Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Monday Night Highlights


It was a long and eventful day in the Big Brother 15 house. Earlier in the day we had the veto ceremony and learned that who the HoH named as the replacement nominee. That lead to some nerves from both of the final nominees that spilled over into the night.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 26, 2013

4:10 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Elissa if she gets people to keep her she’ll put up McCrae and Amanda and take all of Amanda’s heat off Elissa.

4:24 PM BBT – Elissa tells Andy that Aaryn was just throwing him under the bus. He’s not surprised and doesn’t make anything of it.

4:55 PM BBT – McCrae and Elissa are talking about their fight the day  before. He says it wasn’t cool when she laughed in their faces when they were nervous. McCrae also brings up Elissa being mean to Amanda on his birthday. They’re apologizing to each other.

5:35 PM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda about his conversation with Elissa. She tells him to stop talking to her.

5:45 PM BBT – GinaMarie is annoyed with Amanda’s Elissa hatred. She says she’s taking it to a personal level.

5:47 PM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda she needs to back off Elissa and that people are annoyed with it. She starts crying. Amanda says she knows her social game is over so now she has to focus on competitions.

5:55 PM BBT – McCrae, Amanda, Spencer and Andy are having an Elissa-bashing session outside.

7:15 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GinaMarie she’s not giving up yet. She plans to continue campaigning.

8:10 PM BBT – Everyone is eating the dinner Amanda made, even Elissa. Wait, GinaMarie isn’t. But the point is, even Elissa is eating with them.

8:30 PM BBT – Amanda promises Andy he will not be blindsided.

9:10 PM BBT – Spencer tells Judd and Elissa that McCrae and Amanda need to be split up.

9:20 PM BBT – Aaryn and Judd talking. She’s talking about all the dirty work she did for Amanda and now they can’t even save her. She seems to be proud of getting Helen out. Aaryn regrets nominating Judd in the double eviction but she mentions Helen threatened her.

10:00 PM BBT – Spencer joins the conversation between Aaryn and Judd. Aaryn asks him since they’re alone will he tell her why he’d be apprehensive about keeping her this week. He tells her that he’s not sure about her loyalty and how each she is to flip on people.

10:33 PM BBT – Amanda is annoyed that Aaryn is throwing everyone under the bus since her days are numbered. She thinks it’s a bad move.

10:47 PM BBT – Aaryn asking Amanda to vote for her and Amanda tells her that she’s hearing Aaryn is saying they’re not trustworthy.

10:53 PM BBT – They get booze. Judd trades his alcohol for some cigarettes.

11:00 PM BBT – HGs lounging and drinking.

11:45 PM BBT – Amanda and Elissa are having a calm conversation. Amanda explains to Elissa that they never planned to vote out Andy. She said she just wanted to save them both. Amanda explains why she felt loyal to Aaryn. Amanda tells Elissa if Aaryn was her original target, then Elissa’s HOH was a success.

12:00 AM BBT – Amanda and Elissa apologize to each other. Amanda tells Elissa she had her back. Elissa says no, she didn’t. They end the talk in a hug.

2:05 AM BBT – McCrae thinks there will be an event in the house on Tuesday. He won’t say out loud why, but tries to mouth it to Judd and Spencer.

2:15 AM BBT – Exterminators, minus GM, start talking in the backyard. They are confident that GM will stay good to them. Judd suggests getting out McCrae before Amanda. They agree that if McCranda gets HoH to support them going

2:25 AM BBT – Alone, Spencer questions Andy on telling Aaryn that they had a F2 deal. Andy denies it, but Spencer is concerned of being called out or the implications of Andy freely revealing that information.

2:50 AM BBT – Spencer talks to Judd and makes sure he’s good with Andy. Judd says he is.

3:30 AM BBT – HGs all tucked away awaiting Thursday’s eviction.

It’s not sounding like Aaryn is getting anywhere with her campaigning. Right now it looks like she’ll be heading to jury Thursday and Andy will just finally get to know what it feels like being on the block.

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  1. I’ll believe Andy’s allegiance to “The exterminators” when he actually makes move against McCranda. Until then, I think he’s just playing friendly to help his position throughout the house. I think he is in best position in the house right now.

