Julie Chen Teases ‘Big Brother 15’ To Hit ‘Reset’ Button

Big Brother 15 reset button

Tonight is set to be an exciting and potentially explosive round of Big Brother 15 with the pending Double Eviction. Adding to the mystery and drama is a tease from BB15’s host Julie Chen of a familiar prop that is looking to make a comeback: the “Reset” button.

During Big Brother 14 the then Coaches (Britney, Dan, Janelle, & Mike Boogie) were tempted back in to the game for a chance at the prize money by hitting the “Reset” button. Instead of getting an exciting blindside eviction of Frank the votes were cancelled and the Coaches became HGs.

So what could the “Reset” button bring to BB15? There are some many possibilities, but here are a few ideas:

  • The MVP twist ends and we go back to 2 nominees each week.
  • The MVP twist “resets” back to America voting for a MVP HG rather than the 3rd nominee.
  • No one gets evicted, but Dan enters the house, slaps HGs about the neck & face for awful behavior, and then leaves.

Considering we’re looking at a Double Eviction tonight I don’t see how the “no one gets evicted” part of the “Reset” button could be put in to effect again this time around. I’m placing my bet on the second option with the MVP twist reverting to its original state. Sure, the twist could be brought to an end tonight, but I hope that doesn’t happen.

Yes, I like the MVP twist in concept. Sure, it was flubbed at the start with CBS bringing in a ringer to catch the bulk of votes through her Rachel Reilly connection. They must not have expected her to get it for 3 straight weeks as they eventually modified the rules to suit their needs, but the idea was good. Look how much drama it’s caused in the past two weeks. The mystery is a fantastic catalyst for paranoia and mistrust.

While I’m sorry to see it negatively impacting HGs like Judd with others fearing he’s the MVP, Big Brother has always been about playing the field in front of you. There is no “fair” in Big Brother (cue Daniele’s montage of “it’s nooottt faaaaaiirr”) and this is just another example of that. Until Grodner gets her hands off, this will be the game HGs play.

So we’re going to see something happen very soon with this “Reset” but we’ll have to want to find out just what it means for the game. What do you hope will happen?

Update: No, I don’t expect anyone to actually press the button. I believe Julie was just alerting us to an upcoming change. But who knows?


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    • I think that would ruin the game. The players would no longer be able to play and make deals with each other because the players would not control the vote. BB would become a popularity contest.

    • Maybe since it won’t be enough time for America to vote the will just evict Americas choice with out tell them the twist they will all hit the button thinking its going to out the person who keeps voting for the person who keeps putting up Amanda up instead it will be sending Amanda out then Candice is saved

      • That would be so cool. The reset should be only used once for America to evict the last MVP, i.e. Amanda. If BB does this, America will be happy people.

      • That’s what I have thought all along. I figured that the second eviction would just be the top 3 vote getters from the last MVP vote. I think that they need to let the HGs know that America has been the MVP. When Amanda asked on last night’s episode “what don’t people like that I have done?” the HGs just looked away! I thought that was hillarious!

  1. Julie Chen set a precedent for the bigotry we have seen this season when in an earlier season she mocked the speech pattern of Italian-Americans on the live eviction prime time broadcast. Why the double-standard?

    • What Julie did that time during BB12 was only in the intent of lighting up the mood because of how intense was that week with Andrew ultimately exposing Hayden’s showmance with Kristen and all hell broke loose throughout the voting process on national television.

      Plus if I remember it correctly, it was a nod to a side story the show featured regarding Enzo.

      She’s not making fun of him because he is Italian-American but because at the time, there has been great interest on everything related to Jersey Shore when it was at its prime.


    • Julie Chen was not being racist or bigoted with her comments about Enzo.. get real…Julie Chen remarks on her own slanted eyes and speaks of her heritage in a humorous manner. Don’t put the slugs in the BB15 house in a good light…Don’t try to blame their actions on somebody else

  2. They should leave the MVP in the hands of the viewers. When Helen had it, she told everyone she had it! It defeated the purpose of creating paranoia and making the house guests play the game! The game is pretty boring as it is and they should leave it alone in our hands. We atleast, made the season amusing by tormenting Amanda and letting her throw
    her temper tantrums. In the hands of house guests, it is going to be wasted and if they take it away altogether then, the boredom gets worse because now, they will not be in any pressure to play the game at all!

