Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 10, 2013

Saturday was a slow day in the house for the Big Brother 15 HGs. No MVP reveal this week gave them one less thing to worry about and more time to sleep so that’s what they did. The Veto competition arrived very late and resulted in a snoozer of an outcome. Fingers crossed that this week picks up or we’ll be waiting for Thursday for more fun.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013

10:00 AM BBT – HGs slowly starting to get up. McCrae and Amanda hanging out in the kitchen.

10:45 AM BBT – Andy and Jessie talking game. He promises her she’s safe and is going to reveal his plan after the Veto competition. He’s lying to her.

12:45 PM BBT – Feeds return. Veto players picked are Amanda, Elissa, & Helen. McCrae will host.

12:50 PM BBT – Andy talking with Helen & Elissa and say next week is the time to make a move, but not now.

1:05 PM BBT – McCrae says as a BB fan he likes the all-new cast season. He doesn’t think they’ll do another All-Stars.

1:20 PM BBT – Spencer talking with GM in HN room. He thinks someone could be listening so she drops to the ground and checks the door. Spencer looks straight at the camera and slowly shakes his head. Funny moment. They talk about Judd leaving for their Grasshopper alliance that everyone thinks was a lie.

1:30 PM BBT – Andy talking game with Aaryn. He tells her GM will go home if Jessie wins the Veto. Andy thinks Helen would target McCranda if she got HoH.

2:30 PM BBT- McCranda & Andy talking about Spencer vs. Jessie options. Amanda is more worried about Spencer because he’s a wild card while Jessie would follow a lead and do as told. Andy sticks to wanting Jessie out.

4:25 PM BBT – It’s a rap battle. GM, Aaryn, and Amanda trying to rap.

5:30 PM BBT – Elissa suggests to Jessie to go for prizes at the Veto since Andy said she was safe.

5:40 PM BBT – Elissa retelling more of what GM said as Candice was being evicted. GM commented on her picture turning to her color and they discuss GM’s comment about Candice being adopted.

6:00 PM BBT – HGs anxiously awaiting Veto comp when McCrae, the comp host, is called to the DR. Everyone gets excited, but he’s sleeping and Amanda doesn’t want to wake him since he gets grumpy at whoever wakes him up. GM takes care of it. He sloth’s his way to the DR.

8:25 PM BBT – Feeds return. Andy is wearing the Veto medallion and has won the PoV this week.

8:45 PM BBT – Jessie hopes that since Spencer did well he’ll be in more danger of eviction. Aaryn coaches Jessie to avoid threatening anyone and to say she’ll do whatever they want to stay.

9:10 PM BBT – Aaryn goes to Andy and says Jessie wants to put up McCranda so she needs to go. Aaryn thinks Spencer would go after Elissa and Helen so they should keep him instead. Andy agrees but can’t decide who should go and he wants a blindside so he’s going to assure both Jessie and Spencer that they’re safe.

9:25 PM BBT – McC tells Amanda to be careful with her insensitive jokes since she does it in front of people it would offend. He gets pissed off and leaves the tub they were sharing.

9:45 PM BBT – Amanda complaining to Elissa. Elissa tries to hint to her that someone needed to tell her, but Amanda doesn’t get it. She doesn’t think she’s being offensive or insensitive.

10:30 PM BBT – McCrae suggests they should evict Elissa soon so she’d be the one to return if there’s an America’s Vote for a returning evicted HG. That’s pretty smart. Dang, stop being so smart, McCrae.

11:00 PM BBT – Amanda working on Andy to get Jessie out this week. Spencer joins the HoH room and they tell him he’s safe.

11:10 PM BBT – Andy points out this will be the first time this season the Veto hasn’t been used.

1:30 AM BBT – Amanda wonders how she’s been portrayed in the show. She says DR wants her to make bitchy sound bites.

3:00 AM BBT – Spencer and GM promise to never confirm or reveal the Grasshopper alliance was real.

4:25 AM BBT – McCranda having a little late night naughty time in their private bedroom.

So Andy holds all the power this week as both HoH and Veto winner. He says he hasn’t made up his mind and is wavering on which direction to take this week’s eviction. The HGs are days away from having to make that decision and there’s still the Veto Ceremony between then and now.

