Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Night Highlights


It was a pretty quiet night in the Big Brother 15 house. Helen hasn’t quite accepted her fate yet, but it seems like she decided to dial back the campaigning for the day. The rest of the houseguests are looking ahead to next week and planning all the what ifs.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013

4:53 PM BBT – Aaryn is mad because Amanda had a long conversation with Elissa. Aaryn thinks if Elissa wins HOH she’ll come after her instead of Amanda. Aaryn tells Amanda “thanks a lot.”

4:59 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking about the conversation Elissa had with Amanda. Elissa says Amanda wasn’t very happy when she told her that Spencer would win in a finale against any of them.

5:00 PM BBT – Spencer is talking about what a waste of time all this talk and worry is because Elissa will just go home next week.

5:25 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn she needs to trust her and not to worry about Amanda. She says she’s trying to take control of Elissa when Helen goes to benefit their alliance. Aaryn is still skeptical.

7:00 PM BBT – Houseguests are talking about what people might be saying about them on the internet and whether or not they’ll read it.

7:05 PM BBT – Aaryn says they were cast because they’re all “bat-shit crazy.”

7:45 PM BBT – HGs are having a graphic sex discussion.

8:30 PM BBT – General chit-chat about pop culture going on in the house and not much else.

9:05 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy agree that GinaMarie is the most-likely to kill somebody. They predict she’ll end up in a mental institution or prison.

9:45 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking about who they’d vote for in final two and Helen is still trying to figure out a way to save herself this week.

10:44 PM BBT – The HGs get beer but no wine. They think Aaryn hid it so they start searching for it.

10:50 PM BBT – Aaryn is upset about losing GinaMarie next week. I guess she thinks GM is going home next week.

11:00 PM BBT – Aaryn is still upset and says she gets this way near the end of each HOH reign.

11:30 PM BBT – Aaryn tries to cause more trouble by telling Spencer and Andy that Amanda thinks Andy would beat anyone if he gets to the F2.

12:00 AM BBT – Elissa thinks they could get Andy’s vote this week. Helen isn’t so hopeful. Elissa wants Amanda needs to go before Andy.

12:10 AM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda they should consider Spencer for F3 and get rid of Aaryn next week.

12:15 AM BBT – Helen wonders if America was MVP and was trying to tell the HGs something by nominating Amanda.

12:50 AM BBT – HoH crew wondering what the Feedsters will think of them. McCrae thinks McCranda won’t be well liked, but Amanda thinks she’ll be liked.

2:00 AM BBT – Andy and GM discussing Helen still working for Andy’s vote. They’re worried that if Helen stayed then Elissa would just be stronger. GM promises F3 with Aaryn to Andy.

3:00 AM BBT – Aaryn working on Spencer to evict Amanda. She tells him he’d have McCrae if Amanda was gone. Spencer thinks he could beat McCrae at the end, but no one could beat Amanda.

3:20 AM BBT – Andy runs to McCranda to tell them he saw Aaryn and Spencer talking.

3:30 AM BBT – Spencer talking to Andy about Aaryn wanting Amanda out. Andy isn’t concerned as long as they’re not in the middle. He’s okay with letting Amanda and Aaryn go at each other. Spencer warns Andy that Aaryn doesn’t trust him (Andy).

3:40 AM BBT – McCrae wants to nom Spencer and GM, but then backdoor Elissa or Aaryn.

3:50 AM BBT – Amanda says their 3AM alliance is more like 2AM. She doesn’t trust Aaryn.

4:10 AM BBT – McCrae tells Spencer he wants to go to F2 with him. McCrae is worried Andy would pick Amanda to go to the end over him. Spencer says no one but Aaryn could beat Amanda at the end. Spencer says he’d nominated GM and Elissa with Aaryn as the renom if he wins HoH.

It sounds like Helen has Elissa nice and trained on what to do when she goes home this week. Whether or not it will play out that way is anybody’s guess. But also, Amanda seems to think keeping Elissa around an extra week might help them clear out another body or two without getting blood on her hands.

