Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Monday Daytime Highlights


In a rare daytime occurrence, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds were pretty entertaining today. Not only did the houseguests wake up before 1 PM, there had a whole Veto Ceremony, named a replacement nominee and gave us several spats and tears!

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

8:26 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Early wake-up time.

8:50 AM BBT – Andy is pacing and clearly nervous about the nomination ceremony.

9:18 AM BBT – Andy asks Elissa what her plan is. She tells him he is probably going up but he won’t go home. He says he will go home and that if she puts up GinaMarie he swears he’ll vote out Aaryn.

9:25 AM BBT – Andy is really spazzing. Elissa tells him to calm down because he’s never been up and he will never be tortured like she was by Amanda yesterday.

9:36 AM BBT – GinaMarie again telling Elissa she will vote Aaryn out if it helps her in the game.

10:13 AM BBT – Feeds cut to trivia for veto ceremony.

10:51 AM BBT – Feeds return. Andy is up. Amanda telling Judd that they aren’t voting out Andy and that all the talk of doing so was a plan to try to get Elissa to put GM up.

10:54 AM BBT – Judd offers McCranda a deal to keep him safe next week and he’ll keep them safe. They agree on it.

11:00 AM BBT – Judd tells Andy that he was lying about the deal to McCranda. Andy said he is done keeping them safe too.

11:05 AM BBT – Amanda is harassing Elissa again. She asks her how many doctors it took to make her face look that way.

11:09 AM BBT – Andy and Judd swear they are serious on their final four deal with Spencer and GM. They call themselves The Exterminators.

11:15 AM BBT – Andy says if he ends up getting evicted by Elissa’s HOH, he will slit his throat on live TV.

11:25 AM BBT – Elissa goes outside to do yoga and Amanda is heckling her.

11:40 AM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn she’s the only one who seems to want Aaryn to stay. She starts crying so Amanda comforts her. Amanda said she tried so hard to get GM up. Aaryn says that Elissa getting her out is a pretty big move. Amanda feels defeated and says this is the first week she hasn’t gotten what she wanted with evictions.

12:13 PM BBT – Aaryn and GM are crying about Aaryn leaving. Aaryn tells her to  just vote with the majority and not risk her game by throwing Aaryn a vote.

12:28 PM BBT – Amanda is mad that Andy is being nice to Elissa. She doesn’t like that she’s the only one giving Elissa a rough time. Amanda is getting fired up and says she wants to punch Elissa in the face. Then she points out that it’s not a threat. Spencer tells her to calm down. Amanda says if Elissa doesn’t go up on the block next week she will explode.

12:41 PM BBT – Amanda says if she sees anyone talking to Elissa that person will go up next to her.

1:40 PM BBT – As soon as McCrae walks away from Judd and Andy, Andy says McCranda needs to be split up. He might actually be serious.

2:12 PM BBT – GM tells Elissa that she thinks even McCrae and Amanda are voting Aaryn out and Aaryn knows.

2:28 PM BBT – Andy feels pretty safe. He knows everyone is voting Aaryn out.

It sounds like Aaryn is definitely headed to jury this week. So what we’ll have our eyes on is how this apparent new alliance plays out and who Andy is actually being loyal to.

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  1. If the exterminator alliance gets revealed McRae and Amanda could vote out Andy and gm could be the third vote. Aaryn being saved!

      • sooo true.. These people are the biggest blabber mouths that I have ever seen on BB AND THEN THE THINGS THEY TELL EVENTUALLY GETS THEM EVICTED…Go figure???

  2. Aaryn needs to throw Andy under the bus, maybe she needed to tell how dangerous Andy is by uncover 3am alliance and how everyone in jury love Andy. But I’m okay eitherway, Andy is boring and Aaryn is …. well….. you know…

  3. I’d Love to see Andy slit his throat, just to see if he would actually go through with his bluff, sick and tired of him threating to harm himself.

    • Andy shouldn’t be embarrassed by being evicted by Elissa, if he is. The fact is, in her one HOH she played more BB than most house guests have played all season long. She made the biggest move in the house, not by evicting Amanda, but by isolating her once Aaryn leaves.

      • Elissa is the only one who had the guts to do what no one else would. She dared to stand up to the “WICKED WITCH OF BIG BROTHER” Amanda. YEA!!!

      • She cared more about eliminating Aaryn (because of their past conflicts).

        She defied Amanda not by putting her up, but by not letting herself be bullied into letting Aaryn stay.

      • But Aaryn is the one winning the comp’s and doing all the dirty work. She also renom Andy who is also working with McCranda and running and telling every thing So now the 2 of them have to get their own hands dirty, and they. will. have to WORK at playing the game.

      • why not just take out Amanda. What good is weakening her when you have the chance to evict her? She should have been nominated out of the gate.

      • Elissa (duck face) obviously knows she’s a sitting duck and that why her HOH was not swayed by the rest of them, she’s knows she’s not going to win this game anyway, so she has done what she wants before she exits. Of course, we all know she’s NOT going to jury and will walk away from the show to be at her son’s first day of third grade. LOSER !!!

    • Andy is a drama queen. Wait till his eviction comes then, he will really throw a fit and bang his head on the wall! We may have to wait a couple of weeks but, it will be all worth it!

    • I guess that might be the only thing that CBS might pull the plug for if he goes thru with it.Then again it may be great ratings and they would let it go.

    • You want Andy to slit his throat? Wow, thats so malicious and mean. You should be ashamed… i cant believe you would wish harm upon someone… yadda yadda yadda…

      • if Andy slits his throat that falls on him. Hopeful just said he/she wanted to see “him” do it.