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  1. “12:50 PM BBT – Andy talking with Helen & Elissa and say next week is the time to make a move, but not now.”
    Last week, they said the exact same thing. There’s a saying that goes: “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”.

    • It’s so frustrating. I’m thinking it’s more of a “I don’t want to be the one to make that ‘big move’ and get their blood on my hands, but if you’re HoH next week then YOU should do it, not me.”

      • What is taking so long for Helen to realize that Andy is playing her? I can’t believe she can’t see it. She is supposed to be a smart BB player. When she was mentioning to Andy the other day about who she would put up if she were HOH, and she said McCrae and Amanda, and he vehemently objected..a big red flag should have gone up…maybe she is starting to realize it, I don’t know, but, dang, this cast is frustrating!! Bring back the Meow least he brought some fun to the house, he wasn’t a smart player,but at least he had a personality! He made me laugh..

      • You are absolutely right. This is not rocket science. The way to catch liars is to throw things out there and let them hang themselves—-Andy has hanged himself numerous times with his lies! If you still trust him—-something is wrong with you!

      • Totally LOVED the Meow-meow!! That was my most favorite season! Loved ALL of them, very entertaining. This cast sucks!

      • But he is also playing McManda. He is staying in the middle between the two couples. When Amanda talked about putting Helen up he protected Helen by saying yes but not this early. That’s how he plays both sides.

      • Even if it is frustrating. Andy’s best move is not pick a side. He is basically in the final three with Both Amanda side and helen side. So he really doesn’t have to make move until either Helen or Amanda go after each other.

      • I agree that Andy is paying paying both sides and that it would be good for him to let the 2 sides duke it out IF HE WANTS TO WIN 3rd PLACE. He needs to make a power move now, while he has the chance if he wants to Win the game.

      • I guess they do not want that $500,000. Why don’t they just self-evict themselves and save us the trouble of waiting for their eviction? Anything you do in real life involves some risk. Whether you take a new job, get married, drive your car, ride a plane, etc. Yet, they are not willing to take any risk for $500,000? Explain that one to me!

    • And Helen also said she would go guns blazing. Well sure she’s not HOH. Let’s see if she gets HOH and goes guns blazing. I bet money that she would put up GM and whoever stays between Jessie and Spencer.

    • 10:12pm on bbad last night. Elissa mocking the way Candice speaks. Where is the outrage?

    • not just making mistakes, but doing the same things over and over and expecting things to turn out differently.

  2. When Andy was talking to MCranda on BBAD last night, Amanda was sticking to getting Jessie out and Andy was pushing the idea that it is not so clear cut. He said Spencer was a better liar. The summary above has it that Amanda wanted Spencer out. Was she saying something different during the day on the live feeds?

    One thing is very clear now, these players are basically gift wrapping a final 4 for Amanda and McCrae and they all think they will be part of the final 4. But none of them seem to realize yet that only two of them can go and those two will be the ones Amanda thinks her and McCrae can beat in comps the final few weeks.

    • Amanda probably thinks McCrae can’t be beat in the comps. Even though he has’nt won since week one. He has been in a lot tie breaker finals and even on double eviction week when Aaryn won. If you looked at McCrae right before she reveals the answer. You can tell he realized he put the wrong answer up.

      • She keeps forcing sex on him the nite before the big comps…She drains all his energy and he don’t have the strength to push to win..

      • When they get in the tub together, I get grossed out…It is so hard for me to believe that a personality like Amanda’s would like a little nerd like McCrae..not putting down nerds, but, c’mon…I think that McCrae is realizing that Amanda is hurting his game, but he is too far gone into the “relationship” to do anything about it. She is way too controlling and manipulative to let him stray. How stupid are these HG’s to not be talking all the time about getting those two out, why would Andy and Aaryn want to go to Final 4 with them, I don’t get it.

      • Well lets see it is quite obvious why people would want to go to final four with a couple.
        1. They will always be the target over you. So Andy and Aaryn are basically safe.
        2. Amanda hasn’t won any competition at all. And McCrae hasn’t won since week 1.
        So Andy and Aaryn are probably thinking they can beat them once it gets to final four.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I like McCrae, I just don’t like McCrae with Amanda. I think it will be McCrae and Andy in the Final 2..with Andy winning. Little snake!

