Big Brother 15 – Jessie Keeps Stirring It Up To Expose Helen

Helen and Jessie argue again

Just when you’d think Jessie would know her ship is sunk we hear that she’s confident she’s even more safe now that she’s exposed Helen and Elissa for going after Amanda. Considering the Veto Ceremony is over and neither of them are on the block makes you question her logic.

Picking up where things left off earlier in the night (read part one here) Jessie and Helen got together for another talk. Of course this quickly dissolved in to yet another argument for the other HGs to enjoy.

Flashback to 12:40AM BBT 8/13. Jessie comes up to the HoH room and Helen takes her over to the chessboard to speak privately, or not privately at all since their up on the balcony. Jessie is still upset about Helen revealing Jessie’s “evict Amanda” intentions while Helen continues to feign ignorance about what’s going on.

Jessie threatens Helen that she’ll go to Amanda and McCrae and reveal to them everything she knows. Helen says that’d be okay, but Jessie says it’s not because Helen was calling her a liar to the other HGs. They keep arguing in circles and Helen keeps doing her “I’m going to walk away!” thing but keeps sitting back down.

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Jump to 12:51AM BBT to find McCranda listening in to their arguing from all the way back at the back bedroom. Helen is yelling so they have no trouble hearing the whole thing. After a few mins Elissa comes over and starts talking to McCranda possibly to keep them from hearing anymore admissions from Helen that she was talking with them about possibly evicting Amanda.

Helen marches off again and leaves Jessie sitting at the table. Helen heads back in to the HoH room while Jessie runs off to McCranda.

Later Aaryn sums it up to Amanda by saying that Jessie knows she’s going out this week so she wants to take as many people down with her along the way. It’s hard to be sure whether or not Jessie really thinks her plan is going to work. The plan is still for Jessie to be the next to be evicted and that’s how they’re planning to vote on Thursday.

Overall this is bad for Helen. Jessie was already as good as gone, but now McCranda can use this as more ammo for their considerations to turn on Helen sooner. It just depends on whether or not HGs will believe Jessie or even chose to use the info.

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  1. I really hope she keeps this up. This has been the most exciting thing to happen in weeks.

    • This “boring” week turned into a disaster for Helen last night, all because in any group of people she needs to run her mouth and give the illusion that she is some sort of master strategist. She would be better off blending into the wallpaper the way Elissa so skillfully does. I would vote Helen most likely to implode sometime very soon.

  2. Do jury members get live feeds, or just a synopsis video that CBS/production puts together for their viewing and voting to be based off of?
    Also, shocked that no one is really playing friendly with these outgoing guests becoming jury members.

    • They get a DVD of all the competitions so they don’t get any extra information that may affect their vote :)

    • Currently all Jury members are sequestered/isolated for a possible re-entry. No Jury members have been allowed to share any information with one another thus far.

      I don’t think they are allowed to see feeds but possibly highlights and whatever is shown/discussed on Finale night. They also get to talk amongst each other and divulge information other evicted HGs might not be aware of.

      I think in the past Jury members bring an eviction reel with them. I remember this being shown during Britney/Rachel’s season. But Jury members don’t know who will be walking through the door each week until they arrive.

    • And when they reach the jury house, they will also be talking to the other evicted house guests in jury. Only question is will they be smart enough to figure out who has been lying to them and who betrayed them? Judd still has not figured out that Amanda, Helen and Aaryn all had a hand in his eviction!

  3. Good. I hope this puts a HUGE target on Helen’s back next week. She thinks she’s an all-star player, but she’s far from it. Unsure why everyone has it out so bad for Jessie, but that’s been this whole season in a nutshell. Avoid nominating the strongest people with the best chances to win. Makes no sense to me.

    Anyway, enjoy the fallout Helen. You have a lot of cleanup to do.

    • Helen has made a real mess in the last week before this even happened.

      Almost everyone who could play for the next HoH was targeting Helen anyway. A few want to Backdoor her and others are intending to put her straight up. Only Elissa (targ: Spencer / Aaryn / GM) and Aaryn (targ: Spencer / Elissa) probably wouldn’t put her up.

    • They’ve gotten out some good people:
      David, Jeremy, Kaityln and Nick were all comp threats
      Judd was likable and also threat to win.
      Candice and Howard tho were pointless evictions.

  4. Well…it’s about a day too late, Jessie.

    I don’t care for Jessie much, but she has certainly moved to the top of my “Throw ‘Em Back In To Stir Up Drama” list.

    Go out with a bang!

  5. ” It just depends on whether or not HGs will believe Jessie or even chose to use the info.”

