Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 4, 2013

Sunday funday in the Big Brother 15 house as HGs rested from their incredibly busy Saturday filled with comps, punishments, and drama. While some rested others were plotting their chance at a big move.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013

9:00 AM BBT – Amanda gets up for another tanning session. Later she tries to shower right after to wash it off, but BB tells her to “stop that.”

10:40 AM BBT – Helen tells Andy and Judd that Amanda needs to go, but not this week. Ugh, when then Helen? She’s being served up to you all! Weak moves.

12:10 PM BBT – Candice gets a new “skinny” clown outfit as her original costume was too big.

1:25 PM BBT – Amanda is up and the HGs teasing her for looking so orange from her Veto punishment orange tanning sessions.

2:20 PM BBT – Helen calls her guests for the BBQ prize. They go outside a few mins later. Helen reveals she doesn’t know how to grill.

2:30 PM BBT – Helen says there will be no game talk during the BBQ.

4:10 PM BBT – Helen tells Andy that she heard there might be a plan to backdoor Helen starting. Helen thinks Amanda might not be on her side.

4:38 PM BBT – Judd and Aaryn are cuddling.

4:46 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking to Jessie about getting Amanda out this week.

5:51 PM BBT – Despite her saying she wasn’t going to talk about it, Amanda asks Aaryn if she thinks they can get GinaMarie to put Judd up as the replacement nominee. She still thinks he’s MVP.

6:35 PM BBT – Helen is telling Andy she wants Amanda out this week. Judd comes in so they stop talking about Amanda. Judd says he wants to get Jessie out next week. They agree with him. Helen then tells Judd they need to get Amanda out at some point.

6:57 PM BBT – Andy left to find Amanda. Judd isn’t interested in getting Amanda out, so Helen agrees with him that this isn’t the right week.

6:58 PM BBT – Andy found Amanda and told her that Helen thinks Amanda is working against her. Andy doesn’t tell her Helen wants her out. He’s just trying to keep them from going after each other. He tells Amanda to talk to Helen so she won’t be paranoid about her.

7:17 PM BBT – Amanda tells Andy that GinaMarie should put up Helen as the re-nominee instead of Spencer.

7:18 PM BBT – Aaryn and Judd are talking and Judd tells her he’s on their side and won’t vote to keep Amanda. Despite her earlier doubt, Aaryn believes Judd that he’s not working dirty like Amanda has been thinking.

7:28 PM BBT – Amanda is crying to Helen, Elissa and GinaMarie. They tell her she’s not going home and that Candice is.

7:35 PM BBT – Helen tells Andy this is definitely not the week to get Amanda out.

7:43 PM BBT – Jessie is still taking about getting Amanda out. Andy tells her they can’t.

7:47 PM BBT – Jessie tells Amanda she’s not voting against her. They hug.

7:50 PM BBT – Andy and Aaryn are happy they got Helen and Jessie off the Amanda train this week.

8:12 PM BBT – GinaMarie, with HOHitis in full effect, calls Judd up to the HOH room and starts talking about replacement nominees. She threatens that she could put him up if he doesn’t agree to vote Candice out. He freaks out that she’s going to put him up.

8:42 PM  BBT – GinaMarie says quite possibly the worst thing she’s said to date: Candice is “such a degenerate her own mom didn’t even want her.” Horrible.

9:00 PM- 12:00 AM BBT – Somewhere around 9PM, talk about Jessie wanted Amanda out starts and goes on for HOURS. HOURS. Like a broken record. When someone sees Jessie talking to Elissa, they’re convinced they’re scheming. Then the see Elissa talking to Judd and they presume they’re scheming. There is scheming going on, but the paranoia is again at the highest level. Amanda is freaking out in the HOH room. Everyone is talking her down. GM is spewing gibberish. Aaryn is drunk. Helen, per usual, is screaming words and waving her arms. Andy is popping up here and there. McCrae is clothing. Judd is just taking it all in. It’s quite a sight.