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  1. Andy is a snake . I wish someone would get rid of Amanda I don’t care for her she’s a snake to.

  2. glad to know they have figured out noms for this coming week. Gonna need to rearrange their “safe” bets of GM and Spencer. Someone’s coming baaa..aaackkk. Most borning cast ever. And yes, Amanda, America HATES you.

  3. If Amanda makes it to F2 then the whole fricking season was fixed! Very disappointed CBS, you’ve ruined BB for all.

  4. Yet another week of yawns.
    I want action and drama.
    Shake it up production. Please!!

  5. I would love to see the look on Amanda’s face when she learns America is who nominated her 2 weeks in a row.

  6. This is the worse season of BB, with racist, gutless, and follow the leader HG. One thing that could shake up this season is the power of Coup D’état given to a HG like Elissa or whoever America chooses.

    • It certainly ranks up there. Production has lacked creativity and vision for developing a great show. It hurts see that they want us to see racially insensitive idiots verbally assault each other rather see a game with rational and intellectual gameplay.

    • Remember Ian? He was like, what, 12 or something? He was more mature than the cast of this show.

  7. Time and opportunity is running out so, Amanda and Aaryn has to go after each other! Amanda has control over the votes so, Aaryn hopes Gina Marie wins HOH next. Elissa probably will put up Aaryn and Gina Marie if she is HOH but, she should put Aaryn and Amanda together with Andy as renom! Divide and conquer is the best strategy now that there are less house guests in the house. Depending on who comes in, I see Judd adding votes to Amanda’s side dooming Aaryn! If it is Helen, Jessie or Candice, they can evict one from Amanda’s group, preferably Amanda! The returning house guest should realise that Amanda’s group has the most votes and it is just common sense to strip them of one of their members to ensure there is more balance in the house and that would encourage people to play their game!

    • You’re right. If Elissa wins HOH she should not waste it on the likes of Spencer. She needs to go after the big fish. Her problem is no matter who wins HOH next week, if she doesn’t, she will go up on the block and most likely be evicted because she is the safe target.

      This is why Aaryn is not as good as Janelle. Aaryn is unwilling to go against the power in the house.

  8. Why is it this crazy chick thinks America likes her? Full of yourself much! No, we were trying to give you dumbs dumbs a message by nominating her TWICE! And would have a third given the opportunity.

    I hope whoever returns to the house wins HOH and put her (Amanda) and who cares, up.

    • It depends on who comes back. Judd will probably put Elissa and Spencer up. Jessie and Candice will probably put up Aaryn and Amanda or Amanda and McCrae. Helen might put up Amanda and McCrae. I am still rooting for Jessie to come back, win HOH and put Amanda and McCrea on the block! Go Jessie! Win that competition!

      • We put hope in these HGs and week after week they disappoint. Jessie would be the best to come back and shake up the house. I hoped it would be Judd but he may target Elissa because he faults her for his eviction (not sure why he would think that when Aryan put him up and had/have NO power in the house).

        Candice may shake up the house as well but I don’t want her back in the house to endure the mean girls and the sloth.

  9. “12:15 AM BBT – Helen wonders if America was MVP and was trying to tell the HGs something by nominating Amanda.”
    OMG, 3 weeks too late, Helen. That sank your ship. Tuff.

    • Nothing surprising there. This the same “now is not the week” to evict Amanda, the week after, “now is not the week” to evict Amanda, and still the week after that, “now is not the week” to evict Amanda. Now, I am ready to evict Amanda but, I am nominated for eviction.
      Maybe, next week? Helen use your head for once!

      • I won’t defend Helen much, but don’t you think that one reason the house plays it safe is because any time someone says something to someone else in the house it gets repeated until everyone in the house knows? As soon as someone says, “maybe we should go after Amanda this week”, someone else goes running back to Amanda and tells her everything. I wonder if that makes it hard to really hatch a good plot to get the power of the house out. Andy is the worst rat of all but they all do it. It really ruins the show.

