Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Night Highlights


Helen is not going down without a fight so she spent a lot of the evening on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds campaigning for herself. She’s making a lot of great points, even to McCrae. But no one is willing to go against Amanda, so Helen is accepting the inevitable.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Monday, Aug. 19, 2013

4:28 PM BBT – Helen is upset that Andy is too afraid to vote to save her because since she’s his closest ally.

4:55 PM BBT – Spencer and Aaryn chatting. She teals him she was close to putting Amanda up. She says now she just really wants Elissa gone next week.

6:10 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Amanda about Helen telling her and Elissa to work together after this week. Aaryn says that isn’t happening.

6:12 PM BBT – Aaryn and Amanda talking about them in a final two together. They agree they’d be the hottest final two ever and the votes would be split.

6:20 PM BBT – Amanda says she’s afraid McCrae is distancing himself from her.

6:25 PM BBT – Helen working on McCrae still. She tells him that Amanda is a bully and he’s probably being portrayed like the lost puppy following Amanda around. She’s basically saying if he votes Spencer out this week, Helen will protect him and they can get rid of Amanda.

7:15 PM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda that Helen said she is being portrayed as the house bully. She asks the others if she’s a bully. She thinks she’d have to Evel Dick someone to be considered a bully.

7:35 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Helen that McCrae is worried what the Live Feed watchers think of him and had hoped he’d win America’s Favorite. Helen says she doesn’t think that will happen with him being Amanda’s puppy.

7:55 PM BBT – Amanda says she doesn’t understand why anyone would think she’s a bully. Spencer tells her she’s blatantly bullied him and she says she doesn’t remember.

8:25 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa talking about how wrong McCrae and Amanda are as a couple.

8:58 PM BBT – Amanda is trying to figure out if something is wrong with McCrae. He says nothing is wrong, but he really acts like he’s over her.

9:07 PM BBT – McCrae says he thinks he’ll go home before Amanda.

9:50 PM BBT – Helen and Andy are talking and both are crying. Andy again lies and tells her he’s voting to keep her.

10:22 PM BBT – Elissa tells Helen she wants to win HOH and put up Amanda and Aaryn.

11:55 PM BBT – HGs speculating whether or not Judd and Jessie made up and are enjoying their time in Jury. Most think they’re having sex.

1:00 AM BBT – Aaryn says she nearly told Helen she was going home this week. Amanda says she got grief for telling Jeremy he was going home.

1:25 AM BBT – McCranda in the backyard. He’s nervous about PDA after GM made a comment earlier in the day. McCrae is worried they’ll be targeted for being together.

1:40 AM BBT – Amanda complaining to McCrae again about Helen calling her a bully. McC blows it off.

2:00 AM BBT – Aaryn has entered ‘paranoid mode’ and is telling Amanda how everyone worries her. She doesn’t think McCrae trusts her and she is still worried about how well Andy lies to others so he may be lying to her too. Amanda tries to reassure her.

2:25 AM BBT – McCranda discuss how they can smooth things over next week with Elissa and bring her in to the fold to use.

2:45 AM BBT – Sleepytime. HGs all in bed.

Helen is most definitely getting evicted this week, so people are already starting to look ahead to next week, which has been the theme this entire season. Here’s to hoping someone comes back this Thursday to shake things up.

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      • I think we keep watching in hopes that something “BIG” will happen. But it keep just chugging along. :)

      • I wish people would stop saying “then stop watching” to anyone who complains the show is boring or bad this year. For those people who watched the show for so many years, this season is a disappointment but good fans of the show are going to continue to watch no matter how bad it gets. If everyone who is disappointed by this cast this year stops watching, the show will be cancelled and there won’t be a BB 16.

        I think its good to let CBS know we are disappointed with their choices for cast members so they do better for the next BB if there is one.

        BTW, we haven;t talked about if for a while now but I am still concerned that the disgusting behavior of this cast could lead to its cancellation, especially if someone like Aaryn or GM wins and the complaints about the racism resurface. I would say Spencer too but I don’t think there is any chance he wins.