12:10 AM BBT – Elissa convinces Jessie to make out with Judd to get him to flip his vote. Earlier Aaryn convinced Judd to start flirting with Jessie and share a bed with her so he could keep tabs on her. Hah!

12:45 AM BBT – Now Judd is upset and says he doesn’t want to share a bed with Jessie. He says he hates her and refuses.

1:20 AM BBT – Helen tells Jessie she doesn’t think she can vote out Amanda.

1:40 AM BBT – Jessie is talking to Judd and trying to convince him to evict Amanda. Jessie & Judd kiss.

2:20 AM BBT – Jessie tells Candice there is work underway to save her. Candice plans to campaign the next morning. That should go well.

3:00 AM BBT – Judd & Jessie make out on the BY couch after Spencer goes inside to bed.

3:30 AM BBT – Judd tells Spencer he’s safe and not to worry about being on the block.

4:20 AM BBT – Judd talking with McCranda about Jessie trying to flip him. Judd wants Helen and Elissa out soon.

So right now, Candice is the target. But people are talking about flipping. Amanda swears she’s not going to talk game, but that lasts literally 5 minutes, so with the way she’s been playing the game, the house flipping on her is possible. At any rate, the one thing we can count on is extreme paranoia.

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  1. These contestants are the absolute worst.

    Watch another good person go home while these jacka$$es get to stay and act like even crappier human beings.

    Amanda has got to go now and Aaryn has to go the night of double eviction. At this rate all these contestants are playing to give Amanda and Mccrae 550k. Morons:

    • And then GM especially after the comment about why Candice’s mother gave her up for adoption how cold hearted does someone have to be to say stuff like that??

      • I, honestly, think GutterMouth is jealous of Candice. Candice is a beautiful girl who has won a beauty pageant/pageants. GM competes/competed in pageants, but I don’t think she has ever won. I think once she opens her mouth, the judges probably say/said “NEXT”. Your description is definitely fitting.

      • Did you see the crown on Gina Marie’s room. I guess in her mind, she is a queen of some sort and the other house guests her subjects! LOL

      • Woah now, let’s keep it a little bit civil. There were a lot of people’s who’s lives were destroyed by Sandy. Wishing that upon anyone might not be what you meant to say…

  2. Well, after last night Aaryn sticking her tongue out in Candice back, I ask “How low can you go”. GM answer that one by going a little lower again.
    Are we going to have to put up with crap like until the end of the season ? I guess we will have.

    • Unless, Amanda, Helen and Judd get evicted real quick, we will have the Aaryn coddlers ensuring she stays in the game, possibly down to Final 2! We cannot even get Amanda out, maybe, try and evict Helen next time out! I figure one of them will go either way! We just have to keep putting them up!

      • If we get the chance. If we get to name the 3rd nominee once or twice again, we will be Lucky.

      • I hope so. This is a very looooong wait so far! If not, we could get stuck with 4 more weeks of boring snoozefest! And I would hate for Jessie to get evicted just as she is playing her game! Go Jessie!

  3. 8:42 PM BBT – GinaMarie says quite possibly the worst thing she’s said to date: Candice is “such a degenerate her own mom didn’t even want her.” Horrible.

    Are you saying Candice’s mom is horrible for not wanting her?

    There is no evidence this is an untrue statement on the part of GM.

      • I think that’s a good question to pose to GM during her exit interview!

    • Are you saying GM personally knows Candice’s birth mother and knows why she decided to give Candice up for adoption with the mother blaming it on Candice being “such a degenerate?”

      Or is it much more likely that GM is being a shitty person and trying to be as cruel as possible to Candice? Hmm…

    • No one knows why she gave her up. she may have not been able to raise her right and wanted Candice to have a better life then she could have given her. i do NOT judge her for giving her up.

