Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It has been a very quiet day in the Big Brother 15 house. Helen is still counting votes and has just the slightest bit of hope left. But just in case all hope is lost, she spent the day trying to help Elissa make it further in the game. The rest of the houseguests slept all day.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013

10:33 PM BBT – Wake-up time.

11:00 AM BBT – Helen is outside running, Elissa is making coffee. Aaryn is up in the HOH room.

11:30 AM BBT – Helen tells Elissa that she might have McCrae’s votes but does not have Amanda’s. She says it depends on Andy.

11:38 AM BBT – Helen talking about Aaryn being concerned how she’s viewed by America. Elissa says she’s being viewed like the horrible person she is. Helen defends Aaryn but Elissa isn’t having it.

1:08 PM BBT – Helen is again telling Elissa she needs to get along with Aaryn if she wants to last more than a week after Helen leaves. Elissa is still not interested in siding with Aaryn.

1:20 PM BBT – Elissa says she NEVER wants to talk to Aaryn or GinaMarie after the show ends.

2:05 PM BBT – Some of the other houseguests are FINALLY starting to wake up.

2:30 PM BBT – Amanda asks Elissa if they can talk when she gets the chance.

2:45 PM BBT – Amanda and Helen are talking. Amanda tells Helen her feelings were  hurt when Helen called her a bully. Helen tells Amanda she loves her and doesn’t want to leave the game on bad terms with Amanda. And then Amanda starts crying and acting crazy about not wanting to leave McCrae. These people need help.

3 PM BBT – Aaryn has the HOH camera. The HGs are taking photos in the back yard.

3:15 PM BBT – Helen is again telling Elissa she has to work with Aaryn. But Elissa really, really does not want anything to do with Aaryn. She says she’s a horrible person and has nothing to offer.

So Elissa is going to be backed into a corner when Helen goes this week unless the returning player is Helen or someone she plans to work with. The rest of the game will is starting to look like it’ll be as predictable as the first half of the game.

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  1. Has anyone seen the Bridezilla episode where Elissa is on it. She is one mean hate filled Biotch on that show. She talks about everyone else but after watching her on that show she has no right to talk about anyone. I am surprised her husband did not run for the hills.

    • I did not….but I did see her on Rachel / Brendons wedding with David Tutera. She seemed ok there. The mother, however, what a bitch!

      • She made her bridesmaid have her braces removed for the wedding because they wouldn’t look good in the wedding photos. Then Elissa went and postponed it until much later. And the bridesmaid went through some painful adjustments over a short period of time to accommodate her. Yes, Elissa was definitely a bitch.

      • I saw that as well and that was real life. I saw another talk show where the bridesmaid was telling the story and how painful it was for her. I see that side of Elissa in real life so that is why it carries over to the BB show when I hear her say certain things. She does comes across like she is better than everyone else. She married someone that has money and good for her, but that is no excuse to treat people like you are better than them. She received special treatment obviously because she is Rachel’s sister. Not fair to the other cast members who are not as fortunate.

      • And now Elissa said (in a disagreement with another hg) that she was rachel’s sister and bb put her there for a reason, so they won’t let her go now…as feeds go to fishies. That chick is unreal!

    • She’s a real bitch on that show. That’s how she is in real life and we’re getting a taste of it on BB.

      • Doesn’t occur to you that maybe it’s all scripted. Look at the name of the show, they are not going to show someone that is calm, cool and collected. Do you believe all the fights on those Housewives of somewhere are real ? I don’t know. Just saying.

      • In Mob Wives, Drita fought with Ramona and Karen and got a black eye after she got hit when one of the guys was restraining her! Ramona got a busted lip from a punch from Drita! Yes, it happens! That is for real!
        Now if it was the WWE, we all know that is scripted and the wrestlers do not really hurt each other even if they make it seem that way!
        I do agree that some of the ways the brides act might be scripted!

      • I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. Because of busted lip and a black eye, you think that’s for real ? Really. Ask yourself, how much money did they get for that ?

      • Maybe they did not intend to hurt each other but, in the heat of battle throwing punches one after other—-things happen! I don’t really know. Probably thousands per episode. They sure are spending a lot of money having parties left and right. After all they are related to real mob figures! Looks like they are loaded with cash, that is for sure!

      • Most of it is scripted…no question. Producers actually tell them what they want. The end product may he a little different, but it is what they asked for.

      • Some of it is definitely scripted in the sense that the producers will put the reality people into situations and tell them basically what they expect. In fact, some of the house wives, for example, have suggested things to the producers to make the shows more interesting. Remember, its about ratings and boring TV shows don’t last long.

      • I think it’s some real and the rest editing. But I do think they cast people that have a very strong personality.

      • Yea, might not be scripted to every word. These people are in it for the money they make, so they need to make themselves into what the producer wants. So they will often exagerate, and make themselves a caricature of what they really are.

      • It’s my opinion about what I see on a game show. Not real life. And don’t tell me what to do.

      • Doesn’t sound like an opinion to me when you say don’t do something in your comment. Sounds more like an order.

      • Do you know Elissa personally? We all have the right to feel how we do based on what we see on feeds. You have a right to your opinion so why not Lavendargirl or anyone else like myself who happens to agree with her?

