Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 24, 2013

What a day. What a day. The Big Brother 15 game roared again on Saturday with the arrival of the Veto competition and just as I predicted the day before, the new tarp over the backyard gave it away, the Zingbot arrived. He brought with him his Baby Zingbot and the HGs competed to celebrate his one year birthday. Like any good Big Brother competition the results shocked the house and demolished eviction plans.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013

10:02 AM BBT – HGs fast asleep when Trivia launches. Veto competition with a wake-up call by Zingbot.

1:14 PM BBT – Feeds return. Amanda has won the Power of Veto.

1:30 PM BBT – Elissa says she’s planning to renom Andy.

1:45 PM BBT – Aaryn comes to Elissa, but Elissa says she’s worried about her now that she’s with McCranda again.

1:55 PM BBT – Aaryn tells HGs that if she’s going home, but people are telling her she’s safe, then she’s not going to vote for those people at F2.

2:00 PM BBT – Amanda wants others to form a fake alliance with Elissa to convince her that GM needs to go up. No one thinks that’s a very effective or believable plan. Amanda will continue the rest of the day to suggest awkward or unusable plans to support GM going up.

2:20 PM BBT – Elissa confirming to GM that Andy needs to go on the block.

2:50 PM BBT – Spencer goes to Elissa. She warns him that McCranda have stronger deals with Aaryn and Andy than they do with him.

3:05 PM BBT – McCranda instruct Aaryn to tell Elissa a story about GM lying to Elissa and planning to keep Aaryn. Aaryn runs up to HoH and tells Elissa. The story makes little sense, but it stresses Elissa to question GM.

3:10 PM BBT – Spencer discussing the Veto comp. He explains GM dropped her ball and had to restart at 0 when Amanda was at 70. GM made it all the way back to 242 when Amanda hit 250 and won.

3:30 PM BBT – Andy is crying in the Lounge. Tells Spencer he’ll be so upset if he goes home at the hands of Elissa.

3:45 PM BBT – Andy reveals the 3AM alliance to Spencer.

4:30 PM BBT – Amanda and Elissa talk. Amanda tells Elissa they’ll vote to keep Aaryn over anyone she renoms.

4:40 PM BBT – Elissa asks Andy in front of McCranda if they told him about their plan to vote him out and keep Aaryn.

5:20 PM BBT – McCrae telling Judd that they’ll vote out Andy. McCrae is hoping Judd will take this mis-info back to Elissa to force a GM renom instead.

5:50 PM BBT – McCranda arguing over who to keep. Amanda definitely wants to keep Aaryn. McCrae would rather see her go.

6:15 PM BBT – HGs retelling Zingbot jokes. Spencer was worried he’d get a fat joke and he did.

7:00 PM BBT – Andy still struggling with why Elissa would put him up if she wants Aaryn to go. Earlier Spencer explained the logic of forcing McCranda to pick Andy over Aaryn, but it seems that didn’t take.

7:00 PM BBT – Elissa and Judd talking. Judd says they can’t trust Aaryn and she needs to go. Elissa confirms she’s still planning to renom Andy.

7:30 PM BBT – Elissa trying to get under Amanda’s skin by saying everyone threw the Veto comp to her.

7:45 PM BBT – It seems to have worked. Amanda is going around the house yelling about Elissa.

8:00 PM BBT – Andy crying to Elissa and Judd. Neither seem to mind his fake tears. They tell him to campaign.

8:20 PM BBT – Andy wandering the house crying to everyone he can find, but no one seems to care.

8:50 PM BBT – Judd and GM in Lounge. They discuss what to do about Aaryn. GM wants to wait until Monday to see who are the final noms to decide.

9:00 PM BBT – Andy pleading with Elissa for her to tell him what she’s thinking about the renom. She ignores his request and doesn’t tell him. Andy trying to cite things about Helen to move Elissa, but it’s not working.

9:50 PM BBT – HGs discussing the Zings. Amanda got one about her tramp stamp tattoo. Andy’s was for being a floater. Earlier Andy said he was “enraged” to be called a floater.

10:05 PM BBT – Alcohol arrives.

10:15 PM BBT – Judd advising Elissa she might want to put up GM if she won’t vote out Aaryn.

10:40 PM BBT – Elissa joins Spencer, Andy, and Judd in Lounge. Discussing GM going up instead of Andy. All celebrating the plan for Aaryn to go to Jury.

12:00 AM BBT – Judd and Andy talking. Andy promises to work with Judd to F2. Andy says he’s ready to turn against McCranda.

12:10 AM BBT – Andy and Spencer discuss working with Elissa and Judd over McCranda.

12:55 AM BBT – Elissa is stressing the renom. She asks Judd if she should put up GM instead of Andy.

1:45 AM BBT – Elissa promises GM that Andy will go up on the block as the renom.

2:30 AM BBT – GM tells Aaryn she’ll be safe if Andy goes up. GM says she’ll lie to Andy about his safety.

3:00 AM BBT – Sleepytime for the HGs.

It was another awesome day of drama on the Feeds. The Veto win rocked HGs plans and forced a shuffle that could bring even more drama and fun. There’s still more than a day until the Veto Ceremony so we’ll have to keep watching to see who is the renom.

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  1. I hope Elissa sticks with her plan to put Andy up. The best consolation I can have for Demanda not going home is that the 3AM will be weakened to 2am.

    • next time Amanda and McCrae need to be on the block together with! Spencer can be put up as replacement, he won’t go home because he’s immune.

      • That is what they should have done in the first place! it would have guaranteed at a minimum that McCrae went home! They did not think thru the possibilities and went with the assumption that not nominating Amanda will strip her of a chance to win veto when it is subject to a drawing of names to play POV!
        Putting them up both guarantees one of them goes home! That is the smarter play!

      • Yes, but then we would still be talking about who goes up against McCrae. McCrae would not get voted out. The guys would save him.

      • McCrae would get evicted because you have Aaryn, Gina Marie and Judd all voting to evict McCrae while, Spencer and Amanda voting to evict Andy!

      • I’m so over the McCrae and Amanda saga that I could puke, I cannot wait until Amanda realizes that AMERICA was the one who put her up on the block! That has to say something. Of course she probably would be in denial and think it wasn’t true. She is evil!

    • Agreed. With half the house in an alliance, that alliance needs to be split up if anyone in the other half wants a chance to win. Best way to do that now is to put Andy up.

    • If Aaryn and Andy are on the block come Thursday, it will be interesting to see what Amanda does. Does she save Aaryn and lose the weasel who does a lot of her dirty work? Or does she cut Aaryn loose and lose the best HOH competitor left in the house?

      I think Spencer is starting to see what Elissa has been saying. He is starting to talk openly about getting Amanda out with Andy and Judd. I don’t know if I fully believe him, but it is the most sincere conversations I have seen Spencer have with anyone.

      • Did you mean Andy the weasel :)! yep it will be interesting but that is only if El puts up Andy which now I hope she does!

      • Spencer sincere??? Come on. That pig is doing whatever he can to stay in the house another week. He is so far off anyones radar right now that if people don’t watch he will be in final 2. The last place I want to see him,

    • In this senario her best option would be to renom Andy. She will be a target regardless but he is more loyal to mccranda than aaryn. She should tell aaryn she was never the target and make her promise not to put her on the block if she wins or vote her to the jury for saving her. If they miss the opportunity to weaken mccranda every one loses because Andy and mccranda would be guaranteed f3 whoever is in tthe f4 spot would have to be a real threat to be a game changer(everyone else besides GM). However don’t count her out for an accidental win that can work in her favor. GM should go behind Andy. Elissa, judd arryn and Spencer should really form a f4 alliance and keep it quiet and solid. They would have a better chance sending mccranda to jury if arryn leaves behind andy the remaining should put the preesure on GM not to side with mccranda. The bonus to this f4 alliance is if they have successfully sent mccranda to jury the other jurors were there at by their doing. So whatever campaigning they would do against the f2 would be pointless. I would take a note from Howie give an epic speech of pointing that out aund then say why continue to let them control a house they are no longer in. Their vote doesn’t matter but who and how YOU vote does.

