Big Brother 15: McCrae Suggests A Guys Alliance, Guys Decline

McCrae suggests another alliance

It’s been a slow day in the Big Brother 15 as the HGs have settled on a target and the latest alliance, The Exterminators, is anxiously awaiting the chance to secure the HoH power. McCrae, as one of only three remaining HGs not included in this alliance, suggested creating a new all-guys alliance. That didn’t go over so well.

Flashback to earlier tonight at 5:48PM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Andy and Spencer discussing their 4-person alliance. They’re confident Judd isn’t working both sides since McCranda don’t trust him and once Aaryn is gone they’ll have GinaMarie all to themselves.

A few moments later McCrae comes walking in and states, “I dunno. I almost feel like we should make a guys alliance.” Andy immediately says if McCrae wants to work with Judd then this alliance couldn’t include Amanda. McCrae agrees and says Amanda needs to go before him. It’s not the first time McCrae has hinted at that split.

When McCrae expresses concern over Judd or GM winning HoH Andy covers for his Exterminators partner GinaMarie by telling McCrae that she wants to get out his shared target: Elissa. Andy also says she’d probably put up Amanda alongside Elissa. Nice cover actually. If GM does win now Andy has planted the seed to McCrae who will tell Amanda that it’s just a ruse. Of course Amanda would still freak out, but what are you going to do?

Spencer and Andy try to ignore McCrae’s alliance idea and change the subject with mild success. Undeterred, McCrae tries again. He suggests they could casually bring the idea up to Judd when all four guys are alone in the backyard. Spencer says it’s not a bad idea, but Andy jumps in and says he doesn’t want to do anything risky while he’s on the block this week. Spencer adds that McCrae doesn’t need to be worried about making any deals right now and they all agree.

The Exterminators has potential and I’m actually surprised to see that it’s being taken seriously after nearly two whole days. A new record! (I’m kidding. Mostly.)

Should McCrae win HoH on Thursday then I’d look for Andy & Spencer to bring this guys alliance back up. If an Exterminator wins they’ll have to decide if they have the guts to really target McCranda. If Amanda wins HoH then I’d expect Andy to jump back to reform McCrandy with Spencer along for the ride. Thursday is going to be big!

Which alliance do you want to see take control in these final weeks?

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      • Why they’re just going to stab him in the back. The only one that won’t is probably Elissa. Andy and Spencer were already talking about Judd already being evicted.

      • Which is why it would probably be in Judd’s best interest to stick with what Elissa herself called “Julissa.” She won’t turn on him, and she’s a block for him, as she’s always going to be a target for someone.

      • LOL, yeah, true, most of them are gunning for her now. But she’s been able to pull out a VETO win when her back’s been against the wall, so I wouldn’t count her out just yet. Plus, I honestly don’t think Judd or GM would put her up if they win HOH, so we’re just gonna have to see what happens this coming week.

      • I also think she’s safe with GM and Judd. What cracks me up McManda think they will have GM after Aaryn is gone. Watch GM win HOH nominate McManda and Amanda flip out again. She’ll need an entire garbage truck to hide behind.

      • GM does not like Amanda, but she seems to like McCrae a little.

        But I think this is a memory comp for HOH this week. I think the best 3 at this type of comp are Amanda, Andy and Spencer. But Andy and Spencer are saying they will throw it. I bet they are lying because their mouths were moving but if they do throw it, Amanda will be the next HOH.

  1. Horrible idea, the alliance should be Judd, Elissa, GM, and Spencer (just for the numbers, I would rather have Spencer than Andy or McCranda).

    • I totally agree with this idea. Andy is a snake and cannot be trusted by anyone…..look how many alliances he has?

      • I wouldn’t trust Spencer either. He is already talking about throwing the HOH comp. How do you do that if you are in an alliance? Do not trust Spencer or Andy.

        Elissa needs to figure out how to trick them into saving Aaryn and evicting Andy.