      • You have your right to think and speak your option I just don’t think one should judge someone that’s all think speak all you want voice your option I Ann not a Elissa fan but I am not going to judge her then judge her all you want

      • So we agree we all have the right to our opinions. I am not judging her, but only reporting on what I have seen with my very own eyes and heard with my ears on the live feeds as well as other tv shows which I have seen Elissa on. Elissa insisted her bridesmaid have her braces removed in order to be in Elissa’s wedding and look good in Elissa’s eyes for the wedding pictures. The bridesmaid went through the painful process for Elissa and then she ended up changing the wedding date. The bridesmaid did not mind having pictures with the braces on.
        Elissa did not have to stay in hotels like the other cast members did. She remained with her family. She was allowed more suitcases then the other HGs and that is why you almost never see her in the same outfit. She talks about all the amazing trips she has been on and just the other day mentioned her speed boats plural that she owns. I could go on and on about the material things she has mentioned, but the point is that is not judging her, but merely stating the facts that came out of her own lips or her bridesmaid lips.
        The judging part is when I say I think by her saying these things she appears to act in a manner where she think she is better than everyone else. Since the other HGs say that is how they see her come across to them I guess they are judging her as well. My opinion is that I agree with them based on what I have heard and seen.

  2. I get where Elissa is coming from and truthfully she stinks at lying anyway so even if she wanted to work with Aaryn, I doubt she could make it seem like its real. Having said that, Elissa now needs to work with Amanda, the person who got rid of Helen, or else Elissa is out the door next time anyone but Amanda gets HOH. When that happens I do not want to see Elissa whining and complaining about how unfair it is. Play the damn game or expect to go home! If she refuses to work with anyone and she goes up on the block, its her own fault.

    Its a shame because I think the people like Candice, Jessie, Judd, Helen and Elissa are the ones who are the most decent people. The people left in the house are bullies, bitches, pigs and weasels. Once Helen and Elissa are gone, the winner is certain to be one of the bad people.

    • I can’t imagine Elyssa working with Amanda. I’m starting to think GM is the only one in the house with balls!!! McCrae/Helen/Spencer win HOH and Elyssa and GM on the block. One comes down and up Aaryn goes. I can’t even think straight with this crew. I’m hoping Jessie comes back…to team up with Elyssa and do something. ANYTHING. I think Helen is right…Elyssa’s only chance is to team up with GM and Aaryn…but she hates them both….with good reason. But as you say, play the game. I think some real problem will come when McCranda/Andy try to put up and boot out GM. Aaryn is very close to her. Oh just ignore me…I’m rambling…this bunch ….just no rhyme or reason.

      • She was telling Aaryn that she and her would go to f2 if Aaryn believes this its true she is on he’ll of a dumbass blonde

    • I’ll bet Elissa walks away from the game after helen is evicted and doesn’t come back… she is the worst player in BB history , so she might as well really crown it off with a self eviction. It would be the icing on the cake for a season played absolutely horribly. I never want to hear of her again for the rest of my life.

      • This season is horrible and we were dealt the players they decided to give us. I have watched from Season 1 and have no favorite. I was hoping that Judd would come through at one point and might just be pretending to work with Amanda. I like to have true fans in the game and Judd tried out 5 seasons so had some hope with him.
        I don’t care for Elissa at all because I think she is anything, but a true fan. She talks about all past HGs that she knows because of her sister. She made the show because of her sister and has received special treatment I am sure because of her sister. We first had the stupid MVP twist which imo benefited only her. She had the Brenchel Army behind her and how would any other HG get it? In fact when it was changed so who was nominated by America went on the block she still got it because Brenchel fans voted quickly without realizing it had been changed.
        She didn’t have to go to the hotel as others did, allowed more suitcases, etc. I don’t see any game whatsoever from Elissa unless they are now coaching her behind the scenes. lol At times she can’t even string a whole thought process together. When she made that comment to Helen that she would not go to jury, but leave and go home to her family that was it for me and why I would never be able to support her.
        I know some people think she is the only good person left because she thinks what Aaryn and GM said and did were horrible and she is clearly fixated on that. Yet at this point in the game they are all guilty and I am not defending any of them for what they have said. What I do find amazing is Elissa even entertaining the thought of working with Amanda who imo is the worst of the lot. It makes me wonder even more about Elissa. Believe me she is aware of a lot of things Amanda has done and said so she can’t say she wasn’t aware. She has been right there to witness and hear Amanda plenty of times. Just because she finds Amanda amusing does that make it okay in her eyes?
        She wasn’t in the room when the bed flipping happened, but heard it from others. Did she not hear what Candace her friend told her about Amanda later or even what Jessie was telling everyone about Amanda?
        If she really goes through with working with Amanda then besides being a horrible player she is a hypocrite imo. I agree I would rather see her really leave at this point. If she ends up winning this game it will be a travesty imo and completely unfair. I know Production suggests things to them as it is, and I don’t have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with too much help from Production.
        I agree with Flyonthewall and would rather see the BB ants win at this point. jmho

  3. Elissa is just a terrible game player. Suck it up. I wonder how much it backfired to have her on the show just because she’s related to Rachel.

    She seems so unlikable because all she does is whine about something that happened Weeks ago.
    It feels like she should be a contestant on the glass house because all she tried doing is suck up to America. I mean she seems catty, and acts like it’s high school all over.

