Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Thursday Night Highlights


It’s the night after a Big Brother 15 live eviction, so that means a lot of scrambling, alliance shifting and sucking up. And we got all of that and more last night on the Live Feeds.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 25, 2013

4:25 PM BBT – Spencer asks Helen who to vote for. She tells him Kaitlin. Everyone is officially voting to evict Kaitlin except maybe Elissa

5:10 PM BBT – Helen tells Spencer she’ll get him to jury. She tells Andy she lied to him about that.

5:42 PM BBT – Elissa still wants to evict Aaryn, but Helen basically tells her it’s not happening.

5:50 PM BBT – Producer tells the Houseguests to go to the living room. Feeds cut for the live show.

7:01 PM BBT – Feeds return. As we saw on the live show, Aaryn just won Head of Household.

7:02 PM BBT – Judd and Andy are congratulation Aaryn and tell her they will support whatever decisions she makes.

7:05 PM BBT – Elissa is crying because she’s afraid Aaryn will put her up. She regrets voting with the house. Amanda is consoling her and telling her she won’t go up.

7:07 PM BBT – Helen and Aaryn are talking about Arryn’s wins and what she’s going to do. Helen tells her that Elissa is running her game. Aaryn wants to nominate Elissa but only if it’s OK with Helen. Helen says she will think about it.

7:25 PM BBT – Amanda says that Elissa is absolutely not going home this week. She says it will be Howard or Spencer and that’s how it has to be.

7:32 PM BBT – Helen  throwing Elissa under the bus some more and thinks she would be better to get out this week. Everyone else joins in with the Elissa bashing.

7:38 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn to nominate Howard and Spencer and to not worry about Elissa.

8:05 PM BBT – Elissa is crying again.

8:06 PM BBT – Helen tells Candice that she is going to work to make sure Howard doesn’t go home. She says she’ll try to get Spencer sent home instead.

8:13 PM BBT – Candice actually says she’d rather see Howard go home than Elissa.

9:09 PM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda that Aaryn should put up Howard and Candice. She says it needs to be Spencer and Howard.

10:05 PM BBT – Howard is walking through the house talking to himself. He’s telling himself to stay cool. He’s not happy that Aaryn won Head of Household.

10:25 PM BBT – Houseguest hide from Aaryn while she’s getting her HOH room key.

10:35 PM BBT – Aaryn gets her Head of Household reveal. Her evil clown doll returns.

11:02 PM BBT – Aaryn joking says “The took out all the black ones because I’m racist,” talking about the HOH fish.

11:15 PM BBT – Aaryn promised to Amanda and Jessie that she will put up Spencer and Howard and not Elissa.

11:45 PM BBT – Aaryn tells GM about her deal with Helen to let them control her noms. Aaryn says her and GM will be safe for awhile.

12:35 PM BBT – Candice talks with Howard about trying to pull Aaryn to their side.

2:25 AM BBT – Judd, Jessie, GinaMarie, & Aaryn agree that they should target Howard, Spencer, Candice, & Elissa for the next few weeks.

3:35 AM BBT – Aaryn again confirms she is going to nominate Howard and Spencer.

Right now it sounds like Amanda might finally get her wish of Howard being nominated. Aaryn has promised to nominate him and Spencer and not Elissa. But even Helen kind of wants Elissa out this week. It’s going to be interesting to see what Aaryn actually does.

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      • I am not so sure yet. If she is not nominated up front and one of the nominees wins the veto, she may still go on the block and get evicted.

        She really needs to lay low this week, like Aaryn did, or she will go home. In fact, if Elissa wants to win this game she should bite her tongue and make amends with Aaryn if she is not one of Aaryn’s nominees.

  1. Is Helen doing the same thing she flipped on Howard and Spencer for doing LYING !!! Two faced Helen what happened ? UGH it is sad really her love peace and harmony game ?

  2. I just wonder what this season could have been if Elissa wasnt stunt casted. I mean I think the MVP twist could have worked, but she obviously made it backfire, and shes doing the same thing with the america votes for the nom twist now. JUST SEND HER HOME

    • Actually, allowing the viewing public some say on who gets nominated is a very good thing. Some fans might hate it because their favorites get nominated but, this bunch is probably the worst as far as game play goes.
      The viewing public helps by voting and stirring the pot and making the house guests all paranoia!