    • Correct. He probably made the alliance to not get voted out but he even says he wants to be friendly and get no blood on his hands.
      Sorry, but if he is final 2, I’m voting for the other person unless it’s GM.

      • Did Amanda ever get an answer to her question regarding how many doctors messed up Elissa’s face? #fishRpeople2

      • I don’t know Savvy Sally – will we ever get an answer as to how Amanda became such a disgusting individual? You know, like thinking it’s funny to plaster condoms on photos…and putting ketchup on maxi pads and plastering them to the walls… (sorry for being graphic everyone…) but that’s what she is doing. She is a supposedly educated woman who is DEF. ‘old enough’ to know better… and act appropriately. Amanda is a lost cause – a true vile human being, rotten to the core. So what Elissa had some injections or whatever – she is still miles and miles better than Amanda.

      • I’m not ‘defending’ Elissa, I think she’s pretty anyway…even if she had injections whatever… – Amanda tries to go for the jugular. She takes low blows and no one gives them back to her. Maybe someone should tell Amanda about that spare tire she carries around her waist? Amanda seems to think she is untouchable…she should look in the mirror and judge herself before she judges others. Maureen – did you hear that Amanda said “Elissa…you should have been a blowjob” … Amanda doesn’t want to fight fair – she’s no supermodel that’s for sure.

      • I think it comes from jealousy. Whatever you think about Elissa’s face, her body is amazing. Not necessarily the fake boobs, but she works hard on eating right and exercise. The only exercise I’ve seen Amanda doing is grinding on McCrae, even against his will. And I can’t even watch her BBAD, because she is constantly eating with her mouth open. I also believe Amanda is jealous of the “sugar daddy” thing. Amanda has stated, so has her family, that she dates wealthy men, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was jealous because Elissa got a ring and Amanda never has. You know watching that “wedding” that she wanted it so bad and McCrae wanted out so bad.

      • I think Amanda is definitely jealous of Elissa’s body. Amanda, despite prancing around naked half the time, is conscious of her body fat.

      • Than I wish she would cover it up. A couple of days ago she changed her underwear right in the open and then went to the bathroom without closing the door. Dirty Girl.

      • To my understanding the “wedding” has never been televised or mentioned in any of the promos. Got to thank PRODUCTION for that small favor.

      • Neither was the engagement, she was the one who mentioned it Julie Chen, and you know Amanda was pissed when Julie Chen played dumb and didn’t acknowledge it.

      • Not only did Amanda buy her boobs, she doesn’t even have balance in the back to look good in bikinis with her flat ass!! How dare she knocks someone else down!

      • Yes, she did, plus she looks just like her sister. I have to assume that is genetics and not surgery.

      • Elissa had to have her lips done. Which could alter the rest of her face in itself. And if she has had botox more power to her cause its some amazing stuff.

      • How can Amanda criticize Elissa for any work she has had when Amanda flaunt her fake boobs all the time?

      • Elissa may be better than Amanda, but that ‘s setting the bar pretty low… Elissa , when viewed as an individual, is a biased, rude, arrogant elitist, who is definitely part of the entitlement crowd. She is extremely LOW on the list of nice players of BB. IMO she’s a piece of shiit.

      • Why would you not vote for him? He played the social and fake tears game almost to perfection until Helen finally figured him out. Now he’s back to creating another alliance, and found a way to get no blood on his hands during his HoH. His game play so far beats everyone but Amanda and Aaryn, IMO.

      • He hasn’t had a game play and even admitted as much. He said himself that he didn’t have a game plan, just to be friends with everybody, and do whatever the powers tell him to do. That would be a floater who has no clue how to play the game. Helen figured that out, now he’s trying to make another alliance once again, he seems to think he can just float on by hanging on everybody’s coat tails and somehow expect respect for that.

      • That is his game. To float and work off of others. He is the rat of the group. He is like Thomas of Downton Abby, the bottom scum that works off of others to get what they need but not get their hands dirty.

      • I’ll agree with you on that, but I don’t consider that game play, I call that being a wimp!