    I hope she leaves soon, maybe she won’t go to the jury and the first 5 voted out get to fight for a spot in jury.

    • First 5 Can’t Go Into Jury, That’s the Whole Purpose of the Jury House, to keep them sequestered so no outside information influences their vote.
      If she does actually leave the jury house, that 9th vote will go to America most likely

    • And u think that Aaryn GM Amanda and even Helen have not made it a HIGH SCHOOL mean girls club.?? For their ages they have all come across as 13/14 year old twits. People need to stop blaming one person for what they are all guilty of.

    • I agree Elissa is the biggest whiner, complainer bitch in the house. If I have to listen to her whine one more day about I need a yoga mat, and every other word is like, I wish like I could like have my like yoga mat like in this like house. And she is obsessed with Aaryn. Every single and I mean every single conversation she has she mentions Aaryns name. She’s going to stalk her when she gets out of the house. She’s even telling Helen that she really likes GM (who has said 500 more things worse then Aaryn or Amanda) and GM would be fine if she wasn’t influenced by Aaryn. Wow get a life Elissa. I sure hope she goes next week I can’t take much more of her.

      • While I respect Elissa’s moral views (the other HG have none. It is a game and she knew going in the kind of people she might be up against. I think she lives in a dream world.

      • But her moral views are what makes her a hypocrite. All she does is talk trash and complain about every single person. Then she talks about how terrible the others behave. In my opinion she is no better. And your right she does live in a dream world. It’s called Elissas world. Lol

      • We think so much alike Lavendargirl, it seems most of your comments could have been written by me, would you like to go out sometime ?

      • Sorry but Aaryn is constantly complaining too. And she is equally obsessed with Elissa. While I agree Elissa has some bad traits, they all do, but at least Elissa is not a racist or a pig. These people in the house think Elissa is stuck up because she doesn’t fart and burp like they do? Because she is not disgusting, doesn’t parade around in her underwear or naked and she doesn’t accept the racist behavior of the people in the house? If that makes her a bitch then more people should be bitches.

      • Oh I totally agree that Aaryn complains and talks crap about Elissa. I never said she didn’t. But if you watch the feeds listen to the conversations the 3 AM alliance plus Spencer and GM have. They talk about movies and music what they do at home and all kinds of things. Now listen to Elissas conversations. She cannot get through one conversation without slamming someone. And saying she’s better then everyone. I mean come on she said if she gets evicted she’s not going to jury. She was the only one that got to bring 2 pieces of luggage in the house or she wasn’t coming on the show. She thinks she’s entitled and that’s why I don’t like her. My opinion is based on what I see on the show. She may be a great person outside the show but I don’t think so. But once again it’s my opinion and I know you’re not doing it but I’m sick of the name calling just for expressing an opinion. I don’t tell anyone who to like, dislike or root for and I will debate something but don’t call them names for disagreeing with me. Okay I’m done. LOL

      • I just posted some of what you just said here on one of your other posts. I again completely agree with you and see the same things you do. I talked about her preferential treatment and the jury comment. Forgot about her extra suitcases. Everyone has to notice she hasn’t worn the same outfit twice from what I have seen and just the other day GM spotted another outfit that she said she hasn’t worn yet. So don’t think you are alone with your thinking. I’m thinking the same as you.

    • I think you’re out of luck with your hatred of Elissa…she has a GREAT shot at winning this whole thing and I hope she does :)

      • I don’t know what your smoking, but I want some. It’s really phucked up your mind a lot though….

      • what gives her a great shot at winning? Even Adam played a better game than Elissa

    • The first 5 evictees cant be on the jury, they haven’t been sequestered. More than likely, at some point Amanda will have to be hospitalized for some emotional breakdown and then they’ll just go with the usual 7 jury members.

  4. I don’t blame Elissa for not wanting to work with Aaryn, she seems to be the only one who see her for what she is. I don’t get why Helen want so bad that these 2 work together. Aaryn should be out before Elissa.
    OTOH I can’t wait to see what Amanda want to discuss with Elissa. I’m assuming it hasn’t happen yet.

    • Well, Amanda wants to work with Elissa to help her get rid of Aaryn. I was expecting that. She knows she can’t win sitting beside Aaryn. In the meantime, Elissa exposed the 4 alliance they formed to Amanda. Helen/GM/Elissa/Aaryn. lol…..we’ll see.

      • Aaryn may be safe in the coming week even if she is on the block. During Elissa & Amandas 2 hour gab fest Elissa told her how many people said that they would vote for Spencer if he made it too final 2. NOW yall know that little tid bit of info did not escape Amandas razor sharp radar. So Spencer might ought to keep his bags packed for real next week. Amanda is lurking…

      • Amanda is such a neurotic person that,they should capitalize on her paranoia….thanks fly

      • Yep then did you see how 5 minutes after that Amanda in HOH trying to explain herself. Funny when Spencer and Aaryn called her out a little.

    • I see why she does not want to work with anyone else everyone else are pigs and she rose above them and I don’t think she cares if she gets booted either

    • Amanda has offered Spencer a F4 deal with her/McRae/Andy. She needs his vote to get Aaryn out. Also I think she’s thinking if Andy wins HOH in F4 and he puts up McRanda she can talk Spencer into voting for her instead of McRae. She’s wrong of course because the guys are sticking together. Of course Spencer may think because she has been a bully he can beat her in F2. Spencer holds his cards close. Can’t stand him because of how he talks about women. Of those four I would rather Andy win. I was really pulling for JUDD but he went and got evicted.

