clearly wanted Elissa to just agree with her response to Julie. When Elissa didn’t and answered the way she felt, you could see Amanda’s blood boiling.

  6. I don’t think GM is as easily influenced by Amanda as Aaryn was. GM has grown on me and she’s not afraid to do her own thing. Hopefully it’s goodbye Amanda. Then maybe the house can get back to normal. She is one crazy witch!

    • I kinda agree. While I think she’s pretty vile and a bit of a looney tune, she’s not afraid to stand up to people and she’s not fooled by Amanda. I don’t see her getting bullied into doing Amanda’s bidding at this point.

    • Yes she has changed me too.I like her and atleast she tries her damnedest to win comps….I hope Judd wins it all though….He is just a good ole country boy……

    • I agree with you Kim. I was against GM at first but I am really starting to warm up to her. Hopefully she will stick to her guns and nominate McCranda.

      • hummer – It is easy to like GM right now but she was just as racist and nasty early on as Aaryn. Those two were feeding off of each other. Also, we should not forget how terrible she spoke to Candace especially about her being adopted. Yes, she has somewhat redeemed herself here but she is still what she is. Elissa has played a solo game even if she thinks she was aligned with Helen, Helen threw her under the bus. I have not seen Elissa throw anyone under the bus so either her or Judd would be my preference at the end.
        I don’t get McCrae at all. He is a sloth. He is messy and he looks unkempt and he is the biggest floater of them all. Good riddance to him and that horrible Amanda. May they live happily ever after together.

  7. I actually hope McCrae goes home to be quite honest… so then Amanda has NO ONE left in the house on her side. She will not have any control and NO ONE left that even remotely can tolerate her, let alone like her. Amanda is one of the most vile, insensitive, bullying, manipulative, slimy people i’ve ever seen on BB ever and i’ve been watching a long, loooong time! But I can’t wait to see her shakin in her annoying little slippers. So… that’s just my two cents! :)

    • I want her out just because I can’t stand watching her. I think it will be interesting to see how McCrea’s game and influence flounder without her there.

      She is one of the worst IMO…to me it’s between her and Evil Dick.

      • If they can’t tolerate her why don’t they get her out, if she is so disgusting, get rid of her. No, they want to treat her and see her down and out like some of the others felt. I don’t like any of them but Judd. The most ridiculous HG’s ever in BB history.

      • Evil Dick had game play and he was totally honest, totally. I enjoyed watching him and seeing his antics…except when he was so nasty to Jen. Amanda is vile and I hope she suffers as a result of her behavior when she returns home. I did read she no longer has her Real Estate license on display where she worked.
        I will be glad not to see another McCranda joint shower. Repulsive! They are both extremely lazy and vulgar people. He is a sloth and she is a bully.

      • I know a lot of people like Evil Dick – too me he was too much.

        As for the joint showers…I don’t know if it hilarious or just sad how immune to it the other house guests are. Like in last nights episode, Aaryn just walked right up to them and started trying to talk to Amanda.

      • PammyPamPam – You are absolutely correct, I think the entire house has become immune to everything connected to that “couple”. I found it interesting that Julie mentioned the filthy room. I too had noticed that and wondered how they could live in that and it was the room of the “Have” not the “Have Nots”. I would rather be in the Have Not room. Amanda and McCrae laving in bed all day and the constant sex. . . please! Then to compare themselves to Jordan and Jeff or Rachel and Brandon…no comparison at all. I do not think anyone is even taking this serious, it is just gross.
        You are correct Evil Dick was a bit over the top, that was what I meant when I said I did not like how he treated Jen, but he was clever and you knew where you stood. This latest group, well, starting at the beginning with Jeremy/David/Kaitlin/Aaryn/GinaMarie and I actually think Amanda was in with them at first. They were all racist and bigoted. Yes, GinaMarie has improved but her behavior was still very hurtful and mean spirited. I do think Elissa has played a good game. Remember, she was a target beginning with week 3 and she remained in the house. She has a better game going on than people think. She has shown more class and restraint than I think I could have.

      • Amanda makes Evil Dick look like a saint,Amanda is a vile skanky whore ,who should be pushed into a moving bus going 80mph.

