Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Tuesday Highlights


Things were pretty mild in the Big Brother 15 house today, I’m guessing because Amanda was back on her meds (her words, not mine) and because Aaryn has basically accepted that she’s going home Thursday.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013

10:08 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:40 AM BBT – Judd and Aaryn appear to be the only ones up. Judd says there has to be a Pandora’s Box soon.

11:40 AM BBT – Judd and Elissa are talking about the way Amanda has acted on the show. Judd says he feels sorry for her because he imagines the things she’s said in the house effecting her job. Elissa says she is disgusting.

12:00 PM BBT – Elissa thanks Judd for sitting and talking to her. She’s been lonely since Helen left.

1:36 PM BBT – Aaryn asking Elissa if Amanda told her to put Andy up so Aaryn would go home. Elissa basically tells her yes.

2:30 PM BBT – HOH camera time. HGs taking lots of photos.

3:05 PM BBT – Andy is still nervous he might go home. Amanda said Aaryn knows she’s going and they’ve told her.

3:08 PM BBT – GinaMarie tells Aaryn they need to approach Elissa about the girls alliance she wanted so she can get people to keep Aaryn.

3:20 PM BBT – Elissa and Amanda are laughing and getting along and taking photos together.

5:40 PM BBT – All HGs are lounging or cleaning. No game talk or anything going on.

6:00 PM BBT – McCrae starts talking about a guys alliance.

6:42 PM BBT – McCrae is stuck on Elissa not needing the money and saying she doesn’t deserve to be there.

7:35 PM BBT – Andy says he’s played a good game under the radar, but now is the time for big moves.

8:00 PM BBT – General chit-chat. Amanda wants her back tattoo removed. Andy thinks it’s weird that Helen was 11 years older than him. GM and Spencer think the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy. GM also questions 9/11 and the Boston bombings.

9:30 PM BBT – Elissa tells Judd she wasn’t really having fun with Amanda earlier. She still thinks she’s gross.

9:50 PM BBT – The HGs got wine and beer and Amanda won’t let anyone have any because she wants to play beer pong.

10:03 PM BBT – Amanda  harassed BB until they gave them paper cups for beer pong.

10:15 PM BBT – Amanda is bossing everyone around over the alcohol and everyone is getting annoyed.

11:00 PM BBT – Beer pong is over. HGs are now just sitting around telling stories and playing random games.

11:18 PM BBT – Feeds cut because Amanda is playing some game that involves singing.

11:28 PM BBT – Aaryn tells the backyard group that Elissa has a secret crush on Judd and that Elissa is jealous of Aaryn flirting with Judd. Amanda wants to give Elissa a hard time about it.

11:30 PM BBT – Amanda gets up to tell Elissa she knows what she said about Judd. Amanda and Elissa are laughing about it. Elissa says Aaryn is crazy.

11:36 PM BBT – Elissa is now joking and telling Judd that her plan was to go on Big Brother and leave her husband. Then she says actually in Canada you can have more than one husband now.

11:40 PM BBT – Elissa tells Amanda she asked Big Brother to bring Judd back into the game for her. It’s actually fun to see Elissa and Amanda laughing together.

12:00 AM BBT – Amanda challenging Spencer that he wants to come after McCranda based on Aaryn’s claims. Aaryn trying to use this to argue she should stay over Andy so she can help McCranda.

12:10 AM BBT – Inside Amanda tries to convince McCrae that they should keep Aaryn. McCrae says no. He suggests it’ll make things worse for them with other HGs if they vote out Andy.

12:20 AM BBT – Judd and GM discuss eviction order for McCranda. Judd wants McCrae gone first since he thinks he’s better at competitions. They know if McCranda wins HoH then Elissa is done.

3:00 AM BBT – GM is upset that Aaryn has started campaigning again and is doing it by out’ing everyone’s plans, mainly that everyone is after McCranda.

3:10 AM BBT – Exterminators meet in the backyard while everyone else is asleep. GM is still upset about Aaryn. Andy says McCranda is gunning hard for Elissa and they think they have him. They recognize that if McCranda gets HoH and then Elissa gets Veto then they are screwed and one of them will leave.

