Big Brother 15: Jessie Goes On The Attack With ‘Rachel’s Shadow’

Jessie and Rachel's Shadow

It’s time for more “Fun with Jessie!” on Big Brother 15. She knows her time is short in the house and she’s promised to go out with a bang. After last night’s fights she’s back at it today with verbal attacks on Amanda, Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, and probably others that I just didn’t catch. It was a petty, but entertaining afternoon in the BB15 house.

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Flashback to 1:23PM BBT as Jessie sits alone on the backyard couch smoking. She starts off calling across the yard to Aaryn that Elissa has been calling her, Amanda, and Kaitlin “basically skanks and sluts.” Jessie adds, “she talks about how you all are disgusting all the time.” Aaryn is ignoring most of it but finally begins to engage her taunts by shouting back and telling her how she’s wrong about this or that.

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A few mins later McCranda come out (1:32PM BBT) and listen in as Jessie turns her insults on Amanda. Amanda takes the attacks but then asks Jessie why she’s doing this. “Get involved if you want, but I suggest you don’t,” said Jessie to Amanda. After a few more jabs from Jessie Amanda whispers to her, “don’t go out like this.” Jessie tells her, “this is part of my game. F**k everybody… No, seriously. F**k all of y’all.”

Jessie next takes aim at Elissa. She begins referring to Elissa as “Rachel’s Shadow” and Aaryn as an Oompa Loompa and then Barney because Aaryn has a purple bathing suit. Yeah, it’s weak stuff. Spencer later calls it a “PG-13” meltdown while we need a R-rated one. Flashback to 2:16PM BBT to hear her start in on Elissa with hits like “Rachel’s Shadow, who got fake boobs first? You or your sister? Cause you’re older right? You’re like 35?” Then “How’s it feel to not be half the player your sister was?”

As if hurling insults that would embarrass an 11-year old wasn’t enough, Jessie decides to up her game by laying down to tan right next to Elissa. Then she scoots as close to her as possible without touching her. Yeah, while it’s entertaining on a childish level it’s a little disappointing overall. The other HGs make fun of how sad her attempt at all of this is. Flashback to 2:38 PM BBT to listen as McCrae, Spencer, and Andy laugh about her antics over the past day.

So yes, Jessie is definitely going. Andy has said she thinks it’ll be a tie and he’ll save her, but I think it’s much more likely that she knows very well that she’s going next.


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  1. Maybe she is trying to make herself beatable at the end! If she is rude and obnoxious enough, no one will vote to give her the money. It is a good plan if it woks!

    • If it works. Actually, knowing who is in jury, I probably would take this “crazy” chick that called everyone out and fought with everyone that is now in the house to the end… BUT this is BB15 and so far most of their moves haven’t made sense at all.

    • Jessie may becoming “America’s Favorite” this week, while Judd will always be “America’s Deer in the Headlights”.

      • I agree and she is not the HG that i expected to stand up to everybody. Her timing may be off, but I would play just like she did with the mindset that “If i’m going down, everybody’s going down!” Her tirade against Helen gives me the most satisfaction. Helen is dangerous and she should be a better role model, since she is the oldest!

  2. Big Brother is beyond boring. Its pathetic. Is has the worst cast in 14 years. If the BB series continues it needs a new production company, new themes and interesting HGs. Bye Allison Grodner!

  3. Wow. She’s more annoying than the first night when she said she was the prettiest in the house. The jabs are childish and extremely petty. Candice went out with a bang. Jessie, on the other hand, is just making herself look stupid.

    • Haha, what happened to her alliance from the first night of the most beautiful people in the house. I thought she was going to be Queen B of the house then. I was wrong.

    • Calm down ! Jessee was apologizing to everyone tonight so much fot going out with s bang !

      • I am calm. Very calm, actually. As you can clearly see I wrote that comment 15 hours ago which means I wrote it before she apologized! And anyway, she’s only apologizing for damage control, she’s trying to stay in the house.

  4. Jessie has lost it! LOL! Awww! I had hope for her, her bang is a little disappointing…

  5. Production is trying to make this interesting by scripting an “attack” by Jesse. It didn’t work. Jessie is too lame and immature to be taken seriously.