      • There is a warning at the beginning of each episode so it’s not like the world doesn’t know there is racism and bigotry. There are people in the real a lot like the likes of Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer. Production should not be responsible for their actions. It’s keeping you glued to the TV set along with everybody else and the ratings are the highest. I’m not condoning their behavior, but it is mindless tv.

      • Lol….yeah we have some great conversationalist & debaters in here…Don’t u agree??? LOL

      • You and I, and many others, have been around here since the start of the season.. So we already said it all and heard it all. So that’s what it is, yea we know. No much to debate.

      • CBS should be paying us all consultant fees on how to make Big Brother better!
        Only problem is CBS does not even listen to us! If they did, ratings would go thru the roof and they will get a lot of new sponsors! Saw Howard Stern’s Private Parts on Netflix and I have to say, I was really surprised at how high his ratings was for a radio show. CBS I am giving you a clue. Wink! Wink!

  1. Worst season ever.. I don’t even watch anymore, I just read these sad 90 second articles and know its not worth it to waste and hour of my time watching..

    • Yeah I know how you feel. First time ever getting live feeds because I can’t get after dark where I’m at. Wish I wouldn’t have wasted the money. I totally want my money back!!!!

    • Get a life and stop complaining..You probably said last season was the worst season ever and the year before that was the worst..All people on here do is complain about how bad it is watching BB. You must like it otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site..Stop complaining seriously

      • Why can’t he have his own opinion.

        Why do you have to jump down his throat.

        You’re wasting as much time arguing with him as he is complaining about the season.

        I think this season sucks too, so what?

      • Maybe you should follow your own advice and get a life. Stop reading if you don’t like to read all the complaints. You probably said that about posters last year. It’s possible to watch something without liking it with the hopes that something will change.

      • Hey Matt … Get a life and stop complaining … All I’ve seen you do is complain about the complainers. I haven’t been to one BB15 forum that thinks this is a good season or a good cast. Almost everyone here is in agreement about that. You must like reading the complaints or else you wouldn’t keep coming to this site if all people here do is complain … So Matt Johnston, stop complaining, seriously

      • Take your own advice asshole! Your the one using your time to comment bomb on everyone else

      • IT IS ” you’re” not “your”. You better learn some grammar you nasty cow.

  2. Was watching the clip of last seasons ‘Zingbot’ episode and realized how much more I liked last seasons cast than this season. This season could have used an influx of all-stars to liven things up.

  3. I still enjoy watching, even though none of these HGs have a spine and it is predictable after whomever wins HOH.
    The first couple weeks started so well, then poof!

    • Its not just that they don’t have spines. Too many of them are mean spirited and only Amanda has a clue about strategy. Helen is a lousy player but she seems like a very nice person, maybe the nicest in the house. So why does Amanda and the rest of them feel it necessary to blindside her to make the impact of her eviction even worse than a normal eviction. Its just cruel behavior. And listen to McCrae and Spencer talk about how they want to treat Elissa once Helen is gone to make her cry and breakdown. I know its just talk because both of them are pussies but my goodness what is going on in their small brains? And none of the women on the show say anything, like that’s not nice. To Amanda’s credit, at least she made a joke about McCrae being a big man because he beat up women.

      I think most of us who watch the show were raised to be different than that. That’s why we don;t like the show this year.

  4. You all are nuts! This may be the best cast every! Getting me out is a BIG move!

    • Its really not a good season it is boring. nobody wants to go against anyone to get strong couples out. i like watching u helen but u have been like amanda and threaten people to get out who u want and those puppets are to scared to do anything. hope next year is gonna be better and this season will always be known to be the boring season to afraid to make huge moves until u have to.

  5. Since yall don’t know my real name or where I live/work (so u can’t come after me & my family)…lol I will make a prediction that Aaryn & Elissa will be in the final 3 if not final 2. They have similar ideas & both are sliding through the game on real thin ice. They both can read people without making it obvious. While Aaryn is more vocal with her opinions Elissa keeps hers guarded. They could most assuredly work together if they would put their personal differences aside. It would be like good verses evil working together for a common goal. Okay I said it….lol. I have a couple of choices. I can go into hiding the with the witness protection program or I can change my alias.. hmmm gotta think which is the best option

    • Fly little fly…Fly! Hehehe, just kidding.