    • Andy is a rat. He is the least trustworthy person in the house. I think he is still going to work with McCrae and Bully.

    • Yeah right. Andy and Spencer have already talked about throwing next HOH. They are loyal to no one. I think worse than an Amanda and McCrae final would be an ultimate floater final with Andy and Spencer.

  2. What Amanda should realise is that people do vote in spite and while, it happens only occasionally—-it does happen. In the season Russell Hantz reached the finals on Survivor with Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine, the jurors gave it to Sandra Diaz-Twine who was a floater in the game. Parvati Shallow played the best game. Russell Hantz pissed everyone off—-he did not get a single vote and Parvati Shallow pissed a couple of jurors too so, she did not win either! Pissing off those going into the juror house is not the way to win it! In close votes, one solitary vote matters like in Rachel winning over Porsche! It was a 4-3 vote, the final vote coming from Shelly Moore who voted for Rachel!

    • Not only that she also needs to realize that she doesn’t control everything and everyone in the house. Just because she had a lot of flunkies, she automatically assumed Elissa would do what she wanted. Elissa has always had her own mind from the start, she just couldn’t always go against the grain. Elissa even told them in the beginning how she didn’t like the way they were using her for the MVP and that if she didn’t feel comfortable putting someone up she wouldn’t, which is why she put up Spencer instead of Howard. Amanda wanted Howard up and Elissa said no. So they knew then that Elissa was not the one to do what they wanted but what she felt was right.

    • Russell Hantz still played the best game. Survivor/BB are both stab-you-in-the-back games, where you lie. Period. Even the most holier-than-though people on these shows do it. Russell played a good game to the end. He made it to the end. It remains to be seen if Amanda could play to the end, period. Amanda, bitch from hell, actually played good until she lost control of her mouth this week. Don’t compliment her by comparing her to Russell Hantz. She’s got a ways to go. And, from what I recall, Hantz didn’t attack people’s looks/physical features and their spouses like Amanda does. Did he lie, manipulate and backstab? Of course, and he did it well. That’s this game we all love to watch! It is not a good morality game at all. But he didn’t act like Amanda…sorry.

      • Oh, but the OTHER Hantzes that were on BB and recently on Survivor (his brother, nephew, whatever) they BOTH played exactly like Amanda! They went nuts, ala Amanda, and lost it, too. Again, sorry, but Russell Hantz didn’t do that stuff. He was ruthless, but in a very game-playing way.

      • Russell played a good game until it came to jury. You can vote people out and still respect them and have them respect you game. That’s why he failed to win either season he made it to the end. Social game is more important in the end than immunity idols. Russell failed to see that.

      • The simple point being, you still need the jury votes to win! Last thing you want is hostile jury members then, you are screwed at the end! Amanda has been rubbing people the wrong way over and over at that! See, she got McCrae off the block—-she should have kept her mouth shut after that but, she cannot do so! Right now, you already have Candice, Jessie and Helen pissed at Amanda and Aaryn is just one more. I agree that Amanda might not get to Final 2 as she is thinking because depending on who wins HOH next—-Amanda and McCrae could be on the block together this time and one of them is going to the jury house for sure!

      • I think the reasons you mentioned are why Amanda might get to final 2. If she survives the next week or two, she might be perceived as the most beatable person in the house, maybe next to GM. We are getting to a point where they are starting to see who they can beat in a Final 2 situation.

      • The thing is Amanda has gone way overboard in the way she treats the other house guests. If you are evicting someone, you should still treat that person with respect then, you might get that vote! Amanda does not care and I would be surprised if someone other than McCrae would want her in Final 2.
        Why reward her? You can take Judd if you played a good game and still have a chance to win it! An Elissa and Judd Final 2 would be good!

    • Let’s not forget Jordan…THE ULTIMATE FLOATER. Now I hated Natalie…but she played the better game. That year, houseguests were pissed at being used…so game 1/2 mill to the floater…Jordan. BTW…she was also very popular. I think this year is the same….they will never vote for the best gameplayer…but for their favorite person. All are playing way too personal.