    • I agree. There may have been some monetary bonus to stir the pot. But she is going over the top. Time to back off some. There is still too much time left till the live eviction!

  6. I said that she should go out with a bang, but not like this. She should have exposed the alliances, said whatever she had to say, and left it alone. I would have told them that they can kiss my backside and good luck. Don’t know why people can’t argue without becoming angry. When you get angry, you lose.

  7. YA kidding right>? jessie has been nothing but nice till they all started wanting her out.. they are all wusses. spencer taking about child porn, aaryn and amamda and Gm racist comments.. andy is so far up spencers ass he might as well me a proctologist.. helen would sell her mother for the win…Jessie needs to rip them al la new hole…

    • This is psychological warfare because if you want someone to lose their cool—-you hurl insults and what have you! She is getting evicted so, no need for her to play nice! Jessie can torment them up to the jury house by poisoning the well. Helen made a huge mistake underestimating Jessie! If she treated her better, by keeping quiet while, Jessie tried to lobby for Amanda’s eviction—-we would have had a different result! Helen was not satisfied stabbing Jessie in the back but, still had to twist the knife! They are just getting what they deserve!

      • I agree, she should go out on her own terms, I was hoping Cadice did the same. Go Jessie let it out. Helen is a bitch, very 2 faced, shes in the same kennel club as AmAmanDa, Aassryn,and
        Nobrains GM. Jessie spoke her mind to Helen last night, Helen went to dramatized the evenrs to her kennel crew, wanting pity. If you a soild player why? Have a pity party, maje moves atand by them.

  8. What is being missed is Jessie is going to be evicted and will end up in the jury house with Candice and Judd. Perfect time to poison the well so to speak! Jessie can certainly tell Candice and Judd everything and she can add more lies to it if she needs too! The rest of the house might be gloating and thinking they evicted Jessie but, the damage she can wreak on everyone’s game is huge! Add to that is the possiblity Jesse might be coming back into the Big Brother House. Now wouldn’t that be fun! Another plus is Jessie going all out on everyone exposes their lies and alliances and now, they maybe forced to move sooner on each other! I am referring to Amanda and Helen so, thank you Jessie! Well done!

      • Personally, I have gone after someone in my office, a supervisor no less who went out of his way to destroy my character! So, I played my version of Big Brother, smiling at the fool while, I compiled evidence of his incompetence. Noted his snipes at management. And let management have all that info—-he tried to get himself promoted several times over but, he cannot figure out why he cannot get any promotion! He was damaged goods but, he had no clue that he picked on the wrong guy which was me!

        If I was in the Big Brother House, I probably would have done more and been more vicious attacking and exposing all the lies and alliances because you have to instill some fear in the other house guests! Amanda got away with a lot because they feared her! Look at Andy, McCrae, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Helen, Elissa are all afraid of Amanda. That is why they cannot evict her!

    • Poision the jury how? She basically hates everyone so which one she going to throw under the bus?

      • She probably will target Helen. If I were in her shoes—-Helen is the logical target. Even if Helen gets to Final 2—-you can destroy her chances at that $500,000. And if Helen gets evicted earlier—-there is always Amanda to target the same way! She can turn the jury against Amanda, Helen and Aaryn depending on who makes it to Final 2!

      • thinking of who is in jury right now she has a lot to catch them up on. Helen already doesnt stand a chance

      • So that leaves Ellisa, spencer, and GM who they already dislike, and then Andy and Mcrae who they like more then Amanda, aaryn, and Helen so no real posioning to be done.

    • Wrong. No buddy takes Jessie seriously, she can talk and cry all she wants, nobody will care. Also both Judd and Candice are more liked then Jessie so she is not coming back in the game, she is just embarrassing herself. This season has the worst cast, everyone looks foolish.

      • We shall see soon enough! Until the votes are in, you never know who it will be! Chances are, it will be the top 2 vote getters facing off in a contest with the winner getting back into the house! You are wrong on a lot of counts. She may end up back into the Big Brother House.

