Big Brother 15 – Counting The Votes In Week 9

GinaMarie counts the votes

We’re closing in on the next Big Brother 15 eviction and with the final nominations set we can confidently say which HG will be the next to join the Jury house. Of course that won’t stop HGs from campaigning, as they rightfully should, but it’s unlikely to change a thing at this point. Read on for the spoilers or steer clear if you want to remain surprised for the next two episodes.

Elissa’s final nominations are now set with Aaryn and Andy on the block. McCrae was saved at Monday’s Veto Ceremony when Amanda used the PoV. Despite all his fake tears and panicky methods Andy still went up on the block as Elissa’s insurance plan to make guarantee Aaryn left the game.

There will be five total votes this week with no chance of a tie-breaker by Elissa. Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd, McCrae, and Spencer will be voting on Thursday night.

Amanda tried everything she could think of, including harassing Elissa for an entire afternoon, in an attempt to avoid having two members of the 3AM alliance on the block, but it didn’t work. Now McCranda will have to decide which to vote against. Amanda has repeatedly pushed for Aaryn to stay, but McCrae doesn’t trust her and wants her gone.

It doesn’t really matter what Amanda wants because Andy has his own plan for survival: The Exterminators. Made up of four HGs (Andy, GinaMarie, Judd, & Spencer) the Exterminators promised to protect and vote to keep whichever one of them went up on the block. That means Andy has three votes and that’s all it takes.

Earlier in the week Aaryn realized her game was sunk and even instructed GM to vote against her so she could go with the house. GM was already planning to do this but now she had explicit permission to do so. Since then we have seen Aaryn campaign again including throwing other HGs under the BB bus, but it hasn’t changed a thing.

Watch for Aaryn to be evicted on Thursday night by a count of 5-0. She’ll become the 4th member of the Jury as we march toward the September 18th finale.

Who do you expect to be voted out this week? Vote in the poll below.


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  1. Aaryn is still a ♥ goddess ♥ She is too good for these horrible people. #Save Aaryn

    • I agree 100% this season has been very painful to watch and most of this hg are morons ignorant people and as much as I despise this word stupid it looks like again they will be gunning for Elissa with Maccranda yet save again if this happens I will really be done with BB it is becoming disgusting

    • might be the only way you could get them to shower and change their clothes to something that is not off of their disgusting floor…in a room where they have sex in front of other house guests and the cameras…really nice people …NOT

  2. I know it would be a shock if the house changed their minds a day before the eviction, but I still think a lot can happen today. Andy has slipped up several times in the last couple of days with his lies. Are Spencer and Judd going to realize it? What if GM does approach Elissa about saving Aaryn and divulges the Exterminators alliance in the process? Aaryn has told GM multiple times not to trust Andy and she told Judd Andy was in the same alliance with McCrana that she was.

    Will Elissa wake up and realize she is alone now and needs to find people to work with for her own safety? All it takes is a DR session to change things up as wee have seen in the past.

    • It would take a miracle. I would love for Howdy Doody to go but now GM is pissed at Aaryn because in Aaryn trying to stay she told McCranda that GM and Spencer were after them. Which by the way is the truth. And as always Amanda and her big mouth tell Spencer and GM. GM cracks me up she’s all pissed off saying Aaryn is supposed to be her friend so why is she lying. Gee GM first of all she’s telling the truth and second didn’t you just spend most of the week kissing Elissa’s ass and throwing Aaryn under the bus. What a stupid hypocrite. Then Spencer saying nobody believes you Aaryn. What a pig. He’s the biggest lying floating pig in the house. Disgusting comments again last night. I had to turn the feeds off.

  3. It would have been sweet irony for Eviction night to be tonight on the 50th anniversary of MLKs I have a dream speech. Although her leaving on Elissas HOH is good enough for me. Anxiously awaiting her exit interview w Julie Chen.

    • I don’t think we are going to get what we want. It’s been a long time since Aaryn has misbehaved and I am betting Julie will only skirt around it. She is going to ask, “why do you think Elissa disliked you so much?” type of questions.She may even flatter her with softball statements about her 4 HOHs.

      • Prince, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen her misbehave. Editing and live feeds don’t tell the whole picture, so I’m relying on some truth in what the house guests say when they’ve mentioned: ”Wow, Aaryn is probably in a lot of trouble for the things she’s said these past few weeks.” (Implies attitude ongoing).

      • I admit I haven’t seen all of the live feeds so I may not be aware of everything. But it has been a while since CBS aired any of it on the live shows. I have not changed my opinion of Aaryn at all. I still think she is a vain, superficial, angry person and is just too aware of race for my taste.

      • I think it’s because she has kept it to a minimum although with the extent of the damage she caused to herself, it would be tough repairing her image.

      • We really don’t know if her mom’s publicist had let her know about stuff especially that in essence of the game, she is not allowed contact from the outside world except for production.

        And I think on the record, the PR guy is supposed to spin things after she comes out of the house not while she is inside.

      • I doubt that her PR guy has been in touch with her…!!!! He is getting ready to deal with the backlash she is gonna get on the “outside”….well deserved backlash…!!!

      • Exactly, when they were talking last night they kept cutting feeds to the fish. MLK was being mentioned and they were prob afraid something bad would be said. With these people I sure something bad was said.

      • She’s said very little but all they can talk about is Aaryn. GM, Amanda and Spencer make racist, disgusting rude remarks all day long.

      • Julie said she will challenge Aaryns behavior and address her very disturbing comments with a level of compassion.We will see.

      • excuse me while I laugh…NO WAY.. And it was Aaryn who went after Elissa long before Elissa went after her….!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH….