  8. Amanda needs to go. She drives me crazy. I know that she makes for good HG drama, which equals good ratings, but she really needs to go.If she does get evicted I am interested to see how McCrae will actually play the game, since Amanda has been playing it for him.

    • He would have to do some serious work to recover. He’s really done nothing in this game except bone Amanda…

  9. Amanda and Mccreashould be on the block and Amanda should go home if they were smart she is the bully in the house cut the head of the snake the rest of the so call idiots will follow or should I say idiot because she’s only got one follower at this pointmaybe 2 if you include AndyI still don’t trust the kidafter last night hearing Andy say that he working at restaurant that likes to mistreat customers over here we call them bastards what’s the name of the restaurant and they mistreat you when you walk in any work for this place so I say he’s been hiding his character the whole show and he’s a mean little person who enjoys insulting peoplebut back to the subject send Amanda and then let’s play the game

    • And he also ran to tell Amanda that Ellisa was talking what she expects she would say how Amanda is bulling her and we know Amanda it her who is starting it. Please Andy leave with the witch

  10. McCrea leaving would be perfect. Amanda is so insecure… The thought of her bone-buddy in a jury primarily made up of women would push her over the edge. The would literally implode in on herself like a neutron star.

  11. The absolute best situation is McCruddy going up, Amanda saving herself and Andy the renom! DOUBLE EVICTION and Andy (a.k.a scumbag) and McDirty are sent to neva neva land. PERIOD. . .Now Amanda is ALL alone and the HG’s ignore her. . .being powerless and alone will allow her to reflect on just how she has made others feel. Not to mention this would be the recipe to push her over the edge (ya, the 3 inches) Then suddenly embrace her only to totally backdoor her!
    How wonderful a thought.

  12. So has Andy told Amanda and McCrae that GM plans on nominating them yet? If not when do you think he does?

  13. did anyone notice last night that Amanda was reading the rules to the show she had a little book right in front of her so obviously she has crossed the line Aand have forbidden amanda from going up the stairs 2the head of household room interesting this is the best they’ve got for her behaviorso she can continue to say I’m going to hit u or kill you and it on a big brother I didn’t mean it as a threat so its okay

    • If she wins veto they should tell her she has a penalty and not be able to vote for McRae. That would get her.

    • She wasn’t reading the book because she’d crossed the line. She was reading the book so that she wouldn’t cross the line.

      • She has already crossed the line called ‘human decency” . I feel about Amanda like I feel about Shelly Moore absolute loathing for both…Shelly Moore was gonna push Rachel down the stairs & cause her to miscarry had she been pregnant (then said she didn’t say it). Amanda has compared her actions to that of Osama Bin Laden then said that she would murder Elissa in her sleep plus made remarks about every female in the house that no man would consider saying out loud other than the slug she crawls with McCrae and Spencer..

      • Can u imagine Amanda in Jury alone for a week? Lol. Hope not Elissa to follow in double evict (give her a break) but don’t want McCrae there either to run interference. Andy would be miserable in Jury with Amanda expecting him to not talk to anyone else but her. Any of the others (Exterminators) would be of little to no comfort to her there.

  14. Even if one of them were to win veto and Elissa goes up they still would have the votes to evict either McC or Amanda it doesn’t matter bc they would want either one to leave you would think!

    • Andy and his buddy Amanda/Mccrae will vote for Elissa to leave.

      Andy will convince Spencer and Elissa will be headed to jury.

      Andy would rather vote out Elissa than break up Mccranda,

      • I’m not so sure about that, given what he’s said in the DR lately. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Andy is in another alliance with Spencer, GM, and Judd. And by his DR sessions he wants McCranda gone now.

      • I think he thinks Elissa is a bigger threat than Mccranda to his game. I seriously think he would leave a couple in the game than Elissa.

  15. They would be smarter to get Amanda out first … McRae isn’t such a threat .. It would be funny to see him try to fit in without her there since he has only been up her butt the whole season … Literally I’d imagine .. They are “disgusting”.

    • All the guys are in love with Mccrae, if they leave him there he will create a guys alliance and work with people to win.

      I have no idea why people like that moron but they do.