      I like your observation. Helen actually did that initial approach with Aaryn in Week 2 hoping that since they were sort of at odds with each other, no one would expect that they’re working together (except they did once come double eviction day #1).

    • Sorry to disappoint you Fly but, it is a sham. Aaryn has already said the she is not working with Elissa, no way!
      And Elissa will be her next target.

    • I hope Elissa wins. Elissa and Asryn will never work together. Elissa despises that girl. And, that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Have fun in your witness protection program LOL. You’ll be ok, as long as you don’t do like Vinnie (Steve Martin) in “My Blue Heaven”.

    • I think Ellisa was stupid for not trying her best to get rid of Aaryn. And Helen stupid for not getting rid of Amanda.

      • I do think that Helen tried to get rid of Amanda, but she didn’t have the votes. She never saw how tight Andy is to Amanda and McCrae. She still doesn’t.

      • She had the vote twice. She is the one that refuse to pull the trigger. She is the one that was always saying “not this week” and “it’s too early”. Tuff.

      • She didn’t have the votes the last time Amanda was on the block, as Judd and Andy both refused to vote her out. I don’t think she could have convinced Aaryn to blindside Amanda instead of Judd. And no way was Andy ever going to put Amanda up. I think you have to go back to week 5 for her last true opportunity to get Amanda out.

      • That the point she didn’t even try. If she had work at it instead of giving up. I wish she had work as hard at it, as she is doing right now to save her own little fanny.

      • They were one vote short which Helen could have gotten from either Gina Marie or Judd if Helen even tried hard enough! She did not even want to try!

      • Helen did not even half try! Remember the Nick eviction, Helen was on the block with Elissa yet, she managed to evict Nick. What about the Jeremy eviction which was a backdoor? Helen backstabbed Jessie outing her to Aaryn and Gina Marie when she was lobbying to evict Amanda. Aaryn told Amanda about the plan. This tells you Helen “was not” even trying to evict Amanda!

      • She could have gotten the votes if she had half a brain. When GM was HOH and Jessie got the POV,Helen should have convinced GM to put Judd up instead of Spencer. At that time in the game, Spencer would have voted Amanda out, even without Andy. They would have had Helen, Elissa, Spencer and Jessie all voting out Amanda. Helen didn’t think of that. Amanda would have thought of that had the situation been reversed.

      • Helen had her chance twice. Amanda was on the block and Helen kept saying that they had to get rid of Amanda, but now wasn’t the right time … Well … when is the right time??? The right time is when the person is a nominee.

      • Elissa wanted to get rid of Aaryn. It was Amanda and Helen who wanted to coddle her and use her HOHs. I have always agreed with Elissa that keeping Kaitlyn was the wiser move. Kaitlyn seems like a nicer person and easier to work with. Here’s the thing, Amanda and Helen were both worried about their own games, not Elissa’s Aaryn wasn’t coming after them so they wanted to keep her. Elissa’s biggest problem is she did not play a good social game. She stuck by Helen alone and has no other allies in the house to save her – mostly because Helen got them all evicted!

  6. Never got why Helen thought every houseguest should obey the HOH wishes and simply walk out the door without fighting and now the week she gets put up shes trying to flop the house the same way she preached against.

    • “Do what I say, not as I do.” Seems appropriate when she keeps telling Aaryn she is better than Janelle. Aaryn probably believes it too so, what better way to show she is as good as Janelle then, taking out a big threat in Helen? LOL

      • As far as HOH and POV, Aaryn might be equal or even better than Janell. As for game play, the jury is still out as Janelle was not really a good strategist. Aaryn might still have some potential depending on her moves when Helen is out of the Big Brother House! We will see if Aaryn is smart enough to take out Amanda or if Aaryn will be the next victim of Amanda!