  2. Elissa should renom Andy. That would teach him a lesson for turning against Helissa. The house will realize Aaryn has been a comp beast and she will go home!! I can’t wait to see her booed when she’s evicted!!

    • It definitely will not be a live audience if Aaryn is out on Thursday..her PR person will make sure of that, but I do hope that Julie puts her on the hot seat and makes her squirm a little, but she is such a narcissist, she won’t get it or care.

      • They already had a fake audience for Howard’s eviction, I think they’d do it for Aaryn without her PR telling them what to do.

        That being said, she’s not the biggest narcissist in the house by a mile, which is funny.

  3. I have a question!!!!! If you win the power of veto and take off someone,,, can you not be put up because you won the pwer of veto???

    • It depends. If you are on the block and do not use it on yourself—-you can be evicted! There was a case, I believe Marcellus who used the veto on someone else when he was on the block—-he got evicted! On the other hand, if you are not on the block, you can use it to save someone on the block and both of your are safe!

      • What if it is F4? There would be an HOH, 2 nominees, and then 1 other person. What if that 1 person wins POV and takes somebody off the block. That would leave 1 nominee, and the person who was taken off, plus the POV winner would be safe.

      • Whoever wins the pov in final 4 controls who goes home. That’s why in the final 4 the holder of pov is the most powerful player.

      • And there have at least been 1 instance that a nominee who won POV used it to save a fellow nominee, and that was Brendon who sacrificed his safety for Rachel in BB13. Don’t know if such a tactic was used in the earlier seasons however.

    • That’s where El missed the boat on her noms. If she had Skankmanda and McCrusty on the block, then at least one of them would be gone!

    • Elissa is about the only HG this season to not be so easily swayed in her decisions. I am not saying she wont, but it will take them some work.

  4. If Aarym or andy doesn’t go home, this is my last week watching… she should have put up wack job ans pizza wuss…

  5. What about the conversation Elissa had with Andy, Judd and Spencer saying that if she put up GM that they would vote Aaryn out? Isn’t McCrae fighting with Andy now?

    • Would you trust those 3 or at least Andy and Spencer? I thought they sounded sincere, but these people are all natural liars so it is hard to tell if they are telling the truth or lying through their teeth. Since Andy swore on everything he loves in life not to vote Helen out when he knew that he was voting her out, how is Elissa supposed to trust him.

      And Andy should ask himself why he is so nervous about going up on the block. If he goes up, is he afraid his alliance will vote him out? Then he should reconsider his alliance with Amanda instead of doing their dirty work for them. The little weasel deserves to squirm. At this point, Elissa is toast next week so at least she can give Andy a scare or maybe even send him home.

      • I hope she sticks to her first instinct and puts Andy up. The thing that is changing her mind is that Judd believes them but look where that got him before and I hope she can see thru all of that. She is pretty smart!

      • Yes, he does, and it makes him look like he is one of them. this was Judd’s problem two. He was hard to nail down.

  6. If Amanda had any redeeming qualities (of which I’ve seen none) her fan base should now be at “0”. She compared herself to Osama Bin Laden yesterday. I will say nothing else…..I don’t have too

    • I didn’t hear that but when she started making fun of Elissa husband being older than her, as I knew she would if Elissa won HOH, that confirmed for me was a horrible person Amanda is. She always says she doesn’t make it personal, except when someone tries to make a game move to get her out, then she makes it personal. Elissa never said anything personal about Amanda when she told people she wanted to back door her. She only said Amanda is running the house and walking around like she owns it. Amanda stooped very low with her personal attacks on Elissa.

      • She said it to Aaryn . They were in the BR shortly after the comp. Aaryn was telling Amanda some of the things Elissa had said. She said “I am coming after that bitch like OSAMA BIN LADEN”. The time on the feeds is People need to hear that cause CBS will delete it if possible. Remember Shelly Moore saying that she would push RACHEL DOWN THE STAIRS to cause a miscarriage? That conversation ( Adam Porsche Daniell Shelly) is nowhere to be found on the net. CBS will destroy any evidence of her saying that.

      • But did she mean like the US going after Bin Laden? of that she will be like Bin Laden? I am not fan of Amanda but it sounds to me like the former based on the way you worded it.

      • If u get feeds u need to go listen to it and judge for urself. No matter how she said it she should not have used the name Osama Bin Laden. Good thing GM did not hear that . I think she lost friends on 911.

      • It was bad enough the way she was with Candice add this to it and for sure you are not getting America’s favorite player

      • Trust me, Amanda will not get my vote for America’s Favorite Player. I am voting for whomever would piss off Amanda the most!

      • I don’t agree but can understand sometimes being a sore loser. But I’ve seen nothing to compare to Amanda’s ‘sore winner’ attitude. Have any of you? She’s worse when she wins than when she loses. I don’t get it.

      • I know she should stick to the goings on the house and not come down on peoples personal lives! Cant stand her she is the devil!

      • Umm yes she did. Now first of all I want Amanda gone. I think she’s nothing but a bully but Elessa was telling everyone on the live feeds Amanda was pregnant and made the assumption she got an abortion so she could be on the show. That was so nasty and mean to bring up on live feeds.

    • are u kidding me? in this day and age with all that is going on you make a comment like that? she should be thrown out the house enough already

      • I never thought anyone could be worse than Aaryn. But Amanda is way worse than Aaryn. At least Aaryn was smart enough to tone it down. They are both witches but Amanda has no control over her behavior. She just acts out. Aaryn simmers for a few minutes and gets whiny now but she mostly controls her tongue.

  7. Amanda was so hard to watch last night on BBAD. I had to change the channel a few times hoping when I changed back the cameras would be on someone else. What a horrible person she is. She is a vile person. Even McCrae walked away from her shaking his head at one point. I really think he dislikes her now and is only going along with her fake relationship because he is afraid of her. She was spewing nasty comments about Elissa for about 30 minutes. The other people with her were listening but only Aaryn really joined in and even then it seems half-hearted compared to Amanda. GM tried to change the subject a couple of times but Spencer,Andy and Judd looked really uncomfortable with what she was saying.

    Even if Elissa did fail in back dooring Amanda this week, I think she opened people’s eyes about Amanda. I do believe unless she win HOH next week, that she will be a target again. I hope I am right because she is getting really ugly and I don’t mean her looks.

  8. What’s the deal on Demanda being pregnant? I have read a few comments here and there about it. (All varied.. that she was pregnant right before BB and had an abortion..that she lost it, that she is preggers now by Crae) Whats the real scoop?

    • That is a crock … The bitch is saying that to get sympathy…Don’t yall get it??? Elissa (Helen) are Moms & it gets them attention. Amanda evidently has no life of her own. She has to copy everybody elses life. Think back over the last 2 months & how she has acted. Like the faux wedding she was coping Rachel. Amanda IS A NOTHING A NOBODY.. She has been placed into the house with a bunch of simple minded dolts that she can bully & manipulate. Amanda is a sad waste of human form.

      • Thanks.
        I agree with you VERY much about her housemates. There us no way in the world she would be able to compete against REAL BB players. She would be chewed up and spit out.

      • She said she was 2 days pregnant and lost it. Every woman knows that if your period is 2 days late you are late! Doesn’t mean you are pregnant! Agree with you she was trying to get attention. However Elissa turned it around on her. This happened 2 weeks before going in the house and 1st day she hooks up with another guy, and she called Jessie a slut and pathetic?

