Big Brother 15 Tonight – Episode 26 Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Get ready for more Big Brother tonight when the Sunday episode airs 8/7c on CBS (as long as it doesn’t get delayed). Tonight’s BB15 will show the rest of the endurance competition that decided which former Jury HG would head back in to the game and who would become the next Head of Household along with the latest nominations.

It was an intense competition with exciting results including some daredevil moves by two players that kept them in the game. Not all the losing Jury members left with grace though as one took a turn at cussing at Amanda for her earlier behavior. Of course, Amanda couldn’t imagine why. We’ll have to see if all that makes the show tonight.

If you can’t wait to see who won the HoH competition or which Jury HG is back, or who was nominated then check our our spoilers page with that info updated all season.

The game inside the BB15 house has moved well beyond the nominations with shocking Power of Veto comp results that shook the house. Read up on the Veto spoiler details from Saturday, then get ready for tonight’s Big Brother on CBS at 8/7c.

Big Brother 15 Episode 26 – Preview:


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  1. Elissa hasn’t made her decision yet. Her plan today is to talk to GM by herself. This should be interesting…….I’m waiting

    • Elissa is smarter at sizing up the manipulating trash…it’s probably harder to get the others to see through the haze. GM has no fear of confrontation. Works to help Elissa stand her ground. Judd just wants to be accepted. Poor thing. Grow some cojonas, Judd.

  2. Elissa is so dumb. To evict McCranda, she should have put them both on the block. They better hope neither wins HOH next week or they’ll both easily go to final 3

    • This HOH opportunity has been wasted to an extent far beyond what we have witnessed in many seasons. I guess intelligence is not something Elissa needs to rely on in real life.

      • I wouldn’t really consider evicting the HG with the dominating record in comps as a wasted HOH. Now if Aaryn fails to go & we see GM sent to Jury then yeah, total waste. Elissa also knows that which is why I don’t think she’ll renom GM in McC’s place.

      • I don’t think it’s a total waste. Elissa have a back up plan in case: 1) Amanda plays for Veto, and 2)Wins it. And that plan is to totally minimize the size of Amanda’s 3AM alliance by putting Andy on McCrae’s place.

        Of course, Elissa cannot put both McCranda for eviction pre-Veto because she’s trying to backdoor Amanda. Aaryn is Elissa’s insurance policy as she’s as much of a comp threat than anyone else in the house.

      • Survivor is great. Lavandergirl is annoying. She has no friends on or off of here and she has no life. I can’t wait till this season is over for her idiotic comments can stop.

      • You’re wrong. We are friend. I’m always looking forward to what she has to say, even if I don’t always agree with her.

        If I was looking for people that always agree with me, I would look in a mirror.

      • Love survivor. Like a lot of the reality shows. Amazing race is another one of my favorites.

      • Suppose to be 100 days. If you count that they entered the house a week before the June 26 premiere, it bring you to September 26.

      • Too bad they didn’t go for 100-days. They should have also went with an earlier premiere date so they would avoid a direct clash with the fall TV season, As I always feel that the usual 80-day seasons are too short.

        At least I have BBAU to keep my BB fancy occupied. Not sure if I could handle UK’s Celebrity BB (not liking their two American HM’s)

      • Because she was playing personal. After she thought about it and decided to play strategic it was too late. Dumb move I think.

      • Yes, she approached Aaryn with a great deal to work together. What did Aaryn do? She ran back to Amanda so she could get ordered around again. She was even told to go along with evicting her biggest ally – GM. Aaryn will not do her own thing, as Elissa pointed out. If Elissa can’t get Amanda, taking down Aaryn or Andy is the next best thing.

        And btw, what about Aaryn? If she worked with the HOH this week, maybe Spencer would go up and Aaryn would be safe. It seems to me Aaryn made a personal decision too and it is going to mean her eviction.

      • Aaryn tried to work with Elissa. In fact right after the POV Aaryn was up in the HOH talking to Elissa about what to do. After she left Elissa told Judd her target is Aaryn now since she can’t get McManda out. So Elissa changed her mind first and went back to playing personal. That’s why Aaryn went back to McManda.

    • And what If Aaryn were to win HoH next, Elissa would be on the block and Aaryn would be on her way to F3. Pick your poison. Aaryn need to go out NOW.

      • That is only true to a point. Aaryn is Elissa’s biggest threat. Aaryn just put her up last week. Would you say that was not personal? Even Aaryn said she understood why Elissa put her up and could not be angry about it.

