Big Brother 15 Episode 13 Recap: A Mean Girl Bites The Dust


After three weeks of saying goodbye to a guy houseguest, we finally said goodbye to a girl on tonight’s Big Brother 15. A “Mean Girl,” to be exact. Hey, even Julie Chen called them that, so I think it’s officially OK for me to do so.

At the top of the episode Julie tells us how the MVP votes played out.  Apparently we “overwhelmingly” voted for Aaryn to go up as the third nominee, but since Judd nominated her, Elissa went up as the person with the second-most votes.

The episode picks up right after America decided to replace Elissa with GinaMarie as the MVP nominee. GinaMarie, Aaryn and Katilin start scrambling. Aaryn starts her campaign agains GinaMarie right away. And then when she realizes that’s not working, she starts throwing Kaitlin under the bus.

The other houseguests are agreeing that Kaitlin is a target so the talk among the house turns to maybe keeping Aaryn until next week and ditching Kaitlin because she’s more of a threat. Elissa, Candice and Howard are more inclined to evict Aaryn, but eventually Kaitlin’s name gets moved to the top of the list.

Aaryn continues her campaign so she starts promising Helen and Elissa that if they keep her she will throw Head of Household or let them make the nominations for her. Elissa is skeptical, but Helen believes her. Elissa is having a hard time looking past the racial comments Aaryn has made.

But the deal goes on without everyone’s approval especially after Judd tells Helen, Jessie and Andy about the fake alliance he agreed to with Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard and GinaMarie. So Helen decides that’s the final nail in Kaitlin’s coffin.

Helen immediately tells Elissa and Amanda about the secret alliance. Oh, and don’t tell anyone, she says. So Elissa immediately asks Kaitlin if she made a deal. And that she’s now the target. And Aaryn hears it. And soon the whole house knows. So it’s time for a house meeting about it.

And it’s not so much a house meeting as it is an argument between Elissa and Aaryn. And all that leads to is Elissa acting very weird and putting a target on her back with her own alliance.

The Vote

  • Amanda votes to evict Kaitlin
  • McCrae votes to evict Katilin
  • Helen votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Candice votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Elissa votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Spencer votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Spencer votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Andy votes to evict Kaitlin
  • Jessie votes to evict Kaitlin

By a vote of 9-0, Kaitlin is evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.

Big Brother 15 - Julie & Kaitlin

Julie does a pretty good job of grilling Kaitlin and goes as far as telling her that America has referred to her, Aaryn and GinaMarie as the Mean Girls. “Ouch,” Kaitlin says to that. Julie then reveals to us that America will again me this week’s BBMVP. Use your power wisely, America.

It’s time for Head of Household competition time! The player who lands their ball in the highest number of a giant roulette wheel, wins.

The  HOH Scores

  • Andy: 23
  • McCrae: 28
  • GinaMarie: 3
  • Candice: 27
  • Spencer: 34
  • Aaryn: 36
  • Howard: 17
  • Jessie: 2
  • Helen: 28
  • Amanda: 1
  • Elissa: 0

Aaryn is the new Head of Household. Here’s to hoping the houseguests are happy with the deals they made to evict Kaitlin instead this week.

Big Brother 15 HoH comp


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    • I don’t see how anyone who reduced two other human beings to tears could be celebrated for winning HOH in this game. Why sympathize with this woman who ridiculed blacks and Asians within a few days of entering the house and only toned it down after her alliance was reduced to the minority in the house? Aaryn showed herself to be a despicable individual and when confronted with her behavior denied it or excused it. Seriously, why would anyone revel in this woman’s success?

      • This is lunacy, voting out Kaitlin. Now, satan’s minion “Aaryn” HOH. Elissa, keeping someone who is out right targeting you, Helen you dumbass, believing her deal. Andy, Howard, Candice, Helen, Judd, Elissa really all out spoken about her racial antics, how disgusted were you? Oh, you keep her! Hell fire and brimstone the week. The eight of you in the house, guess you will learn the lesson of reaping what you all sowed. Hmm wonder if Amanda and McCrea will take her HOH room, probably. Amanda, the preying mantis will have Howard on the block. Aaryn will have Elissa.
        At least I get to vote so: 10 votes against Amanda check.

      • Hind sight is 20-20. Kaitlyn did better in the previous comps so she appeared to be a bigger threat. But just think, if Aaryn didn’t win, the HOH would be Spencer! That might have been even worse than Aaryn.

      • Same reason Evel Dick and Rachel have tons of fans. They tore down people and said far worse things than Aaryn did.