      But for GM to say that was mean and rotten. she needs to learn to shut her mouth at times. that was uncalled for just my 2 cents worth.

  4. Has anyone watched Jeff’s interview with Amanda before the show started? He asked her if she was single and she is not, so does this inply that she is in fact playing McCrea and this ingagement is just a forest?

    • McCrae knows about her having a boyfriend. In the beginning, she was worried about him finding out/seeing her and McCrae… McCrae is just happy that he has a “hot girl” showmance. He is in BB heaven.

      • Not so sure about her being a ”hot girl” (big fakies yes, but not really ‘hot’). And to be honest it works for him also. Truth be told I think McCrae gets more out of this deal than she does.

      • Amanda as a hot girl, I beg to differ, the problem is pizza boy probably has no girl in the outside world who will want to boign him and when he got a cellulite filled ass such as Amanda to give him a piece he jumps for it and forgot the reason why he is there, What a loser.

    • Well if she is, I would hope her man out of the house dumps her when she gets out!

    • She told McCrea the first time they had sex, that she did believe she woudln’t have a boyfriend after he would see that. She gave up on him already.

    • Giving up your goods to someone is not a good way to play them. I believe she likes him, but I don’t think the relationship will last.

      • Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? In this case, she gave away the whole cow! LOL

  5. I know this is impossible but id like pandoras box to bring david for 24 hours just to tick judd off

  6. I didn’t care for Jessie when the season began. Her comment that all the other girls will be jealous of her bothered me. But now…I just feel sorry for her. I really hope that she wins HOH soon. I think that she would shake the house up a bit. She seems to be one of the few people that isn’t afraid of Amanda.

    • I would love to see her win HOH and put up Amanda and Helen, that is if Amdan is still around and if not Amanda then Elissa because she will do anything Helen says. Elissa couldn’t think for herself if her life depended on it. What a floater Elissa is and it was RAchel who made the statement this year about no floaters and her sister and Andy are the two biggest ones.

      • lol…my wife missed last night’s episode and asked what Elissa did. I told her that I think that she had one short DR comment and that was about it. I don’t remember seeing her other than that. Weeks ago people were defending voting MVP for Elissa because she was playing a good game (she wasn’t). But now…they don’t have a leg to stand on. I forget she is even in the house half the time.

      • Kudos to Elissa for getting the huge target off her back though. She’s boring to the point of blending in with the decor. For her, probably the smartest move she could make.

      • Elissa is not a floater. She is very loyal to her alliance of Helen and Candice – maybe too loyal. If you recall, when she was MVP and everyone wanted her to put up Howard, she put up Spencer. The week before it was her choice to put up Nick and it was the correct choice then too. Elissa does what Helen wants her to most of the time but not all the time.

        Elissa’s biggest problem in the game is she does not no how to lie or play the game of deception.

      • You are right…she put Nick up…but I think that Helen did all the heavy lifting to get Nick voted out…thus saving Elissa. Now about the Howard/Spencer nom…it didn’t matter who she put up…they weren’t going home anyway so that is really a non-issue. Sorry…I don’t think that you will ever convince me that she has a clue how to play BB.

      • Jessie is showing a lot of guts. Even Spencer was cowed by Amanda—-he is a little puppy now! He is laying low right now!

      • That was when she came in the house, and you’re right, she has gain some mojo lately.

    • Right let her put up Amanda & McCrea,.. And hopefully the mvp will be someone that nobody would vote for. That should shake things up. And show her what it feels like to know she’s history.

      • The problem is Candice can’t win anything! She is too busy complaining and whining all the time

  7. Totally ignorant group of people…If production does have a hand in the HG’s actions (train of thought) THEY NEED TO REMIND THEM that they are playing to win $500,000 for theirself not for Amanda McCrae or Helen…At this point Jessee is the only one using common sense.. I do hope that Jessee gets HOH.. Amanda needs to go 1st on Thursday and then the possibilities are endless…

  8. Jessie is working extra hard to evict Amanda. Too bad Helen and the others will not get on board! They are fools because Amanda will move to evict Helen and Jessie first time she gets!
    Judd is still on Amanda’s side not aware that Amanda is also planning to evict him! I really hope Jessie gets HOH this week.
    Then, she could put Amanda on the block. Maybe, a good time to put Andy with Amanda on the block and MVP if we still have it would be Aaryn!