    McCrae believes Jessie. So does Andy. If the others believe her they haven’t expressed it to my knowledge. I do hope Jessie keeps going down this path. We still have three days before eviction and whole lot can happen in that period of time.

    • Andy knows all about it…He is so dam scared that his 2 sided “game” been reveled. And Jessee did tell Aaryn last nite that (no quote) Andy had to have told some of what she had been saying. Aaryn did not correct her or say he wouldn’t do that. They all know that Andy is playing both sides and have known for awhile now.

    • Andy should believe Jessie since Helen went to him too with the evict Amanda plot. Then again, Amanda talked about getting rid of Helen too so who can claim the high ground here?

      • Does high ground even exist in this season of Big Brother? My bet is uh uh uh, NO! roflmao

  6. WOOT WOOT for Jessie! She isnt as dumb as she plays this game..I was actually proud of her for standing up to Helen and not backing down. I liked Helen at first but she has gotten to big of head and nah.. I hope she gets out soon!
    Amanda might be gross but I can tolerate her more then Helen anymore!

  7. This season is pretty annoying. I thought the point was to get out the strongest players not carry them to the end.

    • I agree that it’s annoying…but at the same time, depending who you are, going after the strongest players (in THIS season) doesn’t always make sense.

      Arguably the 3 strongest players/personalities in the house right now are Helen / Amanda / Aaryn, and they continue to piss off jury members at an alarming rate. If I’m Andy or McCrae, I want one of those girls sitting next to me in the Final 2 to ensure I win my $500K.

      • You still have to have played a good game. Most jury members are fair people and will vote for the best player for the $500,000. If you have been floating for the most part—-you probably will not get that $500,000. You would have to settle for 2nd and $50,000 at best!
        If it was Amanda, Helen or Aaryn with either Andy or McCrae—-Amanda, Helen or Aaryn probably will still win it! Most players will not take it personally at the end and would want the best player to still win that $500,000.

      • The only person I could agree with you on that might win it (for game play) over Andy or McCrae is possibly Aaryn. That girl, like her or not, has won several HOH and Veto comps.

        But Helen has only won a single HOH and Amanda hasn’t won crap. Both McCrae and Andy have won HOH so they’re on par with Helen and done better than Amanda. And Andy has played the best social game by far.

        I deally it’s all about game play, but this year’s cast has been overly emotional about everything. I don’t expect them to change simply because they’re on jury, do you?

      • There is one case I remember on Survivor (do not remember the season) where Sandra the floater won over Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow. The jury was really pissed at Russell and he did not win one vote! Parvati got atleast, a couple of votes. Most times, the jury votes for the best player of the game. It can happen occasionally but, more than likely—-most times, the best player will win it in the end!

      • Like what Ian Terry said in his interview. ” Looking back, Dan played a great game, but I played a decent game. I’m ok with that. Scum bagging people works in the game, but you have to think of winning votes, which is crucial in the game “..they are very good friends now……I’m still a big fan of Dan though.

      • Ian Terry won the game because he played the better game overall. Dan made some mistakes in the game. For one, he deliberately threw some competitions for HOH he could have won. That is hindsight of course, but, Dan’s decisions affected the result nonetheless! Dan probably was playing it too safe! In contrast, Kim Spradlin of Survivor 24, executed on her social game and won 4 immunity challenges, going all out for the win each time and won it going away! She backdoored most of her alliance members and they still voted 7-2. Troyzan took it personally and voted against her but, still she won overwhelmingly!

      • Yes, in a perfect world, these HGs will vote for the best player. But unfortunately these players are immature and spiteful and I could see them possible voting for whoever they like the most instead putting their feelings aside and vote purely off gameplay

      • Helen and Amanda has done the plotting even if you give Andy and McCrae credit for the HOH. McCrae did not even win the HOH but, Nick gave it to him! Andy just tattle tales, McCrae just votes with the herd. So, I still say the best player will still win it in the end!
        The emotional player I see using emotion to decide is Judd and even at that—-that would be one player. And if say Amanda and Aaryn are in the Final 2—-one of them will still win it even if you hate both because they will be the only choices and you have to vote for one whether you like it or not!

      • I don;t go by HOH comps alone. Some people prefer not to be HOH especially early to avoid becoming a target. Andy is playing the best game by far. Amanda was doing great then she exploded when she was on the block. Helen has a big mouth and talks to everyone. She also talks down to a lot of people like she is the adult and they are children. If Helen had listend to Elissa about who to target, Helen would be better off right now. But Hlene is down to 1 ally. She thinks she has Andy but again, she’s stupid.