      • Well I really dont think Julie can say too much,on Aaryn behavior,because, she,s going to jury,but it would be sweet, if she gives her a hint about her racist attitude. maybe she,ll have some time ,while at the jury house, to think about who she has become. FAT CHANCE

    • Me too…I hope Julie tells her like it is…Julie said it all on her talk show, so I hope she lets this ugly girl hear it…!!!!

    • Say it again,sister, Aaryn,s eviction comes on a sweet day. I have a dream speech. I wish Julie, would let her know, of this special day.

  4. Aaryn…don’t let the door hit you where…. Been wanting you out since day 5!!! Next…let’s get Amanda and McCrae!

  5. Hope there is a Pandora’s Box where Elissa can choose to evict one of them or both of them. I would so love for Andy to go out the door tonight.

  6. I hope aaryn does leave and I can’t wait until she finds out what has happened to her since she has been on BB. Loving every minute of it

    • I imagine there will be an audience of CBS employee’s again so there isn’t any booing or outburstI whenAaryn leaves.Julie probably won’t go into as much as we would like her to since she will be going to jury.I would love to see Pandora’s box gives Elissa some extra good to use.Just no Jesse.

    • She won’t find out till the show is over though! She deserves to be boo’ed when she leaves!! CBS…listen up…SHE DESERVES IT!

  7. Well Andy will be misinformed to think he is staying because of his “eliminators”, he is only staying because everyone else already wanted Aaryn out and planned it that way, so it had nothing to do with him

  8. Aaryn is a horrible person and should have been evicted a long time ago! I cant wait until she finally finds out she lost her job!!! Maybe then she will take a good look at the person she is and change her ways!!!!!

  9. Aaryn is a racist pig with very odd eyebrows… And is also a mindless twit who let wack job do her thinking….

    • You forgot smoking HOT. And everybody is racist about something or group or whatever. It is part of life why not on BB. Isn’t it suppose to be everyday people?

      • It may be part of life in America, but I think people have a problem with rewarding it by giving people a spot as a contestant on a show where she can win $500,000.

      • I agree but then nobody deserves it. Some of them are 10 times worse then Aaryn. I don’t agree with her behavior but she’s the only one people talk about.

  10. This has been the most boring week in the most boring BB season in 14 years. What is needed is a new production company to liven up what was once a great show.

  11. Why is are people so hateful about Elissa?? Cause she is pretty ? Clean? Not vulgar???? I like her I hope she wins.. And she has inspired me to do some yoga lol. I like Judd too although the stuff he said about Jessie was a little yuck and I was surprised. Dinged his character a little for me . As ANNOYING as he is Andy is actually the best player

    • I hated her in the begining of the game because everybody new that she did nothing but being Rachel’s sister to get int he house. Then on top of that BB comes up with the MVE to help her thru the first 3 weeks. But now even I am rooting for LiverLips

      • My father told me many years ago “it’s not how you got the job that counts, it is how you keep it”. Elissa may have got the job because she is Rachel’s siser but it has been up to her to stay in the house. Being Rachel’s sister has only hurt her game and made her a target and really hasn’t been any help at all.

      • Really. The whole MVP twist. The fact they put all the high value cards in Elisa’s lane for that one veto, and several other times they have done things to give her an unfair advantage. All because she is Rachel ri.ey’s sister. And I’m sorry but your father is wrong. It does matter how you get a job. If you get a job based on who you know not what you know you have NO right to be there

      • Okay, I already dealt with this back then but it looks like some people need a refresher. Elissa’s lane was not “stacked with high value cards” so she would win the POV. Elissa found 1 card worth 20 points which enabled her to beat Judd who found a card worth 18 points. That was the margin of victory so all of Judd’s other cards were the same value as all of Elissa’s other cards. The rest of the contestants had similar cards as well. Remember too Aaryn refused to stick her face in the mud and McCrae chose to keep a card worth 0 points because it got him $5,000.

        You Elissa haters are just so, “ridiculous” as Elissa would say. Yes, she got on the show because she is Rachel’s sister. So what? Do you know precisely why all the other contestants go on the show in all of the other seasons?

      • So what do you call letting her have 2 suitcases when everyone else gets one or she wouldn’t do the show? What do you call letting her have a down comforter when she was a have not? And also they were talking about comp rules and nobody was supposed to sit on the platform in the HOH comp but Elissa did and oh guess what she won. I’d say production favors Elissa and she knows it. Example: “I’m Rachels sister and production is not going to let me go home”.

      • No, it really doesn’t matter how you get a job, look around at the people you work with. Many of them are there because someone in the company knew them and recommended them, they are there are getting a paycheck like everyone else. If they can’t do the work they get sacked.

        You have no way of knowing if the competitionrs are rigged in favor of Elissa, when she wins you assume it is because production helped her, your assumptions do not make it true.

        The MVP twist didn’t really help and it put a target on her ( because she was dumb enough to,let people know she won it – her biggest mistake in the game ).

    • Because CBS has time and time again done thing to give here an upper hand. If she does get a Pandora’s box his week I will be extremely angry. Just another way for CBS to try to hand her the game

    • Because she’s a spoiled bitch that thinks she’s better then everyone. Because she gets special treatment from production. Because she says just as much crap only she’s sneakier and quiet about it. She lies all the time. She whines about everything. Just last night she’s whining why didn’t I get PB I thought for sure they would give it to me. Why you Prelissa? I could go on and on but do you get the picture?