3:15 AM BBT – GM pointing out how strong McCrae was in the first HoH comp, but after he got with Amanda it killed his fire to compete.

3:30 AM BBT – Sleepytime for the HGs.

The houseguests were oddly getting along all day. Aaryn is still quietly trying to stay, but it doesn’t sound like she’s getting anywhere.

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  1. “5:40 PM BBT – All HGs are lounging or cleaning. No game talk or anything going on.


    • OMG it’s about time they cleaned!! McCranda and Spencer’s room and the kitchen are disgusting!

    • I think it should be a daily rule to have the HG’s do chores or risk getting a penalty of a punishment if Big Brother finds his house looking like one big dumpsite.

      • Or refuse to give them anything but slop until they clean up after themselves. No cleaning, no groceries.

      • “This is Big Brother. Houseguests, you have made a mess of my house. As punishment, all of you will clean the place for the entire day, from sweeping the floors to washing the dishes, to scrubbing the windows and mirrors, to manually washing, drying and ironing all your dirty clothes. Failure to follow ALL my orders after 8PM will result to turning the entire house into Have-Nots for the rest of the week.”

    • Very boring. But see what I meant the other day when everyone was complaining and moaning about Amanda and her behavior but was it boring…NO. This site was booming with posts.

  2. I can’t believe that Andy has told the Exterminators that they need to get Elissa out next week so she doesn’t mess up their game. And they still want to keep him. If that doesn’t scream “I’m still working with McCranda”, nothing does. Why would you go after someone with no allies vs the most powerful alliance in the house. Please Spencer, wake up, you are the key to keeping Aaryn. I know GM would be down for it, and I think Judd would keep her too, with a little convincing.

      • I hope your right. But I have a bad feeling. I think Andy should go first otherwise if they get Elissa out next Andy will float all the way to the final 2.

      • I look like Elissa is in danger, no matter what. But don’t worry, she will win veto.
        They haven’t done the veto where they accept punishment for points. They will have a “who can stand in a yoga position the longest for a 1000 points”. LOL

      • She said she would shave her head. I want to see that comp just to see if she really would. Now that would be funny.

      • McCrea also said that he would do it, and he is the one I want to see shave his head.

    • Very true. Willing to bet you see a DR from Andy on tv with him saying how he’s part of this alliance only to keep him safe this week and next week. Can’t see him breaking away from McCranda until McCranda is broken

    • Judd is playing like a dumbass again! He says he wants to work with Elissa then, forms an alliance to take her out? I hope Elissa wins POV the following week, one of these clowns get evicted by Amanda then, Elissa wins HOH the very next week and finish off the Exterminators by going after them! I hope Amanda wins HOH and puts up Judd and Spencer and Judd gets evicted!

      • I hope Amanda gets HOH, nominate Elissa and then she wins Diamond POV. She would get to name the renom and she puts up McCrae and he goes home. How funny if McCrae went home during Amanda’s first and probably only HOH. It would turn a bad season into an exciting one.

    • Judd is terrible at judging individuals. Despite Elissa telling him that Andy cannot be trusted and he is still latching on to McRanda, he seems to support Andy. This will be Judd’s downfall.

    • He told them that so he can continue to float and play all sides. McManda thinks he’s with them and the other side thinks he’s with them. Elissa is not part of the alliance so if the snake gets her out he’s good with all sides. When are these people going to wake up. I’m going to be laughing so hard when this backfires on McManda. Just like Aaryn said last night every single person in this house will be 100% sorry that they evicted me instead of Andy. And I agree. Just wait and see.

  3. “8:00 PM BBT – GM and Spencer think the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy.”

    What ?????

    • I think Spencer likes to say things for shock value or because he thinks he is smarter than anyone else.

      • Its the same as Spencer saying that Hitler was a great public speaker. He just wants to be contrary to what most people believe. I think he feels that makes him smarter than other people. We just believe what history has shown us, but Spencer is an intellectual that has deep thoughts about these matters.