  3. “1:05 PM BBT – McCrae says as a BB fan he likes the all-new cast season. He doesn’t think they’ll do another All-Stars.”
    When he watch the show later, he is going to know better.

    • I’m pretty sure what McCrae was saying was that having all new houseguests instead of return players it what he likes as a BB fan. Not that their season was the best. On that note I agree with him, I’m tired of seeing return players and hope they take it a step further next year to also make sure there are no relations to previous hg’s. I think Elissa ruined the potential of the MVP twist.

      • We because the “all new players” idea worked so well this season. I’m hoping for an all star season again next year. (Please bring back Dan!)

      • Me, I like season woth a mix of new players and returning players. Like last year, the 4 coachs made everything more interesting, kind of showed the newbies how it played and a newbies won anyway. Works on Survivor too.

  4. This just looks more and more scripted every day … Especially since Amanda let it slip that the DR wanted her make Bitchy soundbites. If Amanda wins We’ll know it was all a set up and not a competition.

    • DR is always asking them to say this or that. Ex-HGs say that all the time, but HGs can easily refuse to do it. That does not mean it’s scripted. It means production wants to show a specific angle.

      If BB was scripted, then don’t you think after 14 seasons and a dozen plus HGs each season that even just one of them would have come out and pulled back the curtain?

      • Agreed. They told her bitchey not racist. Big difference. As she along with Aaryn and GM seem to relish saying racist stuff.

      • They have to sign a contract before they go on the show. Kind of like a gag order. Know that from someone I know that was on survivor.

    • of course it is scripted, amanda is suppose to be the winner and elissa was asked to be there as a distraction! google it, you will see the truth how amanda is friends with allison, producer of bb

    • I have been sayin it was fixed since Racel won it. Lets face it, don’t you ever wonder why the people who are related to someone that has been on or someone that is a friend to someone in production like Amanda is, those people never get evicted. And did you ever noticeth at a black person has never won BB and I don’t think a black has ever won survivor, WHY IS THAT?

      • Vecepia and Earl both are black winners of Survivor. Please tell me how that affects anything in the game. Oh, right, it doesn’t.

  5. “10:30 PM BBT – McCrae suggests they should evict Elissa soon so she’d be the one to return if there’s an America’s Vote for a returning evicted HG. That’s pretty smart. Dang, stop being so smart, McCrae.”
    Finally someone with a strategic tought. McCrea, my new hero. Go McCrea, stop sleeping, start playing the game.

    • McCrae has been my favorite player throughout the game. I really feel that if/when Amanda is voted out he’ll become a very interesting player to watch down the stretch.

  6. Latest News Amanda is married and is ( I said it way back) 38 NOT 28…awesome read on the Howling Den blog site

      • Go read it the backround info matches hers ..Amanda Jane Zuckerman Klarsfled and Amanda Joy Zuckerman could be one in the same…I actually found the link in the live feeds TWEETS section

      • Look at the “Bigshot Live” video on Youtube, Those were in 2008. She looks 23, not 33.

      • Make up can make ur age “appear” to be 23. And while we are on the subject Amanda does not have the body of a 28 year old…The men in the room may not understand what I am talking about but the females will. Either way married or not Amanda is not on the up & up about her true age.

      • I am female. You don’t have to be older to have that happen. It’s all about HOW someone takes care of themselves. As you can see, Amanda has pretty much been a sloth in the house, which will have the affects that you are seeing with her.

      • They are not the same person. The middle names are even different. I am far from convinced.

      • There is a Amanda Jane Zuckerman Klarsfled that live in Florida and she is 38, but can’t find a photo of her. Just a rumor for now. I doubt the validity.

      • NO THEY WON’T LET ME POST A LINK…I said that I found the link in the TWEETS section of the Live Feeds.

      • Hey Captain555. I put a link yesterday that I found in you tube and they took it down.
        As much as I don’t want any person to loose his or her job in this current economy, those four racist, Aaryn, Ginamarie, Amanda and Spencer do deserve to start looking in the classified section in the newspaper or online for a new job.