      • You need to google Amanda Zuckerman. Not only will you read that she also has lost her job outside the bb house, but that she was preselected to win before it even started. If it still happens, I for sure won’t watch again. They need to fire or move her friend the producer to another show where she doesn’t have power.

      • I don’t know Richie…..The year Jordan won…Natalie was by far the best player. Don’t get me wrong…I just despised that little brat….but she was the best that year…..wound up being a popularity vote.

      • It can happen occasionally as we are still dealing with people with emotions but, majority of the times—-the deserving player still wins! Even in the season won by Rachel, Danielle took it personally and her minions also voted for Porsche who did not play as good a game as Rachel however, Shelley Moore who ended up being an ally of Danielle Donato broke away to vote for Rachel Reilly who deserved to win it at the end! It was 4-3 in the end in favor of Rachel!

  8. She could have spend her energy campaigning against Spencer. If her purpose is to blow Helen’s cover, Amanda is already aware of that days ago.

    • We all know once these house guests pick a target they don’t go against it. So even if Jessie were to campaign against Spencer everyone is so convinced of getting rid of Jessie because of Amanda.

      Amanda was aware but no one else was. Now she may get a bigger target on her back. Well, hopefully aha!

      • I guess I’m expecting a lot from these HG. I have seen smart players turn this around due to their social skills. She has 2 days, I still want her to think and explore the best strategy to stay

      • Yeah, we’re all expecting someone to turn this horrible season around.

        I wish she’d just lay low for this week and make a few deals to stay like Aaryn did but she decided to just go out with a bang. And to be honest, if I were Jessie I wouldn’t even want to be in the house with those people.

    • I agree he’s a perv and he’s disgusting and misogynistic but a person’s comments do not warrant them going to jail.

    • Why prison? Did I miss something? Everyone in the house is over 18 and 21 for that matter…. if he has raunchy comments or gaucks at a female HG….. so what… he’s a male…. McCrae gets laid in front of cameras every night yet you think Spencer should go to prison? Hmmmmmmm.

      • Spencer’s comments about child pornograohy were revolting. There is nothing funny about having sex with 3-4 year old children. He is a pervert who should have been removed from the house by CBS.

  9. Helen has lost her mind. Does she really think she’s going to beat Amanda and get her out by herself? Helen is done for. Kicking the only people out who would vote Amanda out. Helen better win hoh next week or she’s done. By the way can we get Judd back please? Ugh!!

  10. Jessie’s on to something here, but the problem is she should have done this BEFORE the Veto Ceremony. Spencer doesn’t fit into her Helen stuff anywhere, so they have no reason to evict Spencer over her. He’s not sided with anyone, so what difference does it make…

    • She does have her jury vote to use as bargaining chip as well as promising to help evict Helen. Atleast, that is what I would if I were her! Tell Amanda about Helen’s plans, ask that Spencer be the one evicted and promise to help evict Helen! Jessie should do the same to Aaryn and Gina Marie! Nothing to be lost by trying!
      Jessie can dangle the jury vote in front of McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie! That is 4 votes and enough to save her if she succeeds!

      • yea but that wont matter when its a unanimous vote. What is she going to vote for no one at the end?

      • What are you talking about? If Jessie is evicted, she has one vote in the jury to decide who wins the $500,000 and if you have both Helen and Amanda in Final 2—-don’t tell me her vote will not matter because it will! And a jury vote matters where it counts and Spencer is not really like a bed of roses and is expendable as well! Giving Jessie an extra week in exchange for her jury vote is a sweet deal for the major players, Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn. I do not count Helen who thinks she does not need Jessie!

      • I understand, but if shes using the “if you vote me out i wont vote for you to win” routine, how is she going to go through with that if everyone votes her out? Its a dumb threat.

      • The strategy you mentioned is textbook in Big Brother. They’ve used that strategy so many times in BB with successful result, but what do you expect from these players?

      • Who knows? Maybe, Jessie might still think about it and use it! It is worth a try atleast! Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say!

  11. Did anyone else see Aaryn and GM going at it?! GM was just telling Aaryn that Jessie was saying that she was talking about GM and GM was being really calm then Aaryn just went off. Then Aaryn left the HOH swearing at GM and GM went following her and telling her to be a big girl. It was quite funny!

      • ahaha but GM was like “I know you talk about me, it’s all good” but Aaryn was still mad lol

    • The problem is if Jessie continues to throw everyone under the bus, no one will believe anything she says. They will assume she is just trying to stir up trouble to save herself.