      • At least they didn’t waste valuable show time on covering that “wedding”. I fast forwarded through that thing when it was on bbad, and that’s enough for me! She did say that she wanted to be the first to get pregnant while in the house. She was also talking to McC about making a ‘McCraby’. I have no clue as to whether or not she was serious, but who knows with that crazy chick.

      • I also believe that CBS wants to keep up the showmance. So since Rachel and brendon were popular, they are trying to duplicate it. But hopefully, it won’t (the wedding ) be shown on TV. I hope Judd wins HOH and puts both of them up. He wants Amanda out

    • What Amanda said is she just started birth control, and she didn’t get her period. She said she must not have taken it long enough, and got pregnant. Supposedly she went to the doctor, took a test, confirmed, found out she was a couple weeks pregnant, then maliciously got her period. She lost the baby. She was repeating the story on BBAD At night. Her words out of her mouth. Amanda is again repeating this same story she had already told the story upon entering the house

    • Boogey sand Will would have her spinning in circles by now. They would have her so paranoid she would would be catatonic.

    • Elissa started that last night. She was telling everyone that Amanda was pregnant and made the assumption that she got an abortion. She said this all on the live feeds which I think is just mean and disgusting. I can’t stand Amanda and want her gone but that was totally wrong of elissa to say. they even kept going to fish because of it.

  9. Looks like there is still a chance that Andy might get evicted instead of Aaryn! I think that Andy needs to go up! Andy telling Spencer about the 3AM alliance also, gives Elissa an opening to manipulate Spencer. Tell Spencer eliminating Andy will give him options to be number 4 in that alliance with McCrae and Amanda. Also, it will prove his loyalty to Elissa if he votes out Andy! The flipside to this is if Aaryn is saved by Amanda, she will be more beholden to Amanda more than likely.

    • I know this. If Andy goes upon the block, he is not going home. I am certain that Judd and Spencer will vote to save him and I am 99% certain that McCrae will overrule Amanda and vote to save him too. McCrae is not going to keep Aaryn over Andy. No way.

      The only question now is will Elissa put Andy up or fall for the trickery and put up GM? I am hoping she sticks to her guns and puts up Andy.

      • That is still the best combo to put up! I do not know if Aaryn is loyal to Elissa or Amanda but, you know Andy is loyal to Amanda and McCrae.
        He is also, a habitual liar so, whatever self serving thing he says would serve him! By putting Andy up, you make Amanda choose between Andy and Aaryn! Either one going probably is good! However, if Gina Marie gets up as renom, they strip Elissa’s side of a good player who can win HOH! For Elissa to be safe, they need to control HOH this coming week!
        Also, Gina Marie probably is more loyal to Elissa than Aaryn is! So, it makes sense to put up Andy! I just hope Elissa uses her head and does not put up Gina Marie as Amanda is urging Elissa to do!

    • I’m not sure if you have live feeds, but Amanda came up with the plan to let Elissa think she wanted to keep Aaryn safe and Elissa was doing her a favor of taking him out. Then she and McCrae said Andy had to act mad at them and they needed to distance themselves. She at that point really wanted Andy to stay and she agreed with McCrae that Aaryn had to go. Andy was crying with Elissa and Elissa told him she thought he was being fake and he better start campaigning. After awhile Andy said he didn’t think the plan was working to Amanda/McCrae. Later Amanda hatched another plan to get Elissa to put GM up. Yesterday was hard even for a live feeder to figure out because with all the different plans it became hard to figure out who was being loyal to who.

      • I do not have live feeds and just rely on what is posted here and what I see on TV. That said, I still believe putting up Andy is the smart move!
        It puts Andy in a paranoia even if Amanda’s plan is evict Aaryn! Evicting Aaryn takes out a very strong player which favors both Amanda and Elissa. Amanda has been planning on taking out Aaryn so, is a perfect time for her! Elissa benefits too because when she plays for POV if she ends up on the block, she does not have to competed against Aaryn! And if Amanda switches plans and decides on evicting Andy instead, it is just as good because Amanda’s spy is gone for good!

      • All so true. I guess we will have to wait and see, but I am hoping that somehow Andy the spy will go, but I am thinking it will be Aaryn unless she is saved somehow.

  10. I am not as good at remembering when certain comps and surprises usually show up during the season. Is it about time for Pandora’s box? I hope so!

      • I just have a feeling it is coming this week. Or maybe I am hoping it is coming this week and its the diamond power of veto or the coup d’etat. It would fit with the ebb and flow of the game this year. We’re up when Elissa wins HOH, we’re down when Amanda wins POV. If Elissa gets a special power again, we would be back up.

        What would be more perfect than Elissa getting the coup d’etat this week and Amanda getting HOH next week. When Elissa pulls out the power and switches Amanda’s nominations we would all be screaming in the streets!

      • The coup d’ etat is what Elissa needs. She can overthrow the current HOH & replace either one of the noms or both…She needs that power for next week incase GM or Judd does not get HOH.

      • I forget, does the coup d’etat override the power of veto? or does it mean Amanda can save McCrae and herself?

      • Then bring on the coup already so Elissa can put Amanda and McCrae back on the block!! OMG, that would be so great!

      • I would rather see the houseguests play their own game. Then letting america or production hand people over powered powers. Just because the unpopular side is winning the game.
        If you are going to bring in the coup or diamond veto. It should be done in a contest. Where everyone has a chance to win it.

      • Jeff won the coup d’etat on a vote my America. The Diamond Power of Veto was in Pandora’s box. Boogey won the coup power in a contest of all of the house guests, but wound up never using it. I think the producers would prefer to give it to someone who would use it because that’s more entertaining to the audience than giving it to someone who never has a chance. Just my 2 cents. I think BB always tries to manipulate the game and keep t from beeing too predictable. This week, with Elissa winning HOH and Amanda winning POV, it looks like the perfect opportunity to create some chaos by unleashing a power of some sort.

      • It would help to level out this roller coaster ride this week. If Elissa got the diamond veto, could she use it on Amanduh? I can’t remember…

      • No. She cannot nominate the current POV holder or the HOH, which in her case is not an issue. But, she can put McCrae back up with Aaryn, I think.

      • I just read up on it. Each time it was given there was an expiration that went with it. Mike Boogey had to use it in 3 weeks, Jeff had to use it in 2. In Boogey’s case, there was a competition for the power. In Jeff’s case is was American’s vote. Boogey got the power in week 6.

        The Diamond Power of Veto was given in Pandora’s box. It would allow Elissa to take one person off the block and them nominate someone else herself.

        Either of these powers would be fine with me. Open Pandora’s box already!

      • And everyone who has spent this weekend complaining that the game is rigged because Amanda won POV will be quiet when Elissa gets a coup d’etat. I hate Pandora’s Box.

  11. ELLISSA is a huge idiot lol should have made her move but couldn’t get aaryan off her mind playing emotionaly you will lose every time. All you whining about Amandas game play welcome to big brother you retards. Its not called be as nice a possible to win this is a game of lies backstabbing and deceit to win. And all you that say if this happens I am never watching again lol you guys are weak and will continue to watch. And to the morons that say its rigged its reality tv lol I bet you think lizard lick is real or operation repo you tards are better to watch in the forums than the damn show and if amanda does win I cant wait to watch all you predictable morons squirm and cry

    • First of all, settle down before you have a stroke. Next, no one is whining about her game play.. It’s the things she does outside of it. (Like the use of the word “retard”)

    • No one is questioning Amanda’s game play. People don’t like her personally and it has nothing to do with lying as part of the game. Amanda is a disgusting pig and a huge hypocrite who yells and rants about what people do to her when she is doing the same thing to them! She went nuts over Jessie trying to flip the house on her when she was already planning to get Jessie out. She did the same thing with Helen. Now she is doing it with Elissa. Amanda is either in control of everything or she curls up in a fetal position in her bed and cries. I understand she wants to control the HOHs. Why not if they let you. But if they don’t, is it necessary to carry on like a 4 year old child?