      • Remember this is the same Judd that blamed Jessie and Elissa for his eviction! Judd embraced both Aaryn and Amanda even though, Aaryn put him on the block and the vote was 7-0 which means his whole alliance voted him out and did not try to save him! If Judd manages to come back and win HOH, I would not be surprised if he nominates Elissa and Spencer for eviction! Sorry, Judd is a dumbass! I will give Judd credit when he proves otherwise!

      • The main points of both season are that Janelle had to face massive competition.
        Aaryn… basically is playing alone. (with games that need to use the mind and body, Aaryn is crushed easily… but games of questions that need concentration, Aaryn has more than the game needs)
        And there is another thing. She told amanda she was waiting for Amanda to buzz… but if Aaryn really wanted to give Amanda the HOH she could have done it like mcrae… buzz the wrong answer.
        But i still wanted to know what things Aaryn takes on thursdays… that “robot” is different from the one that is on the house all week.

    • Put up McCrae and Aaryn. That would really show Aaryn who Amanda cares about. Or I say put up Andy and Aaryn. Then they will see who McCranda really value in their alliance.

      • Andy and McCrae on the block would be sweet. My fantasy is for Elissa to win HOH and put these two up. Then win the POV to make sure they both stay there.

        Like I said, its a fantasy because it will never happen.

  7. Since i’m on a roll this lovely morning I will tell yall something else I been pondering…I do believe McCrae is going to ditch Amanda…I believe that McCrae is going to find a way to keep Elissa safe and take her to final 3/2 if at all possible. While he makes snide rude & vulgar comments about her I think that is his way of covering his true plan. If McCrae takes Elissa with him to the final 2 the “Brenchel Army” would love him forever . He would be a hero to ‘”Team Elissa” & the “army”. And he would be assured of winning major money whether he is 1st or 2nd. McCrae is not totally stupid. He knows Elissa has a following and he can use that following to his advantage: but he has to keep her in the game. He realizes Amanda is not gonna help “his” game and that she might ditch him first. Its time he pushed Amanda off of him and started playing… time is short he needs to act soon.

    • I don’t know if McCrae would dump Amanda. He could easily beat her in the end. Amanda needs to dump McCrae if she wants a chance at winning, GM might be her only hope. But I think Amanda is truly in love with McCrae and won’t backstab him.

      • I think she really cares for him. She isn’t a nice person, but she seems to think they are in love, and he is trying to back off.

    • how is Brenchel’s army going to help someone locked inside of the house with no outside influences?

      • The “good guy image” . If he has to settle for less he can hope to be awarded Americas Favorite. $25,000 is better than nothing. He is covering his bases..

      • lets be real though… Elissa won America’s favorite the minute she was revealed as a houseguest…

      • I don’t think that is the case now…I think Candice has the best chance & then Judd…both got the shaft in different ways..

    • No, I think McCrae has a genuine dislike for Elissa for some reason. It is almost an obsession with him. He talks about her all the time and says some really mean things too.

      I do think Amanda thinks being nice to Elissa will help her with America. She has said she wants Elissa to stay several times. Perhaps its because Elissa is as bad at HOH comps as Amanda.

  8. I swear if Amanda isn’t gone soon I’m done! So much for Andy and others not doing anything. Big moves? yeah right. Elissa needs to make a deal with Spencer because that’s her only hope for getting out Amanda next week in case he won hoh.

  9. Amanda might be the most hated houseguest. Even more than Aaryn or GM. A couple weeks ago, even last week, commenters wanted Helen out just as much as Amanda. But now most commenters don’t care that they are days away from one of two targets. Amanda might not get evicted, but she won’t win this game.

      • I don’t think commenters are alone in our dislike for Amanda. I think most of the houseguests see her as a bully and McCrae as someone who was almost victimized by her. They pretend to like her, so they don’t feel her wrath, but I think they would give the money to almost anyone else.

    • I will take Helen being evicted this week. If I had the power, I would have just cleaned house of Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer because nobody was making any big moves! With only so much house guests left in the Big Brother House, it becomes a necessity to take out each other! With Helen being out, Amanda and Aaryn can now focus on taking each other out! Unless, the house guest coming back wins HOH, they cannot impact this game too much. I am rooting only for Jessie and could care less about Judd and Helen—-two dummies that do not know how to play this game!