      • In no way does saying Hilter was a great public speaker mean Spencer agreed with what Hitler did. People overreact to the use of Hitler’s name. Of course he was equivalent to the anti-Christ for his actions. But it makes no sense not to admit that Hitler was a very charismatic and enticing public speaker. He mesmerized an entire nation to fight a brutal bloody war against the entire world. Historians agree with Spencer.

      • I never said he agreed with it. I’m just pointing out that most people don’t give Hitler a compliment about anything. His negative actions out weigh anything else. But Spencer uses points like that knowing how people feel about the subject just to be contrary. He also stated that most Holocaust pics were photoshopped. So who knows what he believes.

      • Sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like I was picking on you. I am bored by last night’s BBAD so I am a little ornery today.

        I didn’t hear all of Spencer’s comments and for the record, I am not a Spencer fan. He is a pig in so many ways.

      • There were all sorts of conspiracy web sites after it happened … google sady hook hoax and read all about it =
        There were also stories that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax too … some people are crazy!

      • Ok, I see. Lots of stupidity. My god, there’s some people with too much time on their hand. Maybe they should put Eric Von Daniken on the case. I’m sure he will find evidence that extraterrestrials were involved.

    • Have you been on the internet before? GM and Spencer are cetainly not the only Americans who think this…

      • Naw, i have no doubt that there are crazy people that would pull off that sort of nonsense, but some people believe that the government is just as evil as the people carrying out these crimes. Nothing new to me.

  4. BB could be very good if they would quit casting perfect bodies and put in some real people.

    • How about just choose from people who applied to be on the show instead of picking them out of malls and bars.

      • I totally agree. Let’s have a game with some REAL people. I suggested someone like Tom Westman (winner Survivor 10) in another thread. A mature person in great shape who is intelligent.
        2 things that this group is sorely missing … maturity and intelligence!

      • I think we should have the entire cast of BB1 play the game next season to see how they play it. They’re the rawest of the raw in all 15 seasons of Big Brother.

        Chicken George can orient them along the way and maybe Eddie might win again given that he’s good doing physical tasks despite being a PWD and gets along with just about everybody which is good for social game.

    • Where are the perfect bodies this season? Amanda? GM? Andy? Judd? Spencer? Even Aaryn has gained a few pounds and is looking a little cauliflower. Elissa is in great shape, but she is almost too muscular to look feminine.

      • You forgot about Howard, Kaitlyn, David, Nick, Candice, Jesse and Jeremy. Add in Aaryn (at time of casting), Gina Marie, and Elissa, and you have a cast consisting of young people with ideal physical appearance.

  5. As a person from Boston who was in the vicinity of Kenmore Square when the bombs went off on April 15th, I am fighting the urge to be mildly insulted by the thought that it was a conspiracy.

      • We have to keep in mind they have been locked up in that house for a couple of months and they are bored senseless by now. Add in the stress of the game and I can see where people would turn into potato heads by now.

    • I wonder where GM was when 9/11 happened. I was in school with my fellow grade 5 classmates when the Pentagon was hit by a plane just a few counties from where we were.

      • I just wonder what she meant by “conspiracy”? It’s already public knowledge that 9/11 was elaboratelyplanned but what is she trying to point out?

      • She just made a couple of comments and Amanda told her you better watch what you’re saying and it was dropped.

      • Gm would have been in her late teens eary 20’s when that happened. As immature as she is, she is actually 33.

    • I did not hear the conversation. Did they mean that there were others involved, possibly Al Qaeda in the middle east? or were they saying some US government agency was involved?

      Believing in conspiracies is an American past time lately since the 1960s anti-government movement. Those guys who made the loose change video about 9/11 have a lot of followers including a few very educated and intelligent people (no, not Rosie O’Donnell.)

      • There was a documentary about it that aired outside the US although I don’t want to divulge much since my knowledge about the docu is a bit sketchy now is about isolated incidents that were somehow connected to the attacks.

        okay, since we’re all off-topic, let’s get back to BB discussions, shall we? :D

    • It’s not like they’re ripping the victims… I dont see how someone questioning their government can be insulting.

  6. I tonight’s episode do you think they will show Amanda acting like a lunatic? Or will they play it down and give her a sweetheart edit?

    • They’ll show it for sure. It’s drama just like they want. And it all happened before the veto ceremony.