      • omg thats so mean… you need to rethink your life… he wants to watch andy kill himself… omg thats so mean. Lets all send angry letters to Hopeful’s employer and have her fired. Thats the logical thing to do… right guys?

      • Yeah..stand up for the “drama queen” RAT ! He’s too stuck on himself to harm a hair on his own head, let alone “slit his throat”…he’s just pulling out all the stops…the HGs have his number now, I think. They are playing HIM, for a change…LOVE IT !!!

    • I want Andy gone. He is a fake ass sneaky. RAT! I wouldn’t mind so much if he didn’t act all cocky (so and soo needs to go) then cry like my 12 yr old daughter when they go. Really. He also is like a 12yr old girl that likes to stir up shi. Act like he’s your friend then run and tell everthing that was said, and make some up along the way. That’s. the kind of girls I would beat up in school . I did like that crap then and don’t now. Not even when they told me someonewas taking about me. GET RID. OF THE. RAT.and work with Aaryn. If she won’t out she goes cuz she’s good at comp.

  4. Andy he will slit his throat on live TV? Did he get sent to the BB psychiatrist imminently afterwards?

    • Andy has said that like 10 times already. That’s why when he was ranting to Judd and Spencer about how good he has been to Elissa it was such a farce.

      • TOTALLY delusional…but then again, Demanduh is even MORE delusional than Andy ….and with such a bizarre sense of entitlement…

  5. There is a side to Aaryn that is actually a little likeable. Of course there is the other side too, but when she told Amanda, Elissa actually made a bold move getting her out and when she told GM she can’t really be angry with Elissa because she put Elissa up the week before, she showed a more mature side of her. She is still too bitchy and racist but perhaps she just needs to grow up and experience life outside of small-town Texas. I actually think Aaryn and Elissa are a better match than Aaryn and GM. Too bad they both let the initial reaction to each other get the better of them.

    Perhaps Aaryn is watching Amanda act the way she is and realizing, what the heck am I doing associating myself with this lunatic.

  6. Big Brother, you should take away Amanda’s Vote this Thrusday because of her continuous harassment to Elissa. Send a message they cannot get into some ones face day after day.. They have no place to go. Amanda is nasty and Amercia hates that smelley, big mouth Mob Boss. It’s not good sportsmanship and these are not children, It’s very nerve racking to have an idiot so called adult in your face. It’s Verbal Abuse!! get Classy Big Brother, do something to shut Amanda’s smelly mouth up. Grown adults keeping there bedrooms so filthy on T.V. is disgusting…They walk on top of their clothes and trash… It’s the New Trashy Big Brother house….

    • You are so right. No respect for their belongings or themselves. I noticed Judd and Elissa keep their things picked up. Know for sure McRanda and Spencer don’t. Pigs.

      • SO true !!! Personally, I’ve been disgusted by constantly seeing McCranda in bed and “fooling around” on camera. Demanduh has a stalker personality !

    • they also don’t take baths enough to suit me either…all except Elissa and Aaryn look oily and dirty

      • So you would be ok if someone went into the house and stated if anyone puts me on the block or evicted me ill kill your entire family .. It’s only intimidation and within the rules ..

      • Sure I would be okay with it.. Because it is only words. Not to mention this isn’t the first time. People has use intimidation or callous remarks in the big brother house. It might be the first time a woman has went this far though. Which is why I think alot of people are having hard time with it.
        They are used to seeing men do those things but not a woman.

      • You may be okay with it, but if it was considered a credible threat the police may want to talk to the person who made it.

      • She is no woman nor is she a lady. She is trash.. She has a trash mouth.She dresses trashy.,and she lives like trash. Get some class !

      • id be ok with it. Its empty threats fueled by frustration. Everyone here takes everything so literally… loosen up.

      • We know that for sure evil Dick was horrific and he stayed and was asked back.BB doesn’t care about that stuff.

      • Demanduh has outdone Evil Dick…at least he had a smiling smirk…this biyotch is breathing fire and taking no prisoners…she’s all death and destruction…

    • They are not going to take away her veto. People already claimed it’s rigged, if Production stepped in and took away a veto that someone won — that’s right, “won,” not “got handed” — then even Amanda’s most ardent haters will be disgusted at the overt production interference.

      • They can take it away. I doubt they do but they can take it . According to Spencer they have been warned that their actions could result in a PENTALY NOM. Her & Mc WOULD BE IN BIG TROUBLE IF THAT HAPPENED.

      • I found it curious Amanda was reading the rules on BBAD last night. McCrae covered and said she was bored. Hmm bored from being Elissa’s personal terrorist? Amanda was also told not to go to the HOH room.

    • Does CBS/BB think that verbal abuse isn’t “abuse?” Whoever the shrink is that is “on-call” must be an idiot to let all the VERBAL ABUSE continue without telling CBS/BB how equally damaging it can be right along-side “physical abuse.”

      • Hell they cast these people did they not?? THE SAME SHRINK THAT TALKED TO THEM PRIOR TO ENTERING THE HOUSE IS TALKING TO THEM IN THE DR…Does that help u understand better?

      • And you know this because ??? Who told you that they have a “shrink” talking to them in the DR ? I don’t think so !

      • The HGS HAVE COMMENTED ON IT. What show u been watching.? U need to pay attention.

  7. 12:28 PM BBT – Amanda is mad that Andy is being nice to Elissa. She
    doesn’t like that she’s the only one giving Elissa a rough time. Amanda
    is getting fired up and says she wants to punch Elissa in the face. Then
    she points out that it’s not a threat. Spencer tells her to calm down.
    Amanda says if Elissa doesn’t go up on the block next week she will

    Is this not the behavior of a 4 year old child who did not get her way?