      • If they do not use their heads then, you can sell them the Brooklyn bridge. Some of them probably have enough brain cells left to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth! You just have to compare what people have said to you! Amanda and Helen know they are targeting each other and Jessie saying it out loud is only confirmation of that fact! Even Andy you would have caught lying and being in an alliance with Amanda and McCrae in the two times he said that this week is not the week to evict Amanda! How many times does he have to say that for you not to know that he is lying to you!

      • I think you can sell them the Brooklyn Bridge if it means they are safe next week. Seriously, How can they not know Andy is playing all sides when they make fun of how he barges into any conversation held by more than 2 people? I think it would be obvious Andy cannot be trusted, just like Judd. But no one ever talks about Andy and compares notes.

      • But GM said she knows that Aaryn talks about her behind her back because Kaitlin had said the same thing so some things Jessie’s been saying are being believed.

  12. Jessie is as dumb as the rest of them, maybe dumber. All she is doing is making her life in the jury house miserable because she is not helping herself from getting evicted. Whoever goes into the house next week is probably going to be pissed a Jessie, especially if its Helen or Elissa.

    These people have all played such a dumb game its not even funny. If there is a way for BB to fix it so that none of them win, like burning down the BB house before the final two, CBS should get on it right away. The thought of any of these people winning the $500,000 when so many good players before them never won anything is aggravating.

    • Helen is already pissed at Jessie although, if there is anyone who deserves to be pissed at anyone—-it is Jessie who should be pissed at Helen as she outed Jessie lobbying to evict Amanda! Jessie is doing the right thing exposing everything because that wreaks havoc in the Big Brother House! And Jessie might end up coming back so, that would be great! Helen can keep Judd company in the house! Both dumbasses that they are! If they manage to use their remaining brain cells, they can figure out how utterly dumb their decisions to evict the non-threats from the Big Brother House!

  13. I say way to go Jesse keep it up I don’t know why Judd did not do this on his way out he was already out before he even opened his mouth so why bother to save your self take everyone down with you

    • Exactly. The problem with Judd is he has not figured out who evicted him! Imagine, Judd was blaming Jessie and Elissa for his eviction when, Aaryn was the one who put him on the block and the vote was 7-0 which means his alliance members did not try to save him but, voted him out! Judd is simply dumb because he certainly is not using his head!

  14. This season of BB15 as been a joke ,,lol love when the HG say we must be the best players of all ,,What the F….p are they thinking ??? STFU HELEN AND FATASS AMANDA are the worst then there is Andy with his pointy nose wich should grow everytime he lies …it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring they just eat and lie in bed are they sick??? where is the pool and games outside like the others BB these ppl never leave the bedrroms they are a poor excuse for humans ……….sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. I don’t care if this is a dumb move for Jessie. I think it’s awesome that someone is dethroning Queen Helen.

  16. Jessie can save herself. if my count is correct, there are 6 votes. She can go to McCranda (2) and Aaryn (3), then try and get Andy (4) to tie-break against Spencer. Amanda’s fought with Spencer in the past, McCrae will do what Amanda says, Aaryn just wants to stay in the good graces of people, and Andy can be manipulated.

    • That might work,but reading the play by play on the Joker site, it looks like she is going with the scorched Earth plan

      • Yeah but I hope she changes her strategy

        the votes are

        Helen’s vote is not attainable; Elissa’s is difficult to acquire. Amanda’s could be gained if she offers a truce of sorts and suggest the “unlikely alliance” stragegy and points out Amanda’s previous conflict with Spencer. McCrae will vote with Amanda.

        A potential alliance would be: Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy. Those 5 would out number Helen/GM/Elissa. Elissa could even be turned in lieu of or in addition to Aaryn. Five or Six of Eight remaining Houseguests would be a force to be feared. But, alas, as you say, she is going the “scorched earth” route.

  17. Was this whole fussing and fighting crap started by Production to liven up their broadcast Wednesday night? Huh?

  18. As much as I dislike saying this…I think this is the Season of the nastiest HG winning it all… I get a huge laugh at reading how ” I won’t watch this horrible season any more” type thing. I would love to see all those post when was the last and final time they watched BB. Get real folks..why do you watch BB? To see all the backstabbers, liars and crap. That is why I watch so I can yell at the TV when Aaryn wins…*S*

    • I can’t speak for everyone obviously but when GM won HoH I said I wouldn’t watch the following Sunday or Wednesday nor would I visit this site until the following Thursday and I followed through.

  19. Keep stirring the pot Jessie! You have them thinking about Helen and her lying ways.

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