      • Andy the sniveling rat threatened to slit his wrists if he is evicted…lets see what he does…what do you all say!! He deserves to go at least Aaryn has won on her own merit and lies

      • Barbara, I don’t think he has the balss to slit his wrist. He is a real little sissy,(pussy). He would have to ask his boyfriend to do it for him and before his boyfriend even got started Andy would bec rying. LOL

      • At this stage in the game, nobody can be trusted…you have to be inuitive, smart, alert and perceptive. The rift between El and Aa is beyond repair. El does not trust Aa and for good reason. Aa leaving will be a good thing for El. She will now have to deal with the wrath of 2 a.m.

    • 1:53am(ish) GM is called away from beer pong…REALLY SOUND LIKE A PHONE CALL …SHE FORGOT TO TURN OF HER MIC….

  2. We have seen McC try to pull Demanda back during the shows, but from what I read here, he is an enabler in the feeds. Could he be serious about jumping ship, or is this an info quest?

    • This sounds like another Amanda scam to infiltrate the rest of the house and find out what’s going on. Anyone who trusts McCrae at this point is stupid. If he wins HOH and puts Amanda on the block, I will believe his story. Otherwise, he has no cred with me.

  3. Judd needs to keep his alliance with Elissa. He’s the low man on the totem poll with the exterminators.

    • If Judd is smart, he trusts Elissa. Does he really want to trust Andy or Spencer? He has to tell Elissa about the Exterminator alliance because if Elissa finds out about it, she will obviously, question Judd’s loyalty! With 7 people left in the house after this week’s eviction—-trust is a very valuable commodity!

      • Have called Judd a dumbass before because of his poor decision making skills. I guess we are due for more disappointment. I want to give Judd the benefit of the doubt that he is playing a better game but, I do not think it is happening!

  4. Dear Production….Amanda better NOT win head of household! Are you listening to us, the viewers, the ones you make your money off of?????

  5. I think Judd is the most likable in the house…but, one thing they could do to improve the BB experience for me is run subtitles when he talks…I really would like to know what he’s saying…

  6. I think McRae sees the writing on the wall. He knows if he or Amanda doesn’t win HOH they are going on the block. Amanda is annoying all the HG with her antics and he knows he is going down with the ship. LOL about time.

  7. Feeds have sure been boring. Can’t wait until Thursday and hope for some drama to unfold. And watching today I could not believe Elissa was acting like Amanda’s BFF. She can’t stand Aaryn because of a couple arguments they had the first week but after Amanda verbally abused her all day yesterday and now she’s telling Amanda I’m going to suntan with you. And they’re playing around in the pool together. All I can say is wow.

      • See I look at it as double standards. After the first couple weeks when Aaryn tried to talk to Elissa just general conversation Elissa wouldn’t even speak to her. But now she’s all BFF’s with Amanda after everything Amanda did to her.

      • It’s absolutely double standards. And also proof that Amanda is playing a game. If she were as evil as everyone seems to believe, Elissa would be treating her like she treats Aaryn. Amanda was Evel Dicking Elissa yesterday.

    • I think Elissa files a lot of things away and doesn’t show too much of her hand. She’ll remember what happened with Amanda…just wonder if she’ll get a chance for revenge…

      • IF GM gets HOH she will. We can only hope that all the complaints to CBS about Amanda have paid off. But they go for ratings and right now she is bringing them.

    • Elissa has to co-exist in the house with these people for the next week or so. What is she suppose to do, go crawl in a corner and hide for nine days? She knows there is a new hoh coming, so why rock the boat, It pays for her to play nice for a while

      • I see your point. Not sure what Elissa is up to. But I do not think this is sincere. Maybe its a little of “keep your enemies closer”. Elissa should be careful not to make herself a bigger target by getting too close to Amanda.