  3. I like option 3 where dan enters the house and smacks them all….. even better why not toss in meat head jessie and leave him in the house for the rest of the season…..

    Who knows maybe the reset button is to kick everyone out of the house and put in brand new house guest that would make this season better

  4. I think it will just end mvp twist
    Things i would like to happen are: GM’s HOH is basically cancelled and only 1 leaves tonight. Also: America gets to vote one contestant back into the show (Nick)

    • They can’t bring Nick back in that house GM will really off the crazy train and that would defiantly hurt Nick somewhere in the future

    • Nick I am sure has been watching since he left do you really think he would go back in after crazy has been crying for what 3-4weeks now he would have to be as crazy as she if he said yes

  5. If they are going to bring back the reset button, I want America to vote on whether to reset the game back to 2 nominees or to keep the MVP twist going. I would keep the MVP if America votes because it’s something new.

    • I agree they were talking last night on BBAD Aaryn was talking to Amandaabout if it went back to 2 noms how much more scary that would be because if its 2 then there are only 1 goes and 1 stays at least now there is someone else Aaryn is on to Amanda And as that talk was going on I think Amanda was dismissive about it

  6. If they do it at the beginning of the show, like they did last year, then it would mean that none of the 3 on the block would be evicted and there would be only one eviction at the end of the show.
    Last year, Frank and Joe were on the block, when the coach hit the rest button, except Boogie’, they both got off the block. The game resetted.
    Could be a way they found to give another chance at keeping Candice in.

    • I am for keeping Candice because Helen and Amanda are having too much free rein in the house! We others like Jessie and Candice to be able to turn the apple cart! Only problem it being a double eviction week, they will still get a 2nd chance to evict Candice or Jessie. I would favor a no eviction week if they reset. Let them play HOH and the next eviction to happen next week! That would give everyone a chance to plot their moves and get their game heads on!

  7. I’m hoping if there is going to be a reset, the show will give the power to evict back to the voting public. Then again, that won’t happen on US shores anytime soon.

    • To clarify, BB1 had the public vote to save, but I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to evict a nominated HG they dislike the most.

    • They said that was one reason bb1 didn’t work and the ratings were so horrible. I don’t see them doing that

      • Although BB1 remains to be the highest rated season out of the show’s current 15, it did declined for most of its run. I think it has a lot to do with its original 7-day format which is too foreign for US viewers to keep up to especially when the earliest reality shows normally air 1-2 installments a week.

        Plus, because it was the first international BB, production had to figure out a lot of things, especially that their had their hands full with the first season cast. Ratings were okay but the show was losing viewers’ interest because many of the more interesting HG’s were being voted out (and the lack of interesting shopping/luxury tasks that would fancy viewers).

    • That’s one reason I like BBUK. The public votes to evict so the person who deserves it most wins. But they usually have 4 nominees and everyone in the house casts two votes to nominate. No HOH

      • With outside votes there are always groups that change the tied of the game.
        In Portugal all the reality shows have people voting for who gets expelled, but there are people that joke, ignore all orders, call everything to the production, don´t work on the house, don´t participate on the games (since there are very few things to won) and they rules say that they get the automatic nomination.
        If they don´t get out on the first and second week, they do everything they want and ignore everything since the only way to get expelled is if they break a big rule… if people don´t get them out, they can get into the final easily.

        Last program that happened. A model was always bashing the Big Brother rules, got the auto nomination and survived for 2 weeks because people liked him for not following any rules in the house.
        At the end he won, the ones that followed the guidelines lost because they didn´t ignored the rules.
        He got 5 (6 if you count the winner vote) on the bench and some weeks he just got onto the pool, stayed there. BB called him to participate on the games, he raises the middle finger and stays there for all day. Got a girlfriend that started doing the same but was always trying to get into some games so she would not get the auto nomination.
        In the last week, when they where both there, the other 2 had to do everything and they just sleeped, dive into the water, got to eat, where sleeping on the house meetings…
        Many times the viewers just destroy the houses…

      • I think if they gave him a warning the first time, they shouldn’t let it slide again the second he made another violation.