      • you have to remember she works for the chicago politicians.since when have they been known to use there heads????????that’s why so many of them end up in prison.

    • Seriously great job Helen on figuring this out, not when we gave you a chance to evict her but when you are on the way to being evicted yourself.
      I had such high hopes for Helen, what a waste.

  10. “7:00 PM BBT – Houseguests are talking about what people might be saying about them on the internet and whether or not they’ll read it.”
    No need to read it HGs. There will be plenty of people voluntering to tell you all about it. When you get out of CBS and you see all these fan in the street, and they start egging you, you won’t need to read it to understand. LOL

    • They are so dumb. They think just because they don’t read about it, it won’t be brought to their attention.

      • You know I was thinking about that. We didn’t hear about it but I wouldn’t be surprised that the family of the 3 nasty girl might have received tons of hate mail already and even possibly death threat.
        You know, Aaryn family hiring a PR, might not have been just for their daugther but also for them. There’s lots of crazy people out there and since they were easy to find, I would bet the farm, they got death threat.

    • I think they think they are funny and entertaining. The gave us the GM immitation contest, the wedding, the hot potato games, Simon says, etc. I am sure they think these things are cute and will make America love them. I guess the couldn’t hear the sound of America puking in unison when they performed this circus acts.

      • Exactly. And Helen has speculated at least a couple of times about this year’s cast being the best one ever…yikes! These hgs are really full of themselves. And Amanduh just cannot and will not believe that America not only nom’d her twice, but hates her as well. When they played hot potato and simon says, I almost rolled over and died…twice! It was so pathetic, and pissed me off to the Nth degree. Here’s some food for thought…can you imagine the first five evicted hgs playing hot potato? I just can’t picture it…

  11. Lets see who would target Amanda:
    Spencer? No.
    McCrae? No.
    Elissa? No. (Maybe if Aaryn wins Veto)
    Andy? No.
    GM? Who knows what’s going on in that girl’s head.
    Aaryn? Probably wants to, but still wont.

    I think we’re stuck with Amanda.

    • GM – LOL. She is not a flip flopper rat like she likes to call everyone else. I don’t know how many times I have heard her say…. I just do my thing. You guys just come to me before the vote and tell me who to vote for and that is what I do.
      She is truly a disgrace to this entire game.

      • I think you are misquoting GM. For the record, GM never said “You guys just come…….”, that crazy ass thing said “Yous just come………”……ROFL.

      • Ever notice how Amanda, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are talking game and when GM walks over to sit with them, the conversation turns to small talk and chit-chat? She notices it too but instead of saying to herself, “hmmm, what’s up with that?” she thinks getting Elissa out of the house is her best move.

        The fact that Aaryn, who feels threatened by Amanda and Elissa, GM who should know she is high on Amanda’s target list, and Spencer, who is on the block every week would rather continue to walk Amanda’s plank rather than talk to each other and Elissa to form a counter alliance is another sign of bad game play. This is why America doesn’t like them. They seem to line up to get evicted by Amanda.

      • In Spencer’s defense (I know this sounds crazy), but why should he try to form an alliance with anyone? You can’t talk to anyone in the house in confidence. I’m sure Spencer knows the minute he agrees to form an alliance with anyone other that 3AM crew, it will be told to the 3AM crew, immediately after it is discussed.

    • Spencer say to Aaryn that he wouldn´t vote for Amanda this week… because he thought that Aaryn was trying to make him say “yes. Place Amanda up and i will help voting for her to be out”.
      In the morning of next day Spencer was on the backyard and Aaryn got out and Spencer let go a ” Last night you where trying to trick me”.

      If spencer gets the HOH, he will place Mcrae and Amanda up. He will defend mcrae (even that there are big possibilities that Mcrae can get the Veto… amanda can´t win… even against baby zingbot) and have Aaryn or Andy to be the replacement.