    • I think Helen is just pissed off at Amanda and she wants Elissa to go after Amanda because Helen can’t do it herself once she is evicted. It looks to me like Elissa is taking Helen’s advice and trying to get along with everyone in the house, except Aaryn of course.

  5. Not a big fan of Elissa but I hope she does what she wants to do after Helen is gone. Helen thinks she knows what is best for everyone, she gets on my very last nerve!!!

    • Mine too I really can’t stand her on BBAD last night I had to turn it off because she would not stfu

      • If it wasn’t for Elissa…could anyone really deal with the rest of the racist and perverts? Makes no sense that anyone could like the haters in the house….

      • Unfortunately there are thousands of them in the US. BB always manages to get 1 or 2. This is the first time they have had this many bad HG and fortunately America has let them know they don’t approve, so maybe we will see a better group of Americans next year. Here’s hoping anyway. Lying and backstabbing is a part of BB, but the attitude of the HG are not usually like this.

      • All americans seem to be idiots, move to canada and escape that lunacy. BTW, why the eff did you elect that loser, obama?

      • I hate to burst your bubble. There are idiots everywhere and I am sure even in Canada! No country has a monopoly of brainiacs and the smart ones do not join Big Brother or any of these reality shows! The idiots on Big Brother were cast by other idiots so, is not a reflection of Americans in general but, a reflection on the casting company who chose these guys! And the fact we have a fully functioning space station proves that we are not the dummies you think we are! And we also have the most advanced weaponry on the planet and we use it too to protect Canada so, we are a lot smarter than you give us credit for!

      • don’t sweat it pal, i’m just joking, americans and canadians are always the bestest of buddies. it was a joke… every society has its share of all types of people. Americans have always been ‘smart’ , its just too bad you gov’t is headed towards socialism.

      • Troll. Canada is not even a real country, just a pile of drunken, lazy communists…that talk funny (of French).

  6. Elissa is in the house only because she is Rachel’s sister – another twist that backfired. These HGs are all so BORING.

    • I have an idea…when it is time to vote for “America’s Favorite Player,” let’s not vote for anyone and when Julie opens the envelope on finale night, it will be blank!! The looks on their faces would be priceless..anyone game?

    • If that’s the case lets get CBS to swap Elissa and bring back Rachel in her place. Oh what a show it would be…..

  7. Elissa sees Aaryn for who and what she is, but agree that this is a GAME; a game her sister played well – it’s a shame Rachel didn’t do a better job of coaching her little sis.

    • Seriously not a fan of Rachel. But it is not her fault that her sister does not play as well as she did they are 2 different people smh

    • I really do not get the whole Rachel was a good player from everyone. In her season she went out on WEEK 5. Yes 5. That is NOT good.
      Then in BB13 she was put back as a VETEREN… HUGE advantage. She was also paired up… another advantage. Then he partner goes home… No wait… He gets brought back 2 weeks later. Again all of this benefiting her. So Brenden goes home instead of her. Then finally Rachel and her only Ally left, Jordan get put on the block together… One is going home regardless of veto… Game over for both because the next week Rachel or Jordan don’t have an ally. BUT WAIT…. twist of fate…. Veto can save BOTH players…. Rachel wins… GREATEST EVER!!! Give me a freaking break.

      • The game is undoubtedly RIGGED. Everyone involved with the show at CBS needs to be FIRED and the show needs to be set up with some integrity.

  8. Elissa deserves to win, hope she goes allthe way.. the others are all controled by Amanda and are so weak… go Elissa and Helen.

    • Just what has Elissa done to deserve to win????? If being a phony gets you a win, then yeah she should win hands down!! And being Rachel’s sister.

  9. Think what you want about Elissa but she seems to be the only one to remember Aaryns behavior in the beginning. I guess money speaks over principle

    • But she’s okay with Amandas behavior which is 10 times worse and continues everyday. Aaryn has changed after the first two weeks but Elissa is obsessed with her. I think she’s jealous of her.

      • I had some things to take care of…you know, life. LOL I couldn’t procrastinate any longer…ugh.

      • Since when is having babies considered a major accomplishment??? Women in 3rd World countries go into a hut and with NO medication, squat down and deliver a baby. And they don’t have NANNIES AND MAIDS!!! Like Elissa. She does NOT deserve to win

      • Elissa thinks she’s above everyone else. She thinks she’s entitled and she doesn’t have it all.

      • Elissa thinks she is above most of the people in the BB house. And she is right, she is. Aside from Helen, everyone in that house is disgusting. Spencer is such a jerk I can’t even watch him and his stupid remarks anymore. Amanda bullies McCrae and McCrae is a wimply slothful good for nothing. GM is just disgusting the way she farts and belches worse than a drunken sailor. Andy is a little weasel. Aaryn is just a dark, bitchy, vain, self absorbed superficial twit, oh and also a racist. Aaryn and GM are the two worst when it comes to nasty remarks about everyone in the house. McCrae and Spencer are not far behind.