    • Do you read the comments here? Its like Elissa’s fan club around here. I dont have anything against her, i just dont like how she was given an unfair advantage throughout the beginning of the game. I also dont like that she threatens to leave when things dont go her way.

  12. I read that Amanda has lost her job as well… If you find her web page you can email her employer which I’m sure they are getting slammed. How humiliating . I wish they would tell them this stuff so we can see reaction. I think we deserve that lol

    • Amanda has NOT lost her job. Her other, who is her partner, temporarily suspended her daughter’s license because of all the hate mail her family has been getting.

  13. Survivor producer Mark Burnett wants Elissa removed from BB for leaking game info on the live feeds about the new Survivor which premieres in a few weeks. What we see on the feeds and on the three weekly CBS programs is like watching two entirely different shows. BB this summer has been a disgrace and a slap in the face to all its fans and viewers.

      • Yesterday, Elissa revealed something like, “I was told that Hayden was in the F4. then it went to fish. lol That’s a major spoiler, and that’s not good.

      • The shooting of survivor could be over by now and I think Elissa knew that information before coming to BB. I’m not sure, but people have connections that’s they get leaks

      • I remember an interview with one of the winner, I think it was on Letterman, and he was saying the hardest part was to wait 3 or 4 months before finding out if he had won. So they do tape pretty early. I think when they have the finale for the fall show, the spring one is already in the can.

      • Exactly. Survivor is different from BB. They have thousands and thousands of hours to edit for a 1 hour show. . Imagine, just setting up those Immunity Comps.etc.etc.

      • How do you get that dark print? I mean bold print. I don’t want to sound racist. Lol

      • Go back to the Disqus page and search for info on HTML. There a page that give you all the HTML code that can be use on Disqus forum.


      • I don’t even know where that site is. I think I’m registered because I get emails from it but when I post on these sites I go through the BB Network. I’m terrible when it comes to computers. My son gets frustrated with me when I have to call him to help me with something. Lol. Believe it or not I do have a Masters Degree but very ignorant with modern technology.

      • That’s because you’re a people person. You must be a good nurse.
        In case you want to try it’s Disqus dot com.

      • I would have to flash back but I thought she said she knew because of people from CBS. But I’m not sure.

      • Except for BB,I know that most of Reality shows are taped per season. Leakes comes out all the time. Last year of Survivor I already knew the booting order half way of the season.

      • I went to the Survivor blood vs water and found a spoiler site that said the final 3 winners and the person she named was not one of the nfinal 3

      • There are a lot of spoiler sites. Last years Survivor leak from Jokers was so accurate The boot order was right on the money.

      • I am missing something. Elissa was talking about the Survivor show that hasn’t started yet? This story sounds more ridiculous the more I hear. Why would Mark Burnett basically admit what Elissa is saying is true by going after her in Big Brother? And where did Elissa get this information in the first place, assuming it is true? It seems to me Mark Burnett as a leaker in his production company. Elissa is the least of his problems.

      • Did you know that, a lot of Reality shows are done shooting before the Primiere night? Yes! Last year, Joker’s leak was 100% correct. It hasnt even started.

      • I don’t know much about Survivor, but I do know that when they pretape shows, like the Apprentice, every one is bound by contract to secrecy about who the final 2 are before the last show to decide the winner. Its possible Survivor ahs taped already, but again, if Elissa knows, Mark Burnett’s problem is with his production company, not with Elissa.

      • Survivor is always taped several months in advance. Why do you think they always look so different in the live show at the end of the season then they do during the show

      • If Elissa heard it from someone on the show or affiliate the show, nothing will happen. If someone on the show told her he/she would be in trouble, not Elissa. At worst she would be called as a witness. But before that happens, the Survivor producers would have to prove they were harmed.

    • How would Elissa know anything about the new Survivor show outside of what is already public?

    • Please get her removed or even better wait until she leaves the show and sue her for every self righteous dime she has. It would be great to see someone who complains about having to wait too long outide of her penthouse for her limo to pick her up ending up penny less

      • So you don’t like her because you think she is wealthy? And please enlighten me. On what grounds can someone sue Elissa for every self righteous dime she has? I cannot wait to hear this explanation.

      • Have you ever heard of something called breech of contract. They are all under a contract and if the producers of survivor can prove that she breech her contract by reviling privileged information then they can sue her for millions. And to answer your question the reason I don’t like her is she is a self righteous b****. The fact that she complains because she has to wait too long for her limo just puts icing on the cake when there are millions of people who struggle to feed their families

      • I knew you’re not a lawyer, because it’s “Breach of Contract” not Breech…so you’re claim is all non sense to me

      • Oh no everyone. Watch out the spelling police are on the prowl! News flash this is a social media site not a law journal! I never claimed to be a lawyer. Simply stated why I felt she deserved to be sued. What she did was wrong and she deserves to be punished for it. If you can’t understand that, you obviously don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together

      • I’m sure part of that contract would consist of not revealing information of another CBS program.

      • But she isn’t affiliated with Survivor at all. You would want to go after the cbs employee who gave up that information. What Elissa said was heresay.

      • Then again CBS don’t produce a lot of their shows in-house especially if they’re not under CBS TV Studios. BB’s under Endemol and Survivor’s from Bunnim/Murray.

        A lot of the CBS reality vets who’d like to cross over to each others’ show would have to sign a new contract and so far, BB hasn’t supplied any players to Survivor, only to TAR. Same goes for Survivor and TAR for BB.

      • In a way, yeah. :))

        Elissa: “I heard that in an upcoming episode of CSI. someone’s like going to die…”
        Candice: “Someone always die in every episode of CSI, little boo.”