  10. As someone who has only seen the last five or six seasons of BB, I have to agree with the consensus that this season is lackluster. Even the competitions this year haven’t relied upon physical strength or endurance very much as in past seasons. In past seasons, I’ve been able to root for someone even if they made some questionable moves or comments, but of this year’s crop, there are too many negatives that outweigh what little game they have. (I include Amanda in this, too. For as many people who say she’s playing the best game, I doubt she’d make it past the halfway point in any of the other seasons. That says more about the lack of competition than anything else.)

    • I think they plan the comps on the HG they want to win. It is unfair to those who are physical though. In the case of who is left I think the women are more physical than the men. I prefer them switching it up. Physical then mental. back and forth. I agree they haven’t had many physical comps.

  11. I seriously cannot wait for the a jury member to come back. Whoever comes back Candice, Judd, Jessie or Helen. The house will be shaken up regardless and McCranda will have to a lot of trouble on their hands. Lets just hope either the former jury member or Elissa wins HoH because I want to see a 3AM person nominated next week

    • I dont get where you guys are getting this thought. The people in jury were boring, and when they come back they will remain boring.

    • Unfortunately I disagree. I think they hold too much power over Spencer and Andy for anyone to be able to make a bigger alliance. Even if the returning jury member gets HOH, both Amanda and McCrae need to be on the block to ensure one goes home.

      • That is what I posted yesterday Andy & Amanda need to be nominated…If one comes off put McCrae up…

      • But then you run the risk of McCrae winning the veto and saving Amanda from the block, and then you’re left with Andy and someone else. Only way to ensure at least one member of McCranda stays on the block is to put them both up. With Andy being the replacement if one wins the veto.

  12. I I don’t understand Andy’s loyalty to Mccranda. I mean they won’t take him to F2, while others actually might.
    I would think choosing Helen makes more sense since she would dump Elissa in a heartbeat over Mccranda who will probably take each other (unless Mccrae dumps Amanda).

    • I agree that he would be better served getting rid of them. But he missed his boat this week. No point in going against them to get rid of Spencer, someone who would be more loyal to Andy than even Helen would.

    • The way I see it, Andy think he can beat both of them in F3, get the last HoH and be the one to choose who he bring to F2.

      • He may be right in his thinking but I always remember that on any day someone can be beat. Also someone else did that a few years ago and the person who hadn’t won any comps won and picked the person to go with them to F2. They didn’t pick the player that had that plan.

      • Well, since you don’t have to possess any real skills in order to win most of the HOH comps, anything is possible. Amanda and McCrea will get lucky soon, just like Andy did when he won HOH and veto. So, if that is his strategy, he needs to rethink it.

      • I agree. I don’t think it’s a good strategy, but I’m pretty sure that what he think.

      • That and the fact that he has been told by production to bring Amanda to the finals….

  13. Instead of wine, Amanda asked Monistat.from DR Eating too much McCrae’s Pizza?

    • Cyril……now you know you have gone to far with this comment………hahahahaha……….rofl…………lol……..still rofl.

      • Lee, lol..this is a short version. There’s was long discussion between Helen and Elissa about this in the hammock yesterday. I don’t even know what Monistat is…until I looked it up…and OMG! lol

      • If I needed Monistat, I don’t think I would broadcast that to the world. That’s just nasty! Well, I guess I need to consider the source. Amanda is nasty as hell, anyway.

      • Funky vajayjay is nothing to laugh at y’all. At least she is making an effort to keep it clean. It is certainly not pure.

  14. These house guest have forgot what HOH means. house guess should be able to talk with the HOH and tell them their opinion, but the final say should be what the HOH wants. I’d rather go home because of the decisions i made then to do what the house wanted, just to be voted out that next week by one of the same HG’s I went along with.

    • The HOH loses all control after the POV ceremony. I would honor the HOH wishes until then. After that, I would do whatever I wanted to do.