        Elissa is weird and a little full of herself, but she is a much better person that the rest of them. She is the only one to take a stand on the racist and vulgar behavior which is totally unnecessary.

      • Elissa is no better than the rest. She’s a wastrel and has accomplished nothing in life. She could be mentoring the youngins but she rather be judgey instead. She’s just a lazy d-bag.

      • What? Elissa is a mother which is not only an accomplishment but a tremendous amount of responsibility. She is also a Yoga instructor, which means she works fr a living. She is disciplined enough to practice her craft multiple times a day while she is in the house. She helps with the cooking and cleaning in the house. Elissa is not perfect and I understand why some people may not like her but she is certainly not lazy.

      • I really want to know why none of you are pissed off at Elissa for even saying she would not go to jury if she gets evicted. If Amanda or Andy said that you would all be raising hell. Elissa is as dumb as a rock!! She walks round the house so self-righteous. If anyone confronts her about crap she does, she turns it all around and tells YOU that you need to apologize to her. If it wasn’t for Helen Elissa would have been gone weeks ago. Helen is annoying as hell and she NEVER SHUTS UP. I didn’t like Rachel and I don’t like Elissa. You talk about how none of the house guests think for themselves. You kept voting for her to get MVP every week ONLY because she was Rachel’s sister, not because she was a good game player. She is only on the show because she thinks she is getting her OWN Yoga T.V. show!! I also think Spenser is repulsive. Listening to Elissa talk is like watching paint dry. And I would bet money that she wouldn’t have anything to do with 99% of you.

      • To be fair, look at the youtube video again, in none of the part of this video do you see Elissa. She might not be aware of everything Amanda has done and said. We get the full view of it. OTOH what Aaryn did was mostly to Candice, with whom Elissa was friend. So Elissa is more aware of Aaryn bad conduct than Amanda bad conduct.

      • She might not be aware of everything but she has witnessed a lot and still thinks Amanda is ok. She even told Helen last night what Amanda does and says is terrible but she’s funny. Kind of being a hypocrite. JMHO

      • I so agree with you. How could Elissa miss Amanda walking around in her thong underwear or flashing her boobs all over the place? She is being a hypocrite big time. She has been present when Amanda has said plenty of racist remarks, but Amanda always claims she is joking so I guess that makes it alright in Elissa’s eyes. If Elissa felt so strongly about her dear friend Candace then why didn’t she try to really help her stay in the game? She has no game imo and she tries to come across as better than everyone else. A true fan would not say they were not going to jury if evicted. It was already said how she never had to go to the hotels like the others, but got to stay home with her family. Fish were a little late on that one. She definitely has received preferential treatment over the others. I think based on the tv shows she has already appeared on she is looking for more tv time and another show in her future. Not saying she is wrong if that is what she wants, but imo she was brought in to play a certain role and it turned out to be harder than she thought. Her sister is a true fan of the game, but imo Elissa is not. I know all Rachel fans are behind her and want her to win. I liked Judd because he was a true fan and tried for 5 seasons to get in, but he is gone and unless he comes back and is able to pull it off I vote for the money to go to charity.

      • Aaryn is also obsessed with Elissa. As a matter of fact, while El/Hel are talking about Aaryn non stop the rest of them are bashing Elissa up in HOH

  10. Elissa is such a whining bitch. All she does is walk around complaining. She’s telling Helen she doesn’t want to talk to GM or Aaryn because she can’t have an intelligent conversation with them. Then 5 minutes later she’s in the bathroom with Helen talking about make-up and her skin and oh I like this product. And every other word is like. Real intelligent conversation Elissa. And can’t even say one sentence without using the word “like” 10 times.

    • It’s almost like every comment you make on here. You are always whining about Elissa. You know what they say about people that are annoyed by others for 1 reason or another? They say if you see it in others its because you have it too. In other words because you are always complaining about Elissa being a whiny bitch it’s beause you are also a whiny bitch.

      • Are you related to Elissa? I’m also commenting about the game and people playing it not people on this site. So if you don’t want to stick to the game and want to name call it sounds like you’re the BITCH!!! Mind your own business.

      • I read your idiotic posts. Are you mixing bath salts and acid again? I agree with Denise. Elissa is a good person and you are a hater. You are a jealous, real certified 100% bitch on here. You love supporting whitey and their merciless tactics my the dumb piefaced blondes on this show.

      • Sorry I have nothing to be jealous of. And if you want to name call go to another site. I have a right to my opinion and if you don’t like it too bad. I don’t dictate to you as of who to like or dislike so grow up.

      • Are you menustrating heavily this month? You are behaving like that green grouch in that trash can. You have ridiculous comments and have the nerve to say that you don’t name call but your ignorant ass called Denise a female dog. You are just like Arryn and GM:
        Such filthy and deplorable wrenches you all are.

      • back off man, stop dissing my imaginary girlfriend. btw, Elissa’s an air head elitist who doesn’t want to play the game and doesn’t have a clue how to play it.

      • Maybe you need to learn how to read. First of all she was the one that started the entire conversation by calling me a bitch for voicing my opinion about a person playing a game. That is the only reason I replied with her tactics. Everyone has a right to their own opinion about a GAME!!!! And you are just as bad because all your comments are about my posts and not about the game. I think you’re obsessed with me. Glad I can entertain such an ignorant person. But I’m done with you. Have a nice life.