    • No…my 4 year old niece is spoiled rotten by her parents (my brother and his wife) and even she’s more mature than this. Although she did hit me with an inflatable baseball bat, so….

    • I wish she would explode, all over the place into little bloody pieces! And then everyone trample on her! She boils me!

    • A four year old child somewhere is being insulted…Kidding. Most four year old children are well behaved and not agro. This is boardline personality serial killer behavior. Not funny.. I say the HGS put her in restraints and a muzzle. I personally fear a HGS will be physically harmed by her. Please please please evict her for your safety HGS.

      • I believe Amanda was trying to get Elissa to fight back, maybe even to hit her, so that she (Elissa) could be kick out of the house. I have seen people like Amanda on several occasions. They are all bark and no bite. My thing is, people need to learn how to beat them at their own game. When Amanda asked Elissa how many doctors did it take to make her face look that way, Elissa should have said the same number of doctors you should hire to pump some air in your ass.

      • ROFL! Oh my side hurts from laughing, you saw Amanda’s flat ass too! I was horrified when I saw it eat umm I guess that was a thong?

      • Elissa could have commented that the air they should have pumped in your flat ass…I guess Dr. Frankenstein made an error and pumped air into our Butt head on your shoulders or did he??

      • And if she was really dirty, she could have said the same number of doctors it took to suck your baby out of you…..this would have shut her party down.

      • Ouch. Yikes. Remind me not to get on your bad side. Kidding :) I wish that would be said. She does deserve to hear that. But, the irony is I do not think it would effect Amanda. She didn’t seem to care…and was back in bed boinking.

    • I work with kids and a 4year old even in full temper tantrum does not behave like Amanda she is a bully period can u see her if somebody does not buy a house from her?

  8. Andy is a snitch when it comes to Amanda And Mccrea he tells them every thing so now he knows how it feels to be on the block good for Elissa for making the big move I hope she makes it to the end so Amanda can know that she let everyone do her dirty work for nothing and she went to the jury house her self I hope it works that way

    • Amanda is preset to win. Why do you think Amanda is so cocky about everything? She KNOWS ahead of time that she will win. Kinda funny that Amanda finally wins a competition(POV) after she hasn’t been able to win anything before and gets McCrae off the block!

      • I have loved BB from day 1 and if Amanda wins that is it I am so done. I do not even do the feeds anymore because of people like her in the house, I miss the good old fashion twin switching? I miss those good old days! Fighting and making people wish they never came in the house are no fun. Now let Racheal come in and be with her sister. I would love to see Amanda’s face!!!

      • I would like to see them send Will and Boogey in as saboteurs. Their only mission would be to play Amanda. I am betting they would have her in a fit of paranoia in about 24 hours.

      • At this point all of them….Rachel or Janelle would have Amanda going off the show in a straight jacket…Amanda does not play well with women. Then to add insult to injury Will Boogey or Evil Dick undo McCrae’s lobotomy. Whoa.

      • Yea send Dick in! He’s never said anything offensive ever!!! WE ALL LOVE EVEL DICK WOOO!! But oh my god do we hate Amanda… She’s been so mean…

      • Not an Amanda fan by any stretch of the imagination. Elissa only won comps (POV) when she was on the block too. I think the entire show is scripted, kind of like wrestling. Why else would everyone be kissing Amanda’s butt. How was she ever a threat? They were all probably given their “roles” from day one. Production must have had Aaryn tone it down after they saw how outraged America was. Amanda was not like she is now in the beginning. She was always calling Aaryn out for her behavior. I think Production decided to switch it up and make Amanda the evil one once it backfired and Aaryn and GM lost their jobs. They probably felt like they needed to let Aaryn have a chance to redeem herself.

  9. I wonder do Amanda act like this in the real world because if she do I would not want to be her friend and I feel bad for her family I really hope the house stick together and instead of her saying Elissa being on the block she is on the block I can’t stand Amanda she makes me sick she think she can bully people to doing what she want

  10. Please someone give Amanda Thorazine or Haldol stat. I mean this is serious wanting to punch Elissa in the face. What? Not funny or cute. Oh, and that is not a threat. What? Will Amanda explode? I hope no one in the house gets physically harmed. If this happens BB experiment failed…

  11. Demanda’s crotch is probably gonna explode and excrete a lot of old manglue all over the house! Elissa and her clown face will stay perpetually happy, while the amazing racist aaryn goes home. Spencer and his burning beard will burn mccrae’s butthair into the next golden vet, all hail the dark overlord smegma!

  12. Wow!..McCrae’s pajamas are being auction on Ebay. You can find it under “unique pillow cases” starts at 99 cents..

  13. I feel bad for Elissa. SHe is completely alone and she seems like an actual nice girl. I still don’t think anyone else (even Judd) actually has the balls to put up Mcranda if they win HOH. So I expect it will be Elissa on the block next week, though I hope I’m wrong

  14. Amanda is so crazy that she makes Kathy Bates character in Misery look like Mary Poppins.

  15. Mickey D’s has just said that they will put a McCranda burger on their menu, it will consist of 2 all bullshit patties, special sauce, lettuce, demanda cheese, tomatoes, pickles,all on a sesame seed bun with some of mccrae’s hair!

  16. I for one think that Amanda is the hottest woman on TV and would happily introduce her to my family……Oh wait it’s not April Fools Day……never mind then.

  17. McCrae is comparing Elissa to Eva Braun.McCrae says he knows that Hitler had kids too & now he is comparing Elissa to Eva/Hitler NT
    Seriously? How long will this go on ?

