Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It’s been a crazy day in the Big Brother 15 house with Jessie’s one-woman show. And I have to say, thank goodness for Jessie because after the Houseguests slept until noon today, I was worried it would be a boring day.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013

10:02 AM BBT – Feeds cut. It’s wake-up time. Yes, at 10 AM. Ridiculous.

10:25 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs are finally starting to get up. Wait. No, they’re all back in bed.

11:05 AM BBT – Aaryn finally gets up and starts getting ready.

11:50 AM BBT – Helen and Elissa are finally awake.

12:08 PM BBT – Helen running in back yard. Aaryn working out. They talk a bit. Helen says she doesn’t see Aaryn and GinaMarie as a pair anymore.

1:15 PM BBT – Elissa, Aaryn and the others say they’re afraid Jessie is going to mess with their stuff or put something in their drinks.

1:19 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GinaMarie that everyone is just going to ignore Jessie today.

1:25 PM BB – Jessie is getting wound up again. Even after her showdown with Helen last night. She yells to Aaryn that Elissa still talks badly about her.

1:30 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Jessie to shut up and Jessie says she doesn’t have to.

1:35 PM BBT – Now Amanda is getting involved. Of course. Jessie tells Amanda that she and Andy were working together. She says her goal is to make sure Amanda knows Elissa and Helen are after Amanda and McCrae. Amanda says she already knows that.

1:45 PM BBT – Jessie tells Amanda that even though Amanda hasn’t won anything, she’s the most powerful person in the game.

2:00 PM BBT – Jessie calls Elissa “Rachel’s Shadow” while they’re both in each of the showers.

2:14 PM BBT – Jessie calls Helen a liar and Helen leaves.

2:25 PM BBT – Jessie back to taunting Elissa. Now she’s tanning right up next to her.

2:30 PM BBT – Andy has his HOH camera and is taking pictures amid the Jessie display. She tells him to take a photo of her and “Rachel’s Shadow.”

2:50 PM BBT – Jessie is now asleep. Haha.

3:10 PM BBT – Jessie is back up and is taunting Elissa again.

3:19 PM BBT – Helen is being very self-righteous.

3:35 PM BBT – Elissa and GinaMarie are doing yoga.

So unless Jessie puts such a big target on her back someone decides to keep her, she’s out this week and Spencer again escapes eviction. And there’s still two days left for her wrath to continue, so enjoy.

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  1. Jessie is at least making the live feeds entertaining for us all. Sad to see that she’ll be evicted, and that’ll be one less person to cheer on.

    • I wanted to see her or candice make the final 3. Im still rooting for elissa, shes kept going this far which is pretty amazing. I am kinda wanting helen out. . but if theres a competition to get back in the game. . i dont want helen there. . because then she will be back. . . and hell no one wants that. Or amanda. .

      • Elissa is like the only person left to root for sadly, maybe along with Andy.

        Amanda is too self-righteous believing everyone should make her moves for her but cries when she does not win anything despite all the power she has due to the cast this year being spineless.

        McCrae , made his bed with Amanda and his game suffers for it. He gets an internet cookie just to making his “cray cray” future wife calm down.

        Aaryn, I would of liked her if she had not made those racist comments.

        Helen thinks she clever. She thinks she can back-peddle out of every confrontation but it’s painfully obvious that she failing on that front.

        GinaMarie is actually worse than Aaryn in regards to racist comments, and she took a dump on adoptions. Least Aaryn makes the effort to be nice, (How legit she at being nice is anyone’s guess) while GM just does not even try.

        Spencer. Spencer called Andy “Kermit the fag” and said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities. Oh, and his child porn comment/joke was just awful.

        Andy, just tells everyone’s plans to everyone which is not even bad.

        BB15 remains with mostly racist, homophobic, and misogynistic individuals will make me consider if watching BB16 next year will be worth it.

    • I will be rooting for her to come back because one person is going back into the house! She will definitely rock the Big Brother House if she is able to come back!

      • She’ll rock it but she’ll be eliminated swiftly. Least if Ellissa or Helen gets voted out, and return least they can make an impact gamewise.

  2. Amanda and her people should keep jessie because spencer is definitely on to amanda and it’d be bad for their game if spencer won HOH.