      • To be fair, Survivor spoilers have always been up and about ahead of the show itself, especially in the country where Survivor has been doing three seasons with so a lot can be leaked and spread out like wildfire.

      • I know, I’ve been exposed to a few over the year. I always try to avoid them, it’s not like BB.

      • And Elissa doesn’t have firsthand knowledge so I doubt she’s that much of an insider.

        Although those reality show celebs that appear on Celebrity BB in the UK say stuff about their own shows that could really get them fired. That’d be fun hehe

      • Spoilers and leaks happens all the time, and they can”t do anything about it. They have insiders. That’s who, they should go after. Last year’s Survivor, somebody in Jokers published the Boot Order list half way of the season.

      • What did she do? You don;t even know if what she said is true or not.

        If you are afraid of the spelling police, should should be really afraid of the nonsensical police.

      • I check in the dictionary, and you and Cyril are both right, it’s breach, not breech.

      • I don’t normally correct somebody’s spelling. I have a lot of them, but when you’re talking about legal term and acting like you have full knowledge of the law. How can you convince me that you understand “Breach of Contract” when you can’t even spell Breach.

      • thats ridiculous. We’re on a forum, not in a courtroom. The idea behind what was said is correct. Breech or breach, we all know what they meant.

      • Hold on a minute while I laugh at you.

        Okay. Let me respond to your post. Why would Elissa be under contract with CBS for the Survivor show? When did she become aware of this information and who told her? Is it even true? If the information is supposed to be such a secret, why would they tell Elissa? Nothing you said makes any sense. Especially the breach of contract point.

        Finally, to sue someone for money you have to prove you were harmed in some way. Mark Burnett would have to prove that somehow, Elissa mentioning this piece of information on the live feeds had a financial impact on him. That’s not even possible since the show has not aired. And after it airs, if he has lower ratings on the show he would have to prove it was because Elissa said something on the BB live feeds.

        You don’t like her and you wish her harm. I think we understand you.

      • Did you get picked on by the pretty girls in school and now you want to take it out on Elissa. How is wishing Elissa life to fall apart going to make your life better. That’s just mean, you are a mean girl!!!

      • Oh did I touch a nerve. Is your limo late to pick you up? i have worked hard for every dime I have and so yes it makes me mad when others get something for nothing. The only reason she is on this show is because of who her sister is. The women broke the rules and broke her contract and deserves to be punished. How does that make me a mean girl? People are calling aaryn the devil and saying they hope Amanda dies but I am evil because I want Elissa to be punished for breaking the rules. Ya that makes sense

      • Stop interpreting law, when you know nothing about. Talk about something that you are sure. Don’t embarrass your self.,,,breach of contract my a*s

      • Why because I told you to get over yourself. You come in here spouting that I know nothing about the law because I misspelled a word. You need to get off your high hose and realize you are far from the sharpest tool in the shed! I have no more time to argue with ignorance!

      • ooohhhhh thank you Captain for the rescue….LOL

        It’s quiet right now, but I think it’s gonna be a landslide….then the HOH Comp..cant’ll be exciting again. Hey do you watch Rob has a ..go watch it’s Rachel and Brendon interview.

      • Hh thank God.. Back to BB. I thought I was on a Survivor Board instead of BB. Thank you for bringing be back!

      • I WANT IT RIGHT NOW !!!!! Can you Fedex it Lavendargirl? please..I’m ready to drink “Super Unleaded ” lol

      • So you are the only person in the world who works hard. You don’t know how hard she works. You sound like a very bitter person. Judging from your picture if you don’t think Elissa is pretty what do you think of yourself.

      • What at least I have a picture up you are odiously to embarrassed of your looks to put a picture up at all. I never claimed to be pretty but when you have had more plastic surgery on your lips than most of the Hollywood actresses combined it doesn’t make you pretty it makes you pathetic

    • Elissa spills information regarding Survivor and they want her gone. Ironic!

      All the other HGs can make all type of racist, homophobic slurs and child porno comments to this day and that is OK, Mr. Burnett no mention of your outrage or thoughts of removal. Oh well.

      Agree,” BB this summer has been a disgrace and a slap in the face to all its fans and viewers”.

    • I heard her say about Hayden being in final 4 but where did you hear Mark Burnett wanted her off BB?

  14. I’m a visible minority, but aaryn saying why are the white fish always on top where as the black fish were on bottom is more of a fact than a racist comment. Cause at that time the white fish were mostly on top! CBS portrayed that monument wrong

    • A normal person would say, look at that, the black hang out the bottom. They’re fish.
      Aaryn ask are they segregated. Take a racist to the bone to think like that.

      • That’s pretty well your explanation of Aaryns fish comment being racist. She pointed out colors, and people got pissed.

      • Go back and read carefully my post, I highligthed the important word for you. If that doesn’t clue you, then there’s nothing more I can say.

      • Segregation doesnt mean racist, its simply a term used to describe two things being separated for whatever reason – be it interests, appearance, etc. The fact is, those black fish were segregating themselves from the white fish. Its not racist, its a mere observation. Take it for what its worth.

      • If you don’t see it them you’re just like her. Oblivious.
        Normal people don’t think of segregation when looking at fish in an aquarium. Take a racist to think like that.

      • I hate to question your intelligence… but just because that word may not be part of your repertoire in the outside world doesnt mean it isnt for everyone else… Bottom line, she used it correctly in that particular situation. If you dont understand that, then you’re the one who’s oblivious.

    • She said a lot more than that. That comment came after everyone was already sensitive to Aaryn’s racist remarks.