  7. I saw a few time people mentioning Amanda was fired too. I decided to research this. Here’s what I found.
    As a realtor they have to be licence by the Florida State Licencing Bureau. On their website, her listing show her license was active and her employer was Watermark Realty Inc., a subsidiary of Prudential Florida. Her listing change earlier this week, her license is now inactive and the employer is not listed anymore. Since she’s in BB house and could not have requested that change, mean that her employer made the request.
    So there you have it,, she did lost her job.

  8. I agree this is not the best HGs that BB has had the only one who is paying any game is Helen even though she drinks a little of the power punch and I expected more from Elissa.
    My opinion is to get McCrae out this will make Amanda a mark because of her temper and bullying.

  9. Really hate this season, I had such high hopes. This usually makes the summer so much better. Well at least some new shows starting soon on cable channels.

  10. Another thing that irks me ” They rich they don’t need the money ” comment. Andy now saying Elissa is rich & don’t need the money.. Does he not realize that Amanda and Aaryn have backrounds that indicate they have money?? If Helen is a political consultant her paycheck can’t be to small. Andy being a college professor in his early 20’s has to make a decent wage for a single guy. Its just another reason to harp on somebody.

    • They don’t know Helen’s real job. She would have been gone weeks ago if they knew. Then again, they know Amanda sells houses so she’s good at convincing so if they were smart she should have left weeks ago too… hmmm

    • Amanda is a realtor. The housing market is not great, at this time. So, her commission checks are not regular. She needs the money. From what Aryn has said (she and her dad used to drive around for hours drinking beer…….I think she might be related to Honey Boo Boo). Her mother has not signed the BB release form, so Aryn can’t talk about her. Aryn is now jobless, so she needs the money. Andy is not a professor, he is a part time faculty member. Andy lied about being a professor. Part time faculty members do not make good money. Andy needs the money, as well.

    • Helen said she makes $125K a year. Aaryns family ranch is 15 square miles. Elyssa’s biggest problem is having to wait for a town cars arrival. Amanda’s not exactly poor. If you go by who ‘need’s’ etc., well hell.

  11. stop watching all I here in this place is a bunch of babys I am glad u all are not in the house

  12. The only thing that could prevent this week from been a total bore, would be the Pandora’s Box.

      • You need to find something he wouldn’t be able to say no, like a special power for next week. Could be something as simple as allow him to play in the next HOH comp. Or something more valuable like a secret Diamond veto for the next 2 weeks (can only use it once). In exchange he need to change both of his nominations. That would create confusion and excitement for this week and suspense for the next 2 weeks.

      • I really like that idea, maybe you should produce the show, you would do a better jobthe n the witch (B) they have now.

      • If he changed nominations it would be GM and a pawn. He’s a dope. And if Judd comes back….He’ll waste the chance and put up Aaryn and Elyssa and Elyssa will go home. Again…a DOPE.

  13. I’m not sure America would vote Elissa back into the house if that happens. Everyone realizes by now she does nothing. I think it would likely be Judd to stir it up and maybe get some excitement finally.

    • Yes, I agree that Judd would be voted back in by houseguests before Elissa would. However, I think he was so blindsided by what they did that he would waste his time back in the house trying to figure out what happened and not focusing on moving forward. No one would tell him what went down.

      • He would have no reason to trust any of them anymore so no guilt about targeting whoever he wants…and if he wants to know exactly what happens he can just ask Andy he’ll tell him in a heartbeat!

    • I wouldn’t vote Judd back because even as he left he blamed Helen/Elissa for his eviction and of his actual alliance who voted him off aka goof troop.

    • So Big Brother removes the voting option and makes them play a comp. Rig the comp for who they want to win.

      The only way Pandora’s Box would be interesting is if the person going back in would cause drama. Judd would be pissed but everyone would just start crying and saying how bad they felt. How bad they feel for evicting him…twice – and out goes Judd again.

  14. This is the worst season ever of big brother. Next year they need more cut throat players. This year sorry to offend any one but they have to many bitches in the house. Amanda and Helen are the only two players with balls. The rest of the house are a bunch of spineless sheep. What a wasted summer fot theses big brother house guest.