    • It is a little bizarre that Judd wants to save Amanda and get rid of Helen and Elissa when it is Amanda who was after him just a few days ago. Can he be that oblivious?

      • I think he does not have a clue. Andy is probably telling him lies so that, he does not evict Amanda. Gina Marie I hope tells Judd that Amanda asked her to put him up as renom in place of Jessie!

      • Judd might be thinking that with an emotional jury and Amanda’s lack of tact with people, she might be the perfect person to go to final 2 with.

      • Judd is in a pretty good spot with the “power players” of the house. Aaryn is up in his grill, McCrae likes him, Amanda likes him (he is unaware of her paranoia about him I believe), Helen thinks he is with her and gets along with Elissa. I don’t think he views getting Amanda out as a benefit to his own social ties.

        Jessie, on the other hand, offers no safety. Only drag. She has no power. No numbers. She’s an easy loss to cut. I don’t think his recent dislike of Jessie is personal, but rather a way to further the distance between their gameplays. Jessie could be damaging Judd by proxy if they think he is aligned with her.

        Judd still thinks he has the goof troop which would explain his want to get Helen out before Amanda.

    • Well, inevitably their F7 deals, even the F4 deals inherently mean they will have to start going after each other. Yeah, Amanda and Helen are the biggest threats to each other…but they are also allies.

      They will have to do that down the road. But why turn on each other before you need to? One less vote to keep you around to get you further. The time will come, but now is not the time.

      If Elissa and McCrae weren’t in the picture still I would 100% agree, the HGs would benefit from getting her out now. But they are still in the house.

    • Ah dont take it all so seriously, we wanted all newbees and here they are. It seems once that door closes behind them they forget its (ME) playing to win a half million dollars. And they all go nuts. Look at Helen jumping up & down for joy at whoever wins anything(SUPER BROWN NOSE) And Judd just laying low waiting for everything to get over with so he can walk out of there a half mil richer.Like just get to the end & you win. It’s a game, nothing more.

      • I love the game but the absolute cruelty of some of the contestants houseguest whatever just makes me sick! I hope they suffer many consequences when they get out that wake them up to just how wrong their words and actions are. And no I’m not wishing them bodily harm just a big wake up call.

  9. Let’s all pitch in and buy a banner plane that say’s America is MVP we see what you dont grow a pair and do what we want.

    • Funny how every year someone wants to fly over the place with a banner, goes to show that every year the house guests lose it at some point, LOL

  10. Wow, This season is a joke, these people are so clueless of what is going on around them. The only one showing any guts lately is Jessie. Amanda needs to go, Jessie knows this but the other are so brain dead they cant see it

    • I agree. America is handing these idiot HG’s Amanda on a silver platter for two weeks now…why can’t someone understand that and make the darn power move..Jessie wants to..but, everyone blabs to everyone else in that house and eventually gets back to the person they are targeting..Amanda has too many minions on her side. Helen is just playing stupid.she is going to go soon if she doesn’t start thinking more clearly.

      • Because hoosier it doesn’t make sense for 3/4 of the house to make that move right now. Timing is everything. If you’re in an alliance that gets you to a final 6 spot, then why jeopardize that? Heck I don’t like Amanda either but if I were in the house I’d ride her coat tails until the final 6 then I’d start plotting. The only way that would change is if the fans decided to write me a cheque for 500k and THEN I’d do whatever the heck they wanted.