        In BB Philippines, one housemate was forcefully evicted from the game for ignoring orders a good few times to not put his boogers to house property. He even put one on a pillow while he was talking to Big Brother inside the confession room (our equivalent to the DR). Putting boogers on house property is equivalent to destroying/damaging them.

      • The best thing about BBUK and every other country’s own BB is that production has a lot more flexibility of modifying the mechanics of housemates nominating each other (among the perks is giving viewers the power to nominate a housemate). In contrast to BBUSA, there’s too much a structure to allow any change to the nomination process which might be deemed unfair to the HG’s that’s why there have always been 2 at the most who is always up for eviction in the States.

        As for the other BB’s, the rules state that they can nominate two people and they cannot discuss noms outside the DR. By default there should be at least 2 people nominated but depending on the mechanics, anyone with the most nominations will be nominated as well, not jsut simply 4.

        I always think BBAUS is a combo of both BBUS and BBUK. Players are aware of how the game goes and they can nominate anyone who think is a threat to their long-term gameplan. Even interpersonal relationships are often made on a strategic point of view for purposes of gaining trust and loyalty. This year’s BBAU Series 10 is giving BBUSA a run for their money IMO. :)

        Sorry for the long post hehehe.

    • That is what I am thinking. And they will be told that he last couple of weeks America was putting up the 3rd. nominee. And now end that and go back to 2 people up.

      • I would be ok with that, only if they told the HG that America was MVP. Can you imagine what an emotional wreck Amanda would be after being so sure America loves her.

      • Why do you all want to see Amanda have a breakdown. It’s one thing to want her gone but to want to experience emotional pain is just wrong

      • So it is ok for Amanda to inflict emotional pain on anyone she dislikes in the house? Are you serious?

  8. America’s vote is going to be gone, since there is no time to vote for the mvp for the double eviction!

  9. Last time it was a reset the coaches decided if they should reset the game. I wonder if they will let America decide or if the houseguests will vote on it.

  10. Reset should bring someone back into the game that was a mvp nominee.

    It would be hilarious to see GM see nick fighting to get back into the house!

  11. Apparently tonights episode at least parts are being pre-taped like last week because the audience was sent emails saying not not to come

    • I think that they are taking serious a threat made by a group tied to Reverend Jesse Jackson that had a target to throw Sh~t to a houseguest face when they were expelled from the house in the live show.
      There was a post on the CBS forum last week that was saying that during a mass the guy had asked people that could get into the program to have a bag with sh~t and when Aaryn or GM or Spencer got out of the house on the live show for the person to raise up and throw the bag at them on live show.

      After that… last week show was pre-taped and tonight looks like it will be the same. So they are taking serious the threat.

  12. To everyone that is saying to bring back an evicted player, They haven’t been sequestered! It would never happen!

    • PLEASE!!!!! Do not bring anybody back….Please!!! Just get on with the show and get the season over with…It has been a disaster..

    • How do we know they were not sequestered? They never said they weren’t. Beside the Beach boy, I have not seen or heard of any other HGs in the real world. Has anyone? If I remember correctly, they did not tell us last time it was used whether they were sequestered.
      Here is my take: tonight episode will have tons of stuff and go very quickly; they will cut out all the extra nonsense and the hometown cameos. They will reset at the beginning of the show, then have 2 competitions, 2 vetos, and two evictions. OR, the other eviction will be on Sunday. After all, didn’t they say “it will be a two-evictions week”? We only assume they meant Thursday. Expect the unexpected!

      • Yup, Nick has posted pics on Twitter, Kaitlyn has been on Twitter, Howard is now on Twitter, Jeremy is as well…

  13. When I saw “No one gets evicted, but Dan enters the house, slaps HGs about the neck & face for awful behavior, and then leaves.”, I laughed so hard.

  14. Can you imagine if GM is called in and given just a hint that Nick might come back. She would hit that button so hard she would break it. They will probably give her several scenes that could happen, but it will be the one she doesn’t want.

  15. Personally, I really like the 3rd possibility…Dan going into the house, slapping the hgs around for their behavior, then leaving. I would pay to see that!