  3. Well production said to start something who knew it would be Jesse go on girl keep it up out everyone and their alliance s if going down take whole ship it’s about damn time someone started to play too bad it on your loss girl but keep up we love to watch Helen and Rachel’s shadow squirm

  4. I really hope BB will have an America’s Vote down the road later in the season to let one houseguest back in the game.

    • Well, julie did say “This will be a long summer and they arent out of the game yet. . ” so maybe they will have two people come back instead of 1

  5. Kind of mad that she is attacking Ellisa who has done nothing instead of some of the other people in the house…

      • Um who hasn’t at one time thrown Jessie under the bus? Everyone has. The girl is targeted for eviction.

    • When JESSEE first started her tirade Elissa ask her if she had taken some kind of medication. Jessee took the question as an insult. Elissa did not understand why Jessee was acting in her opinion “weird”. It was a question that I have ask people when they do out of their norm routine. While Elissa may be Rachel Rileys sister she is clearly not used to drama lies backstabbing slander slurs racism & bigoted remarks. Elissa is a very religious person. Rachel talked Elissa into being
      on the show without telling her the downside of the game. Elissa did not go to the house meeting called by GM because she told Helen if she had to listen to all the lies and bad remarks that she would leave (SELF EVICT). Hence Helen did not go either as she was trying to calm Elissa down. Elissa did not throw Jessee under the bus: Helen did and Jessee called her out on it. But as it goes Elissa is associated with Helen so Elissa is guilty by association.

      • ROFL Elissa has done her own damage in that house. There have been numerous times she has said degrading things to other hg’s. At times she appears to have the attitude that she is SO much better than any of “those people”. She is always looking for sympathy, just like Jessie but her methods are different. She always goes for the “I’m a mother and they’re being mean to me!” Wah wah wah.
        I know some people say she’s just joking when she’s making these comments. I know she is with Andy because they both take jabs at each other. But some of the things she’s said to other people were not in a joking manner IMO.

  6. What Jessie is doing is fine and entertaining. But, she needs to move on to Amanda, McCrea, and Andy. Everyone that saying Helen are Elissia are the “only” ppl throwing Jessie under the bus. Nah. Look Jessie was looking to take out Amanda way too late in the game. While she was waffling with the house, she could have been one of the decided vote to get Amanda out.

    • Jesse never had a chance at her lobbying to get Amanda out because Helen outed her to Aaryn and Gina Marie and Aaryn promptly told Amanda! It was a huge backstabbing job considering Helen would have benefited the most by an Amanda eviction! I am glad that she is going after Helen and Elissa because they threw Jesse under the bus and ran over her right after!
      Elissa I am sure knows about Helen’s plans because Helen pretty much tells her what to do!

      • Jessie’s undoing is her own. Plus, Jessie was up and kissing Judd, thinking he would help evict Amanda. It didn’t work she reported to Helen, then the plan was squashed. Cause Jessie had no charm. Then Jessie decided to evict Judd over Spencer. A Judas move. She has been hurt by Judd, Aaryn was in her ear too, Amanda, pulled Jessie’s strings like a puppet.

      • You do not expect Jessie to vote against the majority when Aaryn just took her off the block? What would one vote do to save Judd? Judd’s big mistake was turning down on voting out Amanda when he had the chance! He had two chances and passed it up!

      • Agreed Judd had two chances to evict. I do expect the votes to be spilt, and game play. I am not amused by the zombie vote, I will do what the house wants and no blood on my hands.

      • Nope …Helen tells Elissa what she wants her to know on a “need to know basis”. Helen stopped including Elissa in her plans some weeks back. But she continues to use Elissa to cover her stories if she is caught lying..

  7. I want Amanda and McCrae broken up, next. I am tired them slothing, boinking, and no game play. The engagement, married, kid naming is just annoying, and sucking up air time. I think Andy is Amanda and McCrea’s surrogate child on BB. Why is he so far up their wazoos? What have they done for his game?

    • Yep Since America considers the both of them to be the lowest of life forms ( at this point) they have no right to sit/lay around and belittle the other HGs. McCrae had a chance to get out of the situation but he let it pass whatever bad befalls him in the coming weeks he deserves.

