Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Monday Daytime Highlights


All the final nominees are in place in the Big Brother 15 house after today’s Veto ceremony but it sounds like the target isn’t likely to change by Thursday. So most of the talk today has been who they’re going to target next and it sounds like Jessie better be watching her back.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

8:30 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time. Houseguests are talking about an early Power of Veto ceremony.

9:11 AM BBT – Amanda is doing one of her tanning sessions and BB keeps yelling at her because she’s not following the rules.

9:45 AM BBT – Spencer suggests to GinaMarie that she put up Andy as the replacement nominee. She’s hinting at him that he is the one going up. She tells him she has three in mind. So she calls in Judd and Andy after Spencer  just to let him  know he’s among the three. She’s putting Spencer up but didn’t want it to seem like he was the only option.

10:05 AM BBT – Feeds cut for veto ceremony.

10:52 AM BBT – Feeds return. Spencer is the replacement nominee. He and GinaMarie are talking about it in the HOH room.

10:53 AM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking. Helen tells Elissa she’s voting out Candice and she needs to do the same to not raise a flag. Elissa wants Candice to stay.

10:55 AM BBT – Judd and Andy are talking about Jessie. Andy suggests talking to her to keep her from messing up her game. Judd says no to let her do it and people can focus on her as the target. Helen tells them she’s annoyed at Elissa because she wants to vote out Spencer instead of Candice.

11:37 AM BBT – Aaryn tells Amanda she thinks Elissa and Helen were plotting to vote Amanda out this week. Amanda and Judd don’t think so.

12:00 PM BBT – Jessie, Amanda, etc. are having a conversation about why Jessie might or might not be a target. Jessie is mad that she will probably go out before jury. Amanda tells her she is not targeting her.

12:20 PM BBT – Aaryn and Jessie are bickering. Jessie doesn’t understand why they’re again not cool with each other. Aaryn goes to GinaMarie to tell her how annoyed Jessie was with being nominated by GM.

12:32 PM BBT – Judd and Jessie are cuddling and kissing again. Did you catch their first makeout session last night?

12:48 PM BBT – Judd tells Amanda that he convinced Jessie to vote out Candice. (See above highlight. haha)

1:20 PM BBT  – Now Judd and Aaryn are cuddling (next to GM) and Aaryn is talking about how she wants Jessie out next. She mentions wanting to make her self-evict.

3:25 PM BBT – Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking about Amanda. Aaryn is suspicious of her and GinaMarie says she’s always been suspicious of her.


So Candice will likely be evicted Thursday in the clown suit, but who will be walking out the door later that night in the double eviction? Is Jessie too obvious a choice? Right now that seems to be where this week is headed.

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    • Nobody’s quite sure yet whether it’ll be a 2 out of 3 eviction, or whether it’ll be a full week’s worth in one night and maybe they’ll allow one of the house guests to compete secretly for MVP.

      • I guess we’ll have to tune in to Wednesday’s highlights show to see if they have anything planned to have the public vote involved again for double eviction night.

        That or stick to default mode for Double Eviction Part 2.

      • Interesting… I didn’t even think about a 2/3 eviction… hopefully, that’d mean bye bye Amanda.

      • I think it will be 2 evictions in one night. One after the other. First, they evict Candice, then, an HOH competition (a quick one), HOH nominates two people, MVP nominee follows then, quick POV and eviction vote right after!
        The 2nd eviction is going to go faster due to time constraints. I think that is how they usually do it. I hope Jessie wins HOH or we maybe looking at another 4 weeks of boredom picking off Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy before any of the stronger players even make a move against each other! It will be another wasted 4 weeks if it happens.

      • It will if it follows other seasons. They have like 5 min to decide who to put up. Then pov, then see if a replacement comes up, then vote. Very quick. Show usually ends with another hoh comp under way, won’t find out till Sun unless you have live feeds. Hope Amanda goes, if not first, then second.

    • Probably one week in a night sans MVP. It would be the easiest thing to do. If they don’t plan on telling the HGs America was MVP they’ll just say it’s a special double eviction so no MVP this week. If they do tell the HGs America was MVP it will probably mean the twist is over starting with double eviction.

      Pandora’s Box might re-introduce the twist allowing the HoH to also be MVP that week (thus having all 3 noms) and then America will choose. Pure speculation of course. It’s just so fun though!