      • America’s strategy =/= HG strategy

        Will, Dick, Boogie, hell even Janelle and Dan would have been served up to the HGs on a plate each week if America had the vote.

        Some of the MVP voters are worse than DEmanda. “We keeping putting her on the block so get her out or you’re on the block next!”

        Big Brother requires skill, manipulation AND timing! I know everyone outside hates Amanda now but those inside the house have $500k riding on their decisions. Starting a civil war within your alliance, that could very well get you out of the house before Jury, just to possibly get Amanda out is a terrible strategy.

    • I think Helen and Elissa would go for it but only if they can get the votes. Right now they do not have the votes unless they can convince GM to put up Judd and not Spencer. Then they would have to convince Spencer to vote out Amanda and not Candice. They need one more vote and it will not be Andy or Judd so has to be Aaryn or Spencer. Aaryn hates Candice too much to let the opportunity to get rid of her pass so Spencer is their only choice.

      • It won’t be hard to convince Spencer. He is the one that was trying to get everybody to vote for Amanda last week.

      • There are enough votes if Spencer can stay off the block. We have Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Spencer. If Spencer is on the block then, they will be short one vote! They need to convince Gina Marie to put up Judd, Andy or McCrae as the renom then, they will have the 4 votes!

  11. I’m finally ready to admit that this is the worst/dumbest cast ever. Good job cbs/bb.

  12. Karma will get GM and Aaryn’s ignorance. Hopefully they’ll never get another job.

    • I too believe in karma. Have seen it happen too many times! Those who do or say bad things to others will pay for it in the end! That is guaranteed 100% and you can run and hide but, karma will still find you! Worst for them—-it maybe their loved ones that pay the price!

    • The comment GM made about Candice was dispicable and she is the worst of the worst in that house, worse than Aaryn….

      • Usually, karma hits you a lot harder than just the unemployment line! Not to wish anything bad on anyone but, Gina Marie brought this on her head by her actions!

      • Plus, I can’t figure out why GM hates Candice. Candice hasn’t done anything to her. They all hate Elissa, but no one is willing to cross her. Elissa embarrassed Amanda (when she had on that one piece swim suit). Did Amanda fire bad…….no, she went in the bathroom and cried. Nayra knows that Elissa hates her, .but was she willing to put Elissa on the block…….NO! Nayra just wants to know why Elissa hates her so much. They know that Elissa will fire back, so they don’t dare cross her.

      • Exactly, we don’t need to wish for anything. she did it. she brought this on herself.

  13. Don’t forget that this Thursday is a double-eviction so the feces is about to hit the rotating atmosphere mover. Personally, I would have Amanda out the door this time followed by whoever getting the HOH for the fast forward double elimination (assuming it is not Helen) to put Helen and Aaryn up. Aaryn would be the next target. Candice is no threat. GM is clueless and only waffles on everyone elses suggestions. Jesse is a basket case. Elysa is nothing but “Rachel’s Sister” and couldn’t win anything on her own if she tried. Now, for the guys… Andy, not a threat and would probably be my pick to go up against Aaryn after Helen and Amanda are gone. Judd…I think he’ll go to final 2. McCrae… not much there…probably in the final 4 anyway. Spencer, although not appearing to be much of an impact, is pretty shrewd and will probably go far as well. But…for heaven’s sake people, here is your chances to get two power players out of the house. Screw existing “alliances”(which are all pretty weak and transparent) and agree to do what needs to be done while the iron is hot.

    • While, it is a double eviction week—-it becomes pointless if any of the alliance members wins HOH! It would be Jessie or Spencer evicted next! Now, if Jessie wins HOH this week, then, there may be a chance to flip the apple cart! Nominate both McCrae and Amanda on the block and let America assuming we still have the vote this week to put up Aaryn right in the middle! That is probably enough to get one of those three out! It strips that aliance of 3 crucial votes too!

      • I do think that even an alliance member would get rid of Amanda when they find out its a double eviction. Someone as scheming as Amanda has to be dealt with swiftly, and a double eviction might be the swiftest way out the door.