  15. What I don’t get is how anyone in the house believes that Amanda and McCrae won’t take each other to the end. They are always discussing what alliances are being made, yet they aren’t finding Amanda and McCrae working together as a threat. They have “sealed the deal” all over the house, so I don’t see them turning on each other unless McCrae realizes that she looks bad for his game, and since no one thinks any week is a good week to get one of them out, then I guess she isn’t that bad for his game.

    • Andy was supposed to have made a remark on Jokers Update that, I came here to be number 1 and not number 3! lol That is so laughable! Seriously, as long as we have the two strong house guest combos, Andy will always be number 3! Amanda/McCrae, Aaryn/Gina Marie, Helen/Elissa—-Andy is always going to be number 3 and yet, he has no intention of breaking up those 2 person alliances? If you want to be number 1, you have to break those 2 person alliances yet, he targets the single floaters like Spencer and Jessie?

  16. This season of BB has been the most offensive of all seasons. Each summer I have looked forward to watching. God as my witness….THIS IS MY LAST TIME TO EVER WATCH……SHAME ON CBS….

  17. If Aaryn Jessee Elissa & (hate to include her) Gina Marie would get together and start actually talking to each other the game would most assuredly change. There are 4 of them and if they get Spencer on their side its an alliance to be beat. They all know that Andy is a 2 faced weasel and they are learning that ” being used” to get somebody else farther in the game is no fun. They all 4 have voiced these issues but they do not bring it to light . BB should put the 4 of them in a situation where they have to “talk” to each other with no CHANCE of Helen Andy Amanda McCrae or Spencer butting in. THAT WOULD SHAKE THE HOUSE…

    • That is what I never understood wherein you have the numbers and everyone is afraid of the threats? There are only 3 major threats left in the house. Amanda, Helen and Aaryn and yet, everyone’s focus when they win HOH is to target the floaters? Common sense would dictate to them if they can come to a meeting as you say that—-look, we have the numbers, if we can unite and form a strong alliance, one of us will win that $500,000 guaranteed! Wouldn’t that be a smarter game play then, allowing Helen or Amanda to use your HOH as they please? Yet, everyone is afraid of displeasing the queens Helen and Amanda?

    • Helen has a bond/alliance with Aaryn, Elissa and Jessie, Aaryn has a bond with GM. You’d think they talk and be like we have the numbers lets vote out spencer this week then next week win HOH and get out amanda.

      For some reason the only time they take about anything is to andy, even before this week, then he ran around house telling everyone.

      There is no way that they can all be so stupid. Its gotta be that they are following instructions from productions.

  18. I hope all of them feel like complete idiots once the show is over. They are going to watch this back and see how stupid they were in voting the wrong people out and not making any big moves. Hateful, stupid followers! Makes me sick!!!

    • They already look to be idiots.. After the show they may have to do a “house vote” come to a true decision..

  19. Every hoh this season has gotten a bad case of hoh-itis. I can’t remember when hohs would “summon” each hg up to the room to see who that hg would nom, how that hg would vote, etc, etc…

    Someone plz tell me if I am wrong…

    • You’re right. I would like to see the Production make a compilation of the best and worst move/strategy..etc etc in Big Brother history. Put them on a video and require them to watch it. Picked contestants should be required to attend a sociology class with the emphasis on the game Big Brother, IQ test? ….and of course, give them a copy of Dan G’s book

      • If they did make a compilation, the worst moves/strategy would mostly come from season 15. Nick’s eviction was a great move. I don’t think there has been another great move since…

  20. Wow, GM’s comment about Candice’s picture on the memory wall turning to her natural color when it went black and white. Can someone please get her ass on the block and out the door.

    • I think production has to step in at this point. GM is just too stupid to be on TV and she continues to ruin her life outside of the BB house. I honestly wonder if she will be able to cope with the consequences when she gets out. Candice was a strong chick for putting up with all that crap

    • I didn’t hear that myself, but when I read about it here it made me cringe big-time. That, along with the comment about her mother, is one of her all time worst. She disgusts me to no end. How she (and others) have come this far in the game without getting the boot is just beyond me.

  21. Have you seen the montage of Amanda’s mean spirited and insensitive remarks on YouTube? It’s horrendous. After seeing that, I can’t stand the sight of her. Especially the way her eyes dart back and forth constantly while she’s scheming.