  1. Helen was talking to Andy saying that her, Elissa, and Jessie are all willing to vote out Amanda if he’s on board and he’s desperately telling her that now isn’t the right time. It’s driving me crazy! Andy hasn’t done anything and he’s the deciding factor on whether or not they’re gonna flip and vote out Amanda?! Ugh, it’s so frustrating.

      • Yeah! Elissa and Helen believe this is their only chance to get Amanda out. Fingers crossed!

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    • Andy is a little snake in the grass… hasn’t done anything but slither around tattling on everyone… but only enough as to not get himself in trouble!

  2. I think this double eviction will be a twist to everyone where HGs have to vote who to keep in the house.

  3. I don’t know why people keep all the strong and revelant players and keep getting rid of all the wrong insignificant houseguests

    • Because they are too afraid to make a bold move. It’s much easier for the strong to pick off the weak. But sooner of later it becomes survival of the fittest. And they will have to start attacking each other.

    • We have to continue voting and putting them up! Now, if we have 3 of them on the nomination block—-the remaining house guests will have to vote out one of them and not have a choice about it! Amanda and McCrae have to be the ones nominated and we can also put up Aaryn with our MVP vote if we still have it!
      If all three are on the block, one of them is going home!

  4. The Amanda video is now up to more than 157,000 views.
    Now let me throw this out there, tell me what you think. You know lots of people are saying Amanda is getting a good edit from CBS on the network broadcast.
    What if that video on Youtube was produced by CBS ?
    I do lot of video editing myself, and I look at that video for the 10 times, paying lot of attention to the the editing. This video was produce by a professionnal. Too clean to be capture from the live feed. Too well edited to be done by an amateur like myself. So If CBS wanted to put out there this side of Amanda but don’t have the time to put it in the broadcast. Putting it out there under an anonymous account would be pretty easy. Why not ?

    • Quite possible. I wish Amanda would be voted out now. She is starting to look like Candice. Coincidence? I think not. They keep making her darker and darker. Hence the slave comment from her mouth this afternoon. Would serve her right to be evicted looking like that.

      • I agree that Amanda, Gina Marie and Kaitlin I do think are true Racist, but if you go to the America loes rachel and jordan facebook page the comments Aaryn made although not PC CORRECT are in no way truly racist. They are pathetic,adolescent, ignorant and stupid but Racist NO. She just is so totally ignorant she does not get that those comments should not be said and she is going to get an education as to that when she gets out of the house, but Kaitlin and GM both used the N word and well there are no words to describe Amanda’s racism attitude. As for Aaryn and Candice not liking each other that you can blame Spencer for and his lie about the hat. I remember the first night and it seemed that Aaryn and Candice liked each other and then came the stupid hat incident which BB has yet to alert either as to what really happened. Not condoning Aaryn’s comments in anyway but after reading what she has said hate to say it but heard much worse while in the South and at college and Texas is in the deep South. Not saying Southerners are stupid, but do think they are a little unaware as to what is PC Acceptable.

    • There is an ongoing rumor out there that Amanda is said to be the one favored by production to win and a supposed “insider” claims the in the know about it. He/She will post evidence come finale night if ever Amanda ends up in Final 3.

      • True. Hard to believe it myself either (I remember it was posted on a BB fanpage last week, probably BB Network’s, I need to look for it again).

        Regardless, Amanda is suiting herself up as this season’s villain. She needs to be taken out sooner than later. :D

      • I believe she needs to be taken out of the game. Villain is a nice reference. I view her worse, as a sociopath, and homicidal. I for one being Candice or Jessie would have said to production I fear for my life and safety. What Amanda says is not the normal villain we usually can stomach each season. I think something stinks is this years game that the HGs just give her a pass, and play along with her.

      • Heck can’t say I blame them Amanda is one scarey nutcase racist bigot and just plain old mean person.

      • If you have seen the video online, the wanting to eat Candice, hide the butter knife, wanting to knock out Jessie’s teeth to do a sex act. Umm. Outside of the racist, and gay comments.
        Go to YouTube search: Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice
        I can say this, I do not want her showing up at my door.

      • I posted that weeks ago, but the Youtube video about her racist remarks are actually hurting her now. I’m more inclined to believe they want her out. After Helen’s DR session yesterday, she stated to several HG’s (my friends) meaning Production, according to several bloggers, wants her evicted..There was a lot of “evict Amanda” talk yesterday……well, another conspiracy theory…who knows??..