      • but that shouldnt matter. the black fish were at the bottom of the tank… Thats like getting sensitive over someone saying their coffee cup is black.

  15. Finally, Aaryn will be evicted! It’s going to be an eviction worth watching. Though, I wish she was evicted before jury so Julie could tell her information from the outside world but I’ll settle for this.

  16. I love how everyone keeps talking about how great Elissa is because she is getting rid of aaryn. Elissa is only getting rid off her as a personal attack. I so can’t wait until aaryn is sitting in the jury house next week and laughs in Elisa’s face when so walks in the jury house. Personal moves don’t get your far in this game!

    • In a way it is personal but it’s also a great gameplay move! It is one less in the 3AM alliance, and it’s the one person in the 3AM alliance who’s actually won multiple HOH competitions. Getting Aaryn out may be personal to Elissa as it was for Aaryn when she tried to get Elissa out multiple times but it’s also a good move for Elissa.

      • I might believe that except for 2 things:
        1. She doesn’t know anything about the 3am alliance
        2. She said in her nomination speech that aaryn had made the house a living nightmmare and now it was aaryn s turn to feel the pain. If that isn’t a personal reason i don’t know what is

      • She may not know they call themselves the 3am alliance but she knows Aaryn and Andy are working with Amanda. She and Helen talked about that last week before Helen was evicted.

        So it’s personal, so what? Its personal because Aaryn has been targeting Elissa too!!!! Aaryn just put Elissa on the block last week!!! and she put her up once before with Helen. At some point Elissa would be stupid not to get her out of the house. Look at Amanda, as soon as she gets even a sniff that someone is trying to flip the house against her she targets that person and get s them evicted. IMO, Elissa has been extremely patient dealing with Aaryn.

      • Perfect explanation! Aha, I suck at explaining what I think so yours makes more sense than mine!

      • Actually, if you watched tonight’s episode you’d realize that she pretty much does know about the 3AM alliance as she said “I’m pretty sure Aaryn and Andy have been working with McCranda so at least this week it’s one less person with McCranda” so Elissa does know about them all working together.

        Plus, that’s not really a personal reason?! Elissa put Aaryn up because of all the disgusting comments she made, she’s the only one who actually cares about the people Aaryn hurt. Plus, putting people up for a personal reason only is one thing but Aaryn was a strong competitor.

      • Dan didn’t like Elissa’s noms which is a shame because she knows that even if she didn’t get Amanda evicted this week, the alliance she has control of would be severely weakened with the loss of one player she can manipulate.

        Elissa can’t risk putting the showmance up if the numbers are still on their side to win POV, take one of them off the block and save the other nominee at the expense of the supposed pawn.

        At least with her not giving in to Amanda’s demands, she’s able to show how nasty Amanda can be the longer she stays on the house.

    • It may be personal, but keep in mind Aaryn put Elissa up on the block 2 times already including last week. You people who criticize moves are not in the house and don’t have to worry about the consequence of your choices if they are wrong. Elissa is concerned that Aaryn is good at HOHs and will put her up again if she wins again. Helen and Elissa tried to work with Aaryn a few times and each time Aaryn chose to do Amanda’s bidding rather than play her own game. Honestly, why would anyone want Aaryn to stay in the game just to keep doing what Amanda wants her to do? I don’t Andy either and I think Aaryn should really work with GM, Judd and Elissa, but Aaryn seems more afraid of Amanda so she will go down because Amanda wants her out over Andy.

  17. I am pretty sure that McCrae doesn’t win HOH comps because he is afraid to. Amanda would probably go off on him if he did win one. He screwed up his game when he met up with this woman.

  18. Andy needs to leave he plays both sides! I guarantee you be is playing “The Exterminators” and will go back and tell Mcranda everything! Andy needs to go but Aaryn should have gone a long time ago!

  19. I love Aaryn too…. much rather see Andy go home!!!! Ellissa is a dumbass if she thinks getting rid of Aaryn is best for her game… Mcranda is a bigger threat. Amanda has been wanting to get her out since the 2nd week. To Ellissa this is a personal move not a game move… Dumbass!

      • What do I think who should do? Elissa? She needed to put up mcrae and amanda. And then judd as a replacement nominee. To ensure she could get on of the mcranda duo out!

      • And leave Aaryn in the house to win HOH this week and put her up again, for the third time? Elissa has to do what’s best for her game, not yours. I thought her strategy was pretty smart. She could have gotten Amanda out, but if not, she gets one of Amanda’s minions out. When this is over, the 3am alliance is down to 3 people and will be out-manned in the house.

        Seriously, who is teh bigger threat to win HOH this week? Amanda and McCrae or Aaryn?

      • Well Ellissa will be on the block no matter who she leaves in the house. If she doesnt win every comp she is at risk and her speech about wanting everyone in the house to feel unsafe has made her even more enemies. I think if they get Andy out and she and Aaron really come together as they talked about they can get mcranda out! Aaron and Ellissa are the strongest hg’s in that house… they would be foolish to not see that. Put diffrences aside and work together and they will be final 2… Personal game play doesnt go far… Stragetyand surprise will prevail. Nobody in that house would ever suspect Aaryn and Ellissa as being in kahoots.. just sayin :)

    • Everyone is gunning for Elissa so, it doesn’t even matter at this point. Getting Aaryn out helps Elissa when she plays for POV because Aaryn will not be there to compete! She has no allies in the house as Judd has also betrayed her! She needs to win POV this week, win HOH next week then, put up Judd and Andy on the nomination block!