        People like entertainment. And to be honest, Aaryn really has been all that bad since then. She’s solid in her DR’s, and acts like an actual human now.

      • So What she’s still a racist bitch. Shes pretty so we forgive her more quickly?

      • Just let her play the game and when she’s out of the house, let her receive the outcome of her actions.

  1. I call Gina Marie and Aaryn “The Blonde B****es” so I’m pretty sure “The Mean Girls” is an ok name >.>

  2. Hope Amanda gets evicted to shake things up in the Big Brother house by having Elissa/Candance/Howard/Jessie/Judd/McCrae/Spencer as the new alliance (Big Brother Theory would be a perfect name for them) to backdoor Amanda in upcoming week, follow by Aaryn, and Gina Marie as the three gotta go soon or else things will turn ugly.

      • Hopefully Howard or Candice will be taken out after the Power of Veto competition to backdoor GinaMarie if she and Helen swapped alliances as Amanda (if by MVP votes) or GM gets evicted come next week as Elissa will get away this time like GM was last night.

    • Yes I think Howard and Spencer will go up. America be smart and voye for GM since she is safe from going up with Aaryn in HOH.

    • Haha I actually feel the exact same way I think because her winning makes the game this week really interesting on what going happen. Does she turn on Helen? Does she form a new alliance? It’s def going to be a good week.

      • GinaMarie for Helen in a swapped alliance would be perfect for Aaryn to get GM out of the house or Amanda if Candice/Howard/Judd/Andy/Jessie can help out getting rid of Amanda but can change if Aaryn or GM get involved in a nasty cat fight as the HOH calling her some name to cause more drama in an ugly way than ever this season to save Elissa.

    • Completely agree. Do I support all the ignorant comments she made? No. But, she actually hasn’t been half bad since all that drama occurred.

      Here’s to hoping she shakes up the house!

      My only concern is that Gina Marie will be the 3rd nominee and the house wimps out and evicts her.

      • GinaMarie for Helen in a swapped alliance would be perfect for Aaryn to get GM out of the house or Amanda if Candice/Howard/Judd/Andy/Jessie can help out getting rid of Amanda but can change if Aaryn or GM get involved in a nasty cat fight as the HOH calling her some name to cause the chaos and save Elissa.

    • GinaMarie for Helen in a baseball like trade in Big Brother alliance would be a good deal as Elissa has been dealing w/ those two Mean Girls (one just becoming a member after clashing w/ Elissa on the Live Feed from some Facebook sources that was not not aired on CBS). Then, it may come down to Elissa or GM for eviction come next week as Elissa’s friends would campaign for Amanda or GM (if she swapped alliance as mentioned here like when hanging out w/ Howard, Jessie, Andy, McCrae, Candice, and Judd in one room on the Live Feed courtesy of the free site) for eviction.

  3. I’m voting for Helen to be put up by MVP. She’s annoying and still off most people’s radar. Elissa is annoying too but more entertaining and I like Amanda I think she’s super entertaining. (I may not agree with her all the time but she’s interesting) Helen is too diplomatic and talks to America (or just the DR) like we’re all children.

    • I see your point but Helen is playing the game and not making it personal. I give her credit for that.

      • I agree Prince. There only 2 players that are playing hard core in the house. Helen and Amanda. Helen’s social game is impressive. No wonder she’s a political consultant. She’s a pro on damage control.

      • She made it personal tonite when she lied about Elissa talking/telling Candice about the deal…Helen has been outted for it cause she knows Jessee told Candice and the house is on to her lie.

  4. My MVP: Howard. He’s strong. He is manipulative. He floats. Time for the minister of the floaters to go.

    • I think its time for Andy to put up or shut up too. A few people wait for the HOH to be identified and then they flock to whoever that is. Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie and GM have that tendency. Frankly, Andy goes from one person to the next and has so far had nothing to offer. Maybe he needs a adate with the block.

      • I agree completely. He is liked in the house and a total floater. Not someone you would want in the final 2 if you played the game hard and it may be used against you in the final votes. He should be America’s Choice to be on the block this week to wake them up in the house!

    • Why do you say that? She is not a bully. She is playing a good social game and is flying under the radar.

      • Amanda pits ppl against each other, talks behind ppls, makes up conspiracy’s, trash talk behind ppls back because she is insecure, she went Hannibal Lector style on Candice saying she is fat and wants to eat her. She is obsessed about Howard, which I believe she is not happy about his religion. She is icy to Candice and Helen…Hmm I think racial. I also think she has turrets, cause of the constant cussing.

      • It is Tourette Syndrome and she does not have it. She is just low class and has a vocabulary that is so lacking she can only express herself by swearing. I agree she needs to go! She is disgusting….