  18. Rachel has said if she shows up to finale, she will punch in the mouth. God I hope she does.

      • Thats violent and mean spirited. i hope Rachel gets fired from her job and her family is ashamed of her.

      • Nope Amanda can’t say whatever say she wants. She acting like a spoiled brat cause she didn’t get what she wanted.

      • 2 wrongs dont make a right omg Rachel threatened her physically she should be banned from TV forever and her family should be ashamed etc…

      • omg how would you react if Amanda was ur daughter or something you be pretty sad!!! Rachel should be investigated by the FBI because shes mean spirited!!

      • wowe thats real nice i hope ur family’s prouf im gonna call ur employer until they let you go!!!! That’l show you!!! But first im gonna watch 12 hours straight of live feeds them complain about how its boring here

      • That didn’t bring anything to the discussion and was mean for no good reason what so ever. If you keep it up, I’ll start lobbying Matthew to ban you from here.

      • YA THINK…u let some slug come after one of the kids in my family and see how fast they get brought down…I can whoop ass but the kid can’t.. so u need to come after me not a child…

      • OMG Fly!! you just threatened her physically!!! You should get fired from your job and called malicious names on the internet!!!

      • Wowe Michael shes not a witch shes a person but i guess you didnt think about that did you!! I hope you get a write up in TMZ because you said mean things. I can believe youd support Rachel after she threatened someones health!!!

      • omg Prince that’s so mean you should be insulted anonymously over the internet because of your appearance for that… it’s only fair though right? so mean omg.

      • Just some advice Gellie. When you repeat the same message over and over again people stop listening. We get it. You’re in love with Amanda. You like bondage and whips and you have a fantasy of being hogtied by Amanda and whipped with McCrae’s oily locks until you bleed from your butt cheeks.

        When they get out in September, I would be happy to try to contact them on your behalf.

      • Thanks man. Hey, want to go compare ruthless dictators to houseguests with me? I got one! Aaryn? Pretty much Stalin. Right??? Why dont you go spew some more hate about people you dont know.

      • So u agree that Amanda is a “slug”??? I did not call any names in my post so I assume that is who are referring to in urs???

      • Dont pull that. You know what you meant… I mean… Hey dont accuse me of things thats malicious and mean i hope you get banned from your town and your family disowns you. Did i mention that i hate when Amanda and others wish harm upon others???

      • well I guess it takes one to know another one welcome to Amanda’s world and go Gelliewith her

      • omg 2 wrongs dont make a right ur probably a witch that doesnt shower!!!! Just like (insert hated houseguest here) doesnt do!!

      • I thought u said those are empty threats just words from Amanda but when Racheal says I will punch her in the mouth it is a threat sorry hon you cant have it one way itgoes both ways

  19. i believe the quote that was most disturbing was left out from today. After andy read her the rules, she said she wanted to Murder Elissa. what the hell CBS. She needs to seek medical attention asap; this bitch is sick and CBS is enabling her with meds which allow her to literally speedball around the house. Shame on you CBS!

      • I don;t have the live feeds but I have seen and read enough to deduce she is nuts. But she is only hurting herself. In time she will be isolated, even from McCrae. Instead of controlling everything, she will control nothing. That’s when Amanda will break completely.

        In the meantime, next week is another HOH and if her or McCrae don’t win, she will be in for the next rude awakening.

      • If Amanda is making these kinds of threats why isn’t bb stepping in. Now that sounds like a direct threat. If I were Elissa i’d be screaming for them to call the cops so its reported

      • How do you knnow they are empty threats. Do we have to wait until Amanda harms Elissa to prove whether you are right or wrong?

        Frankly, I think they are empty because Elissa would kick Amanda’s flabby ass and then wipe the BB bathroom floor with McCrae when she is done.

      • Come on.. loosen up tightwad. They’re empty threats. Amanda isnt going to kill Elissa while she sleeps.

      • Prince Gellie just called u “tightwad”. What cha gonna do about it?? Why don’t u report her to her boss demand she be fired or tell her u will kill her or hurt her children??? OMG being a called a tightwad is sooo demeaning. Stand up & be a man Prince defend ur good name.

      • I agree! you should contact my employer because im clearly not cut out mentally for this world!!! My family should be ashamed!!! Im a disgusting witch and i hate bullies OMG!!! IM ALSO A GIRL NOW!!!

      • well I could say “‘if u gonna act & sound like a “pussy” then u probably are one…But I won’t say that…

      • Please elaborate on this thinly veiled insult. I dont understand how I’m being a “pussy”.

  20. You all talk about how much you despise all the hate that goes on in the house, and then you come on here and spew hate. Am i the only one able to see this?

    • I would say yes in which case you should seek professional care since you are seeing things no one else sees.

    • Yes Gellie, you are the only reasonable person here. (backing away slowly). You’re Right … You’re Always Right!

    • THANK YOU!! Everyone comes here and says “I can’t believe how big of a bully Amanda is, she’s such a b*tch” or “Aaryn is the worst person ever. She’s so disgusting and I hate her”.

      How can you say both things in the same sentence…

    • To say I support this behaviour by watching the show is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. You don’t know me. It’s a show with real life bad begaviour going on. I could ignore bullying like most of society shut my tv off and pretend it doesn’t exist or watch and discuss until maybe one of the higher ups takes notice. Go live in your self absorbed bubble where only your opinion counts. I’m done with you

      • thats so backwards. CBS sees us not as people, but numbers. And when those numbers are tuned into their television show, it equates to money. Basically, by you watching, you are promoting the show, and therefore supporting the actions of CBS. You’re delusional if you think they actually care about your opinion. They will only start acting once ratings drop.