  20. Aaryn should have been gone week 3. She’s extremely insecure and resulted in saying and doing hideous actions that I hope she will learn from. Perhaps she and Candace will have a true heart to heart in the jury house and at the end of this process both will walk away with unbroken. Unfortunately, Aaryn will have to live with the consequences of her actions.

    • Aaryn should have been evicted earlier but, Judd, Helen and Amanda coddling her ensured she stayed as long a possible. The only reason she lost support is Judd and Helen got evicted so, she had Amanda left. Judd is voting Aaryn off because he is in deep with Andy!

  21. I bet they will pre tape tomorrows show like they did for Howard…they won’t want the audience to boo the unemployed racist!!!

  22. Cant wait to see Aaryn interview with Julie tomorrow. I know Julie would be professional but I want Julie to throw shade at Aaryn. Plus I hope Judd or GM (yes I know GM) wins Head of Household tomorrow! I want McCranda on the block

    • The Aaryn hate has died down to be quite honest. It’s not nearly as bad as before. People have moved on…

  23. Think it will be a live audience tomorrow night? Highly doubtful, her PR person will be front and center to protect her from any of Julie’s questioning.

  24. Amanda’s not gonna leave at all. It’s a fact that Amanda will WIN Big Brother 15.

    • Something that has not been seen, has not played out, etc. cannot be categorized as fact. It’s speculation on your part, based on trends you believe you’re seeing. Nothing more at this point.

  25. It’s kind of weird how every poll on here ends up to be what happens. Has anyone ever thought that maybe we are making the decision for production? After seeing Helen tapped on the leg for her to jump off the last comp (which she looked down at the hand that tapped her)

    • And yet, she said nothing. Does that sound like Helen to you? Ridiculous conspiracy theories abound.

    • No, if we were truly making decisions for production, they would listen to us and get demanda’s skanky butt out.

    • No. I never stopped to think about that maybe this site’s comments make any decisions for production, because quite honestly I find that to be a silly thought.

      I would bet money I don’t even have that production doesn’t even read these comments.

    • Aaryn is good at the comps. She is terrible at the game. Considering she won 4 HOHs she should be running the house, not Amanda.

  26. While I do not like Aaryn, I want The Tattler OUT. He is why McRanda have stayed together as long as they have.

  27. Jennifer Ferguson if I had my picture posted with my comment it would embarrass you more then it would me because unlike you I actually have some self esteem. As far as Elissa having plastic surgery I’m pretty sure she has said she has never had anything

    • I don;t see what it matters. Women wear makeup to accentuate certain features. The get lipo, breast implants, butt implants, eyebrows plucked, waer fake eyelashes, color their hair. etc. What is face work so against the rules?

      And I don;t think she had anything done to her face anyway. She looks too much like her sister to have had much work done.

      • I don’t mind people who had work done on themselves either. I’m just bothered though if they kinda abused it to the point of destroying themselves like say Heidi Montag and that new American girl in this year’s CBB who had worked done at 16 and she’s only turning 19/20 this year.

      • I dont care who you are. If your top lip hasnt moved since the beginning of the show, you’ve had modifications.

    • I have self esteem but I also know that there are more important than the way someone looks. I personally think if you feel you have to wear make up and look fake then your really have a self esteem problem. But as I already said there are many more things that are more important than the way a person looks. Since YOU decided to talks this discussion off of the topic of the game and the people playing it and onto a personal attack about the way I look, maybe you should look inside yourself. No matter how pretty someone is on the outside if the are rooting on the inside it shows through!

  28. Candice played the racist game perfectly even howard would agree with me and most of u agreed with her… O.J.was innocent too….

  29. GOOD BYE TO THE RACIST AaRYN…She should have bin gone a long time ago…I hope Julie is ready for her…!!! I am certain Julie did not like her “slanty eyed” remark and so I hope she reads her the riot act…. GOOD BYE AT LAST YOU UGLY GIRL…Wish I were a fly on the wall when they tell her because of her racist talk she lost her job in the REAL world.!!!

    • She should just have a bowl of uncooked rice and ask Aaryn if she wound’t mind having Helen cook up a batch for her.

  30. I know she’s going to go or if she gets HOH again she’s too much but I want Amanda out very soon she thinks that she’s so bossy with everybody that’s right now she went scare me that’s for sure!!!!

  31. Amanda is horrible. They should have evicted her ass a long time ago. She thinks she is God’s gift

  32. No matter what happens Aaron will always be one of the sexiest girls to ever step foot in the big brother house.

  33. A goddess if you like racists … she’s out of here tomorrow night… Amanda is a piece of chit…. total garbage as a human…

  34. After watching tonight’s episode, I hope they evict Andy and if CBS doesn’t throw Nasty A$$ Amanda off, I will be very disappointed. She is trashy not Elissa. Very disappointed in what CBS allowed all house guest so far to get away with. Really rethinking Big Brother for the future.

    • What exactly would you like CBS to throw Amanda off the show for? What has she done that actually deserves expulsion, that are actually violations of legitimate rules? Take the bias blinders off before answering.

      Physical violence on another houseguest? No. Damaging house property (ie microphones)? Nope.

      Seriously, I’d like to know what she’s done that deserves removal from the game, that aren’t just actions that you and many others disapprove of. Re-thinking Big Brother for the future? How much have you even watched? Because this isn’t the first time abrasive behaviour has been seen in the house. From what I’ve heard, production did talk to her about not crossing lines, and I really think that should be good enough for you.

      This isn’t a schoolyard. It’s not in the rules to ‘play nice’.