      • I agree. I have never watched a season where everyone blabs to everyone else, even on the other side, way too many alliances and people telling people they will always protect them. Who told Candace about the deal Aaryn had with Helen and her people last night? Helen was pissed.

      • Anyone watch Glass House last year on ABC? They had America vote. BB didn’t think of this.

      • Yes they did and it was horrible. Big Brother 1 was garbage because America voted off the contestants who caused drama and left a house full of calm, nice, boring people. It was really bad TV and the entire format was scrapped.

      • I think other than that, they weren’t given any interesting weekly tasks for food and shopping. Compare that to BBUK’s first season which aired the same time and was able to get away with a lot of cussing and explicit action than BBUSA 1.

      • Yes, they do. 7 days a week=5-6 half-hour highlight shows+1 nomination night+1 live eviction night.

        I do love it when Julie reveals who the HG’s nominated because of the drama it can cause.

        The one thing I like about BB1 was that it really showcased raw human drama brought by their isolation from the outside world. Again, had production made interesting twists and tasks during the first year, they could have retained the original Dutch format, which they were the first to pioneer overseas, and do creative tweaks later on.

      • In the case where people are A)voting for someone becuase they are quote to bossy and trying to control the game or B) someones sister or even C) a racist kinda defeats the purpose. I was all for the MVP vote(more than America being MVP), because we vote to give someone control, but that cant be done with a Reilly in the house

    • They needed to set the MVP up so no one can win 2 weeks in a row and the MVPs should not be allowed to reveal who they are to anyone. If the MVPs were a secret, it would make the game more interesting. The paranoia last week was great entertainment and it should be like that every week. The house guests would be climbing the walls by now.

      Make the rule that if the MVP reveals he/she has the MVP vote, then the MVP title would be taken from him/her and given to the person who got the second most votes.

      I really do not like what they are doing now. By going down the list they are not picking who America really wants on the block.

  3. Can’t wait to see who Aaryn nominates. I think it is still going to be Elissa as one of the nominees. MVP should be interesting too. I think the viewing public knows now that it is for the nominee for eviction. Amanda can get put on the block and it will surprise her! A lot of viewers who voted overwhelmingly for Aaryn might just take it out on her and Helen. If so, one of them could get evicted this week! That would a shocker!

      • I used my 10 votes to vote for Amanda as well and my husbands. Just to mix it up…I hope it’s Spencer, Howard and Amanda because it should make for a good showdown! LOL

    • If she breaks the deal with Helen, it could lead to the house flipping. If Helen,Amanda and Candice reverse their allegiances and go over to Howard and Spencer, the reconstituted MC would have more votes. By my count it would be 7 to 5 if they can get Judd to join forces with them against Amanda. If the MVP nom is Amanda, McCrae, Andy or Jessie, the new MC would have enough votes to evict one of them and save themselves.

      Perhaps this is why Amanda wants Spencer and Howard on the block this week. This is why I like Amanda. She is the only one thinking this stuff out. It makes her dangerous but she is a good player. Isn’t that what we want?

  4. Helen IS the only threat in the house. I mentioned a few weeks ago that these players wouldn’t have the slightest clue how they are being played, and they won’t as they walk out of the house one after the other. I voted for her 10 times on CBS. com, I urge others to do the same. Then put that obnoxious witch Amanda with her!!!

    • Amanda probably has a higher chance of being put on the chopping block by the viewers but, considering the way the Aaryn voting was last week, a back lash against Helen and Amanda on the MVP voting could really send chills down the spine of those coddling Aaryn and others thinking of doing the same thing! You can imagine a lot of viewers are ticked off at Helen and Amanda. I would welcome it if it happens because I think Aaryn should not be coddled giving her a huge unfair advantage over the other house guests who have to scramble to survive week after week. Let her earn it!

      • You are probably right but this is awfully contradictory isn’t it. I read a loot of Anti-Elissa comments in here that she is such a poor player – and she is – but then I read comments about going after Amanda and Helen who are the only two who look like they are playing the game well. So what do we want? Good players or bad players to go home?

    • America remember how the real Aaryn is and vote out her friend GM. We can’t put Aaryn out this week so do the next best person. Get out Spencer after GM and then Amanda.