      • Agreed. I think McCrea has a real chance of being a target. No matter how dysfunctional the players are. If Amanda and McCrea are on the block together. This makes me ill to speculate and say, Amanda will stay. Out of everyone she irks and insults me the most. He should have thought yep, got some, now moving on…Because of his own low self esteem with women… he could have had the pick of the litter with 500k in his pocket.

      • I’m really not sure he’s as dumb as you think… I am hoping he’s been reminding himself that OUTSIDE the house, Amanda will leech herself onto the nearest desperate doctor (or lawyer) who’s willing to be her sugar daddy. My gut tells me he’s using her even MORE (while enjoying the attention of course).

      • I hope McCrae gets his thinking brain back. Agreed, Amanda will leech onto a doctor, lawyer or sugar daddy. She has proven that true when she hitched a ride on McCrae. She knew he was likable, awkward, and well versed in the game. The cha ching moment happen when she found out McCrae was smart. She dug down deep when she figured out that he was insecure about women.

      • Yeah I can see that. Good call. I’m still hoping that even with his insecurity he’s as smart and devious as she is.

      • What he does have going is he is not filled with hate, attacks and vicious threats. I view him as nice devious, like Helen. I know, I am about to get skewered, to dare compare.

      • no I actually agree. THere is a difference between people that might be unlikeable and people who are racist, elitist, homophobic, sexist and excessively cruel.

    • That’s a great question Emma. I think Andy is a bit too aligned with McCranda at this point. He really needs to get a bit more in the middle so that he can slither to any side of the house…

      • Thanks Matt. Andy has to understand basic math. They are two ppl, (yes, some may say functioning as one) Andy is odd man out.

      • Exactly. But for some reason there are times when people simply can’t figure this out (Britney was the same kind of naive person who thought she would break up The Brigade simply because she was close to one of them). In Big Brother Canada, EVERY singly house guest got knocked out because somehow Gillian convinced them that she would take them to the final two over Gary (her in house bf). Really?!! Some people I tells ya!

      • Which again annoys me that Britney was invited back as a coach last season. Really?!! Are you kidding me? What did she do other than be the last surviving non-Brigade member who wasn’t smart enough to even see the alliance?

      • So, tell me what you really think. Kidding. Wow, go Matt. What is happening to you Matt? You almost always see the brightside. Hope, I have not passed on any jaded habits :)

      • I know right? Today I’m all cynical about some of the house guests! (What’s up with that?!!) I think I’m still dealing with the fact that people are actually still caring about who goes first and who wins… I mean our choices are between, a racist, a biggot, a homophobe, a child porn advocate, a rat, an elitist, a self-entitled little bratty sister…etc. It even makes me laugh when I watch the first couple episodes (and look at old comments here on this site) where people agreed that Jessie & Elissa were the villains to watch this season (because of their ”I’m better than everyone else, and I deserve to be here” type of attitude). Now they’re actually considered the ”good guys?” Crazy! I want Judd & Candice back in the house!

      • Right on Matt! I view the house as the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

      • Oh we can just poke fun at ourselves and others for it all… like I said, at this point I can’t really find myself cheering or caring for a winner. McCrae probably most deserves it at this point in time, but beyond that I really don’t see anyone truly deserving this money and tv time.

      • Helen because she has been upright and playing every week. Granted she plays like a politician and has made strange bed fellows.

      • True, I have nothing against Helen apart from her (most likely) huge salary back home and her lifestyle already being amongst the wealthy & powerful.

      • Judd yes, Candace no. She was rude and arrogant to the other houseguests. A very unpleasant person.

      • Only AFTER she was bullied, picked on, used for sex, had her bed turned over, given tons of racist comments, and told by GM (with others smiling) that her mother was a crack whore who didn’t want her. How would you feel? How would you act? Before all of those things happened, Candice was mild-mannered, intelligent, quiet, and very observant and caring about others in the house.

      • Talk about different views. Candice was rude and arrogant?!?
        After 40 days with the likes of GM, Aaryn, etal,, my title would have been murderer.

      • Why did they bring back Mike Mallin (Boogie). He’s been arrested many times and is being sued for embezzlement by the partners of their restaurant. Mallin is slime yet CBS brought him back 3 times.