      • Maybe BB is trying to mitigate damages. When America became the MVP we voted Aaryn, who at the time we saw her as a bigot. Then Amanda blew up the past two week, and the video montage of her was online? perhaps Helen has friended production while in the house? Who know what the HGs say in the DR? We only see what is aired.

      • No you’re quite right to remind all of us that we don’t see and hear everything happening inside the house. Alison does a great job of making everyone believe that we have more control and information than we actually do.

      • I get BB live feeds and they are always going to “be right back” when they don’t want us to hear something. Sometimes it’s a few seconds, sometimes as much as 5 min. They don’t want us to know it all.

      • you got it Brenda. That’s not even to mention the times where the cameras & mics aren’t on for certain guests, or the times where they’re in the diary room talking to produc…er…um…I mean the DR camera. ;)

      • Wow that’s a big claim considering the competition for villain of the season: Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Jeremie, etc.

      • I don’t know of any villain in the history of Big Brother or Survivor that is as paranoid as her. Villain are smart, devious and usually calm when faced with a difficult situation.

      • Russell is smart and devious. He has a lot of haters and a fan favorite too. I don’t know about his nephew. He’s something else.

      • Agreed. I don’t know what happened with Brandon either? My concern was a undiagnosed mental illness, perhaps? If that is the case. I am sad it had to be displayed on TV.

      • nope didn’t leave her out…the original comment was that Amanda is this season’s villain (and I stated the people she has competition from).

    • CBS doesn’t do the editing. It is done by the flyonthewall production company (owned by executive producer Allison Grodner).

      • We all know that, but she and her company are under contract with CBS. So when I say CBS, that include both CBS and FlyOnTheWall. Well not you flyonthewall, but the company FlyOnTheWall.

  5. If Amanda don’t go home on Thursday this so is fixed I already heard it was .i really don’t want to believe it but if outside the house hates her so much and inside keeps her then they are either blind or paid to play a part in a tv show . I never heard so much hate for one person on this show for one player even Evil Dick looks like a saint next to her Mike Boogie looks like a saint will the same Well he’ll Aaryn looks like Mother Teresa next to this nasty pig. Oh I and can’t stand Aaryn either but Amanda is the Queen BITCH of this year really save us from this crap already I kind of wish I had the tv company that won’t air CBS

    • Amanda is funny to watch. At least she tells you things to your face, unlike most girls who pretend to be your friend but backstab.

      • I disagree. She is not funny. She says lots of stuff behind ppls backs since day one. she recently started to fight pick in your face tactic since she has been on the block the last 2 weeks

      • Hmmm, hard call to make Emma. I mean I don’t like Amanda either (especially after watching that Youtube video)…but if you only knew about her Diary Room clips, they’re kinda funny.

      • I will give you she is very snarky. I have a very wry sense of humor, her humor is hate based.

      • No no I was more basing it on last week’s funny puppet show and whatnot… But yes, she isn’t the contestant any sane person would want to see win.

      • True Suds But she is just nasty and I am defiantly a tell you as I see it kind of girl but there are was to do that without the ” colorful” words or showing all her nasty ness not to mention privates are called private for a reason. Nobody else especially not the world needs to see it

    • I agree Amanda makes me like Aaryn. Aaryn’s comments are nothing compared to Amanda. Watching Amanda I now know what a true racist is, not just ignorance.

      • Pleeeeeze.
        Amanda called him a fairy and if Kaitlin can say n%$*@ then what’s your problem? Words are words. Dont empower them. Anyways. That YouTube video Amanda Zuckerman is crazy. You will never ride 20 inch chrome either.

      • So if I called you the “N” word then words are just words not true people of any nationally deserve respect unless your Amanda Zuckerman who lost all respect of her self so no one else needs to respect her

      • That word has power if I give it to you. Besides, we as an society need to stop looking at race, gender and sexuality and religious affiliation.

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        Whoa. I did dun it again. I hate Amanda, GM, and that biatch Aaryn. Holla at ya Bankhead boy here!

      • But real talk. Andy is a snitch. In my hood, he would get stitched and end up in a ditch. The internet in the Super 8 is horrible. I’m trying to move this Peruvian flake by Thursday before BB starts

      • I am not really sure what the heck you were trying to say what I am saying is 2 wrongs don’t make a right no need to call names when ” you” can or can not let my words mean something it not right we are all people purple green back brown white orange just be kind even if someone else is not rise above it

    • Huh… I’m surprised Matt let that go through, considering the possible backlash for the choice of wording.