      • Natalie’s game play wasn’t that good. It was a vote for the lesser of two evils, someone who was stayed safe because they thought she could be beat or a little twit who lied about her age for no reason at all.

      • is lying about your age really the most concerning thing to you? Thats all you have against Natalie?

      • No she was also a nasty mean person. But you defend Amanda, so I don’t see you agreeing with me.

  3. Amanda relying just on competitions…HA! Hopefully we see her on the block this Friday and her not winning the veto Saturday.

    • When you are on the block and need a veto win, that is usually when you fail at it! I am rooting for Gina Marie or Judd to win the next HOH and hope Amanda and McCrae gets put on the block. This time, one of them goes home for sure! That would be sweet if it happens!

    • Amanda’s only talent is verbally bashing people. if Aaryn, Elissa, and Judd would form an alliance they could take it all the way to the end… maybe even with GM too. Leaving Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, and Andy on the outs. Aaryn and Elissa could dominate the competitions, judd and GM just provide the numbers. They could totally flip the whole game… I guess it’s hard to see what way is up when you are stuck in a house with a P.O.S. like Amanda ruining your mental status all the time….

      • If Aaryn stay, Andy will be gone and presumably will be hanging from a bed sheet in the jury house.

      • That a joke of course, in reference to his promise to kill himself if he gets evicted by Elissa.

      • Andy should be the one on ‘watch’ not GinaMarie – Andy is continually threatening to harm himself! Andy: repeat –> “it’s just a game” lol

      • I know he is joking. Its his way of insulting Elissa. He simply does not understand how brilliant Elissa’s moves have been this week. When Spencer tried to explain it to him it went right over his head.

      • Andy’s threat to kill himself is a sign of mental illness. According to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was a mental illness. Then in 1970 gay activists protested against the APA convention in San Francisco to have it removed from the list. What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people started to kick up a fuss. So essentially, Andy is a sick puppy.

      • Those goddamn gays asking for their rights….. what is this America or something?!? oh wait… it is.

        Was there ever a legitimate scientific breakthrough that put homosexuality in the mental illness list in the 1st place, or was it just put it in, because homosexuality was different from the “norm”? I’d like to know….

      • I would love to see Andy hanging from the rafters from a bedsheet or better yet, cut his throat on live TV like he said the other day. LOL that would really make my day the stinking little sneaky rat snake.

      • They need Spencer this week. I don’t think they will get his vote to get rid of Andy.

      • Yet Spencer was questioning Judd to find out if he is okay with Andy. Is Spencer starting to wonder if Andy is trustworthy? Andy has lied and been outed at least 3 times in the last 2 nights on BBAD. I don’t know if the guys caught it but I did. Maybe Spencer did too.

  4. Well I think ELISSA could make an astonishing “WTH” if she was keeping her real target to herself until the last min and then pull GM, Amanda, and Judd in on it saying to vote Andy out! That would be a great move! Silently mention to Aaryn IF I get you off you have to be loyal in word word about going after McCranda. AARYN agreeing doesn’t mean Elissa can pull it off, but it covers her just in case she can!!

    • Elissa doesn’t have a vote or a say in the matter. She basically has no alliance (other than maybe Judd) and no pull over any houseguests. She also has no power since they know she can’t play in HOH next week. She needed to secure a new alliance before nominations.

      Elissa’s week is basically done.

      • This is the first week where I think there may be a last minute switch and I think GM and Judd should consider it. With Amanda telling Aaryn that McCranda will not save her and GM telling Aaryn the Amanda has to go, I think Aaryn can finally be trusted to turn on Amanda and McCrae. Yes, Aaryn and Elissa need to drop targeting each other and work together. But this deal makes sense. I think Aaryn has actually developed a rspect for Elissa now. Plus, Andy cannot be trusted. I don’t care how many times he says “one thousand million percent I am on board”. His game is to play the rat. Aaryn, despite her comp success, is really a follower. She will go with the house which in this case would be everyone but Amanda and McCrae.

        I would definitely listen to her. It is a higher percentage play to go with Aaryn than Andy at this point – at least for everyone but Amanda.