  16. Julie, I vote to evict Amanda!
    Next vote.
    Julie, I vote to evict Aayrn!
    and so on and so forth as they say at nominations.
    Oh and HG, America says suckers!

  17. I think it will just be to keep the MVP nomination or eliminate it. America will still get to vote for the 3rd nomination or there will be no 3rd nomination.

    I do not believe Big Brother will tell the house guests that America has the MVP vote. I think they like it as a secret to create teh kind of paranoia Amanda is dealing with.

  18. Bring back Howard and really kick this house up a notch or two. That would tick Amanda off so bad that she may self evict herself for sure. I can hope OK.

  19. I like the 2nd option where the MVP twist reverting to it’s original state. They have to be told what they’re resetting for, therefore telling them that America was MVP and has been responsible for the 3rd nominee for the past weeks. I’m sure Amanda would want to go back to the original twist, knowing that America wants her ass out. This will be very interesting episode.

    • But it may also tip the other house guests on to Amanda because they know we see it all diary room all the whispering and allies every secret in the house Amanda would be gone very fast if they reset

  20. It only makes sense that it will reset to no MVP… There is no possible way for their to be a third nominee for the second eviction tonight, so, it makes sense to end the “twist” here. I also feel as if CBS should be fined by the FCC. The contestants were told, as were we, that America would vote each week for who they thought was the MVP. 3 weeks in they changed the rules without telling the contestants…

    • That’s probably be in the contract expect the unexpected without any notice I don’t think they can sue or fine them if that was possible do you really think they would do it ?

      • “Quiz Show”? I don’t think telling someone that the rules are A, B & C and then changing B without informing them is wrong, and unethical. That isn’t “expect the unexpected”. That is flat out changing the rules of the game without informing the players…

      • There is probably a rule or warning saying that BB has the right to change the rules when and how they see fit and it is the unexpected

      • Production have always been able modify the rules as they deem fit because Big Brother has always been about expect the unexpected.

        If they don’t it’s all going to be expected the expected.

  21. It’s would be nice if they have American can voted to evicted a house guess out for MVP that would make my day

  22. What if the reset button means that if anyone voting pushes it then no one goes home tonight, then they play for a new HOH and play a normal week. but next week with three people up then the top two vote getters will both be evicted!

  23. I think a hilarious “reset” would be for all the voted out hg’s to return snd have a double evection the rest of the season! All the mean girls would be gone !!! Haha!

  24. They have to get Amanda out so Mccrae can get his head back in the game! Elissa’s not a ringer either! I hope America keeps MVP!!

  25. Love the idea of Dan bitch slapping everyone. BB this year has allowed all kinds of outrageous behavior, why not? LOL

  26. Hoping for a reset that Saves Candice like Frank was saved last year. There could still be a double eviction. The new HOH gets to nominate 3 people & the houseguests get to vote out 2 people live.

  27. I hope it means Spencer is evicted for “jokeing that he like to jerkoff to children being raped in basements” The only reason Im checking the blog was to see if he was let go. NOT watching anymore! SHAME ON YOU BB FOR LETTING THIS BE SOMETHING YOU REPRESENT!

    • He was ripping on McCrae. Settle down. Spencer does not pleasure himself to child porn. If you dont like reality dont watch the feeds.

      • Too bad all the cat lady feed watchers went batsh*t and contacted Spencer’s bosses and by law, they had to report it to the police…. real nice eh?

  28. I think she will tell the hgs they have a chance to hit the reset button, spencer, candice and amanda will be safe and there will be no more mvp. Then after they all hit the button cause you know they will. She will let them know however it is a double eviction night and one person wil still be going. ????? I dk what else it would be lol. I think cbs is trying to save Candice to save face because of all the racist stuff that has been said

    • they didnt save howard. what makes this different. I dont think the game should be manipulated because someone said something racist.

      • Because that would be both black people on the show going home ver early in the season and back to back and theyre taking even more heat now for the more recent racial comments made by Amanda

  29. I hope & pray that Amanda goes. What a punk season this year. They got rid of all the “players” and now there’s a house full of floaters.

    • so you want amanda gone? she and helen are the only ones playing. Isnt that a little bit of a contradiction?