      • Not that I am defending him, but that’s happening OUTSIDE the house and not related to his game play (which seems strong enough). Britney was nothing more than a hot young blonde with a big mouth…Minus the racism, that’s Aaryn isn’t it? And even then, Aaryn has won far more challenges than Britney.

  8. If anyone was smart in this game they would put up Helen and Amanda. If one of them win POV, put up the other half of their alliance. Get rid of the power alliances.

  9. I may be wrong on this as I missed a couple of sentences due to reloading…. But Andy & Helen were planning for next weeks eviction. Helen said she would put up GM & Spencer with a plan to backdoor “‘SOMEBODY”. Helen said that is if u & Mc are still on board. Andy said yes it would be time. So I am assuming that she plans on getting rid of Amanda.

      • That’s good! I wanted Amanda out ever since America has been nominating her. I’m more curious on Andy’s demeanor when he’s agreeing with this plan. Will he rat it out to Amanda? Will McCrae go for it?…..we’ll see.

      • No actually that’s a very good point (and reminder) nyc. I think a lot of commentators forget that no strategy is ”fixed in stone” because it really depends on who wins HoH and Veto each week. If Helen wins the next one, then guess what will happen? Amanda will be scared (and rightfully so)…etc, etc, etc.

      • It’s only a plan, and it’s always contingent with the Comps results. Also, a house meeting might be called to get a unanimous

  10. Watching BBAD from last night.
    I often her BB say to the HGs not to sing. I never understood why they can’t. Never heard an explanation. But I got use to it.
    Around 1:30 into the show, which if I’m not mistaken, that’s 10:30 PM BBT, I hear BB saying to the HGs: “Don’t quote dialogue from movie” What ?
    What is that all about ? Anybody knows.

    • Interesting… I think it might have something to do with copyright laws. CBS would have to pay for user fees of songs that are sung on it’s network. Even churches aren’t supposed to use anyone’s songs unless they’ve paid their annual CCLI fees each year (many don’t, but legally they are liable for fines if they don’t).

  11. Very tiresd of Amanda. Either lose 15 -20 pounds or wear some clothes. Snark-Snark!
    Andy really wants them to be his new cool parents.
    What is McCrae picking at on his cheek?
    Helen is such a know-it-all. Know the way out the door, Baby!
    I just feel sorry for GM. While she is grieving over Nick, HGs are picking fights, moving his hat and just being so mean to her. The HGs have adopted a bad attitude. Whooah!

  12. I do believed If Its come down to 3 people.I do believed that Amanda will get rid of Mccrae and a heart beat.Don’t for get she said before she came on the show.she said she will cheat lie sleep with anybody to get what she want.and thats what she doing she playing Mccrae to get further in the game for she can take him out.

  13. The complaint people often make this season is “no one is any game moves”. Truth is, Helen and Amanda are. They just had the same goal: to get rid of the Jocks. Also, they’ve reached the point where the game actually begins. After Andy’s lame safe reign the gloves are off. So expect the “big” game moves you’ve been dying for.

    The only difference between this season and other seasons up til this point is usually it’s the Meathead Preps taking out people the first half of the game. (And bullying them usually) This time around the common house guests rallied together and got them out first… which is actually new for Big Brother.

    Everything thinks there is only one way to win the game: to be domineering competition winners. Dr. Will proved this wrong way back in season two. In fact, I compare Helen’s and Amanda’s strategies more closely to Chilltowns or the Brigades than anyone else: using others to accomplish your goals. Work as a puppet master, make friends with everyone, let them knock each other out. That’s what Helen and Amanda have been up til this point. The only reason Helen and Amanda aren’t popular is because Will did it first and bragged about it in a hilarious way in the DR. Helen isn’t the type to brag about it, and Amanda is just a plain bitch. This season isn’t the worst, (That would be time-filler Big Brother 9) it’s just different. And frankly after 15 seasons, Big Brother could use a little different.

    On a sidenote: I hope BB16 uses the Half-way house gimmick from Big Brother Australia 2013 next year. In fact, I wish they’d drop the American rules of a season and try to play the game how everyone else in the world plays it. It would be an unexpected season twist, and allow America to be more interactive with the show.

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