      • Everyone is too scared to even make a move against Amanda! She has managed to cow everyone into submission! Even Spencer is lying low trying to get into Amanda’s good graces!

      • That’s why they might consider getting rid of her, if they only have to keep it under wraps for a short time. Amanda is too hard to conspire against for a whole week, but for a day or a few hours, it might be easier. We will see, it is all dependent on who wins HOH and who goes up for MVP. If Spencer stays and wins HOH, he will probably put up Amanda.

  14. I am seriously asking this. Can someone please explain to me why Judd hates Jessie now? She is completely harmless as far as I can see.

    • Judd is a moron that is why! He listens too much to Andy whispering in his ear. Yet, he still does not know that Amanda is seting him up for eviction! Boy, will he be surprised when it happens!

      • I think Amanda already asked Gina Marie to use Judd as the renom but, Gina Marie I think wants Spencer.

    • Judd is a follower and not a leader. Judd is doing what the house wants him to do and that is to hate Jessie.

    • I never trust anything Judd does or says. Even his comments to McCrae and Amanda about evicting Helen and Elissa I think are calculated for some reason. Maybe he tells them what they want to hear.

    • He Judd is another floater who just happened to have won the HOH once by the stroke of luck, he wants to see Jessie gone so that he can showmance the evil bigot Aaryn. He is not so bright, another lame fool like McCrae who is also going to be used by these women and then discard when they don’t need them anymore

  15. If they had to do the show early and on tape last thursday because they were afraid of the crowd reaction to Howard eviction, what is it going to be like this week ?
    I can only imagine how it going to be, after GM crummy display last night, if Candice is evicted first, and with these 3 bozos still in the house.

    • ..that degenerate comment about Candice made me sick..I think we should sick Jamie Lee Curtis on her..she is an adoption advocate and would put Miss GM in her place.

      • The Ginamarie’s comment about Candice is the lowest of all low from an imbecile, Ginamarie is an idot, a bigot, a empty brain and a loud mouth. For God sake where did they get these inept people from, they are so hateful, they hate Candice for doing nothing to them just because the color of her skin, CBS need to do something about these hateful comments, it is disgusting to have to listen to idiots of the likes of Ginamarie. She and Aaryn are evil and a disease to the human race, yes I SAID it. DISEASE. This is not funny or a game any more when you start to call a person as a DEGENERATE because she was adopted. It just made me sick, enough is enoguh for CBS to allow this to continue. Miss COMPENIZATION (Ginamarie) is also a dumb bitc.

    • I am guessing both evictions will happen on Thursday. Nothing has been said about MVP though. Will we still be able to vote for the 2nd MVP for the 2nd eviction?
      Or will they just use our 2nd choice MVP for the 2nd eviction?

  16. At first I had problem with Jessie.But now I hope she win HOH I hope Judd will listen to Jessie in vote out Amanda.Everybody need to vote her out now.And Andy Just need to be quit Helen in Amanda don’t care about him when it’s come down to it they will get rid of him just like that.

  17. So everyone has gotten some sort of secret info from Andy, yet everyone keeps telling him their secret plans. When will they learn.

      • I think both sides think he is ultimately aligned with them. He’s a double agent for both sides. They only think they are getting information, not that Andy is relaying everything back and forth.

        He’s not a “threat” in the house and he’s personable. People tell Andy things because he knows how to communicate with each person and get them to communicate in return.

        He hasn’t been exposed yet because Helen and Amanda are definitely not talking to each other about what Andy has said about the other.

    • They think he is trustworthy that is why! He is like Shelly of Rachel’s season which Rachel won. Shelly kept going back and forth report what one side said about the other!