      • Hey, passionate is good thing. That’s why I like you. Just don’t answer to people who don’t respect you. They’re just baiting you.

      • When you act like Amanda, talk like GM, have racist thoughts like Aaryn and drink piss like Ke$ha, you have issues Lavendergirl. By the way, I just named your disgusting offline traits.

      • I think you said the appropriate response the that comment is “get a life”. At least that’s how you responded to me when I asked if you were related to Aaryn.

        So you were saying something about Elissa being a hypocrite?

      • What don’t you get. When she called me a bitch for stating my opinion is when I made that remark. And when you said am I related to Aaryn you were basically doing the same thing and not debating the game or commenting on the game. You were commenting on me and my character. So NO I am not the hypocrite. And maybe you shouldn’t get involved in someone elses disagreement.

      • Wow, you need to needle work that on a towel. Did you just read “The 12 Year Old’s Guide To Wisdom?” You should not operated heavy equipment.

      • Why thank you. But it’s just my opinion. Which everyone on this site is entitled to. But some people don’t get it and just like to name call instead of debating about the game.

      • Can we all get along? I would like to talk about live feeds. “Spencer’s Purina Swine feeds” lol

      • Lol. I’m so glad you’re on this site. You and Captain and a few others make this fun when I get so passionate. Thanks Cyril.

      • Thanks !..and you’re welcome…Hey don’t change. The site will be boring too without passionate commentators like you.

      • Trolls live for it. Don’t feed them by responding.

        When you get tag by a troll, odds are you are arguing with a 14 year old kid with no real friends.

  11. 2:05 PM BBT – Some of the other houseguests are FINALLY starting to wake up. Oh if this would only really happen and people caught onto Mcranda

  12. A friend of mine saw a rumor on twitter today that Candice left the jury house but I haven’t seen anything to confirm or deny that…anybody know anything?

    • No but would like to know if it’s true. I think they were sequestered alone though and maybe she couldn’t take it anymore. Guess will find out Thursday.

      • It would be fun to see the whole game self implode this season, at least it would make a disasterous season memorable… lol

  13. There are just no words anymore..these people are horrible. I have never wanted BB to end for a season, but this one, I could care less!

  14. Helen cries worse then a newborn and how the hell can she LOVE everyone she needs to go already

  15. I don’t like Aaryn at all but if she was smart she would ditch Amanda and McCare and form her own alliance Amanda and McCare don’t win anything they are not a threat if the whole house gain some common sense and all stuck together to get them out than maybe the other players have a chance to win if no one stands up to Amanda and McCare BB need to just hand them the check

    • If Aaryn would try to put Amanda and McCrea up they don’t have the votes Andy is not going to flip spencer is sitting pretty so he won’t vote them out so who is left Aaryn GM and Elissa they don’t have the votes unless the person who comes back in will vote them out only one needs to go the are nothing by them selves Amanda would go nuts witch would be fun to watch not sure how McCrea will act

      • If GM or Elissa wins HOH and Puts up McRanda that leaves Spencer and Andy to vote to keep one and Aaryn and GM or Elissa to vote one out. The tie would result in HOH breaking tie. So 1 of them would be gone.

    • you are correct, Aaryn, Spencer, GM, Andy, should form yet another alliance and go after the newlyweds. Amanda and McCrae have absolutely nothing to offer these HG’s, they are weak.

      • Andy has planted his roots in McCranda’s field. He is not going to flip now…unless Elissa wins HOH and and he sees the McCranda ship starting to sink.

    • I think she is coming around to that but the problem is her and Elissa’s cat fighting is getting in the way of a real alliance. Aaryn is pissed off that Amanda wants to get GM out who Aaryn thinks is her closest ally, kind of like Amanda’s McCrae. If Amanda really made a final 4 deal with Spencer and Aaryn finds out, that should seal the deal, I think. But then it would be up to Elissa to put aside her personal feelings and side with Aaryn.

      But Eliss’a personal feeling are very deep and I think she would rather go to jury house than work with Aaryn. To bad because for us fans, the best thing would be a 4 – 4 matchup of two alliances.

  16. Let’s all vote Elissa for America’s Favorite Player just to piss the rest of them off!!! I was always kinda bummed when BB would end for the season, this year, I could really care less!

    • Nope Am voting for Candice…decided awhile back and ain’t likely to change my mind.

    • Sorry, I will reconsider if Elissa has it in her to play a good game! That starts now. Right now, I am inclined to vote for Jessie who stood up against both Amanda and Helen! She has the cojones and deserves to be rewarded for that!

      • If Elissa wins HOH this week and puts up McCrae and Amanda or McCrae and Andy, I might be willing to vote for her. If she continues to play the wall flower there is no way I can vote for her. I would decide between Candice and Jessie.

        Spencer gets my vote for Biggest disgusting, crude, male pig. GM gets my vote for biggest disgusting female pig. Amanda gets my vote for biggest bully of a male house guest. Andy wins the Order of the Weasel Award. Judd wins the Jeff Boomhauer Award. Helen wins the Teacher of the Year award – 3rd grade and Elissa wins the Missed Congeniality Award. McCrae wins the Amanda Doormat Award.

  17. Elissa really has to learn how to play politics with everybody to survive in the house. Why narrow your chance of winning by choosing who you want to align with. That’s hard if you’re not winning HOH. Unless she’s not interested of playing anymore.