      • I really hope they do show her horrible actions. As bad as she looks on tv, she is so much worse on the live feeds. I’m sure we will get to see all the diary room sessions about how Amanda shouldn’t treat people like that, even though no one had the balls to tell her to knock it off.

      • They have to show it, since Amanda’s awful treatment towards Elissa was the main story the past few days. In the beginning Amanda seemed to be the spoke person of the house, as they were giving her good edit in DR. She was entertaining in DR too. I wont be surprised if they show Amanda apologizing to Elissa and that everything is ok now between them. It depends on what storyline they’re proceeding. Who knows, they might suggest for them to work together again. lol

      • I thought it happened after the veto ceremony. Didn’t she flip out when GM didn’t get nominated and she didn’t get her way?

      • No, it all happened on Sunday. Veto ceremony is Monday. Amanda was trying to influence the renom.

  7. I still think we could see a switch in who is going home tomorrow. I would not be shocked if Aaryn was saved at the last minute. Andy is created a web of lies and I think think he can keep track of them anymore.

    • The problem is that Judd and Spencer don’t see the lies. They know Andy has lied to them and will continue to lie to them, but they don’t do anything about it. I mentioned earlier, the second Andy said Elissa should be the target next week, I would have cut ties with him and made a deal with Aaryn.

      • They all lie. But its about getting caught in his lies. Andy is in an alliance with Spencer and Judd, but is he lying about his loyalty. I think he is still loyal to McCranda and will out Spencer and Judd right after the evictions. As someone posted before, why make Elissa your number 1 target if you pledged to your new alliance to break up McCranda? That kind of says Andy is still protecting Amanda and McCrae.

    • Yeah, the weird thing is that Spencer is on to him. However, Spencer for what ever reason, just refuses to do anything about it. Once again, this is the worst group of HGs we have ever seen.

      • I think Spencer may be planning on carrying Andy to final 2 and have everyone in jury to not vote for him for his strategy because Spencer knows they’ll be bitter towards Andy more than him.

      • I don’t think that would work. As Andy has been involved in the game by spilling everyone’s secrets to McCranda, but Spencer is practically a viewer of BB. He just sits by and watches as others play a game around him.

      • Spencer is very observant and have to keep his moves at a minimum because after TMC disbanded in Week 2, he no longer have control of the house and is at risk of getting evicted. So all his pre-show strategies using social game have to be given a second review.

        By being able to take charge of his newfound alliance, he will be able redeemed his game.

      • Yes. But he can’t throw the HOH this week. He needs to start building a resume this week. Getting out Amanda or McCrae will be seen as a huge move. Wasting an HOH on GM or Elissa would be the worst move for him.

      • Indeed. That’s why he needs to take charge.

        However, it’d be difficult now to backdoor either 1 of McCranda which, if it’s done right, could be his biggest achievement this season (and possibly the unlikeliest saving grace of BB15 besides Elissa) so he may have to nominate both and just ensure that the odds of winning Veto falls in the hands of the Exterminators.

      • I say no need to backdoor. Put both up, one will go home. That alone could get him a win against Andy.

      • If this is BB1, then the people would have voted him to evict to let him know a piece of people’s minds on what they think about him.

        At the end of the day, the people in the game are not fully aware of the extent of their comments, basically clueless.

        And whatever Spencer have said, the other HG’s wouldn’t hold it against him if he makes it to the end because he hasn’t been in any face-to-face confrontation to any of them unlike Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Candice and GM.

      • He’s a disgusting fat pig that floats to whoever has power and does absolutely nothing. I have to mute my computer every time he’s talking. And I hope he pays the price for his filthy words and actions when he gets out.

      • If I was looking to take anyone to the final 2 it would be Elissa. They all dislike her and they think she doesn’t need the money. Plus her sister already won the game. There is no chance that she gets more votes than anyone in the house. If anyone goes to the final 2 with Elissa, he/she is guaranteed the top prize.

      • I don’t know. Helen was Elissa’s closest ally and she is a lobbyist for a living. Her job is to get people to vote for who she wants them to. I’m thinking GM for the win.