      Plenty of house guests in the past have played good social games without getting as personal and nasty as Amanda. When Amanda was ranting about Elissa’s husband being 100 years old or whatever, I think that is way beyond playing the game. It’s uncalled for and is a direct reflection on the kind of person she is. She puts herself out there and we don’t like what we see. That’s why we want her to get evicted. A lot of us still believe in good over evil and would prefer someone else win instead of Amanda.

      • Read Borderline Personality Disorder which is harder to diagnose, and can not be treated easily medically. IMO Amanda may be. Using Bipolar in your statement, was biased and based on prejudice. Bipolar is not nuts nor should be grouped as evil. Bipolar is isolating because years of public stigma and ignorance. Bipolar is a genetic disorder and can be treated with medication. Bipolar is no different than high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and some cancers which are passed on genetically..

    • And to add….us Retards/MORONS are smart enough to see the light in the forest. Production has shown Favori towards AMANDA……….YOU enjoy her grossly depiction of herself. A ruthless….use anybody…thing..for summer 2013 AMANDA FAME..YOU MARRY THE SLUG! BIG BROTHER NO MORE FOR ME. SWITCHING NETWORKS NEXT SUMMER.

  12. As an Elissa fan I can honestly say her HOH has been the most stressful for me. Every other HOH was easy because I knew for sure what was going to happen,

    • I know what you mean but I think its because we fear Amanda a little just like the house guests do. Plus, Elissa is really in a bad situation. She had to make a bold move because she has no real allies anymore. No one wants to work with her and it is partly her own fault. Have you noticed how no one goes up to her HOH room to hang out? I am wondering if it is because they are afraid Amanda will see them and make them a target or if its because they don’t like her? My feeling is its a little of both.

      • Didn’t mean too. LOL I meant that we do not have any control in the game because we are not playing. So we fear for the people we like against Amanda. Our fear is that she will win!

      • How, how, HOW in the world did Amanda win a comp that involved any kind of movement? She does NOTHING in the house but lay in bed all day, eat all day, sleep most of the day and service MCrazy. And when she does move around…is only to the kitchen to eat or backyard to smoke. Also…I don’t get the problem choosing a renon. IT’S ANDY FERCHRISTSAKES!!

      • I call her Amanda the Hut. She is Jabba’s offspring.

        McCrae is Prince Valium. I can’t think of anyone else who yawns as much as McCrae.

        Andy is either Opie or Pee Wee Herman. He looks like Opie but he is always fixing his junk like Pee Wee. Andy also reminds me of the Leslie Neilsen’s character in Airplane!. He keeps popping in to the room saying “I just want to say…”.

        Which reminds me, did Spencer really have his hand down his pants then reach into the bag of M&Ms and grab a handful the other night on BBAD? I don’t think Aaryn saw that because she was next in line to get a handful of her own. Not sure if she cares or not.

      • I saw that and I think (not positive) he used his other hand to get the candy…what night was it? I got them recorded…lol

      • It was set up for her to win, i think i heard tell the others to throw the POV to her. Production has it fixed for her to win HOH next week, My husband kept the video of Helen being pushed off the stand during the return comp. You can see a hand come out and go in and come out to make sure she was down. I haven’t watched the show since it was obivious who Production had picked to win. I read all blogs updates and bb website, I wish CBS would read what we write and realize that America is serious about not watching anymore.

      • I like the way you think. I want a vote on this site on who everyone thinks is the most hated houseguests ever on BB. I am afraid this is the end of BB because of these horribe players.
        CBS do you read these sites? Send Amanda home the most hated house guests ever.

      • Well, and the fact that she didn’t get any junk food in her hoh basket too. But I think it’s for the two reasons you stated primarily. And she isn’t very hospitable as hoh either.

    • I know, I am stressing out as well. First of all, when Elissa won the HOH I was yes, happy dance! Then the noms, and I was yes, I see the logic. Pull beast Aaryn and break her alliance, and split up McCranda. Yesterday, I was smacked in to reality when Amanda won veto, really.> How suspicious< I moved on, thinking…. ok? " The Rat Andy" will be the renom, because he lied to Helens face voted Elissa allie out. Plus, Andy repeating every thing and anything is going to burn him. Andy exposed himself being loyal to MCCranda. Now, Andy is promising the world that he will vote Aaryn out, with Spenser, and Judd on board, if he is off the block and GM goes up? Yet, McCranda want Aaryn to stay and do their dirty work, and Aaryn again is complying. Then GM is still going to keep Aaryn no matter what, knowing Aaryn is sharpening her knife with Amanda to stab her in the back? I am so confused?

      • I don’t know why GM is so loyal to Aaryn. I also don’t know how Aaryn is so comfortable screwing GM over, considering how insanely/stupidly loyal she is.

        I also felt the same way when Helen was always throwing Elissa under the bus. Here is a person who is only loyal to you, why are you trying to screw her over?

        I guess we’ll find out what will happen in Elissa’s conversations with Judd.

        Hopefully Andy goes up.

      • If Andy goes up, then MCranda and GM save Aaryn. If GM goes up, which was Amanda’s plan, then McCranda and Andy will save Aaryn. Judd and Spencer I do not even factor in. The smart thing is Andy recovers his game if not on the block. I may be naïve, I think Andy is thinking hey? Zingbot called me out? I should flip. I would go further with Spencer, Judd, and Elissa.

      • After watching GM and Elissa discussion in the HoH friday evening on BBAD, I’m convinced, no matter what they say, Elissa will not put GM on the block.

      • I think she knows that means GM goes home. Same thing with Spencer and Judd. Her only chance at getting Aaryn out is to put Andy up.

      • I hope if Andy goes up he goes home. He’s a weasel that runs around into every room and runs back to McManda. It’s about time he is nervous about being nominated. What a cry baby hypocrite. Begging Elissa what do you think Helen will say if you send me to jury? Duh Andy didn’t you vote out your best friend you idiot.

      • I understand why you’re saying this. What I don’t understand, is why are you so hellbent to forgive and keep Aaryn in the house. Aaryn out NOW

      • I don’t want either of them in the house. What is with everyone. How many times I’ve posted I don’t like any of them, I don’t care who wins HOH, don’t care who goes and don’t care who wins. They’re all disgusting idiots. So just because I post a comment about one person doesn’t mean I favor someone else. Okay???

      • McCrae was very clear last night that he would vote to keep Andy over Aaryn, but Amanda will vote to keep Aaryn.

      • GM knows about Aaryn. Elissa has already told her. Someone else told her too. But I think GM is thinking Aaryn is the closest thing to a real ally in the house. It may be dumb, but at least she is loyal.

        Or maybe she is just blowing smoke up Aaryn’s butt like she did with Helen.

      • Elissa told her to go play nice with Aaryn so we will see. I think Judd and GM really like and respect each other. I think Andy the rat will end up staying.

      • Hey Emma! Yah, I’m confused too. Elissa is so sure that GM is gonna vote Aryan out, but most likely it will be Andy going home. All they need is McC and toad, and GM. Who knows what will happen next.

      • My choice is Aaryn to go. Simply for the fact that yet, again she is complying with Amanda. On BBAD Aaryn saying to Amanda you will win the game, in the same context of the conversation that Amanda wants to keep her. Ugh. Andy, I want gone, cause one less McCranduh alliance. I am done with Andy ratting and nothing getting done in the house. Call me naïve now…I want to believe that Andy will, if not on the block, go against McCranduh. Am eating rat poision Andy was feeding to Elissa,Judd and Spenser…? Ugh. Zingbot called Andy’s game out as a floater. He was insulted. Maybe, he will deflate the Amanduh and MCCrae floaties he has being wearing?