    • I think she is not that into it she is the only one who sees these people for who they are Turncoats and backstabbers racists pigs and followers

    • Maybe, if she has a bit of Rachel genes in her—-she can start winning HOH and POV and she can go out on her own terms. Take a no prisoner approach like Danielle Donato! That means she has to be ruthless and inspire fear in the enemies hearts! Start by winning HOH this week, put up Amanda and McCrea up with Aaryn as renom for a possible backdoor! That will guarantee that Aaryn or Amanda is evicted and will be the biggest move yet of this season! Try to win POV next week and if you Elissa gets off the block the next week, vote the biggest threat out! I am sure that there is a good chance Andy or Gina Marie could be in the chopping block so, take what you can out of it and vote them out! Next week, try to win HOH again and go after whoever is left of the big threats maybe, McCrae? More important, if Elissa is able to do this, she can inspire fear on whoever is left in the Big Brother House and make them do as Amanda has done to them! Put them against each other and let them betray each other!
      Of course, this scenario can apply to the house guest coming back into the Big Brother House if they have the cojones to go after the big threats, Amanda and Aaryn! They better because that is only their best chance of winning!

  18. I love Elissa not because of her game but because she sees Aaryn for the truly nasty piece of crap she is.

    Elissa might not win the game but she wins at life.

    • It hurts me to root for Elissa because she is such a terrible game player. But for me she has represented good vs the evil of Aaryn Jeremy, Kaitlyn etc. since the beginning of the season. I think Helen is good to but Helen was willing to ignore the racist stuff, even about herself, to win the game. I get that but something makes me want to admire Elissa for sticking up for Howard and Candice when even Howard and Candice wouldn’t. It is really a shame Elissa is one of the worst players ever because she could be like the white knight riding in to defeat evil.

      • Elissa is a horrible player and if a better one might have really done something to help both Candace and Howard out. It’s nice that she stood up for them with words, but that is all she did.

        If all at once Elissa becomes a very different player and starts winning like crazy and actually makes her own game moves I will think that Production had a hand in it. I just think Elissa received too much help in the beginning and will be suspect if she gets it at the end. Sorry, but that is the way I see it.

  19. Elissa should be concerned about how she looks. There is no one in that house that is as self absorbed as Elissa is! Look in the mirror Elissa. Wait… No, never mind. You already do that constantly.

    • If I had to choose a flaw I would choose self absorbed over racist (aaryn), bully (Amanda), racist moron (GM), misogynist (Spencer) , and sheeple (Andy/Mccrae) any day of.the week.

      • Yes, watching the girls looking the mirro all the time beat watching Spencer with his hand down his pants playing with his package.

    • I agree Elissa looks in the mirror a lot but so do all of the other girls in the house. The house is filled with mirrors, it’s hard not too and have you seen Amanda?! She walks around naked and always kisses McCrae while staring into the camera. She’s way more self-absorbed than anyone else in the house!

      • Now that you mentioned it she does look at the camera when she’s kissing McCrae. lol

      • I think BB has decided not to focus on that too much anymore. It seems like whenever they start making out, the cameras go to another room. The same thing seems to happen when Spencer start up one of his disgusting sexual stories. Thank goodness for that.

      • Not sure if you have the live feeds or not, but they have been focusing on it except for this past week because Amanda has been a Have Not. McCrae is finally beginning to realize that it is bad for his game so he said they need to show less affection. Amanda is not happy.

      • It’s the creepiest thing and the fact that she prances around in her thong, bra, underwear, ugh!

    • With the exception of GM, they all do that. The women are always throwing their hair back and throwing profiles at the cameras. To be fair though, we do judge women for their looks a lot more harshly than we do men.

  20. Amanda – Dictator
    Helen – Bully
    Aaryn – Racist
    GinaMarie – Pig
    Elissa – Suck-up
    McCrae – Lazy
    Andy – Liar
    Spencer – Sacrifice

    • Andy is a weasel, which is worse than a liar. Helen is not a bully she is an ego maniac. Spencer and GM are both pigs. Did you mean Elissa is stuck-up or a suck-up?

  21. Helen Kim is NOT a political consultant. She works for a firm of consultants as a clerical assistant. – From the Chicago BB blog.

  22. Okay just watched Sundays episode on DVR…Is Amanda like 5 yrs old hiding in the storage room behind a trash can..What the flip was that..She definately isnt quite a adult yet

  23. Good for you Elissa, you are thinking on your own. Not doing what Helen wants. You can see her moves got her evicted and she coddled and praised Aaryn. I am happy you have a moral compass and you are smart enough to not to play Aaryn and GM’s game. Helen being “have not” must be affecting you, and your blood sugar needs to be checked. Your prowess in this game you once had, is gone, gone, gone. Elissa knows the house is gunning for her, and again, she is being iced. Time to be a rebel, Elissa.