  16. I hope GM puts them up. Imagine the screaming and fighting between Amanda and GM because GM will argue back. Redeem yourself GM

  17. I don’t think Andy can camouflage his double agent status in the house much longer. McCrae have noticed that Andy has been distant to them lately. I wanna see his a*s gets chewed by his mommy Amanda for a change.

    • Agree. Amanda is going to split time between GM, McCrae and Elissa this week with the occasional shot at Spencer too. Watch Andy tell McCrae everyone wants to keep him and get rid of Amanda because she is a bully and is annoying everyone in the house. Its a lie, of course, but that is how Andy will deal with the Amanda attacks.

  18. You know one thing being overlooked is that we could have a final four of floaters. Spencer, Judd, GM, and Andy. Even Elissa floated for a few weeks. Kinda like Survivor which rewards mediocrity a lot of seasons like when Russell lost to that blond chick

    • In Spencer’s defence – He has not really had a chance to NOT be a floater. He has been on the block 6 times and no one knows which way he will go when given a chance.

    • Spencer also had an alliance with 3 other guys that went bye bye one by one starting in the second week. Then he’s been on the block just about every time after that. DUDE’S A BEAST!

      You can’t really call Judd a floater for sucking at competitions. Andy has played a different game (aka tattle tale), but that’s definitely not floating.

      And GM…well…she’s GM. She’s still dreaming about Nick. She probably doesn’t even realize she’s playing a game.

      • I would definately call Andy and GM floaters. Andy just goes where the power is and tries to keep ANY blood off of his hands. GM has asked just to be told who to vote for on Thursdays. Hopefully GM will cast off that floater shadow thiw week with a BIG nom!

      • I call Andy the social floater….. he most definitely fits the category…… he hasn’t made any big moves and has made alliances with every HH member to ensure his safety.he is an ultimate floater!

      • Greg, you made me snort a little at your “GM just asks who to vote out on Thursdays”. So true, I sometimes think she is on the Real World set while auditioning for the next Jersey Shore.

    • I don’t think Judd was a floater. He was loyal to his alliance, to a fault. He has only been back in the house a week. Andy is the ultimate floater. Andy goes back and forth between alliances. Spencer and GM are more followers than floaters. They just do what they are told with no input.

  19. Once again, BB is a microcosm of real life. The people who are actually playing the game and thinking a few moves ahead (who cares if they say mean things in the course of “a game”) are being attacked for trying to get ahead and win at any cost. They removed all the strong players and now this little group of floaters are doing their own Occupy BB takeover. I do wonder how our Queen of Self Entitlement & I Am Much Better Than All These Peasants, Elissa will react when she’s not in the Exterminator alliance. “art imitates life”… So true in BB world. Always interesting to watch….

    • Aggressiveness isn’t the only way and can only get you so far, both in the real world and BB.

      • Oh I know Phillip…one can always sit back and watch things fall into your lap like Andy, Spencer and Judd have done. Works for them…..

      • They all bully like lil kids to get their own way. Remember Helen, Elissa & GM bullying Andy for his vote saying they would all become his enemy if they didn’t do what they said? Remember Elissa doing the same thing threatening whomever didn’t play hard in Veto was becoming the renom? Amanda plainly told Andy she was going to go be extra bitchy to Elissa so he would be the good guy.

    • The problem is most people were floaters this season, everyone who played or tried to play the game was voted out like Nick, Helen, Howard, etc.

      • My point exactly Ghost. The Final Four will be people who watched the strong eliminate themselves, now they come in and take the scraps. That being said, $500k is nice scraps. Lol

    • Amanda has the worst game play. She is alienating everyone in the house, in other words, jury members. That’s why Dan lost last year. He did not take into account jury votes. Major fail.

      • If they take it personally and not in context of game play, Amanda would be in trouble, if she made Final Two ( I don’t think she will). But to go through all those initial weeks and not win anything, but control who went home, gotta give her props. And its not cause of bullying, she can’t hurt anyone….it’s all about the numbers in BB, they could have removed her at anytime.

      • Agreed. I don’t think she’ll make it to final 2, but if for some reason they take her, she absolutely deserves to win. It would be a bitter jury, and that’s her fault. But still, she deserves it over anyone else in the house.