    • Why would you nominate her if you think she is playing such a good game? That is what BB is, having people walk out the door because they were “played” by another player. Helen has the best game right now.

  5. Amanda is too comfy. I like her and all, but I hope Howard and Spencer can pull some strings and maybe Aaryn will put up Amanda and McCrae or Amanda and Elissa.

    I wonder how solid that alliance is between Howard, Spencer, and GM is, haha.

    • They voted out Kaitlyn who was in their alliance remember? With friends like them, who needs enemies?

      • They knew they didn’t have teh votes so to cover their tracks they all voted out Kaitlyn. But if Aaryn double crosses Helen, we could see Helen, Elissa and Candice switch sides giving the new MC more votes. Amanda is the smart one. She want to stick to the plan. The rest of these guys who are going after Elissa, who may be annoying and a bad player, are losing sight of the end game.

  6. If people are smart they will keep Elissa, GM or even Jessie until the end. They haven’t posed a threat and no one will vote for them to win because they haven’t made any huge plays and someone else has been running them.

    • Elissa has absolutely made huge plays. Week 1 her nominee goes home instead of the HOH’s. Week 2, while on the block, she nominates the strongest guy in the house (Jeremy) and when he gets veto she nominates Nick as his replacement (going against Amanda, McCrae and others telling her to nominate Howard). Again her nom goes home instead of the HOH’s. I think she has made the biggest moves. Going against the 3 most dangerous shomances and succeeding in splitting them up. Despite the fact that she was kept around so that the MVP nom could be controlled, I dont think she has let anyone control her nominations. I think if Elissa made it to the end that she would have strong arguments for why she should win. Including the fact that she was basically a target since week 1 when they found out she was Rachaels sister

  7. I used my votes on Amanda and Helen. It will be a shocker if America puts one of them up!!

    • My gut feeling is there could be a huge backlash against them for coddling Aaryn. It could be the worst mistake they ever made in this game! And they can get evicted over it!

    • I put up Elissa and Helen. Helen needs to go, and I would like to see Elissa implode again after she finally accepts that America has tired of her entitled, floater, whinny ass

      • Entitled is a very good word to describe miss diva, Elissa. I have grown very tired of her.

  8. hopefully America’s MVP vote will put up Amanda, she is the puppet master and manipulating the whole game from behind the scenes while not earning any power, she and Mcrae are very dangerous together, and her nom would turn the house upside down, she already got my ten votes!

    • She is the best player along with Helen. If you remove those two, what’s left except the entrails of a cast that is either not playing the game, doesn’t know how to play the game or should be on Real World instead of Big Brother. I find Helen annoying too, but I cannot blame her for thinking ahead and playing everyone. It’ how the game is supposed to be. The only problem I have with her is she is sometimes a blabbermouth which is pretty much the norm this year.

      • Exactly right! Helen and Amanda are the only two really looking way ahead in this game, which is what you have to do in order to stay. The others are just floating around the house, blabbing secrets, having hissy fits, etc etc…I really like Helen and Amanda as Final 2. Amanda can be very in your face bossy, Helen seems to talk a little too much to the other side, trying to protect everyone..but, those are hiccups along the way. I like them both.

  9. For 3rd nominee, I voted for Helen. Most everybodies wanted to evict Aaryn. Helen was the main engine to reverse that toward Kaitlyn. Now look what we have.

    • I think Amanda is way more guilty of coddling Aaryn than Helen is. Amanda is running the house, I think Aaryn trusts her more than she does Helen right now. Amanda is running through this game with no blood on her hands at all. She tells everyone what to do, how to vote, everything….but, that’s BB, so why would you vote not vote for Amanda? I gave all of my votes to Elissa, because she showed a very nasty and ruthless side to herself this week, plus, I don’t think she even wants to be there, so, let her go home.

      • From what I saw on BBAD and read here, it’s Helen that went from player to player and lobbied to evict Kaitlyn. Amanda wanted Howard out, she keep lobbying for Howard even after the veto meeting and he wasn’t on the block.

      • Helen does confuse me a little. I seem to always see her talking to the other side saying that she is going to save and protect them..she needs to be careful, she is not going to be able to keep her stories straight, but, like I have said, that is how the game is played, if she can keep her stories straight.