    • Again it was Amanda’s decision who to put up and in the beginning didn’t care which one left. Aaryn did not want to get rid of Helen. She wanted Spencer. That’s why Amanda approach Elissa to work with Amanda or I should say use Elissa to get rid of Aaryn for her. Aaryn wanted to flip the house and backdoor Amanda. She couldn’t get the votes from Andy or Spencer so had no choice, but to put up Spencer who was willing to go up as a pawn yet again rather than vote Amanda out. Very early this morning Spencer and McCrae talked about a F2 deal. Not sure if it is real, but he did say he knows he has to get rid of Amanda very soon for his game. They want to get rid of Aaryn this week if possible and Elissa next. First have to see who gets HOH to see how they will work it.

  24. I just finish watching that video on Youtube about Candice.
    I’m kind of in shock right now. I had forgot a few things and learn many that I missed.
    What Helen did to Candice is as bad as what all the other did.
    GM look better in her cone of shame than otherwise.
    That degenerate comment, it’s one thing to read about it, it’s another thing to hear it from her mouth. GM is the scum of the earth. She is the lowest form of human being we have. In fact she barely qualify.
    If you haven’t seen yet, go to youtube:
    The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bullying Candice Edition

    • I saw that it was sooo very sad and I cried (of course) SEEING THAT VIDEO is what made me decide to vote Candice for AFP…She went through a lot..

      • Well if you want to see the other side of the coin now.
        Go back to Youtube: (it’s just 5 minutes)
        Searching For… – Miss Louisiana USA Reunites with Birth Mom
        Searching For… – Candice’s Update

    • GM has very apparent physiological issues and for that reason I don’t hold her accountable for words/actions as much. She should seek immediate help.

    • Just watched that video. Aaryn is an annoying asshole. GM is a despicable asshole. Amanda is a asshole. Judd is an squirrel hunting asshole. I hate them all. Except for Elissa and Howard. I pray Candice comes back and wins everything.

      • Careful my friend. Never let somebody else’s hate become your own. It’s when we let other people’s hate become ours that things go wrong in the world (i.e. you called me a name so I’ll kill your brother, which means you’ll kill my mother, which means my paperboy will kill…etc). The hate is what wins in the end. No culture war is won by hate. I think Candice had a sincere heart going into this show and she was treated mercilessly (by all the different people). Some because they hated the colour of her skin. Others because they wanted to use her for sex and/or manipulate her for her vote. She truly deserved better than that!

      • Thanks Lawon. But really. I definitely hear what you’re saying (though I don’t think I could ever imagine what it would be like being a black male in the USA). On the other side of that coin, let’s not forget that one of the people who used Candice the worst was none other than Howard himself. This season has been a horrible example of what humans do at their worst, not at their best.

      • I finally did last night. I was shocked about Helen. Kind of changes my opinion. And even though I really didn’t care for Candice it’s sad the way she was treated.

      • Shows you, when you see all the event in the good sequence, that it gives you better perspective.

  25. CBS needs to let a person in the jury house or Elissa for all the wrong that have brought forth this season. I hope that you are reading this production.

  26. Why are my black people always stereotyped and preyed upon more than ever other ethnic group?

    • It’s something that is ugly, but unfortunately still happening. I wish the world could move beyond it my friend.

    • I agree Lawon, but probably for different reasons… I’d like to hear what has upset you about BigBrother this seaosn if you don’t mind sharing? These are the types of things I think need to be heard by those in the television industry and by the public at large.

      • Matt. I don’t know where to start. They have no integrity. They lie; just because of racial reasons. Not gameplay. As people we sure rise above what our skin color consists. These fools recklessly ganged up on a woman just because she was black. It is a travesty and a sin.

      • As sure as death and taxes, I assure you that karma will render its just punishment in due time! Nobody who does bad things to others will get away with it! At some point, karma will come to them and collect what is due with penalties to boot! It might seem that injustice triumphs but, that is a temporary thing! Believe me, no one in their right mind would want to be on the receiving end of bad karma which most of these house guests will get in due time! You do not have to do anything!
        Karma will take care of everything!

    • And this is why I like Elissa. She sucks at Big Brother but she was the only one other than Candice to put her stand against the ugliness over the game. BB is just a game. the racism is real life and goes on after the game is over and the lying and backstabbing has stopped. Elissa also put her friendship with Candice and Howard before the game too.

      • Again it was words which is wonderful, but she failed at helping Candace with her game. Maybe that is why she is not a good BB player. She didn’t know how to go about it.
        The other thing that amazes me is the outrage that came out from this show and yet I see and hear this on a daily basis. Have people been hiding under a rock? I think of our President and when I hear and read the comments about him I want to cry. What is wrong with this country? Whether you like who is in office or not I was taught that you have respect for the office. I don’t care what race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. a person is. We are all people with hearts and no one deserves to be stomped on as people do. No wonder this cast turned out the way it has. I don’t think people realize how many people really feel this way in today’s world. Instead of getting better I see it getting worse. jmho

  27. While watching bbad I got so irritated hearing all the ‘likes’, ‘you knows’, and ‘ums’ every other stinkin’ word. I’m so sick of it. Hgs who didn’t do that at the beginning of the season are doing it now. And I’m also tired of Elissa’s moaning during a conversation-Mmhmm. Yikes! And I kept trying to figure out what was wrong with Elissa’s upper lip when my 8 yr old said, “Mom, they look like Marg Simpsons’s lips” (as in ‘The Simpsons’). I started laughing so hard! I could actually see the exaggeration!!

    Just venting tonight folks…it’s just so hard to keep watching when they resort to such mundane and irritating speech habits…

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