      • On which HG is most deserving to have the jury award the prize money, it should be based on gameplay and not on socio-economic status.

        And as part of gameplay, the level of bitterness among the jury should be as low as possible and the loyalty of your alliance members should be strong enough to guarantee you a vote to win.

        Elissa was able to make moves to weaken the dominance of an alliance that have been making the call on who goes and who stays for a few consecutive weeks, something that no one has the courage to do so when they are HOH.

        In addition to Helen, Elissa also have Candice and Jessie as guaranteed votes. As for the rest, it would depend on who Elissa is sitting next with.

        If she is able to move on forward until final 2, that is already an achievement in itself, winning half a million would be a bonus.

      • She could definitely get Judd’s vote if he is on jury. But I don’t know if she would get the much needed 5th vote.

      • She might be able to win GM and, if Aaryn won’t make it personal, might also give Elissa a vote as well.

        I just hope Elissa makes it to Final 2 to make it happen.

      • Maybe. It depends on how GM acts when Elissa is out of power, then we can see how she really feels. And if Amanda really is trying to keep Aaryn, then maybe Andy would be the 5th vote she needs.

      • I think GM is level-headed enough to trust Elissa because she acknowledged before that she [GM] and Aaryn have been at odds. Strikingly inconsistent of GinaMarie though with how she treated Candice.

      • I think that’s why GM is so confusing to me. Sometimes I feel like she has a heart, but other times, she is one of the most foul mouthed vile creatures on this show.

      • I don’t even watch the feeds when GM is talking now … It’s all F’n this and mutha F’n that … every other word is the F bomb with nothing said in between. I’m not being prudish … just tired of hearing it.

      • After Elissa called her a freak and didn’t want to sit next to her during the live show I think GM hates Elissa. She’s been talking crap about her the entire season. She’s just kissing up because she’s HOH.

      • Maybe but it is with GM’s best interest to survive in the game to be align with people who can help her be carried further.

        I think she already knew that she was McCranda’s target this week.

      • Whole lot of ”shoulds” in that list, but it really is up to the jury to decide the criterion for winning. For some, it might be who financially needs it. For others it might be who played the best game of manipulation. For others it might be who their best friend in the house was. And still for others, they might want to vote ”against” the other finalist… If there’s no rules on why people vote for politicians and community leaders, then there’s certainly not going to be any rules for how people vote on a reality tv show… A good finalist will look at the jury and decide how to phrase their campaign speech.

      • I think reverse psychology would help get a finalist some votes, but that didn’t work out for Dan last year.

        I think it would also be important on how the finalist would spend the money, especially with knowing how Adam from BB9 wasted his winnings on drug dealing.

      • I was talking about the perspective from a person in the house. You opinion of Elissa is exactly what I was talking about. People in the house do not like her which is why she has no alliance. Jessie, Candice and Helen will not be enough votes to give it to Elissa.

  8. The latest is Amanda is telling McCrae to keep Aaryn. Aaryn has been revealing a lot of information. She just told Amanda that GM is after them…anything can happen.

    • Please, please, please, don’t rub me of this satifaction. I’ve been waiting for weeks and weeks, to see that racist sub-human to get her comeuppance. Pleeeeaaaasssseeee.

      • lol..I think Matthew is right on is analysis. So relax, we’ll finally see your favorite player Aaryn walk out the door on Thursday.

    • They all seem to make the same mistake. Aaryn is on the block against Andy. GM is irrelevant. Aaryn needs to throw Andy under the bus to Spencer and Judd. Going back to Amanda is pointless. She is only two votes, her and McCrae. Why would GM votes to save Aaryn after she threw GM under the bus – again?

      • Agreed! And the best way would be to do it with everyone present & let them all add what Andy has squealed on & to them!

      • The problem with Aaryn is, she’s throwing everybody under the bus. She has no direction and all over the place.

      • And that was my point. Jessie did the same thing. Instead of throwing Spencer under the bus she went after Helen and Elissa, two votes to possibly save her! The idea is to get votes against you to change, not to get votes against you to never ever change. Now Aaryn is throwing her only possible vote, GM, under the bus when there is plenty she can do to go after Andy the rat. All Aaryn is succeeding in doing is making GM’s conviction to vote her out stronger.