        Elissa’s strategy to put up McCrae was brilliant too. Becuase no matter who he put up along side Aaryn, that person would get voted out by Amanda. But Amanda would make sure McCrae was safe. Elissa took a big gamble that Amanda wouldn’t win the POV. Let’s face it, who thought after all of this time failing at veto comps, Amanda would win this one? And now, if Elissa puts up Andy next to Aaryn, she will force Amanda to make a choice between two of her allies. Seems to me, this could turn out that Elissa outsmarted Amanda and get rid of her biggest threat in the house.

  3. even if Elissas main goal was to evict Aaryn she should have still put Amanda against Mccray on the bloc so that there is a small chance that they will win the veto. plus Amanda is the manipulator and basicly can get people out. sooner she (amanda) grts out the better. plus if Aaryn won veto im sure she would have to used it! because Aaryn does not like Amanda.

  4. IF her main target was Aaryn, Elissa should have done 1 of 2 things:
    1) Nominate Amanda/McCrea together or
    2) Nominate Aaryn/GM together.
    If you put up Amanda/McCrea, you can backdoor Aaryn, put up Aaryn/GM you can back door McCranda if Aaryn won the veto.

  5. Don’t let anyone change your mind Elissa…put the rat Andy up. Judd as usual is being manipulated again by Andy. This boy never learn..smh. If Aaryn stays, win HOH and put you up for eviction… just win veto as usual. Go girl!!

    • After watching BBAD last night, I think Aaryn does not trust Amanda at all. She was questioning Amanda about sending GM home and Amanda was very direct with her to shut down any talk about putting Spencer up and not GM. I think Aaryn’s wheels are turning. She has to be wondering why Amanda is protecting Spencer and why she said Spencer would stay if he was on the block against Aaryn. I think Amanda slipped saying that but Aaryn caught it and asked abou tit again. I bet if she stays in the house and she wins HOH Thursday night, she is going to put up Amanda and McCrae. She will work with Judd and GM after that, Maybe Elissa too. I just have a feeling Aaryn is not liking the way she is telling Aaryn what to do, who to nominate and to get rid of her only real ally in the house.

  6. I have been watching BB since the first season and this has got to be the strangest, most confusing season EVER. I have never seen so many alliances and so many floaters and so much backstabbing your own alliance. So much flip flopping. I think I’ve finally decided I don’t give a crap who goes, who wins HOH who makes it to the final or who wins. They’re all idiots. I’m tired of stressing over these stupid people. It’s a friggin reality game show and I’m just going to sit back and watch the drama and enjoy the entertainment. Hopefully next season I will have a favorite to cheer on.

      • And if they do show it and people see she fell off and wasn’t DQ’d it will also feed the “rigged” theories. So it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t. So I doubt they will.

      • If I remember correctly, Chenbot’s reading of the rules indicated that if you fell off you were out. Didnt have to touch the ground. So by that rule, Elissa would be out. Everyone was jumping for the balls, but Elissa actually came entirely off the platform. Maybe they’ll clarify the rules — I lost sound for a bit during Chenbot’s reading but it would be hard to ‘explain’ that.

      • Did she fall off and hit the ground? If not then by any normal person’s definition of falling off, she didn’t fall off. You will have to explain to us why none of the other players were complaining about it and why CBS would allow such an obvious error just go by. And also, explain why they would give a rats behind if Elissa falls or not.

  7. I watched BAD again and it was obvious that Andy and Spencer were given their marching orders by Amanda and off they went like little minions to try to convince Elissa to put up GM instead of Andy. First the convinced Judd, who is obviously slow at this game, that GM would be teh swing vote to save Aaryn. Relaly Judd? Did you think that one through?

    In any case, the so-called alliance with Judd, Spencer, Andy and Elissa if yet another fake front put up by Amanda. It is actually pathetic to watch Amanda tell Spencer, “you need to go do this” and he gets right up from his chair and does what he was told. Basically, Amanda has everyone playing her game for her. I have never seen a season o BB like this. I cannot imagine guys like Boogey, Will or Dan buying the into Amanda’s story. I think Elissa is extremely untrusting of Andy still so at this point, I think she is not going to put up GM. She is going to put up Andy which is the only move she has. That way, Amanda has to get rid of one of her allies. Aaryn wins competitions and does Amanda’s dirty work. Andy is her eyes and ears. If either one of them goes home Thursday, Amanda will be severely weakened.

  8. McRae trying to convince Elissa not to put him up, his excuse that his chance for winning veto are not good: “I smoke all the time”. Priceless.

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