      • I can’t believe Aaryn. What is wrong with that girl? Does she not realize that if she wasn’t such a little snitch like Andy, that she could’ve been running this game if Amanda or McCrae went home? If Andy is willing to jump ship over to Elissa, Judd & GM, then I’m hoping Aaryn goes home. Otherwise, get rid of that rat – he’s been nothing but trouble for pepole.

      • Aaryn’s big mistake as was Judd and Helen’s is passing on taking out Amanda! Aaryn had multiple occasions including the time Jessie was campaigning to evict Amanda. Of course, Helen could have helped it along but, she outed Jessie instead!

      • The thing that some don’t realize is that Aaryn did tell GM that she realized what Amanda was doing. This was when she was HOH. She wanted to save Helen because she really liked her. Helen brought Elissa up to the room and she did not want to work with Aaryn, but finally said she would. GM brought Andy into the room and tried to get him to save Helen, but he was the one who talked about McCrae and Amanda being so loyal to him and at the time was part of their F3 deal. He convinced both Aaryn and GM to stick with the Amanda side. Then Amanda/McCrae offered 3AM to Aaryn. For whatever reason Aaryn and Elissa can’t seem to get on the same page together at the same time. I think that is why Aaryn always ends up going back to Amanda. Even this time she was onboard to backdoor Amanda and after the comp went straight to Elissa to see what was going to happen since Elissa promised her she would not go home. Elissa wouldn’t give her an answer other than she didn’t know now and became evasive, so I think Aaryn felt she had to go back to Amanda to mend fences. She has fought her way to somehow stay in this game. It’s too bad because I agree Matt she could be running this game. I guess that is why I blame Andy the Rat more and would rather see him gone. I still would like to see Aaryn and Elissa get together, but I think Andy all at once claims he has seen the light and will end up staying. I would rather see a player who has fought and won comps stay over a snitch any day, but that is just me.

  13. Elissa’s plan was to put Andy as renom, if GM vote to keep Andy, then Aaryn is out. Now, it looks like GM wants to keep Aaryn. Amanda’s dirty plan was to push for GM as renom and beg Elissa that if you put me on the block, I could go home. Andy was part of this trickery in the beginning. Last night GM confirmed to Aaryn that she will lie to Andy and vote him out.

    According to Andy, (his friends/DR) started pressuring him when is he going to turn against MacCranda? Production sent Zingbot and insulted Andy even more being a floater. lol (love it). So, a soft alliance was formed last night. Elissa/Judd/Andy/Spencer. Andy looks sincere that he’s ready to abandon McCranda….or is he?

    • They did look sincere, but at the same time, Andy is such a natural liar. I can’t forget how he told Helen she was safe and swore up and down he would vote to keep her when he knew she was going home. If he could stab Helen in the back like that, then there is no reason to believe he is being honest with Elissa.

      As for Spencer, I am not sure where his head is at but he has started making some noises about breaking up Amanda and McCrae. I do believe he wants Aaryn out because he sees her as a comp beats. He does not want McCranda’s crowd winning HOHs because he has no control over who they will put up.

      I think Elissa must put up Andy. She must force Amanda’s hand. Make Amanda choose between Andy and Aaryn. Elissa should tell Andy, she doesn’t want to but she feels like she has no other option.

      • Right say that she knows Judd and Spencer will vote for him, so if he goes home he knows it will be at the hands of his alliance.

      • I forgot to mention, Andy told Spencer when Aaryn gets evicted, he would reveal to Judd about the 3AM Alliance to prove his loyalty to him. Honestly, there is chance for Andy to go if he’s on the block, and Chuckie will stay. I myself think, that the safest is for Andy to be the renom and work on GM to vote out Chuckie….This could be a disaster, or a celebration for all of us to see Aaryn walk out the door.

      • Didn’t GM say that she would vote to keep Chuckie (not to Elissa obviously)? I know that GM has lied that she would vote her out, even after the hoh love fest with Elissa.

      • Last night she did confirmed to Aaryn that she will keep her and vote out Andy. Since Amanda’s eviction was a failure, I want to see Aaryn evicted.

      • I just can’t believe anything Andy says to anybody at any time. He still runs into Amanda’s room to get his instructions for the night.

        He needs to figure out how to prove to Elissa he will not screw her over like he did Helen and Judd. Otherwise I think she is going t put him on the block. That fact that he doesn’t see that he has no credibility with her is the reason he will go up and maybe even go home.

      • I totally understand. My hope really is Andy being truthful this time. Imagine if Aaryn gets evicted this week, then we have 5 against 2. Amanda and McCrae will be sooooooo miserable in the house, waiting for their execution….i’m only hoping.

      • Absolutely but forgive me for not being too optimistic. After the last POV comp I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Boy was yesterday a huge let down after a wonderful short period of happiness!

      • Prince I was so disappointed that the backdoor didn’t work to get the most vile person in the house out. Unlike most of you I would rather see Andy the rat out of the house instead of Aaryn. I really wanted Aaryn, Elissa, GM and Judd together. Elissa talked with Aaryn and they agreed to work together to back door Amanda. Elissa even told Aaryn that she was not going to be eliminated no matter what. After the comp Aaryn went to talk to Elissa and I don’t know what happened because Aaryn asked what they should do next and then there were DRs and all at once Elissa and GM were together. Aaryn even told Elissa don’t believe what you hear because I am just playing with them. Just seemed totally strange that after the DR Elissa didn’t want to work with Aaryn again. I really believe this season there has been too much Production interference. Based on what I see all day long on the feeds I would take Aaryn any day over Andy the Rat. All of Aaryn’s comments are over played and a lot of the other HGs are totally underplayed. Believe me they are all guilty of what they have all said. Ellissa willing to overlook and forgive others makes no sense. jmho

      • Andy should not be trusted and the best way to ensure everyone is kosher is to keep the paranoia up. The object should be to drive a wedge between Andy, Judd, Spencer, Gina Marie against Amanda and McCrae. Elissa can do a lot this week by spreading lies or even telling the truth about Amanda. Make the others uneasy about Amanda especially, Andy and Spencer. Judd I cannot read his intentions so far but, he could be back into Amanda’s side so, there is a need to make sure that he does not go back to McCrea and Amanda!

      • Hi Cyril long time no see. I don’t think Andy will go because that was part of Amanda’s plan to keep Andy. She then hoped to keep Aaryn as well. I don’t think that will happen. Honestly at this point I would almost rather see Andy go. He is such a rat!!! Now he claims he has seen the error of his ways. This season has been the worst imo.

      • Hey Jacee2. Where have you been? I thought you just gave up on this season. I thought there was a chance Elissa and Aaryn will work together, but until Amanda is there, HG will be corrupted. She’s the most unethical and morally corrupt person there….hey we have Judd back lol

      • Good to see you and no I didn’t give up. My favorite summer show as bad as these people have been I still have been glued to the feeds so much that I haven’t had the opportunity to comment here. I also got involved in one of the chat rooms. A first for me even though I have had the feeds for 3 years. I do find that people in the chat rooms and are live feeders compared to the people who watch the very edited CBS show or even BBAD have different thoughts from some of the people on here. Not sure if you have the feeds Cyril, but it is entirely different. Even BBAD shows a different slant because for the most part they try to give the viewers a show to watch. When you see the real conversations that go on during the day is when you get to see a different side to some of these people. I know you must be thinking I have way too much time on my hands and I do. lol Not by choice, but just the deck of cards I was dealt in my real world. I have missed you though so thought I would come on and try to catch you. Cyril I still can’t believe that the season is almost over and have no favorite. I guess I am leaning to Judd, but even there I can’t say he has played a brilliant game. I miss Jillith as well and only caught up with her one time. Last season we were all talking up a storm and some posters from past seasons I haven’t seen at all. Do you have a favorite yet? Maybe this is a season of I don’t care who wins. Is it next year yet? lol Judd coming back was the highlight definitely.