      • Amanda isn’t really playing that great of a game. ALL she does is push to try to get people to put up Howie. If she wants him up that bad, she needs to win HoH and do it herself.

  5. Hey Matt you mention that Aaryn immediately starts campaigning and throwing Kaitlin under the bus. What about how Kaitlin was throwing Aaryn under the bus and the semi trucks and everything else immediately after Jeremy left. And GM was doing the same thing.

  6. I wish there was a twist this year that HOH could be nominated this week. Just like that coup de’ taut several years back. Aaryn is a force that needs to go. This is her 2nd go around as Head of Household. Kaitlin won a POV and somehow was a bigger threat. Foolishness.

    • dont forget that when Aaryn was HoH before she decided who was have nots that week, and who did she put on slop ??? andy ( the queer), Candice ( the ghetto girl), Helen (go make some rice), and Howard ( the black guy) her racism is so transparent she will have to move to somewhere where that kind of 1850’s mentality was accepted

  7. What’s up with Gina Marie’s eviction speech?…blah…blah..blah….blah…blah…Nick…blah..blah…Shut UP !!…your ball landed on 3.

  8. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with what Jeff said tonight. I’ve had a sick feeling for days that Aaryn was gonna win HOH tonight – and she went ahead and did it! Now the feeling’s worse. I just know she’s gonna do something stupid to screw them all over. As dangerous as Kaitlyn was, Aaryn is just too unpredictable.

    • On BBAD she did reveal the deal she has with Helen to GM. She said she was putting Howard and Spencer up. For Aaryn, this is actually a smart play. It does not alienate her from the rest of the house and in a way she extends an olive branch to Elissa. If Elissa is smart she would take the branch and make amends with Aaryn, at least for the game. They don’t have to be pals after the game is over.

    • You are right. Both her and Amanda are playing their games well. The house has to recognize that and get them out. Especially McCrae or he’s out too.

  9. I used to cheer for Elissa. But now, yikes! She is a terrible person. She screws with the people in her own alliance, and even though she agreed with her alliance to vote out Kaitlin, she kept creeping around looking for someone to side with her in voting out Aryan. And she caused all that drama that involved everyone. I just can’t stand her anymore (even more than Aryan, and that’s pretty hard to do!).

    I was temporarily upset when Aryan won hoh. But then I thought about it. Although nothing can excuse her behavior, she has been trying. She’s even succeeded in pulling off a good persona. But I honestly think that she’ll honor her deal. And that’s ok, especially if America votes for Elissa to be the mvp nom (and she can’t play in the veto comp). Aryan wouldn’t even get her hands dirty, and Elissa would get the much needed BOOT. If Aryan is smart, she’d make the smart safe move and nom Spencer and Howard. Hopefully Elissa gets the mvp NOM and all will be good.

    • I have this belief that America is going to pick Elissa again this week. I also think that the HGs are going to fully realize that America got the vote. It will sink in and Elissa will implode.

  10. So badly want Amanda out, can’t stand her and her stupid ‘I’m a victim and a nice person’ edits, I can’t vote cos I’m not even in America but if I could she’ll get 10 votes for sure. I’m hoping Howard wins the POV and finally proves his worth, I want to know if those things on his arms are actually muscles or just heavy rocks or carved fat. This entire house is annoying me, I just need Amanda to go so McCrae can play a decent game as well and everyone can play their own game without stressing over what Amanda wants.

    • This week’s the best time for Howard to not throw comps anymore (or be even bad at it).

  11. UGH! That’s the last person I wanted to win HoH! I guess we will see some of her mean girl come back out this week.. maybe not, but, I think it will.
    Now, for the vote..I really hope that Demanda is the one America puts up.
    One thing I do enjoy about this season is that these HGs are so nuts and all over the place with alliances, its hard to tell what they will really do.

    • Really bad season for alliances. No loyalty or someone runs their mouth. Loose lips sinks ships.

  12. Sorry to be annoying, but is it just me or is everyone’s English and spelling on this site horrible? I can’t even understand some of the things people are typing.

    • Let’s not criticize. Get with the program or roll out. You are annoying.

  13. The irony oh the irony. twice in one night. First cbs continues the america as mvp twist as it failed to boot aaryn last week, now she is HOH. secondly, julie outs kaitlyn for being a mean girl, yet they bring on king homophobe jeff last night. hilariously hypocritical by cbs.

    I just wonder what this season could have been if Elissa wasnt stunt casted. I mean I think the MVP twist could have worked, but she obviously made it backfire, and shes doing the same thing with the america votes for the nom twist now. JUST SEND HER HOME

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