  6. Come on Jessie, win HOH next! They are going to target Jessie and I hope she wins HOH and get one of them out! Be it Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Helen or Judd! Best scenario is nominated both McCrae and Amanda and let us if we still have the vote for MVP put up Aaryn! That should guarantee one of the three get evicted! Pretty hard for them to get away if there are 3 targets on the block! The remaining house guests will have to vote for one of them out whether they like it or not!
    That is the only way to force their hand!

  7. The houseguests have been just as “racist” and “potty mouthed” in past seasons as they are this season. America has just gotten more sensitive and social media has taken over to the point that everything they do in the house is magnified due to how quickly information can spread on the internet these days.

    Also, I don’t understand why CBS has gone away from putting in a mixture of demographics. Everyone in the house this season was young, attractive, and for the most part single. Where are this season’s Jerry or Renny. If you want a Big Brother season with some “family values”, it probably makes sense to at least put a few people in the house who have raised one before. Instead, we get 15 houseguests who are in or just out of college and live in the Big Brother House just like they’re still in college (and I’m sure we all did or said some things in college we wouldn’t want to be shown on TV) .

    • It never reached this magnitude. Did you ever see a BB disclaimer before the stupid show started? Um. No.

    • What I’ve been saying for a long time now (that we need to get back to ”everyday people” who actually apply to be on the show, not all part-time models & actors looking for attention).

      • Well, said Matt. GM was on Tyra Banks show. Candice was on Oprah. The model thing is so over done every season. I do wish it was joe schmo and what’s her name ppl on the show.

      • Yup. If people are going to behave badly, at least let it be my annoying neighbour down the road who’s got 2 kids, a mortgage, and job he needs for food on the table…NOT some self-entitled, spoiled, rich kid whose been born with a silver spoon in their mouth and didn’t even apply for the show!

      • Thank you Matt, for putting that out there. Rock on :) Now, that would get the popcorn popping.

      • I dunno Jeff. I think Helen may not be a 20-something model, but I think she’s attractive enough. Mind you, I think the original comment is about the ridiculous amount of people who are now on reality shows that are part-time models, actors, and minor celebrities. Most of which haven’t even auditioned for the show!

  8. I’ve been watching Big Brother since 2000 and I must say I’ve never been so shocked at all the houseguests. I know this is a social experiment but is this how racist the world has become? Do people no longer respect each other

    • I respect everyone who respects them self if you have no self respect then you don’t deserve any respect these are adults we are speaking about not children who don’t know right from wrong even if Archie bunker himself raised you at some point in life you know right from wrong

  9. Here’s the thing to keep in mind with the double eviction: it’s the night where the show’s “Expect the unexpected” motto is really played to it’s fullest. Every double eviction NEVER ends the way you think it will. Many a fan favorite has fell victim to double eviction. That being said, and that there seems to be no real clear fan favorite this season, it will be very interesting to see who follows what now seems to be Candice out of the BB House on Thursday.

    • Agreed. We all know Candice is out. Now the choice is Amanda or Spenser? If Helen keeps her head together knowing that Amanda is targeting her, she will have Elissa voting with her. Jessie better keep Amanda in her sights after the fight. That is three. If somehow there is a tie. GM should stick to her deal she just made with Spencer.

      • I do not think it will be a 2 out of 3 eviction. What usually happens is Candice is evicted then, a new HOH competition, a short one. HOH wins and nominates 2 on the block on the spot. MVP nominee announced then, a quick POV, final nominations then, a quick vote to evict! If Jessie is on the block and does not win POV, we are looking at 4 straight weeks of snoozefest as they evict Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy. Aaryn will be safe as Helen, Amanda and Judd are all protecting her! Only when they are down to last 6 will they start turning on each other!

    • Unfortunately, we have a very large alliance of sorts. Even those on the outs like Gina Marie and Aaryn are now part of that alliance. Jessie is going to be targeted next after Candice so, double eviction cannot be more boring and a foregone conclusion! Only slight glimmer of hope is Jessie to win HOH and put up Amanda and McCrae on the block. Then, we can put up Aaryn as MVP nominee if we still have the power. Then, one of them can be sent home! If one gets POV then, put Helen in place and guaranteed, one of them gets evicted!