      • That’s what I said yesterday. Aaryn needs to call a house meeting and out everything in front of everyone. And most of all out Andy in front of everyone. Watch him cry like the baby he is.

      • Please, no more house meetings. I think the house guests hate them too.

        At this point, because Aaryn has been all over the place, no one is going to believe anything other than she is desperate.

        I hoped it would have turned out differently, but when Amanda won POV Elissa and Aaryn lost their nerve. Too bad because look where we are today? The entire house appears to be after Amanda. If Aaryn and Elissa had stuck together, Andy woudl go home and AManda and McCrae would be by themselves.

      • But I love the house meetings…and the sad thing is that 99% of what Aaryn is telling people is the truth. GM has said she want McManda out and so has Spencer and everyone else. And everyone is after Elissa and Spencer did make a final 2 deal with her and Andy did say he would make a fake final 2 deal with Spencer to control him and on and on and on. So she is telling people the truth.

      • As I’ve been saying….”FOOLS can’t suddenly become WISE….” if you catch my drift.

  9. The order of the eviction should be as follows IMO: Put up McRanda and if one wins veto, evict the other. The replaced nom should be Spencer as he has never objected to going up as a pawn (dumb on his part, but stupid is what stupid does!). Then the next person who wins HOH, puts up the McRanda who remains and Andy….so on and so forth! In orther words, get rid of 3 am….that should be the Exterminator’s aim. Andy needs to go as he is a rat and ruins everyone else’s game.

    I would like to see Judd and Elissa in f2. It would be interesting how the jury votes on these two.

    • That is a sham alliance. Judd said he wanted to join Elissa but, he has already betrayed her! His Exterminator alliance will put up Elissa next week! I hope Elissa wins POV, then, wins HOH the next week! She better figure out fast that Judd has betrayed her!
      Then, put up Judd and Andy side by side! Let Andy lie and get Judd evicted! Judy playing like the dumbass that he is! Seriously, Judd cannot see that Andy is a big rat not to be trusted when others including Aaryn and Elissa has already told Judd? I am rooting for Judd to be evicted next because of his dumb move!

      • You are absolutely right…Judd’s return did not teach him anything. He has not changed at all.

    • I still want to see the two knucklehead, Elissa and Aaryn work together and pick off everyone else one by one. But they have to keep their alliance a total secret and act like bitches to each other in the process. Liek Elissa told Aaryn, no one would suspect them of being together. At this point I could care less who wins. None of them deserve it. But at least an Aaryn Elissa F2 alliance would be fun to watch for a couple of weeks.

      • I am totally in sync with that… fact I love the idea, but Aaryn cannot be trusted. She has let Elissa down many times. Her allegiance to McRanda is incredibly stupid and it got her where she is now.

  10. When McCranda, and Elissa are out. If it should come to that I’m done. I’ll watch the finale and wait until next summer for what has to be a better cast than Judd, Spencer, GM, and Andy in a final 4. IMO the very least deserving hgs.

      • They’re all floaters. Sorry, but that’s what Judd has turned into. GM is so stupid I’m surprised she can breathe without being reminded. Andy has bounced through alliances like a ping pong ball, and Spencer is a disgraceful human being. I don’t agree with Amandas behavior, but she’s not a floater and she can be entertaining.

      • And who would lead this pack? Spencer? GM?

        And what would Andy do with no conversations to pop into?

  11. “By a vote of five to zero, Aaryn, you are evicted from the Big Brother House.” Aaryn gets up. Everyone awkwardly stands around not hugging her. She finally gets it, and leaves. As she exits, the audience boos her. Loudly. Frowning, she approaches Julie, who is not smiling like her usual pleasant self. “Good bye Aaryn.” Julie says, plainly. “We won’t see you on finale night. Yes, that’s right, you’re not going to jury.”

    Please let it happen. Just give America the 9th jury vote.

  12. They should get Amanda out first, so McCrea can realize how much he’s let Amanda run his game and she’s a mean twitch she really is. I can’t believe he wants to be with a person like that!

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