      • They took it personally last year. That ‘s why Dan lost. This jury will do the same. And it’s absolutely about the bullying. These HGs are afraid of her. After she and Mc are nominated, all hell will break loose.

      • Who has Amanda hit, pushed, held a gun to, to bully anyone to vote or play the way she wanted them to? BB’s social aspect of the game is the verbal warfare….it happens every season and is a huge part of the game. Don’t misinterpret this as defending vile family related or racial remarks of any houseguest, they all will face the music to that when they get back to their lives. But they know what they signed up for…Evel Dick upped this part of the game seasons ago. And Amanda hasn’t poured Iced Tea on anyone (yet). ;)

      • You don’t have to get physical to bully. Verbal abuse is the most common form of bullying. We, as a society, no longer condone “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The schoolyard bullying tactics that Amanda employs are the shear definition of bullying, and should not e celebrated.

      • Even floaters have to make a move at some point if they want to win. Jun practically invented the floater strategy, and she still won comps and made moves to evict threats.

      • They do not. Just ask Andy, he was both HOH and POV holder, and managed to evict Jessie in his HOH.

      • He’s not in a position to win right now because his floating has got him in hot water. No one trusts him. At some point you have to take a stand. He hasn’t done that yet. It may be too late, but he says he’s against Amanda now. He needs to pick a side and stick with it if he wants a chance to win.

      • I was just refuting your point that floaters have to make moves. Andy is proof that they do not. Elissa could have put up GM and Spencer and not made any moves either, she could have been Andy.

      • ding!!! Andy will only commit to the person who holds the most power.. This week its GM.. and next week if its Amanda/McCrae he will go with them.. he is a true floater as he does not fully commit to anybody but makes false deals to keep his ass safe,,,

      • Evicting Jessie was not a big move, it was what Amanda and the house wanted. Andy is a floater and Spencer and Howard together formed a floating duo. Now Spencer floats alone.

      • Just because Elissa’s entire alliance was decimated doesn’t mean Elissa is a floater. It means Helen and her idiocy led to her entire alliance being evicted.

      • Someone online showed a letter from Helen to GM for her HOH saying “it’s too soon to go after Amanda” I think Helen would still be spewing that crap if she was in the house

      • I don’t think she is a floater, but until last week she was a total follower. Andy is a floater. GM and Spencer are followers. Floaters move around, followers do what they are told.

      • Elissa is not a floater. She was aligned with Helen and stayed loyal to the end, even casting the only vote so save her. Elissa even prepared not to float this week by nurturing a relationship with GM while putting Aaryn on the block.

    • This is a social game. The best players of games like BB and Survivor is they vote people out with respect and having them still like you as a person. Both aspects are equally important.

  20. GM should put Elissa key first. Right there Amanda would know and you would see the smoke coming out of her ears.

    • no don’t make a bad situation worse…Now if she put Andys key first. .That would be the icing on the cake and the proof in the pudding for Amanda…lol

    • I was thinking the same exact thing. Keep the camera on Amandas face while the first key is being pulled. LOL

  21. I don’t get the new Exterminator alliance. If Judd is so close to Elyssa….if GM is so close to Elyssa (who saved her ass last week), if GM and Judd all know Andy can’t be trusted, all agree Spencer is a pig…….why is the alliance not GM/Judd/Elyssa?

    • I think they still see Elissa as a bigger target. And really we will see this week if the alliance really stays together and are on the same page. Right now they seem split on Amanda or McCrae. GM isn’t even playing the game and Judd is just scared of being evicted again.

    • I think they need Andy’s and Spencer’s votes for now but are still cool with Elissa. It soothes Andy enough to settle him down, wean him off Amanda’s spoiled milk. Think Spencer would be open to bringing McCrae into the fold after Amanda leaves…taking out Elissa. Judd, GM have to at least seem not to be loyal too much to Elissa. Andy and Spencer get ticked and they take their two votes back to McRanda. Just a thought. Halve McRanda and halve Andy and Spencer. Then Judd, GM can go with Elissa if they want.