  30. Saw Wed’s epi, hope Amanda goes HOME! McCrae Crae is CRAY CRAY if he doesn’t use his shot to get rid of her soon, she’s not jury yet and would you want her to be the way she runs her month? Candi does too but to be honest at least they speak their minds, but we don’t need
    that too much right now lol, not til jury…can’t stand a YES maam sir jury where everyone agrees, needs to be contention of some kind..perhaps that is why I believe CBS is the MVP not audience, after all America
    and Canada vote on their website lol…not a far stretch!

    All that paranoia these MVP noms create is hilarious! High drama! But I do recall the original girls crew and Helen & Aryn agreed the only way for a girl to win this season is for all the boys save Judd and Andy to be evicted! Plus Judd and Andy follow the girls anyways am sure Aryn will
    plot her takeover of Judd’s heart pretty soon. Its interesting that the loafers switch voters i.e Jessie & Judd & Andy are coming up roses right now, they are observing the game and the actions and reactions and making good choices.

    Mandi & Candi need to ZIPLOCK it sometimes you gotta lay low right? I mean have they SEEN what past winners have done to win the 1/2 mil? Not EVERY thought must be said
    and not EVERY word or deal made must be broadcasted! These darn team meetings way too much of them! Sigh. There’s my BB rant for the day!What’s this about 9 person jury Matt? And the coup d’etat? I know that’s how Jordan won that season, b/c if Jeff hadn’t received that power the winner would have not been his fiance and every BB fan knows it!

    Let’s be clear here it’s been 10+ years of this show we know how networks want good ratings and when Sept hits CBS has to contend with early premieres of hit shows they’ll make whatever twist they need to have BB15 the highest rating show ever, plus they need to make up for Aryn’s & now Handi Mandi ‘s ignorant comments now too! Has anyone seen the CNN footage or Aryn’s home? Lost her job, boyfriend, removed from her university as a student, her modeling contract it’s YIKES! Keep it real BB rans keep it real! #canadalovesbbtoo MJ

    Agree? Disagree? Let’s BB chat! :D

  31. I tried to post a link for a u tube video called CANDYLAND CAMPERS. Its about Candice and her trials in the house. If BBN don’t approve the post yall go find it…worth the search and the time to view it.

  32. Better yet? Hit the reset & have Evel Dick stroll in & start throwing around insults & putdowns.

    He’d have them all crying & cringing in no time flat.

    Let them think he staying for the rest of the season & then walk out 24 hours later after he informs them of everything that America thinks of them & what has happened to their personal lives on the outside.

    The chaos & hilarity would be legendary.

  33. I hope & pray Julie lets them know America has been putting Amanda on the block! Her & McCrae need to know she’s not as great as they think she is! She’s repeating the same story about Judd that she did about Howard, word for word! McCrae is already having his doubts about her & whether it’s America putting her up! PLEASE tell em Juile so they will stop with the Judd bashing! HE shouldn’t go out like this!

  34. I think the reset button will be the Pandora box that will be available for the HOH that can only get 2 on the bench tonight.
    He can choose to press the button and a 3 will be on the bench when he gets back and the HOH cannot play the Veto. If he doesn´t press it, only 2 will be on the bench and the HOH can play on the veto.

    (the 3 will be the 2 person with most votes last week)

  35. I would love if the reset was to bring Howard back.. Cancel out GM’s Hoh and start over … The ratings would go through the roof!!! From the fall out by GM Aaryn and Amanda’s reactions .. The triple epic meltdown!! Wishful thinking but it would so epic!!!

  36. My theory – two HGs get evicted tonight. Then the “reset” button is offered, that will allow one of them back into the house just like what happened with Brenden and Lavon. There is then a competition, with the winner of the two being allowed back into the house.

    It’s the only one that makes sense. I don’t think it would have anything to do with MVP.

  37. i think it might reset all the votes to either keep candace and evict therefore amanda with the votes to be on the block go to candace to stay. and amanda is evicted.

  38. Reset the entire cast and create a new one with double-evictions (either with the normal format or keep the 3-up thing and have the two with the most votes go out) for the rest of the season.