      Unfortunately, i can´t see Spencer wining a HOH competition…

      • Sooo obvious that Spencer is working for “Spencer” . If hes not going from HG to HG making deals , getting info & lying then Andy is. And then they lie to each other. Andy & Spencer are on the same snitch page.

      • I was wondering if Spencer is lying to everyone too. That’s what he does best. He says he would put Elissa and GM up if he gets HOH, but I keep think how he said he doesn;t trust anyone in ths game including Andy. Maybe if Spencer wins HOH he would make a big move. He’s been lying about what he would do to make himself a non-threat to Amanda.

      • Spencer does not commit to a “TRUE DUO” when ask who he would nominate if he were HOH. But Spencer will relate what the other HGs say as to who they would put up. In doing this Spencer keeps the target off his back and aims it at somebody else. That is why Aaryn says that Spencer is “sketchy” She has picked up on the fact he evades giving straight answers.

      • Agreed. I remember the conversation he had with Howard about playing the game that way – not taking sides and just letting stuff happen. However, that might get him as far as the final 6 but I don;t think that works to get him far beyond that.

  12. Aaryn should win it all she’s the only one that play’s the game,sure she made some mistakes at the begining(she’s only humain and she apologize)she won 4 times HOH and alot of veto compitition,she’s the best of them all…she deserve to win BB15

    • She has NOT apologized for her racist remarks from the beginning of the season. Her and GM continue to this day to continue to rip on Candice.
      If by “play’s the game” You mean… puts up who ever she is told to put up by Amanda…. Then yes she is the greatest follower of Amanda ever… I mean game player.

      • I agree Greg D. I have been watching prior episodes of Big Brother seasons. Janelle was a pro. Aaryn is nowhere near the player that Janelle was. Aaryn is a racist puppet!

      • BB fans will not watch the show in the future if Amanda wins. She knows someone at CBS and if she wins, then the show is rigged. Helen is clever. Elissa and McCrae stay under the radar. The rest are just plain stupid and / or ignorant.

    • What ever “apology” she gave wasn’t sincere and she has been a puppet of Helen and mostly Amanda.

      Andy is playing the game as well. He may be sneaky but he has been very instrumental in all of the decision making. If it wasn’t for Andy, Amanda wouldn’t know half of what is going on.

      • I said it once and I will say it again…I want to see Amanda & Andy nominated together…McCrae goes up if one of them wins veto.. best scenario hands down…

      • Andy helped and continues to enable Amanda to maintain her sloth ways. She get’s the info and pretends to reign as queen over her paranoid minions. Andy killed himself. He won’t even be in the money.

      • Andy is not making much of the decision, but he shape the decision that the other makes by taleteliing all the time.

      • That’s his game play. He is using his strength as a tattler. He knows he is not strong for comps, his social game not as strong (unless he is being a tattler), and no showmance for him. Andy the tattle-telling chameleon.

      • Agreed – I really hate the TattleTale every year (Shelly/Andy). I really do not like that game play…. but it is a strategy and there is nothing wrong with it. You just have to hope that you don’t get caught. I give props to Andy on that aspect.

      • If they had normal people in the house, Andy’s game would have been over after week 1.

      • Andy’s game is a house of cards and that house is starting to fall apart already. Yes, because this cast is dumber than most he got away with it longer. But it was inevitable that Andy’s true nature would be revealed at some point. It looks like that tie is now. Once he evicts Helen, Andy’s game has to change. Aaryn and GM don;t trust him. Elissa won’t trust him and I think Spencer lies to him about his game. Without being able to get info to feed back to Amanda, Andy is useless to Amanda.

    • Not only has Asryn not apologized, but she is now happy that Helen (the Korean) will be leaving on her watch.

    • Amanda is the only one playing the game. Amanda is controlling everyone in the house and anyone who tries to break free of that control is the next to leave. Considering Amanda has won nothing, it is actually amazing she is still in the house. But she is not just there, she is controlling it! I think Amanda is as disgusting as everyone else in the house but I have to admit she is always a couple of steps ahead of the rest of them. Aaryn is just a paranoid, crazy, bitch and she flips her thinking every couple of hours. She has no plan and if she devises one she changes it every 5 minutes. Aaryn wins comps but that is not playing the game.