  15. Perfect plan if GM had a brain would be when Andy says he is voting for Spencer so it will be 3-2, she would say good plan, then she would also vote for Spencer and it ends up 2-3 with shocked Spencer going home. Of course I want Helen and Amanda out so glad GM doesn’t have a brain.

  16. This is what I wish would happen. Judd comes back in the game and ends up winning and also gets America’s favorite player and Elissa is the runner up. Wishful thinking I know, but the rest of these losers think that America loves them. Makes me sick!!!

  17. I liked seeing the update of Amanda thinking McRae is backing away. I have noticed it and wondered how long it would take. I wonder if we have missed a secret plan between the guys. Let Amanda bully everybody to get them to 4 then take Amanda out.

    • I think McCrea (the pizza boy) wants the money more than he wants Amanda. I think McCrea is trying to keep someone around who is not afraid to go after Amanda. He is probably tired of making nothing delivering pizzas.

      • I agree. He told her he is focused on his game and she got mad and said he should be focused on their game.

  18. I don’t get Spencer at all. He is like the sheep just standing in line waiting for the slaughter. Why would he agree to go up on the block rather than send Amanda home? Doesn’t he realize Amanda is going to take him and GM out next?

    And while I understand why Aaryn refused to work with Elissa, isn’t she making the same mistake Elissa made by putting her personal feelings above winning the game? Elissa should have gotten over her issue with Aaryn a long time ago for the sake of her game and if she was unwilling to do that then she shouldn’t get all upset over going on the block. It should be expected when you have an attitude like that about the person who is HOH.

    I don’t think Elissa will win HOH this week, but if she does, she would be wise to make a deal with Aaryn to work together for the next couple of weeks while they take apart the power couple. I think Aaryn would accept a deal like that and I think she would honor it. Get out McCrae or Amanda next week and Spencer or Andy the week after.

      • I was thinking that they might do

        comp to return

        so you know, they think Helen is gone for good then Julie drops the atom bomb on their faces “oh by the way…”

      • That wouldn’t make sense, because Judd would then go back on the block right away. They have to give him a chance to win HoH.

      • I think in BB12 when Brendon competed to return he didn’t get a chance to be HoH. could be wrong. But I thought that episode ended with his return.

      • Yea, and he went right back out. So if they want to make it interresting, and I’m sure that’s what they want, they’ll fix that mistake.
        Difference also was, in BB12, it all happen before jury, if I remember well.

  19. Too bad Helen didn’t have the same fight in her the past couple of weeks. She should have listened to Elissa as Elissa has great instincts. She unfortunately has voted out the very people who would have helped to vote Amanda out of the house.
    As far as Spencer is concerned, I cannot fathom watching this person one minute longer. He is so incredibly disgusting and inappropriate with everything he says. Also, when did he all of a sudden become so smug to sit there talking about others like he’s in charge?
    Also, Andy the rat needs to go ASAP! I wish someone would put him up on the block if nothing else than to scare him. He thinks no-one sees right through his lies.

  20. Is Princess DrManda’s throne a bed? Can she sit upright without support of a bed pillow? Just curious. Looks like she’s always on her back!

  21. Hope that Candice or Jessie wins the return ticket.
    Judd is too stupid to get in and take out the ones that kick is ass out of the house (remember that he forgot that everyone voted him out??? even Aaryn that sent him to the block!!!!)
    Helen, it would be the same thing that happened this week.

    It should be like this:
    Start of the show.
    Right away the votes to get Helen out. Helen will be out, talks to julie and gets the news that she will have a possibility in 4 to get back into the house “today”.
    Julie calls back to the house, when everyone will be waiting to go on to the HOH. She will tells them that something unexpected is waiting for them on the backyard.
    They will go out and see the 4 jury members. Julie informs them that there will be a competition where the winner gets back into the house.
    Competition. Winner returns with the players back into the house and has the news that Pandora Box will be revealed to the next HOH.
    They get back into the backyard and HOH competition will be a Endurance one.

  22. Once evicted from the house,I hope Helen comes back in the game. Andy will be in trouble.

  23. I hope Candice doesnt come back in the house, b/c of the mean girls that are still in the house.

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