  22. Amanda needs to go 1st..or she’ll show her true colors even worse. I’d feel sorry for the rest of the houseguests if McRae goes 1st.

  23. I don’t get live feeds so I’m counting on you guys to give the low down lol. Never been so tempted to pay to watch … Her face will be priceless !!

    • Try the 2 day trial, but if I were you I would wait until after veto, because the flashback feature is pretty easy to use. So you could see all the action in a couple days. Just don’t forget to cancel.

  24. Right now, everyone is cleaning the house and GM is sitting on the couch picking her toes.

    • Iam at wrk and can’t watch my feeds tell us how is Amanda acting this morning is she in gm face ? How is Elissa doing I feel so bad for her I can’t wait for those 2 to leave its pure bulling??

      • Amanda woke up before 10 am BBT. I know everyone is shocked. She cried to GM about not wanting to be around Elissa. Tried to do some Elissa bashing to Andy, he wasn’t into and went inside. They had luxury comp that has ended less than an hour ago and Amanda and McCrae are back to lounging in bed. He needed a rest after 30 whole minutes of sweeping the floor. He really is a human/sloth hybrid. Sorry to the sloths out there.

      • LOL…..It’s true, I believe it really takes a lot out of him to move from one room to another…even to take a shower.

      • They have all now stopped cleaning. There is still little piles of confetti in the main part of the house. The bedroom is still a complete disaster. They all feel they have done a pretty good job of cleaning up.

      • Imagine what is like living in the BB house for over 2 months and having to look forward to going back home to become a Pizza Boy again??? I couldn’t live with myself. But you are right, he is a sloth. He won’t mind!

  25. Amanda needs to go. I can’t believe that Julie and CBS or allowing all that nasty bullying to go on on live tv. If they let her continue I WILL QUIT watching CBS shows. There are to many other channels. and good movies to watch on cable.

  26. Does anyone with the feeds know if Elissa is acting like she i not going up on the block? And if so, how is Amanda reacting to her?

    I think Elissa should pretend she is definitely going up, at least in front of Amanda. That will increase the shock when Amanda does go up and ensure we get the most entertaining reaction possible. I really hope Amanda goes crazy on everyone in the house. It should be fun!

    • Elissa is acting very comfortable. McCrae is in a bad mood. Amanda is sulking and asking McCrae to talk to GM. I think they realize that they aren’t in control anymore. No one is humoring them by talking with them about Elissa or anyone else. Amanda keeps pushing McCrae to talk to GM (I type this again cause she keeps asking and its really annoying him). Which is weird because GM and McCrae have never really talked one on one, so I don’t know what he can convince GM to do.

      • No worries. Now they are fighting about it. You can tell the honeymoon is over. It will be interesting to watch as McCrae tries to form an alliance to keep and him and ditch Amanda. I do think she will work to keep them both, with no luck.

      • There are no knives or forks in the BB house. I think production has taken them away in case Amanda acts a fool.

      • If they have to remove knives and forks then isn’t it time just to remove the person they are afraid will use them?

      • I think they took them away for the luxury comp so they wouldn’t use a fork or knife to break the balloons.

    • Its kind of funny to watch them in the room by themselves. She made a sandwich and is eating in the room and you can hear Elissa in the background laughing and talking with everyone else.

    • I never liked Evel Dick and I could not stand the sight of Howie, but I think Amanda does get under my skin more than they did. I don’t like MCrae either. So not only do I have to put up with her when she is on camera, I also have to put up with McCrae at the same time because he is always in her abdominal pouch.

  27. Yes put mcranda up but for gosh sale target Amanda. … and please don’t chicken out like every one else

  28. Well perhaps the “exterminators” should keep in mind that IF they even think about siding with McCrae if Amanda is evicted, that Giving McCrae a chance to go to the end, it’s in a way letting Amanda win also!!

  29. I really hope they don’t have another Amanda on the show next season. Watching one persons game the whole season is really boring. Can’t wait to see her go already. I skip through anytime she’s talking. She’s a disgusting human being. I rarely use this word but she is the perfect description of a bully.