    • Agreed! I want Candice or Jessie. I think I would prefer Candice because I think Jessie would run to Amanda because she needs to be comforted and she needs to feel like she fits in.
      These two were the only ones that truly saw the house the way it was before they were evicted. Candice just messed up by calling Spencer out in front of everyone. Spencer was on her side!! What else was he going to tell Amanda when it was Am/Candice/Howard on the block? Howard was his buddy and you don’t tell Am that you are gunning for her.
      Bad move… but hopefully she will come back and actually help out this dreadful season!

      • Jessie knows Amanda was responsible for her eviction. She is no dummy compared to Judd or Helen. If she wins HOH, she will put up Amanda and McCrea on the block! She might be able to take out Aaryn too if she stays long enough in the Big Brother House!

      • So how do you think Candice will change if she comes back into the house. She didn’t play the game the first time and my guess is she will come back the same as when she left. While I agree, getting to see the expressions on the faces of Aaryn, GM and Amanda when Candice comes walking back in the house would be worth it, after that, Candice would go back to being a non-player and she would go out the door almost as quickly as when she came back in.

  13. I’m voting for that Clownie character. He has good a fashion taste and doesn’t insult anyone. Plus, he keeps everyone in that house sane to a limited extent.

  14. With Helen going out this week, anyone that comes back in could or could not shake up the house.
    Candice:Definitely shake up the house
    Judd: Possibly, depending on HOH, unless he or Elissa wins, he’ll come crawling back to Mcranda
    Jessie: Same as Judd,
    Helen: Definitely as she just got evicted

    • Jessie won´t go for Amanda group.
      Jessie knows that it was Amanda-Mcrae-Andy that wanted her gone.
      Judd… he complained about everyone… minus the ones that voted him out. If his good friends Andy, Mcrae and Amanda voted for him to stay, he would have stayed… but they voted him out.
      Candice would shake the things up… but i can´t bet that she would go against Amanda. She destroyed Spencer work for taking out Amanda by a big surprise vote… She still thinks that Spencer was the one that voted out howard and her.
      Helen… only if Elissa, GM or Spencer could get the HOH.

      So i would like Jessie back into the game. Now that Pandora box will be back… it would be fun to get Jessie vs Jesse :D

    • I liked Candice and I think she was treated deplorably while in the house. I don’t want her to come back and have to go through that all over again. GM and Aaryn would be attacking her every minute and NO ONE would say a word. Again, no one in that house has cajones.

  15. Keep hating on me haters. This world constantly clamps down on innocent African Americans. Consider this:
    Let me take you from your native lands.

    Destroy your core values and beliefs.

    Rape you, women, children and from your personal freedom and thought process.

    Call you derogatory names and whip you till you pass out.

    No equal rights or opportunities.

    That’s how myself and the good moral people in this country feel on a regular basis. On a sadder note, this game has showed me that this problem will continue unless we all get just unite and be as one.

    • Simple fix go back to your native land viola peace and happiness for you!

      • You came from that same native land as I did. It breaks your heart to know that you are really black. Get some facts and get back and see me you ignoramus.

      • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban.

    • I wasn’t going to respond, I shouldn’t but this is what burns me. While racism is still alive and kicking (something I wish weren’t true) it does cut both ways. I had seen something and it hit me to be true. “It’s racist to think that only whites can be racists.”
      Slavery happened over a hundred years ago and many whites died fighting to abolish it. Many whites felt it wrong and they often times found themselves killing family members over this. This is past, history and it has already been addressed. We are no longer taking people from their native lands. (oh and before someone says to much, I have Native American in me from both sides so no it’s not just a white person talking here.)
      Also I have heard of African Americans who have raped white women and children and who have called white’s derogatory names have beaten them until they passed out. As for the core values and beliefs, they can’t be destroyed unless they are allowed to be.
      As for the equal rights and opportunities, well blacks aren’t the only ones who face these issues. Homosexual’s, overweight people, the poor, Christians, Muslims, Pagans and other races all face these issues.
      Also there are a lot of black actors, actresses, models and sports figures that are highly thought of and admired. Not to mention some of the best educators I have had were black. They have managed to become successful, why can’t everyone else? What sets them apart?
      Yes this will continue until we can unite, and as long as human beings exist; and as long as all sides are willing to see that are guilty of it as well. And as long as those same are willing to let it heal and are willing to stop playing the victim.