    (I can dream. :) )

  39. I think the reset button America have it. All the HGS have to wear a dog shock collar. Each time a HGS get says something malicious, hate derived, homicidal threats, anything against race, creed, or color, homophobic slurs, sexual explicit, especially against children and anything else I have missed, should get shocked. Then, we will get normal BB game play. I get that it is an experiment but, I have had enough of ppl not paying any consequence’s in the BB house. We need to cut the cancer and triage the house.

    • Love it, love it! I realize that it would never happen, but I am also getting tired of the lack of consequences. Police can get a search warrant for a hg’s home based on the terrible things the hg said himself, and on probable cause. But that, in itself, doesn’t violate any BB rules or regulations? Double yikes and ouch!

  40. The mvp twist can stay but a house guest should get mvp.

    Also I would find it unfair and super rude if they d let them know that America was MVP. This unfairly stacks the ga against Amanda imo.

    • How does telling the HGs that none of them were MVP affect Amanda at all? She wasn’t the only one America put up.

      • If the Houseguests had known America was MVP then they wouldn”t have voted Judd out!!He was voted out because they thought he was MVP and nomed Amanda!

  41. They’ve been making a plan to backdoor Judd in the DE. Ugh, why can’t they get Aaryn, Amanda or Spencer out. Judd deserves to be there! It’s so unfair that Amanda keeps telling people she’s 100% sure Judd is MVP because it’s a disadvantage to Judd.

  42. I found a video of Amanda on a show apparently a part of CBS in 2008 called Big Shot Live. If you go on Youtube and search “Amanda Zuckerman on Big Shot Live” and search it, it’s there. She’s been affiliated with CBS since 2008… wow.

    • I am fuming. So, BB is promoting that it is a social experiment. No, it is not, CBS knowingly put Amanda in the house by no mistake. The Disclaimer before each episode aired is BS. I knew it when Amanda was making homicidal threats and practically getting away with murder and other things. If Amanda wins, you know, what I am going to say next, yep, the fix is in. Shame on you BB/CBS. Aaryn gets skewered as the racist and loses her job, Spenser is being investigated and possible loss of job. GM lost her job. All rightfully so…. What about Amanda I ask? Argh.

      • Exactly. No one knows this though which sucks because it’s like Elissa coming into the house because she’s related to Rachel. Amanda got an unfair advantage as well. I have a strong feeling she’s going to win it. If she does, I might actually be done with BB unless they change their production a bit.

      • I agree about the advantage given to Elissa and Amanda. I forget the name of the show, GM was on a TV show too. I also looked up IMDb page it verified Amanda “Joy” Zuckerman under full cast and crew of Big Shot Live. Then I read CBS is the Distributors. I cringed to read that Amanda’s middle name is JOY. Nothing about her personality brings joy.

      • I saw those video on Youtube the other day, I didn’t figure out that CBS was involved.
        I remember early in the season hearing Amanda telling the other HGs about having tried to make it in Hollywood. She was saying it didn’t work as she was hoping and she was blaming her weight for her failure. So to me those video were not a big surprise.

      • I would say she made it in Hollywood. I also find it curious that the “Real Estate Company” she supposedly works for in Florida, not a peep out of them. Aaryn, GM, Spencer’s employers all spoke up. I think the Real Estate is a cover story for Amanda. She is in the industry, CBS knowingly hired her for BB. No social experiment.

      • Nick was also in shows, his IMDb page has quite a few shorts films and what not. So Elissa, Amanda, Nick, GM and Candice have all been on different shows. BB is not what it used to be.

  43. America should get to vote out a hg and put up a hg but the hgs all believe it is an internal vote, NOW THAT MAKES GOOD TELEVISION.

  44. Thought was pretty obvious getting rid of MVP, after double evict not enough people left to still have 3 noms. Basically tonight after first eviction MVP is done

  45. Boring an annoying. So tired of Amanda, mc care, and Andy! I am over them, I even have stopped watching After dark!

  46. Nobody is watching Andy.They say Amanda and Helenare in
    control, Not. It is and has been Andy. When doyou think they
    will all catch on to his being in on every conversation and then
    telling what he heard. I think it will be soon. He could go home
    in the next two weeks.

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