      • Jessee is the only person in the house to stand up to Amanda & Helen. While Spencer did talk back to Amanda he is still kissing her ass…jessee has not put all her cards on the table just yet she has another day and a half…Lets see what happens

      • There is still her jury vote she can use as a bargaining chip. Also, tell them that when I am in the jury house, I can steer opinions of the house guests one way or the other. Be nice to me by keeping me in the game one or two more weeks and I will appreciate it an return the favor even when the time comes I get evicted! Offer that to McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie as she needs 4 votes to stay!

  9. After this I think I will vote Jessie for America’s Player. I hope she makes everyone paranoid and they realize she was right with alot of the things she said about everyone, Helen especially.

    • I am definitely voting Jessie America’s Favorite Player. She earned it! In short order, she exposed Helen’s lies for all to see! She might have also caused a riff between Aaryn and Gina Marie after exposing what Aaryn said to Gina Marie! There are two days to go!
      Jessie, work on exposing more of the alliances to shake them up some more! Focus on Amanda, McCrae and Andy too!

  10. Jessie’s rant is actually very effective. She has the whole house mad. So, I’m going to give her two thumbs up and mission accomplished. McCranda are getting married tonight….I think. McCrea said that he does not want to get married and that he hopes Jessie storms the wedding. Asryn said she is tired of GM and that GM eating disorder (bulimia) is crazy. Asryn said GM smells like puke all the time. GM said that Candice was being very mean when she called her names (go figure). I’m loving this and I think I might stay up for BBAD. Go Jessie………….turn the house upside down.

  11. No….Jessie…it’s time to attempt to build bridges with Aaryn. I’ve done the math…Jessie could save herself. Amanda doesn’t like Spencer. McCrae will vote the same as Amanda. So she needs 1 of Aaryn, GM, Helen, Elissa, then would need Andy to agree to tie-break in her favor. Aaryn seems the most attainable.

    • That’s not going to happen, at this point. Jessie is going home and I don’t think nothing will change that.

    • Jessie’s slim chance is using her jury vote as a bargaining chip. In return for safety for one or two weeks. Offer it to McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie! That is a very enticing offer. One sure vote in Final 2 if you make it that far! Also, offer your vote and help in targeting Helen—-Amanda and the others will like that very much!

  12. I have a feeling if Spencer wins HOH, he will put up McCrae and Amandrax. He has no chance if it’s endurance comp. He’s good on puzzle…..and nose picking.

  13. Due to the events that have taken place in the last 24 hours I believe that the following should happen …. Jessee gets evicted as planned but the door won’t open…Since they may bring back a player Why not let Jessee stay??? Makes more sense to do it that way since she is already there and CBS/BB needs the drama she will continue to create…Just a thought..

    • Third grade? That’s giving her a lot of credit…I was thinking more like second grade for the 3rd time.

  14. Jessie…when you go home after serving your time as Big Brother juror and watch the tape, you’ll see the mistakes you made — you gave up, and didn’t try and formulate a last second strategy to save your BB life. I mean if I could think of a 3-point plan to get Spencer out the door thursday, I’d think jessie could so so from inside the house.
    the plan:
    Step 1: Apologize to Amanda. Really. It will suck, but it’s the first step.
    Step 2 campaign hard for Amanda’s vote (McCrae will vote in-line with Amanda) and Elissa’s vote, then get Andy to agree to tie-break in your favor (so against Spencer)
    3) Suggest a short-term alliance: Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Andy. That’s 5 of what will be 8. If Aaryn can be swayed, that’s 6 of 8, leaving the psycho control freak Helen with no one to control, and that puddle of self-pity and loathing GM on the outside looking in.

    It’s do-able. I know it is. with 5 of 8, really 4 of 7 because Andy can’t win HoH, that gives a better than 50% chance at their side winning HoH and if Aaryn can be turned, that’s 5 of 7. Go for it Jessie. Seriously. What can she lose?

  15. I kinda understand what Jessie is doing … she’s been on the sh@#t list and outside most of the time, even though she’s been nice throughout. Now she’s just burning through all the bullshit … not what i would do, but understandable.

    • It seems so out of character and given that earlier production was trying to stir things up. I’m guessing they offered her more money to make a big scene before she left.

      • I don’t think no amount of money can force anyone to act the way Jessie did to stir the pot to such an extent.