      • I just don’t see Spencer going against McCranda. I think he is still scared of her wrath. I wish it would happen that Spencer, GM and Judd would all vote out Andy. Because my biggest fear is whoever stays, right after live eviction, McCranda will take all the credit for keeping that person safe. It doesn’t matter they aren’t the majority, they will tell Andy he is still there because of them.

      • I thought the same thing. but Aaryn is tooooo dam stupid. After her conversation with Elissa yesterday she runs straight back to Amanda & tells her what happened. Aaryn is trying to get all the dirt about Andys double dealings out but she is doing it in a way that the HGs are not believing her. She just needs to rat him out in front of everybody. Elissa acted dumb yesterday when she warned Andy that Aaryn was throwing him under the bus. Why did she do that?? She knows Andy is playing both sides. I wish Aaryn would stay & Andy go but only if she would stay on the true side of Elissa & GM.

      • You know I’m going to be really pissed off if that happens. Why do you want to aggravate me ?

      • Exactly. Elissa knows if she tell Andy something, Amanda will know 5 minutes later.

        I think the guys missed it, but the other night they were talking to Andy who went right back inside and repeated it to Aaryn. 10 seconds later Aaryn came outside and told them, I just heard … and repeated the conversation with Andy. She didn;t mention ANdy, but the guys seemed to miss that only Andy could have repeated what they said to Aaryn that quickly. Andy is such a weasel. Why does anyone trust him?

      • I felt the same way. After watching her plead to Elissa, I felt her sincerity. The eye opener for me was how f***ed up her mind is all day/all night. after her convo with Elissa. She’s like a chameleon.It’s funny because, she sounds like she’s against everybody in the house. lol..she’s sooo flaky

  5. Ok I’m lost..what happen to make Amanda and gimp boy Mcrea to vote out Aaryn? Last time I saw after dark..they were keeping her.

    • They are sheep they will follow the rest of the house. Just so they don’t look like targets for next week

    • Amanda said they were never going to vote Andy out. Saying they were was a ruse to confuse Elissa into putting up GM instead of Andy. CBS always gives Elissa the airhead moment edit, but she outsmarted Amanda this week and will get her primary target out of the house. I thought she payed brilliantly for the most part, including making Amanda look stupid.

      Elissa’s game play up until now has been really bad and she had some awkward moments this week too. But she is playing a much better game this week than she did before. At least her actions have added some life to the game that was getting pretty boring.

      • I think Elissa is really good at “seeing” what is going on and analyzing the situation. Or she is being told what is going on by the producers :) However, her social game is just attrocious. She really has a high and mighty superiority complex and it shows.

  6. Elissa totally dropped the ball this week. She managed not only to fail at get one of Mcranda out, but also might get Aaryn evicted who went out of her way to show she had nothing against Elissa and actually wanted to work with her. Two weeks in a row Elissa’s actions will evict someone who had her back.

    • Elissa can’t work with Aaryn She’s proven not to be trustworthy. Not only that, Elissa is taking out a major player and someone who hurt your game.

    • BS she wanted to backdoor Amanda I think. But because the A….s. won POV she could not. Elissa knew that there was a 3am alliance between them and knew she had to get one of them out (Aryan was the one with the most wins thus the target to get out) She put up McCrackker so that he would win POV and take him self off and then put up A…..s

    • There is no way Aaryn, who has been gunning for Elissa and her ally the past few weeks, can be trusted to be telling the truth. Much more likely that Aaryn just wants to save her butt and will say she’ll work with anyone in order to achieve that.

    • Are You Serious? Aaryn never had Elissa’s back. Maybe only to stick a knife in it!

    • Aaryn has been gunning for Elissa since week 1. Amanda and McCrae change their target every 5 minutes. So Elissa might be a target now, but wait to see next week, it will be someone else. My guess is Judd or Andy.

    • Getting one big threat out is always a plus! If Aaryn is evicted, one big threat has been eliminated! Someone who is good in HOH and POV! If Elissa has to compete for POV, she has a better chance now that Aaryn is gone!

    • Let’s say Aaryn does go home this week. Let’s look at the house last week vs next week.