  35. Amanda is absolutely the most disgusting person EVER to play Big Brother, period! I would take Aaryn (at her worse) a thousand times over Amanda…same goes with Gina Marie and Spencer. How psychotic is Amanda to be going off on Elissa, blowing her horn, making an absolute fool of herself and embarrassing her alliance members for NO GOOD REASON. All she is doing is, possibly, making even her alliance members perhaps “question” their loyalty to this obvious mental case…at the very least, she’s turning off the others once they go to jury, does the dumb-ass think that she’s winning juror votes by her shenanigans? When they leave the house and go to jury, they will tell the other jurors how psychotic and mean-spirited Amanda had become, there is no way that most of them will vote for her, certainly NOT Candice, Helen, Jessie, or Elissa (assuming that, sadly, Elissa does not make it to the end of the game). Amanda needs to be medically banished from the house, she is a total, 100 per-cent NUT-CASE who needs to be fitted with a strait jacket ASAP!

    • Couldn’t disagree more with the first sentence of your rant, or the last sentence of it either. (Yes, I did read everything in between, but those two lines are what I chose to comment on).

  36. Even if Amanda makes it to the end, how does she think she’s going to get enough jury votes to win the game, she has antagonized MOST of the people who will end up making the whole jury! Candice, Jessie, and Helen already hate her, if Elissa ends up going to jury, she’ll NEVER vote for Amanda as the winner…I could see only McRae, Andy and possibly Spencer voting for Amanda as the winner, all of the others hate her! Perhaps Amanda will end up being the most hated player in BB history, and not Aaryn, hopefully Amanda will face some MAJOR consequences as the result of her BULLYING behavior throughout the entire season.

    • So, you dont like bullying, but you’ll call someone you dont know disgusting, a mental case, a dumb-ass, psychotic, mean-spirited and a nut-case? Doesnt that seem.. hypocritical?

      • I wouldn’t call it hypocritical since there are facts to prove what Doug said. I mean Amanda does act psychotic, mean-spirited and like a nut-case…

      • You dont walk up to someone you dont know on the street and call them nut-case, why’s it ok here? To call someone out for bullying and then proceed to insult their character – without them here to defend themselves – is hypocritical. Its pretty well the definition, in fact.

      • Um, we get to see Amanda’s behaviour 24/7 that is totally different in comparison to going up to a random person in the street… Amanda’s behaviour is disgusting and people are just observing what she’s doing and calling her what she is so nope, not hypocritical at all.

      • Thats the problem. No matter how you slice it, the name calling is still a form of bullying. If you’re going to talk about how much you hate bullying, dont follow it with bullying.

  37. When Amanda called Elissa trash in this episode I was laughing so hard! Coming from Amanda acting like a complete psycho the entire week!

    • Especially when you were seeing her in her “Dasiy Duke” relator outfit at the same time!
      Does she NOT look in the mirror after she gets dressed?

  38. I personally want McCrea to win hoh tomorrow so they can knock Elissa off her high horse and send her packing next week and then Judd wins the following week and sends Amanda packing. Amanda has over stayed her welcome but I want Elissa gone first because no one but Mccranda have the guts to get rid of Elissa. If they don’t get rid of Elissa soon the rest of the house will let Elissa waltz to the end and walk away with the $500000. If another Riley wins I might be ill!

    • Perhaps you haven’t heard about the rumor of Elissa just being a distraction with someone on Facebook claiming Amanda is actually the producers’ “favorite” to win. Won’t believe it either unless there’s concrete evidence to support the claim on or before finale night.

      • I try not to listen to rumors especially on the Internet. I don’t believe for 1 second that Amanda is predetermined to win. There have been times I have felt that production does things to make things go in Elissa’s favor but I don’t think for a second that she is a distraction either

  39. Aaryn made some bad comments but she has played the game of BB well to go out like this. Andy should be the one to go out this Thursday. I’m hoping that Judd & Elissa get with Aaryn & GM to make a final 4 deal. They need another strong player to take out Amanda & McCrae.

  40. Delete
    Flag as inappropriate

    As much as I am disturbed by Demanda’s behavior in the show tonight. , I am also outraged & disgusted that not one person called her on it, or tried to stop her.
    As far as I am concerned they are just as guilty. And Andy’s little speech was also disgusting & fake.. If I was Elyssia, I would have said “Hey Thanks, to bad you didn’t say something similar to Amanda.”

  41. as bad as Aryn is I think Andy should go home more because hes a pathetic loser who as zingbot said floated all over the place yet he stayed true to the very two who screwed him over and have no intention of keeping him if they make it to 3

    and his speech about how he hated what Amanda was doing to Elissa but went to consul her lieing to her face about how he was ashamed being aligned with them was pathetic hes the ultimet liar that floats If he were ever in a pool hed never have top worry about drowning even if he didnt know how to swim because the ultimet liar that floats

  42. As bad as Aaryn is she has won a lot of comps. however I won’t be sorry to see her go. My only hope is Judd or GM wins HOH otherwise one of them will be up with Elissa next week. If one of those 2 wins I have no doubt McRanda will go up. Go Judd. Unfortunately it will prob be questions and Amanda does good on those.

  43. Are there mirrors in the house Amanda? OMG veto ceremony outfit. Nasty heels with cottage cheese falling out of the daisy dukes. Your a realator, where?

    • Apparently, no where right now. Reportly, she is also been given the heave- Ho by the parent company of the real estate franchise she was working with.
      Too Bad, So Sad!