  21. I want to know why Amanda has not gotten a penalty nom for her behavior! I would love for that to happen and then Amanda leaves despite winning veto.

      • She is breaking the rules of human decency. Some of us still follow those rules and expect other to as well.

      • there’s no rules in big brother, other than you can physically assault someone. If you dont like it, maybe Big brother isnt for you.

      • or maybe Amanda’s behavior isn’t for me and everyone else watching big brother, except you.

      • Hey man, theres no rules against it. Its condoned in the big brother house, and has been for 15 seasons.

      • No, its a stupid question. I like BB but I do not like Amanda’s behavior just like I did not like Jeremy’s behavior. Its that simple. I do not believe a house guest has to bully or engage in family slurs to win BB. Seems to me, the winners in the past steered clear of that and still managed to salvage a victory. People who hold up Evel Dick as the standard for behavior are starting from a very low standard. Perhaps they have low expectations of themselves. But Jordan, Dan, even Rachel, played the game, sometimes hard, but avoided the boundaries most of the time. And when they did we criticized them too. The point is, we don’t mind deals, lies, manipulations etc. But if you don’t get your way, act mature enough to try another strategy. But the way Amanda is harassing Elissa because Elissa had the audacity to use her HOH as she chose instead of the way Amanda wanted her too it just asinine and it is bullying in any sense of the word. Remember, this was the same Amanda who told Elissa last week, if you campaign to save Helen you will go up on the block next week. Do you remember that? So now Elissa is HOH and Amanda cannot stand it. Her outbursts are the result of emotional problems not the game.

        We get it. You are fine with Amanda’s behavior and you probably act that way yourself. But you will not find many people her who agree with you.

      • Again though, no one is making you watch this season. You just blurted out a bunch of nonsense about past seasons and then followed with facts about the current season that you hate. I guess i should rephrase my original question: Why do you continue to watch this season if big brother. Why indirectly condone something you clearly disagree with by providing the show your television dedication? Why suffer through 60 minutes of “bullying” three times a week? Why not just wait until next season?

        Also if you look through my past comments, you wont see one serious comment, not delivered in a mocking tone, that defends Amanda. Im merely calling out the hypocrisy in insulting people on the internet and proceeding to have hatred towards bullying.

      • The rules of human decency?

        LOL, nice try. This is Big Brother. Not “Who’s the most decent person”.

      • We need some bloodshed and broken bones to make this show more entertaining. I still wished Willie smashed Joe’s skull in.

  22. It amazes me that Amanda doesnt think shes a bully! 2 shows I cant wait for,Aaryns racist ass put on spot, Amanda finding out she jumped to #1 hated in BB history!

    • Amanda is already stewing over the fact she was out-maneuvered by Elissa. This is why she continues her ridiculous behavior even though the noms are set and the outcome is clear.

  23. I feel sorry for Elissa. They should let Rachel return for a visit HAHA She would rip Amanda apart. I feel so bad for her I’m not even watching after dark .. Makes me sick .. Amanda’s family I hope your reading how discussing everyone thinks she is . I hope no one would by a house from someone so evil. She she lose her job along with the other two!!

    • What makes you think she would “rip Amanda apart”?

      Remember when her and Ragan got into a verbal altercation? Ragan ripped her to shreds…

      • Rachel also used his homosexuality as a tool to attack him with! sort of like what everyone here is against… but don’t worry, she’s Rachel, she can do no wrong!

    • Not sure she is a realtor…maybe just an assistant…check her out on youtube…she is also in some type of show…start with the “itchy butt” or search amanda joe zuckerman… I don’t know a realtor would do such a horrible job explaining the layout of the real estate see was recording
      Ps you buy a house or drive by a house

  24. Amanda should get kicked out for harassment. This is a house full of adults, you should never harass someone to the point they have to lock themselves in their room because they’re playing the game! She looks like a pathetic cry baby.

  25. A lot of vile, disgusting and racial taunts have been hurled this season of Big Brother. Rest assured that karma is alive and well and will render its retribution on those guilty of saying these racial slurs as well as vile things about house guests families! Amanda by continuing with her vile rants will only bring an even larger karmic wrath on herself and her family!
    The same goes for Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy….who would have thought Aaryn drinking acetone out of the blue, of Helen who treated Jessie and Candice badly, being evicted and losing a chance at that $500,000. The same goes for Aaryn now who was looking forward to that $500,000 and now, she is about to be evicted! And her troubles might just be starting! Watch bad karma hit these house guests in multiple ways because it is coming to them and will render its punishment to the guilty in due time!

    • I can’t understand why Big Brother doesn’t evict Amanda. When Hance threaten to punch the chef guy, they evicted him. Amanda is verbally, emotionally and now threatening physical abuse. Does she have to kill Elissa before they do anything ! Come on Big Brother !
      Elissa is more important than your ratings ! Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy and Amanda should have been warned and or eliminated for their behaviour. Big Brother fans lets stand together to eliminate Amanda!!!!

      • WIllie was evicted for a headbut (Physical Violence), not a threat. Delete your comment, it’s stupid.

      • Wow you really like to fight with everyone don’t you. Maybe you should join them in that house. Don’t worry Ritchie I was getting it from this person earlier. Eventually they go away

      • Deny it. His whole concept of that comment was wrong. It would be to his detriment to keep it visible.

      • If anyone lays a hand on anyone. It becomes a physical assault and the guilty person will get arrested by police! I do not think it is going to happen in this game. Nobody wants to go to jail aside from losing the chance at $500,000! Karma will take care of these individuals in due time! And there is nothing they can do once karma starts to hit them!