  10. I just wish big brother was on tonight so I could see orange Amanda pouting about it. Too bad it isnt on till wednesday.

  11. Did anyone catch that Cowboys/ Dolphins game last night? The Boys will finish 1st this year in the NFC East.

  12. Is anyone watching the Baby Faced Killer trial? Where is Baby Lisa? God help us all! L-O! Hello!

  13. As a HUGE BB fan , i lived for the season to start, BUT, this seasons HG’s really suck and the conversations during the live feeds and BBAD are SOOOOOO lame and BORING, i just don’t think I can watch it any more… yes, i will still watch the regular show, at least its an edited compression of the juicy bits… but really, this is EASILY the worst season of BB yet… It seems like there are no secret alliances, actually there aren’t even any secrets… boring… no one talks about any meaningful strategy, they seem like each and every one of them are floaters. And to make things even WORSE, half the househuests are racist, and the other half of the house are either annoying whiners or bullies. As I’ve heard from other fans, its nearly impossible to have a favorite this season. The only thing I think about, is which of these losers I want to see evicted first … and even at that , i don’t really care…. Considering I’m a huge fan and watch the shows and read the blogs, what the heck must it be like for the casual viewer… are they just turning the channel (from the ratings i would sat it is so)

  14. My suspicion about GutterMouth might be true. While watching BBAD last night, I noticed how GM was stuffing her food in her mouth and eating it really fast. I, also believe that she sat at the table and ate for, at least 30 minutes. In my opinion, she ate a very large quantity of food. I continued to watch BBAD to see if she was going to say she needed to use the bathroom. Well, I never saw that happen. Then I heard GM said that she needed to use the bathroom again. Which kind of confirmed my suspicion that GM is bulimic. When I was in college a very good friend of mine was bulimic, so I am familiar with it. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Also, I was just on Joker’s reading. Andy and Asryan were discussing GM’s eating disorder. They didn’t mention the disorder, though.

  15. If Amanda’s skin is injured by that idiotic tanning she could sue CBS for much more than $500,000.

  16. Helen, Elissa and Jessie keep talking about getting Amanda out. Helen thinks it’s one week to early. So if we get to vote again during the double eviction hopefully everyone votes for Amanda because since everything happens so fast I think she would go.

    • That is just 3 votes and one vote short! If Jessie can win HOH next, she can get it done! Put both McCrae and Amanda on the block and if we still have MVP put up Aaryn too! If all three are on the block—-one of them probably will go home! And if one gets off, put Helen as renom and what we were trying to do all this time will finally get done! The remaining house guests would have to vote to evict one of the three on the block!

      • On the second eviction that’s all they need is 3 votes. And depending on who is HOH they would break the tie.

      • Let us hope it is Jessie as HOH otherwise, it is going to be a snoozefest for the next 4 weeks if Jessie is evicted next! Then, they will pick off Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie, Andy before, one of the stronger players is even targeted!

    • Sadly I really think the MVP vote will be over and they will annouce it on Thursday’s show. I hope we get another chance to vote, I want Amanda out.

  17. This is a strange season. I cannot recall one that all the strong players with strength have been put out so fast. the strongest players fell like rocks. This year the weak are in control and it is getting interesting, But those fools who form an alliance so early with that many made one of the biggest mistakes in BB, Never form an alliance so early with so many , never works. someone always breaks , Spencer was the biggest back stabber so far. he would not even stay true to his alliance. even early.
    I think the three noms did not work out as BB thought it would, I think they thought with three people it would be more interesting and all three would get votes to evict and make it a real challenge. It did not work, not once has all three had votes . After thursday it will be so important for them to form some kind of true alliance in that house. So far MCc. is the strongest at physical comps and GM came through. So after thursday they better get hopping or they will get stepping.

    • Re: the three noms, I actually find it interesting because the target can change at anytime between the two HOH nominees and the MVP nom.

      Nick didn’t think that being upped as Elissa’s MVP nominee would cause any harm to his game because he had support from the Moving Company and the Mean Girls. Elissa managed to get the target off of her and Helen’s backs once word about a secret alliance got out thanks to Candice.

      At least 1 out the three can expect not getting any eviction votes but it doesn’t mean sitting pretty because you might end up getting blindsided in the end.

      Amanda is a fine example of being that other nominee that despite not being the primary target has been on a downward spiral brought upon by her paranoia.