      • My fav? I go by episode now. lol I like the episode last week just because there was a change in power and seeing big players on the block. It was exciting. Other than that no one. GM is getting better, I’m rooting for who goes on the block. lol I can’t wait for Survivor though..hey what chat rm is that?

    • I think that the real threat of Andy going home is making him flip. He probably realizes by now that McC and toad don’t really have his back. I have hope for him, but not gonna hold my breath.

      • That is the house of cards Andy built and lives in. Is there a way to redeem himself? I don;t see one so I think he goes up and hopes McCranda will not do to him what he did to Helen.

      • I know, but there’s a danger of keeping two maggots in the house if GM is the renom……NNNOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!

  14. This is just a general question – why does everyone want to work with Mccrae?

    He seems like such a sleaze bucket to me. And he gets such a great edit on CBS, I think I am getting a disease every time I look at him.

    • I keep wondering why McCrae keeps picking at himself. I bet anything that it’s because Amanduh stresses him out. I’ve seen her ask him for sex, and he’s said no. I don’t think she’s used to that. And even though McC calls her out on her bs, she makes him pay for it.

      • Did you watch BBAD last night? At one point there were all in the back yard sitting on the couches and Amanda was making all sorts of comments about Elissa, her husband, her family, etc. Except for Aaryn, everyone kind of stayed out of it. GM tried to change teh subject. Judd walked away. But so did McCrae and he was shaking his head in disgust. Could it be even he sees what a total jackass she is?

      • I would like to see what kind of player Macrae would have been if Amanda wasn’t there. He was a huge fan of the show and he came in as a confident and relaxed person with great potential. It bothers me now to see him fidgeting and looking so uncomfortable at times. 20/20 hindsight, but I am sad for him.

    • kinda like BB-Canada where everyone thought working with a power couple is a winning strategy. people are so funny – they never think beyond immediate safety and don’t know how to plan long-term.

    • I so agree with you about McCrae. Do you have the live feeds? He totally is a sleaze bucket. He rarely showers and the other night both he and Amanda were showering together because she insisted he take one. She had to tell him to wash under his arm pits. I thought in the beginning he was going to be good, but became so disappointed in him. I am so sick and tired of the two of them. The sex part is getting really disgusting.

  15. I don’t know if there is anyway to get aaryn out but andy is her best bet. If she renoms GM, spencer or Judd they will go home 100%. Out of those 4 andy is the best one to get out if it can’t be aaryn, amanda or mc.

    • It will be Aaryn and Amanda really wants Andy to stay. It was a plan cooked up by Amanda to go and tell Elissa nominate Andy you are doing my dirty work for me. She and McCrae told Andy to act upset and mad at them. So if Aaryn leaves it is a win win for both Amanda and Elissa.

      • Okay, I was under the impression that amanda and mc played on keeping aaryn over andy. good to know i want aaryn gone so judd can win HOH.

      • They first did the Andy plan and then hoped to save Aaryn with a different plan, but not sure it will work. I was hoping that Elissa would stay working with Aaryn, Judd, and GM. Don’t trust Andy or Spence. Aaryn was on board with the back door plan and Elissa vowed to keep Aaryn safe. After the comp Aaryn went to talk to Elissa, but Elissa didn’t say anything encouraging to her so Aaryn decided she better mend fences with Amanda. She even told Elissa she would be playing them and not to believe what she heard. In order to stay in the game she had to play their game to make them think she was with them. Lots of DRs happened and then all at once Elissa didn’t trust Aaryn and all at once was GM’s best friend. I don’t know what to think, but wish Andy the rat and floater would leave. Still would like Judd to get HOH as well. I really wish Elissa and Aaryn would have stayed working together. I think Elissa, Judd, GM and Aaryn would make a strong alliance. I really blame Andy for a lot of what happened. I also don’t get why Elissa is so against just Aaryn when they have all said stuff and no one is innocent. To think that Elissa trusts Spence makes me sick. He who tells Elissa he never talks game with anyone told Aaryn he would never vote against her and wanted F2. He also told McCrae looks like Moving Co will go to F2 after all. Elissa seems to be able to forgive everyone else for what they said, but not Aaryn and I don’t get that because all of them were with McCrae/Amanda.

  16. I am reading the tread today…a comment made that Amanda is Bipolar. I want to be clear that Bipolar should not have a negative stigma. Bipolar is genetic. With medication, and therapy ppl need not be so easy to throw Bipolar ppl in the Evil category. Bipolar is isolating, because ppl judge not based on knowledge, but prejudice. Bipolar is no different, for example, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, even some cancers is past on, generically. If anything IMO Amanda could have Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is harder to diagnose. My point is, Amanda is beyond the scope of Bipolar.

    • Agreed. Anyone who is bipolar, or who have any other mental disease, cannot help it. The only thing they could do is be under a doctor’s care. My cousin is bipolar and leads a regular life (if she stays on her prescribed meds).

      Amanduh’s behavior comes straight from her personality. I don’t think they’d let someone in the house who had mental problems (medically). The liability would be too great. Amanduh is just a rotten person.

    • Well said Emma. I think the whole issue gets a bit mucky (for us as a society) because we desire ”heroes” and ”villains” in order to make things easier to digest in quick non-thinking packets. If you look at anyone long enough and you’ll see traces of mental & emotional health issues. The myth is that ”perfectly healthy” people exist in the world. After years of post-secondary work on my Masters in Counseling, and after years of working in the field of personality profiling, I’ve yet to meet a person (even professionals like myself) who are free from some form of mental/emotional health issue. So you’re right, let’s not stigmatize any issue people deal with, but at the same time let’s not lift ourselves up as completely healthy specimens when it comes to being perfectly normal and objective…in a nutshell: We’ve all got our own issues.

    • If she is bipolar to the point where her meds do not work completely, then CBS should not have put her on the show. We can all have compassion with people dealing with mental health issues, but there is no reason to subject the other house guests to her behavior, especially in a confined environment and they have no idea whether or not she is bi-polar.

      Personally, I think Amanda is just a bad person, not bi-polar. Apparently she had a cocaine problem in the past, that was what she told GM, and depending on how bad it was, that can account for some psychotic behavior and paranoia.

      But again, the house guests should not have to show her any more compassion in the game than they would anyone else. Do they let her win because she is sick?

      • Prince, whew and thank you. I was thinking the same thought about Amanda behaving more like an addict. I just figured I would get skewered for mentioning it. After, getting on my bipolar soap box. I see the psychotic and paranoid behavior. I now I can point out she could be a sociopath or have borderline personality disorder. Amanda did admit cocaine addiction, more then once. It is obvious she is not in recovery because you do not yell nor become angry at production if they quote do not give you enough alcohol to get ” tipsy.” Also, I have a red flag when she admitting to the house that she is taking Xanax, which is a class IV narcotic. Benzodiaphen are addictive to an addict. Side note Spencer admitted he went to rehab, he doesn’t drink nor has he made mention of taking medication. He does not display the paranoid psychotic behavior, so I get some of it sunk in for him.

      • I also wanted to add that I do not understand compassion in the house for Amanda’s behavior. I have been pointing out for weeks she should be evicted. I truly believe at some of the HGS at one point in time felt physical fear for their life and safety in the house. Amanda is being treated like a serial killer that everyone wants to be in good side or could be murdered. Jessie and Candice received some serious homicidal threats. Amanda is very graphic about how to physically harm the HGS.

      • Emma I don’t understand anything about this season and these HG. Like you I have wanted Amanda out forever. This is my third year with feeds and I have never seen anything like this. Amanda and McCrae are disgusting and I would like both of them gone. McCrae is like a puppy dog and she acts like his mother. They were taking a shower the other night and she had to tell him to wash under his arm pits. Judd has even mentioned his hygiene. Even GM who does not drink or take drugs and never has been pretty graphic with her description of what she would like to do with Candace. I feel sorry for GM at times because she can be very nice until she says those types of things. I don’t believe as Elissa does that it is the influence of these HGs because she came in talking that way and has brought it up on her own when no one else was even talking about Candace or Howard. I don’t know if it is an act or what has gone on in her own life. She has mentioned that some of her family is and has been in prison. Also, wanted to say I thought your post was a great one.