      • They both were probably told by dr to start acting civil. Maybe they even “hinted” that America did not like the fighting. Maybe that is why amandass finally got up and started cleaning. Even though I don’t believe it, and I am sure Elissa doesn’t, but maybe amandass is trying to redeem herself. Just like Aaryn did, or tried to do. I think she is fake as well

      • I agree she needs to seek security going forward, but Amanda is not the right place to go. She is currently the target of the house. And Amanda is not going to fall for Elissa trying to befriend her either. That’s not happening.

        I think Elissa’s best play is to try to save Aaryn if she can and make a deal with Aaryn. Its a long shot but Aaryn, GM and Judd are better partners for her than Amanda.

  8. Next summer CBS needs to revamp BB to make it more interesting:
    1) cast better HGs
    2) build a new BB house
    3) have better comps and twists

    • The guys are a mixed group of shapes & sizes, but the girls are all short skirts & 4-inch heels. How about adding some “real women” to the mix next time? A grandmother, a soldier, a farmer/rancher.

      • You got it. They used to have a mixture. I think they should attach a trailer and put a house mother (or father) to go in there and yank their chain.

      • Well said Kim. But I’d argue that even the guys have a little too much in the ”young stud” or ”yuppy” dept. How’s about an older (physically fit) guy who might just whip the butts of the younger less experienced guys?

      • Great example Kim (and Survivor is FAR more physical a game than BB is). Heck I see people in their 50’s & 60’s whipping by me when I’m running 5km & 10km races!

    • I think all that’s going to happen is either there will be no live feeds or at least limited feeds. The so-called fans have caused a lot of problems this year and when families start being threatened… that’s a liability no one wants to take on.

      • Fans need to calm down. NO excuse for threating a family. We may not like HG but families are not responsible for how these idiots are acting.

      • Agreed. When people forget this is just a television show, it’s not the people on the show who are in need of help.

    • The absolute #1 problem with this season is the young age of the cast. 2 people older than 30, no one older than 37. And people wonder why they’re immature?

    • Let’s simply get back to real people (not part time models & actors) who have actually auditioned to be on the show! It’s become nothing more than ”The Real World – Part 2” (every year getting closer to Jersey Shore). If people want TnA tv, or Frat Party Unlimited, just watch the Euro-versions of Big Brother there’s tons of that offered. I’d like to see everyday people from different ages, different cultures, different parts of the country…etc competing (and allying) with one another.

  9. Please “production” let Judd or GM win HOH. I want to see a major meltdown from Amanda (again). She will be in GM’s face so fast. The great think GM will be right back in hers!

      • I think this is why there seems to be a lot o trashing of the season this year. We are always picking the lesser of two evils. No matter who wins, evil comes out on top!

      • GinaMarie is worse. What Amanda has said is vile, but GinaMarie told Candice that her mother doesn’t love her live on national television. That’s beyond repugnant.

  10. I can’t wait for the reunion once the show is over. That’s when we’ll see some real fireworks!!! I love it when Julie allows the evicted house guests not on the jury to share what they’ve seen and heard in the real world. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

    • I bet they tell Aaryn, Amanda and GM before hand that they have lost their jobs. I wouldn’t but CBS will.

      • I’m sure your probably right but CBS won’t pass on an opportunity to air the house guests reactions to that news and then allow the victims of the harrassment to share their thoughts or express their disgust while being boosted by the applause of an audience.

  11. Being relatively new on here, but having followed the show for a long time, are there any true Andy fans here? If so, why?

    • I was, for a little while. I enjoyed watching his diary room sessions. I even liked Amanda for a long time, for the same reason as that she presented as a comedic person. Needless to say, that has changed. My friends and I are planning an Eviction Party for the day Amanda leaves for the Jury House.

      • I liked Amanda the most, at first, thought she was hilarious…couldn’t figure out the boyfriend connection with pizza boy, but, to each their own. Then she became crazy and I couldn’t believe how sick she was. Andy is just too big a liar for me…I liked him at first, as well, then realized his game play was to not pick a side, or to keep being besties with the reigning HOH….and his crying all the time turned me totally off. I agree with the eviction party idea…

      • It just goes to show you can only hide your true character for so long. Once she got control the true Amanda came out.