  18. We all know what Amanda is up to but that doesn’t mean Helen is aware of it. It is clear to me Helen needs to get rid of Amanda and soon. The problem for Helen is no one likes Candice and in some cases the dislike is very strong. If Helen saves Candice, the rest of the house will be very unhappy with her. On the other hand, with Judd not saying Helen needs to go, Helen does not have much of an alliance left. If she saves Candice, should would have Elissa for sure and maybe GM. But with Candice on Helen’s team, GM may not want to align with Helen. Same would be true of Spencer and Aaryn.

    Getting rid of Candice takes an ally away from Helen, but it may give her the opportunity to get GM, Aaryn and Spencer into her alliance at least long enough to evict Amanda.

  19. The Ginamarie’s comment about Candice is the lowest of all low from an imbecile, Ginamarie is an idot, a bigot, a empty brain and a loud mouth. For God sake where did they get these inept people from, they are so hateful, they hate Candice for doing nothing to them just because the color of her skin, CBS need to do something about these hateful comments, it is disgusting to have to listen to idiots of the likes of Ginamarie. She and Aaryn are evil and a disease to the human race, yes I SAID it. DISEASE. This is not funny or a game any more when you start to call a person as a DEGENERATE because she was adopted. It just made me sick, enough is enoguh for CBS to allow this to continue. Miss COMPENIZATION (Ginamarie) is also a dumb ass bitc..

    • I wish CBS would remove $5000 each out of their pay and give it Candice and Howard. Then they can look at them and say, well, if you’re not happy, sue us. Gave them a DVD of the evidence.

      • Captain, I think life outside of the BB house will be an extremely difficulty situation for most of them, even for the people who sat back and said nothing. I think I would have, at least, told them that it makes me feel uncomfortable when they make comments like that and I would have asked them not to make comments like that in my presence. I would have said please and thank you, as well (hahahaha!).

      • You’re right, they all are in for a huge surprise when they get out.
        I wish we could hear from Howard, now that he had the time to Watch and understand everything that happen in his back.

      • Yes, I would love to hear what he has to say. Especially about not having or wanting to have a showmance with Candice. I would love to hear what he has to say about asking Candice to talk to Nayra to save his ass. I would love to hear what he has to say about turning his relationship with Candice to a sexual one, without letting Candice know that he just wanted to be her FRIENDS with benefits. I would love to hear what he has to say about his saying that Candice was not his type, because he does not like materialistic girls. Howard was not good for Candice and I would love for him to admit that he ruined her game and that she did not ruin his. As you can tell, I’m not too pleased with Howard.

      • Yes I can see that. I wouldn’t assign all the blame to Howard. Candice was not force into anything. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the confinement and the lack of outside stimulus that create these weird situation. Remember it was almost them against everybody else for a while.

  20. The Ginamarie’s comment about Candice is the lowest of all low from an imbecile, Ginamarie is an idot, a bigot, a empty brain and a loud mouth. For God sake where did they get these inept people from, they are so hateful, they hate Candice for doing nothing to them just because of the color of her skin, CBS need to do something about these hateful comments, it is disgusting to have to listen to idiots of the likes of Ginamarie. She and Aaryn are evil and a disease to the human race, yes I SAID it. DISEASE. This is not funny or a game any more when you start to call a person as a DEGENERATE because she was adopted. It just made me sick, enough is enoguh for CBS to allow this to continue. Miss COMPENIZATION (Ginamarie) is also a dumb ass bitc..

  21. They still have three days to make things happen. A lot false information are being thrown out there, It’s hard what to believe. According to Evel Dick, a lot of deals are made and solidified only a few hours before the ceremony.

  22. Uhm… why can’t they vote out Amanda? They have the numbers… is there some weird “Amanda-safe” power I don’t know bout?

  23. The comment GM said about Candice’s mom–she said that to McCrae and McCrae laughed and said that that was so funny he wished Amanda had said it. I saw it on the feeds. I liked Mc in the beginning of the season but no more. The nasty punk deserves to be cuckolded by Demanda.

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