      • Thank you @Jaccee2..I do enjoy reading your posts. I am on board with I do not understand this season players either. I do get very uncomfortable over the shower scenes and wonder, is McCrae able to shower on his own? If he does, he sniffs his dirty clothes and wears them again. I wonder, does Amanda or MCCrae ever do laundry? I do know they do not clean the BB house. Their sheets should be featured on C.S.I ewww. McCrae, I almost want to call him Pepe La Pew, the skunk from the Warner Bros. cartoons. I digress, I would not want to offend Pepe La Pew. GM is an enigma. for me on one level she is ditzy, funny and amusing to watch…pure fire hate toward Candice, Jessie and Elissa. Why be pals with Aaryn? Confusing. I saw on BBAD GM has a human side and warm heart, if you peel back the layers in which Elissa was able to do with her.

      • lol Love your descriptions and so agree with them. Amanda and McCrae are the most mismatched couple I think I have ever seen. I guess what they say about love is blind or beauty is in the eye of the beholder applies here. I am not trying to be mean, but Amanda first came on as caring about her appearance and seemed pretty put together, but now she seems not to care as much either. I am sure you have seen the room they sleep in and the piles of plates and the clothes all over the place. When you mentioned their laundry if they have done any I haven’t seen it and I do remember when Helen was still there they had piles and piles of clothes laying in front of the machines and I think Helen ended up doing it. Now I notice that Amanda doesn’t wear anything fancy any longer so maybe they have run out of clothes. One thing of McCrae’s that I wish he would lose would be his long patterned socks. I think he mentioned he needs some so not sure if he just came in with the one pair or what. lol I do agree about GM, but there have been times especially when Aaryn and her were HOH where they both had some nice conversations with each other especially late at night and they almost acted like close sisters and both told each other that was how they felt. I admit I am confused because I know Helen did like both of them a lot and said they were not like she thought at first. I guess that is why I had always hoped Elissa would work with both of them because I think Elissa would do much better with Judd, GM, Aaryn and herself rather than taking a chance with Spencer and Andy. I am not to happy with Judd thinking so highly of Spencer and Andy either. Today even Elissa mentioned Andy and wondered why Judd was always bringing him up. Saying something like I thought you wanted to work with me and all you talk about is Andy. Maybe we will all be fooled and in the end all the girls have fooled us all as well as the guys and have all been putting on an act when they are really working together. Now that would definitely be a twist!!!

  17. I hope Elissa ideal work.maybe it would be a good ideal if gm go up.then we no for sure she want keep Aaryn. but if the rat Andy go up then gm will vote to keep Aaryn.

    • That’s what they’ve been saying Dianna, but I think come voting time, Amanda would keep Andy over Aaryn… It’s what any smart person would do with half an ounce of observation & strategy.

  18. well if the rumor she is bi polar it’s true then BB should make sure she is taking her meds under some kind of supervision otherwise they are very irresponsible

    • IMO Amanda’s mood swings are caused only by whether she’s getting her way or not. She’s very happy when people do what she tells them to do, and very angry when they don’t. Simple as that.

      • Exactly. This throwing out Bipolar and grouping it as the root of evil in the BB house is ignorant.

      • I did not meant what I said in a bad way if I offended u I am sorry I know very well the effect of mental illness and never ever would I be ignorant towards it

      • No worries. I am sorry is if sounded like being on my soap box. The BB game in general is very stressful mentally. There are HGS are on medications. The game could be exacerbating their illness.

      • that’s what I mean if they are on some particular kind of meds then a nurse or a doctor should be the one that gives it to them and monitor that the game doesn’t make it worst however I agree with Mindy1 that Amanda it’s just not a nice person period
        I know plenty of people with bipolar disorder and they are a lot nicer that Amanda is and people that I am proud to call my friends I would never be able to be friends with Amanda

      • Last week she said she hoped Elissia would get HOH then she would have another HG under her control, she said that elissia is easy to persuade. guess she got fooledl

  19. Gaahd I’m not looking forward to hearing Amanda spew her bull$hit in the diary room after this…like that ego of hers could get any bigger. So disappointed that yet another attempt (if you can call anything before this an “attempt”) to get that hideous witch out of the house failed.

  20. Finally!!!! A hg that has the balls to play her own game!!!!! Rock, Elissa – don’t waiver!!!!

  21. Who’s side is GM on? I am watching Bbad from fri/sat morning and the convo between GM and Elissa talking about Aaryn. The two talking seem like they r best friends. I know I am going to have haters, but I kinda like GM when I listen to her “real” person

    • You mean when she is not around the witches? That’s what Elissa was telling her. Aaryn and Amanda are such negative people that it makes everyone around them negative.

      • I feel kind of sorry for GM and she can be funny at times and shows a good heart. The problem is that she went right back from Elissa and talked like she always does. I don’t think these HGs are influencing how she talks. She came in talking that way. It may be an act or it may be the environment that she came from. She has talked about some of her family members being in prison. I heard when GM all on her own has brought up Candace just as much as she does Nick. She asked one time if she could go to the DR and ask them if she could beat Candace up in the jury house if she went there.

    • It’s like the tales of two Ginamarie.

      One is stiing there and calmely call Candice a degenerate becuase she’s adopted.

      One is sitting in a conversation with Elissa, and what I notice, was that sound never cut on BBAD.

      I think GM has a good person in the middle of all this brashiness. I know if she is just shown the impact of her word and attitude, she would regret it and be very remosfull.

      Unlike Clownie, who is so racist, it’s in ger bones. It’s so innate, she told Amanda,and I quote: “I wish I could care, but I don’t”.

      Aaryn out NOW.

      • Don’t know if you have the feeds Captain, and I do feel sorry for GM. She has a good heart at times, but she has been far worse than Aaryn in what she has said about both Candace and Howard. She has said awful things when no one else is even talking about them throughout the day. All these people are guilty of saying horrible things. The problem is they don’t show all the different daytime conversations during the very edited CBS show or even on BBAD. They down played or didn’t even show how when Helen was on the block Aaryn talked to GM and told her she knew what Amanda was doing and she had been so wrong. She had GM have Helen come up and then Elissa. They were all on board to save Helen, but Andy talked to GM and Aaryn after and said he would not vote for Helen to stay. They didn’t have the votes to for Helen to stay. Helen couldn’t believe she had been so wrong about Andy. She really liked both Aaryn and GM. GM did finally convince Andy at the last minute to change his mind, but by this time Aaryn couldn’t because it was so last minute and she had mended fences back on the Amanda side and she knew if she did that she would be the target and not be able to play in HOH. She also wasn’t sure she could trust Andy (rightfully so). If she knew Judd was coming back I think she would have done it. She really wanted to and Helen understood her problem of not being able to trust Andy.

      • No I don’t have the feed. That why I hang out here, to find out what is going on. Thanks for sharing.

  22. amanda already is the winner per production !!!!its all fix!!!!!amanda use to worg for the b b producer!!!its fixed!!!!