      • I thought he actually pushed Chef which led to his eviction. But I do remember Evel Dick flicking a lit cigarette at someone and he was not evicted for that.

  26. Ok..Ok..Ok…STFU everybody. Let’s talk about game. lol

    …Aaryn is campaigning hard and throwing everybody under the bus.

    • I knew it would happen I called it earlier today….Just give her a couple of beers & see the crap fly…

    • Aaryn has nothing to lose! It may be a desperation shot but, she should hold nothing back and tell what she knows about Andy, McCrae and Amanda. Expose the 3AM alliance and let Gina Marie, Judd, Elissa, Spencer know all about the alliance. That would be like what Jessie did to Helen exposing her blatant lies so that, no one will trust her! Aaryn should go all out and full bore as she is about to be evicted anyways!

      • I don’t have any respect for a player to just lay and die. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do. She has 3 days to add entertainment to live feeds.

      • She told Judd about the alliance. She is trying to use it to get Andy out and save herself. She said Andy is still working with them, but because they will not vote to save her she will be gunning for them if she stays. Its actually a pretty good argument, but she doesn’t know Andy already beat her to it. She should have told Amanda and mcCrae that Andy would be gunning for them next week.

      • Before she started this she did tell McCrae about Spencer coming to her before the POV and saying he would never vote her out and offered her a F2 deal. McCrae got suspicious, but Andy as usual said she was just starting stuff and to ask Spence. Spence of course denied and McCrae agreed she was just starting stuff and that is why he didn’t trust her. I really want Andy and Spence to finally get caught.

  27. Hope Andy gets evicted so we can watch Aaryn for at least another week. She is so pretty and intelligent. A real sweetheart. In our fraternity house, and all other frat houses in the country, you are our pin-up girl.

    • Sticking the game, keeping Aaryn has become an interesting possibility now. Aaryn is obviously pissed at Amanda and McCrae for not voting to keep her. She has promised to go after them for the rest of the game. On the other hand, there is Andy. Can anyone really trust Andy? If he stay this week is he going to go right back to the Amanda McCrae alliance and tell them what everyone else is saying?

      I don;t like Aaryn but in the game, I think she is the lower risk in the house now. Keep her and dump Andy.

      I would definitely think about it.

  28. I’m tired of CBS supporting and promoting the bully tactics and the racism of it’s houseguests. They truly don’t care about the evil/bad/wrong tactics of the houseguests as long as people keep watching and talking about it, they make money and that’s all they care about. Never mind some of the antics of these so called people would earn them legal trouble, they just don’t care.

  29. How about a coup? Jeff got one.I think they should(by total surprise wink wink)a coup awarded to Elissa next week to keep her off the block, where she obviously will be.

    • That’s not so obvious anymore. It depends on who gets HOH. If Amanda or McCrae get it, Elissa will go up with GM. I am guessing the replacement will be Judd.

      If Spencer, Judd or GM wins, it will be Amanda and McCrae. Andy is the wild card. He’s been doing a lot of talking this week with Spencer and Judd about splitting up the McCranda thing, but I still do not trust him one bit. I think he will go along with Amanda still.

      • Andy and Spence have a F2 deal and were talking about putting Amanda/McCrae on the block at first. Of course that’s if one of them win. Later they changed it to Elissa and/or McCrae/Amanda. Andy and Spence always follow the power. Just to let you know another F2 deal that Spence has is with McCrae. They both were talking about how the Moving Co might be there after all. When Aaryn was working with Elissa to back door Amanda Spence came to Aaryn and told her he would never vote her out and he wanted a F2 with her. Aaryn mentioned it in front of McCrae, Andy and Judd. McCrae started to get suspicious of Spence and Andy quickly said Aaryn is just starting stuff and go to the source because that’s what I always do. Spence came out and of course denied it and said that Aaryn was just starting trouble. Of course McCrae believed him. How Andy and Spence keep getting away with their lies just blows my mind.

  30. Andy was reading from the rule book and he read this about violence: the producers will not tolerate any threats of violence in the BB house. If anyone feels any harm, or threat they should report it to the producers and is grounds for immediate eviction. Amanda has threatened bodily harm and/or death about Jessie, Candice and now Elissa. This is insane! Amanda was definitely put into the house to win or else BB wouldn’t be tolerating this. Chima got ejected out of the game for covering up cameras and refusing to go to DR. Apparently, threatening people’s lives is way less concerning.

    • Did you see the post today? There is an online petition Change. Org that you can sign to hopefully have Amanda removed from the game. Don’t give up hope ;)

      • I did :) and I signed it in the hopes that she will be ejected, though I doubt it greatly! But I’m not giving up hope! ahaha

      • Ugh!now Amanda is on BBAD now she wants to harpoon Amanda in the face? She is calling Amanda too faced? Shut up Andy and McCrae… We need to stay strong <;( )))) )— just like my Armadillo I sent you.

      • Blahahah Thanks Prince, I corrected. I guess subliminally I want Amanda to harpoon herself.

      • Don’t we all. BTW, I think production must have said something to Amanda about the murder comment. She was whispering something about it to McCrae tonight. I couldn’t hear the entire conversation though. I think they must have warned her. Then again later she made a comment about Elissa had enough of Amanda’s treatment and next time she will think twice about crossing Amanda. This is exactly what a bully would say.