      First, the best HOH competitor since Janelle is out of the house – and she was working with Amanda

      Second, The house is turning against Amanda and McCrae. If you believe Andy, then Amanda and McCrae are alone in the game now and have become the biggest targets in the house.

      Third, Elissa’s biggest threat in the game, someone who put her up twice, is gone.

      Next week, Amanda’s power will have shifted to the rest of the house.

      She didn’t drop the ball. She played brilliantly, courageously and effectively. Amanda and Aaryn underestimated her. So did I.

      • And I want to add one other point. If Amanda didn’t unexpectedly win the POV, McCrae or Amanda would be gone this week. The rest of the house guests don’t get Elissa’s logic, but they don’t understand what she was doing. It was actually brilliant.

    • I’m really having a hard time how you came up with that conclusion, when we’re watching the same show.

    • Joe – I don’t know what show you have been watching because Aaryn has been going after Elissa since day one, she has put Elissa on the block three or four times, Elissa just put Aaryn on the block once despite all the negative things Aaryn has been saying about Elissa. Aaryn does not want to work with Elissa, you know it and the rest of America knows that too, she is a lieing coniving racist girl who has now been caught in her own game because of her hatred towards other contestant. I say SEND HER HOME or to the JURY. She is a disgrace to the game. No pity from me

  7. if Aaryn, Elissa, and Judd would form an alliance they could take it all the way to the end… maybe even with GM too. Leaving Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, and Andy on the outs. Aaryn and Elissa could dominate the competitions, judd and GM just provide the numbers. They could totally flip the whole game… I guess it’s hard to see what way is up when you are stuck in a house with a P.O.S. like Amanda ruining your mental status all the time….

  8. Aaryn has done NOTHING to prove that she would ever go against McCranda. She has had MULTIPLE opportunities and passed on every one. Now they are supposed to believe her? When she has one foot out the door? She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Anyone would be foolish to believe that Aaryn will go against McCranda. Elissa gave her the old “fool me once” speech yesterday.

    • Then again, Andy is in the same situation. He threw Helen, who really loved him and trusted him, under the bus to help Amanda. Then he cried and whined about Elissa being illogical for putting him on the block. Her logic we impeccable. He can’t be trusted because he is working for Amanda.

      Why does Andy think anyone in the house should believe anything he says?

      • The same reason everyone should do what Amanda wants, because it has worked all season.

    • 2:50 AM BBT – Spencer talks to Judd and makes sure he’s good with Andy. Judd says he is.

      Was this Spencer feeling out Judd to see if he would change his mind and vote Andy out? Maybe Spencer is starting to see what a rat Andy is.

  9. The live feed was on fire last nigth! I almost don’t sleep! Great day on BB house!

  10. Lol I love that GM is telling Amanda that her assault on Elissa was taking it to a personal level.

    Telling Candice her mother doesn’t love her on National Television wasn’t?

  11. The live feed was on fire last nigth! I almost didn’t sleep! Great day on BB house!

  12. Watching the late night feeds this AM, I heard Judd say to Spencer he tried working with Elissa but she didn’t listen. I’m confused…this was Elissa’s HOH. She followed her instincts about putting up Andy to ensure that Aaryn goes home. That was such a brilliant move. Judd needed to trust her. Meanwhile, Andy “the rat” continues to play both sides. I don’t believe Spencer or Judd is smart enough to catch on to that. They would be smart to join an alliance with Elissa because her instincts are spot on. I just hope GM and Judd doesn’t go back on their word about keeping her safe. I don’t know about anyone else, but I cannot fathom watching Andy anymore creep from one conversation to another.

    • I can’t understand why Judd or Spencer would be interested in GM leaving the house, even before the “Exterminators” alliance. Why on earth would you want Amanda and McCrae to keep their two closest allies in the game to have the outright numbers after this week? It was a stupid move to even try and push for anyone other than Andy.

  13. 11:45 PM BBT – Amanda tells Elissa if Aaryn was her original target, then Elissa’s HOH was a success.

    There you have it. Need I say more ?