      • Yeah Amanda’s edit for the first few weeks was really funny and made her seem like a victim of Elissa and the other ”cool kids” in the house.

      • Oh my, he’s nothing like Shelly. She was pushed from side to side because she knew she was the odd man out. Andy actually ENJOYS in going from side to side and pitting them against one another. The only reason he wasn’t ratted out this season was because there’s been nothing but backdoor planning every single day with no ”down time” for people to rest on a plan. Andy then simply goes and tells the other side what’s coming (in the guise of being their ”friend”). But for whatever reason NOBODY, not one single person, has bothered to put 2 & 2 together and realize ANDY is behind all the secrets of the house being shared with one another…. it’s crazy.

  12. Let’s face it. We all thought McCrae would be the Ian 2.0 and had his chance with the Moving Company, but he’s been a complete wreck since hooking up with Amanda. Only ones worthy to win are Elissa and Judd.

    • Actually none of them are worthy.
      In summary:
      Judd – disrespectful to women
      Elissa – catty
      Amanda – racist, catty, hurtful
      McCrae – Amanda’s puppy dog
      Spencer – racist homophobic pervert. Possible pedophile.
      GinaMarie – racist, hurtful
      Aaryn – racist
      Andy – pathalogical liar. As in, beyond the scope of “lying is part of the game.”

    • I disagree, Elissa, by all rights should have been the first person evicted from the house for being the only houseguest that had a “sister” already win big brother. Then the fiasco, with her getting the “FAKE” MVP award over and over (obviously a set up by production)… it only makes sense that the biggest missed opportunity of the season happened in week “ONE” when Elissa was not evicted… WTF, she doesn’t even have enough interest in the game to stay in the jury house until the end…. LOSER…

      • Here is the thing about that MVP award. You say it was set up by production for Elissa to get it? then why did they suddenly switch and give it to America the last 3 weeks it was in play? To me that means that production realized they massively screwed up with that ‘twist’ and were doing anything they could to make a correction.

      • They changed it to get Aaryn out after the racism fiasco. But that failed over and over and Aaryn eventually “redeemed’ herself. It had little to do with taking power from Elissa.

      • I disagree. As I’ve maintained since the first week America was MVP, they changed it because it was going to Elissa every week and the entire point of the twist had been torpedoed by the Reilly Army. The twist itself was at least somewhat a brilliant idea. It would have injected drama into the game. But Elissa kept getting it every week so they were like ‘well then we mine as well give it to America because the vote will end up this way no matter what’. Elissa has wanted Aaryn out for weeks because Aaryn was bitchy to Elissa, so wouldn’t it have made MORE sense to try and let Elissa take Aaryn out?

      • I can’t believe they didn’t have a clue that Elissa would get the votes every week. I predicted that as soon as the twist was revealed, before the first show ever aired. They know exactly how America votes. This twist was meant to keep her in the game until she was able to gain traction, so as to prevent the HGs from turning on her.

        Who else would have received the votes? We know from past seasons that when America votes, it chooses the nice person or the returning HG over the strategist. This twist would have ended at some point anyway when Elissa was safe, and the fact that Aaryn became hated took the target off Elissa’s back and gave production a reason to give the power to America. And America did what was expected. It targeted hated people. (The only reason Elissa was nominated once was because a large minority voted for her out of spite for the twist, and the top vote-getters were already on the block.)

      • But again; Elissa has wanted Aaryn out for WEEKS. If production allowed ‘Merica to try to take out Aaryn then no one in the house gets a “boost” from getting her out. If they let Elissa take Aaryn out (by allowing her to keep getting MVP) they give her a boost without having to directly step in and do it. They can just plead ignorance, even if it’s not believable.