      • I heard the same convo. The can you believe me an Elissa can be in the same rooms. Blahahaah Yet, she is back at it with the harpoon comment. Andy I think said something about that being the rules. I could be wrong. Did you hear Aaryn trying to behave with the race convo outside? Amanda of course barking in that’s not racists. I wanted to punch the TV every time Amanda/Aaryn are talking. I guess I need to buy a pair of boxing gloves. those too suck the life out of the BB game.

      • She’s absolutely crazy! Seems like they really want Amanda to win or else she would have had penatly noms and many of them!

        Aha, armadillo’s are the best :)

      • You are a dumb ass! Is that the only worthwhile petition that you signed today or did you remember to sign a petition to end the violence in Syria?

      • Excuse me?! I am not a dumbass. First, of all you have no clue what petitions I signed and for your information while I was on the petition page I signed many other petitions. Not like I have to go around telling people because when someone does something good it doesn’t need to be announced to everyone. And you’re rude :)

      • If you can’t see that this petition is the definition of utter nonsense, you are stupid. Amanda is a reality TV show contestant. If she wins the game, it’s not tragic. Part of what’s making you watch the show or follow it right now is that you and lots of other fans LOVE to HATE Amanda. Amanda is driving the ratings. Most of the house is now thoroughly aligned in breaking up the showmance. From a game perspective, this is exactly what BB is all about. One gamer runs the show and then people band together in a powerful alliance to mop the floor with her. But you would prefer she be expelled instead of having the game play out. As a BB fan, I consider that insulting to the game. As a human, I consider it ridiculous that you think any aspect of this reality show is important enough that a petition needs to be sent around. Amanda is a person too. She put herself out there and she makes comments that she should not and therefore ridiculing her within the context of the game is fair game. But this petition is beyond what any TV show fan should be doing. It’s DUMB.

      • I didn’t bother reading it once I got to “Part of what’s making you watch the show…” You don’t know why I watch the show. Stop assuming things about people you don’t know!

      • Your welcome <;( )))) )— see my armadillo?Tough little animal. We all band together and stay strong and never give up hope.

      • Petitions should be reserved for things that matter not for kicking out BB hgs that you want to see lose the game. You people are MORONS!!!!!!

      • Is there a rule book for petitions? I don’t think so. A petition is reserved for anything. If many people collectively want something done they use a petition. It’s not like petitions work for many things anyway, the violence in Syria isn’t going to stop just because people signed online…

    • All those thing Chima did were acculating against her, but what actually got her evicted, was her throwing her microphone in the pool.

    • Not only that but Elissa went to the DR and spoke with them about Amanda and all they gave Amanda was a “warning” and said they would start giving out penalty noms. Clearly they are showing favoritism. Chima was actually evicted because she broke the microphone, on purpose. So apparently, equipment is more important than a human life.

  31. Just can’t wait to see amandas face when she finds out that America wanted her out those 2 or 3 times.Assuming she cares of course.

  32. On BBAD tonight, Amanda was on her best behavior and she and Elissa could even be in the same room talking together. But when Elissa left, Amanda started talking about the two Elissas. I had to laugh at that because if anyone is a dual personality it is Amanda. There is the hide behind the trash can Amanda and the bullying belligerent pig Amanda.

    • McCrae, told her that he is sure every one in the house is turned off from the way she’s been behaving. Elissa was good on making her look like an idiot in front of the HG. Also. McCrae can already feel that both of them could be in trouble. Aaryn has been throwing them under the bus and that’s bad news for them too.

      • Hi Cyril see that is another thing that totally makes no sense. Aaryn had a talk with first Amanda who told her she was going home and by the end of the conversation Aaryn said she didn’t want to be sad any longer and just enjoy her last few days. She knew that there was nothing that cold be done. Later she even told GM to not vote for her as it would expose her. She said just be happy and not let what side you are on show. Unfortunately, she said to trust Andy. Andy of course popped in the room and gave his I hate that it’s me and you and again she said she was just going to be herself and enjoy her last few days in the house. At one point she is called to the DR and then the next thing you know she is throwing everyone under the bus and talking completely the opposite. This is what frustrates me about this season. Besides all the vile and disgusting happenings nothing makes sense with these people and how everything changes by the minute.

      • Hey you, There’s so many of those sudden change of tide post DR session. The most obvious one was Elissa’s “out of the blue” partnership with Aaryn. Impending eviction of Amanda was a cliff hanger, and guess what?..she won Veto. lol..Is this really happening? It’s a suspect, Isn’t it?

        Anyway, I can’t stand seeing Andy in the house. As expected, he’s already abandoning his care taker McCranda, but watch him go back to them when they’re in power. Spencer…aaaagh!! has a new lease in life. I want to see him buried in the backyard. lol

      • Cyril you and me both. I had to turn off the feeds for awhile because I couldn’t stand another minute of Andy getting away with all his lies. You are so right Andy floats to the power and Spencer right along with him. Almost thought he was going to get caught today, but he escaped yet again. I am sorry I have no respect for that type of game play. I like your idea of the backyard. lol

      • CTHU…I was laughing the whole time reading this because it’s so true. They are looney tunes and now I see why Elissa made the statement that when she first came into the house and met the contestants she thought it was a joke because she thought no way BB could find this many crazy people – LOL

    • CTHU!!!
      So true, I was saying to myself “girl have you looked in the mirror lately?” If anyone in that house has multiple personalities it’s definitely her…SMH

  33. I realized why Elissa is so annoying. It occurred to me while I was watching BBAD. Did you ever notice when GM is talking, they mute the mic almost then entire time? When Elissa talks you can hear the entire conversation. That’s because GM uses a curse word every other word and its too quick to mute and unmute her so they just block out the entire sentence.