  30. I can’t wait to see the feeds after the nominations. Going to be drama in the house.

    • For me its a curiosity. I am wondering how Amanda will react. I am hoping she strikes out at GM and Andy. That could really be fun to watch. GM and Amanda shouting face to face. Andy in the background peeing his pants. Elissa sitting on the couch laughing in Amanda’s face. OMG! What great TV!

      • No kidding. Amanda is going to flip out. Trivia now so won’t be long. And right before trivia she was all excited telling Spencer and McCrae She’s going to put Elissa and Judd up. POW right in the face Amanda.

  31. gm just told andy that mccranda is going up BUT they are sending McCrae home.
    gm was letting Andy know about her convo with Elissa. Andy said that he is so worried that E would get power again in the coming weeks and send him home. He again said that he would kill himself if he got sent home at Es hand. How immature is this guy. Grow up Andy!

    • Andy cannot be that stupid. Even if Elissa gets HOH next week and puts up the remaining party of Amanda and McCrae with Andy, his alliance has all the votes.

      • I would love it if Elissa got HOH put up who’s left of McCranda and Andy and Andy goes at her hands.

      • Me too! Although if its Andy and Amanda I will really struggle to get set on one or the other going home.

  32. I will say that Elissa’s downfall this week might be that she wants Amanda out when the house wants Mccrae out. She needs to let go of her Amanda hate, win the POV to guarantee her safety, and vote with the house. Without Mccrae, we might get to see Amanda have a complete breakdown. It would be fun.

    • I agree. Elissa is obsessed with Amanda now that Aaryns gone. She needs to get in game mode.

    • I agree. She has started ranting to everyone about how “gross” Amanda is. She needs to stop or else she will make herself so annoying they will put her up with Amanda.

      And btw, I and developing an Elissa dictionary so I can better understand what the heck she is talking about. When she calls someone “gross” she doesn’t always mean disgusting as in McCrae not taking a shower, or GM farting. Sometimes it just been the person is poorly behaved. When sh says someone is “ridiculous” that means they are funny. Elissa’s problem is she has limited vocabulary or limited use of the vocabulary she has. That’s why I am not always sure what she is saying.

  33. I’m from Texas and Aaryns actions and words can not be blamed on being from Texas. I hope she gets the cold shoulder when she gets home, she’s ignorant and very dumb. I can’t imagine how she has made it thru life this far with all that ignorance and stupidity.

  34. It’s a shame that McCrae’s game might be cut short due to his showmance with Amanda. He’s been one of my favorites in the house, but with Amanda being in the game we haven’t had a chance to see what kind of game play he could’ve had. Instead he’s become “lazy” and sitting back taking her BS. Now, don’t get me wrong, through most of this season I have been routing for their “team”, but even I am over Amanda’s acting up and bullying people. I just hope that if it is between them 2 that she leaves. Maybe the 4 guys should team up together and get GM and Elissa out after Amanda is gone?

  35. Every time I try to start liking Elissa again she opens her sarcastic mouth. I try and try to like her and when I think okay she’s not that bad she makes another condescending remark. I don’t agree with Amanda’s actions and the screaming and bullying but did anyone watch the feeds last night and notice how Elissa just kept trying to push Amanda’s buttons? She would not stop. Then she wonders why Amanda flips out. Even Andy tried telling Elissa in the backyard about how she pushes Amanda’s buttons and Elissa flipped out on Andy. I don’t like any of them so I’m not taking sides. It’s just what I observed and wonder if other people that watch the feeds thought the same.

    • I noticed that. I think she is trying to get under Amanda’s skin. But honestly, she is not getting personal or anything so to me its just clever game play. What irked me about Elissa more than that was her constant whining to Spencer and Andy and GM about how Amanda has to go and how she is so “gross”. Then on top of that she was telling Spencer and GM how her husband bought a 5000 seat hockey rink in Canada and a golf simulator. This is just stupid. I don’t really care how much money she has or anything like that, but the other house guests have already made a point about how Helen and Elissa don’t need the money. Helen flipped out when Jessie told the other house guests that Helen didn’t need the money. There is already resentment towards Elissa because she seems to have brought an entire wardrobe with her. But there is Elissa yucking it up over the good fortunes of her family. What a dope!