    • I think her HOH was a great success. She pulled in a few more allies than she had before and she exposed Amanda and McCrae for the selfish players they are. And to top it off, she is getting out the best competitor of the season.

    • That’s why I posted that last night, to watch the Amanda/Elissa conversation, because it was very interesting.

  14. GM, Judd and Spencer are fools if they trust Andy.
    If they do as planned and vote Aaryn out, then if Andy should win HOH he isn’t putting up Amanda & McCrae he will put up Elissa and one of the other three.
    Andy is a rat who is terrified of Amanda and he will do what she tells him to do.

    • Andy and Spencer have already talked about throwing this next HOH. They feel if either side win, they will be safe. They are the biggest floaters out there.

    • I have to say Judd is about as perceptive as a rock. He needs to open his eyes and take look at what has gone on around him.

      How does Andy get away with telling Judd he didn’t want him to go when he voted to get him out? How can Judd not realize this when the vote was unanimous? Doesn’t he realize there must have been some agreement in the house to get him out? Judd must feeling like he is in the center of a tornado all the time.

      • Judd has to use his head this time out. Andy will stab him in the back first chance he gets! He was already warned about Andy including by Aaryn so, he should pay heed to the warning and not ignore it! The person he needs to trust is Elissa. Both of them can cover each others back!

      • Good point, if Elissa and Aaryn, sworn enemies, both tell him Andy is a rat, I think he should take it to the bank.

  15. I think if I was McCranda I would keep Aaryn. She’d be loyal to them 100% and would win some of these crucial competitions coming up

  16. Andy is college educated but he can’t count past 3. He says he did not come to win 3rd place but staying with Amanda & McCrae is a 3rd place position if that. I don’t get his adoration (or Aaryns) of Amanda. No matter how good a deal he makes or who he is aligned with he is on Amandas side. Stupid is all I can say.

  17. This what I’m afraid of. When this kind of player like Andy, can take this game to the end. He’s anticipating the power change, and can shift to any side safely. I almost want to see him get evicted first, but Aaryn’s credibility is so f***ed up, that she has to go first. Deep inside, Andy wants to get rid of Elissa, because he knows that Elissa is the only one that knows his true color….why do you think he enjoys Elissa bashing??

  18. 12:00 AM BBT – Amanda and Elissa apologize to each other. Amanda tells
    Elissa she had her back. Elissa says no, she didn’t. They end the talk
    in a hug.

    One thing about Elissa is she is not afraid to say what she feels to anyone. Her comment to Aaryn about if you like being in the game so much then why are you playing it for Amanda was priceless. Then to tell Amanda, no, you don’t have my back. LOL. Zing!!!

    Unlike Andy, Spencer GM and even McCrae, you always know where Elissa’s head is at.

  19. 5:35 PM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda about his conversation with Elissa. She tells him to stop talking to her.

    I am starting to feel sorry for this poor guy. He has no idea what a wimp he looks like. He really needs for Amanda to go so we can see if he can play this game on his own.

    • Don’t. What they didn’t expand on, is when he told Amanda about his conversation with Elissa, he twisted it to make Elissa the villain. He even told her Elissa didn’t apologize, when she in fact did.

      • Yes, McCrae has had an issue with Elissa all season. I think he thinks she is wealthy and that bother him. But still, anyone so dominated by another person is a little pathetic.

  20. Spencer is definately on to Andy. It it tough to tell what Spencer’s game is though. He has spent, what, six weeks on the block? There is no way to tell who he would target and what side he would go to when the chips are on the table.
    I think it would be hillarious to see Andy get blindsided. Both Andy and Aaryn are in McCranda’s pocket. I think you are damned if you do damned if you don’t in this situation. For good television though… I hope Andy gets flipped on and blindsided.

    • I don’t think this petition has a chance of accomplishing its goal, BUT wait till she sees it!

  21. I was watching bbad from Sun-mon and I can not figure out GM where she is at. She is playing both sides. I was glad to see Elissa and Judd talking alone in HOH. Do they still have a final 2? I so hope so

  22. So they must of read my blog . They’re finally cleaning up ! Its not like they don’t have the time

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