    Elissa never curses at all. Instead, she uses words like gosh, oh my god, ridiculous and other soft words. We are so accustomed to cursing now that when we hear someone talk who doesn’t curse in casual conversations it sounds really odd.

    I am half joking of course, but I caught myslef saying, “if Elissa says gosh one more time I am going to throw my TV out the f-ing window!”

  34. Finally, Amanda apologized to Elissa. Interesting conversation between the two…don’t miss this…I enjoyed it !

    • According to the rule book that Andy read, Amanda has broken several rules and should be evicted. Don’t worry Big Brother, this should get your ratings up!

      • I know she’s a “female dog”..I enjoyed watching their exchanges tonight , that’s all I’m saying

      • Cyril do you remember quite awhile ago when Amanda and Elissa were together in the storage room and it seemed like they were talking about an alliance? Amanda said to Elissa that no one would ever suspect that we were really working together. I keep remembering that conversation.

      • Exactly ! you got good memory. Did you watch their conversation in the B.Y tonight?

      • No I missed it. I got so sick of watching the feeds and Andy/Spence almost getting caught and when Aaryn wasn’t believed by McCrae I had to shut it off. I don’t get TVGN so just do the feeds alone this season. I have Showtime and wish it were back there. I will watch on Flashback tomorrow. The feeds are good because you can catch everything on all 4 cams. Nice to catch up with you two days in a row. lol I keep missing Jillith. (:

  35. Here the season is almost over and I have no favorite. I don’t even care who wins any longer because I truly don’t think anyone deserves it. Too many things don’t make sense at all. I have never seen so many alliances and side fake alliances that it’s a wonder they can keep them straight. How is it that Andy has flown under the radar? I don’t respect his type of play so therefore nothing would make me happier then to see him caught. I also don’t understand a lot of recent happenings. Elissa has been going after Aaryn since the beginning and vice versa. Before POV was played Elissa was in DR and came out and the next thing you know she tells Judd she needs to see Aaryn, but don’t make it so people notice. Elissa asks Aaryn if they can finally work together and tells her of the back door Amanda plan. Aaryn agrees. At one point Elissa hugs Aaryn and tells her don’t worry you are not going home. After Amanda won the comp Aaryn goes up to the HOH room and and asks Elissa what are they going to do now? Elissa just had a blank stare on her face and had no answer. She then just proceeded to say she was going to take a shower. I believe Judd was there as well. Elissa never had another conversation with Aaryn and then it seemed like Elissa was back on board with getting Aaryn out. That was one instance that I completely did not get. Another one was Judd kept talking to Elissa about Andy before the renom and he wanted Elissa to put up GM to assure Andy would stay because he had not been told at that point that it was Amanda/McCrae’s plan all along to really keep Andy safe. Elissa says to Judd I thought you wanted to work with me and you know Andy is not trust worthy don’t you? Judd said he knew, but yet Elissa, Judd, GM and Andy made this new alliance? Why would you make an alliance with someone that you don’t find trust worthy?
    I think most of these HGs are guilty of vile and disgusting things. Amanda, GM, Aaryn, and Spencer are probably the worst, but I don’t think any at this point are innocent, but yet Elissa is working with GM who made some sort of off hand murder threat regarding Candace and also wanted to ask DR if she was allowed to beat Candace up in jury. She also said some pretty bad things regarding Howard. Her comments were bad enough that she was fired from her job along with Aaryn and Amanda. I guess Spencer is union so not sure what his situation is. I don’t dislike GM at times when she is just being funny, but I don’t agree with Elissa that she is the way she is because of the rest of the people in the house. I don’t believe you can all at once have a personality change after a couple of months of being in a house with other negative people. What bothers me and it’s jmo, but I have seen comments (not here) where fans are being just as bad as the HGs themselves. All kinds of hateful remarks and hoping this will happen to this one and that one. I remember Shelly Moore’s season when she was playing an Andy type of game and a lot of fans were doing the same thing. It got so bad that Shelly and her family were getting death threats. What Shelly did was nothing compared to these HGs and what they have done, and Shelly is very close to Jeff and Jordan now so it all turned out okay. I just ask myself are some of these fans that are going to such extremes acting any different than the HGs? I don’t think it’s up to the fans who watch the show to do anything. If what is being done bothers Elissa to a point where she really feels threatened, I am sure her and her family will do what needs to be done. Still amazes me how this show seemed to open some people’s eyes of how some people act and yet it goes on each and every day and sadly it never seems to change. jmho

    • I will say that before Aaryn went upstairs to the HOH after the veto comp she told Amanda of the plan to backdoor her. So Aaryn betrayed Elissa once again when she did that.

      Here’s the other thing to think about some of the people on these sites could be next year’s contestants (i.e. McCrae, he’s a self-proclaimed “super fan” and look how he acts.) It just proves that this world is filled w/a lot of “crazies” who would do and say anything to people without regard to human life. That’s what’s scary about all of this. Which is also why I say that CBS and Big Brother should have stopped what Amanda was doing because she is putting herself in danger by acting that way to Elissa because of all of the Elissa fans. Amanda’s family has already receive threats, so you would think that the power at be would look out for their contestants and stop them from their destructive behavior because it’s not only wrong to the person who’s receiving the mistreatment, but it also puts the guilty party at risk once he/she leaves the BB house.

  36. GO Elissa-take it all to the end! No one deserves it more then you, the rest are floaters and bad seeds.

  37. I have stopped allows amanda to act like that is allowing kids to thinking name calling and bulling is ok …no good game players this year this as well ..helen was a decent player …amanda has no game ..all this for the house voting is bull crap

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