  18. Ok, it seems the Amanda votes have been squashed. So now I think CBS should let Candice out of the clown costume before Thursday night. It would be criminal to evict her before the racist having to wear that outfit. CBS should let her have some dignity after what she has endured in the house. Howard was so classy in his exit interview with Jeff. So upset that they couldn’t get the votes to turn the house. This may be my last year of BB.

  19. Well I watched the video of Amanda that everyone is talking about and I had no clue. Makes me even more disgusted. I can’t watch the live feeds 24/7. (I do have a life) I try to catch them for a couple of hours at night and if I hear about something I’ll flash back so I was shocked by how much more trash talk Amanda was doing. Wow Aaryn looks like a saint compared to her. Why isn’t she being called out on the Talk or by CBS? Because she’s friends with production? She said all that stuff in the DR about Aaryn and CBS showed it and she is 10 times worse. They need to air the real Amanda. I hope we can vote her up again and she goes this time.

    • That’s why I was thinking that video on Youtube was maybe procuded and published by CBS.
      But you’re wrong about Aaryn. In fact with some of the stuff lately, Aaryn tongue flipping, GM “degenerate” comment, these 2 are the biggest racist in the house. And that is much worse than what Amanda said in the video.
      Amanda’s conduct in that video is disgusting (as you said) and disturbing. Everything she says is not PC tolerated today, but nothing was racist in the same vein as what Aaryn and GM have said and done.
      ALL 3 don’t deserve to be in that show/game.

      • What not racist? Things she says about Howard and Candice. Even McCrae is saying stop it that’s racist. Amanda to me is the worst one out of all of them.

  20. If Jessie gets evicted next, I will just check for updates because the next 4 weeks will be even more boring as they target Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie, Andy. Aaryn will be safe because Helen, Amanda and Judd all are protecting her! Good, I have
    White Collar and James Bond movies on Netflix to entertain me plus other movies to watch! It is coming close to being like watching paint dry and how fun is that?

  21. Aaryan said: I don’t know what I’d do eithout my extensions. Without my extensions, I would feel like a BIG LESBIAN MULE.”

  22. Its really surprising that these idiots in the house haven’t tried to break up Amanda and McCrae. If he was evicted she would go stark raving mad which would give the viewers some much needed laughs from this dreary season.

    • So far, our source of entertainment from McCranda is Amanda going ballistic on Jessie and McCrae scratching his head on how to do damage control. I think once we get to the jury stage, there will moves to break those two up.

    • McCrae’s pajama pants look like they were made from dried pizza. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a pizza delivery boy.

  23. Amanda is like an evil emperor who rule the house cruelly but none of her folk are brave enough to anger the Queen.

    • Like Queen Marie Antoinette? We know how that one turned out! Hopefully, Queen Amanda’s days are numbered but, I am afraid her reign of terror will continue for the next 4 weeks if she manages to evict

      Jessie! Go Jessie, take down the evil queen!

  24. Its still only Monday. PLEASE IF THERE IS A GOD IM PRAYING! Jessie, elissa, helen and Judd need to vote amanda out! andy wont do it, which I don’t know why. With those 5 they’ll survive double eviction if one wins Hoh and who knows maybe mcCrae can be next to go after her. but i kinda want him to win idk..

  25. One of 2 things need to happen and both involve Jessee.. #1 would be that they piss Jess off and she spills her guts by telling all she knows which is a lot.. I don’t know why she has not done it already what with the crappy treatment she receives. #2 Somebody/anybody needs to get Amanda really really riled and I’m talking about her letting lose on the entire house and have such a fit that even McCrae considers her leaving is for the best.. That would have to be Jessee or Candice to cause the rucus … possibly Helen if Andy tells on her. There will be a blow up before Thursday cause Amanda gets to paranoid to keep her mouth shut…She starts threating
    other HGs and making demands. It’s about time she went on a power trip and I think she needs a nudge…

  26. With Candice out, unless Amanda is shown the back door, the big move for the double eviction would be for Spencer to win HOH and put Helen, Elissa, and Amanda on the block. If the guys don’t wake up quick, it will be Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, and GM as the final four. Andy is Helen and Elissa’s pawn, McCrae is out after Amanda, Spencer and Jessie have already made their beds which leaves only Judd’s low profile as the only real wildcard left in the deck.

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