  22. Why does Andy want a blindside? It’ll just anger the inevitable evictee. It’s not like either one of the nominees warrant blindsides. Andy is playing a great 3rd place game.

    • Andy calls it a blindside. Technically it is, but it’s such a insignificant move, it shouldn’t even be called a blindside. So…pedestrian !

      • Well, it’s not really a blindside because they’re already on the block-which means they have a 50/50 chance of going home. The only reason it would kinda be a blindside is if he tells them that they are 100% safe, then has them voted out. It’s actually called lying…

        You know as well as I do that a true blindside is basically back-dooring someone. These hgs are weak, and feel the need to make their petty little moves sound like major blindsides…yikes! Somebody hand me a sick bag!

      • BB Production need every year from now on to force the new HGs to watch this season as example of what not to do.

      • Yes, It has everything. Bad cast, bad strategy, bad game play bad attitude…bad breath..yes!

  23. I don’t think this group would know when to make a big move if it jumped up and bit them on the butt!! They are going after Jessie like that’s a threat!! Makes me just wanna scream wake up people!!would love to be a fly on the wall when they watch the show and see how truly stupid the have looked.

  24. If you flashback to 12:05 pm today (sunday) on camera 3. Andy and Helen are talking and Helen basically said that McCrae gave her the green light to go after Amanda. I’m so confused…

    • Well, he’s really gonna do it then. He said he was getting tired of Amanduh’s behavior. He told Spencer that it was bad for his game, and he was right. Helen was talking to Andy about going after Amanda and McC, but wanted to get McC out 1st because he was a stronger player. If Amanduh wasn’t being targeted, then McC wouldn’t have anything to worry about yet.

      • I hope he does! McCrae going against Amanda would be crazy. He wouldn’t blatantly do it but he knows she’s ruining his game and needs to go if he’s to win.

    • Thanks, I just watched it. What I got from the Andy and Helen’s conversation is to break the McCranda but again they’re depending on other HG to do it. I think if Helen wins HOH, she will put them up. Now Andy, I still couldn’t get a good read on Andy, although he appears to be leaning towards the idea. What do you think? He seems to be playing a “wait and see” kinda game, He wont take the lead, but will always run to the winning side.

      I’m disappointed to hear that Spencer is staying instead. OMG ! can they make up their mind.

      • I for sure think Helen would put them up next week if she wins HOH, she has to to better her game! I don’t think Andy will though, He’s too scared. But if Helen were to do it he’d totally stick by her over just McCrae.

        ME TOO. With either Spencer or Jessie, Spencer is hands down the better player only because he doesn’t tell anyone what he’s going to do so they should evict him. But I have hope that if Spencer wins the next HOH he’d put Amanda up 100%.

    • If you notice, whenever Dictator Amanda has her little minions lined up for their marching orders, McCrae is either pacing around or he leaves the room.

    • When did the conversation take place with Helen and McCrae about him giving Helen and Andy the green light? I missed it on the feeds.

      • I didn’t see that conversation so I’m actually not sure, sorry! I only saw Helen talking to Andy about the conversation.

      • I think it is all just a ploy to get info out of Helen. I believe that Amanda and McCrae made the decision to separate a little more and go get information from other HG’s. No way is McCrae going to give permission for someone to backdoor his sex toy. They are thinking Final 2, only. Helen is so gullible, she believes anything they tell her. So unless, Helen wins some kind of power this week, either HOH or veto, she is going home.. Andy has been using her for a very long time…she tells him everything…she could go next. Amanda is already talking about BD’ing he this week..she’s in trouble and has no idea.

  25. getting my mail is more exciting than this season, I don’t even watch anymore, I just read the updates…. Bad casting this time around. Looking forward to a much more exciting season next year!

  26. What a joke! This season is nothing but a bunch of spineless pansies & and racist pigs. BB better do something soon or a lot of us are going to be watching something else for the rest of the summer. THIS IS BORING and disgraceful to watch! BB STEP IN!!!!!

  27. Amanda needs to apply to be on Survivor, where it is no big deal if you walk around in your underwear all day..right now she is walking around in her little yellow panties..and why can’t she ever put a shirt on that covers both of her shoulders. She annoys the heck out of me!

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