      • I doubt she would be voted out but I want her to be scare. Pay for keeping Aaryn.

      • Because Amanda is keeping her eyes on the ball. She wants to continue to remove the biggest threats to her alliance (herself actually) and that is Howard and Spencer. Everyone else seems to get distracted by the drama and petty nonsense. As Elissa said, get rid of all of the bad people then they can go after each other. Except Elissa is obsessed with getting Aaryn out and I don;t think she cares if she or anyone else goes after that. I actually feel the same way. I am not rooting for anyone, but I am rooting to see Aaryn go home soon.

    • I decided to split my votes. I voted 5 times for GM and 5 times for Amanda. I want to see Amanda on the block, but I want GM to be evicted. Dang, I forget to use one of my votes on Andy.

  10. The sad part this season is they don’t seem to know how to play the game! If Aaryn is, which she isn’t, she would sway the house to put up the power houses. Howard and Spencer are not it……There are other bigger fish to fry. Use your head, racist!

  11. need to vote out Amanda since she seems to be telling HOH how they should eliminate, Helen is the 2nd choice & the 2 floaters that just agree with Helen or Amanda Andy & Jessie

  12. Say what you will about Amanda, but she is definitely one thing: tenacious! I’m sure that why she’s a successful Realtor.

  13. Spencer and Howard are actually good choices for Aaryn. It reinforces what she’s been trying to do to redeem herself the last few weeks. I think the 3rd nominee should be Andy. Amanda may be controlling but she is actually playing the game. Andy is a floater. He plays the roll of the harmless guy who gets ignored by the Big Brother but he goes from group to group pretending to be no threat to them. Then he goes into the HOH room and talks trash about people. Andy is exactly the kind of player that should not win BB. Anyone can play the game Andy is playing.

  14. What’s with the Elissa bashing? She is harmless. Get rid of Amanda and break up all the relationships so they start playing their own games.

  15. Nominees: Spencer and Howard (MVP: Amanda)
    Veto winner: Aaryn (does not change noms)
    Howard goes home.

  16. Aryan needs to mix it up and cause some drama this week. Nominate Helen and Amanda. Those two just boss everyone around and tell them what to think. Let’s see if these sheep can think for themselves.
    And seeing GM get the MVP nomination during her BF’s HOH would be hilarious.

  17. Aaryn needs to put up Howard and Candice, and do it while wearing a hood and robe. She’s got a PR firm working for her already… might as well make them earn their money.

  18. I admire Elissa for wanting to vote Aaryn out for all the right reasons. She said that she could not get over the racist remarks that Aaryn made. Good for Elissa. At least someone is trying to stick to their beliefs. I was offended when Helen said that she understood where Elissa was coming from because she, herself, is a minority. You don’t have to be a minority to find those comments hurtful. I am ready for Helen to go and Amanda can tag along as well.

  19. They are so dumb. You MUST size up the season and pay attention to the ‘type’ of house that’s there. This isn’t isn’t last season nor the season before that. Different people, bring a different vibe into the house. While so much time and effort is being wasted on trying to get out all of the ‘physical threats’ in the house (which is stupid…ummm how many physical competitions have they had so far? LOL) they need to be concerned about the quiet sneaky manipulators that’s running the house. Helen & Amanda basically run that house and with McCrae being Amandas shadow, give her a little extra boost in power.

  20. I don’t even understand why Helen is suddenly turning on Elissa? Would someone care to explain? Helen’s currently lookiing like a power swayer.

  21. I voted 10 times for Amanda to be the MVP for eviction I can’t stand the way she is taking over the house !

  22. America will be stupid if they choose GM. Is she annoying as hell, sure- bbut it’s a wasted vote. A palm tree getting evicted would change the house dynamics more.
    Helen and Amanda need to go up.

  23. Hope Amanda goes up next the people (Howard & Spencer) she’s so obsessed with going on the block. That would be the best and she would go crazy thinking someone in the house is MVP that she trust put her up. Omg that would bring so much drama! I can not take Amanda’s game.

  24. I voted for Andy 10x. No gameplay from him. Has no alliance. He is a true definition of a floater in BB. Has not won anything and has not done anything. If Judd did not win last week, he would have received my vote.

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