      • Elissa was MVP three times. Not once did she put up Aaryn. At that point, production didn’t care who got a boost. They wanted the Aaryn controversy to end. The house took out Kaitlyn instead, and that’s when the spotlight shifted from Aaryn to Amanda. Aaryn was pretty quiet for awhile, at least until she flipped Candice’s bed. But other than that, she’s not been the same as she was at the beginning, and everyone’s been focused on Amanda. And by that time, Elissa was safe and was going to last long enough to keep Brenchel’s army watching ads.

  13. Nobody have a heart attack or anything but, Amanda has been cleaning for the last couple hours. OMG

  14. There for a while it looked like they were getting out all the guys but now the tables have turned and it’s the girl’s turn to be getting evicted one after another.

  15. This season is wrong on so many levels. None of these “players” deserve to win other than Judd or Elyssa and that doesn’t say much. This game is about wits and yes manipulation not abuse, bullying or fear based. It should also have courage, class and the ability to be a chameleon. And play with integrity or honest duplicity.

    • I’ve been saying this a lot recently but Judd & Elissa aren’t the choir boy (Judd) and sweetheart (Elissa) that they’re portrayed as being. I count them among those that don’t deserve it. Judd is pretty much just a jerk and is extremely disrespectful to women; Elissa is catty, not on Amanda’s level but that doesn’t make it right.

      • It’s hard to really decide who ”deserves” to win when it comes to reality tv RedSx. Apart from what we see on live feeds (which are time delayed, moderately censored, and carefully selected) we really don’t know what’s going on and who people really are. We (the fans) always need to carry a bit of humility and wisdom to know that what we see isn’t really a complete picture of anyone in the house. Having said that, there are a few noticeable behaviour patterns from most of the house guests that makes me agree with you on them not really ”deserving” the money (but that’s only my opinion).

    • Well said Michael. Let’s not forget that tv is just a form of entertainment at the end of the day… having said that, even the Romans needed the Colosseum to keep their empire from falling apart.

  16. has anyone noticed that the 4 that have lost their jobs are the ones that talk about their jobs.

  17. Elissa needs to go to the end, she is the only one in the house with a mind of her own, she has the guts to take on the power …… McC and Amanda….. plus I don’t trust any of the others except perhaps Judd.

  18. Yes GM was on a phone call while still having her microphone On…1:53am .BB#15=LAST SEASON…MAYBE THEY(CBS) CAN HAVE CHARLIE SHEEN SHOW THEM HOW THEY’RE “WINNING!!!”

  19. McCrea has never had a chance, we haven’t even seen him yet. When Amanda goes he may come out and play like the others……..he knows and has said hooking up with her is hurting his game…….I like him, let’s just see what happens. Why did Andy look better in makeup?lol

    • Hi Debra, yes I’d agree that we haven’t seen the real McCrae yet. On the other hand, although having Amanda around is hurting his game in one aspect, the other side is that he may not have gotten this far if he wasn’t in the ”McCramdy” threesome. Having 2 votes in this game (vs. your own vote) is powerful…but having 3 votes? That’s almost complete control over a house of people who want to follow whatever you tell them to. So at this point in time he might need to separate himself from Amanda, but I’d say she’s been his shield and his saving grace up until this point in time. My hope is that he’s been using Amanda as a shield and that he’s just as happy going to the finals with Judd as he would be anyone else.

      • Matt true that! But I believe that everyone thinks he has been riding her coat tails, and I think he got in to deep to early with Amanda. He has to run around after her and do damage control all the time. With her gone, we will see how he really wanted to play the game. I really liked Judd too, but he hasn’t had any real game play yet. And he “made out with Aaron, so that goes against him, lol. ewwww I wish that the next BB has a mix of ages too………why does everyone have to be so young? I am 50 and could go in here and kick butt! Sick of stupid youth, let’s mix it up BB!