        If it’s a secret task, maybe but Big Brother has not been giving HG’s any secret tasks for quite sometime now.

      • If it was, we would have known by now. Pretty sure Jessie’s outburst is legit and she has the right to be frustrated.

        Compared that to BBCan’s weekly load of secret tasks and group tasks that kept the Canadian houseguests occupied, the guys up north are owning it.

  16. Tried to watch bbad. Did they have to bore with us with that wedding? It was the biggest waist of time…had to forward through 2 hrs of wasted space. I’m going to bed…dammit anyway…!

  17. Well jessie knows that Amanda and Helen want her out.
    Aaryn told her that she just saved her because the “traitor” was going home.

    So, jessie knows that she doesn´t have any possibility of staying in the house… she still remembers what andy told her about Spencer be a weak player that they can kick out anytime they want.
    Strangely, Jessie is not attacking Andy. If she spills the beans about those talks, he will get into trouble, since he is voting with Amanda-Mcrae because they can control 3 votes.

    • They pushed Jessie into acting the way she is acting! A person can only take so much before, they retaliate! Imagine there are 9 people in the house and 7 of them are going out of their way to taunt and humiliate you as much as they can! It is not enough that they put you on the block every week but, have to twist the knife in your back! Well, it cuts both ways, you can also taunt them and humiliate them! If Danielle Donato was in this Big Brother Season, these guys would be cowering because she not only taunts, mocks, insults you—-she would put you on the block the first chance she gets and you will probably not get off because she is a beast in competitions and can win HOH and POV!
      Ruthless pretty much describes her and even when she was in jury—-she still steered her allies to vote her way and went after her enemies! They are lucky Jessie was not good in HOH and POV because if she was—-Amanda and Helen probably would have been evicted a while, ago!

      • The biggest mistake of the game was made by Candice with that stupid house meeting where she called out Spencer.
        Spencer had Jessie and Alissa already on board to take out Amanda. Stupid Andy gave that information to Amanda… and Helen.
        Judd was bouncing between “if you get the 3 votes i will make it 4 and work on helen for the 5”.
        Candice was so stupid that she destroyed everything that could happen.
        After that nobody more thought on taking Amanda out… except Jessie and Spencer.

        Candice was the guilty one for letting Amanda take control over the house.
        If Amanda was kicked out that week, Andy would be on a very bad situation… since Mcrae doesn´t trust him and Helen is using him as a bloody pawn to take out the other ones.
        But Candice destroyed those things and was shoot down because of that.

        On the other side, it was Aaryn that sent Judd to the jury house. Mcrae and Amanda where so friendly with him and they want revenge on everyone… why aren´t they moving the targets to Aaryn?

        If it was me and one of my closest friends was going out, first i would stir the pot with a vote on the other player and then making a mess around that somebody voted “against the house”.
        With so much things that they see around, nobody would think that mcrae was the side vote… Even Amanda would be chasing a ghost with his help. It would be like “the MVP is still in the house. You failed”.

  18. I give Jesse THUMBS UP……….SHE SHOULD EXPOSE ALL THEIR DIRTY LAUNDRY…..backbiters………liars… each others’ face. Strange.. Weird …..when the truth is exposed the scumbags ….run….hide….isolate…make comments…..she is acting strange…is a sore loser… If CANDICE AND JUDD HAD GONE TO THOS LEVEL…POOP WOULD HAVE HIT THE FAN… GREAT KUDOS JESSIE…

  19. Very tired of Amanda. Either lose 15 -20 pounds or wear some clothes. Snark-Snark! Jessie, you too! Snarkie-town today!
    Andy really wants them (McRanda) to be his new cool parents.
    What is McCrae picking at on his cheek? he should pick his girlfriends more carefully!
    Helen is such a know-it-all. Know the way out the door, Baby!
    I just feel sorry for GM. While she is grieving over Nick, HGs are picking fights, moving his hat and just being so mean to her. The HGs have adopted a bad attitude.
    What is going on at the house with Judd and Candice. That may be then next show-mance and we do not even get to see that.

    • I dislike Amanda and Jessie but telling them to lose 15-20 pounds is disgusting. Their weight has nothing to do with playing the game so don’t bash them about it.

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