      • Amanda don’t need the money and neither did Aaryn… Judd has 5 does McCrae but Judd gets slammed cause of his 5 but nobody mentions McCraes cash win…Now Spencer has a trip & 10GS but is anybody slamming him? And his DAD is a Judge and they are well paid. And they are always asking Elissa about her home & life if they gonna slam her they need to shut up…Elissa is not the only one with money or ties to a better life.. I don’t say it because its Elissa but on any season of BB that somebody constantly whines ” They don’t need the money” it makes me puke.. How much money u got going in does not ” truly” define how u play the game. In truth 7 out of 10 people will get sidetracked when playing BB and forget why they are really there..

    • I think if complimenting Jessie is the equivalent of pushing Amanda’s buttons then Amanda is the one who needs to grow up. Saying Jessie is the hottest girl in the house shouldn’t cause Amanda to flip out, she didn’t say Amanda was hideous (which at this point she would be justified in saying)

      • How about when Elissa said, “I really miss Poopie” . Did you see Amanda’s face? Elissa is trying to get Amanda all worked up and its working.

      • Seriously I don’t understand why saying that she misses poopy is an attack on Amanda. I think just because Amanda has mental problems and everything upsets her, doesn’t mean Elissa can’t say nice things about other people.

      • It’s not an attack on Amanda. You’re missing the point. Elissa hates Aaryn and has done nothing but talk crap about her the entire game now all of a sudden she kept saying I miss Aaryn and I love Aaryn with a smug look on her face. She was trying to get underneath Amanda’s skin. I never said she was attacking her. And she also knew Amanda hated Jessie so that’s why Elissa kept going on and on about Jessie. She was getting little digs in. She also did a lot more.

      • That is what happened last nite.. Elissa paid Jessee a compliment and Amanda went ballistic. Elissa tried to stay away from her but Amanda was not having it. She carried on long after Elissa went to bed.. Now ELISSA DID GET A DIG IN about Aaryn up in the HOH room as to saying “I miss “Poopie” so much already” (lie) which sent Amanda into a “fake ” fit of laughter. Amanda whined & complained all nite long While Elissa made a few remarks to other HGs about Amanda she did not stay up all nite belittling her. As I write this McCrae is reading the Bible and Amanda is making fun of Moses because he stuttered. But then why should that surprise me when she compared her actions to that of Osama Bin Laden. Amanda is a really low form of a human being.

      • That was only one of about 20 remarks Elissa kept making and Amanda just ignored it. Like I said I’m not on anyones side but I did notice Elissa being a little bitch last night. Even Judd and Andy and Spencer noticed it and were talking about it.

  36. Amanda telling GM that Judd makes deals with everyone is one of the most laughable things. Amanda and McCrae have made deals with everyone left in the house, most for a final 4 if not final 3.

    • Of course this is irrelevant because Amanda has made a deal with McCrae that makes them two votes going forward with only 7 guests left. Whatever Judd does, his deals are not as strong as Amanda’s is with McCrae.

  37. Amanda was just talking to GM and you can tell she is rattled. She can’t keep her names and numbers straight. I think she is starting to get a clue.

  38. I hope they keep Elissa, she is such a good person, just standing there when Amanda got right in her face, screamed at her, talked about her family and called her such nasty names. You can see, Elissa has class!! Love you Elissa, hope you stay till the end!

  39. There’s a lot of speculation on the internet that Amanda’s been preordained to
    win, as she is friends with BB producer Allison Grodner. I’m not sure that ensures
    a win, but producers have their ways to favor one houseguest over
    another, helping her get to the final 3.

  40. Amanda, as usual, trying to takeover other’s HOH. Just like last week, will be totally ignored.

  41. I guess I am not sure why Judd and Spencer want to get McCrae out instead of Amanda. They KNOW that Andy is STILL playing both sides. So if Amanda gets power next week, they stand a chance at going up next to Elissa. If they keep McCrae, he might partner up with Spencer and Judd.

  42. It’s not really a blindside. Gina Marie never told Amanda and McCrae she was putting up Elissa and Judd. They are both delusional to think they are safe.

  43. I bet Amanda regrets saving Andy over Aaryn now… had Aaryn still been here she might have had more sway over GM’s nominations.

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