    • Not any worse than what Elissa or Aaryn have worn, yet no scorning for them I guess. Nothing wrong with Amanda’s look at the ceremony, and she’s not a realtor in the house. Separate these peoples lives from their actions in the house, because last I checked she isn’t selling houses to any other houseguest. Tons of ex-players have said the house makes you crazy, spending that much time confined with a handful of the same people all summer long.

  44. lol i love how ppl are such hypocrites. remember when dick was a complete ass and psycho to everyone in the house, well ppl praise him for being a great big brother player, but amanda nooooo shes the biggest bitch ever. seriously everyone idk why you cant admit her game has been pretty good thus far controlling eviction after eviction after eviction. ill never forget what daniel (season 3-7) said when discussing who to vote for in the all-star season (erika or boogie) that a woman will always be villainized and made looked worst than she actually is. and you ppl take this show way to serious its a game stop raging and going crazy over it you look pathetic

    • Your first few sentences, up until the part about controlling evictions — Well said. I agree.

  45. amanda’s treatment of elissa tonite was inexcusable. bullying is somethin we are all to be aware of in this world. they should take amamnda out of the game for this. also on BBAD aaryn and amanda talking about asains was deplorable. please BB do your job and take these racists and bullies out of this game. your disclaimer means nothing at the top of the show. u must set an example for the world oand especially america. we do not tolerate this and keeping these 2 in the game must be just for ratings. i am so sorry that this season is the longest ever as it keeps gettiing more and more disgusting.

    • Amanda’s behaviour tonight drives ratings, whether you like or want to believe that or not. Production was probably smiling and rubbing their hands together when that unfolded. Hell, they probably even asked her to stir something up.

      Year after year people seem to be pining to watch the hugfest friendship show where everybody laughs and dances and sings in a circle playing pattycake and eating lollipops. I don’t get it.

      • Isn’t there some way to meet in the middle?
        There are nationwide campaigns against bullying. You can’t turn around without seeing TV ads & such to that effect. If we are trying to teach our children that this type of behavior is unacceptable, how do you explain a (supposedly) grown adult acting that way during primetime on television?
        And with these types of deranged rants and fits of explosive behavior, shouldn’t there be some concern over Amanda’s verbal threats? “I’m going to kill her in her sleep”, is one the comes to mind.

      • You make some good points, for example I think there’s a difference between saying “I want to punch GM in the face” and “I’m going to kill her in her sleep”. “Want” vs. “going to”, there’s definitely a difference, and I believe saying “going to” is going too far, and that is what I don’t agree with and don’t want to see.

        However, I don’t believe that most of what we see in Big Brother, as Amanda is being accused of this year and as several others have been accused of in past years, including fan favourite Jeff, can be accurately called bullying. Most of those anti-bullying ads are geared to youth, and ‘the playground’, but Elissa is what, 30? Late 20’s? Same goes for Amanda. Yes, she was antagonizing and harassing her, but that can and should just be ignored. Elissa actually being affected by things is a little bit odd and she might want to look into growing a thicker skin. Even the things CBS didn’t air tonight, like Amanda’s comments about her husband being old, I really don’t think are as bad as most people make them out to be. An example of going too far was when Dick actually intentionally burned Jen’s arm with his cigarette, yet he stayed in the game, and people want Amanda gone because “she’s mean”…

        Unless she actually acts on any of these threats or claimed desires, she won’t be expelled. You’d think people would know that by now.

      • True, but she is so easy to Despise!
        And as you said earlier, that is what endears her to the production team.

      • Yep, exactly. She was likely cast with the idea flickering in production’s minds that she could be ‘the villain of the season’ and so far, that idea is panning out. She’s definitely easy to hate, but like her or hate her, every season pretty much needs at least one of those people in the cast.

  46. I will be so happy her azz is gone! I don’t like this girl! I wish in jury she could find out she got fried!

  47. Aaryn has played the best game. They are afraid she will win at the end that’s why they want her gone. I personally think Andy should be evicted. He doesn’t win often. He doesn’t make big moves. And as zingbot said FLOATER

  48. Aaryn said a lot of bad stuff but give me a break. Spencer should be escorted out jailed for life for his pedophile comments. Racism is a state of mind that can be changed pedophilia is a sickness with no cure

  49. Firstly, everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, that being said , here’s mine: BB tried to fill the house with people who are very different, with different value systems. Well done. The problem is that some have such poor value systems, judgement and conduct ( knowing they are on national tv) . This creates the friction in the house that BB wants in the house. But, did they realize in their zeal for this, that nearly the entire world would become offended? I think so. I think they would do it again. People are buzzing about this show this season bc of it. People who would never watch this show are watching it . It’s kind of like a train wreck IMO . You want to be sure that nobody is seriously hurt or crosses the line of decency….. But you have to watch to know for sure. Again, IMO., kuddos to CBS for being the worst behaving entity of them all ( including houseguests) just to get ratings …… Guess that was their closest option to calling it “. The hunger games” and letting them kill each other. Shame on you CBS for your disputable tactics, and throwing these houseguests to the wolves after the show where they defame themselves in you toxic environment. Rant over

    • You make a lot of good points, but we’re in a world where the bottom line is ratings, and essentially money. Shame on CBS for being successful in creating a buzz, which leads to financial success, which is always the point of airing and producing a television show? I’m not sure about that.

      It may sound unfortunate, but CBS is far more concerned with ratings and financial success than they are with people’s feelings, and quite frankly if you were in their position, where your job could be on the line if you don’t produce results, and where (depending on who you are) your own financial investments are involved, I’m not sure you can say you wouldn’t do the same thing.

    • That’s what I was wondering! Elissa saved them all this week and she’d be the strongest person on their side!

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