  16. None of these people know how to play this game well except Amanda. The lack of serious deals for safety week to week, the constant changes in final 2 and 3 deals and the obvious lies that they choose to believe are all the result of them not knowing how to play the game.

    Everyone in the house plays the game week to week, except Amanda who thinks a few moves ahead. I don’t like Amanda but I have to give her credit for being the only one who has a clue.

    • But on that I wonder if it’s just her or if she is picking McCrea brain all the time ? McCrea seems to understand the game, but Amanda seems to be the executor.

      • I think the two of them conspiring all the time is a help to both of them. But the people who have been evicted are the ones who were targeting Amanda, not McCrae. Amanda wears the pants in that family and she controls McCrae with an iron fist. Helen was absolutely right when she told McCrae to think about how he looks to his friends and family when they see him being Amanda’s lapdog. He is completely and totally pussy whipped. I he was my son, I would be mortified by the way he allows himself to be treated.

    • One minute I think Amandaho might have a clue, then she opens her big foul mouth and I realize that she doesn’t. In my opinion, Amnadaho is trying to get a job with either playboy or some porno agency.

  17. Everyone keeps saying if Amanda wins the show is fixed. She has won nothing and has been on the block several times and has not been voted out by the other houseguests. They can not fix who everyone votes for. Even if she did know Allison doesn’t mean it is fixed

    • The reason some think it’s fixed is because someone has stated they used to work for CBS and in particular for Big Brother and they were around when the show promised Amanda the win. They said if she wins they will show the proof (which makes me wonder why they said IF , if they know for sure). Also, production has been accused of, at times, telling the houseguests who to vote for, nominate excreta. It actually is an easy game to fix, but if it is who knows? I go back and forth on this often.

      • Exactly. Houseguests have frequently let it slip that they were told who to put up and who to vote for. Who knows… Maybe Aaryn WAS going to put up Amanda this week and they told her not to. They being production.

  18. This house is being ruled by 1 woman. Why oh why is everyone afraid of her. They do her bidding like she is a queen. Her “throne” seems to be a bed. That is where she and McCrae spend most of their time. This is the most boring season yet as every eviction is so predictable. Someone in that house needs to grow a set and quit doing all of Amandas work!

  19. I wish that whoever makes it to the end wins $1,000 rather than $500,000 especially with taxes! Seriously I really do not want any of these people winning that much money.

    • Don’t worry, they will blow it n a few months anyway. If McCrae wins, I would bet anything he buys an Xbox One and all the news games, a collection of old comic books and a bunch of designer beanbag chairs.

  20. “Helen wonders if America was MVP and was trying to tell the HGs something by nominating Amanda.” YES. YES WE WERE !

  21. I get that Amanda isn’t well liked. She controls the votes so cut her some slack. Strategy should be more important than likeability.

  22. Andy is a little WEASEL, I can’t wait for the day he is evicted, then go face the wrath of the other HG’s in the jury house, what a snitch, I bet you, he is like that in real life. Dumb Weasel, he is playing Amanda’s game instead of his game, sh.t for brain and he claims he is a professor, professor of stupidity and dumbness, I will quit his class if he was my professor.

  23. I think these people are talking out the wrong end. They sit there and say Aaryn is the only one that can beat Amanda and Mcrea can beat Spencer but let’s just put Elissa and GM on the block. At this point why not have Elissa and GM f2?

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