  23. I don’t know how many live feeders are on here, but after awhile yesterday you couldn’t tell what was really going on. The original plan regarding Andy was a plan that Amanda put into play to save Andy. She told Elissa she was doing her dirty work for her and that she wanted Andy gone when that was really a plan to save Andy. Andy had to cry and pretend he was mad and distance himself from everyone. At one point Andy was talking with Elissa and she mentioned she thought it was fake and he better start campaigning. Andy told Amanda/McCrae he didn’t think the plan was working. I’m not even sure if Elissa is protecting Andy or not. She told Judd Andy couldn’t be trusted, but at times she talked like she wanted Andy, Judd, GM and herself to be together. Later it was Spencer. All at once everyone started to wake up and realize just what a bully Amanda has been. Why not before when she was handed to them on a plate by America?
    Elissa then told GM and Judd that all 3 of them should say they threw the POV to Amanda to let her think she didn’t win on her own and drive Amanda crazy. Elissa also started telling everyone about Amanda being pregnant just before coming on the show. We got fish every time she started mentioning it. Amanda shot back with Elissa’s husband looking like he was 78 years old. Amanda later said she really was pregnant, but just 3 days??? Then we had another plan emerge from Amanda with trying to get GM to go up on the block next to Aaryn. I was getting dizzy trying to figure out what was real or not real with any of them because so many deals were going on. Even McCrae had a F2 with Spencer saying that the Moving Co would be in the F2 just as originally intended. I have no favorite for the first time ever since watching since S1. I even find it strange that Elissa would want to have anything to do with any of them except maybe Judd. Each and every one of them have said things numerous times that go against what Elissa refers to as being good people and those that are not. When she all at once became close to GM after the things that GM has said about Elissa as well as Elissa’s good friend Candace, including wanting to ask the DR if she went to jury if it was okay to beat Candace up just blows my mind. Why does Elissa think Aaryn is the worst of the lot in the first place over the rest of them? Trusting Spencer again another one who has said so many vile disgusting things. The list goes on and on about all of these HGs. They are all guilty of listening to Amanda and doing and voting just as Amanda has wanted them to. I was so excited when I thought the plan to back door Amanda might work, but just had a feeling that Amanda would win POV just when she needed to and of course she did.

    This season has been the strangest ever and it’s only because I have watched for so long that I have stuck with it. I don’t think anyone deserves to win except maybe Judd and even there I can’t say I think he has played a brilliant game. I know some think Elissa has really stepped up and began to play a good game, but when she announced she would never go to jury when she was on the block and would go home and then again yesterday said it again it annoys me when so many people really want to play this game and try out for years. Elissa has received special treatment in this game. IMO the MVP was meant to keep her safe in the beginning and other numerous things such as being allowed a comforter and pillow in the HN room when someone else used a clothing item as a pillow earlier in the game and was told they couldn’t do that. I always knew Production would suggest things because it is a reality show, but I am beginning to really wonder about this season and just how much Production has stepped in to make certain things happen. jmho

    • I don’t think any of them can be trusted. That’s why Elissa must put up Andy so that Amanda has to vote out one of her own. Plus, it makes Spencer and Judd come out from hiding and vote to keep Andy. But first she needs to put Andy up and not fall for Amanda’s scheming.

      • The votes will reveal who is loyal to who because there are only 5 votes and becomes pretty hard to hide! I would definitely like to see how Judd votes as he may be coming back to Amanda’s side like he has not learned anything! If he does, he deserves to be evicted for good!

      • I heard Judd say he learned his lesson last time from being on Amanda’s side and thought his friends and family would be disappointed if he returned to that side again. The problem is that Amanda really wants Andy to stay so regardless she gets what she wanted. The real test is to see if Andy has left Amanda and is with Elissa.

      • At a minimum, if Elissa asked Judd and Gina Marie to evict Aaryn, there should be two votes showing at the eviction! If there are no votes to evict Aaryn at all then, you have to question Judd and Gina Marie’s loyalty!

      • I really believe at the end that Judd and GM are going to vote against Aaryn. I believe everyone will vote for Andy to stay. For me having Andy the rat stay is no better and a wash. I really don’t like any of them. I am shocked that Elissa can be friends with GM after all she said about her good friend Candace. Candace wished GM a Happy Birthday and GM thought that was nice, but one act of kindness doesn’t erase what GM said about Candace before. Wanting to ask DR if she could beat her up in jury and so many other things. Many times GM brought these things up about both Candace and Howard when no one was even talking about them. Elissa imo has a personal vendetta against Aaryn and always has. Not protecting Aaryn, but each and every one of those HGs have said things just as bad and if not worse than Aaryn.

      • I sure agree that none of them can be trusted. I think based on what I saw on the live feeds and like I said it changed by the minute I think Andy will be safe, but that is what Amanda wanted all along. She agreed with McCrae that Aaryn had to go. I think her scheming was just to let Aaryn think she had a chance. Amanda threw Andy under the bus on purpose so Elissa would put him up knowing they had the votes to keep Andy.

  24. Elissa should nominate Andy as renom then, really work him over, Spencer, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Judd. Frankly, I do not know who is loyal to Elissa but, she can drive them all from Amanda by pitting them against each other! First, tell Andy that Amanda told her that he will be evicted this week! Tell the same thing to Aaryn that Amanda is going to evict her! One of the two statements is true and guaranteed one hostile jury member against Amanda at a minimum! Tell Spencer that he is slated next week by Amanda for eviction! If he votes the way I want—-I will give you protection next week! Tell Gina Marie that Aaryn was working with Amanda as Aaryn did tell some lies to get Elissa to put her up! That will split Aaryn from Gina Marie.
    Lastly, tell Judd that Andy is planning on taking him out next week and he is conspiring with Amanda! The goal is obviously to instill huge mistrust on Amanda’s side. That might be enough to instill chaos and get Amanda and her allies evicted,
    one by one!

    • You are behind because Judd and Elissa are together. Spence and Andy are as well. Not sure how true it is. Spence and Andy always follow who is HOH so we shall see. Spence also has a F2 Moving Co deal with McCrae, but have seen Spence make all kinds of deals including telling Aaryn he would always have her back. Elissa doesn’t trust Andy, but Judd thinks he has seen the error of his ways. Amanda/McCrae are voting to keep Andy as they wanted to all along and was their plan. My opinion is you can’t figure this season out because none of it makes any sense. Elissa all at once thinking GM has only said the awful things she has about Candace and Howard because of their influence is ridiculous. I have heard GM since she came into the game talking that way. I do feel sorry for her and think she has a good heart at times. Not sure if you have the live feeds or not, but you see and hear a lot more than what CBS edits or even what BBAD shows. It’s like another game is going on.

  25. Does anyone know if Elissa and GM have spoken today? Last night she was saying she wanted to discuss the plan that Andy, Judd and Spencer brought to her to save GM and vote out Aaryn. They agreed to go to GM with her to explain what they were going to do. Just curios if there is any game talk on the lie feeds today.

    • Haven’t seen anything yet. Judd is trying to convince Elissa to put GM up because he wrongly thinks Amanda and McCrae are going to vote against Andy. He thinks GM will vote for Aaryn as well. Last I heard she had not made up her mind. MaCranda wants to keep both Aaryn and Andy. Spence and Andy are as usual going to the power and have seen the error of their ways. Yet just last night Spence and McCrae said F2 Moving Co will get there after all. Too many things going on at the same time and I don’t trust any of these people and now Andy says he doesn’t want America to think bad of him by staying with McCrae/Amanda. IMO Production has suggested things to them.

  26. Oh stop crying Andy, you had a chance to make a major move in the house when you were HOH and didn’t do it.
    If you get evicted it’s your own fault.

  27. Amanda is pure evil, I used to think she was funny, but she has gone way beyond playing the game to just being an awful person, horrible things to say to Elisa, that is taking it way to far.
    I hope she is evicted ASAP.

  28. i think that if anybody needs the money it would be mcCrae and andy and maybe judd.Ellisa defently doesnt

  29. i think that the only one that is playing the game for them and not amanda is Elisa. everyone else does what Amanda wants and tells them to d.they play for her and not for themselves

  30. What is wrong with Elissa? Amanda needs to go! She is the mastermind who got Helen, Elissa’s best bud in the house, sent to jury. These players re not smart. She needs to put up Amanda. With her new alliance even if Amanda goes and McCrae trys to get Elissa out she will have the votes to stay.

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