    • Also it’s not like he couldn’t have secured himself the safety to dump Amanda the two times she went up if he had tried to; people were scared of Amanda because of numbers, and if her closest ally bailed on her to join a new alliance, most of the others probably would have followed suit. He had a lot of chances, but got complacent.

      • Well I saw a part {actually 2 parts} where he said, he knew it was not a good thing between him and Amanda, and he told many he would vote her out if needed. But everyone else was afraid of her…… he fell in line. Why should he rock the boat, the target is mostly on her! Now is the time for him to make his move……we will see.

      • He could have solved that by not being passive and literally saying “I want this woman out,” and then making a point to show people that he meant it. Instead he was okay with voting her out but wasn’t going to try too hard to make it happen, and I don’t blame the others HGs for not wanting to bank on someone that wishy-washy about voting out his ally.

  20. I got so irritated watching them play beer pong on bbad. First-Amanduh made them play if they wanted any alcohol at all. Second-she was too stupid to listen to the others about putting water in the cups BECAUSE with that little alcohol available, I would be pissed with the amount that is lost from spills and splashes. Plus, I wouldn’t want to drink after most of them touching the ball, etc (I.e. McC being dirty, Spencer scratching his junk, and Amanduh is just all over gross).

    I must be just completely irritated with these hgs to be complaining about something this petty….

  21. Poor Andy is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that pretty much every viewer thinks that he is a rat.

  22. Was at Jokers Updates and I read that Judd, Spencer, Gina Marie and Andy are going to target Elissa this week. So, what happened to the plan to target McCrae and Amanda? If this is true then, Judd has betrayed Elissa! I hope Elissa wins POV this coming week then, nominates Judd with Andy next week if she wins HOH! That is pathetic game play when you still have McCrae, Amanda and Andy in an alliance and Elissa is the target! I hope Elissa dominates the next HOH and POvs and starts taking out the clowns starting with Judd. His double DD I guess means double dealing as well as double dumb!

    • I don’t get these people’s strategies at all.

      “Oh hey, rather than break up a huge alliance at this stage of the game, let’s go after a lone person in the house instead. Yeah, that’ll help us win this thing.” >___>

      • Don’t really see the logic in that either. You have 7 people left with Big Threats still in the house and you target someone who has no allies? Maybe, not such a bad idea for McCrae or Amanda to win HOH, if they put up Elissa and Judd—-hopefully, Elissa wins POV and Judd can go back to the jury house and take his stupidity with him! He obviously, has not learned anything from his last eviction!

    • if that is the case then they are a bunch of very stupid people just give the money to the gross duo and lets be done with it at this point maybe the rumors that Amanda is the one that will win it all just sounding more llike truth then paranoia

    • I’d like to think that this is a false rumor, but with the way the play has been going this year, it is probably true.
      They should have a half hour show following the evection, featuring real gamers from past seasons like … Mike B, Ethan, Brittney, Dr. Will that recaps the play during the last week. They would have a field day with these assholes!

      • It is highly suspicious the way Judd is playing which can lead only to the conclusion that Judd has betrayed Elissa!

    • With a name that has “Joker” in its title. Can you Really take their reporting as the absolute truth??

    • Gellie, you are back again with Elissa batching simply because you are related to your racist HG Aaryn, please get off your high horse and use your brain and not your butt, go get a life. You need to call a spade a spade when you see how Aaryn treated Elissa and Candice in the house, I suppose you also think that it was wrong for Aaryn’s employer to fire her, right! if you do, why not pick a fight with her employer

      • Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you a prime example of a Big Brother cat lady. Take notes, folks!

  23. Yes the Romans did and even the slaves had a a code of conduct. Playing a game doesn’t mean you have to be scum…look at Will, he was scum but made it fun! No bullying or crass words.. just fun. No one in this game is having fun! They’re a reflection of our society… depressing, no humor and full of hate.

  24. And living in constant fear. Bring back the fun! That’s what you get with a bunch of boring white kids. No flavour. No maturity. No diversity. No intelligence…= no interest.

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