Big Brother 15 Episode 20 Tonight – Week 7 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Big Brother 15 is back tonight with a special Sunday episode because we won’t just be finding out about nominations this time around. Instead of just the usual nomination drama we’ll also get the latest Head of Household competition which was held late Thursday night after the Double Eviction show.

We’ve already learned who won HoH via the online Feeds and we’ve even seen the actual competition from the screenshots we snagged here.

Once the show gets past the HoH competition we’ll get the build up to the nominations and boy are those going to be dull as the new HoH has announced that this is not the week to make a “big move.” Ah well. Get the nomination spoilers here.

Along the way tonight we should get lots of reactions from the HGs for voting out Judd who some thought to be the MVP and others just didn’t trust anymore. It might not be the last we’ve seen of him just yet if our suspicions of a returning evicted HG are true.

Big Brother 15 Episode 20 – Preview:


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    • first time in many seasons that I have missed a show. truthfully this is the 1st season in 10 yrs of watching that I have missed more than 1 episode and I have no desire to record them or watch online…

    • Probably not, but am I going to? The answer is-most likely yes. I can’t really help it. I always hope that something, anything will happen…

      • Yea, like those DR session during the HOH: “I really need to win that HOH, or I might be in danger”. REALLY ?

  1. I hope Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie get evicted or ejected, I don’t care. All I want is for them to stop destroying my TV screen with their ugly faces.

  2. Did anyone watch the Episode 20 preview right by the end Jessie is in the DR crying about wanting a cigarette. WHAT THE HELL.

    • She has smoked too many, and now she is down to a minimal amount. The last time she complained about being short (last week), she only had enough to be able to smoke 3.75 cigarettes a day. I imagine with the amount of smoking she’s been doing that it’s much worse now. And production will not get them smokes.

      • Yeah, I know that. I’m just confused at the fact as to why she’s crying like someone died… Like I understand cigarettes are addicting but goodness.

      • Yah, I know. But she’s been under a lot of stress, too. And if you add that to not being able to smoke, it multiplies the duress. I used to smoke…quit 10 yrs ago.

      • Awe kudos to you! My dad was a heavy smoker and he also quite a couple of years ago! I saw how hard it was.

    • She also gets really upset when they’re on lockdown for a long time. Jessie becomes anxious for her next smoke. That could have been a clip from one of those long lockdowns building up on her.

  3. Since the hg like to do things as a group, why not back door all of them at one time and give the money to charity

  4. Amanda, Spencer, Andy and GM were bashing Candice. Spencer called her “that little orphan in BB 15” as did Amanda and Andy and then Amanda called her “Black Annie” and they all laughed. Spencer said Amanda has a pass to say things like that but he can’t because he’s a white male. Amanda goes “yeah, cause I’m Jewish and from NY”. No one has a pass to say racially derogatory comments. These people never cease to amaze how far they’ll go to defend themselves for saying these comments.

    • They are all stupid. I’m so over this group. Amanda, the whore of the house, should not talk about anyone. She is the tramp that chooses to have sex for everyone to see. I’m sure her parents are proud of her.

  5. Amanda, Andy and Helen all agreed that in their DR sessions they have been told what to say even if it’s not what they think…

      • That’s impossible. Grodner is a principal of the company & without them, there would be no BB at all.

      • Grodner is a principal on the production company FlyOnTheWall. Unless they have a contract for next year already, CBS can not renew their contract and hire another production company.

      • Fly On The Wall OWNS the BB name. CBS can’t just hire another production company.

        CBS bought the rights in 2000 for 20 million. But like any television program, those rights can be revoked & another network can air the show if necessary.

        It happens a lot in TV. Especially if ratings drop too low & CBS no longer has an interest, they’ll sell the rights to another network or the show will go bye bye.

        I’m sure NBC or ABC would jump at the chance to air BB since they’re overall ratings are crappy.

        Shows like America’s Most Wanted or Stargate franchise were dropped by their original networks & run on other stations to name a couple.

      • Nope, the Big Brother was invented in the Netherlands and is OWN by Endemol (John de Mol). CBS bought the right to present BB in the US from Endemol. Not from FlyOnTheWall. FlyOnTheWall. doesn’t OWN anything.
        Check it out. Google Endemol, Wikipédia John de Mol.

  6. This has been the worse season of BB. To keep a raceous pig like Aaryn and GM, and evict Candice and Jud, their just no words

    • Precisely. However, if Helen or Amanda get to the final two with either of them they have a outstanding chance of winning $500K.

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